comScore Publishes New Study Of American Smartphone Market

Comscore’s newest study of the American smartphone market won’t do much to surprise you as Samsung and Android remain the respective kings of the hill. Android is still the top platform with 52.6% of the US market, followed by Apple at 34.3%, RIM at 8.3%, and Microsoft in fourth place at 3.6%.

The story looks pretty good for Samsung on the manufacturer breakdown with the Korean company taking 25.7% of the market, followed by LG at 18.2%, Apple at 17.1%, Motorola with 11.2%, and HTC at 6.3%. Perhaps HTC could bump up that marketshare if it didn’t make foolish exclusivity deals with the likes of AT&T on devices like the HTC One X+. Just a thought.

The comScore study now reflects 116.5 million smartphone users in the United States, a 6% increase from May. As the study ends in May, these numbers don’t factor in the release of the Galaxy S III or the iPhone 5 so it’ll be interesting to see how they switch up when both flagship devices are a part of the equation.


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  • Matt

    agreed about the HTC One XL, that is a beast of a phone and it would be awesome on other carriers. Would have been a great chance to really blow the lid on current phones out with its specs and (hopefully) great build quality like other samsung devices (the one s is the best phone i have used to date build quality wise)

  • aNYthing20

    comScore’s market share percentage is for smartphones and dumbphones. Why else would LG have such a high share? They sell a lot of dumbphones. HTC is still #2 in terms of Android.

  • YourDistantCousin

    This article is spot on regarding the foolish exclusivity move by HTC and its One X+. They would’ve had so many buyers for this phone had they brought it to T-Mobile. I’ve been loyal to HTC phones for a number of years, but with greed-centric decisions like this, sadly it’s looking like I’ve no choice but to start looking to Samsung now.

    • archerian

      with the spectrum refarming, wouldn’t the One X+ work on Tmo?

      • nycplayboy78

        I would think so….But who knows??!!

      • theking_13

        Yes, but do you want to pay full price or atleast $400 used for it, or get a subsided device for lots cheaper?

        Its definitely the latter for me.

        • jb82

          Subsidised device haha – you do realize you pay for it through the massive monthly bills you pay.

        • theking_13

          Yep, I’d rather pay $200 now and say $15 more per month. Than dish out $600 at once.

          Not to mention insurance as well, T-Mobile won’t replace the One +, maybe give me a One S but that’s it.

          As soon as my contract is over, I plan on going to value plans since I constantly switch phones. $120 for a white Galaxy S3 with a 2 year contract was too good to pass up.

        • NuShrike

          You can finance through your own savings (save 10% each pay period) without the markup. But yea, must be too hard.

        • Durandal_1707

          Be sure to add the $480 ($20 extra per month * 24 months) to that subsidized price when you do your calculations. $120 + $480 == $600, which is how much you really paid for that S3.

        • Anonymous

          if you do the math, being on a value plan + buying an unsubsidized phone works out better… the subsidized device isn’t “cheaper” it’s just that the cost is spread into your plan….

    • g2a5b0e

      I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t understand how HTC’s decision to make their flagship devices exclusive to AT&T is greedy. If anything, it’s the opposite. Greed in business is a good thing. By not trying to release their phones on all the carriers, they’re showing a serious lack of greed. Something that will seriously bite them in the ass in the future.

      • NuShrike

        So stupid, not greedy.

  • EAT that Apple!
    I see Android numbers climbing exponentially.

    • Apple is still climbing as well and at an even faster rate than Android despite them only having 3 devices on the market and only being available on 3 carriers. Android growth is coming from the decline of RIM, not Apple.

      • Max_Kelman

        While the guy above is obviously blind to the fact that Apple’s iOS grew at a faster rate, you are wrong saying on just three carriers. They have expanded aggressively in the U.S. and now have the iPhone on 8-10 Regional Carriers and Virgin Mobile Pre-paid. Now that more people have the option of an iPhone they are choosing it. But it will not damage Android because of the amount of choice the OS offers. However, with the iPhone 5 and aggressive carrier roll out I can see Apple catching up a bit maybe hitting 44% while Android hits the 60% mark. Bring the gap down a good clip.

    • Max_Kelman

      EAT What? You look a fool not noticing that Apple’s iOS is gaining in market share and that it is growing faster than Android. 2.4 to 1.7 for the quarter in question.

  • Dakota

    i find apple having a third of the market impressive…google numbers get inflated because of all the c heap phones and prepaids that people get – who arent really into expensive phones or plans. i still dont know – i might run in different circles but among friends and family, ive yet to meet a single person with an android.

    • 21stNow

      Wow! I come from a small family and have a small group of friends and I still have family members and friends with Android phones, even if I don’t count the ones that have my hand-me-downs. BlackBerry and iPhone users are present, as well. I’m having a hard time imagining your situation.

    • Anonymous

      affordable phones can’t be counted? is everyone in your family rich?

  • Nearmsp

    Blackberry ditched loyal customers on T- mobile when it went to Verizon with its first touch phone. I decided there and then, that it would be my last Blackberry. RIMM instead of continuing its policy of providing its products to users at all wireless service providers went to Verizon to challenge Apple. Now, HTC is doing the same and will only put off loyal customers at T-mobile. Samsung has played its cards well. Their products are available in all countries and all providers at the same time. That is why it is ahead of Apple. As I see it Samsung will continue to dominate the world and Apple will remain a distant second, mainly because Apple does not sell its products to all providers.

    • mikkej2k

      I like HTC software ( if I’m forced to use a phone with a skin) and I love their materials and build quality. I would like to have one of their flagship devices ( android please w/removable battery and memory )

      In defense of HTC – they are the only manufacturer that provides quality phones to most carriers , besides Samsung.

  • kevin

    i can’t believe Symbian is still out there.