Samsung’s Galaxy S III Announcement Is Two Days Away, What Can We Expect?

Note: This is a dual-post I threw up on as well. I’ve tailored this post for the T-Mobile fan in all of us. You’ll see me throwing myself more and more into the Android community, you’ll find out why tonight! That’s a tease for a story going up later. Hint, hint. 

If you’ve watched the news for the past few months, with a specific eye on the past few weeks you’ve seen the deluge of Galaxy S III/3 rumors, leaks, photoshops and more rumors. With just two days to go until Samsung unveils its next flagship smartphone in London, we’re both wondering what to expect and what you want? There has been no shortage of unconfirmed reports and trying to decide which leak is legitimate at this point would likely drive us insane.

So, let’s get to the meat of this whole story and talk about the specs. Specs, specs and more specs, that’s what we really want to know. We know Samsung has already confirmed their quad-core Exynos 4 chip, with four CPU cores coming in at 1.4GHz supported by a Mail 400MP graphic chip. There is one problem however, that’s not going to be the chip we see in the US as Samsung says any US based versions of the GSIII will launch with a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. Aside from possible chip debacle, we expect to see at least 1GB of RAM, at least 16GB of internal storage and possibly a microSD card slot for expandable storage. Though I wouldn’t bet too much money on the latter.

We know that Samsung is planning on pushing LTE connectivity, but there is almost no reason to suspect HSPA+ won’t be available. If for no other reason than AT&T will also need HSPA+ connectivity for fallback as their LTE network is still pretty limited. Given that Samsung seems to like pentaband chips with the Galaxy Nexus, no reason not to suspect the same for the Galaxy S III/3. Samsung worked with T-Mobile to push out the Galaxy S II with HSPA+ 42Mbps, no reason to think that won’t happen again.

As for screen size, we’re in the midst of a toss up between 4.6 – 4.8 inches. I think somewhere inside that range is where the entire tech world believes the Galaxy S III will end up. Along with screen size, we believe we’ll see a 1280 x 720 resolution with Super AMOLED. Super AMOLED Plus is a possibility, but as of toda, none of the current rumors have indicated the Plus screen is coming.

There are again two separate camps for the rear camera, one group supporting the 8 megapixel theory and the other supporting a 12 megapixel theory. So far, few details surrounding the camera have leaked so we’re not quite ready to say which way we’re leaning, but the real world difference between the two should be negligible. Our focus is on sensory quality, pixel size, flash and other factors that truly enhance picture more than just megapixel count.

Ice Cream Sandwich is a lock which means so is the newest edition of TouchWiz running on top. I don’t think there is anyone who thinks otherwise.

So how about design? The physical design of the device remains a complete mystery and that’s fueled by the no less than a dozen purported images we’ve seen of the Galaxy S III floating around. Images have come in for months and for the most part they are all different. Now, let’s make sure we emphasize that Samsung is said to have taken a lesson out of Apple’s book and covered the Galaxy S III with a shell to disguise the look for real testers in the real-world.

We’ve got two separate possibilities for the design, buttons and buttonless. In the past few days, the button design has gained traction with a set of leaks showing off a design that looks very familiar to the Galaxy Nexus. Along with that was a leaked page from a reported service manual for the Galaxy S III which matched one of the leaked designs showing hardware buttons.

It’s possible Samsung has two groups of units in the wild, one that is the final production model and one that is making us post these crazy stories. So what’s our take on this? We’re leaning toward buttons, that just seems to be the general consensus across the internet— the likely design features buttons. Why Samsung is moving in this direction when earlier models of in the Galaxy S series featured buttonless designs is a really good question. A question I’m sure we’ll get answer to if a button design is in fact the real deal come May 3rd.

So what about availability? Samsung has said they want a global launch and at least two European carriers have already confirmed they will be carrying the device. I’d expect the device to be on shelves internationally within a few weeks of launch, possibly sooner than that.

US availability may be a different matter, mostly because the only information we have on US launches is that the Galaxy device will run a different processor. It seems likely that the US will get it later than our European counterparts, even as Samsung says they prefer to work on global rollouts. Logistically, that may be trouble so Samsung may choose a staggered rollout with North America seeing the device last. Will we see the same kind of delay we saw with the Galaxy S II, which saw almost five months between announcement and launch? We certainly hope not.

So that’s it, that’s what we know now and with May 3rd just 48 hours away we hope we aren’t thrown for any loops between now and then. As I write this, I see another purported Galaxy S III device has appeared in the wild…oh the rumor mill is fun. We’ll have a man on the ground in London so keep it locked for all the Galaxy S III news.

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  • JohhnyBgood

    To me the deal breaker is Touchwhiz.. and the delaaayed Android updates from Samsung. Galaxy Nexus owners are already on their third update pushed directly from Google servers while GS II we are still waiting for an already dated version of ICS!

    • lecie

      Johhny GSII isn’t getting ice cream sandwich that was announced months ago

      • z00medu

        do you troll much? or just not keep up?? either way, youre wrong, and please do some research before making a comment. All the other versions of the gsII are either out, or have a scheduled date.

        • JohhnyBgood

          gimme a break, jerk. ICS for the GSII is coming 2 weeks from now for the first time in the States. ICS been out since October 2011. Google is already on version 4.0.4 build number IMM76I, with Jelly Bean coming out in Q3. 

        • trailblazerz

          I agree, TouchWiz and other skins were needed when Android was still raw but imo ICS is refined enough that skins are no longer needed.

          OEMS just need to stick with stock and updates come much faster. Thanks to AOSP can be on the latest google source within days of release, faster than some of the Nexus phones (obviously OEM’s have to be more thorough but 6 monthes is ridiculous) 

  • Deadeye37

    Throwing yourself more into the Android Community?  My guess is that either T-mobile let you keep that HTC One S, or you just became the EVP of Android at Google.  My guess is that you wish it was the latter :)

  • Jonathan

    You’ll see me throwing myself more and more into the Android community, you’ll find out why tonight! That’s a tease for a story going up later. Hint, hint. ”

    More Samsung Galaxy Note news?  Perhaps a release date?  HMMMMMMMMMM……David you tease!  ;-)

    • No, it has nothing to do with phone news, this is my own personal announcement!

      • Jonathan

        Taking over

      • Ruperto17

        Dumping your iPhone for Android (HTC One S)! Finally!

      • Climber42104bg

         My prediction at 1415, PDT, is that David and his wife are expecting. 

        • Ha, nice, but no…this is phone related, but not new phone news. This is for me.

      • Tease

        It’s ok David we understand embargo :). Just answer one the GNote going to have S4 or S3? ha-ha-ha. Nice tease though. I’ll wait for the “announcement”

    • Marc Klein

      Betcha Galaxy Note for T Mobile will be announced Thursday

  • Csaxon74

    why would I even want this with a dual core snapdragon s4? I’ll just keep my s2 and wait for ics

    • Marc Klein

      The new HTC One S also has the S4 chip

  • Ponderingtheiphone

    i read on WSJ this AM that Tmobiles Marketing chief resigned…surprised i havent seen that story here if its true

    • I did hear that, but I haven’t seen anything about it. Do you have a link?

      • rwc1792

      • Get_at_Me

         this was also an article on one of tmo’s internal news sites..unfortunately i’ve been off for a few days and haven’t been able to get details

      • Guest
      • Get_at_Me

        Not much info there, but…..

  • rwc1792

    The sad news, in two days, will be that we’ll have no clue if this is going to show up on T-mobile, but hopefully, I’m wrong about that.

    • Get_at_Me

      it will be launched on tmobile…just a matter of when.

      • In about a year when it is old and last year’s model.

        • Get_at_Me

           I predict it will launch later this month

    • Enoel69

      It will launch on Tmo sooner than u think…i have a strong feeling Tmo will be one of the first US carriers to have it with HSPA+ 21/42 or a pentaband 3G/HSPA+ model will readily available. 

  • Get_at_Me

    the S4 chip has proven to be quite capable, but im still bummed that samsung didn’t feel the need to support faster data networks with their newer exynos processors.

    • zeth006

      Soon. The Exynos 4412 processor should support LTE. Samsung should have learned from their prior mistakes. 

  • fixxmyhead

    i hope the international one supports tmobiles 4g bands. i dont want another qualcomm chip in my phone because of that it was the last of the s2’s to get ics and we’re mooching off the skyrocket not even our own leak. never buying carrier branded phones again. slow development on xda but its kind of picking up

  • 517tiberius2011

    Anyone have information on Galaxy Note coming Magenta?

    • Search is your friend, we’ve covered this and shown pictures of a T-Mobile variant in testing!

  • pentilesucks

    WHo cares? the day samsung dumps their p[os amaoled junk screens and actually produces something with QUALITY in mind ill consider something in the galazy line.
    its like having the latesalienware desktop and running the video card to a crt screen.
    OR maybe most people enjoy pretending they are a fly and enjoy the pentile displays.
    The tech sheep dont care, they just want whats new and faster even if its junk.
    Samsung makes such killer monitors and tv why is this lacking in phone screens?

    • Rene Robles95

      Lmao, obviously its not. Im an owner of an s2 and i can vouch for a screen youve never seen before.

  • C3youngman

    I’m really hoping for the note on magenta I love my s2 but I would love a giant screen.

  • Sharklover

    I know someone who has actually seen the actual phone. It will have a 4.8 inch screen, will have 3 buttons on the bottom, will be very rounded and look really cool. It will not come in Black.

    • Awan110

      Did your source mention the resolution of the screen?

  • Klawatti

    Who cares now that the Galaxy Nexus GSM is available for T-mobile?  Received mine the other day and wow, I am totally impressed!  Pure ICS is the only way to go.  I will never go back.

    Whatever bells and whistles this Samsung III comes with, it will have the usual Samsung Touchwiz and bloatware.

    • TGuy

      AMEN brother! another pure Android convert here! only Nexus from now on.

      • Tomnewtn

        As a Nexus One owner, I could not agree more.

    • Dan

      Definitely.  Bleeding edge hardware means nothing if the software is lacking.  An unlocked GSM Nexus is the only way to experience Android in my opinion.  I’d hate to compare a Nexus to an iPhone but in a way, they’re similar because they’ll always have up to date software.  Look at the iPhone 4, yeah its not a 4S but its still a good value and runs the latest iOS with all the important features.  Of course it won’t be updated forever; software will outgrow and hardware eventually becomes obsolete but that’s a reasonable cycle rather then buying the best super phone now and have it denied a new Android version just because different hardware comes the next month.

      • trailblazerz

        Honestly I haven’t found a need for a dual core yet (S3 w/ quad core /drool) I’m still using my vibrant 2 year old hardware and it is running ICS 4.0.4 IMM76I fine, without a doubt the smoothest my phone has every run.

        Oems just stop updating after like a year to make you buy their newer models, thank god Android is open source…  

    • Dan

      Definitely.  Bleeding edge hardware means nothing if the software is lacking.  An unlocked GSM Nexus is the only way to experience Android in my opinion.  I’d hate to compare a Nexus to an iPhone but in a way, they’re similar because they’ll always have up to date software.  Look at the iPhone 4, yeah its not a 4S but its still a good value and runs the latest iOS with all the important features.  Of course it won’t be updated forever; software will outgrow and hardware eventually becomes obsolete but that’s a reasonable cycle rather then buying the best super phone now and have it denied a new Android version just because different hardware comes the next month.

    • Long time Nexus owner and lover, with only 16mb of internal memory I was forced to pass. I need internal memory and sd-card. What a design failure. For a couple of crumby bucks they ruined an otherwise great phone.

      • Get_at_Me

         cloud storage is the future

      • kim

        SG Note has SD card.  

  • Lionangel1

    David… when is the Note coming to Tmobile cuz thats the only reason why i haven’t switch yet , its holding me back!! LOL 

    • If I knew, I would post it! If a date isn’t posted, assume we don’t know!

      • Justaguy

        makes sense…

  • dingaling

    So whats this other story David?  It better be a good one! Lol

  • No sd-card, no buy. I dont understand this no sd-card crap. Trying to save a couple of bucks when in reality they are just ruining a great phone. You need memory, without memory you are forced to use cloud storage which sucks. You waste your data allowance, if you are without a signal or wifi then there is no memory. In a modern day phone you need your files when you need them. I will never buy a phone without sd-card or at least plenty of internal memory (32).

    •  I don’t get the whole “I need an SD card” thing. I have a vibrant with an SD card and I don’t even use it. My cloud is in my house so I move files over wifi. If I’m away from home there’s almost always a wifi network if I need it. If one isn’t handy I have no problem using my data allowance. After all, it’s there to *move data*.

      All that said, don’t get me started on non-removable batteries.

      •  What about those that might travel out of an area of service? Or those who do not want to waste our data allowance downloading items from the cloud that we could just store on an microsd card?  If you have REAL unlimited data (AND coverage) or always have a wifi connection then maybe i’d be ok with just the cloud but in real life it isn’t that cut and dry.  What about flying on a plane?  I’d rather have my music/movie content on my microsd ready to play than have no data/wifi connection OR pay the ludicrous rates some airlines charge for wifi. Bottom line, as Vinny wrote, “No sd-card, no buy”.

        For the record, i’m with you on the removable battery thing.

  • Godson1227_Barry

    Who cares? Its always some fatal flaw with these phones. Me personally I could care less but I already know the number 1 complaint right off the bat…..”Why don’t they make a pure vanilla phone w/o this stupid touchwiz?” Etc…etc these companies need to stop and just make a good phone for the ppl. Not one that’s gonna feel outdated as soon as you leave the store…On that note I can’t wait until the G4X talk heats up.


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  • Kevin

    I thought it says March 5th at the

  • dingaling
  • Enoel69

    I hope the rumor that at boot up u will be able to choose between vanilla ICS or Touchwiz is true. If that’s the case mine will be locked on virgin ICS. I am also hoping this device will be less than 130mm tall or no more than the height of the GNex..even though some rumored leaked screen protector images show it might be a little taller than the GNex. Hoping it is part of the stealth deception by Sammy. 

    • dingaling

      You might as well call Samsung up and beg them and give them boat loads of cash to build u that perfect phone your wishing for! No matter what the latest, greatest, biggest, and best phone that comes out, its not gonna have everything that u want on it. No phone manufacturer is gonna put all the greatest and best stuff into one phone. If they did they wont make any money. Im pretty positive that if they wanted to it wouldve beeen done by now.

  • Marc Klein

    My guess to what Galaxy S will sport:

    4.8 screen
    ICS 4
    Touch Wiz 4
    S4 Chip
    16 GB of on board memory expendable to 32
    SD card already in phone
    Built in Battery at 2200
    Wireless Charging
    Gorilla Glass

    T Mobile version will have 42 HSPA 

  • TMO_Engineer

    Why would I want to ditch my S2 if the S3 is staying with dual-core?  It’s likely to be a $600 handset, and the processing speed enhancements would be the only improvement worth dishing that kind of cash out.

    • mitch

       the dual core is only for some versions. and the S4 dual core chip that theyd put in it is extremely powerful. benchmarks show it beats the tegra 3.  no offense but thats what an idiot would say. just because a cpu has less cores doesnt make it less powerful

      • Get_at_Me

         i wonder about power consumption though