(Update: Will Be AT&T Exclusive) HTC Announces The One X+, Shipping With Jelly Bean, No Word On US Availability

Update: Not seconds after I post this do we get word this will be an AT&T exclusive. Color me disappointed.

HTC just made our day with the official introduction of the HTC One X+, featuring “more speed, more storage and more battery life.”

“We are taking the HTC One™ X to a new level with the introduction of the new HTC One™ X+,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “Our customers will have super-fast browsing, an even better camera and more immersive entertainment with Beats Audio.”

Physically, the HTC One X+ is indistinguishable from the current HTC One X model, but the One X+ packs a much bigger punch inside with a 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 processor, 64GB of internal storage, and LTE connectivity (where available) all adding up to a device that’s up to 67% faster than the current One X. Helping power these brand new features is a 2,100mAh battery, providing up to 6 hours of talk time.

The One X+ will ship with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean sometime this month, marking HTC’s first Jelly Bean launch device. The device will only come in a Matte Black, but with your only color choice comes a few extras not found on the One X model worth nothing. The front-facing camera steps up to 1.6 megapixels from 1.3 and can now use HTC’s ImageChip for processing pictures called “Sightseeing Mode.” The One X+ also includes an audio amplifier for improved sound quality, but no Beats headphones will be shipped with the device.

HTC has also made a few minor changes to Sense 4+ with the addition of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, including changes to the Gallery app to act as a hub for all the photos you have on the device. If the camera is on and the device is locked, a quick press of the power button will bring you right back to the camera instead of the lock screen.

Another new feature on the One X+ is the addition of “HTC Get Started,” a new service that provides a “painless user experience” to help set up the device directly from a desktop browser. Add apps, change settings and more all right from your desktop and the changes are instantly reflected on the device itself.


The HTC One™ X+ will be available in Europe and North Asia from October and in South Asia from November 2012. North America will make a separate announcement regarding availability of the HTC One™ X+. The Android Jelly Bean with HTC™ Sense 4+ update is scheduled to begin rolling out for the HTC One™ S and HTC One™ X from October.

Hopefully, given that we’ve already seen the One X+ dressed up in T-Mobile branding, we’ll get a surprise later this year even as our most recent info still has us feeling a little skeptical about a T-Mobile launch. Still, you can always grab this unlocked overseas and run it on T-Mobile’s refarmed network when it launches in your area.




Full Press Release:

HTC also announces Sense™ 4+ with Android Jelly Bean upgrades for HTC One X and HTC One S coming soon

TAIPEI, Taiwan, Oct. 2, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — HTC, a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today unveiled the HTC One™ X+, a refreshed version of its award winning HTC One™ X smartphone, running the HTC Sense™ 4+ experience on Android™ Jelly Bean. The HTC One™ X+ combines the iconic design, amazing camera and authentic audio experience of the HTC One series, with increased performance, longer battery life and expanded internal storage.

(Photo:  http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20120620/SF27968LOGO)

“We are taking the HTC One™ X to a new level with the introduction of the new HTC One™ X+,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corporation. “Our customers will have super-fast browsing, an even better camera and more immersive entertainment with Beats Audio.”

Performance, Endurance and Storage
Featuring a 1.7 GHz quad-core NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 AP37 processor and 64GB of internal storage, the HTC One™ X+ LTE version is up to 67% faster than the HTC One™ X[1] LTE, making the HTC One™ X+ the best rated Android phone on the market. Developed to be lightning fast, the HTC One™ X+ enables quicker web browsing, fluid gaming and graphic rendering, and speedy downloads, providing effortless usage on the go.

In addition to its increased performance speeds, the HTC One™ X+ introduces extended performance with the inclusion of a 2100 mAh battery, giving you up to 50% (6 hours) more talk time, and longer to browse the web and enjoy your favorite music and videos[2].

Imaging, Music and Movies
Combining the amazing camera capabilities of its predecessor[3]* with a series of intelligent features, powered by Sense™ 4+, the HTC One™ X+ has been designed to deliver the most premium mobile experience. The newly launched Self Portrait mode on the front camera helps you capture high quality photos by intuitively detecting the human face at various angles and applying subtle enhancements to skin and eyes. Sightseeing mode makes sure you’ll always be ready to capture the moment – one touch of the power button bypasses the lock screen and launches directly into the camera. Two new views in the Gallery display images and videos and group them according to where and when they were taken.

Exclusively available on HTC smartphones, Beats Audio™ provides authentic, studio-quality sound that delivers the most immersive sound experience with an enhanced audio profile, crisper vocals and detailed high notes for your music, games, movies and videos. Making it easier to listen to music out loud, and through Sense™ 4+, the HTC One™ X+ introduces a new Tap and Go function, which allows you to connect the phone and your music to Beats speakers[4] when you tap them. To disconnect, it is just another quick tap.

Providing exclusive access to thousands of movies through HTC Watch 2.0, the HTC One™ X+ will appeal to both the avid film fan and the casual movie-goer. Combined with the introduction of video hub, another benefit of Sense™ 4+, for the first time you will be able to put all your video entertainment in a single place.

Easy Set Up
A new feature in the HTC One™ X+ is HTC Get Started, a new web service that guides the user painlessly through the set-up and personalisation process from a desktop web browser.  Designed to enhance the experience of setting up a phone for the first time, this feature ensures that users will get the most out of their new phone from the beginning.  With the touch of a button, the user’s phone will reflect the settings and apps that were chosen on the Web.  Visit start.htc.com for more details.

The HTC One™ X+ will be available in Europe and North Asia from October and in South Asia from November 2012. North America will make a separate announcement regarding availability of the HTC One™ X+. The Android Jelly Bean with HTC™ Sense 4+ update is scheduled to begin rolling out for the HTC One™ S and HTC One™ X from October.


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  • Don Boogie

    AT&T just announced exclusivity.

  • F T-Mobile

    Damn you T-mobile!!!! Damn you to hell!!!!

    • F HTC and AT&T

      It should be Damn HTC to hell!!!!!! It’s HTC agreeing to exclusivity with AT&T. Why should T-Mobile pay more because AT&T is. HTC is sinking because of their exclusive deals, so sink. I’m not switching carriers for a phone. F’ HTC and F’ AT&T!

      • Jose Hernandez

        Very well said.

  • Garrett

    T-Mobile, sometimes you are awesome. However, you’ve been disappointing me more and more frequently with your phone selection. Since I only have a couple months left on my contract, I’m seriously considering leaving for AT&T since they carry all the great phones. I’m so disappointed right now… :/

  • ceegii63

    wow another awesome phone NOT on tmo

  • Kinda of sad that this is allowed to go on. The manufacturers have to get their money, but at the same time they need to play fair. Every time a new device (a what I consider to be a GOOD GSM device) is announced, it appears AT&T gets it as an exclusive. Again, the manufacturers could make more money, if they would do global releases, and let the customers lead the way. (I know that won’t happen anytime soon)

    I might need to move overseas where I can just use any device freely, lol. I could buy all the unlocked phones I wanted to be FREE. (Oh wait, freedom is NOT free)

    • NR

      Why are manufacturers required to play fair? ATT offered a better deal to get the exclusive, and TMO wasn’t able to match, or didn’t want to play ball. Sounds like a normal business negotiation to me. It’s the TMO users(myself included) who need to reconcile themselves to less than prime-time devices, or switch carriers.

      • It’s called GREED and that’s NO way to do business if you call it that.

      • Garrett

        OEMs don’t need to be “fair”, but they do need their high-end devices available on as many carriers as possible. This is why HTC if failing so bad right now. They make some amazing hardware, but then limit it to one US carrier? I never thought I’d say this, but HTC needs to learn from Samsung. They’re definitely doing things the right way.

  • Deadeye37

    This phone was never going to make its way to T-mobile. Its way too high end. Its against T-mobile’s policy to have an exclusive high end phone.

    • blondie

      I know right? ha! I still love my One S though

  • Andy M

    I color all Magentas as disappointed. T-mobile can’t get any good phones. Of what use is that 42 Mbps network upgrade if end-users can’t get their crack?

  • Chatter

    Refarm. Refarm. Refarm. Come on TMo.
    Sigh. I’m bummed. Just makes it look like ATT has better phones but that is life.

  • loueradun

    Anyone have any additional info on this Tegra 3 AP37? Specifically, is it a 40nm or 28nm architecture? If this is just another speed bump on the same architecture, its going to suck even more battery power than the current Tegra 3’s…

    • I’m pretty sure that it’s still on 40nm so the increased battery to 2100 mah is useless since they are raising the clock speed. S4 runs on 28nm so it is a lot more efficient. So I’m assuming that battery life could be worse when compared to the current One X on ATT.

      • loueradun

        Sad… I hope HTC moves back to Qualcomm chips sometime soon.

        • Qualcomm and Samsung’s Exynos chips are truly the best.

  • rfgenerator

    I think going forward T-Mobile will not be getting on board with many top line phones. They have decided that their position is in the cheapo to mid-range devices. What’s really disturbing is that T-Mobile keeps reducing the subsidy level on their phones (i.e. upping the subsidized price as per the Samsung S3 at over $300) so that many consumers the higher level phone will actually be cheaper out the door on ATT or Verizon than the lesser model on T-Mobile. That coupled with the coverage issues (ie.most areas outside of a population center are EDGE or even more likely GPRS) are likely to sink this ship.

    • loueradun

      While I agree with the statement about T-Mobile not getting the high end devices and that they charge more for their subsidies, I still believe that T-Mobile is going to be cheaper in the long term due to their competitive rate pricing for most customers. Especially those on family plans.

      • NR

        how do you then explain their higher price on the G3?

        • loueradun

          Well I am paying under $180 (before taxes) a month for 4 lines with 5GB data on each line and 3000 minutes talk with T-Mobile. AT&T has 10GB shared for 4 lines for $240 (before taxes) with unlimited talk. We never use over 1000 minutes of our talk, and we make good use of our data, so we may need more than 10GB shared, but just with the numbers given, I would save $60 a month with T-Mobile.

          $60 x 24 = $1080. This is how much I save per 18 months. That more than justifies the additional cost of the GSIII, and when I get the GSIII from Wal-Mart for $148, the numbers get even better.

          Let me know if you need more explanation.

        • blondie

          THANK YOU for being a smart consumer! :) I lose faith in people who are literally in debt and then sign a 2 year contract with AT&T or Verizon lol

        • loueradun

          This has been an ongoing battle over here at T-Mobile News for a while. We would all love to get a new GSIII for $100 after signing a new contract, but T-Mobile has to continue making money. The day that their plans/subsidies (the aggregate cost of the phones plus the monthly plan over 2 years) become more expensive than another carrier, I’m sure I’ll jump ship. But in the mean time, arguing over the subsidy cost is really stupid when you are saving money every month over an alternative carrier.

          By the way, if you know something I don’t regarding pricing at other carriers, please share as I’m always looking for a better deal.

      • Garrett

        I would hope they would be cheaper. I mean, they’re not gaining new customers with their excellent selection of great phones. Cheaper (but not by much) plans is the only thing T-Mobile has going for them…

  • nd5

    I think the only hope we have is that the next versions of the google nexi phones are future proofed and affordable with no subsidies. Looks like T-Mobile is playing right into google’s hands.

    • Guest

      which is for Google to buy TMO?

  • thinmanXXS

    I just died a little. I’m very disappointed in tmo

  • Dustin Allen

    I’d be willing to bet that T-Mo gave up the One X+ in order to get the 8X.

    • JB

      If that’s the case, then that’s not a bad idea, as there aren’t enough windows phones on Tmo

      • n02

        f0k windows mobile

        • JB

          Just because you’re not wanting a windows phone doesn’t mean that nobody else does. Variety is good for business. Plus it’s nice to see Tmobile get a high end Windows offering for once…

        • Perry_F

          I hear ya JB but once again Tmo gets the shaft as the 8x is the lowest spec’d of the “high” end win8 phones. We’re supposed to get the Lumia 820 and thats it. Not sure about the Ativ S but knowing samsung they’ll give it to everybody. The cream of the crop is the Lumia 920. The 8x has only 16gb of space, no sd card and has the smallest screen of the “hero” win8 phones. Oh and the smallest battery too!!!!

        • JB

          Ahhh, I must’ve gotten confused when skimming through the info about the 8X. If that’s the low end of “high” end, then that does suck… massively and I will for sure pass on giving Windows Phone 8 a spin (unless I buy a 920 unlocked and wait for the refarming to be complete)

          Though, I’m holding out hope that TMO will get a repackaged One X+ not insanely far down the line. Of course that could just be a major case of wishful thinking…

      • Dustin Allen

        I’m just saying that about the same time the One X+ disappeared from T-Mobile road maps is the same time the 8X showed up. Windows phone doesn’t interest me,but with the GS3 and note 2, I’m sure they felt they didn’t need another high end android and no windows 8 phone.

  • Bob Overman

    Exclusively is not something that Tmo has control over. ATT could still be mad about not getting their way and so they could be throwing money at HTC just so Tmo does not get it.

    • Garrett

      Well, it’s working. My contract is up in three months and AT&T is looking mighty good.

      • no2

        too bad they don’t have unlimited and they’re trynna’ lock down features like video chat… AT&T is a very greedy company that’s out to fux the customer

        • Garrett

          Well, unlimited data isn’t that important to me since I rarely use over 2gb a month. I’ve already dug through AT&T’s plans and found I can switch to them while paying pretty much the same I’m paying now on T-Mo.

          AT&T may be a greedy company, but that’s true for all the carriers.

        • Perry_F

          I felt the same way too Garrett, always staying under 2GB. But then I switched to tmo’s unlimited plan and guess what? I’m now going over 2GB a month. If you have a limit you will do your best to stay under that limit. I’m watching more youtube than ever before and actually started streaming music, something I would have never dared with a 2GB cap.

        • Jose Hernandez

          I completely agree, I had the 5GB plan, always stayed on top to make sure I would not go over. T-Mobile would not charge me more if I did (Something that At&t will be happy to do btw) but because I did not want to be subjected to slower speeds. I switched to the Unlimited, and in a couple of days, I have used over 10GB. I got youtube happy, netflix happy and everything else happy. Since I did not have to worry, I am enjoying my phone at its full potential.

    • Noel

      That’s what I think happened here.


    Screw you, HTC.

    You could have easily done much better by offering this phone through out the 4-different carriers, like Samsung does with their flagship Galaxy S3.

    Now you will see your market share drop because of your exclusivity deals with AT&T.

    Let’s hope that you redeem yourself by offering an unlocked Pentaband version that I can pay full price and run on T-Mobile’s 1700/2100 bands. Otherwise you are a dead brand to me.

    • APP

      For HTC to do this now is beyond stupid.

  • jon

    No disappointment here. Phone is ugly. Specs are flat ridiculous, but the design is ugly. These manufacturers are hanging on to capacitive buttons for dear life. Also don’t like the red on black. Also not a fan of skins. Although, I will give Sammy some kudos for the multi tasking features they unleashed with the note 2. But the look of sense and touchwiz is just ugly, IMO. I would like to see a G3 HTC. A relatively stripped down sense w/out capacitive buttons.

  • TatDude806

    Quit your crying and wait for the Galaxy Note II…:)

    • djangelf2

      Samsung phones would be great if it wasn’t for the touchwiz shit, the worst skinned UI period! plain android or HTC sense or nothing…

  • dethduck

    All this anger at T-Mobile because of HTC’s decision to agree to an exclusivity deal with AT&T. My anger is solely squared at HTC themselves. I have been a long time fan of their products, but no more. Exclusivity deals are exclusionary and a stupid business move. Decisions like this are why they’re are suffering financially and continuously loose market share. I’ve been holding onto my upgrade for this phone, but now it seems Samsung will have a new customer and it’s no ones fault but HTC’s. Galaxy Note 2, here I come.

    • mmmaxheadroom

      Dethduck LOL I should have read a post or two before my rant because we both feel snubbed by HTC on this one.

      • dethduck

        It was bad enough when they put the original OneX on the other carriers and only gave us the OneS, which was likely TMo’s choice, but this time, this exclusionary crap is one step too far. When you see decisions like this being made at a business level, you know that they’re are digging their own grave. Whatever they are now, they are NOT the same company that made my HTC Magic back in the day. I’m done with them.

    • Paul

      Galaxy Note 2!!! YAY!!!

      I have to say I AM disappointed that they are going exclusive. This was my back-up device of interest to the Note 2. Oh well, maybe the Nexus 2 will be available on magenta.

    • blondie

      I don’t understand exclusives either.. what HTC is basically doing is putting a phone on a network that is mainly iPHONE users!!! Why wouldn’t they give it to T-Mobile where they won’t have people jumping ship for an iPhone. Having a limited choice…basically between Samsung and HTC on T-mobile gives HTC a better advantage of selling their phones… But then again I’m sure AT&T paid HTC a lot to make it exclusive.. ugh annoying!

      • kevin

        exactly what i thought

    • chrisroberts7577

      I was in the same boat, waiting for this phone and had to settle for a GS3 (which I will say is much better quality than the older samsung crap)

    • I’ve been thinking the same thing. The reaso the Galaxy S2 and now the S3 are so successful is because no matter what carrier your on the you have the same phone as your friends on other carriers. I really want the One X, i’m just not willing to leave tmo to get it. S3 here i come.

    • gg555

      I agree part way, but I suspect that AT&T dictated the terms of this
      agreement. As the much larger carrier, with a larger customer base,
      they probably told HTC they wouldn’t carry the phone at all, if they
      didn’t get an exclusivity deal. After all, the phone manufacturers are
      dependent on getting the carriers to agree to hefty subsidies on the

      My understanding is that the manufacturers really don’t have a lot of
      room to negotiate with carriers who can just shut them out completely.
      Only the juggernaut Apple is able to dictate terms to carriers, because
      its product is so desirable. And recently Samsung, has started to become
      big enough not to get pushed around completely.

      It’s all another example of why we’d all be better off if there were no
      phone subsidies at all. And if we had a meaningfully regulated market,
      with true network neutrality, and standarized network technology, so
      people could by a phone anywhere they want and use it on any carrier.
      Just like we do with our computers.

      That said, what really irks me at HTC is that they don’t even bother to
      make their international version pentaband (as Nokia has often done in
      the past). At least throw a bone to the fanboys who are willing to pay
      full price.

  • mmmaxheadroom

    Well HTC I have always used you products and defended you against the Sammy fans here and elsewhere. NO MORE! I will be looking at the note2 after this fantastic snub! I’m.sure that tmob wouldn’t shower you with money anD since you won’t share with us I won’t share my money with you,goodbye and good riddance.

  • JB

    TMo not getting this is good for me (sort of LOL). It solidifies my decision to go ahead with the Note 2 (and if the 8X is any good then that as my business line) but it’s still a disappointment nonetheless since there was a Magenta One X+ in the wild, and we got the short end of the stick with the One S.

    I’ve always hated carrier exclusivity I think that needs to end to some degree. You’d think HTC with their financial troubles would want this on as many carriers as possible, but then again, I’m sure a ton of upfront cash was exchanged for exclusivity.

    This could be a long shot, but who’s to say TMo won’t get it after the exclusivity period ends or even better, they repackage it as a successor to the Amaze or the G2… it’s a pipe dream, but it could happen.

  • Francis

    I pay over $400/mo on my lines with Tmo….. This migh tbe the last straw. Might be time to switch to a different provider who can provide great phones.

    • RockDynamite

      Do you have 10 Gigs on every line or something??

  • mmmaxheadroom

    Any bets we won’t see the Nokia 920! But I bet we get the turf that is the 820.

  • Claude

    Like most people here, I am extremely disappointed by this news. I was looking forward to this phone especially since it is made by HTC, used quad core processor, and will be able to use LTE connectivity when available making it more future proof. I wasn’t looking at Samsung devices because of their support record, but maybe I will have to look at Samsung now or just wait a while longer for my next upgrade (eligible now). I really like T-Mobile’s rates and don’t want to leave just for a device.

  • blondie

    how long do you think this exclusive will last though? I mean the Note was an AT&T exclusive so this may end up with T-Mobile at some point.. don’t lose hope people! :)

    • Garrett

      The Note was an AT&T exclusive for six months. By the time T-Mobile got it, it wasn’t even worth buying anymore (which is why they quickly cancelled it). If T-Mobile gets the One X+ six months from now, it won’t even be worth it anymore.

  • David

    I really wanted this phone, but since they are not getting it. I guess it’s the note 2.

    • JBrowne1012

      Same +1

      • David

        I wonder if I bought the International version of or the att version how well would it work on the tmobile network?

        • JBrowne1012

          edge until the refarm is complete

  • blondie

    They better give us a One S+ then!!!

    • haha hell yeah!

  • Anonymous

    What is HTC even doing?

    I thought they had this “hero device” strategy all figured out, instead, they’re making the exact same mistake as before. So.. international models get it first, then only ATT.. no other carrier in the US. Still no microsd (though 64gb should be enough), still no camera button. Larger battery, good, but barely larger. It looks like this is the phone that should have been out, and the one x was released prematurely. Either way, it still looks like they have no direction.

    Also, we should be able to buy an unlocked version to use no problem since i’m using an unlocked one x at the moment.

    • Spanky

      It’s not like this is the first time HTC released a phone, let a few months pass, and released an updated version that the initial release should have been. Remember the Sensation and the Amaze? This, along with uber-bloated Sense, are the main reasons why I decided to give Samsung another shot.

      • Anonymous

        The amaze and the sensation are two completely different phones, while the HOX and the HOX+ differ only by a few components, just a hardware upgrade. Bad analogy, try again.

        also, between my current one x, and the samsung galaxy 3 i returned, htc sense is FAR more useable, has better typing prediction, easier to arrange icons, etc etc. It also hasn’t been bloated since the one series. Also in addition to the better camera, better screen, better design…

        • Spanky

          The Sensation and Amaze were essentially the same phone, with the only real differences being the body design and the camera software. Think of it as a Ford Taurus and a Mercury Sable.

          With regards to HOX, everything you say is subjective, particularly the better screen (I’ll choose LED over LCD any day) and the design. I’ll give you the marginally better camera, but I’d much rather have expandable memory and a removable battery.

          With regards to Sense, it’s still a bloated memory hog. I dislike carrier overlays in general, but TouchWiz is a lot less intrusive than Sense.

        • Anonymous

          they were two different phones, marketed differently… your post reaffirms that by comparing two different cars.. regardless of company. unlike the htc one x, which is:

          “TAIPEI – 2ND OCTOBER, 2012 – HTC, a global
          leader in mobile innovation and design, today unveiled the HTC Oneâ„¢ X+, a
          refreshed version of its award winning HTC Oneâ„¢ X smartphone”

          the changes, in this case, are more minor, and have almost no body changes. try again.

        • Spanky

          With regards to the car comparison, the Taurus and the Sable were essentially the same car sold under two different brands. Here’s a better example – the Sensation and Sensation XE. I’m not mentioning the Sensation XL, since it had a larger screen.
          It all comes down to the fact that this is not the first time HTC has done this, and probably not the last. By the way, in my initial response, I was agreeing with your statement that HTC seems to have lost their direction. I’ve had 3 HTC devices since 2008 and enjoyed them while I had them. However, it was time to try something else.

  • MuthaFuckinStephen

    At&t can keep it. I like pure Android on my device now. None of that “Sense” stuff.

  • TEKtheMaestro

    this is depressing. ive waited literally 6 months for the one x/one x+ tp come to tmo. The galaxy s3 though tempting, its design didnt captivate me like the 1x+ did. We’ve all waited…and waited, and waited. Only to be slapped in the face that HTC gave yet ANOTHER exclusive to AT&T. how do you give both the one x AND one x+ to the same carrier when the former never even sold well, much less…they just released the iphone 5 so itll sell even worse than before. im literally calling htc corporate to file a complaint. if you wish to join me this is the corporate number (a rep on htc who knew NOTHING about the one x+ and also tried to convince me that the one S is the same… gave me this local number. it works)-> (425)679-5318

  • Makoute

    Does AT&T need to have every single freaking phone WTH.

  • theresolution

    Well, I too was waiting on a large screen HTC phone, but it was taking too long. So I decided to give the GS3 a shot and I am a happy camper. I was a devoted HTC fan and loved their phones, but there was no way I was picking up the S when the GS3 had better specs and most important to me a larger screen. Everyone that have seen my Pebble Blue GS3 loves it and can’t believe how light it is with such a huge screen. Let’s hope that HTC gets its act together and release it’s large screened phones to all carriers. Though now I am a HTC and Samsung fan, lol!

  • Adrian Torres-Vega


    However, there is always the option of importing the international version. The big if being, how soon will my area convert 3g to 1900 MHz.

    If anyone is looking for an ulocked T Mobile branded BLACK One S, PM me.

  • TMoFan

    Exclusively for at&t… just plain sad. I’ve waited for this phone since I read about the initial rumor here on TmoNews back in February. I patiently waited and this is the end result. I won’t blame at&t though. HTC should have told them to screw themselves and release their flagship on all the carriers like Samsung did. There’s nothing on the horizon for T-Mobile so I guess I’m going to end up with the GSIII. I haven’t even read any rumors about the 5 Nexus phones that are supposed to be out in November.

  • mattcat03

    My guess is it’s Tmobile’s decision on this one. They opted for a lower end HTC unit rather than the Higher end. Based on that, I think Tmobile cannot handle more than one High-end phone at a time. Probably due to keeping the rates low and the customer base is not big enough for them to absorb the cost of having a second high end phone.

  • I’m still waiting on the Samsung Bigfoot.

  • Ford_Thundercougarfalconbird

    You guys are looking at this one-sided.. that ATT beat out T-Mo for this phone. However, look at it this way: We know there were rumors that T-Mo sent the phone back because it failed quality testing. If that is true, and ATT still carried it, that gave ATT the ability to say “Exclusively on AT&T”. It’s called spin.

    So, it’s “Exclusively on AT&T”, but it’s “Exclusively” crap.

    • Jose Hernandez

      God, I hope you are right about that one.

    • UMA_Fan

      There could be truth to this. Maybe it was set to launch both on at&t/T-Mobile and when T-Mobile rejected it due to quality issues that gave at&t the ‘exclusive.’

      Still real bummer T-Mobile doesn’t get a flagship high end HTC device this year.

  • anon

    ATT exclusive….thanks HTC, thats why ur losing customers and money every month

  • Pumpdx

    Hey David B do you have any knowledge as to why T-Mobile lost this phone, maybe some specifics about what went wrong in testing? I can still hope for a refarmed network and get one, but could this have something to do with the Refarming? or is there many factors?

    • I don’t know much, but nothing I can print, sorry! :-/


    Hey HTC, Go Fuk yourself

    • Jose Hernandez


    • preach on!

  • Perry_F

    Once again us tmo faithful get the short end of the stick. I was really looking forward to this coming our way and all signs/rumors said it would be. Can we ever get a break? I was also thinking of giving windows phone 8 a try but the model I wanted the Lumia 920 also won’t be coming to tmo.

    This lack of “exclusive” or high end handsets is one of the reasons why tmo is in last place. Sure you can get the GSIII but so can everyone else. Tmo needs to fight to get these very high end handsets to their customers. We always get the “second best” of everything.

    • Jose Hernandez

      I think what happened here is that At&t gave HTC a truck load of money so they would be the exclusive carrier. Unfortunately, the only other carrier with big enough pockets to fight something like this would be Verizon. The whole Windows Phone 8? That is another whole monster on its own. HTC seems desperate to get some cash in. This does suck anyway. I got the GS3 because my other phone died before the next nexus was announced. I will only buy nexus devices once I am ready to upgrade again.

      • Perry_F

        I’m with you Jose. My GSII is still kicking it and it will have to carry me until the next nexus device comes out. Hopefully that device will be cutting edge all around. The galaxy nexus was a bit of a let down. Great screen but only a 5MP camera!!! WTF???

  • Qbancelli

    In the words of Butthead, “This sucks”

  • Perry_F

    Hopefully the rumors of multiple nexus devices holds true. I’m frankly sick of waiting for carriers to upgrade to the latest version of android anyway. I figure its the best of both worlds; true unlimited 4g data on tmo and timely software updates direct from google with an unlocked nexus device. It doesn’t get any better than that friends!

  • Herbie Hancock

    I was holding out to get this but 3 weeks ago went with a Galaxy S3. I am glad now I did not wait. too bad tmobile wasn’t swallowed by at&t. If it was I would have this awesome phone.

    • Perry_F

      I’ll take Tmo as an independent carrier over any phone anytime. No phone is worth losing Tmo. We have real “unlimited” 4g coverage not like sprint that has it in “some” places. And you can forget about unlimited with verizon or at&t. They’re too expensive to begin with. The same plan I bhave on tmo would cost me $100 more on either of the other carriers and it wouldn’t be unlimited!!!!

      • APP

        You can use straight talk for Tmobile or ATT phones and get 2gb data for $45 month.

  • APP

    This really freakin sucks!
    If I buy the phone at ATT off contract, do they have a prepaid plan for smartphones?
    Will this phone work on Tmo when the refarmng is complete?

    • APP

      Ok I have a plan, I will buy the HTC one x + phone from ATT and then use the Straight Talk 2gb $45 plan.
      Straight talk uses both ATT’s and Tmobile’s towers for much less money a month.

    • Noel

      Yes… But I h8 the snub of millions of HTC fan on Tmo. Screw exclusive deals…the wise Company’s like Samsung and Apple have moved away from that model. This is one of the reason why HTC has seen a decline in sales…When are they going to learn?

  • EmilyJefferson

    Why is this a surprise for everyone, it’s not the first time ATT has exclusivity over a phone. The exclusive period only lasts around 2 months usually.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    This phone was looking great until they did this. Oh well, just made my decision a bit easier. Now I have to choose between the Galaxy Note 2 or Jolla MeeGo device. Thanks HTC you are indeed Quietly Brilliant *about shooting yourselves in the foot*

  • Leon

    This better release on Tmobile… If not then i have to reconsider a new phone!!!

  • The only reason why i liked htc phones are the fm radio and sense

  • First the fat boys break up and now this.

  • s10shane

    i love htc phones but i am starting to hate htc. i usually hate samsung phones but lately, that is all ive owned. they are actually giving tmobile the high end phones vs htc who only give us the one s. now i see this news and it makes me even more mad with htc. i guess tmobile will never get a high end one series phone. screw u htc.

  • jg

    Don’t blame TMO. Strickly HTC’s dumb business decision. Samsung learned from their mistakes and look how they have grown. HTC next profit report will reflect.

  • T-Mobile G3

    We may not be getting the One X+, but what if they’re going to give us a stock android version of the One X+ and name it the “G3”. Who knows? Just speculating lol.

  • Fran

    RELAX my fellow tmobile friends fuck the one x+ looks like tmobile WILL HOPEFULLY get the new Nexus 5(HTC ONE x5) Sharp already started mass producing 5 inc full 1080p screens with the highest PPI known to ever be put into a smartphone hopefully we get this cause if not im getting the note II damn fucking shame tho HTC FUCK YOU!

  • scase66

    Gotta be joking? First they pull a Crapple and design a phone with no battery access and no expandable memory, now this? No wonder they are on a downhill slide.

  • jelliottz

    I use to use HTC phones exclusively, but many of them were unlocked AT&T versions back before TMO even had 3g. HTC has a long standing relationship with pre-android phones going to AT&T. Remember the Tilt and the Touch Pro? TMO only had the Wing with less than half the processing power and screen resolution. It doesn’t surprise me that they continue to give these to AT&T.

    I have gradually shifted to Samsung over the past couple of years. While I feel their build quality is inferior to HTC, they are willing to make high-end phones that work for TMO. Until HTC starts bringing better phones, Android or Windows Phone, Samsung will continue to get my phone money.

  • YoureProbADumbass

    you heard this first from me…i should get credit for the rumor

  • YoureProbADumbass

    bs move tmobile needs to grab this…i wouldn’t trust cnet fully until i hear an official announcement

  • djangelf2

    this is Bs! HTC needs to show more love to the company that basically gave life to their brand running android here in the states with the G1. but I don’t put all the blame on HTC I blame T-Mobile aswell, for not working harder at getting quality phones for their network. Yes I hear you Samsung fanboys now gs3 and galaxy note II but don’t forget touchwiz sucks and if you don’t want a Samsung phone I’m betting that’s why, touchwiz sucks. this is why HTC fanboys stick to HTC products, HTCsense is flat out the skinned UI for android there is, aside from running stock android which Google should force all phone makers running android to have that as an option and turn off crappy UI’s.
    T-Mobile need to get their heads out of their arses stop trying to chase Apple’s unlocked unwanted iPhones.
    HTC stop trying to be Apple offering exclusivity deals with a carrier where 90% of the customers don’t even want your products.

    HTC should innovate and redesign the market, subsidize the phone cost in-house and take the power away from the phone companies. when we upgrade our phone’s we don’t want new contracts we want your new products, offer an in house upgrade/buy back program sell all your phone’s unlocked and take the power away from the carrier and give it back to the customer let us choose what carrier gets what phone based on our needs not their wants.

  • Ventus

    So AT&T can steal the one S and make the One XV but we cant have the Htc One x + on Tmobile.. thats some bullshit

  • dank414

    ATT exclusivity only looks good on paper and Q4 balance. Oh, I’ve heard it’s done wonders to the Nokia brand.

  • Noel

    I am really pissed at HTC not Tmo…to me it seems like Att swooped down and snatched Tmo catch or at least a shared catch. A little after Att got the One X, there were rumors HTC and Tmo were working to bring a more improved One X with pure Android to Tmo. So what happened…why all of a sudden it is now an Att exclusive?? Did Att shell a lot of cash to HTC for them to do this or is it true the phone failed Tmo testing? I had two devices i was eagerly waiting for…the One X+ for Tmo and the upcoming Nexus. HTC better be the one making the Nexus or hopefully they will release a One X+ for Tmo with a quad core S4 pro chip, 2GB RAM with pure JB. It beats me why on earth they are still doing exclusive deals when it is obvious they stunt sales. Samsung and Apple have come to this realization and look at where their sales are…thru the roof. Sorry HTC i love ya but seems u haven’t learned a thing from the sales of the original One X. I passed on the GS3 because i was waiting for the One X+ on Tmo..it even showed up on some of their internal documents. Well hope the Nexus doesn’t fail us..

  • Guest

    this was first reported as a rumor by me

  • htc wonders why they can’t catch up with Samsung a little cash boost want help your company in the long run same sung has the same or variants of its s series on all major and some regional carriers htc at&t exclusive who do you thinks gonna sell more with a bigger unlimited customer base?

  • Anonymous

    htc continues to dig it’s own grave

  • krazytrixxxsta

    lmao… htc will never learn.

  • Fredrik Coulter

    Well, this makes my upgrade decision easier. I’m a happy Vibrant owner who was planning on upgrading my phone in November. The One X+ looked like the way to go, but since I’d have to leave T-Mobile and my family plan (the contracts all expire at different times) in order to get it, I guess I’ll have to “settle” for the Galaxy S III.
    Avoids that whole “decision” thing, doesn’t it.