HTC Announces Jelly Bean Update For One Series, No Specific Dates

The announcement of the HTC One X+ this morning isn’t the only news coming out of HTC’s camp today, as the manufacturer also indicated Jelly Bean updates will begin for the HTC One X or One S later this month. Alongside the Android 4.1 update, HTC will also add some changes to Sense bumping up the name to Sense 4+ and including “Self Portrait” mode, which uses the front facing camera to detect a human face and take the best picture. Along with the new picture mode comes two new views to the Gallery app, and HTC Watch 2.0 now includes all video-related content in a single hub. All the standard Jelly Bean upgrades will also apply including Google Now and Project Butter.

There’s no exact date for when the rollout will begin, but we can expect the carriers to get their hands on them first. Let’s just hope the carriers don’t drag their feet with a release date.

The Verge

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