Newest Samsung Galaxy S3 Leak Shows Conflicting Specs, Familiar Render

Things are starting to get a little nutty, or perhaps murky would be the better word when it comes to details surrounding the Galaxy S III hardware. We’ve heard several claims of what kind of specs the smartphone will run on, from what many claim are absolutely reliable sources, and yet, plenty of these leaks manage to conflict with one another.

Well, get ready to add one more set of conflicting specs to the mess as a page from the alleged Galaxy S III service manual has popped up online. The folks at SamMobile have acquired what is believed to be a page from the official service manual for the Galaxy S III, or it Galaxy S3? No matter, the render in this image looks exactly like the leaked image we saw of an alleged Galaxy S3 pop up in Brazil. It’s a splitting image, down the hardware buttons, curves, everything.

What’s more is the curves on this device seem to match up with the image teased by Samsung’s Denmark Facebook page last week. So is it possible we’re looking at the really final final final render of the Galaxy S III? It’s possible, but we’ve said that before.

The spec list is where this gets interesting and perhaps throws our confidence in the render for a loop. The quad-core CPU was confirmed by Samsung late yesterday evening, but running at 1.4GHz and not 1.5GHz as this image would have us believe. The 4.8″ display listed here also conflicts with the 4.6″ to 4.7″ rumors that have persisted for the past few weeks.

SamMobile has a strong track record for Samsung leaks so we’re inclined to believe that this image is the real deal however, the specs on the page are up for debate. No matter, the Galaxy S III remains shrouded in a mystery that will only be unveiled on May 3rd.


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  • whiteiphoneproblems

    I’ll be surprised if it has hard buttons, rather than onscreen ones like the Nexus…

    • I like the hardware buttons. Less static crap taking up screen real estate.

      • Ricokyle

        you can always take them out and use button savior, which in the end, will keep the actual size of the phone smaller.

  • Get_at_Me

    What other carrier in the world besides tmo us runs a 42mbps hspa network? Just curious.

    • fixxmyhead

      i think telus and bell in canada

      • Get_at_Me

        Hmmm….if there arent many higher speed gsm networks theres not much incentive to build hardware that supports it…..

        • fixxmyhead

          There’s some more in Europe but I don’t know which ones

    • MarcusDW

      I just so happened to have posted that there are about 117 hspa+21 carriers globally and 68 hspa+42. Hspa+42 is about 1/3 of all hspa+ supporting carriers. According to some 3GPP website.

  • Lionangel1

    Sounds awesome but i dont like the design so much :(

  • Whylee77

    Seriously HSPA+21? I say No thank you!

    • spartanjet

      Like that matters…sigh this is why we can’t have nice things on tmo.

      • Getsome

        Cause the HTC one s is a piece

    • Because of people like you, in the US it will have the snapdragon s4 for the 42mb/s hspa+ instead of the quad-core exynos with 21.

    • JBrowne1012

      Its still 4g not like on 42mbps you are going to see even 36mbps

  • Alexander Liki

    I am not going to be a happy camper if this thing has a 4.8″ screen. If I wanted a phone that big, I would just buy a Note. ?_?

    • Today’s 4.8 phones are smaller than yesteryear’s 4.3 phones.

      Even my 4″ Xperia Play fits inside a belt case made for the 3.2″ G1

  • Robert Turner

    Nobody should be surprised with conflicting reports. Look at how many SGII models there are. Look at how many are on AT&T, there’s like 3 versions alone just for them.

  • MarcusDW

    I like the design and specs and expect the US version to have 3 cap buttons.

    May 3rd!

  • The New Galaxy

    Lol, Another fake. We did a really good job of keeping our phone from being leaked like the Galaxy Nexus did. The reason why is because only 1 is in the wild. For specs, pictures and videos of the New Galaxy, Download unpacked 2012 from the play store.

    • Y314K

       Ok…  I’ll bite…

      Samsung website says the CPU will be the Exynos 4212…  Is that wrong ???

      Samsung executive is quoted saying the SGIII for the US will probably come with a SnapDragon CPU again…  Meaning SnapDragon chips ???

      We might not know how it will look but the CPU tells us what GPU will come with the SGIII…  And that is half the battle…  G.I. Joe…

  • TopTechRep

    That will not come to T-mobile. Maybe not even the US.

  • anon

    i guess one week is far too long to wait for the OFFICIAL specs. keep the pointless “leaks” coming.

    • Getsome

      Right, because tmonews isn’t a blog… Why write about anything, just go to the manufacturers website for info cause anywhere else is a waste of time.

  • Mstephanie10310

    i want this sooooooooooooo bad

    • Slickdeals

       waiting for galaxy s4 . htc one x is a killer phone too

  • Abe_The_Babe

    I’m sick of these leaks, this is going to be one of the slowest weeks ever.

  • Nahoou

    What is HSUPA?

    • Cybersedan

      HSUPA is High Speed Uplink Packet Access, HSDPA is High Speed Downlink Packet Access, together they’re both referred to as HSPA… I’m not an RF guy so that’s as much as I know…

  • Just Hoping

    Free phone day coming any time soon for T-Mobile?  Anyone?

  • Gaius_Baltar4

    Oh snap, $hit just got real with Verizon coming back on T-Mobile:

    Verizon’s point is CLEARLY unfair considering it was T-Mobile’s parent company’s decision to sell off the US branch.

  • This looks like a Galaxy Nexus in the sketching.

    • MarcusDW

      Galaxy Guy now huh J.?  I can dig it.

      • You like that huh? Yep, I’m pro Sammy, so why not? I have damn near all of their phones, lol.

  • Kirbi182

    maybe its the US version since we’re not getting the same phone as everyone else in the world. MAY 3RD HURRY UP :(

  • mreveryphone
  • Here it is without the skin, and it matches the artwork above.  This is probably it guys…

  • badbob001

     Is there any reason TMO can’t just get the international version? TMO doesn’t have LTE yet so we don’t need the S4, which is in short supply anyway. Perhaps lack of 42Mbps support is not so hot with marketing, but you get a faster Quad core than the competitors and, most importantly, maybe they can release it much sooner.

    TMO’s galaxy variants always seem to end up a bit incompatible with open source projects so a more compatible version would be welcomed.

  • Technobyrd8

    Not to mention the screen is just a regular super amoled not a super amoled plus looks like a slightly different galaxy nexus


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