T-Mobile Marketing Chief Cole Brodman Retires, Leaving End Of May

T-Mobile USA Marketing Chief Cole Brodman is leaving the company later this month, T-Mobile confirmed early this morning. Brodman held the position of T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing officer for a little less than two years having spent almost 17 years with the company. Brodman will step down as of May 25th, though he will continue as a strategic advisor according to T-Mobile Chief Executive Philip Humm.

“It’s a retirement from T-Mobile,” said Brodman, 46, in an interview. “It’s an opportunity to step away, get a break and start to think about how I want to do something next.” He said he hadn’t yet determined what his next job would be.

Brodman’s move comes days after T-Mobile premiered a “revamped” marketing effort featuring an edgier Carly as T-Mobile hopes to differentiate itself further from the competition. Brodman says T-Mobile will increase its media spending this year and work to make sure the company has strong-selling handsets that aren’t the iPhone. He also highlighted T-Mobile’s refarming efforts to “more closely resemble AT&T’s helping to reel in existing iPhone users drawn to T-Mobile’s service plans.

“We’ll become a great home for a lot of customers,” said Brodman. “You’ll see us being aggressive in the second half of the year talking about that capability.”

Brodman said that T-Mobile would like to offer the iPhone, but that T-Mobile has yet to reach an agreement with Apple that made financial sense. “The management team will not mortgage the future of the business for a bad economic deal,” he said.

Brodman will be replaced by Andrew Sherrard on an interim basis while the company looks for a permanent replacement.


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  • wsj

    Lets see, DT has a  larger subscriber base then either AT&T or Verizon, TMUSA cannot get the iPhone.  I have never understood, with DT marketpower why TMUSa is not able to get the iPhone, except for the management is TMUSA.  Now the first C-level “retires.”  TMUSA need more retirements if that what it is going to take to get devices the marketplace wants and that iPhone, sorry Android fanboys.

    • Because DT isn’t putting any money into their US body, never mind that the US branch is profitable and is a viable entity should they try a little harder to make it grow.

      • Rayen321

        They should have but they will not. 

    • LinuxFrenzy

      Maybe because T-Mobile doesn’t want to sell their soul to Apple like Sprint did.Of course people want the iPhone.Maybe you should ask Apple on why they havent included frequencies compatible with T-Mobile.So in all it is not T-Mobile’s fault here but Apple.

      • wsj

        Lets see, DT has 328 Million subscribers, Verizon 108 Million, AT&T 100 Million.  I do not think with with DT’s 328 Million base that it would be too hard to tell, that’s right tell (market power) Apple to make them a phone if they really wanted to.

        • Hmmm, last I checked Deutsche Telekom only had 128 million total subscribers worldwide.

        • wsj

          Sorry, relied on Wikipedia.  Should have went to Dt annual report for the 128 number, Noticed that they were carrying TMUSA as discontinued operation

  • Tatdude806

    Don’t let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out!

  • Taron19119

    Im happy hope we get someone that well get the best phones out

  • TheReder

    Is your big announcement that you’re taking his job?

    • They should hire me, shouldn’t they? :-)

      •  that would be so Awesome and smart if they did hire you David! – D  a true supporter instead of a bunch of executives who don’t really seem to care about their own company succeeding.  Maybe you could convince DT to invest more money into its USA business…

  • Pikachu

    When I read that somebody in marketing was on their way I was like FINALLY… maybe we get some new ideas out there… Secondly, T-Mobile doesn’t need somebody in their late 40’s in top level marketing… Old man, old ideas. Lets get a new jack in there and watch how fast we get the iPhone.

    “The management team will not mortgage the future of the business for a bad economic deal,” he said.
    So basically think of the big four having houses.. T-Mobiles house is pretty run down and doesn’t have that many modern features that attract people to come and party. Basically they are saying they don’t want to sink in money to get their house ready for a party…. lmao

    • Guest

      I think the analogy goes something like…. “We’d rather invest in the plumbing and new electrical wiring before we layer on additional floors and fully remodel the decor.”  In the end, people won’t pay premium rent for a house with poor lighting, rusty faucets, and low water flow.

    • Oldman

      46 doesn’t seem so old…..at least not to this 45 year old.

  • T.

    A little “yes” the two years huh?  C’mon son, step your article writing game up!

    • Jays_on

      Nice to know there are still people like you out there that don’t make mistakes.

      • T.

        Exactly, since I publish for other to read all the time.  If this is your profession, then take a little more pride in your work.  That’s a ridiculous mistake which could have been avoided with a little more effort.

  • Olber Ramirez

    thanks god that jackass is leaving he was killing t-mobile 

  • Nick

    “retirement from t-mobile.”  sounds like a marketing guy to me.

    In otherwords, he’s quitting to take time off before starting his next job.

  • hudi g

    They keep talking up this “refarming effort” but we have yet to see a major announcement of cities where, or dates when, they are planning to launch this restructured network.

    • Guest

      Spectrum transfer from AT&T was just approved by the FCC last week.

    • real989

      i live in mobile al and ive seen alot of tmobile techs lately i asked on of them and he told me their currently working on it nationwide as we speak 

  • Gwapo


  • About time!

  •  Good!  this guy has done almost nothing to propel T-Mobile USA to where it should be.

  • TMoFan

    Nothing personal against Mr. Brodman, but T-Mobile is in desperate need of fresh ideas. I’d like to see more executives leave and make room for some new people.

  • Dnemphos

    Omg best news ever!

  • Winski


    FINALLY, the dumbest marketing guy in the history of mankind BITES THE DUST !!!

  • pokeflute

    Good this guy didn’t do anything good for T-mobile but spend the money

  • Happy

    I wouldnt call carrying the most successful phone ever “a bad economic deal”.

    • smylax

      It has been for sprint. Look at their financials… now they are gaining customers but hemorrhaging money… verizon is feeling it too, look at their earnings report and the reason they state… subsidizing the iphone makes it very un-profitable for the carriers. Its only profitable for apple…

  • omnirep

    Sad to see- People are losing their jobs. 2012 is a rebuilding year.

  • Youngt82

    Another way of saying “T-Mobile isnt getting nowhere and will lose to the competition, so its time to step down and retire” smh haha

    • Grammarpolice


  • Youngt82

    Like they say “Can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen” lol

  • Johnny Brown

    “It’s a retirement from T-Mobile,”… (read: “I was told to step down, or they’ll have to let me go”)

  • Youngt82

    Last comment but i would really laugh if i see him moving on to one of the other carriers like Verizon or AT&T haha

    • Johnny Brown

      I’m not sure if the would even take him…

    • Guest

      highly unlikely at his level — non-compete clauses would certainly keep him from going to another carrier for three years or so

  • JBLmobileG1

    I think it is a wise decision on Tmobile’s part to not just jump in bed with Apple but to get a deal that won’t cripple Tmobile even more than it has been after the failed buyout. For everyone that wants an iphone so bad either goto a different carrier or buy one outright that’s unlocked and use it on Tmobile. Trust me you don’t want Tmobile to give up the farm so they can carry the iphone.

    • Johnny Brown

      I second that… especially with the refarming not too far off. I think people who really want to use the iPhone on T-Mobile’s network will get one unsubsidized anyway. Or at the very least fulfill their current contracts to get it unlocked. Or unlock it by nefarious means… the 1 million+ iPhone uses on TMo’s network already proved that.

      The downside about that is, that’s 1 million+ that may or may not be locked into a post-paid contract.

      • Littlesis1774

         Look at how many customers they have lost because of it

        • Johnny Brown

          I actually agree with that. I have no doubt about it, T-Mobile absolutely NEEDS the iPhone. In actuality, they needed it as soon as AT&T’s exclusivity period ended. It would bring in even more customers and the current off-contract T-Mobile/iPhone customers would even probably go as far as locking into new contracts.

          The fact of the matter is that bowing down to Apple now will cripple them, So they are doing the right thing at the moment. I feel like they are trying to go in the right direction as far as the new marketing campaign is concerned, but until they are in a position they can reasonably offer the iPhone, they need to do more: 

          -Continue to work on their refarming and LTE efforts.. then market the hell out of it when it goes live.

          -Naturally they need to work on their spotty coverage.

          -At some point they are going to have to really emphasize the hell out of their value.

          -It wouldn’t hurt to try to land the other big phones that other carriers seem to get first. (Like the Note)  The One S isn’t a slouch by any means, (Neither are the Galaxy S or Amaze and the such.) but there’s no reason that T-Mobile shouldn’t have gunned for the One X, there should be no reason that they couldn’t at least put in an offer for exclusivity for the Note or get the Lumia 900. And there should have been no reason whatsoever that everyone else released the Galaxy S II months before T-Mobile.

          But ehhh… What do I know? HAHA  

  • Lnxarep643867

    i’m just sitting out until the announcement is made that the company as a whole is shutting down–with the Lenexa,KS center closing i’m set to relocate and start at the Charleston,SC center July 1st….

  • TmobileHELPME

    HURRAY!  But tell me this = if your new strategy is talking about how great Tmobile 4G is – why are your reps on the Tmobile forums telling customers who are experiencing SMS failures on their Smartphones that all they  need to do is turn off 4G whenever they want to send a text. tmo_alicia_b1,579 posts since Aug 5, 2011
    Hi nyroman,     Both the Galaxy S 4G, and the Exhibit II have known issues with text messaging. As a work around on the Exhibit II, you can put your device on 2G only. From the Home screen, press the Menu key.Tap Settings.Tap Wireless and Networks.Tap Mobile Networks.Tap Network mode.Tap GSM Only.

  • Ponderingtheiphone

    Funny Tmobile ECR told me to switch carriers when I called to report a problem with my device…which now seems to be one of many issues Tmobile admits but refuses to do anything about.

  • Salesrep

    fired or quit…..garbage..

    • Littlesis1774

       I am betting on his was fired but PR team went into overdrive to say that it was an retirement.

  • Salesrep

    fired or quit…..garbage..

  • Frigadroid

    Hallelujah!!! I’m glad to see someone who didn’t keep their word go! I hope this is a trend toward new faces & new ideas for corporate t-mobile :-)

  • Wb78

    I wonder what kind of golden parachute he will receive for accomplishing absolutely nothing.

    Yeah, don’t “mortgage the future” with the iphone…just mortgage it by doing nothing at all.

  • Eddie

    I am so happy I see this guy is leaving because he downgrade it t moblie trust me . He keep bring low end phones . Now I want see Rene oberman leaving to because he is cheap he like to invest money in t moblie in europ like u.k German and France . I want to see t moblie CEO like Dan Hesse he is smart . Look sprint they keep gain Costomers .

    • Getaclue

      Do you think that the marketing department actually is involved with what phones they get?
      Think hard

      • Eddie

        Yes they do involved to trust me look his hands carrying two shity
        Phones .

        • smylax

          Amaze and gs2 shitty? Troll…

        • UMA_Fan

          Those ARE good phones but I laughed at his comment.

        • zeth006

          “Yes they do involved to trust me look his hands carrying two shity 

          Phones .”
          The world is flat and Elvis is still alive. Trust me.

          Nah. You’re full of it like every other armchair expert.

    • kalel

       Dan Hesse hasn’t had a single profitable quarter since he’s been CEO.  I guess if you want a company that is always losing money then Dan’s your guy.  Sprint lost $1.6 billion last quarter.  Glad you don’t make the decisions for T-mobile’s employees. 

    • Guest

      This is so wrong on many levels I believe it is a joke

    • Romalhunter

      But losing money.

  • Manusferrera

    sinking ship

  • stevejobbed

    I don’t think T-Mobile’s marketing leadership is the core problem, but rather a lack of resources. I mean this $200 million re branding campaign sounds impressive right?
    Until you consider:

    -T-Mobile has never spent more than $400 million in an entire year
    -In 2011, At&t spend $2.9 billion on advertising, Verizon $2.4 billion, sprint $1.5 billion

    You see how a major marketing push from magenta is but a drop in the hat to its competitors.
    Classic champagne expectations on a beer budget. 

    • Get_at_Me

      Its so tough…those marketing numbers are staggering when you laid it out like that..How much did TMO spend in 2011?…Marketing has always been a pitfall of T-Mobile’s….I mean look at the other companies TV commercials and compare them to what TMO is currently running….That pretty much says it all.  TMO has been profitable largely due to their lack of spending (and recent moves will have them spending less in certain areas)….In the wireless game though, just because you remain profitable, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “successful”….TMO can’t continue on the same path and expect better results (subscriber gains)….They have to spend more $$$ in one way or another.  People arent just going to magically switch from other carriers….It would be nice to see TMO expand its network (instead of making data speeds faster in populous areas)

  • Littlesis1774


  • Lani

    Tmobile USA actually had a paid Chief Marketing Officer to handle Marketing?  O_o

    As you can tell from previous posts from me, I’ve been saying it forever… Tmobile USA needs to clean house in their marketing department, like 5 years ago, and get some new young blood in the Tmobile USA company. 

    Its time for Hum Ding’er to only create and develop #1 mobiles with their longtime manfs.  Tmobile USA needs to stop thinking from the bottom of the totem pole and think bigger and brighter to flourish.  #1 shouldn’t be reserved for all other mobile companies. 

    Creating mobiles isn’t a new thing.  Hum Ding’er needs to get off the golf course and pay attention to business by creating the best mobiles or hire young blood, and stop doing the “I know it all” method of business all the time.

    Marketing starts with a great product.  Start selling all #1 made mobiles and you’ll see the Tmobile USA Store Reps start being proud of the products they are trying to sell.

    Apple never made a mobile long ago.  Apple may have never made a mobile, but designed one to be #1, not #7.  There is no excuse for a Mobile CEO to not get out there with great companies and help design what will sell as #1.

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  • Mark Hennessey


    T-Mo “marketing” has been, um, less than good under his watch.

  • oneiopen

    Its not like he did a good job anyway, how long has t-mobiles marketing sucked?

  • Lani

    Then again, we can’t blame Cole Brodman for the last 2 years of Tmobile USA marketing.  Cole Brodman probably had his hands tied by Hum Ding’er, as always having the last word, as with most corps.

    Last year with the little AT&T fiasco did not do any good for marketing Tmobile USA, as we all thought Tmobile USA was on their way out when Hum Ding’er was basically trying to give Tmobile USA away.

    As some of you know, it starts with product.  Got good products, then your advertisement doesn’t have to say much (like iPad Billboards).  If a company has to take the elementary school kid route and pout and try to prove to everyone “No I’m better!(mobiles, faster data, more slow4G in more-places)”, then you probably have to make up for inferior products that can’t sell themselves through simple world of mouth from customers.

    Still wish Tmobile always tried to sell the #1 Mobile from every manf.  Yes Tmobile has a few that stand out, but not enough.  Store reps will tell you they wish they had more #1 mobiles from every manf, than outdated discontinued mobiles on-hand to sell in their stores.

  • Ryanj

    Good riddance! He is a singularly ineffective person I have ever seen. He would only re-quote others’ stuff – never had a vision or strategy of any sort. He has a way of surrounding himself with people who always say “yes”. This has created an industry of goons. At the long last the European Humm has realized that he is getting sucked into this “yes” person vortex and had gone for the throat. I am looking forward to more productive environment.

  • Strategic Advisor??????Advisors like that just kill the company. They need someone who will bring in the top of the line devises before they become antiques. T-Mobile has to go after the customers who want to spend their money on great phones. Forget this low class phone crap, they need an entire new look on the Mobile Industry. I know I will spend more money to get what I want.. I want the best phone out there. If I have to jump ship then I will because from the looks of things T-Mobile will never get the great phones. Always picking up the left-overs. That just sucks.

  • moises1204

    Amen to that!!! hopefully tmobile gets some one that really knows what he is doing.