Samsung Releases Android 4.1 Jelly Bean Device List For Future Upgrades

A new Samsung support site is detailing the company’s upcoming schedule for Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, and it’s pretty much what we’ve already heard. As for T-Mobile, it now lists the Galaxy S III only. However, it was just 10 days ago that a detailed Samsung list highlighted potential T-Mobile devices as the Galaxy S II, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab 7.0 that are also going to have a Jelly Bean device available. Of course, we’re at the whim of T-Mobile and their final determination as to which devices receive an official Jelly Bean blessing.

Of course, with the vibrant rooting and modding community that surrounds Samsung devices, Jelly Bean is never far away.


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  • Richard Yarrell

    I won’t be waiting to long for jellybean because I will be purchasing the Galaxy Note 2 on day one of launch on Tmobile. My Galaxy S3 will get it sooner or later…

    • squiddy20

      Or you could have it right now if you rooted your SIII. Oh but that’s right, you’re the idiot who told me rooting was for “2plus year old devices” but then a few months later was “looking into” rooting your Evo 3D, and then your Galaxy Nexus. And you rooted neither one despite the Nexus being THE easiest phone to root.

  • JustinCrouch

    wow…thats crazy informative…..

  • TruPid

    Why does it take so long to get an update? Jelly bean has been out for so long.

    • Chris

      Software engineering isn’t just taking a piece of code and pasting it on the current one and doing another build.
      Different companies follow different processes.
      Android is following a different process than what apple/microsoft does.

      1. In Android, Google heads the development of core Android OS.
      2. Google releases source code when its done. But since they head the project up, any unlock handsets they support will receive the update almost immediately. (How I got my GSM Nexus S Jelly Bean update).
      3. OEMs then pull the code to their end, goes through the process of merging the new code to their own. Then starts a whole new process.
      3a. OEMs needs to modify whatever additional functionality/UI enhancements they made to the merged code. They basically need to make sure it works. Now, this could probably take 3-6 months depending on how much work needs to be done and how much testing needs to be done. Also how much driver changes needs to be done (usually not much).
      3b. OEMs releases their firmware to carriers.
      4. Carriers then do their own tests and goes through an approval process. Could probably add a couple more months.
      5. Your official update is now delayed 6-12 months because carriers doesn’t want to approve stuff. (just look at the Jelly bean update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus). Took forever because Verizon radio files are not open sourced.

      I have the GS3 now and frankly, I don’t really care.
      I’m a software developer myself and I really understand how much trouble these employees are going through. How much pressure goes each day when your boss comes up to you and say, you haven’t done your build?

      • David

        Good read…


      Do your research on software engineering and you will find your answer.

  • galaxy s3

    been waiting too long for this update. Would have just rooted but since it should be out this month guess i changed my mind

  • Jeremy Erickson

    Just curious, does the T-Mobile Nexus S have the Jelly Bean update? I’ve got the unlocked Galaxy Nexus from the Play Store, so I’ve already got my Jelly Bean goodness.

    • nunya

      Who the hell asks these types of questions???

      • Jeremy Erickson

        My, what a helpful reply. I was curious only because I saw the Nexus S listed explicitly under Sprint, but not under T-Mobile. In theory the T-Mobile version should also have the update, since it’s a Nexus.

    • Sean W

      All nexus devices are unlocked.

    • hugh

      Yeah tmo nexus s has jb

  • Adam Cab

    any update for a jelly bean update for the galaxy relay 4g?

  • Josue

    they should add more “ooo’s” to soon

  • killer

    they better have that multi screen ul like the note 2. anyone else want that

  • g2a5b0e

    I would be surprised if the Note & S2 don’t eventually end up on this list.

  • erikdrakon

    Jelly bean has only been out for 3 months although i know it probably feels longer. and i know we all want the latest and the greatest. “Rooted on leak myself” but you have to admit when it does come to updates. we have gotten ours faster than any other carrier

  • Jose Hernandez

    My old cell phone quit on my before the new Nexus devices where announced. I opted to get the GS3 because it is the current flagship device. The fact that HTC is updating the One series this month, before Samsung can update their current flagship device is just sad. I should have just got a crappy phone and waited instead of buying this. I will never understand why it takes so long for this phones to be updated. I Understand the process, and work that needs to be done, but it should not take months. I will be getting one of the next Nexus devices coming out next month, or next year. I will never again buy a branded phone. It is not worth the hassle if you want timely updates. Hopefully, the rumors are right and Google gets the manufacturers to produce great Nexus devices. I am done with waiting for updates. I have rooted my phone, but have not installed a custom Rom, because the update should be coming this month.

    • Spanky

      I am using a GS3 right now, but I kept my Galaxy Nexus. Although I love the speedy updates that Nexus phones receive, I love the speed of LTE (I’m on AT&T) as well. I am seriously hoping that one of the upcoming Nexus devices will be compatible with AT&T’s LTE.

  • hector

    coming soon nice update lol

  • robert

    waiting for galaxy note 3 with 5G speed=much faster than 4g or 4g lte.

  • tatdude806

    Sorry David I have to say this. I said it over on droid dog earlier, yawn, snooze.Xda had this information available four days ago

    • I don’t know why you felt the need to mention this, it doesn’t contribute to the discussion. Does it really matter who had it up first? It’s the same information Samsung gave out 10 days ago, so I guess they had it up first wouldn’t you say?

  • Samsung did well by releasing device list for future upgrades.

  • Jason Crumbley

    Edit: Need to learn to read.

  • kev2684

    No love for any s2s?

  • steveb944

    It’s stuff like this that makes me second guess going back to Sammy. Note 2 looks good, but in the long run they suck on updates overall

  • Paul

    I’m disappointed that the S2 isn’t listed as well. I mean com’on, it’s the S2.
    Glad I’m buy a Note 2 when it comes out.

  • Of course if you REAAAALLLY wan’t JellyBean you can void your warranty and flash CyanogenMod v10 like the rest of us…

    …Please don’t do this. Unless you know what you’re doing – you will most likely end up with a $600 paperweight.

    • thinmanXXS

      I have 2 $600 paperweights called the HTC hd2 and the lg g2x

      • Rush420

        That suxs that you bricked that hd2 I’ve been using mine 2yrs an im using jellybean on it now an lovin it did you flash an eu radio that would brick for sure…..

      • Anon

        Hit up XDA, the HD2 is one of the most developed phones ever.

  • Nearmsp

    what I like about Apple is that when there is an upgrade it is for all providers at the same time. Must be a huge saving in software development at each of the wireless providers unlike Android updates which require AT&T and T-mobile and the rest to do their own software development and modifications to the code.

    • therealmikebrown

      That’s because AT&T and T-Mobile want to have control. They could use Vanilla android or just let the phone manufactures handle updates. But no, they try to control everything. That takes time.
      It’s why these companies like Android, it’s customizable. For us and them.

  • So, question: If you have a rooted and flashed Galaxy S3, say with the latest AOKP Jelly Bean build, will the OTA update that T-Mobile sends out mess up my device? Sorry if that’s a dumb question, but I’m just sort of new to the whole rooting/flashing thing

    • mister

      Depending in who’s ROM you flashed, the ota will not go thru. Only option is to ODIN back to stock. Hope you bs led up your original stock build to flash via Odin.!?! Once you’ve Odin back to stock / unrooted then you will recieve an ota.

  • T-Mobile SGS3 here and have been with Jellybean for a while already. There’s a rom called FrostyJB that is pretty good. About zero bugs with my setup.

  • Yes its geeky! Info