Deutsche Telekom, MetroPCS Confirm Merger Talks Through Separate Statements

The Deutsche Telekom/MetroPCS merger talk is heating up as both companies release separate statements confirming discussions.

Deutsche Telekom:

“Deutsche Telekom is holding talks with the listed company MetroPCS with the aim of operating its subsidiary T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS within one company in which Deutsche Telekom would hold the majority of shares,” the carrier said on its Web site. “The talks are at a stage where significant issues have not yet been finalized, contracts have not yet been signed and the conclusion of the transaction is still not certain.”


“MetroPCS today confirmed that it is in discussions with Deutsche Telekom regarding an agreement to combine T-Mobile USA and MetroPCS.  There can be no assurances that any transaction will result from these discussions, and the Company does not intend to comment further unless and until an agreement is reached.”

According to a Bloomberg report, Deutsche Telekom’s board supervisory board is set to meet tomorrow to approve the transaction, according to sources familiar with the matter.

More as this story develops.

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  • xeranar

    Looks like T-Mobile wants to build a broader customer base or want their spectrum. I’m intrigued to see what happens to MetroPCS and if this is more of a spectrum grab or not.

  • JBrowne1012

    Let’s go t-mo! eat em up! grow! grow and expand! noooooooooow!

    • David (mod)

      Quit trolling and trying to scam people with a pyramid like scream – I will ban you for your tomfoolery is this continues.

      • Quit trying to act like you’re me. :-)

        • David

          Sorry for going vigilante… but this guy is being a real ass with shiesty self promotion.

        • Divine Tumenta

          Sorry fake dave, its pure ignorance and that’s fine too

        • Divine Tumenta

          Hey David no offense but people need to do their research before they speak or write anything on here. I visit this blog daily with my friends and I’m not here to promote myself in anyway. Do your research, that will be helpful. Thanks

      • Divine Tumenta

        Sorry if I offended anyone but I have a T-Mobile plan through the program and the primary company is based in Seattle, WA research them, not here to scam anyone.Please do your research before you accusation. I love this blog and will not post deceiving information. I’m educated enough to know what a scam is sir.

  • randomnerd_number38

    Hm, now my curiosity is piqued. Could be a pretty big move for T-Mobile.

    This reminds me, earlier this year there was some chatter about a big “relaunch” of a new T-Mobile brand for prepaid. It’s supposed to be happening around now, I wonder if it’s been delayed as a result of these talks?

    Also, does anyone know where I can see a map of MetroPCS’ spectrum holdings? I’d really love to see what the potential is here.

    • mmmaxheadroom

      Just search metropcs spectrum there’s an article on their aws purchase from 2008. the article is about 7 or 8th on that search list. this is only about their aws spectrum purchase and nothing else.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Or you could just post the link…

    • David

      You can find a map of metroPCS coverage on the Internet – bing it.

    • randomnerd_number38

      Thanks for the replies so far.

      @40051f3484e94231bd0bd17444be00f7:disqus: I’m not looking for coverage, I’m looking for spectrum holdings.

      @d2c011cb4795e92991bbb8f326badeb6:disqus: That was helpful, but I’m interested in finding out what ALL of MetroPCS’ spectrum holdings are, not just AWS. I’ve heard they also hold spectrum in the PCS 1900 band, which could theoretically be helpful for our current spectrum refarming efforts in the same band.

      EDIT: To clarify, I know that some of MetroPCS’ spectrum holdings are being used for CDMA. But I’d also like to know what spectrum they have that they currently aren’t using.

    • Dakota

      or maybe Metro PCS (or I hope a brand new name so its not tainted by the bad reputation of MPCS) becomes Tmobiles prepaid brand and Tmobile becomes the standard flagship brand for postpaid…Kinda what Sprint does with owning BOost and Virgin but not calling them Sprint Prepaid so that the Sprint brand can have its own image and marketing and so can Boost and Virgin.

      • Little T

        Is it really /that bad/? I don’t seem to have an issue though I never use it for voice.

  • Aurizen

    wonderful! buy them and become bigger!!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Hilarious how we’re acting now. I bet MetroPCS customers are probably acting enraged like we were when AT&T were trying to get us.

    I’m wondering how would Tmobile US benefit from this? Does anybody know? Besides becoming a bigger company

    • Jason Crumbley

      This is a lot different from #2 trying to buy #4. Also, I believe Metro has LTE deployed already. T-Mobile could build off of that. They could also, possibly swap some of the cdma bandwidth for aws. Kind of like what they did with Verizon. I’m not sure though.

      • Dakota

        is it really the same lte – ive always read that metropcs lte is pretty weak and its more like the major carriers 3g services at most

        • Redebbm

          Same Tech & Spectrum, but the Backhaul is what limits it to 3G Status Speeds.

    • Dakota

      theyre probably worried that either their prices will go up or their phones will be unusable…but most people ive talked to – mostly retail store employees ive chatted up – have metro cuz its cheap, they dont really use data often – and its cheap – and they really dont know much about android…they ones i asked (we were talking about androids cuz I had just won a big one and was telling them about it and showing it cuz the topic came up) had no idea even what os they had and had never even heard terms like gingerbread or ice cream sandwich. I dont think its the most informed userbase…its mainly because its cheap, they arent in a contract, and dont need to have good credit

    • UMA_Fan

      I’m sure the only concern with those customers is if they can keep their plan they could care less about anything else. When at&t was trying to get T-Mobile there was potentially so much to lose… WiFi Calling, for one.

  • Daibidh

    Could this mean an expedited LTE roll out? It’s certainly not a bad move spectrum-wise… and 10+ million subscribers isn’t too shabby either. That would potentially give current subscribers future access to better hardware deals. I’m all for that!

    • Dakota

      have you seen metro’s lte speeds?

      • fixxmyhead

        no what are they? serious quetion

        ive heard its crappier than tmo’s hspa+ and i believe that. its ghetto pcs i doubt there investing big bucks on there “lighting fast 4g” from what those commercials claim

        • Jose Hernandez

          Hspa+ gives me 20mps downloads. Don’t know what you get, but it’s working great for me.

        • fixxmyhead

          i was talking about metro pcs speeds -__- not tmobile.

        • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

          my friend gets around 3-6 mbps on metro ….funny part is its still faster than my friends sprint service in our area as for me Tmo gets around 8-15mbps

        • fixxmyhead

          well duh sprint is a joke there the worst ones. idk why anyone would switch to them on purpose. unlimited data is no good if u cant even load a video without it buffering on there dsl 3g speeds(unless ur in one of the few LTE markets)

        • â“œ@®!â“ž G@®CI@ â„¢

          yeah i’ve always asked my self why Sprint has more subscribers than T-mobile, Sprints network is useless if your not in LTE always have connectivity issues and yea dude there 3g is mostly edge speeds in my opinion lol

        • fixxmyhead

          U got that right but there speeds are even worse. I’ve seen on xda people posting screen shots of speedtest getting like .04-.12 kbps. It was so pathetic.

        • Little T

          Same here (on my test phone), but honestly it is pretty snappy. It probably just comes down to backhaul. And FWIW, I get a very good LTE signal on Metro indoors where I have a weak 2G T-Mobile signal.

  • This would be good for T-Mobile. They would instantly get a LTE network on AWS. And eventually move all Metro customers to this new LTE network while changing the PCS to HSPA+. I hope this goes thru. Would increase coverage.

  • umad

    Holy cow! T-mobile finally get their revenge! I am sure that they enjoy buying out the small companies that made fun of them! Karma’s a bitch!

    What would Carly wearing leather biker apparels do with these Indians? XD

    • bob90210

      This is not about revenge. This a multibillion dollar transaction, not a fight between high school kids.

      • TheCaliKid

        Steve Jobs thought otherwise

        • eanfoso


        • nycplayboy78


    • Divine Tumenta

      Hey Umad, are you will T-mobile? check this out I’m so excited I almost collapse now that I’m saving on my T-mobile bill

      • RustyIII

        Okay, I just looked into this. This is a pyramid like get rich quick type of scheme. I’m going to stay away. If it looks like a spam, then it must be a scam – No Thanks!

        • It’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s multi-level marketing, there is a huge and drastic difference.

        • Alex P

          I think he meant “pyramid-like” with emphasis on the hyphen and “like”. Multi-Level marketing is just a nicer way of basically a similar concept except the traditional pyramid scheme is illegal if it’s like a ponzi scheme. Why are you sugar coating it David? Do you have a ownership interest in VX 4G wireless? Tell the truth!

    • Guest


  • mingkee

    We should give them a warm welcome.
    Since CDMA can co-exist with LTE on same AWS spectrum. T-Mobile can have instant LTE while MetroPCS customers can stay with CDMA until they decide to move on to either HSPA and/or stay with LTE.
    Since T-Mobile already has IP Multimedia Subsystem on Wi-Fi, it will be no brainer to deploy Voice over LTE.
    Moreover, T-Mobile will acquire the most precious 10MHz AWS spectrum in NE region(!!!), and since MetroPCS has already deployed LTE on that spectrum, the migration will be pretty easy while T-Mobile has plenty of time to migrate CDMA customers to GSM/HSPA/LTE.
    It’s a win-win approach for both customers.

    • oryan_dunn

      The only issue is their IMS client on Android is chock full of bugs. One hopes that rolling out VoLTE would necessitate a better integrated and bug free IMS client.

      • UMA_Fan

        So true. Why did they move to IMS? The older android client which I believe used GAN-lite worked a whole lot better.

        • oryan_dunn

          I assume they moved to IMS to prepare for their own VoLTE roll-out. Only problem is anyone with an ICS phone that needs WiFi calling is screwed at the moment. My Amaze is almost worthless at home right now.

        • UMA_Fan

          You should still have WiFi Calling its just buggy as hell.

  • I know a lot of people left T-Mobile for Metro in my area for the low prices, I’m sure they won’t mind going back to T-MO and its way faster data speeds. And we do have great prepaid plans now anyway

    • george

      tmobile is going to have quite a few ghetto customers like you now……yuckkkkkkkk

  • finally good tmobile news that bettered my day instead of hearing that we wont getting the one x+

    • JBrowne1012

      Who said we weren’t getting the One X+?

      • UMA_Fan

        It’s been announced as an at&t exclusive unfortunately. This will be the first year in long time T-Mobile USA does not receive the most powerful HTC device.

        • volindsay

          uh, we didnt get the One X either, not really a good lineup of phones on tmo side of things.

        • UMA_Fan

          For the past couple years except this one we usually get a variation of something packed with the best HTC hardware. Even though the HD2 was Windows Mobile and was buggy it still counts and was the best hardware on any carrier at the time. Same with the MyTouch 4G then the Sensation/4G slide/Amaze. They all bested competition on other carriers with specs and their processors.

      • fixxmyhead


      • TMONEWS

    • Noel

      Love HTC but screw them for screwing Tmo on the One X+. Per the rumor from way back, i am sure Tmo had been working with them on the improvements on the One X for months…so why the turn of event? Is it like the rumor said that the device did not test well on Tmo? I have never heard of that before. Or did Att dangle a lot of $$$ and HTC took the bait. At a time when the two most profitable companies Samsung and Apple are moving away from exclusives…why is HTC still doing this? Beats me…well sticking with this model is evident in their trajectory when it comes to sales and revenue.

  • I hope t-mobile prices will be the same as.metros in order to gain more customers since theres no iphone or one x

  • psaux

    Mergers are often bad for the customers on BOTH sides …. This is making me wonder if it’s time to think about leaving T-mo again.

    • tmobilefool

      u shouldnt be with tmobile if ur second guessing urself, tmobile is a very awesome company that offers u 4g, the best phones and not only that great cust service.

      • TMOKoolAid

        Ummm not sure when they got “4G” since they don’t even sell 4G devices yet… They have OK phones usually a generation behind AT&T (i.e. no Window’s Mobile phones, no One-X). Slow down on the Kool-Aid there Tiger.

        • 21stNow

          T-Mobile has sold 4G devices for over a year now. Unless you’re getting at the whole “HSPA+ isn’t 4G” argument, which is too tired for me to rehash.

        • UMA_Fan

          I know right, I thought all those people died off already.

        • Little T

          No Windows phones? ok

    • works for tmo

      your right DT is just trying prop T-mo best they can. Sprint would probably be a good place to go. T-mo is just dressing up the cake before they slice it down to size so it can be sold off like an ebay auction to many many companies. Metro isn’t doing so hot so they are just. trying to wipe there hands as well.

      • UMA_Fan

        If DT was going to make any move to show they are serious about competing in the US I think buying out the next largest carrier is it.

        To still find a way to spin that cynically is nuts. You clearly are someone who would complain no matter what move they made.

  • Freddie Lopez

    Question! What would this mean for T-Mobile phones and Metro PCS phones? They won’t be compatible with the new network right? And does this mean the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 support PCS’s LTE? Since T-Moible’s Note 2 already has LTE supported I suppose, correct?

    • mingkee

      First of all, CDMA and LTE can co-exist on same AWS spectrum, so T-Mobile has plenty of time to slowly migrate Metro customers from CDMA to GSM/HSPA/LTE. Moreover, Metro customers will have HUGE choice of phones from T-Mobile, or simply buy unlocked; besides that, these unlocked phones can be used with Value Plan for less monthly cost.

  • TatDude806

    I am ok with this merger, assuming that TMO will pass the Metro rate plans on to us… I would much rather pay $30-40 a month instead of $50+… But doubtful that will happen. Probably the opposite… The Metro kids will get to pay more. (Not to mention get new phones…)

    • eanfoso

      T-Mobile isn’t like AT&T man, you will keep your current rate plan, but with better coverage, now if you want to tap in our hspa+42mbps then yeah you’ll need a new phone for that lol

  • Eddie

    I am very happy for there marriage , I hop FCC and doj approve them . And if i see any roadblocks . I will email FCC and doj to approve them I need t moblie to grow . Fanliy they wake up now. God bless t moblie

  • Josue

    this is a big win for TMO if this goes thru

    • Little T

      Indeed. T-Mobile has positioned themselves into a pretty nice position. Any other carriers out there aside from Clearwire dabbling with LTE advanced?

      • Josue

        all tmo has 2 do now is come up with a good plan and possibly to start testing LTE


    this is a glorious day for t mobile, we have gotten stronger and stronger by the day, this will be the boost that we need to stay on top of Sprint, and hopefully acquire them within the next several years, and eat their delicious spectrum too, mmmmm mmmmm yummy.

    T-mobile to Metro PCS: GET IN MY BELLY!!!!

    • 21stNow

      How would this help “stay on top of Sprint”? The combined T-Mobile/MetroPCS would be around 43 million while Sprint Nextel has 56 million? That still puts T-Mobile at a (less) distant fourth place and hardly in a position to acquire Sprint Nextel. Plus, Sprint Nextel is not a desirable company to acquire, with the amount of debt on their balance sheet and many different network technologies. IDEN isn’t completely through the wind-down phase yet and no one wants to use WiMax. That still leaves CDMA and LTE for any acquiring company to work with.

      • JBLmobileG1

        All in all more customers means nothing to me. It really should all come down to who has the best and most coverage not who has the most customers. You can have all the customers in the world but without good coverage what’s the point? Bigger, or should I say more, doesn’t always mean better in certain instances. It’s like saying China is a better country than the USA because they have a bigger population.


          True but they wouldnt have to do it now, just wait till Sprint goes bankrupt trying to please the iPhags at Apple with that contract, then T-mo can make a bid for their spectrum when the FCC puts it up for auction or slices up Sprint into pieces.

  • kk888

    First thing they need to do with Metro LTE is fix the backhaul. MetroPCS currently use 3G backhaul for LTE.


    This doesn’t pass the smell test!!

    • zacamandapio

      Wow. I laughed.

      That was funny.

  • Dakota

    So Im confused – would there be a true merger. Or would MetroPCS become the Tmobile Prepaid brand – kinda like Sprint does with Boost and Virgin? ANd maybe Tmo prepaid customers would move over although I hope they wouldnt get MetroPCS crappy network. Ive never thought having the contract and prepaid under the same brand was a great idea- its just too confusing and then dilutes the Tmobile brand reputation. I Know lots of you disagree. But I think once again uncertainty is going to affect the company. People who dont follow the industry closely are going to hear Tmobile+MetroPCS and be afraid to sign contracts. As is, because of so many problems and issues, Ive let the contract lapse and gone to prepaid and the only reason Im still there is I won a free top of the line phone so my rates are much less – theyd be even better on a value plan but i dont want a contract with them anymore. We shall see…I dont even like the MetroPCS name- I wish theyd change it…but if it becomes the prepaid brand of DT in the US, that might be good – and let Tmobile be the flagship brand with more affordable plans for the same high(er) end devices. Most people I meet have Verizon or ATT…Many of them know absolutely nothing about T-mobile…I still think theyd get more customers if theyd get a better marketing department and drop the girl on the motorcycle

    • Hamster

      Boost and Virgin are MVNOs, not Sprint brands. There’s a difference.

      I’d say it’s unlikely MetroPCS becomes a prepaid brand. Either the MetroPCS brand gets dropped after a period of time after the merger, or the merged entity decides to rebrand itself in its entirety kind of like T-Mobile UK and Orange did with Everything Everywhere.

      • 21stNow

        Sprint Nextel acquired Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile USA, so they are brands operated under the Sprint Prepaid Group now. It’s no longer the typical MVNO agreement.

  • Tbyrne

    Will AT&T ask for an injunction to stop this merger? I could see Randall trying to prevent it.

    • UMA_Fan

      I doubt it. Even combined at&t still has MORE THAN DOUBLE the customers of T-Mobile. If you go back to 2007 they had around 43 million customers over T-Mobile’s 33 million or so. Tmo has remained in this weird stagnant place with no growth while at&t’s customer base has ‘skyrocketed’

      The FCC would see the transaction IMPROVING competition in the national market by bolstering up T-Mobile. Really the benefits of T-Mobile buying out any other company go hand in hand with the fcc/doj arguments for preventing the at&t acquisition of T-Mobile.

  • UMA_Fan

    Wow it definitely looks like we are seeing T-Mobile be the polar opposite in the market from the time the at&T merger was announced. This should really reaffirm that DT is really looking to compete in the US market and to take it’s place here seriously. After all, buying out regional operators is what made Verizon and At&t who they are today.

    We should also look at the spectrum grabs T-Mobile has made so far as a total combined with this… in less than a year’s time! Starting with the at&t break-up fee spectrum, then the Verizon spectrum, then spectrum exchanges with LEAP, and now added MetroPCS spectrum. I don’t know the details but that sounds like a whole lot of spectrum. All of that together sounds pretty close spectrum-wise to what at&t attempted to accomplish by buying T-Mobile all in a lot less time and headache.

    I’m going to assume if you live in a market where MetroPCS isn’t sold, you won’t see any benefits network wise.

    The only thing I am concerned about is that a hypothetical transaction would be stock/cash meaning DT would give up a percentage of ownership of the combined entity.

    But seriously, go DT for their renewed commitment in their US branch… something we haven’t seen in some time. Now all they need to do is leverage DT as a whole for an order of iPhone’s from Apple and include the US branch in that one mass international order.

  • rfgenerator

    The problem is that they will be using money that is badly needed to upgrade areas that are currently GPRS and EDGE to 3G/4G/LTE on this purchase. Seems like T-Mobile is doubling down on beefing up metro area coverage while letting anything outside a large population center lanquish. Come next summer it may be good-bye T-Mobile and hello lighter wallet and Verizon.

    • Hamster

      What has been reported is a merger rather than an acquisition. There may be some cash involved in the transaction, but most of it should likely just be in stock.

    • Jose Hernandez

      Lighter wallet and Verizon? What are you smoking.

      • rfgenerator

        uh I mean MY wallet will be lighter if I go to Verizon. IE it will cost me more $$, but if T-Mobile is going to continue to ignore upgrading their data network outside of metro areas, that’s what I”ll have to do. With T-Mobile spending money on the MetroPCS purchase it seems the company will be focusing even more on becoming MetroT-Mobile and not giving a damn about non urban areas.

  • ghulamsameer

    I hope the company’s name remains T-Mobile.

    • Secret Shopper #42

      It’s going to be T-Metroble
      (True fact)


    Good time to be a T-Mobile customer


    Metro pcs is geting the galaxy s 3 so y not just use the same gs3 as T-Mobile wit metro pcs branding on it and start moveing metro customer on 2 t Mobile Gsm network

  • Metro Piece Of Caca

    New Name: Metro-Mobile

  • eanfoso

    Since the new note is LTE, can it access LTE from metro pcs??

    • UMA_Fan

      I don’t see why you would want to. HSPA+ 42 is leaps and bounds faster than Metro LTE.

      • eanfoso

        Because if it does it’ll be nice, since metro pcs is cheaper than T-Mobile man

  • Gouv

    Ok so where are all of you that feel buy-outs and mergers are “anti-competitve”? I remember most of you crying in fits of rage over the at&t deal but this is just so acceptable, right??? let me guess?? this is really so very different and not the same?

    • 21stNow

      I’m here! I’m for competition and was against the deal for AT&T to buy T-Mobile because that would have left three national postpaid carriers in a country with a population of over 300 million people. Canada is one-tenth of the size and has (at least) three national postpaid carriers.

      I’m not necessarily for this deal of DT absorbing MetroPCS either. However, I’m not as against it as I was AT&T acquiring T-Mobile. If MetroPCS needed a partner, I would have preferred to see them merge with Leap Wireless (Cricket). As far as I know, those two companies don’t compete with each other, so there would have been no loss of competition.

    • UMA_Fan

      It is different.

      T-Mobile has 33 million customers. Metro has 10 million.

      Verizon and At&t have 100 million each.

      Big difference. You combine Tmo and Metro and they are STILL half the size of at&t. Verizon and At&t have gotten so bloated their interests have aligned by driving costs on consumers up to keep themselves bloated. Any move to make those two guys sweat a little can ONLY be a good move for consumers.

  • This isn’t for spectrum, that’s why there’s mo mention of it in either press release. This is an exit strategy for Deutsche Telekom. T-Mobile is privately owned, Metro PCS is publicly traded.

    “within one company in which Deutsche Telekom would hold the majority of shares”.

    See the emphasis on shares there? You know what you can do with shares, right? You can sell them.

    Sure, it’s not an outright 39Bil that they were getting from At&t, but hey, something is better than nothing, especially when no one is buying. This is happening so DT can take the money and run.

    • UMA_Fan

      You do realize T-Mobile USA itself accounts for 25% of DT right? The US branch isn’t doing poorly to a point where they want to sever ties with a quarter of itself.

      The at&t deal was a special case because DT would still have 12% of a combined att/tmobile and would have become the most powerful telecom in Europe. Selling off the shares of the US branch doesn’t do that for them. I’m guessing DT will give a legitimate effort to compete over the next few years and re-evaluate the industry then.


      Worng this is a merger not a buy out so no money will be spend they will trade stock so dt will get 100 percent of metro stock and metro will get about 2 or 3 percent stock of dt dt will not just give up T-Mobile to metro just like that

  • Divine Tumenta

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  • TayshaunBoba

    Can anyone enlighten me as to how this would work in terms of stock and what not? As T-Mobile is a private company, what are the implications of a private company taking a majority stake in a public company? Or is it the publicly traded Deutsche Telekom that takes the stake and handles all that and leaves T-Mo out of it?

    • DT can’t hold stock in the US since they are partly own by the German government. I guess Metro PCS would be absorbed into DT and its stocks will no longer be publicly traded.

      • UMA_Fan

        With the proposed at&t transaction DT was supposed to own 12% of the combined at&t/T-Mobile. This was never brought up as a concern then.

  • TMoFan

    I think what’s interesting here is that DT will not own 100% of the combined entity. This to me is DT hedging their bets. If the modernization and LTE is a success then DT could just buyout the other 25%. If T-Mobile continues to lose customers with a high churn then they could sell their part of the company little by little and spin it off.

    And anyone claiming that this is the same as the at&t sellout is just trolling. These are two different beasts. One beast would have removed an important forth player in the wireless industry and leave control pretty much in the hands of two behemoths. The other at least beast props up a company to make it a more formidable competitor.

    • UMA_Fan

      Could be true, but I think the primary reason is that since DT is in debt they are doing a stock swap versus fronting the cash. If they fronted cash I think they would be criticized by DT’s shareholders for not using the cash to pay down the debt.

  • UMA_Fan

    Anyone think it’s funny that Sprint put up the biggest opposition to the at&t acquisition of T-Mobile but in retrospect it’s really going to screw them. If at&t had got T-Mobile then Sprint would be the only Value national carrier left. Now they are going to get increased competitive pressure of a combined T-Mobile/Metro.

    More than any other time, it looks like T-Mobile has a realistic shot at passing Sprint to become the third largest carrier in a few years.

  • bleeew

    KILL VERIZON! Please? This is good news. LTE(hopefully includes both MetroPCS and T-Mobile bands). Oh, yeah good work DT. And hopefully Verizon doesn’t butt in and tries to go against it. T-Mobile is doing really well fixing the ship.

  • Edgy_Timeless

    T-mobile just need more high end phones to grow and earn more consumers instead of cheating and merging with other small carriers. Sad thing is they’re still going to be behind Sprint. This move is not going to do anything. Watch and see. It’s embarrassing when they only have 1 high end phone that is already stall while the other big 3 has like 7-8 high ends. Ppl would rather have a kool high end phone with dead signal then to have any average phone with good signal. Just get more phones. Then on top of that, T-Mobile has a habit now coming out with phones other carriers been had since 6-7 months ago. SMH!

  • DJ Chameleon

    As a T-Mobile customer this makes me very excited about the future of T-Mobile. This makes it possible for T-Mobile to create a robust nationwide AWS LTE network, provide competitive 1900 MHZ coverage over GSM within 12 months and a jump start on their 700/1700 LTE network plans. I anticipate they will retain about 80% of the prepaid customers from Metro PCS after giving the MetroPCS customers the same type of incentives as AT&T did when they absorbed Alltell. T-Mobile has a robust prepaid lineup of very competitive devices. The only customers the’ll lose are the ones willing to pay more for better network coverage because T-mobile will be able to offer better device selection and better national coverage at about the same price. Metro PCS customers will be offered low and mid range devices if they for customers who wish to remain pre-paid and mid to high end devices for those willing to enter a contract at a very competitive price. Another big benefit is after the 1900 spectrum is converted to GSM and combined with T-Mobile’s current 1900 towers they will be completely compatible with AT&T devices and will be much more attractive to customers tired of paying a premium for AT&T. T-Mobile will be able to offer more high end devices because they won’t require smaller production runs with different radios to accommodate their AWS 3G network. They will be able to bring most any worldwide GSM phone on their network with a minimum of alteration,

  • Adam225

    How does it affect my shares of MetroPCS? Will it convert into DT or what?

    • Wyn6

      They’ll probably offer you a buyout at a somewhat higher share price. They being T-Mobile.

      • Adam225

        not bad!! Thx :D

  • Gerry Rivers

    i hope this allows T-Mobile to grow, hopefully this would allow them to get more mileage in becoming at least the 3rd largest carrier

  • Christopher_McG

    This is what AT&T and Verizon did to get where they are now. T-Mobile just needs to purchase USCC or CSpire and CricKet. Then they would really be rolling.

  • james

    if they merge it shows they are focus on prepaid more then contract unlike the big 3 verizon att and sprint and the question really is does metro pcs need t-mobile like t-mobile needs metro pcs

  • YOpops

    Merging COMPLETE.


    What would make this even better is if T-Mobile were to buy Cincinnati Bell, then a few years down the line merge with Dish network, so they can be the first terrestrial + satellite 4G LTE provider.

    Get bigger T-Mobile, get better