(Update: Fake!) Newest Galaxy S III/S3 Leak Looks Exactly Like Latest Render, Samsung Confirms Name

Update: Update: After seeing a number of sites receive this and post it as “exclusive,” we’re calling fakery on this image. This is not the Galaxy S3, Darth Vader is still your father.  Also, TmoNews reader @Bowldylocks noted the left hand reflecting off the screen is also reflecting off the carpet. Fake!

Well, this appears to be very real as today’s first Samsung Galaxy S III leak looks to be one of the most realistic we’ve seen yet. Why you ask? Well, compare the Mr. Blurrycam image to yesterday’s leaked render allegedly taken from the Galaxy S III/S3 service manual. They are an exact match. How about the curves on this “in the wild” device matching up to the form hidden under the sheet on Samsung’s Denmark Facebook page? Yup, looks pretty exact there as well.

We knew that Samsung was choosing between two different product models, one with hardware buttons and one without — evidently the one with hardware buttons won. We spot a physical home key, two capacitive buttons and a lot of matching features that look exactly like yesterday’s leaked render. The bezel also indicates a large display as Samsung is really pushing the screen right against the edges of the phone.

So is this the real thing? Once again, we just don’t know. What we do know is that Samsung Vice President Robert Yi all but confirmed the name of the upcoming device on yesterday’s financial results conference call. “We are anticipating strong demand of Galaxy S III/S3.” So, at the very least we can put the name to rest — well, we still don’t know if it will be the Galaxy S III or Galaxy S3, but that’s just spelling at this point.

So, thoughts on this leaked image? Get your comments in fast before the next leaked image appears. Just kidding, maybe.



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  • xsavagex

    Not too impressed… Like the home button

    • Jay Sandora

      I’ve found that few phones are impressive then they’re off.  The real magic starts when you fire it up.

    • Jose Hernandez

       I’m not impressed at all. It’s kind of ugly. And that home button, just…….kind of screams…..Iphone to me. It really kind of looks like the Iphone home button for me. UGLY

  • Looks like an updated Behold 2 and the Galaxy Nexus had Jungle sex and this was the result. Only owned the Behold and Vibrant and will never buy a cheaply built, non support having, and over priced device. I’d rather buy a ZTE or a Huawei phone first lol

    • goh


  • Inclan

    Doesnt jump out at me, but I’m pretty sure ill buy it when it comes to my Carriet

  • Xangelx915

    Wow doesnt look like anythin different from my gs2 from the design besides the slightly larger screen…Ill pass on this one…

  • daghost

    Looks good and sleek but not as good as the One series.

  • Trjcasper

    hmm, I’m more excited about my Nexus getting delivered today. If this turn out to be a must have phone I’ll get it when my contract is up in December and I get a full upgrade.  By then it should be free or nearly free with a new two year commit.

  • DJ

    Massively disappointed if this is it. It’s basically the Nexus shell with Note buttons. If this does turn out to be the S3 I reckon I’ll be going for the One X.  What happened to the beautiful two tone design that was posted on Reddit a little while back?!

  • randomnerd_number38

    I may be biased because I already ordered my One S, but I’m just not feeling this design. Looks like “same sh*t, different year” to me. Of course, the “same sh*t” worked out very well for the S2, so we’ll see. I just think you can only release so many phones that look pretty much the same before people start to get bored.

    Samsung had a hell of a year last year while HTC tanked. I consider them both top-tier phone manufacturers, so I’d like them both to be doing very well to ensure we keep seeing as much top-tier competition as possible. To me, it sure wouldn’t be the end of the world if the S3 didn’t do as well as HTC hoped and more people decided to give the One line their money and attention. Balance it out, ya know? :)


    I still don’t think this is it. Why would they waste space by putting capacitive buttons on the bezel when ICS has on screen button capabilities? And wheres the home button? 

    • Trjcasper

       agreed, and what was the point of the color/texture on the London reveal invite? This thing is black plastic slab. I’m really expecting the real deal to be more oval shaped and to have a brushed metal case.

    • whiteiphoneproblems

      Re: Capacitive buttons — also, wasn’t there a leak earlier this week of the (supposed) new TouchWiz, showing onscreen buttons (with a different look/arrangement than the ones on the Nexus)? Both things can’t be true at once! And I’d still be surprised if they used capacitive buttons on this thing.

  • Nate de Putter

    love it! shrink the bezel at the top a bit and it’s perfect!

  • Cyco1978

    Lol any one notice the reflection in the carpet fail!!!! Its a photo shop

    • Deaconclgi

      I think the reason there is a “reflection on the carpet” is because this is actually a picture that was taken of a screen, maybe from another phone. As in someone sent the person a pic of the phone, they took a picture of the pic as displayed (possibly zoomed in) on their phone and sent it in. Look at the top left and right corners, carpet (or whatever it is) doesn’t just end like that. 

      To me, the abrupt end or fade to black looks like the bezel of a phone, as it would if you took the picture of a picture on your phone with another phone. It is certainly NOT the original picture of the phone, it even has signs of cropping.

      • whiteiphoneproblems

        I agree (good call); it’s a picture of a screen. It raises the question of why someone would do that, rather than pass along/post the original pic; but I guess it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s fake.

      • rwc1792

        Looks more like some type of cardboard packaging than carpet.

  • mreveryphone

    To much bezel at the top and bottom, looks like there is some red reflection on the carpet, looks like May 3rd is still relevant

  • Guest23

    capacitive buttons  are so yesterday.. the Galaxy Nexus looks much better!

  • Victor Akap Oben
  • Deaconclgi

    Hmmmmmm….it appears to be missing a dedicated camera/shutter button…

    • Iucidium

      Yup. I’m calling fake. Looks like a Gnex Photoshopped.

  • Alpuk

    Samsung is gonna have 3 different types of GS3:
    3. MOBILE,GT-I9300,BLACK

    • Carloslacend

      3 versión of THE international version. GT-I9xx is for the international version

  • My Friend Did Not Lie.

    Its a Couch with a Plastic cover on it

  • Steve Lauterbach

    My issue with this phone being the newest Galaxy is that if it’s going to ship with ICS then it wouldn’t have a menu button on the left it would have the return button there and the app switcher on the right of the home button.  I say fake!

  • I can’t wait to see how this turns out, lol. This as close to the artwork in the manual as it’s gonna get. But I’m not waiting on it, so it matters none to me. BUT, when it does come out…we will see this type of hardware if not this same phone.

    Time will tell, next week.

  • fixxmyhead

    this fake gs3 looks like a tmobile s2

  • Lani

    Shooting a pic of mobile through a pexi glass display may explain the reflection of hand on carpet.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Funny how people are saying that this phone looks great.  It looks just like a bigger Nokia N97 Lol

  • I can say if its a Samsung built phone, and its running ICS, it WONT have buttons on the hardware below the screen, it will be “on-screen”. Samsung is about moving forward at this point, and is about making some of the most compelling, competitive, and interesting hardware for Android. I see no reason to believe this is a real picture. I also see no reason for speculation and daily updates of “Is this the SG3?” Its almost as bad as the iPhone now. Just wait a few more weeks and be blown away.

  • Meek_420
  • Maybe the hone is behind some glass…

  • Maybe the hone is behind some glass…

  • yimengh

    also, don’t super amoled displays have a darker and bluish appearance when photographed?

    • Yup, the only thing that can be confused with a Super AMOLED display from what I’m aware is IPS-LCD (LG) its bluish black when the screen is off.


    we all know these bloggers make their own fakes just so they can get you to their site. it worked for me with every “Is this the galaxy S3” post and I will not bite anymore just to put money in your pockets.

    • Ok. Is that an insinuation that I make fakes?

  • Well. Looks like this might be the real deal, because the latest leak sure looks the same.

  • SuperHa

    Lol you crossed phone arena out too. They’re garbage anyway .

    • Oooops, this was nothing against PhoneArena, I have total respect for them, I just quickly highlighted the section, it was all text or no text.

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