Newest comScore Reports Shows Android, Apple Continuing Smartphone Dominance

We knew this was coming as the March smartphone market totals are now in and you’ll only need one guess for who continues to reign number one in the US market. Android its dominance jumping almost four full points to 51% of new American smartphone buyers. Apple’s still riding high as well jumping to 30.7% giving the two top platforms close to 80% marketshare. Microsoft and RIM took their own hits dropping to 3.9% and 12.3% respectively. That’s a drop of 3.7% for RIM and 0.8% for Microsoft. The US wireless market looks more and more like a two horse race.

Including these March totals, the American smartphone market now stands at 106 million smartphone owners, a full nine points higher than last December. Samsung and Apple are the only companies making moves these days as Samsung grabbed 26% of the market against Apple’s 14%. HTC, Motorola and LG continue to lose marketshare to Samsung, though HTC has high hopes on their “One” line as LG refocuses the company’s hopes on Android. Microsoft and RIM are going to need a lot more than luck to stage their comeback.


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