Breaking: T-Mobile, MetroPCS Merger Agreement Reached, Combined Company Will Stay T-Mobile

In a move that isn’t going to come as much of a surprise after both companies confirmed the talks, both boards have approved a $1.5 billion dollar deal. The combined company will be called T-Mobile and run by newly installed T-Mobile Chief Executive John Legere. The deal itself will be structured as a “reverse merger,” meaning that MetroPCS will in effect take on its larger rival. Such a move allows T-Mobile to become a publicly traded company, allowing Deutsche Telekom to sell down its share over time to reduce its interest in the US market.

Deutsche Telekom shareholders are said to own 74%, with MetroPCS at 26% of the company with MetroPCS share holderss getting around $1.5 billion in case, or around $4 a share. The deal itself will create a bigger fourth-place carrier that controls around 12.9% of the US market. However, the combined companies would control around 30% of the prepaid market.

The deal itself may not face as much scrutiny as the proposed AT&T/T-Mobile merger given that the combined company won’t be targeting the same customers their larger rivals are going after.

Wall Street Journal

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  • YOpops


  • lecie

    I think that’s cool…. I noticed that they have a lot Metro PCS when I was last down in Florida recently.. you don’t hear of them in Chicago but my cousin was bitching about how Metro PCS is better.. than Tmo.. haha but now Tmo bought them… so that means Tmo is better lol.. I personally don’t see why people say Tmo sucks.. especially when they’ve never had them.. I get great coverage here in Chicago and everwhere I’ve traveled…

    • ManwellC

      It sounds more like Metro bought T-Mobile and just kept the name.

      • JustSaying

        thats what i was thinking too… :( kinda seems odd… not because they wanted to become a publicly traded company but the fact that DT could possibly sell off it’s shares now of the company!

        • Dakota

          DT wants to unload T-Mobile as quickly as possible

        • lecie


      • dugroc

        From the article this is exactly it “reverse merger”…

      • lecie

        My friend that works for Tmo said that Tmo merged with Metro & they’re changing Metro to Tmo but I guess we’ll see :)

    • fixxmyhead

      ur cousin is retarded. how can metro be better than tmo when there not even one of the big four

      • lecie

        I know he is lol.. that’s why I laughed when he said it..

    • brianb

      MetroPCS was never better. It’s a regional company. You have to live in a very select group of cities to even use it. You can’t really have it and call any city.

      Tmobile allows almost complete coverage of the USA (and they roam for free on all AT&T towers).

      • Herb

        Roaming only happens on select AT&T towers. There are restricted towers.

      • lecie

        Yep.. that’s what I said basically when my cousin said Metro PCS was better lol

      • Mike

        You can call any city on MetroPCS in the continential US, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands. Alaska and Hawaii are considered international long distance (although you can call the mainland from Hawaii, where they mostly use Sprint towers).
        What is “better” carrier depends on whether it has coverage/speed where you need it, if you like the phone selection and feel the price is fair for the value recieved.
        Spend 2 minutes on any websites and you will find people hate every major and minor cell carrier. They just appear to hate some less.

      • Gary Jenkins

        MetroPCS roams on Sprint for free

    • Dakota

      Metro networks are very very slow & customer service is bad. Its mostly known as a brand for lower income people with bad credit ,(NOT ALL OF COURSE)..I’m told their lte is like 3g cuz they have note like 2g

      • lecie

        Metro sucks.. my cousin has it because he’s cheap… horrible carrier

      • Mike

        Metro has 3G EVDO data in some cities (Detroit, Las Vegas). At least where I live in metro Detroit, MetroPCS has better coverage than Sprint. I left them after 12 years when I moved and had zero bars and yet almost never roamed.
        Now I have 3-4 bars at all times, good coverage in most of town and have decent LTE 4G speeds, 2.5GB data, unlimited calls and texts for less than I was paying for a discounted Sprint feature phone plan. And my credit and income are both fine.
        But this is about T-mo. I am just saying Metro is a markedly better network now than a lot of people think.

      • Gary Jenkins

        I got 5 meg on metroPCS LTE, which isn’t fast for LTE but it isn’t “very very slow” either

    • i used to have PCS when i lived in miami, i switched to tmo before i moved to Chicago, and it is a world of difference between the two

  • someoneoutthere

    cool picture

  • Gouv

    Interesting news, but sadly DT will still somehow be involved… that deserves 1 million sad faces. This is sort of what i wanted for TMO which was a fresh new start and hopefully this brings it. Though im still very skeptical, i’m still hopeful for these guys.

    • Chris

      Well now that T-mo will be publicly traded, we can buy some shares lol

  • Christopher_McG

    I don’t know if like

  • Metro-Mobile LAYOFFS!!!

    Dear T-Mobile & MetroPcs Employees, Brace yourselves! Here comes the next round of LAYOFFS!! At the worst time, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to that!!! Thie 2 Indian guys from the metro commecial above and Carly unite, how cute…

    • ogopogo

      Wow. Talk about the sky falling. In all likelihood, any cuts would happen at the executive level due to overlap.

    • Bajamin

      There will be a long while before that is even an issue. This is just the preliminary announcement. It will be months before this is even approved, never mind the time it takes to merge two companies; esp. when one is public and one is private.

    • SoCal TMO

      I guess you don’t recall the Suncom purchase by TMO in 2008. TMO brought on the Suncom employees and made them TMO employees. Deal isn’t going to be approved until early 2013 and even then the two companies will run seperately. Jim Ailing will run TMO customer base and Thomas Keys will run the Metro customer base. If layoffs happen it will be at the management/executive level not the lower end level.

  • ctkatz

    can i get in on some of metropcs’ plans? i like what they offer, it’s pretty close to what i use now and much cheaper than t-mo’s similar offerings.

    • squiggleslash

      Yes, you can. Anyone can go to MetroPCS’s website or a MetroPCS store and sign up. But once the merger goes through, no, you will not, because they’ll no longer be available, because MetroPCS will not exist.

      If T-Mobile wanted to offer MetroPCS’s plans, it could do so right now. That they don’t means you can safely assume they won’t.

    • George Overly

      keep in mind that although it will still be called T-Mobile, it is Metro that is taking over T-Mo

      • archerian

        that’s just a financial arrangement so T-mobile can go public without any hurdles like an IPO. Make no mistake, DT/T-mobile will be calling all the shots in the newly merged company with a 75% stake or so.

        • Jose Hernandez

          That is correct. This, so far seems to be a good deal.

  • Christopher_McG

    With T-Mobile and MetroPCS joining forces it seems like a good move. The LTE network will have huge capacity levels, insane speeds. On the west coast at least. T-Mobile will get access to MetroPCS’ towers and MetroPCS will get access to T-Mobile’s towers (synergy) meaning more coverage. I think I approve. Get DT off of the helm. I don’t like them.

    • anonymous

      Just because Metro calls their network “LTE” does NOT mean it’s fast. In my area, it is by far, slower than Sprint’s regular network (not their new LTE rollout). I don’t think most people realize that. T-Mobile’s current HSPA+21 and 42 are faster in every possible way, and anything beyond what Metro can, and is producing.


        Actually, all studies show tmobile’s HSPA system beats Sprint ‘4G ‘completely in EVERY major market as well.

        • anonymous

          That’s essentially the same point I was getting at. We’re in agreement, but my issue is trying to make people see that “LTE” doesn’t guarantee super data speeds, and that ANY form of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ is faster than Sprint’s WiMax and Metro’s LTE (even though it shouldn’t even be allowed to carry the LTE label with how ridiculously slow it is). Again, LTE is just a term and people will argue until they’re blue in the face that LTE is better. In the long-run it will be, but HSPA+21 & 42 are nothing to complain about at all, or call a slouch in the data game. The only thing LTE is good for right now is a faster draining battery.

        • Gary Jenkins

          I have metropcs and t-mobile, metro’s LTE gets around 5meg in Miami and T-Mobile’s HSPA+ gets me around 5meg too.

      • Christopher_McG

        who was even talking about that? With the combined spectrum they would have a super LTE network. Not MetroPCS’ current crappy LTE network.

        • anonymous

          Good luck with that analogy, but you’re wrong.. They (TMO) will use Metro’s “LTE” and supposedly build off if it, but T-Mobile will definitely be using it and there will be no “super LTE” on separate networks. If that was the case and they used separate networks, towers, spectrums, etc… then where and how do you see that as a merger, which is what this is, and a way for DT to get rid of their U.S. counterpart that they haven’t wanted for years?

      • Mike

        No, you can check PCMag and a lot of other sites. MetroPCS’ 4G may be a lot slower than other carriers’ HSPA/4G, but it is way faster than Sprint’s overtaxed 3G network. In some areas, it is comparable to Sprint’s old WiMax system.

        • anonymous

          Depending on your location, Metro may be faster than Sprint, but not everywhere, and in most spots, it is a lot slower. Regardless, Metro’s current LTE system is a joke. I don’t need to read an article in order to prove what I see with my own eyes, in person.

        • Gary Jenkins

          What city is MetroPCS LTE that slow? The speed test results from various cities never have very slow speeds.

    • Beren

      Metro PCS LTE is awful. Literally as slow as WiMax. The only insane thing youre gonna get with it is insanely frustrated.

      • anonymous

        Exactly! It’s as slow, if not slower than WiMax. Everyone see’s “LTE” and automatically thinks the speed of light data and it’s VERY far from it. Not all LTE is the same and Metro’s for example is just a term and selling point. It’s actual execution is terrible.

    • randomnerd_number38

      Guys, the MetroPCS LTE is slow because of the backhaul. The wireless technology is the same and still capable of being blazingly fast, but the internet speed of the backhaul is holding it back. It’s like having a Wireless-N wifi router plugged into a dial-up connection.

      So, hopefully T-Mobile will update the backhaul and will solve that problem over time.

    • brianb

      I think they will use the tmobile GSM model even if Metro runs things. Tmobile has complete USA coverage on GSM with AT&T free roaming agreements. They will most likey migrate MetroPCS users over to new Tmo GSM phones and re-farm all Metro Spectrum to LTE usage.

  • squiggleslash

    MetroPCS was on my shortlist of carriers to consider if T-Mobile continues to go downhill. I’m not overly happy about this.

    Remember, just as with the AT&T merger: this doesn’t help *consumers* in any way. AT&T buying T-Mobile meant no more T-Mobile. Likewise, T-Mobile buying MetroPCS means no more MetroPCS. There is _no_ benefit to 99.9% of the readers of this forum, _only_ to DT and PCS shareholders.

    This merger needs to be stopped.

    • bleeew

      Why? This will get T-Mo to be a stronger competitor and make service better, and will go against AT&T and VZW. Once there is enough pressure, The big 2 must lower prices or give consumers more for less.

      • archerian

        Just like Tmo provided a price challege to ATT and VzW, MetroPCS did the same to T-mobile. Its not always a good thing for the consumer when a lower price operator gets acquired by one with larger prices.

      • squiggleslash

        No it won’t. Eliminating MetroPCS may reduce T-Mobile’s competition – but it also reduces AT&T’s, Sprint’s, and Verizon’s competition. Nor will it strengthen T-Mobile in any appreciable way – T-Mobile will have to either run two entirely incompatible networks, or pay for the costs of upgrading every MetroPCS CDMA customer to GSM. Meanwhile, the people who were attracted to MetroPCS in the first place will quit in time.

        Meanwhile, as a T-Mobile customer, congrats! You now have one less escape route if T-Mobile continues to get worse.

        T-Mobile will not improve, not get better, not fix its problems, in the absence of competition. There is not a single benefit to T-Mobile customers from this merger, and MetroPCS customers will lose out completely thanks to this.

        I’m bewildered this is getting support from TmoNew’s readers: what the hell are you thinking? Why on Earth would you be in favour of T-Mobile taking on a costly merger in an effort to reduce your choices?

        • Jose Hernandez

          Did you even read the article? T-Mobile/DT are only paying $1.5billion on this. Sprint was willing to pay a hell of a lot more when they were interested in buying Metro PCS. This will benefit the company, because it gives T-Mobile much needed spectrum. They can use that spectrum to complete the re-farming and launch LTE services. CDMS can be converted over to HSPA+ faster than Sprint and the Nextel deal. This will allow T-Mobile to better their coverage as well. This is nothing like the AT&T takeover. I understand being a little skeptical, this is was we are all hoping for, and no one will know how effective this will be until it has come to pass, What I don’t understand is the level of hatred against this deal. How can you possible know that this will not help?

        • squiggleslash

          Did you even read the article?

          T-Mobile is going to pay much more than $1.5B for this. It’ll:

          – Need to refarm spectrum
          – Need to pay the costs of either running two incompatible networks, or pay to migrate MetroPCS customers to a GSM system

          And I’ve answered your comment on spectrum above: T-Mobile will need to give up spectrum to make this go through. No merger in recent history has gone through without the FCC requiring the giving up of overlapping spectrum. Short of every MetroPCS customer switching to Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint the day after the merger goes through, you’re not going to see an increase in spectrum per customer – you’d see a decrease.

          (Actually if you’re a T-Mobile customer and assuming MetroPCS customers stick with T-Mobile you’ll see a decrease even if the FCC does what every pro-merger fantasist is dreaming about, and says “Hey, let’s let it go through and T-Mobile can keep everything!!!” because from all accounts MetroPCS’s network is severely overcrowded.)

    • correct

      this means more spectrum, a stronger network, and better LTE

      • squiggleslash

        Actually it doesn’t. The FCC has never overseen a merger without a demand that carriers give up overlapping spectrum, and with both T-Mobile and MetroPCS having nationwide AWS, the result will be more customers on less spectrum.

        • squiggleslash

          Could those downvoting the above please give an example of an FCC merger between a major carrier and a regional carrier where the sale of overlapping spectrum wasn’t a requirement? Or else explain how it’s going to be better to have more customers squeezed into less spectrum?

          Or is it a case of “Squiggie’s telling me stuff I don’t want to hear! Vote down! Vote down!”

        • randomnerd_number38

          Probably the latter, man. The groupthink has been activated here that this is a good thing for T-Mobile, nobody wants to hear the downside :P

          But thanks for saying it, anyway. People need to hear it.

        • squiggleslash


        • Jose Hernandez

          MetroPCS is a “regional carrier”. This should be an easier merger than any of the previous ones regarding cell phone providers.

        • squiggleslash

          Alltel was no less regional than MetroPCS. Verizon had to give away huge amounts of spectrum to make that one go through.

    • anonymous

      Couldn’t agree more. MetroPCS is absolutely horrible and a lot slower than Sprint, in my area. Just because Metro calls their network “LTE,” does not mean it’s fast, and it isn’t at all. It’s very slow and makes Sprint look like a gem. I personally don’t like this merger, and want nothing to do with Metro at all, no matter how much things will/won’t change or how much T-Mobile will control, whether we see any difference at all to the end users. Metro is awful, and their network (all forms of data that they supply) is a joke, and their “LTE” might as well be a slightly boosted 2G system, because around here, it really is that bad. I’ve been a T-Mobile user since they were Voicestream, I haven’t had a contract in over 4yrs, pay for all my devices in cash (and no, I’m not a value plan user, I just choose to stay out of contracts, so I pay full retail), but now seeing that this merger is final and happening, might be that extra push for me to finally leave and get the Note2 elsewhere. I do prefer T-Mobile, but want no part of Metro, even if it doesn’t directly affect current services. Metro is beyond slow, it’s laughable at how low on the totem pole they are, and are seen as the lowest of the low carrier for people with little to no income or for people who don’t know about data networks or care about them in general, hence another reason why they’re so slow and cheap. Sure, they have an “LTE” infrastructure that we can use right away and broaden and build on it, but I don’t think most people realize how bad their network is. In my opinion, this was a bad deal and the money that finalized the merger could have been put into T-Mobile’s own LTE system, without the need to purchase such a low end carrier. I’ll wait it out for a bit and see what happens, and I really do prefer T-Mobile (on their own) over any other carrier (and I’ve had others through work, and also have friends with every carrier known to man and T-Mobile really is pretty good), but this may be the end of my run with T-Mobile if this merger changes ANYTHING or causes T-Mobile to take a few steps backward. I don’t see that happening, but nobody really knows yet, but I do know Metro is a literal joke. Obviously just my opinion, but not based upon assumptions and rather upon what I see and hear about with my own eyes and ears. Again, no thanks to the Metro merger. T-Mobile might as well just become a full-on 100% prepaid carrier system.

      • JJCommonSense

        Damn the ink hasnt even dried and youre predicting a mobile armageddon over there… These two will likely run separately for some time.. I dont think you have to worry about anyone kicking u off of tmobiles towers and on to Metros at least not right away… Chill out and breathe for a second.. See what develops.. Ur not in a contract so if $hit gets sticky u can go elsewhere

        • anonymous

          You’re missing my point and taking it the opposite way. My point isn’t whether or not we bounce off Metro’s towers, and more with the issue that merging with such a low end regional carrier that has bad data and coverage to begin with, may or may notbe a good idea. My ppersonal contract point also isn’t part of the discussion and was rather just more info of why I pay full retail for devices so if something did go bad I can leave, even though I really don’t want to or have the intentions to. However, as you and I both stated, this could be good but it can also end badly, so don’t be so quick to judge that I’m against your viewpoints and thinking “Armageddon,” because that’s not even relevant.

      • fixxmyhead

        i have the exact same thoughts towards sprint too. people on that network are oblivious or simply do not care about the data network. unless ur in one of the few LTE market there data network is a joke

      • Mirad77

        I agree with you on a lot of things but my issue with the merger is the strategy with which DT is using by every indicative to exit US market. I’ve always known to aim higher to be better not the other way around.

        • anonymous

          I agree with you on that, too, and I also see DT slowly exiting completely out of the U.S. market, which would be a bad thingif TTMOUS can’t handle their own weight, and then if deals like this merger happen to be a failure. That’s why I don’t see this as a major downside (the merger in general), but it could end badly, and if we take on ANY part of Metro’s system, aside from just customers, but from a business and network standpoint; TMOUS will collapse.

      • Little T

        Weird. *Around here*, Metro LTE is pretty quick.

  • steffanut

    Oh no you didn’t. Really Tmo. I found out on the internet again!

    • Bajamin

      where else would you find out in today’s world? You want the CEO to call you and let you know? this is 2012, welcome to how announcements are made.

  • TMoFan

    So who will run T-Mobile’s board of directors? Will they be from Metro? DT will have a majority stake, but will they just sit back and let Metro run things? Definitely interested in an in-depth analysis. We should be extremely thankful that our regulators blocked that horrendous att sellout deal. An important fourth competitor has been preserved, and we now have a stronger T-Mobile that’s on the rise.

    • Chris

      It’s like you didn’t read the article. CEO is still Tmo, which means board will most likely be replaced by T-mo execs since they own 74% of the shares. They are only doing a reverse merger so that the company will be a publicly traded company in papers. But in reality T-mo took over.

      • TMoFan

        I already read that thanks, I also read that Metro’s CFO is keeping his position post-merger hence my question about the make up of the BoD and who exactly will be running the show since most of the stuff I’ve read is framing this as an eventual exit strategy for DT.

        • randomnerd_number38

          Good question. This is probably stuff we won’t be finding out for awhile.

      • WirelessRefugee

        Deutsche Telekom will be selecting the board members of TMOUS

  • Got Cricket?

    So who’s buying Cricket??? Merry Cricka!!!

  • Hmmm… I’m not saying I’m not gonna like this. This may be a good thing. I’m just wondering will there be different plans if & when this goes through.

  • bleeew

    Will they make RUIM type phones like in china?

  • Yuri

    Will be interesting to see how they will manage 3 networks: GSM, CDMA & LTE. How long it will take to shutdown the CDMA? How many customers will move to contracts? The metroPCS is a prepaid operator

    • the goal is to shut down Metro PCS’ CDMA network and convert it over to PCS HSPA+42 to free more room on AWS for its LTE Advanced network already being worked on. All very good things

  • Stream

    Lol Tmo would buy the only other carrier that doesn’t have the iPhone

    • guest

      People can get mad all they want but this was pretty funny;)

    • anonoyms

      The metroPCS board will buy the iphone. “Tmobile USA” will use the 1900 spectrum from the Metro side as data only and thus make it usable on a standard Iphone. The GSM model will be used from T-mobile and ATT free roaming agreements.

      Tmobile USA gains a ton of free spectrum. Metro users move to Tmobile GSM phones.

  • mikkej2k

    ChadBroChillz replied to you
    (MetroPCS’ spectrum)” It is worth maybe 2-3 billion dollars. If they buy metro for how much sprint was going to pay(8Billion), then they would be paying a triple to quadruple premium on the spectrum.”
    T-Mobile USA makes deal for $1.5 billion for MetroPCS.

    • SouthernBlackNerd

      You are forgetting that now Metro owns 28% of TmobileUSA. 1.5 billion was only the cash. Still a good deal, since DT does not even want TmobileUSA.

  • I hope this get approved, then tmobie will have lte and i can buy shares lol

  • rj

    this is how death star and the big red machine became the powerhouse it is today though mergers and acquisitions, and sprint epic nextel merger failed. This is a merger that makes sense although the newly combined T-mobile is still 10 million away from the slow network (Sprint) but its a start. Not to mention it’s not much of a mess like Sprint did with Nextel (which stills lingers today). Metro has a lot of penetration in the northeast especially the cities.I just hope they keep some of metro’s value plans otherwise those new acquired metro customers would leave. Best part is it looks like DT can have TMOUSA on the NYSE without a full out ipo, just irony a year after death star tried buying us we finally decide its time to make a splash and get Metro. We all knew someone was going to gobble up Metro and I’m sure Dan Hesse at Sprint is saying wtf you got to be kidding me, not to mention the small price tag. My question is whose next, Us Cellular, Leap, lol? It looks like the little network that could wants to eventually take on the big boys at the top. Heak perhaps once the integration of metro is complete and LTE is here, and sprint has there network vision completed and still hurting financially from the iphone perhaps DT calls up Hesse and goes I see your still hurting you want a meaningless seat on our board and the parachute package After that Tmo and sprint merge, couple years after that when TMOUSA is strong thriving and DT says you know what, lets get out of the US market dumps their stake out on the market walks away while Verizon says “wtf ATT you couldn’t pay the feds off you had them in your grasps”,then the revenge of Death Star will be complete and Tmobile would be a force to reckon with. What irony a failed merger that inevitably give birth to a new powerhouse. Perhaps this is DT’s plan for Tmobile and we didn’t quite see it. Buy, revamp, buy revamp exit while laughing all the way to the Swiss bank and in the meantime leave the US telecom industry a 3 national carrier mess.

    • Josh Robert Nay

      Wow…..mind blown.

    • Mirad77


    • TBN27

      It’s a new ABC afternoon soap opera

    • susank

      Very true. Cingular wireless is really the powerhouse behind present AT&T. 9 years ago AT&T mobile was the 5th largest cell phone company. Cingular bought them and used the AT&T name (only the name).

  • ManwellC

    This is no happy ending , DT is dumping T-Mobile U.S. Just not all at once.

  • ccole

    So can anyone buy enough shares of the public T-Mobile and become the majority owner if so sounds like an easier way for AT&T to buy up T-mobile

  • TyRetr0

    Metro PCS 4 LTE is barely 1 Megabyte per second..

    • anonymous

      That’s my argument and point, but people don’t see it or don’t want to see it. The term LTE doesn’t guarantee fast data, and especially not Metro’s system. Everyone looks at LTE and are mind blown, as if it is going to be so fast, when in actuality Sprint is faster (and they’re ridiculously slow) and T-Mobile’s current HSPA is A LOT faster than both systems. And it’s not a backhaul issue, as some are claiming why it’s slow. Not all LTE is the same!

      • Guest

        It’s all marketing slogans. Tmobiles network is plenty fast as it is. It’s more reliable than some things

        • frigadroid

          I’ve been preaching for a long time don’t buy in to the 4G/lte hype because my Vibrant 3G gets fast enough data to stream just fine since over 2 years ago. The more important factor to consider is coverage & congestion. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Lamborghini or a pinto on the Dixie Highway at rush hour neither 1 of them are going anywhere fast!

        • anonymous

          100% agreed.

    • Mike

      I’ve get 4-5 mbps regularly, and up to 9 a few times. Still, I get that HPSA + is faster.

  • Sweet exit strategy for Deuche Telecom and funded by AT&T! And I just bought a non-LTE SGS3.


    Since Metro already deployed LTE in NYC, and T-Mo has the same spectrum bands, looks like I”ll be seeing T-Mo LTE come on in the next few months. This combined with the fact they’re almost done refarming NYC with the 1900 UTMS Band, is like a Christmas and Birthday persent wrapped into one!!! Thank you DT for making this happen

  • Mirad77

    DT is now using any tricks in the books to get rid of TMOUS. I guess we’ll have to see how this plays out in the long run. What I don’t understand is doesn’t numbers count? As TMOUS has more post and prepaid customers than than 6 combined countries of DT’s European markets. Makes me wonder:-

    • brianbb

      The german’s hate not being number one or two. The hate always being fourth here.

      • frigadroid

        With their history the Germans should be used to losing by now ;-P Besides they have enough problems at home bailing out the Euro trash neighbors, so you can’t blame them for not wanting to finance America’s poorest highest risk debtors.

  • stimey

    Another lame T-Mobile shoot themselves in the foot move. When my contract is up, I’m outta here.

    • Guest

      I fail to see how this ‘lame move’ seems to affects you now? Unless you were already disgruntled with Tmobile in the first place… really, why?

  • Wow, this is a good move. They are using their recent funds gained, wisely. Good job T-Mobile! Keep it up, and on a side ‘Note II’ bring it on in a 64GB flavor, and you will do well.

  • Brianb

    This is SO dirty of DT! Basically, Tmobile USA is now part of Metro PCS! The only benefit is they will likely turn all PCS customer over to the GSM network and refarm the MetroPCS spectrum for 4G.

    • Guest

      From what others have said, this was so Tmobile could go public and DT could sell their stocks and get out of this market eventually. It’s a better agreement than the AT&T merger in that Tmobile is still intact for the most part and we still have a 4th option. It’s unfortunate that DT has no interest in putting their best foot forward in running this company, but if that were the case, would you really want them to be?

  • achusaysblessyou

    All I want to see is 1) I get my Galaxy Note II ASAP and 2) I keep my low prices with the same promise of LTE rollout next year. If those two things are kept in place, then I’m golden.

  • Dakota

    So what happens to metro customers and CDMA/GSM networks? Still think prepaid should be under a separate brand name like sprint/virgin..stop confusing customers..the average person gonna hear T-Mobile =MetroPcs and that’s not a good PR thing

  • orbitmarz

    If only this fixed the 2G coverage issue T-Mobile has in the not top markets. Specturm with super fast data is great, but who cares when your 4G coverage map sucks.

  • ren e ren

    cant wait to see whats in store…

  • Titanic

    What happened to the “Challenger”?? I recall it blew up!!! This two crappy companies merge and Sprint buys it in 2016 to become the premier low cost, bad credit customer company. Slow death…..

    • Freak4Dell

      Sprint isn’t interested in being a value carrier. Hesse mumbles about increasing ARPU in his sleep. Whether their network will ever be more than a value carrier’s network is unknown, but their prices are starting to scream premium carrier.

  • eanfoso

    I really don’t get how T-Mobile benefits from this, they’re paying metro pcs 1.5 billion, letting them have 26% share and still allows to over time acquire the new T-Mobile, can someone collaborate here please?!

  • Josue

    so who will be in the ads? Carly or the awkward Indians?

    • frigadroid

      I like the indians :-) Carly is cute but hasn’t helped the company.

      • Josue

        there funny but we need a celebrity to promote this I’m thinking kanye West? lol

  • Pete

    Everyone keeps saying how slow Metro PCS LTE is, have you had it? I have and got speeds over 10 meg/sec download. That’s as fast as my nexus on tmobile. And that was over a year ago when metro had a speed cap in Dallas. Most of the phones suck but the network (in Dallas) is very fast.

    • Mike

      Detroit is not that good, but it’s not terrible either. Vegas’ is pretty fast on Metro.

  • Whitney

    My cousins who currently on Metro PCS will be part of T-mobile now.


    DID i hear REVERSE MERGER meaning tmobile will seel out later and now METRO PCS will run tmobile .
    Or tmobile shares just sell 75 percent in stock to att and they get around the goverment….

    Seems my tmobile days are coming to an end. I seriously think cell phones are overrated at 200 bucks for 5 phones silly.