T-Mobile Bringing “The Avengers” To Galaxy S III Owners Everywhere

Samsung Galaxy S III users should be on the lookout beginning September 25th as T-Mobile is offering a little bonus with The Avengers movie available as a free download to all new and existing Galaxy S III owners.

The download will be available as a virtual preload, available in Samsung’s Media Hub and exclusively on T-Mobile. In addition, the movie can be directly downloaded or streamed to other devices that support Samsung’s AllShare Cast feature or AllShare Cast Wireless Hubs. Paired with T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data Plan, the new features will make streaming and downloading video content a breeze without having to worry about data caps, speed limits or overages.

In addition to this announcement, T-Mobile is also highlighting that they will begin carrying the Samsung AllShare Cast Hub accessory online and in stores starting September 24th for just $99.

“T-Mobile is committed to bringing leading-edge smartphone experiences to our customers by offering new features, including exciting content such as ‘Marvel’s The Avengers,’” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “Whether our customers choose to stream or download content directly to their devices or share it to the big screen, as the only nationwide 4G network that offers an unlimited 4G data plan, T-Mobile is making it easier than ever to unleash all that the Galaxy S III has to offer.”

Overall, it’s a nice gift for Galaxy S III owners, both present and future who can pair the large screen on the Galaxy S III with one of the biggest blockbuster movies of the summer.


Press Release:

T-Mobile to Bring “Marvel’s The Avengers” to the Samsung Galaxy S®III

 “Marvel’s The Avengers,” the No. 1 Movie of the Year, Will be Virtually Preloaded on All New and Existing T-Mobile Galaxy S III Smartphones Starting Sept. 25th

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Sept. 20, 2012 — T-Mobile USA, Inc., the No. 1 mobile operator brand in Samsung Galaxy S® sales, and Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile),1 today announced new and enhanced features which will be added to all Samsung Galaxy S® III smartphones at T-Mobile®.

Expanding on the already robust entertainment and sharing features of the top-selling Galaxy S III, new and existing owners of the smartphone will receive “Marvel’s The Avengers” – the no. 1 movie of the year and 3rd biggest release of all time – as a virtual preload, available for download in the Samsung Media Hub, only at T-Mobile. In addition, T-Mobile customers will have the ability to wirelessly share licensed content, such as movies and TV shows, to a compatible TV via the AllShare Cast feature and AllShare Cast Wireless Hub. Paired with T-Mobile’s new Unlimited Nationwide 4G Data plan, the new features make it easy for customers to stream or download unlimited video content, including their favorite movies and TV shows, without having to worry about data caps, speed limits or overages.

With today’s on-the-go lifestyle, an overwhelming majority (91 percent) of smartphone owners are using their devices for entertainment purposes for a wide variety of content – from YouTube clips and user-generated videos to feature films, games, music and more. In fact, a recent T-Mobile survey2 found this trend to be on the rise and more than one in 10 (11 percent) surveyed smartphone users rely on their smartphones so much for entertainment that they watch more video content on their devices than on their TVs.

“T-Mobile is committed to bringing leading-edge smartphone experiences to our customers by offering new features, including exciting content such as ‘Marvel’s The Avengers,’” said Brad Duea, senior vice president, product management, T-Mobile USA. “Whether our customers choose to stream or download content directly to their devices or share it to the big screen, as the only nationwide 4G network that offers an unlimited 4G data plan, T-Mobile is making it easier than ever to unleash all that the Galaxy S III has to offer.”

The third most-popular movie of all time, “Marvel’s The Avengers,” will be virtually pre-loaded on all T-Mobile Galaxy S III smartphones with this exclusive offer. The movie will be available in HD quality beginning Sept. 25 — the same day “Marvel’s The Avengers” becomes available on Blu-ray 3D, Blue-ray, DVD, digital and on-demand across the nation. T-Mobile customers can download “Marvel’s The Avengers” movie by visiting Samsung Media Hub on their Galaxy S III.3

“We are excited to partner with T-Mobile on this groundbreaking promotion and provide the highest-quality film experience for ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’ to Galaxy S III smartphone owners,” commented Dan Cohen, executive vice president, pay television and digital, Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

In addition, with a recent software update, Galaxy S III owners will be able to share licensed content, including TV shows and movies from Samsung Media Hub, wirelessly with AllShare Cast to any HDMI-capable TV with the addition of a new accessory, the Samsung AllShare Cast Wireless Hub.  The AllShare Cast Hub accessory will cost $99.99 and will be available via http://www.T-Mobile.com and in T-Mobile retail stores beginning Sept. 24.

To showcase the new features of the Galaxy S III, as well as T-Mobile’s full suite of Samsung Galaxy S devices, T-Mobile will introduce the Samsung Galaxy Zone in stores around the country this fall. The new interactive fixture will be rolled out in hundreds of locations and will provide an exclusive, enhanced retail experience for T-Mobile customers. The Galaxy Zone offers customers the opportunity to demo a Samsung device while using two television screens to visually supplement demonstrated device activity, such as AllShare Play, bringing to life the amazing experiences these devices offer.

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  • Jose Hernandez

    This is very nice of T-Mobile and Samsung. I have a Galaxy S3 and will be downloading this, using wifi since I don’t have the unlimited plan. The Avengers is a great movie. I appreciate them doing this.

  • Well thank you T-Mobile. I will enjoy it on my GS3 as soon as it arrives, woohoo. GS3 Rejoice!

  • Mike in FL

    OK, I need some advice here. I’ve been holding onto my upgrade, but with the news that the Era (One X+) not coming to T-Mobile, should I just go ahead and get the GS3? I was waiting for the rumored “5 Android devices,” but there’s still no word of that on the horizon.

    What are the problems with the GS3? I’ve read about it heating up, but that’s about it. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

    PS I know I can get it for less than $150 from Retentions (already been offered that weeks ago).

    • I would jump on it if you don’t want the Galaxy Note 2. There aren’t any issues with mine, and its just an all around great device.

      I got mine for $148 too…thanks to Walmart lol.

      • shack180

        Got mines for $148.88 @ walmart too .

    • LC

      The Note 2 is the only known 5″+ device coming to T Mobile at this point, so it really just depends on if the extra size is that important to you. Obviously there are other major differences between the two, but I have been incredibly happy with my S3.

  • Bajamin

    This is actually really cool. A very nice thing T-Mobile worked out with Samsung and the movie company. I was half expecting to see (after a $50 MIR).

  • that’s Awesome! I’m a T-Mobile GS3 owner so I will definitely be
    downloading this plus I’ve always wanted to see the movie and never have
    yet. – )

    • Deadeye37

      I’d watch it first in Blu-ray on a big TV before watching it on your phone. Its a great movie and those visuals should be watched on a TV that will do it justice (since you missed it in theaters).


      • JBLmobileG1

        That’s why you stream it to your big screen or use the HDMI adapter. Hopefully the quality of the movie will be high so it does actually look good on the TV. I would assume it would since I think they are doing this to promote not only the movie but the S3’s streaming capabilities as well as the Unlimited 4G plan. Awesome job Tmobile, thank you, and a good way to support new and current owners of the S3.

      • Whitney

        I am buying on DVD

  • Paul

    It’ll look better on the Note 2!!
    But that’s pretty awesome to get from Magenta.

  • Deadeye37

    I’m boardline on getting either the SGSIII or the Relay 4G. With the love being shown the SGSIII and not the Relay 4G, I think I’m going to have to get the SGSIII

  • eanfoso

    By everywhere, you also mean us everything everywhere customers? What if they had signed up originally with orange? Will they still get it?

    • Bronze 6

      This is T-Mobile USA not EE or T-Mobile UK

      • eanfoso

        Well this is a misleading article, by everywhere you’d expect everything everywhere, oh well I guess paying 35 queens a month for all you can eat beats this

        • I honestly don’t know how this is misleading, this is a T-Mobile USA specific site, I don’t know why anyone might suspect articles would pertain to anyone else?!

        • shack180

          I Agree with u david . How in the world is this article misleading?

  • GoBananas

    I have the GS3. My friends saw that movie and walked out 1/3 of the way through. T-Mobile save the cost of distribution of that movie and give something people can use, like a free screen protector or something.

    • ASSSSS

      Some people are never happy. Free is free. Why do you watch the movie for yourself?

      • AndroidAvenger

        Its the Ghetto mentality , free food stamps and section 8 from the government and they think they are entitled to whatever they want for free

      • not to mention The Avengers was friggin’ AWESOME ..

    • Ruskastud

      You friends are retarded………………

    • shack180

      Really a free screen protector . Stop being picky and enjoy the fre movie .and the first thing u was suppose to buy was a screen protector.

  • will

    Rather have them release 4.1 Jelly Bean already…

    • deeoh1084

      go to xda and install the leak it’s pretty stable now

  • What!!! this is awesome news, you rock t-mobile! :)

  • mreveryphone

    Now put the dark Knight on note 2

  • ccnet005

    When I buy my Note 2, will I get a copy of “The incredible Hulk”?

    • minusX

      Nope, just the knock off “The Incredible Bulk”.

  • Josue

    I’m jelly

  • shack180

    Man I had my gs3 for 2week’s now anf I am loving it $148 walmart and $200 rebate back customer loyalty reward program and now the Avengers for Free . T-mobile keep up the good work . Keep supporting your device’s . I am glad I left that damn mytouch 4g .

    • itsdeniid

      how do u get on the customer loyalty reward program?

      • shack180

        It called no strings attached .I guess because I been with them for 5years and always paid on time . I received it in the mail in july .it was 3 different offers .1.they pay your bill for January2.free wifihotspot. Dongle3.$200 cashback rebate on any phone . Google t-mobile/nostringsattached it will walk u through it if u qualify . I used mines .

  • needspeed64

    anyone try the Samsung Media Hub apps? It doesn’t work for me. It keeps trying to reload at the home page…

    • Trevnerdio

      Keeps saying sign in failed.

      • needspeed64

        horrible apps… hopefully they’ll fix this when they deploy the movie on the 25th…

      • DrScope

        I had the same problem, just force update the media hub from Samsung app store!! Easy as pie.

        • Trevnerdio

          It’s not in Samsung Apps

  • Alda


  • Timbay

    Man that is awesome! I was gonna get it anyways. Thanks T-Mobile!

  • Trevnerdio

    This is awesome! Now if only the Samsung Media Hub didn’t downright suck and actually let me sign in…

    • shack180

      Works for me just downloaded a free tvshow.

  • Rielle

    This makes me so happy :’)

  • WirelessRefugee

    I always thought this was (and apparently is) one of the coolest “features,” that T-Mobile includes a blockbuster movie on its first cabin phones, .

    I can’t recall exactly, but I think the first phone where T-Mobile did that was the HD2, back in March 2010. It came with Transformer preloaded.

    Then the Vibrant debuted in July 2010 with Avatar; the Samsung Galaxy S 4G with “Inception.”

    Even MetroPCS copied TMOUS and got in on the action, the Samsung Indulge coming with Ironman 2.

  • Allen Bahena

    When i get The Avengers I’m going straight to the part when hulk gets pissed and smash the hell out of thor’s evil brother! HAHAHA put on repeat! :D

  • shack180

    I can’t wait to buy that allshare hub . I am glad Samsung/t-mobile are supporting the gs3 still after it’s been 3months that’s a first . I am glad I bought my gs3 .

  • Joe_PDA

    I’ve got a new Samsung Galaxy S Relay, with Media Hub installed. Will I be eligible for the Avengers download too? It can’t only be for SIII.

  • Javier Ponce

    This sucks!!! I bought two (2) Galaxy S3, I bought the movie, but I can’t play it because I am in Puerto Rico, US. FAIL!!!

  • metis

    has anyone gotten this to actually work yet?

  • where do I get the dl at and how do I dl it

  • Yozo

    I didn’t see this posted. Here’s an easy link explaining how to download the movie