Internal T-Mobile Spec Sheet Updated For Galaxy Note II, No LTE In Sight

With confirmation that the Galaxy Note II would arrive on T-Mobile’s network sometime in the near future, we’re left without many unanswered questions, except for the actual release date and price of course. Unfortunately, there isn’t anything new in this internal screen grab other than the confirmation of specs including the quad-core processor, HSPA+ 42mbps and 3100mAh battery. In other words, pretty much everything we learned yesterday, though we admit we had some hope that T-Mobile and Samsung might come together and future proof the Galaxy Note II for T-Mobile’s LTE network, which admittedly won’t launch until the middle of next-year.

Perhaps I’m being a bit overzealous by hoping for LTE, but we’d like to see T-Mobile start to prepare customers for a network that is coming, even if it’s still 10-12 months away. Hey, it’s working for Sprint as they announced they’ve sold more than 1 million LTE devices well before their network is in any condition to be considered “widespread.”

LTE or not, the Galaxy Note II is a major win for Samsung and T-Mobile alike, this is a great device that is sure to please many, many Android fans.

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  • Hitman69

    Who cares about LTE at this point? We all should be excited about getting the Exynos quad core chip that many cried about when we didn’t get it for the Galaxy S II or III. This is truly good and exciting news David, lets not piss on other’s parade.

    • ogopogo

      Actually, a number of folks, including myself do care about LTE support. I buy my phones outright, and keep them for a while (I still have the original MyTouch4G). I don’t mind spending the cash on the Note2 as long as it is future-proofed (ie. LTE support).

      • Hitman69

        Notice I said, “at this point…” meaning that the good news of just receiving the Note II with Quad core is so overwhelming, why bother pointing out something we never had, such as LTE, and will only give us a slight boost in speed when we do get it. My HSPA+ is fast enough now, and will be welcome on my GALAXY NOTE II

        • Vic

          Do you understand the question you asked? He did notice you said “at this point” because he told you why he cared about it at this given point in time. It seems like you wanted to make a statement about how nobody should care about LTE since HSPA+ is fast enough instead of asking the question you did.

        • shut up dude!

  • ccnet005

    LTE or HSPA+ don’t matter to me right now.
    I just want to get my hands on the device.
    I picked up a Note 10.1 and love it. I’ll love the Note 2 just as much.
    Coming from the Nokia N900 the stylus is what makes it great for me.

    • AM3RIG


  • joshinsobe

    From stuff I’ve read, LTE was supposed to be introduced in the first part of 2013- has there been different news that would suggest it being a year away?


      Introduced and fully rolled out are two way different things.

  • MagentaMadness

    We’re not going to waste $ on an LTE chipset when its almost a year away.

    • MagentaMadness

      Patience is a virtue.

  • 21stNow

    The comparison to Sprint is a little unfair, though. Sprint released LTE-capable devices less than two months before the first LTE cities went live for them. You’re asking for T-Mobile to do this several months out. We all have seen estimated timeframes for completion of major projects (like an LTE network rollout) get pushed back more times than we want. Selling phones that’s LTE-compatible would be jumping the gun now.

  • Aurizen

    so is this not LTE in general or just not LTE for tmobile?

  • Hyun Kim

    I think the Note 2 will have LTE support, just right now we don’t have it because Tmo isn’t finished with the LTE network. I’m excited that this phone is coming out exactly how it was released. So happy!!!


    I would be willing to bet that it does have LTE but T-Mobile does not want to advertise it to avoid confusion. If it said LTE then people would expect LTE to be working in some capacity.

    • MagentaMadness

      ^This. My 2nd guess would be that it will be LTE “ready”…then once the we launch the new LTE network, and OTA update will go out activating it.

      • Paul

        Either sounds like a legit claim, so let’s hope that is the case.

    • UMA_Fan

      Hmmm I wonder if this is why if you use an app that let’s you go to the network settings on the Galaxy S III it shows LTE as a selectable option along with wcdma (hspa+) and gsm.

      Basically the app just takes you to the service menus of the phone, there’s usually code through the dialer to access these menus too.

      On most other android phones, the LTE option is not available.

      It would be very interesting if T-Mobile could software update existing S3’s and Notes to run LTE when it’s live.

      • Jason Crumbley

        The T-Mobile GS2 is the same way and it has no LTE support. The software between the Skyrocket and T-Mo GS2 is basically identical. It’s the hardware that is different. So, it’s not really that strange that Samsung didn’t remove it from the GS3 for T-Mobile.

  • Doesn’t matter to me, I get 27mb where I am. That’s good enough, heck 10mb is enough to stream with ease.

    • Hitman69

      Amen brotha!!!!


      preach on brother

    • brian

      same here.. & it sure is a battery saver over LTE. Its only networks that have it that make it seem like a big deal and that people need it lol

    • Melissa Delmarco

      I get 45mb on mt galaxy 3 on AT&T.

      • That’s sad. Reason being I don’t even have LTE, and you’re only a little bit faster.

      • Bryan

        So you can hit that data cap in no time flat!

        • Jason Crumbley

          Never mind. Just saw the AT&T part.

  • mreveryphone

    Since we won’t get LTE go ahead and throw the dark Knight on there so we can enjoy that beautiful screen!

  • tito505

    I dunno but Samsung has me excited. I love gs3 smooth like butter phone, but the the note 2 got me crazy hyped I might drop the 800$ for it. I’m not rich but damn I want it overtime please .

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    It’s possible it’s there, they just aren’t advertising it. Apple got fines by Australia for selling the iPad there as 4G even though it couldn’t actually connect to 4G.

    Yes, it did have a 4G chipset, but it wasn’t compatible with Telstra’s 4G network.

  • shonnyg112

    When is this coming out? Because I can’t wait for the one x plus anymore.

  • Guest

    LTE is a battery drain isnt it? I’d be OK with HSPA+.

    • 21stNow

      I really haven’t heard the battery drain complaint with LTE devices released this year. I haven’t experienced it with LTE devices on AT&T or the one that I have on VZW. I think that specific devices (the Thunderbolt and I think the Bionic) had problems with maintaining a steady LTE signal, but that problem is not universal.

  • Josue

    I just want the phone allready!!!

  • Paul

    While that disappointing, I agree with some posts regarding the confusion it can bring announcing LTE compatibility and not marketing anything about it right now. I hope they have plans to do update(s) that will bring LTE support.

    Anyway you cut it, I’ll be buying this phone when it comes out.

  • andrews1469

    Its always need need need. This phone is a beast. The fact that it is quad core, big and sexy should be enough. The Note 3 wont have a kitchen sink so people will complain. Im taking back my S III so I can get the note on my upgrade.

  • andrews1469

    And lets face it, mowt of us on this site dont need a “future proof” phone because we dont carry them for more than a year! Although I stuck with my Vibrant with custom roms for 2 years.

    • 0neTw0

      I feel you. I am still kickin the G2x So i feel your pain.

      • moolahmitch

        Dude I am rocking the G2 with a JellyBean custom rom and suffering

  • Guest

    Speaking with a Samsung rep, the quad core version of the GS3 has had TONS of issues with compatibility on Verizon LTE. Apparently, even though testing showed the dual core was outperforming the quad core, they had planned to release it anyways with speculation that software would be designed to run on a quad core processor. The issues they were having with LTE made them skip it and drop back to the dual core. Hopefully these issues are worked out, but if not, I’ll be glad to see no LTE in the T-Mobile version.

  • Jontor

    NO point getting a powerful phone with no LTE. Im switching to ATT after 9 yrs with T mobile

    • UPSSucks

      see ya!

    • thats what i call pure dumb? why would you leave a company after 9 years LTE is a marketing HYpe its not super fast on at&t and def not every where with at&t slow A** roll out if i was you id do some research buddy at&t is one of the main carriers that always change sh** for the worst good luck LOL

  • MIMO

    It may not have LTE. Remember, the LTE system they have announced is Rev.10, not Rev.8 like the other carriers. Rev.10 is much more advanced and much faster. Not sure if Rev.10 and Rev.8 LTE are compatible with each other.

  • Joseph Tongret

    I’m just fine with my Tmo data speeds, as I average probably around 15mbps in the areas I travel & where I live. That’s really more then enough in my opinion.

    • I just did a speed test on my MyTouch 4G the 2G signal I receive at home and got 0.01mbps download and 0.01mbps upload :(

  • LTE is a preference tmobiles HSPA + 42mbps is very fast for alot and its been tested to outperform verizon in areas well as at&t in alot lets not talk about sprint they suck ass im so mad for leaving tmobile few years ago for sprint when evo was announced only made the jump because i got nervous of at&t buying magenta out but thats long and gone never experienced 4G wimax in cali sprints 3G is very slow its a horrible experience tmobile always been great customer service great coverage in my area and never really had a issue the whole 6 years so my minds made up i will be going back to them around the 1st month of 2013 and GSM carriers are always better then any CDMA company GOOGLE supports GSM NEXUS device to be exact so basically this is my story LTE is fast when you have it but so is HSPA + and thats plenty fast to satisfy most users well as my self and most the time im on wifi anyways…. make a wise decision see what works best in your area and it just seems phones that are GSM tmobile/at&t etc value are always worth more then CDMA phones they loose value. Dont go off the hype LTE and HSPA+ can be very simliar in speeds depending on area in my area tmobile has great speeds.

  • LTE would be nice going forward. I own a 1st generation Note and I like it. One of the improvements that I’ll be interested in is the 3100mAh battery. THAT’S BIG.

  • Anonymous

    Disappointed (like usual) but it’s entirely expected.

    I’ll get a LTE phone when LTE is the norm. otherwise, hspa+ is good enough.

  • get off of me hoe

    i wouldnt care if it doesnt have lte hspa+42 is just as fast as lte. but im curious how much and when will it be released.

  • PEOPLE complain about everything no matter what at first people complained about tmobile not getting the creme of the crop devices aka best of the best then people complained that GALAXY S II didnt have a EXYNOS PROCESSOR NOW the NOTES COMING with 1.6 EXYNOS QUAD people are complaining about not haven LTE which in all carriers is still not widely spreaded smh people just are not never happy if you been on tmobile for years there is no reason to switch tmobile has the best prices and best customer service enjoy HSPA+ its plenty fast believe me im sure others agree

    • wellington armelin

      I have been with t mobile for a long time but the last two years have been the worst for me not being able to receive cars or call out is crazy to me. Not to mention I had to take the the data plan off my phone because the browsing wouldn’t work. T mobile might be the cheapest but I rather go to Verizon with the note 2 to guarantee great service. Oh yeah customer service is at its worst to me at t mobile but that just my opinion

      • NotVerizon

        Nice try Verizon

    • going mad for gn2

      I’m not complaining. I’m not getting the t-mobile version anyway cause by the time it comes out the 64gb international version should be selling already and it’s future proof cause it’s lte will be the same as t-mobile’s. I want my beast to have it all including a total of 120gb after formatting the sd. Samsung please for the love of god take many money already!

  • Michael Hams

    How much do you guys think it would cost 229.99 or 299.99??


    T-mo probably wont start future proofing devices until the next nexus comes out, besides, Sprint stole peoples money for a network that may or may not appear in the cities of some of these customers yet. hell i havent heard of Sprint LTE in NYC yet and my half sister is out of 560 for a Galaxy Nexus LTE.

    Guess thats why she aint really family, didnt get the smart genes from us, (cheeky grin)

  • I could care less about LTE. Hspa+ is more than fast enough.

  • mingkee

    It may be too early to release phones (and devices) with LTE until early next year.
    The very first UMTS phone, T639, was released about 7-8 months prior official UMTS/HSPA launch in NYC.

  • eanfoso

    Oh gee, when will we finally see an LTE enabled device yet? :/ preferably Android, idc about the windows LTE device that’s coming

  • deeoh1084

    i want it i want it i want it i want it i want it!!!
    too bad i’m stuck with S3 for awhile… but i still love my S3 i hope JellyBean will be released soon for the S3 variants (i already installed the leak only problem with the leaks are battery drainage problem)

  • itsdeniid

    eh the design of this phone sucks!! i rather get galaxy note 1 :0

  • llemon has an estimated date of mid-november for us release

  • Rudy Belova

    Well, Look at their history. It took a long time for t-mobile to even acknowledge that their phones had gsm 850 and or wcdma 850/1900. Many did but it was omitted from the specs. It wouldn’t shock me for it to have LTE but just no documentation.

    So. Time will tell..

  • steveb944

    I was also hoping to see some LTE devices start coming out of the woodwork, but it seems we won’t be seeing any until next year.
    I’ll just have to wait for the Note3 in order to get a future proofed device. :) But man it’s hard to resist not making the jump to that huge screen/battery now

    PS. I’m having to use Chrome to respond on here through my phone. Dolphin doesn’t work, anyone else have suggested browsers for Disqus use?

  • frigadroid

    Lol, LTE is a joke to me because I’m still using a POS vibrant on 3G and I’m still getting throttled after 5gb on my formally unlimited data plan that tmobile management thought was wise to break the contract & changed several times, causing massive churn and the mess they’re now in where people don’t believe them or have any confidence in the company.
    It looks like a cool phone & all but I took a vow not to support Samsuck since they don’t support their products & try to deny all the quality control and software issues until threatened with lawsuits that they know they’re gonna lose. ;-P

  • Chimphappyhour

    Not sure why you’d expect LTE at this stage.

    • Because I know things :-)

  • I spoke to a buddy of mine that works for TMo, and he said it won’t be out until Nov. It’s cool though, I have nothing but time lol. Is there anyone here that currently carries two mobile phones or devices?

  • Jeff Tsai

    No LTE? Wtf? AT&T here I come.

  • I get very fast HSPA+ but I would welcome a LTE radio installed in the Note 2 just for the future. I will buy the Note 2 with or without the LTE radio but thinking ahead is a good thing. This will not be a cheap phone but either was the SGS3 and I love it. Having the matching Note 2 would make one hell of a package. This is a phone that has the specs that would last for a few years, having the LTE radio would be fantastic. Putting the LTE radio into the Note 2 would be telling current and future T-Mobile customers that they are very serious about LTE and the future of the company. Been with T-Mobile for years, also have Verizon, If I had to choose just one it would be T-Mobile.

    • IAgree

      I agree. it would be nice to get LTE on this device to have it future proofed. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal though, simply because of throttled plans, if you want to use tethering. It may be a different story if you are using the new unlimited, no throttle plan. In my area, Even then, by the time LTE rolls out to your area, technology would have advanced by leaps and bound that you’ll want to upgrade again anyways. I can do speed tests against friends on att and sprint with “4g” and my htc sensation blows them out of the water on just hspa+. It’s plenty fast for me, most of the time. I contribute “most of the time” to my tendencies to use bleeding edge unstable custom roms though. I’m not a Samsung fan, but I can honestly say I’m looking forward to the note 2.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Lte is overrated plain and simple. I left Verizon for Tmobile and it’s HSPA PLUS 42MPS network simply works fine enough for me and my current Galaxy S3. Future prove or not who cares it will be the device on the market for that 10monthtime period. When they Galaxy Note 3 arrives next year I am sure I will buy that to so we will cross that Lte bridge if need be. Meanwhile home at the range today Tmobile and it’s network has plenty to be proud of.

  • FtZ

    Im so tempted! The only thing that has me a little skeptical is the 267ppi instead of the 306ppi I have on my s3… what do you guys think? Will it be noticeable?