Sprint Considering Deutsche Telekom Counter-Offer For MetroPCS?

I think we could have predicted a bit of opposition from Sprint on T-Mobile’s proposed merger with MetroPCS, but a counter-offer isn’t what I had in mind. According to the old “people familiar with the matter,” Sprint is looking at the numbers and holding talks with financial advisors to evaluate the possibility of a counter-offer for MetroPCS. The report states that Sprint could decide as early as next week whether or pursue a rival offer, according to the same sources.

The Bloomberg report does indicate however that Deutsche Telekom is prepared for any potential counter bid from Sprint and would consider improved terms if necessary. Sprint already abandoned a potential deal with MetroPCS earlier in the year after the company’s board rejected a deal worth as much as $8 billion including debt.

If MetroPCS were to back out of the deal, they would be forced to pay a $150 million break up free, while Deutsche Telekom would be bound to $250 million should they back out.


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  • Turdburglar

    Uh Oh!!

  • Got Cricket?

    Trash Mobile should buy Cricket instead it would gives them instant access to the i-Phone 5!!!

    • Talkischeap

      The real winner here is Metro. They started a brand that everyone still calls Metro Piece of **** and they are about to tell it for a good chunk of money..Sprint will cause T-mobile to fork over more to keep the sale. T-mobile can not walk away from this merger without gaining Metro..it just would be a silly move if in fact they want to keep growing like they say they do. I do give the new Chief major props he has been on the job a month and he is really spinning the wheels in a direction they needed for a while. I feel he could be the one to finally grab the Iphone. I’m not a fan of the Iphone, but everyone knows that phone will get more business.

      • Anonymous

        what are you taking about troll?

        The deal is final and off the table for other bidders. the deal is sealed and signed, there are no more talks about price for Metro PCS and T Mobile! Metro PCS could abrogate the venture and lose big in the break up fee, that’s a huge blow back for the stockholders. T Mobile has carefully calculated the deal, If this fails T Mobile makes out ahead again just like the AT T merger. $150 million is pure profit if Metro walked away from the table. If the stockholders or DOJ shoots the proposal down, again T Mobile still comes out ahead. This is a bargain deal for T Mobile, giving the company a breath of fresh air and a real chance at competing for third in the US market.

  • Sprint, your slowly dying down to 4th place just stop, please.

    • Kevin0880

      You’re kidding right? Sprint added over a million customers this year while T-Mobile keeps losing customers even when they’re the cheapest.

      • fixxmyhead

        but when was the last time they made any profit every quarter they just keep bleeding money and tmo at least makes something. soon that joke carrier with its slower than edge speeds will sink to fourth place

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Sprint is already deploying lte, which will improve their speeds. Also this company that has slow speed and is bleeding money is some how having better subscriber growth that tmobile. Put down the magenta koolaid, metro deal is just a start. They got a long way to go to try and grab 3 from sprint.

        • fixxmyhead

          they will only have LTE at the best meanwhile tmo will have an awesome hspa+ network AND soon will have LTE. idk about u but i’ll go with the one that will have TWO good networks unlike the other one. fast hspa+ and LTE or dsl speeds and LTE? hmmm,,,thats a tough one

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          That sounds awesome, but when I am connected to LTE, I will be getting fast speeds than HSPA+, so HSPA+ would be pointless. I would rather they refarm that HSPA+ to add more capacity to LTE, since it is faster and more spectrally efficient. If a carrier is not deploying LTE on their entire LTE network, then I would prefer HSPA+ to fall back on, but ideally I would want my carrier to deploy LTE on all their towers.Sprint has said that is their plan. I just do not want to leave the city and be stuck on EVDO or Edge.

          Sprint 3g is AOL speeds in a lot of areas, I am sure a lot of their customers would be happy with DSL speeds.

        • fixxmyhead

          hspa would be for the backhaul but since they cant just snap there fingers and magically turn everything to LTE this is the way they have to do it. im sure when they get LTE everywhere or whatever they do then they will refarm it

        • Nuthin but Facts

          WHAT.. SPRINT LTE…HAHAHA.. Sprint uses Clearwire for their DATA network.. DONT LET THEIR COMMERCIALS FOOL YOU.. They outsource their data to clearwire.. EVER heard of VONAGE.. Well clearwire is the same thing… Who wants clearwire for their fake data… Id rather keep my TRUE UNLIMITED HSPA+ T-Mobile and not deal with FAKE SPRINT… what a sham

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          You really need to change your name to something more truthful. Sprint uses Clearwire for their Wimax network, but their LTE network is on their PCS G-block, which they got from the SMR rebranding.

          What does vonage have to do with any of this? Vonage is a VOIP provider. They have nothing to do with data.

          How is clearwire’s data fake? how can data be fake? you are not making any sense here.
          You really should be thanking sprint for your “TRUE UNLIMITED HSPA+”. If Sprint wasn’t spanking tmobile’s bum in subscriber numbers the past few quarters, then Tmobile would never have brought back unlimited data. Heck I doubt they would have a Challenger Strategy or Unlimited AnyMobile without Sprint.

        • well with the money being taken overseas its like having a macro leach attached to you permanently metro is the first salt sprinkle

      • Sprint’s #’s are not quite what they say. They may have added customers but with the very large cost of adding the I-Phone and trying to build their very slow and painful Network they are bleeding $$. On the other hand T-Mobile may have lost a few customers but are still showing large profit every year. They are in the process of building out their very fast and large HSPA+ Network which is as fast if not faster then most LTE NEtworks. Along with plans on LTE by the later part of 2013 they will soon be the 4th largest Carrier in the US. T-Mobile just needs to advertise their product a different way. I can guarantee if anyone just tried T-Mobile they would never leave. They have the best phones and no one can touch their plans. T-Mobile is getting better, much better while Sprint is just bleeding $$. T-Mobile is by far the better Carrier. Refarming their network to take advantage of other phones (I-Phones) without having to pay Apple their ridiculous toll charge. T-Mobile is the Carrier of the future, make no mistake about it, T-Mobile is getting much better.

      • why are you here?

      • GinaDee

        Sprint counts a Nextel customer buying a CDMA phone a “new,” customer. This is a legal way to inflate your customers without actually getting new customers. There is no Nextel iPhone so those on the fence went CDMA to get a piece.

  • b

    this would be silly of sprint. the fcc wouldn’t let them do it since they are too big, and it would create a gsm monopoly, since sprint would want to convert all tmo customers to cdma

    since metropcs has a very high turnover device rate, its much easier to get rid of existing cdma users and switch all of the metropcs users to gsm.

    • mikkej2k

      Sprint isn’t THAT big in the grand scheme of things.

    • ChristianMcC

      Sprint is considering an offer on T-Mobile, as your seem to understand. The deal is possibly for metro pcs, which would not cause any gsm monopoly.

    • philyew

      Sprint would put up a rival offer for MetroPCS only. Converting TM customers over to CDMA doesn’t enter into the equation.

      Sprint have an opportunity to do this because, although both the Deutsche Telekom and MetroPCS boards have approved the deal, MetroPCS still needs to get shareholder approval and they would refuse it, if there was a credible counter offer on the table that promised more than the current $4 (approx) per share.

  • UMA_Fan

    If Sprint had bought MetroPCS back when they had a chance T-Mobile would have been in a VERY bleak position right now and in an even further fourth place.

    Would a hypothetical counter offer go to DT though…? Or could Sprint give more cash to Metro PCS and pay for their break up fee?

    I don’t think there’s an amount of cash DT would go for just to leave T-Mobile USA in a stagnant position. Any potential counter offer would likely involve spectrum and network assets from Sprint to T-Mobile in exchange for Metro PCS. I don’t see them just slitting their assets wrists and letting them bleed. It is THEIR asset after all.

    But really what could Sprint give them that’s better than T-Mobile’s current path to 20x20mhz LTE in AWS? The most Sprint could do is give them off the wall spectrum. What’s good about T-Mobile’s current path with network is that THEY are conforming to bands used by the majority of handsets, including the iPhone. This should result on better deals on devices since phones will be made already fully working on T-Mobile’s network. Sprint will still have to get manufacturers to create phones just for them.

    I’m sure tensions between Dan Hesse and his board right now are very high since he was for the Sprint/Metro deal while the board rejected it at the last minute and we are now witnessing the aftermath of that fall out.

    • Wasserstein

      You don’t make sense, why would DT offer Spectrum or network assets to MetroPCS as a counter offer? That’s stupid. Only thing DT can do is give Metro shareholders a higher % ownership of newco or cash or a combinatioh. Newco will already own the network assets and spectrum post merger. Unless you are suggesting DT offers European Spectrum and Network Assets – which sounds more dumb and useless as consideration. What are you talking about?

      Why would the counter offer go to T-Mobile? Since when can you sell something you don’t own? Of course the counter offer goes to MetroPCS, they are entirely independent so only their shareholders would get any consideration.

      Sorry but your whole post is convoluted and I’m not sure you understand what’s going on.

      • UMA_Fan

        The title of the article says “Sprint considering counter offer to deutsche telekom FOR metropcs” not “Sprint considering counter offer to metropcs”

        …and when I was talking about spectrum and network assets I meant Sprint offering that along with cash to DT in exchange for Metro PCS.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          The title is incorrect. The offer is to the metro board, since DT does not own metro until it passes regulation. That’s why they have a breakup fee.

        • UMA_Fan

          I see that now I apologize

        • Wasserstein

          Get hooked on phonics. The title implies a counter of to DT’s offer to MetroPCS. Wow, makes sense why your whole post did not make sense. You misread or misinterpreted what’s going on by not understanding what’s going on. I’m not sure I would blame the title. MetroPCS is completely independent, Sprint can’t make any offers to DT bc DT doesn’t own MetroPCS. The transaction hasn’t closed, so the offer is to MetroPCS shareholders.

          Thanks for clarifying. Although your post is entirely wrong, I understand where you are coming from.

        • philyew

          “Hooked on Phonics” That’s harsh. The title is ambiguous and even though nothing in the body of the article supports the poster’s conclusion, it is ambiguous enough to set off a number of misleading thoughts.

        • eanfoso

          But three thing here guys is that spectrum is the only reason T-Mobile(for the most part) is acquiring metro pcs, since it’s customer base is all contract who can leave any time) so T-Mobile giving metro pcs really doesn’t make sense, especially when the companies are getting combined, it’s like giving yourself a dollar.

        • LOY

          not exactly, yes spectrum is a nice acquired piece. T Mobile is trying to close the gap for third place, once merged into a new company the window is only 14 million customers to win over to t mobile, hopefully with the support of a deal being stuck with apple and very competitive rates. comparing apples to apples with LTE technology would be a win for TMOB. The next phase is to get cellular penetration with the majority populated cities, gaining millions of new members and old ones back within a year of merger and net strong gains in profits for the next move.. my guess would be to acquire and merge with sprint to claim second place, DT Exit strategy.

      • UMA_Fan

        You are right, I misread the article.

        • hellotmonews

          May be there is someting in the title thats only known by the boards of both companies.

        • Dan Brown

          Maybe you are stupid to think TMO News, an indepedent news blog, has a coded message in it’s news post titles. This isn’t the divinci code dumbass.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      DT is supposedly already ready with a counter offer, but I do not believe sprint wants to buy metro. They just want some of that PCS that metro has in fla and Georgia, which is where sprint has less than 30 MHz of pcs. If DT throws sprint 10 MHz in those areas, sprint will go away.

      Sprint has sub 1ghz spectrum, isn’t stagnant in consumer growth, has the iPhone,( apple supports all bands the carrier has) and has clearwire( who has an average of 150 MHz of spectrum in top 100 markets), which could make tmo speeds look like edge speeds by comparison.

      AWS is only 400mhz different that 2.5. Lets not act like tmobile has beach front spectrum. Clearwire’s tower placement was horrible, which is why WiMAX sucked. It was not the spectrums fault. But now clearwire is all about capacity, which means building penetration doesn’t matter.

  • mikkej2k
    • this article says the opposite

      • mikkej2k

        No it does’t. READ. Then COMPREHEND.
        “Sprint has a commitment to buy $15.5 billion worth of iPhones and is investing $7 billion to dismantle the Nextel network while building a new one using LTE”
        “[Sprints’] debt exceeds its $16.6 billion market value”

        “Sprint’s high debt levels — $21 billion as of June 30 — could also be a barrier to any deal, according to Scott Schermerhorn, chief investment officer at Concord, New Hampshire-based Granite Investment Advisors Inc.”They clearly can’t add debt onto their balance sheet,” Schermerhorn said

        “Our hope is that they would finish the network upgrade, fix the balance sheet and make acquisitions, in that order.”said Keith Trauner, a Miami-based money manager at GoodHaven Capital Management LLC

        • philyew

          Actually, in reporting the reactions from several analysts, the article says both. However, its title – Sprint Primed for Takeovers After Stock Jumps – would tend to suggest that its authors draw more from the positive analysis than the negative.

        • mikkej2k

          Just my take from this article and several others that include financial analysis of Sprints position: I AGREE with the overall opinion that Sprints debt is too high and they should focus on paying down debt and network modernization.

        • philyew

          So do I, but I think the authors of that article, if they had their own opinion, rather than merely reflecting the first opinion they reported, took the opposite view ;-)

        • mikkej2k

          I’ve tried but I have not been successful in finding articles or research or analysis of some kind that has financially based facts that support Sprint Nextel making a merger or acquisition at THIS point. It’s been a few days now and usually opposing ideas with facts would have emerged by now.

  • redman12

    That’s funny, how is Sprint going to pay it. Are they pulling money out of their ass?

    • MacRat

      Maybe they have finally finished paying Apple all the up front money as part of the initial deal to start carrying the iPhone.

    • fixxmyhead

      i was thinking the same thing. can sprint even afford it?

    • TBN27

      Left over bills from an old Monopoly board game?


      They dilute their already diluted stock. Stick it to the shareholders! They just dipped under $5 again over the last couple of days, so they will sell that puppy like Bernanke at the printing press!

  • sam michaels

    So, what would happen if Metro were to accept Sprint’s offer over T-Mo’s? Would they have to pay the “back out” fee then?

    • UMA_Fan

      Metro would pay a break up fee of $150 million to DT.

      I don’t see how Sprint could make a compelling offer to Metro: Come join our sinking ship with us. We can bleed billions in cash together. With your help, we can just bleed half a billion.

      • gtdeaner

        Both Sprint and TMO will bleed cash and customers, either way it will happen.

        • how profound, I bet you just amaze people with your incredible intellect each and every day…. you know, if they don’t beat the crap out of your troll backside first that is.

  • eanfoso

    This is good news, if we were to look at it ethically. If metro pcs goes to sprint, that’s 150$ million free for Deutsche Telekom, and when sprint takes over metro pcs all of their customers will leave for T-Mobile, since they are ALL non contract based customers, and T-Mobile matches pretty close the price of metro pcs, I say metro should just go ahead and go to sprint, win win for us anyways.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      Why would they leave though? Their network would not be affected at all. Sprint could keep metro as apart of their prepaid brand, like they did virgin and boost. They would not have to migrate them over to sprint postpaid. Sprint would use the unused pcs to bolster their lte network, while selling the AWS to help pay for the deal. It would be a very easy way for sprint to gain 10 million customers.

      However, I believe sprint does not want metro. I believe this whole thing is a way for sprint to try and force DT to sell some pcs in markets where sprint has less than 30 a-f. If DT throws sprint some spectrum, they will go away. Hack they could probably even get them to support the merger.

      • philyew

        If Sprint doesn’t truly want MetroPCS, why should TM offer them anything? Why not just call their bluff, or force them to overstretch their finances even more by carrying through with the offer?

    • UMA_Fan

      Metro going to Sprint is clearly a LOSS.

      The $150 million is nothing compared to the spectrum position T-Mobile would be in.

      I don’t think Metro shareholders would go for a Sprint deal over a T-Mobile one. They would go for Sprint if T-Mobile wasn’t on the table but combining with Sprint still leaves the big question open if the combined asset would ever turn a profit since Sprint hasn’t in years.

      At least with T-Mobile they know the combined asset would be bringing in money they just have to focus on bringing in market share which they have a good shot of doing once they have a national LTE-advanced network with unlimited data.

      • archerian

        The MetroPCS board/shareholders might go for the deal if they get a better price per share, it’s most probably the best price they would get in a year or two, full synergy will only be achieved in 2015 or beyond IF the merger goes through successfully and they operate as a single company. Mergers in telecommunications need not go smooth, it might be a better choice to cash out with at a good price than not wait for a few years.

    • jonathan3579

      ErickAnfoso, you run your mouth a lot on this site with little understanding of the true value this means for T-Mobile. Please do everyone the favor and just shut up.

      • eanfoso

        I do understand what’s going on, retard, and this blog is just about getting our opinions out, and I’ve just said my opinion so if you don’t like my opinion stfu and troll someone else.

        • jonathan3579

          So you resort to “personal insults” to justify the ignorant points you’ve attempted to make? You’re a really classy individual and clearly have the intellect to match. *Sarcasm*

          If you had any serious input on this, I’d not have resorted to calling you out but here’s the point… MetroPCS uses spectrum that IS compatible and viable to T-Mobile however they’d have to convert some of it to GSM/LTE. Get your uninformed rants straight.

        • eanfoso

          Like I said, it’s my opinion, and yes it’s true metro pcs spectrum is compatible with T-Mobile and as a matter of fact the as already LTE users are considered gsm, sort of, so in the 14 markets where LTE is turned on there won’t be much done, my thing is this: I would not want, by any means, that metro pcs absorbs T-Mobile, I like the fact we’re owned by deutsche Telekom, hell if Carlos slim were to buy us I’ll be okay with that, or even telefonica, but not metro piece of crap!

        • jonathan3579

          Here’s the thing bro, I don’t think it’s as clear-cut as them absorbing T-Mobile. Do you think T-Mobile’s current management is going anywhere? I highly doubt it. Like mentioned in a previous article, this is to get T-Mobile on the market so DT can back out of the U.S. I think you’re looking at this from the wrong angle.

          This has more pro’s than con’s.

  • ceegii63

    THE AMAZING HESSE: Pulling money out of his A$$

    • UMA_Fan

      lol nice

  • Nearmsp

    MetroPCS is valuable only for the frequencies it has not its customers who are dead beats, wants lot of data but not willing to pay full price nor want a contract. When these customers come to either Sprint or T-mobile they will continue to get top quality data speeds for peanut prices until the new owner starts making them pay the same as existing customers. That said, Sprint is too much in debt to be able to raise capital to fund this. They have large bonds coming up for refinancing and even before this deal markets are nervous if they will default. So, all Sprint is doing is playing a spoiler as they did when AT&T was trying to buy up T-mobile. Even if they can make DT cough up more money they will be happy because they would have weakened their competitor. That said the rally in the share price of MetroPCS indicates that the market expects a higher sale price who ever ends up paying. I hope it is Sprint and not DT.

    • philyew

      According to the outline of the migration strategy in the Investor Presentation, Metro customers won’t benefit at all from TM’s superior network, until they migrate over to a TM account, or in 2015 if they stick it out until the Metro network is finally shut down.

    • 21stNow

      That rally in share price was due in large part to day-traders capitalizing on the “news” of the day. The value started falling back to normal yesterday.

      I do agree with you that Sprint is way too much in debt to consider acquiring MetroPCS, especially in a bidding war.

  • 0neTw0

    Piss off Sprint!!!!

    • itmustbejj

      For some reason I like you

  • taron19119@gmail.com

    This is how I see it metro pcs will only take a Sprint deal over a T-Mobile deal is if it’s a way better deal and the $ 150 million dollars thats old to T-Mobile is a part of the sprint deal and part of the break up deal

  • Sprint is so far in debt they are having a hard time paying Apple for the phones. Sprint better be very careful over the next year, building their LTE network is going so freaken slow, that tells you how financially strong they are. They have the worst Network out of ALL Carriers, T-Mobile’s network just blows theirs away. Sprint is just talking smack, they had their chance to buy Metro and was voted NO. T-Mobile will end up buying Metro and will be a much better Network because of it. Being a very long time T-Mobile customer who is also a customer with another Carrier with LTE, if I had to choose just one Network it would be T-Mobile.

    • Absolutely right Vinny on all counts I’d say. There is absolutely no way Sprint is in any position to buy let alone have a bidding war on another company without hurting its resources deeply. Metro-PCS is T-Mobile’s, no doubt in my mind.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      Can you show me an article showing that they are having a hard time paying apple? Sounds like BS to me, if I am honest.

      How is their rollout going slow? They are adding cities like hot cakes, plus they are actually adding rural area instead of throwing three towers in a city and calling it a day like the big two. Sprint lte rollout is faster than Verizon’s. Verizon has been rolling out lte for to years now and they are still not done. Sprint is on track to finish by 2013. AT&T has said they are going to finish by 2013, but they had over 7 month head start on sprint.

      Their stock has doubled since rejecting metro the last time. That show tell you how well their are doing financially. Don’t sleep on sprint. They could potentially have the best LTE network.

      • @chad bro r u kidding me, sprint who invested into wi-max so much to abandon it and turn to lte and start modifying or building on a brand new technology, here’s your article from aug this year: http://seekingalpha.com/article/809461-sprint-raises-additional-debt-to-fund-network-upgrades

        they are in way over their heads for them to consider anything but focusing their resources on their network and landing new phones to their line ups. They need a new spice and sadly it isn’t metro or iphone.

        • SouthernBlackNerd

          Sprint had no choice but to invest in wimax. The stipulation of the nextel deal was that they would rollout their 2.5ghz spectrum by a certain date or lose the spectrum rights. Why would sprint willfully lose spectrum they already paid for in a world where carriers would kill their mother for extra spectrum? If sprint let that spectrum go, then they would have been considered retarded. Going with Wimax was the smart choice, plus they are making money from that network.

          your article says nothing about not being able to pay apple for the iPhones, so I am still waiting. The article says the new debt is a way for sprint to boost its lte network to catch up to ATT/Verizon. Sounds like a smart move to me. Speed up rollout is exactly what sprint needs to do.

          Your are probably right that they should focus on their network, but wrong on that they need a new “spice”. Tmobile needs a new spice. they have been stagnant in subscriber growth prior to the merger, and who knows if they will grow after the merger. I doubt Sprint will even win, I believe sprint is doing this, because Tmobile has extra PCS spectrum in markets( like Atlanta and Florida) that sprint could use to bolster their PCS spectrum to match their other areas which have 30mhz( not including G-block). DT sells them some spectrum and they will quite down.

      • jian9007

        For Q2 2012, Sprint reported a net loss of $1.4 billion (with an operating loss of $629 million). The total free cash flow for Q2 2012 was $209 million. The total liquidity for the entire company, including undrawn borrowing capacity from revolving credit lines, cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments, was $8 billion as of June 30, 2012.

        This is all information from Sprint’s Q2 2012 financials. The stock has doubled from $2.50 to $5.00 in the time since they abandoned the original attempt at buying Metro PCS, however, the fact remains that they had a net loss of $1.4 billion in Q2 2012 and the stocks rise is due to the OIBDA forecast increasing above expectations. A stock increase is not necessarily indicative of a profitable company. It’s the investors that are bidding up the stock that cause it to rise, among other factors.

        As to the cost of the iPhone, Hesse himself stated “The costs of upgrading its network and paying subsidies on iPhones would
        weigh on Sprint’s financial reports for perhaps two years before making
        them stronger.” So the statement made by Vinnie about paying for the iPhones has some merit, even if they may not be “having a hard time paying for them,” as he said.

        Not starting anything here, just giving you the financial info relevant to the post that you and Vinny have made. As for the Sprint considering making an offer to outbid T-Mobile as is stated in the article here, I don’t think that T-Mobile would let it happen. I think that Sprint may just want to try to drive up the price to make T-Mobile pay more, if they even attempt to do anything at all.

        Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2012/07/26/3725940/stock-market-cheers-sprint-report.html#storylink=cpy

        • mikkej2k

          Thank you for posting FACTS instead of name calling and cheerleading.

    • umad

      Sprint’s LTE is pathetic. Report: Sprint’s LTE coverage far less than advertised.

      Sprint needs to sell its assets and spectrum & hikes prices on all plans for paying its debt off right away!!!

  • Jerry L

    Let the bidding war begin!!! I own MetroPCS stock so I am looking forward to a bloody battle. Go Sprint!!! Go Tmo!!!! I’m rooting for them all!

  • JBLmobileG1

    I doubt Sprint could afford to buy Metro PCS. They already have enough to worry about let alone having to spend money which I doubt they even have. Maybe if they sold off some of their towers but then there wouldn’t be anything left to run off of.

  • squiggleslash

    It just gets worse…

    So, what may happen is that our choices of operators will reduce by one, and then possibly by one more when the buyer – saddled with debt and losses – finally goes under as a result.

    I guess it’s not going to stop until there’s only one phone company left. The question is: Will AT&T buy Verizon, or Verizon buy AT&T?

  • bryck

    Personally,tome the Metro PCS + T-Mobile is a done deal. Sprint is just trying to bluff and most of all trying to get some press.

    • archerian

      I’m not sure its a done deal, although it will most probably pass approval from the FTC and Justice Department, it isn’t a done deal until they approve

  • Moneyman

    When ppl come here to defend sprint I get confused. Why are you here defending sprint? That’s like going into a single cultured environment and yelling racist comments. Obviously everyone’s coverage is different so I’d tmobile is a better choice than sprint or vice versa for their situation just let it go. Sprint is a good network for some ppl but not everyone. In some aspect tmobile coverage is more reliable than sprint get over it cheerleaders.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Why would metropcs back out now then turn around and have to pay for backing out?? It makes no sense folks. Sprint needs to BUZZ OFF focus on it’s broken down network.

    • squiddy20

      That fact that you don’t get the situation speaks volumes of your (lack of) intelligence. Sprint would offer a better deal than what T-Mobile has made, that would more than make up for the the price of Metro PCS leaving T-Mobile. It makes plenty of sense to those who have a brain. Clearly not you.

  • JustSaying

    I guess Sprint could say hey if you leave T-Mobile we will pay your break up free plus pay you for your company… :P but i doubt they have the money for that lol

  • Josue

    looks like sprint hit the lotto on McDonald’s monopoly game

  • weagleweaglewde

    DT should just buy sprint and metro and call it a day

    • mingkee

      No, Sprint has too much debt which can drag the whole Germany down to HELL!

      • umad

        oh true… I guess they better wait for crippled Sprint to file bankruptcy. Conquer them or buy its all spectrum cheap

  • Jim

    Spint sucks I have a iPhone 5 with them and guess what it says 3G btw its so slow youtube desnt even work and my friends have the iPhone 5 with AT&T and Verizon and guess what there’s say LTE it’s a dam shame sprint still runs 3G in a major city Detroit when tmobile rolls out the new network to support iPhone fully I will be switching back and tmobile should of got the iPhone instead of sprint then I wouldn’t be stuck on 3G

  • bryck

    Sprint needs to worry about their credibility. Lets just say if they do shoot an offer which they might, for their sake at this point they have to, after all this press!!! If they fail (which they will) there top heads and board members are going to look like idiots, if you own their stock you’re defiantly going to sell it after this. LOL there going to look like Pinocchio!!!

  • Swilliam

    I checked out an official Sprint forum for seeing the opinions of Sprint consumers on this article. Just curious. However, I just see many complaining, disgruntled, angry sprint customers in there. It is kinda shocking!

    See yourself

    Customer Service: http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/customer-service
    Network and Coverage: http://community.sprint.com/baw/community/buzzaboutwireless/network-and-coverage

    “Unethical business practices”

    Related cases:

    Plus, Sprint will face Class Action Lawsuit for fraudulent coverage maps, enhanced data/hidden fees even though lack of 4G coverage, etc…

    Clearwire delay LTE build! How does it affect Sprint? Remember Sprint tends to depend on Clearwire for LTE.

    Sprint needs to focus themselves, ignore all carriers. They need to fix themselves really bad! Do it first before look at others. Irresponsible Sprint!

  • WOW, the comp is getting deep. FIERCE baby…they are not playing around with the Cellular phone business.

  • eanfoso

    Lmao I can totally see AT&T make a bid for metro pcs and watch it get approved, rejecting T-Mobile’s deal ;)

  • mingkee

    Sprint has to worry its network first before touching anybody else.
    The EV is junk in NYC, WiMax is hit and miss, and there is NO sign of LTE at this time.
    Sprint will only break the Metro’s CDMA network instead of smooth transition to GSM/HSPA/LTE.