T-Mobile To Launch Huawei Made Prism On May 6th, HVGA Screen For The Win

Look out world, the T-Mobile Huawei Prism is coming to T-Mobile on May 6th and it’s rocking a HVGA screen. The Galaxy S III this isn’t, but not every phone can be the next best thing to hit the Android market. If you’re looking for what is bound to be an inexpensive entry-level Android device, the T-Mobile Prism is calling your name. Powered by Android 2.3, the Prism has a 3.5″ touchscreen, 3.2 megapixel camera and 2GB SD card.

Arriving with Android 2.3, the Prism launches May 6th on America’s Largest 4G Network and we’ve included a little sales chart below to help differentiate the Prism from the — competition. I wouldn’t place your money on this one reaching Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Prism will be great for the add-a-line member of your family who just needs an introductory smartphone. For that purpose, it’s perfect.

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  • FlyOhMy

    yawn. this is beyond low-end at this point. 

    • dingaling

      I agree! Definately would consider this below entry level!

  • Lionangel1

    I just wanna know if Tmobile is actually gonna have the Note!!!

  • melon3531

    How 2009 of T-Mobile.  Think my Cliq rocked most of these same specs (except for Gingerbread, of course :P)…

    • Except Keyboard prob beats the 3.5 Inch touch screen. :D That and we had MotoTURD.

  • We now have something to directly compete with the iPhone 3Gs, LOL.

  • Hu

    2010 Low End is the new midrange for the old Magneta girl

  • Anonymous

    Can’t tell if srs

  • I love how T-Mobile is still releasing phones on Gingerbread (sarcasm). When will we see more ICS devices?

  • mreveryphone

    This is cricket/jitterbug territory. They might as well bring back the G1 at this point. May 3rd can’t come soon enough!!!

  • Me

    I look at this and wish TMo had the Kyocera – Smallest form factor of the bunch, qwerty keyboard, Android 2.3, and did I mention small form factor.  Some of us don’t care about these huge screens, we would rather have a phone that actually fits in our pocket….


      Did you see the picture above? Kyocera milano…

      • Me

         …um…they show the Kyocera Milano as a Sprint device to which they are comparing their Prism; the LG is a comparison to AT&T….

  • Tmo_employee

    might as well kept selling the optimus 

  • Jarrod

    Why would they only sell a phone capable of 7.2mbps? Also why don’t they make it have the same or a little bit better specs then the competition.

    • anon


  • Guest 2012

    I can see T-Mobile beating Verizon and AT&T with these awesome phones! Oh the immaculate joy!

    • Littlesis1774

       You joking right? T-mobile won’t beat out Verizon and AT&T with these

  • Olber Ramirez

    this is beyond ridiculos ill se the next tmobile add vs att the affordable and fast tmobile prism vs att ,verizon, sprint iPhone 5  

    • Littlesis1774

       That will be funny to see if what I been hearing true iphone 5 is going on 4g then good luck competing

  • Well honestly, there is a market for it. Not everybody wants a super super smartphone. Like my grandma, if she knew how to use a smartphone, this would be right down her name. Believe it or not, some people just want a simple device. So I don’t think the question is “why would t-mobile offer this?” or “it’s too low-end”, because the real question is, why are you concerned? It’s not for your target market, & it’s obvious it’s low-end. I don’t think no where on the article did it state this was high-end or mid-end, it does state “1st time smartphone buyers” if I’m not mistaken.

    • MadFallacies

      This is ridiculous, because there is most likely a monthly data charge associated with this device and a 2yr-contract. Assuming the person is new to smartphones, why not wait for those 1cent or free full fledged be it high-end or mid-range smartphones as opposed to a deprecated smartphone. 
      Not even 12 year olds would want to stain their hands with this phone. 

      • Ok 12 year old…Mind you I said my grandma thou.

        • You know, this phone is really aimed more towards Monthly4G and Value plan customers. Value plan customers can opt to pay the whole price of the device at once and save money in the long term, additionally not requiring a data plan when doing that. Monthly4G customers can purchase an affordable device to use with T-Mobile’s prepaid plans. That being said, I’m kind of mad that T-Mobile is launching yet another Gingerbread device a full half-year since Ice Cream Sandwich came out.

        • Get_at_Me

          theres no way any carrier would launch a device like this with ICS…it prob cant even run ICS…This phone should be a Monthly 4G exclusive though

  • Youngt82

    I mean seriously who do they think would actually buy this phone??? Senior citizens, 12 year olds and tourists? Smh T-Mobile shame on you!!!!!!

    • Ian Harrington

       I am sorry that T-Mobile didn’t make you another $600 phone. I will just tell my customers who can’t afford a smartphone because it cause too much that they don’t get a phone because you think they don’t deserve it.

      In other words you are not the target customer. The target customer is someone who has never used an android smartphone, someone who is need to replace there broken phone for awhile till there next upgrade, or the person who spends an average of $30 on a new phone every time they upgrade.

      Shame on you

      • Anonymous

        tmobile already has enough low end shit phones. They don’t need more.

  • Yancy

     I’m just glad that T-Mobile is targeting all audiences and not being biased and just offering one type! So quit crying over it and just be glad we still have our beloved Magenta, that is coming back with a vengeance!

    • Littlesis1774

       with low end smart phones while AT&T,Verizon and Sprint is offering high end with LTE and Sprint Unlimited data plans

      • Guest 2012

        I was being sarcastic. If you want cheap phones, Wirefly usually has better deals. Just shop around. These low end phones are just plain sad.

    • Anonymous

       You mean tmobile doesn’t have enough low end phones?

  • I saw it at best buy today, and it’s a slick little device. Looks nice for real.

  • Juicebox

    I think it’s great that lower cost phones are made. After all, not everyone wants a higher-end smartphone. However, this is a product that I won’t recommend simply because the Huawei reputation is not that clear. There are mixed allegations involving Chinese-based Huawei. So I won’t condemn them, but I also won’t defend them. Until their political / security allegations are cleared up, I’m passing up anything from them.

  • Arvin

    im kinda losing fate in android 



      • fixxmyhead

        when ever u correct someones grammar just remember no one likes u or gives a f**ck about it except for weirdos like u. this isn’t school

        • TMOTECH

          I was not correcting his grammar. He used the wrong word. He didn’t construct his sentence improperly. And if you don’t give a f*ck then why did you even comment? 

        • MarcusDW

          You say this because your grammar terrible.

        • fixxmyhead

          nice try

        • Anonymous

           yet you cared enough to reply..

        • fixxmyhead

          This was an exception. I had to troll

  • Bigtsphoneblog

    You know it sucks when even T-Mobile won’t stick the moniker “4G” on the end.

  • randomnerd_number38

    The problem with these low-end devices isn’t that the specs aren’t very good. The problem is THEY DON’T WORK WELL. 600 mhz processor with a low-end screen? Fair enough. 80 megabytes of application storage and less than 512MB ram? Get ready for that “first-time smartphone user” to hate smartphones forever when their facebook cache takes up all their memory and causes the phone to slow to a crawl and start freezing within the first week. There’s a right way to do a low-end smartphone, and T-Mobile hasn’t gotten it right yet.

    • Get_at_Me


    • Deaconclgi

      Like WP or not, the Lumia 710 is T-Mobile’s best Smartphone for first time users. It is the most advanced and easiest to use. PLUS, first time users won’t have any Tech, OS or other bias as we most often show.

      Phones like the Prism *usually* offer sub par user experiences and broken app compatibility. The 710 offers the full range of WP software (even apps that use the missing FFC, like Skype work, I use it every week). With the 710s speedy processor, great app selection (compared to what the Prism will be able to run…) and fluid UI and easy connectivity features, the ONLY way this will sell over the Lumia on a 1:1 chance is if the customer HAS TO HAVE ANDROID!

      As in a mom going in saying, “I’m getting my son his first phone, he wan’t a droid something. I don’t want to spend much as it is his first phone”. Rep says “We have exactly what you are looking for, our new phone, the Prism, is an Android smartphone, it has a larger screen than our other budget phones, great size for kids your sons age.”

      No way that rep is going to float the WP Lumia when her son wants an Android phone for his birthday.

      *replace scenario with any age/gender and OS requirement that overrides the 710 ability/speed/value to price ratio.

      Deal. Done. Prism sold. Kid and mom, not the wiser on the tech/user experience deficiency of the Prism.

      THAT is what T-Mobile is banking on.

    • Chrissy

      so true havent had the phone 2 days and it is already freezing up ready to drop it back off at the t-mobile store a waste of money

  • UglyPete

    This crap is almost the same exact phone as the samsung dart…. I would never recommend this crap for first time smart phone buyers when the Nokia Lumia 710 is FREE and has a 1.4ghz processor, 8gb of storage for apps and pictures, much easier to use and wont lag/freeze constantly. 

  • exibitsMAN

    You’re better of with the Nokia Lummia 710 it has a 1.4 prOccesors. A 5mega pical camra and a 4 inch super smiled screens. Androids. Are all the same.

    • WOW 5 mega picals AND a super smiled screen? Sign me up!

      • Herb

         Easy to tell when someone is using Swype ha!

      • MarcusDW

        LOL  I wish my screen was super smiled..


      Supra amoleds.

    • Demitrius Harris

      The Lumia 710 does NOT have a Super AMOLED (or super smiled) screen. It has a 3.7′ TFT LCD Clear Black display:

      Corning® Gorilla® Glass

      Yes, I’d rather have the Lumia 710 than the Prism.

  • Johntajacobs

    Aww its a cute little low end andriod. Lol

  • ColemanResigned!!Yay

    My exhibit2 has been so bad, its convinced me to switch to ios..thats where these low end Androids do more harm than good

    • Get_at_Me

      the lack of RAM is what really hurts the exhibit II…it has a 1ghz processor but a very small amount of usable RAM….thats a huge benefit of highend devices

  • this is for those who want a smartphone but dont want all of the features that we android fans drool over such as ffc, high powered processor. this is a entry level smartphone that your young child, your not so tech savvy relative, or your old school “a phone should be a phone” type grandfather would want. T mobile is getting better products, but they have to put out stuff like this in order to cater to a wider range of customers and the niches that they fit in. keep in mind, not everyone can afford a galaxy nexus or a exhibit 2, so go easy on T-mobile, they care about people from all walks of life. My only complaint is that i haven’t heard about a new Sidekick yet, and Jesus please don’t let the Korean dudes ruin this one, ill stick with my homies in Taiwan for it.

    • The pre-Android Sidekicks were made by a Japanese company, not a Taiwanese one…


        I know that, and i wasnt referring to those models anyway, thanks for the comment japanese troll lmao. By the way Samsung made the android version

    • i saw a 50 year old woman at an exclusive Windows Phone event i was hosting last night .. do you know what phone she had? Galaxy Nexus .. and she said she loved it. for anyone to suggest that these low end phones are all the rage or meant for first time buyers they’re wrong. people actually do want high end phones these days .. it is a wonder why high end phones are always the highest performing phone on either carrier.

      • Deaconclgi

        People want whatever is offered, given or marketed to them, in addition to what a friend or family member has or recommends.

        I have asked countless customers why they have the phone they have and it is usually because someone recommended it to them, it was a gift or it had apps that their friends raved about. 

        The second question I ask is what do they like about it most. More often than not, an I mean, almost 95% say that they don’t know OR they like the screen of said device. They have no idea about the OS or any of the tech features. Many say that their phone is just a nice phone.

        Some say they don’t know much about their phone or how to use any of those features that we all care about.

        I’m talking from young to old, hipster to gramps, iPhone to Gnex to BB to Symbian and back. 

        ONLY the technomobs like us really know what we are getting or buy phones with a PURPOSE, with a checklist of we need XYZ features and build.

        I have asked hundreds of people during the last 4 years and the answers have stayed the same across Gender, Age, Carrier and OEM/OS.

        Worse offender is the Evo 3D users!!!! I’ve had friends and customers who own that device and since it has been released, NO ONE THAT I HAVE SPOKEN TO HAS EVER RECORDED ANYTHING IN 3D!!!!!!! It infuriates me to no end…what did they buy it for then!!!!!!!

        Answer…: It was marketed in store, friend told them to, gift, cheap, large screen. None of the technical aspects that we all care about. 

        Same with phones with HDMI…..I wash showing a guy the HDMI on my N8 and he was like “Wow!!! That is awesome!!” He pulled out his phone, G2X, I said “Your phone can do that too!!!!”. He looked baffled..and said “Really?”.

        I could have slapped myself to sleep in disbelief.

        In summary, this phone will sell, not to us techies, but to the millions of people who come in for a phone, or will gift a phone and has a small checklist: Makes calls, touchscreen, has camera, new release, plays games and music and a cheap price. Done, sold, bagged and tagged.

        Screen Res and processor to them…out of sight, out of mind as far as the knowledge.

        Ok…I’ll calm down.

        •  lol too funny about the EVO 3D .. yeah tis a shame no doubt lol

        • If you ever see this…. Thank You! 
          I am new to t-mobile over 1 year old. My 1st phone is a blackberry. The main reason I got the phone was that my cousin had the phone. Personally I hate it, It great for emails and texting and that about it. I am not a techie, but 1000% of what you stated in ur reply is ture about myself. Basically I just want a phone, that I can check emails, text, make calls, and surf the internet. 

  • Guest


    • Anonymous

      Are you retarded?

  • Really? More news on crappy low end phones and nothing on S3, N900, or the Note?  Yet Tmobile can’t seem to figure out why they can’t keep customers….

    • Herb

      Of the three phones you listed, one has not even been revealed and the other two are still carrier exclusives. So what do you want T-mobile to do? Give you information on phones they can’t sell or know nothing about?

      •  S3 I will give you.  From what I read, the Note is off exclusivity today with ATT so that is fair game and has also been shot in the wild so there is def info on that one.  I would imagine, even if the n900 is still exclusive, tmobile can say we will release it  on this day (some day after the exclusivity ends).  I’m just so tired of seeing these amazing phones released overseas, then take anywhere from 6 months to a year to reach the US and even then for some odd reason Tmobile makes mods to the original great phone and provides no elite phones.  Case in point, Galaxy S2 came how long after it was released everywhere else around the world?  HTC S got released quickly but sucks compared to the one x or the version going to att.

        • Deaconclgi

          That would be the L900 (Lumia 900) that you both are referring to and NOT the N900/n900. (Nseries)

          The N900 runs Maemo6 and even though it still outclasses a lot of devices, it will NOT be coming to T-Mobile.Though I do enjoy using my N900 on T-Mo with speeds up to 10Mbps, faster than this new device…it really is a tank in size and features. :)

          I know, the Prism can’t be compared as the N900 was highend 2 years ago and going for $600-$700 unlocked.

  • TMoFan

    I’d rather see the huawei ascend d quad make its way to Magenta. Figure that wouldn’t be a problem since Huawei is looking to expand and T-Mobile is in need of some high end phones.

  • a 600mhz cpu? did they gut a g1 and just make a new case for it? really? did i mention a 600mhz cpu? W*F?

  • Gouv

    Not a bad device for Tweens. I can see this selling well to families with middle school / high school students. Nice little starter phone indeed.

  • Get_at_Me

    there’s def a market for lowend smartphones, but customers tend to come in and complain about performance on those types of devices….the blaze seems to offer a really good value right now….highend performance without breaking the bank

  • None

    Someone is comfusing May 1st with April 1st.

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  • believe it or not: my girlfriend really wants this phone on our value plan…
    actually i think this spec/price combination is JUST PERFECT for her use…