T-Mobile CEO Sends Out Personal Note, Thanks You For Being A Customer

In what can only be attributed to yesterdays disappointing showing by T-Mobile in the JD Power award category for best wireless customer care, Chief Executive Philip Humm has sent (all T-Mobile) customers a “personal note.” I think it’s clear that this statement is a direct response to the customer response popping up online in the last 24 hours regarding T-Mobile’s fourth place showing.

On a side note, I think those of you in the comments who are only pointing fingers at customer service employees are missing what is in my eyes, the big picture. Yes, of course there are bad apples working in customer service for T-Mobile, as there are for every company on earth. However, employees are only as good as the tools they have to work with and the fees, policies, procedures and overall changes in the call centers that took place during 2011 for T-Mobile caused a stark change in call center behavior. The AT&T-takeover game is likely the ultimate culprit here as T-Mobile sought to enact policies that were unlike anything T-Mobile customers were accustomed to. I’m not excusing the notion that employees are responsible for their own actions and overall attitude during a customer service phone call, but I think this JD Power award is a reflection on the policies and procedures that were enacted over the course of the last 12 months and how T-Mobile made the best of a sticky situation.

That being said, I have faith in Humm when he says that “T-Mobile is here, in fighting shape, and we’ll compete aggressively to continue earning your business and meeting your expectations.” Those are brave words for certain and now he’ll have to live up to them.

Thanks Sidekicker for the image!

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  • Spanky

    The question is whether T-Mobile will “compete aggresively” to provide the service that they were once known for or to find the next potential buyer. The answer remains to be seen.

    • Littlesis1774

      Agreed T-mobile needs to compete aggressively with everything. They need to prove their customer service. They need LTE, better phones selection that includes high end android and iphones. They need to give people a reason to switch from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. They quit on the restoration fee which just jacking up the phone bill forcing to the customer to leave. One last thing they need to do is FIRE PHILLIP HUMM. 

      • Damien

         You want LTE, better phones, the Iphone which costs companies more, and do it at the cheapest rate in the industry.  What’s wrong with HSPA+ for now?  It does 14-17mbps in download speeds for the SGS2 and Amaze.  What are you doing that you need faster data?  You didn’t agree with Spanky at all.  Old T-mobile is the same T-mobile in products and service but different in policy and customer service.   Going back to the old T-mobile doesn’t do almost everything you asked for.

        • Anonymous

          It’s almost impossible at this point to ensure a solid competitive future.  They are at a huge spectral disadvantage with how much AWS crap they bought, and how unlikely it is for manufacturers to naturally include that in their radios  SOC’s at this point in time (that may change soon though).  Also AWS specturm for facilitated use on a mobile network (especially the bands they got) really suck in comparison to 850 mhz and / or 700 mhz that their major competitors are hogging up.  Secondly, T-Mobiles customer base is very high risk, t-mobile has never been afraid to take on high risk, lower-credit customers.  Its safe to assume thats where a majority of their churn and pure subsidy loss comes from.  They are smaller and are less engraved into the enterprise market like their competitors.  Lastly, they tend to get shafted or are very cheap in selecting devices for their network, the other networks spend way more on awesome devices because they have more money.

          It’s taken too long to grow t-mobile the way it should have.  They have come a long way, sure i’ll give that to them, but its not enough for them to stay truly competitive (meaning profitable)

          Many of you seem to think that because they are cheaper that they are copmetitive, well I hate to break it to you but that means they are making way less with high risk customers that may default on their first bill.  

          The bigger guys make more money per customer and have wayyy more customers.  Poor T-Mobile has less than half the customers and they pay wayyyy less per month.  The other companies are not struggling or hurting for money.  Sure AT&T had a significant loss but that’s because of the deal with tmo going sour.  T-Mobile’es competitors are still sitting on way more profit than T-mobile is, and that’s the problem.  

          It would be nice for them to go back to their old ways, but i don’t think that’s enough, they need to fold and start over imo.

  • Rickster21

    i would like to talk with him about why i’m disappointed with t-mobile.

    • pdxDavid

       Write the message on a piece of paper, stick it in a bottle and throw it is some water, doesn’t matter if it is river, ocean, bathtub, whatever.  Same effect.  They don’t care.  They won’t care. 

  • JBLmobileG1

    Well said David. Now let’s get Tmobile back on track and make 2012 the year for Tmobile to prove themselves and show others WHY we are Tmobile customers.

  • Dcramer27

    I hate to say it but after countless years and all my tmobile defense over said years i am abandoning this sinking ship and swimming over to sprint…….. 

    • you will regret that.

      • Guest

        I doubt it. Sprint isn’t the same like they were a few years ago. Looks like tmobile is taking their place. The only downside is their data is kinda slow.

        • Anonymous

          Sprint has LTE in my city. Woohoo! I am just waiting to swap out my GSM Galaxy Nexus on T-Mobile for Sprint’s LTE version.

        • well it’s the lesser of two evils lol .. not entirely sure how neither of us are better off :)

  • TheWayOfThings

     I have absolutely no faith in the words of this man. This is the same Philip Humm, who at this time last year was saying how T-Mobile is going to take the fight to the competition, especially AT&T, and T-Mobile will become a force to be reckoned with.. only to announce a couple of months later that T-Mobile is going to be sold to AT&T…I firmly believe that Humm has zero integrity and will sell out T-Mobile USA at the first good opportunity. Until then, T-mobile will continue to follow a policy of fast money grabs and locking customers into contracts where they have no choice but to take the reaming that T-Mobile will surely give them…

     I really hope that I’m wrong and Humm takes the JDP loss to heart and fixes this broken machine, but at this point I have no reason to believe otherwise.

    To be honest, I can’t figure out why Humm still has a job. I mean seriously, in the time that he’s run this company, he’s flushed it down the toilet; record-breaking churn and going from the top of customer service to the bottom… In One YEAR?!! C’mon, if you performed this miserably at your job, wouldn’t you be sh!t-canned in a heartbeat?!!

    • Guest

      Exactly! He needs to go! Nicely put!

  • Chad

    Well as happy as I am that Humm took the time to do this and to address customers… let’s be real. Talk is cheap, so let’s start seeing some action Humm.

    • Guest

      He’s only doing to save face (and his job). It means nothing! He is a liar and honestly, a crappy ceo. Will be glad to see him go soon enough…

      • Anonymous

        When is he going to leave?

    • Rmark1880

      I doubt he took the time to write this garbage. They pay marketing people to write the PR. Then they paste a goofy photo and stamp his signature. He probably just had to approve this drivel.

  • Sidekicker89

    Omg thank the Lord for @sidekicker89 for checking his email during his German class!! ;)

  • P.R.

    Maybe when they begin to treat customers as an essential part of their business, they might get back on track…, but as long as their “fighting shape” is against their customers, there will be no future for the company with sky high churn rates… 

    Its incredible how I tried to upgrade my phone yesterday and the CR shamelessly told me I had to pay $100 more than what a new customer has to pay, just because I got a “better price” when I signed up originally years ago. Don’t know where the logic is as upgrading the equipment is as expensive as paying the ETF to cancel the account and porting the number to a carrier who has better signal.

    • Damien

       If you have an ETF then you weren’t even eligible for a full upgrade, which you’ll be treated teh same with all the other carriers.   Good luck with that.

      • P.R.

        Actually at 18 months you’re elligible for partial discount and at 22 months for full upgrade discount, so you can still have a contract….

  • J man

    I am still waiting for tmobile to give back to the people who have been loyal to them. Seems they are more interested in new accounts then keeping old accounts around.

    • Sidekicker89

      Agreed, I think they should start a rewards program like US Cellular does… Kinda.. Maybe rewards for paying your bill on time and stuff.

      • LC

        Rewards for paying your bill on time? Why should you be rewarded for something you’re supposed to do? I would love to see a great loyalty program put in place but it needs to make sense.

  • Wilma Flintstone

    The Same Humm that was saying that “We need to merge with AT&T for Spectrum” during the FCC Hearing.  Humm has no merit behind the words he says anymore as far as I’m concerned.

  • Dave Macias

    if he sends me this letter i will not hesitate to reply about my many disappointments with T-Mobile recently, i been here for 6 Years and magenta can’t even give me a good way to upgrade my phone, no wonder why i always look to bring something from europe or japan.

  • Sfiij

    you wanna thank me. give me the gs3

  • Anonymous

    I’ve called recently and I’ve been connected to India. That’s the problem

  • Frigadroid

    I agree with you David about all the changes and not the employees being the problem. It’s policy not people that are the root cause.
    I have to disagree with you about faith in Mr. Humm. Since his arrival I haven’t noticed any, not even one change that benefits us. In my opinion he is a carpetbagger sent here by DT to do their dirty work. His venture capitalist attitude has only had a negative effect. I get the feeling tmobile employees don’t respect him and tmobile is no longer a happy place to work with proud employees.

    • Hectordones8

      i have been with tmobile since 2000 and never had a problem with CS, i say its more due to bad policy, the peaple working at tmobile are real peaple with familys giving there best to do there job so we can get good CS, its a changing world were we once only had simple cell phones for calling only now we have smart phone that can do what most computers cant and most of the peaple at tmobile may not have the right training to keep up with the high end smart phones so when thay get a call from someone that has never own a smart phone in there life the understanding on how to use it gets frustrating for the customer and CS and in all CS getting the bad rap for trying there best to help the customer out, this i know i am a customer and a happy one indeed with tmobile CS and tech support, and just to add to my happness with tmobile thay have never cut off my service even when i have been late on my bill.

  • dbjc62

    When I came tmo in 03 they 46 million customers . I’m still here – 13 million customers . I can’t believe how bad it’s gotten . And in the last year it has gotten worse . With the policy changes . I use to upgrade and had the E.I.P. to pay my phone . They told that’s only for new customers . Their attitude in CC is sad. This smartphone thing . I can’t get one to work for a year . That one might not there fault . But things have to change . Or they’re going to keep losing customers .

    • Umm, in 2003 they didn’t have 46 million customers. They had 7-8 million. Where are you getting your info?

      • Damien

         Yeah, they had increase in customers every single quarter until Q4 of 2010, which happens to be right after Humm changed T-mobile.

      • Halleypatterson

        Why are you being so catty, this is a public place for opinions, a person can make any comment they want.
        There is not going to be a test, nor does anyone really care if someones facts are not quite accurate when they are venting about an unpleasant experience with a company that we pay to provide us services.

        • Damien

           I think that distorting the facts by 6 fold is just not ignorance but flat out lying to make a point.  dbjc62 was wrong on the numbers and that T-mobile has lost customers.  They’ve lost customers but not until the last 5 quarters, when Humm took over.  Also, his number of customers is off by 20 million but who cares, it’s just a public forum right?  People who state “facts” should get called on their inaccuracies.  They can make any comment they want because it’s a public place but you admonish Respawn for correcting their facts?  That’s a little hypocritical don’t you think?

        •  Yeah but it would be nice if their comments had some factual information in them.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think they’ve ever had that many customers lmao!!!

  • They just don’t listen!

    Still no offers for current customers.  Maybe give us a deal on a new phone not a letter.  Still doesn’t get it. 

  • dbjc62

    Oh and btw !!! Now they want to charge for data roaming . REALLY !!!!!! THEY JUST GOT A BILLION $$$ IN SPECTRUM PLUS 3 BILLION IN CASH . PLUS THEY’RE GOING TO SELL TOWERS OH MY !!!!

    • Umm domestic data roaming is free. They aren’t going to charge for it. They’re simply limiting it, as ALL CARRIERS DO.

      The difference is with T-Mobile, they cut off your DATA until the end of the bill cycle. Go with Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint, and they’ll CUT OFF YOUR SERVICE.

      Might help if you THOUGHT about it ;)

      • Anonymous


        • Damien

           dbjc62 was wrong and respawn just corrected the statement, but that’s a great reply you had to her.  Maybe you should have replied “Stfu” to dbjc62 because they’re the one spouting FUD.

  • dbjc62

    Way to give us more customer service !

  • lattelady

    I thought it was just my imagination after so many years with TMO & enjoying outstanding service, it just seems to have vanished.  I’ve noticed it’s gone downhill over the past 3 years, but it’s gone to HORRIBLE in the last year.  I used to feel they truly valued my business & were “different”.  Now, simply lure in new customers, who gives a ….. about the old.  Sad.

  • Anonymous

    i didn’t get mine, and i’ve been with them since 1999′ and i spend $300+ with them per month between 3 lines(and one of them is a home phone phone line that cost $10.00 per month) but i don’t care, i love t-mobile.

    • William Cron

      Call into a customer care. They may have something for you if you’re willing to sign a new 2 year contract.

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Lol True

  • Minioninnc

    Now back up the letter with just some 3G coverage at least in my area. 

  • Matthewsj

    Bring me the HTC Titan or any other big screen 2nd Gen Windows Phone device and I’ll be a happy customer again.

  • DN

    I was a top ranking CSR who didnt like moving away from “the customer experiance” and into sell sell sell (sales), guess whos on unemployment now after 6 years of service to the company and its customers. T-mobile needs to go back to the customer is #1.

    • tmotech

       I would have “Liked” your comment, but I can’t like someone losing their job over caring too much about the customer. I feel you.

  • Derrickps3

    they need to treat the costumers who been with them for more than 2 years much better……give us discounts on our plans, upgrades etc……it is us, the loyal costumers of several years, paying bills on time, that is keeping this carrier afloat. if it wasn’t for us there would be no tmobile…..i am a tmobile fan and loyal costumer, but they gotta regain that great costumer service  as they used to have, you can’t be having people on CS acting flaw with bad attitudes when costumers call in because of a issue with their phone or service, we have the right to complain, and the CS representatives should be the professionals as they should be and handle us regardless of any situation, i was not suprised when i read their CS came in fourth place. i believe tmo will regain the much popularity again and also bring out some good phones as the months and years go by

    • G4th

      If you as a customer can find better value somewhere? What’s holding you back- move on please! Free Marketing isn’t it?

      • G4th

        Sorry. Free Market is the correct word

  • Concerned

    More empty words from the same man who summarized 2011 as a “great year” for T-Mobile. Color me unimpressed.

  • AM Gone

    I have been with this company since the PowerTel and VoiceStream days.  While I have noticed a drop in CS, I have no issue with that.  What bothers me most is sh&tty nationwide coverage and second/third tier phone offerings.  If TM does not get the Galaxy Note, I am a goner, I can no longer conduct my business and continue to tell my clients; Sorry my phone doesn’t’ work in your area. 

  • FormerPink

    Having worked there for over 6+ years, I don’t believe a word of it. I really enjoyed my time there to though, until Humm and Company came in. They did everything possible to offload TMO right when we were on the cusp of greatness. Good network, Great Customer Service, Good Devices, it was all lining up, then blam! Now they want to do everything possible to win not just customers over, but employees too. Last week was my last day there. I miss the Dotson years for sure, and god only knows what it will look like in the coming years. All in, I don’t trust Humm one bit.

  • Richards360

    from someone who has been in cs back to the Voicestream , the perception a lot of us got on the floor was  that the powers that be didn’t want “personal” interactions  any more just much “more transactional” and sell, sell, sell. I’ve so far barely  survived,  but I’ve seen the people that  treat the customers  the best,  and give most compassion and patience  wind up like DM.  Meanwhile  the “car  salesman types” thrive. It  sends quite a message. 

  • Lazera Thompson

    so can i haz the Galaxy Nexus now???? 

    • Kevinmarchibald

       Speaking of which, are there any cool phones expected in the next year on T-Mobile (that won’t be gimped to work with HSPA+ 42/84)? For work reasons, I’m interested in Bluetooth 4.0 enabled phones.

      I’m not really interested in the rumored HTC phones (Ville, Elite, Endeavor, Supreme, Fireball, etc) because ICS-based Sense 4.0 doesn’t sound promising. I’d either want to go stock ICS or at most, ICS-based TouchWiz. The LG G2x was nearly stock but pretty buggy, so if T-Mobile gets the LG X3, I wouldn’t have a lot of confidence in it. The Lumia 900 wouldn’t be bad, but since I recently left Microsoft, I wouldn’t be eager to pay to use a Windows Phone, even though I think the Zune phone and PC clients are very good.

      Guessing we won’t hear anything definitive until March/April, and could be later with the Galaxy S3, especially any kind of T-Mobile announcement, based on what happened with the S2.

  • 4g

    I saw NOTE and got excited. Drats.

    • Anonymous

      yeah me to!  I need that phone in my life, but i wont leave tmo to get it!

      • 4g

        Ikr. I’ve been using the sensation xl for a while now ans the edge is nor that bad. Actually it’s kind of quick. I might the att note and run it on tmo.

  • Anonymous

    been with tmo since the first sidekick, no complaints!  Now, they may have a few associates that don’t have a clue…I know, I ran into them at the store and on the phone; but that dosen’t give me the right to pass judgement on tmo because a couple of associates choose to excerise poor judgement. I was going to leave tmo because I want the galaxy note on at&t, then I thought about all the money I saved.  Why try to fix something that ain’t broken…right?  My only problem with tmo is they lack of high end phones, and when they do get them, its late.  I really hope the add that galaxy note to there line up

    • Scarfacemario

      Wow I agree with you 100%

  • Anonymous

    yeah me to

  • pdxDavid

    I have no faith in what Humm says here.  This is just a media pitch and nothing more.  If they could get sell T-Mobile USA to your grandma they would do it.  I have been with them since Voicestream.  I have always been somewhat disappointed, mainly with the coverage.  I should be able to go in to a business and be as annoying as everyone else is on their phone.

    He tried to bail on us, and if it weren’t for being locked in to a contract I would be bailing on him.  I cannot believe a company would put in place data on phones that are not paying for it, make you pay for it, even when you call and tell them you did not agree to it.  Then when it shows up on the bill next time they say, “oh ya, it will be refunded next month.  That is bullshit.  It should have been refunded the second I called. No later. No wait.

    I went in to the store looking at the new phones, we have 4 lines +home phone. What I understand as full upgrade eligible on a couple.  Used to be you could get one and stretch the payments out on your bill, now they wanted full payment, plus and 18 upgrade fee.  So, I am paying an extra 18 to get a new phone and extend the contract.  That doesn’t seem right.  I thought they did away with that stupid upgrade fee a couple years ago.

    All they are doing is grabbing every dime they can reach.  It’s not a good place to be anymore. 

  • kresk

    Overall my T-Mobile experience since 04 has been great. They were the only company at the time that didn’t want a deposit and I feel lucky to have stumbled upon this service provider. I Changed my plan a couple times, (I’ve been on the same plan now for at least 4yrs), got a new phone every two yrs, and service has only gotten better in my area. All this stuff unraveling about the company hasn’t effected me thankfully. Point being, I’m down with T-Mobile and I plan on being with them for the long term.

  • Anonymous

    Phillips job in the first place was to make sure T-Mobile USA was sold and destroyed, I’m sure the board didn’t even think once about us “the people” but just only how much are we worth when selling to AT&T, now that that scheme was foiled you wanna be my friend smiling with the top button unbuttoned on your shirt in that picture trying to look peaceful and relaxed, there to understand us, no way Humm, I’ll continue doing business with t-mobile but wont trust you, I’ll continue making friends at your stores and them adding discounts to my account.

    • Guest

      Wow, run-on sentence much?

      • Anonymous

        Yup, didn’t know I was being graded.

  • KingKahuna

    I’ll be gone as soon as my contract expires. After wow, 8+ years.

    Why?? Customer service is faltering. The once friendly and helpful staff is no more. Was offered a booster the other day to boost house signal. Oops. Had to sign up for two years again, on ALL FOUR lines! I told them I’d rather take the cheap iPhones at Verizon AND get a good signal at my house without the additional equipment.

    The iPhone?? I simply don’t see why, with 4 Macs, 2 iPads and a unlocked 3G in the house, I should be dicking around trying to sync an Android, while iPhone syncing is only one click away. I’ve got more problems with my Android smart phones than I had with my first Kyocera Palm phone. The brick sized one.

    You used to be able to bring a phone tot he store and they’d upgrade it for you. Remember those days?? Now they just want you to buy a new phone and “right size” your account…

    Verizon and I will be friends. For a while at least.

    • pdxDavid

       Could not agree more. I work in a basement.  I am the only one that doesn’t get a signal.  Why? I am the only sucker on T-Mobile.  I have dead zones in my house.  I live on top of a hill.  There are no obstructions. I have one year left on my last 2 year contract.  Been with them for 10+ years. 

    • Anonymous

      Same here.

      Been with TMo since it was Omnipoint…into my 15th year and I’ll be gone this summer- soon as my ETF drops to a $100.

      Android is simply awful…burns through a battery in no time, still can’t enter a simple proxy address, and of late Google Services constantly crashes.

      IPhone here I come..it will join my iPad and later this year, my iMac.

      • Techhi

        Iphone = tiny screen – I was aatt customer/Cingular for 10 Years and now with tmoble and I get better faster service in my south Jersey area so I’m happy with my GS2 with Limited everything at $60

  • Mtriojas27

    Start getting top of the line phones, and better signal, cause a lot of the time I’m in a building and can’t get no service.

  • Anonymous

    Ahhhhh…. I was waiting for this moment to come after the JD power let-down.  It came a bit sooner than i thought

    This is usually a sign that the executive board knows that trouble has arisen and that they have fouled up and are taking the extra step in assuring the customer base that they don’t suck ass (which the current management totally suck ass imo).

    These things only happen when the fresh fecal matter starts hitting the fan.  CEO’s typically shouldn’t have to address their “fighting shape” to the customer base.  Such a sad case indeed…

    To me this translates to:

     ” Sorry we didn’t successfully off-load you guys but we need you for now and sorry that we were so confident we were getting rid of this burden of a company that we allowed ourselves to give up because we didn’t want to exist and keep this running anymore.  Thanks for sticking around now that we have no choice but to keep this up (it’s just a shame the easy way out failed)… thanks a bunch guys for being crazy enough to stay with us and our rapidly declining customer service.  We are clearly ready and in fighting shape regardless of what it really looks like.  Now that we let you down, hopefully you’ll give us a second chance to suck less.”


    The problems that made them consider selling are still there, if they ditch DT and go public and offer an I.P.O they may be saved and truly offer a revolutionary brand and service.  

    Read between the lines, the significant drop in JD powers isn’t the only warning sign.  

    I’m sure my new frenemy @Tbyrne:disqus  will somehow disagree with the obvious and everything I’ve state but he’s actually dedicated to the current infrastructure somehow (for some reason   
     beyond the scope of reason and logic).

    I still feel really bad for the employees, especially customer service and sales.  They deal with the most crap and angry, dissatisfied customers.  

    • Tbyrne

      Gouvy don’t! I have this fantasy that deep inside, you want T-Mobile to rebound and be the company it once was and could be again. But I understand. Once a dog gets kicked around too much by it’s Master, it doesn’t trust anyone. It starts biting, not only at it’s Master, but anyone who comes (posts) by. Gouvy, don’t rob me of my fantasy. Just throw me a freaking bone for now and give me ONE thing you do like about T-Mobile. Please, for the love of……..

      • Anonymous

        well, since the love of “…..” is at stake, than i better take this seriously!! i mean you only have so many dots you come across in a lifetime worthy of love……….

        Also, i’ll allow me to be part of your fantasy.Ok here goes, the one thing i like about t-mobile is that they have carried bare and plain android phones like the g1 and g2.  Other than that I like their price point but I know they are using that as a crutch, so it makes me not like it at the same time.  Basically, everything else i would let fold and rebuild….

        • Tbyrne

          Thanks Gouv! That was a morsal, but it was tasty nonetheless.

  • Winski

    Mr. Humm sending me a personal note IS A LIE.

  • anfrey

    i did not get a personal letter from anyone at t-mobile…

  • Anonymous

    David:  You actually fall for PR notes like this?  

    T-Mobile has been “fighting,” for years.  They just REFUSE to spend the money it takes to truly build out their network.  They refused to compete against Verizon and AT&T for the greenfield 700 MHz spectrum when they SHOULD HAVE. 

    And recently in an attempt to show everyone how little they care about our network experience they limit data roaming to 2002 levels.  

    They have to get real.  I know its expensive but they have no choice but to make a large needed investment in their network.  They’ve been asleep at the wheel while the others grew their networks and made large customer and spectrum acquisitions.  

    They need to buy Dish’s 700 and 2.6 GHz spectrum and make their move now. 

    • I don’t fall for them, but I’ve had enough conversations with “higher-ups” since the AT&T deal fell apart to know there are those who truly understand what needs to be done in order to get T-Mobile back in shape. I don’t “fall” for notes such as this, I’ll “fall” for results, like reclaiming a top position in JD Power. However, I do appreciate a CEO who at least attempts to reach out to the customer, it’s more than most CEO’s would do.

      • Guest

        oh please! He’s just covering his own ass so the board doesn’t remove him. Kramer from Seinfeld could have done a better job as CEO.

        • Frigadroid

          Kramer would probably have good coffee and donuts to offer so the customers would get cozy and spend some money. Oh and good fruit too kramer knows his fruit. Funny enough he most likely would create a buzz, I believe he would be a better CEO.

    • Anonymous

      PHEWWWW!!! where are they going to get the resources for such a purchase.  These poor dreamers don’t have the resources the other guys have to just throw money around in an auction.  It takes money to make money and sadly DT is crippling these guys.

    • Goliaththegreat

       The Roaming terms where changed because this cost us more then 200 Million to upkeep said Data, and about only .3% of users will be effected by the Data Service terms. This will save us $87 Million this Calendar year and $100+ Next year, also the Tower Sale, and other things are helping us Raise alot of money. This will allow us to spread out Spectrum.. And to get the Phones that you guys want. As Far as the iPhone…. We could get it the iPhone 5 hat is.. however we may pass due to cost… Better Phones out there. Plus we DO NOT MAKE MONEY ON PHONES LIKE OTHER COMPANIES HAVE TO.. we make 100% profit off of services. Yes Sprint Got the stupid iPhone and alot of people signed up with them…. however did they make money on it. The answer is no, Sprint won’t make money on that iPhone investment for about 2 years iPhone 5 not included… thats if they don’t run out Cash by then…Also the IVR will be changed to be much better very very soon.

      Also Alto of the policy changes that where made where done to keep the company afloat….and to customer abuse..(Such as you ther customer calling to scam on the 3 exchanges within 90’s for “Free” upgrade alternate exchange.. that’s Over with.. your phone is messed up YOU WILL HAVE TO PROVE IT by SIMPLE troubleshooting now, and that’s NOT a lot to ask of )..and to be honest we have been giving out the farm for so long its sad… however there was a betterway of locking up the “Shed”…. Upper management is know starting to understand that this isn’t Europe where you change stuff and people go with it… Alot of that Old TMO is coming back… and supposedly, better mainstream marketing aswell…  Thats all for now

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I need to be Tmobile CEO.  Talk about Competitive:

    FIRST thing I’d do is Get the iPhone (Even though it’s not a phone I’m interested in, I know it has a HUGE following). 

    Second thing is get the CURRENT Customers some actual deals and none of the read-between-the-lines type of thing along with rearranging the plan pricing (That has creeped up in price over the years).

    Third thing is to get better coverage in the areas that are struggling to keep even a 2G signal. 

    Fourth thing, get better phones and MARKET THEM IN PUBLIC TV COMMERCIALS, NOT JUST INTERNET ADS!!!  (I would’ve put this as third but it makes no sense to have awesome phones and crappy signal.  If I get the phones, I want them to work for Everyone ESPECIALLY after what I’m dealing with now with my 7th HD2 replacement).

    Fifth thing, Get rid of the outsourcing of CS and bring jobs back into the states.

    Sixth thing is to get rid of these Tiered data plans and bring back True Unlimited 3G/4G data.

    As CEO of Tmobile US, I’ll make you proud to be a Tmobilian!!!  A Competitive Vote for me is a Competitive Vote indeed. :D

    Vote Wilma Flintstone for Tmobile CEO 2012!!!

    • Anonymous

      The fact that you have an HD2 with windows mobile proves you really are from the stone age, Wilma.  It also disqualifies you and shows you are an incompetent leader for owning such a piece of old crap.  Why??  t-mobile should let you of your contract for all the pain and suffering you go through…. 7 replacements??????  normally i’d call you a liar but i know how crappy that phone was so i believe you which is why i think there is something wrong with that whole situation?  I would get a lawyer at that point.. jeez! can’t they offer you another model phone for your grief or something?

      • Artortega9

        It is true Tmobile sucks. I had the problem with the HD2 they eventually replaced with a G2 with a 2 year contract after a year of torture. I got the G2 last year. Then the G2 crapped out. They replaced it under warranty and it was a refurbished one that track pad didn’t work. It also didn’t have the liquid damage indicator and then furthermore you could tell the process was done poorly. The space were the battery was the sticker was lose and had little give. I tried to send it back then they said too bad. I called them several times and supervisors said can’t help you and one was rude and the other hung up on me. I have been with Tmobile couple years and they used always help. I stuck it out and wrote to their corporate office and no response. I wrote them again and again no response. I called several times no one cared and reps sorry can’t help you and thank you for calling Tmobile. Eventually the refurbished phone started crapping out and overheating, but couldn’t do anything. I eventually tried again last month called in and no one would help. They said Tmobile doesn’t manufacture the phones and take it up with the manufacturer. I asked them to release me from the contract and then they said of course pay$200. I then took the matter to emailing their Office of the President. They offered $100 dollar credit and then called me back again after filling BBB complaint. They said by taking $100 credit I agreed to 2 year contract. Which was crazy. I got a call back from a man calling himself Gabe. He then said the equipment not Tmobile’s fault and too bad. All I wanted was a working phone and offered to pay reasonable price and he said”It is harder to bring new customers than keep customers!”. They called it customer service from the highest levels. After 5 years of being a loyal customer they kicked me to the curb and didn’t do anything. I am leaving Tmobile. The funny thing I used to recommend them to friends and family now I just hate them. They don’t care about the long time customers. 

        • Anonymous

          wow!! that’s quite disappointing to hear.  

          at that point, can’t you just pony up the $200 and port your number elsewhere?

      • Wilma Flintstone

        Yeah but I’d have to renew my contract and I’m not doing that just yet.

    • Jhma7193

      Agree with Wilma Flinstone-particularly on the Iphone

       I was in T mobile couple days ago to purchase an accessory for my HTC Sensation.  The service is very good.  I purchased a screen protector and he assisted me to put on which I appreciated deeply.  I asked will T Mobile get an Iphone?  He told me he wishes T Mobile will never get an Iphone because all the Android phone in the offered in T Mobile especially high end ones are more than capable of Iphone, in terms of everything, performance, features, design, etc.  My reply to him was it’s not about feature it’s about doing business strategy by accomondating consumer in the mobile market. 

       Regardless on the flaws of Iphone, it is the number selling smartphone and helped propelled AT&T, Verizon and lately Sprint.  While there are many users are unhappy with AT&T’s service and don’t want to switch outdated network of CDMA like Verizon and Sprint, having T Mobile offers consumers more choice in GSM technology in the Iphone and pushes AT&T to provide better service invest more in their infrastructure.  As whole it is good for both T Mobile and Consumer-to be more competitive.  About 5-7 minutes later after my inquiry, two more people entered the T Mobile store and asked if Iphone will be available.  I know a lot of T Mobile users like me wishes to get an Iphone but didn’t switch because didn’t want to give the network plan.  When my 2 year contract is full filled, I will switch to another wireless to get an Iphone because my company’s contract with either Verizon or AT&T gave me big enough discount when I decide to join.  

      I noticed Radio Shack used to sell T Mobile phones and plans and stopped.  Best Buy used to have wide range of T Mobile store also decreased quantity as well-points to the business trend for T Mobile is going to be unfavorable.

    • Dominique

       Everything you want would end up costing hundreds of millions of dollars.  The Iphone alone is $150 more in subsidies than the most expensive Android phone. Let’s say that just a million people buy the Iphone, it’d cost T-mobile $150 million dollars when compared to any other phone.  Everything else you suggested would cost more hundreds of millions.  You’d have to raise rates to compensate and that’ll go over great.

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Gotta spend money to make money.  ;)

    • get back in the kitchen

      Wilma, you are an idiot!  Even Dino knows that T-Mobile would LOVE to have the iPhone available for sale to its customers, however that ball lies in Apple’s court.  As for plan pricing that has crept up over the years, that is completely false.  2 years ago, you would only get 700 minutes for what you now pay to receive 1000… and whereas 49.99 used to get you 600 minutes and unlimited texting, it now gets you unlimited minutes and texting.  Also, tiered data plans work for most consumers, as the majority of day to day users only accumulate 100 mb in a month, so giving them an affordable data choice actually draws in more users of smartphones.

      • Dlehrke

        I had unlimited minutes for $49.99 back in 2003…

      • Wilma Flintstone

         Don’t hate, Compensate.  :P  LOL!!!

    • androholic

      And 7th) You would hire the best Damn bankruptcy attorney in this great land! Lol….just kidding, I couldnt resist!

      • Wilma Flintstone

         LOL!!! Wow

    • androholic

      And 7th) You would hire the best Damn bankruptcy attorney in this great land! Lol….just kidding, I couldnt resist!

  • Awww..thanks T-Mobile. lol

  • wsj

    I got that e-mail.. I am going to write that bastard and tell him about how his Voice Tree just sucks.  You cannot get a customer service rep, that one reason his customer service just sucks.  And if TMUSA does not get the iPhone bye bye Voicestream

  • TheWayOfThings

    Is it just me, or does this email from Mr. Humm seem a lot like the email that the CEO of Netflix sent out after p!ssing off 90% of their customers?

    A sort of “I know you’re p!ssed, I know why you’r p!ssed, and I’m orry for p!ssed, but we’re really not going to fix the problem.. But stick with us anyway! Cheers! ” kind of thing.

  • Wow

    Tmobile has the worst service ever I’m lucky to even get one bar outside like that’s rediculous I really hate there coverage like why do we have constantly struggle with getting serivice I live in kansas city mo like that’s not a small town and then they say you have to pay an early termination fee because they don’t promise coverage like that’s bs I seriously hate tmobile

    • blah

      Sorry to hear that, I live and work in kc and always have 4/3g available save in the elevator at att where I work

    • lolomg

      are you sure you live in kc? because like, for sure your lingo is like, sooo valley

    • Theshadow

      Well its like you know like if you don’t like the service then you can like you know like leave for another like carrier…..wow and I thought stupid people only talked like that not txt like it as well lmao

  • I used to rave about T-Mobile customer care….not anymore. I now KNOW why people are unhappy. I used to get right through, speak to someone in America who didn’t have a script and could help me right away. 
    Today I had a question. Called and got India. She asked me for every detail of my info for identification before telling me she couldn’t help me and would have to transfer me to technical support (which is what I asked the automated system for in the first place) Then back to a Texas Call center after 8 minutes on hold with music that sounded like it was on a badly tuned radio station. While on hold the system asked me to enter my number for a call-back, which I did 5 times. The system didn’t understand the tones.
    I finally got to speak to a nice helpful rep 13 minutes after I began the call. She didn’t solve my problem, but I would have been much happier if I had gotten her directly within a minute or 2 of placing my call, rather then 13 minutes later.

    • Tits

      fyi, there are no service partner call centers in India, you misinformed biggot

      • What’s a biggot? A bigot? 

      • But I agree with you though. 

      • That’s funny, I didn’t know there was a Mumbai in the US. The rep told me she was in Mumbai. When I got the Texas call center, I told her I had been to India and back and she said “I hear that all the time”. 
        There is nothing bigoted about wanting customer service from someone who understands you and your problems. 

    • Magmaspawn

      I take escalated calls in tech. Many from an older indian woman whos accent is easily dicerned. She and I live in the us. Sometimed I think I take the escalated call because of her accent. She is a top performer and solves a ton of things. People Re very quick to cast judgement.

    • androholic

      Well, I called 3 days ago to purchase a new back for my GS2 as it doesnt seem to be fitting quite right now, & I spoke w/ a woman who had a very thick accent & @ the end of the call ehe asked me if I would like to update my data plan to one of the current plans. She explained that I had 5gb of data for $20 & told me ot was an out dated plan. I was then told that in just a few minutes she could update my plan to a more current 2gb data for $20! Lol! I tried to explain why this would be silly, but I soon realized I was just spinning my tires. I can say she was very friendly! Lol… There really is a language barrier at times though, I dont think he is a biggot, he’s just frustrated. When you have an issue, its difficult to explain it over & over! The majority of Tmo reps are VERY nice ppl, doing their best in a VERY tough situation!

    • androholic

      Well, I called 3 days ago to purchase a new back for my GS2 as it doesnt seem to be fitting quite right now, & I spoke w/ a woman who had a very thick accent & @ the end of the call ehe asked me if I would like to update my data plan to one of the current plans. She explained that I had 5gb of data for $20 & told me ot was an out dated plan. I was then told that in just a few minutes she could update my plan to a more current 2gb data for $20! Lol! I tried to explain why this would be silly, but I soon realized I was just spinning my tires. I can say she was very friendly! Lol… There really is a language barrier at times though, I dont think he is a biggot, he’s just frustrated. When you have an issue, its difficult to explain it over & over! The majority of Tmo reps are VERY nice ppl, doing their best in a VERY tough situation!

  • 123

    Talk is cheap. 

    • 345

      On tmobile, text and data are affordable as well! :)

      • Ahahahahahah.

      • androholic

        AHHHH…THAT WAS CLASSIC! And I dont mean unlimited…

      • 30014

        One of the best replies ever in this blog.

  • TMoFan

    I don’t trust Humm at all. It’s no coincidence that the sellout was announced not even a few months after he came over here. He had to have been privy to the sellout talks and was charged with keeping the business steady during the “merger”.

    What’s the one thing that the President does after reelection? They shake up the cabinet, and bring in new people who will further their new goals. Clinton did it; Bush did it; and Obama will do it (assuming he wins reelection of course.) This is what needs to happen to T-Mobile. Anything other than that tells me that DT is only interested in stringing T-Mobile along until they get another opportunity to sell. I want to see T-Mobile thrive and prosper. I want to see them return to their glory days during the original sidekick years. Staying the course will get us nowhere. We desperately need new innovative ideas!

    I’m hoping that the February announcement will be the start of a new beginning for our Magenta.

  • Ftwebster

    i have been a tmo customer for over 7 years. i recently had fraud perpetrated on my accounts and they would do nothing to help me. the insurance i paid for would do nothing either. so i had to cancel all three lines and now owe over a thousand dollars and cant pay it and so that will down grade my credit score that i spent years to get where it is. thanks tmo.

    • Theshadow

      You do know not paying your tmobile bill doesn’t affect your credit score right? Look into it its true I have friends that have done that plenty of times

  • Earthrazer

    First of all, if he wanted to get our attention, Humm should have done a YouTube video of himself singing the Golden Girls theme for customers. 

    My point, as always, is to quit ignoring customers like myself who would like to see better high end Android sets. Where is the Galaxy Note? The Galaxy Nexus? Hopefully they’ll be on the Galaxy S III by mid summer, but come on…take my money.

    • Danlhall1963

      Guys I have 10 phones with T-Mobile, I have 2 accounts, my wife’s and mine. We have eight children we have been with them for over 5 years. We have full unlimited plans, you would think we could get the phones we want for have price. We shouldn’t be hassled at all.If they can let me wall away then we are in trouble. I hope not I hope they put in the time with customer service staff to learn to escalate curtain issues.
      They have to set some type of benefits for customers 5 years and more to make customer base solid.

  • Dlehrke

    They are aggressively chasing our business away. Cutting mobile roaming is a huge deal. The few times I travel, I rely heavily on my phone. I don’t understand why I would lose a service and still pay the same per month.

    • Danlhall1963

      Ok, yeah that is a hard one to swallow. Issues like this is one is large but so large all carriers are faced with it.

  • Recon61

    I never got a personal letter

  • Raajank

    Simple as this Tmobile doesn’t care about long time customers. I can tell you this because it came from the mouth of the top of all Tmobile. I quote Gabe from the Executive Customer Relations “It is harder to bring new customers than to keep them”. I had numerous issues with crappy phones  HD2, and G2. I put up with Tmobile 2 years with non working phones. I pay my bill which is over $120 a month for one line! Always paid on time never took any discounts just paid my bill. I bought phones from Tmobile with no contract at full price. Then ran into issues with HD2 and I was given for the first time in two years free phone with contract because of the issues with the HD2. I was given an G2 that was defective and was replaced with a refurbished one that worked halfway. It was not refurbished properly with no liquid damage indicator. I put up with it for one year and finally the phone started to overheat and died. I am left with no phone. I borrowed a friends old phone. I try to replace the phone under warranty told too bad pay 400 dollars. I offer to negotiate and pay half the cost and meet me halfway. They refuse I escalate it to their Office of the President aka Executive Customer Relations. They refused to help. They tried to just give me 100 dollar credit and then I filed BBB complaint for all the issues with rude CSRs and supervisors that hung up on me. They called back and then tell me that the 100 dollar credit came with a two year agreement! I filed another BBB complaint they apologized and removed the contract. I say just cancel my account with no early cancellation fee due to the numerous issues and take your 100 dollar credit back and I will pay the months bill. They say no and now I just wait until I find a better with another carrier that actually wants my business. I will leave Tmobile with or without ECF. 

    • The Fallen

      I hear what your saying but I had a very similar experience with Sprint. The truth is, there are customers with Every Carrier who have these same complaints. Bought a buggy phone, had issues, company did nothings…etc.

      Not defending T-mo here, but honestly I’ve used every major carrier except VZ, maybe VZ is better.

    •  That’s an experience with any carrier in the US. The US Telecom industry is like US politics. They’re all out to screw you, just some more gently than others.

    • Anonymous

      Just an FYI Gabe in Executive Customer Relations was not the “top of all tmobile.” That department is located in a call center and the reps in that department are just former floor supervisors and other reps that did not want to take phone calls any more. They are hourly employees and while they may have a little more authority than some other reps, they are certainly not the top of the T-Mobile food chain.

    • Kenron

      Raajank goes onto every tmobile article to bitch and moan. I think he works for AT&T and is still VERY butt hurt about the merger.

      • Raajank

        Kenron don’t know what your problem is but you have issues. Check your facts before you start saying things that are coming out of your ass. First I don’t give a shit about the merger and don’t work for ATT. Second of all stop assuming because it makes you look like the ass you are. I have only had 2 cell phone providers in my life ATT and Tmobile. I had voicestream back in the day and then switched to ATT and back to Tmobile. Tmobile used to have the best customer service. I work in customer service industry as an operations manager. I see things like this happen and some people in this forum are right it looks like management ties the hands of their employees. Tmobile used to better with their phones. I had many phones before HD2 and G2. My favorite phone of all time is still the Samsung Memoir the best phone in my book for its day. Kenron now as for the merger I was against it the whole time. It was a mistake for them to even try. They just need to change their corporate culture and stop over paying their call center employees. They need to stop pressuring them to do the wrong thing because they snuck in their PHP plan onto my bill. I know the rep who did it and it was not his fault because he was very good and helpful.

        • Kenron

          haha! I agree with you actually! They snuck the PHP onto my phone bill too. They did not even ask me if I wanted it. Considering the fact that at the time, I was buying a 50 dollar phone, why would I need to protect it? I could just buy a new phone! You’re pretty damn right on this subject.

          HD2 is a shit phone. you’re right again.
          LG G2 or G2X are awesome, so maybe it was a bad phone. I love my G2X.

          Samsung Memoir was a solid phone. You’re right again.


  • wow

    thats the same thing that has been said since before the merger…..i can read between the lines…..it is as if a robot wrote that letter….Those were the initiatives to keep tmo growing…..launch 25 4g handsets before the end of 2011…..increase 4g footprint….value plans…..he didnt say much besides what was already said a while back….this is disappointing. 

  • Nearmsp

    If I was  a CEO, I would spend a weekend personally reading the BBB blogs, Tmonews blogs and Tmobile forums. I would read about the frustration of customers who have been with T-mobile for many years. The first thing I would realize is that the trust between Tmo and customers is gone due to loss of integrity. I would also recognize that it will take many years to get the trust back. A deal or two or a letter is not going to make much difference. Sprint lost customers for 4 years before they could stop the bleed due to similar reasons as T-mobile. I would then put a senior VP to work with Apple to get the iPhone. I would also sign reciprocal deals with AT&T to share spectrum. I would also spend some money to expand quality and coverage of 4G. Think of the frustration customers feel when the see advertisements touting 4G speeds when all they get is 1-2 Mb/s. I live in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis, and 4G does not exist here. 

    What T-mobile lost in 2 years (JD Power ranking) may take 5 or more years of hard work to get back. A letter from the CEO is a good start.

    • Anonymous

      The truth is that they likely do.  A few of the executives i work with have admitted scouring the web for news and opinions of the stuff we do.  

      I just think the guys hands are tied.  He is limited by what he can do with DT’s resources.

      You’d be surprised at how aware many execs are of how things are going be it good or bad.  They do what they have to in order to rake in the most revenue and do it as cheaply as possible.  

      your lack of 3g / 4g is likely due to spectral limits, Their crappy AWS may not have a licence to operate up there, or they feel there is no sufficient customer demand to enable that service in your neck of the woods.  It’s likely they can put the service there but its just not worth it.    

      They are probably being more conservative about funding new cell sites and having to build out structures now that they are considering selling their towers and sites.  

      good customer service sometimes can come at a cost of fixing mistakes, and we all know how mistakes tend to cost more to fix than anything else.  Right now, i doubt they have the fluid cash to just make everything better, they are going to do it day by day.

      • CJ

        I agree! I believe MOST CEO’s are very hard working and stress over the little things. The problem could come when you go to implement something. I believe T-Mobile reads Forums, Facebook and Twitter posts. I  think one problem could be the power of Verizon and ATT. They really need to find a way to even the playing field that is getting the Google Phone (Nexus galaxy), the Iphone and a High end Nokia windows phone.   think T-Mobile will be in good shape in a year but they just have a lot of work to get done.

        • Anonymous

          The problem if you really look at it is that t-mobile was “ok” taking the back seat 6-7 years ago and because they weren’t aggressive or weren’t in the position to be aggressive they lost out on “premium” brand wireless subscribers.  They’ve always been disadvantaged if you really think about it.  There is nothing wrong with that as long as you have the business strategy and the consistency to persevere.   I don’t think the current executives have the resources, will, or ability to do that.  Even if they keep the T-mobile name somehow (unlikely), a big change still needs to happen.  Call me negative but t-mobile needs to fold to build itself back up again.  DT is holding this company back.  I’ve said this countless of times, and unless something happens this company is just in a position to tread water.  

          Even in the break up with AT&T, the spectrum AT&T gave them was just patching holes in an already disadvantage infastructure.  LTE is very real on their larger copmetitors and sprint is already safeguarding a real, feasible plan to build out LTE.  Now that they are in bed with Apple, they are raking in cash at the expense of T-mobile.  

          T-mobile is in the middle of that battle field in a war being fought with heavy artillery.  

          You have the little guys like regional carriers and the prepaid guys on one side of the field 

          and then you have big blue, big red, and big yella, on the other side.  T-mobile is right in the middle and getting hit from all sides.

          They are in a position where they simply have the most to lose and their good customers defect to the big guys, and the high risk guys always have the smaller, prepaid guys to fall back on.

          T-mobiles weapons of supposed 4G, bargain plans, and alleged amazing customer service are like bringing a knife to a gun fight when they big guys already have LTE, iPhone, better droid phones and droid exclusives, expansive broadband netowrks, and not to mention huge enterprise support that are much larger than T-Mobiles.

          To the type of consumer customer that T-mobile wants, it’s clear that there are advantages to paying 20-30 more a month with the bigger guys and that’s the problem!!!!

          T-mobile screams value, and not premium.  This image needs to change if its going to gain traction back.  They need to roll out better service, change their game plan, and lose the high risk / high churn customers that call t-mobile their wireless carrier.  

          I hate to say it but i don’t see many working professionals in the boston or NYC area using t-mobile.  They have vzw or att and sometimes i see sprint… That’s sad, there is no reason they can’t get in there and be as commonly used by white collar workers.  

          I attend countless meetings throughout the week for my company and meet new people i’ve never seen before every week.  One thing i’ve tried to take note of is who is using which carrier?  Hands down its a tie imo between at&t and vzw and maybe 15% or so have sprint, never do i see t-mobile and i find it unfortunate. 

          I think it’ll take more than a year, but thats just me.  I could be proven wrong and magically these guys will get their heads out of their butts, but one can only hope.

        • Silk7412

          sorry to say but the galaxy nexus is not a pure google phone thanks to sammy.
          Just wait and see. In about a year the problems will show them elses. I’m tell people to wait for the non-sammy nexus!!!

      • Danlhall1963

        True all of this that have been spoken but people, what is going to give T-Mobile the revenue that they need without having to raise prices? We must build a wider customer base with what we have to work with right now.
        Upgrading our phones for one thing is expensive but people want to it. Everyone can’t fork over one lump sum, the idea in breaking it down in there payments is great.

        • Anonymous

          have DT sell to venture capitalists, and let them do an I.P.O to raise money to do what they need.

          Say what you want about venture capitalists, but they sure know how make money from nothing.  

  • JayeeDior12

    Instead of always trying to increase ” 4G ” speeds, they should be working on improving coverage where 3G DOESN’T even exist…b/c im still on 2G w/my horrible G2X.

    • Danlhall1963

      I was in your same situation, matter of fact, after I dropped Sprint and moved over to T-Mobile. My area was so bad that the sales person at T-Mobile said “If you can’t receive calls, bring your phone back and I will refund your money”. I was so excited because I got a black Razor at that time but from home I could barely get 1bar. One day, I was calling in to make a change to my account and the customer service persom asked me just before hanging up, “was there anything else she could help me with”. I told her with a defeated voice, “I wish I could get more than one bar on my phone”. She told me to please hold. She came back and verified my address and told me that technicians are going to survey my area. Man about a month later I had 4 bars. I think we should put in complaints about curtain areas, if we want something done about it.

  • Goliaththegreat

      The Roaming terms where changed because this cost us more then 200
    Million to upkeep said Data, and about only .3% of users will be
    effected by the Data Service terms. This will save us $87 Million this
    Calendar year and $100+ Next year, also the Tower Sale, and other things
    are helping us Raise alot of money. This will allow us to spread out
    Spectrum.. And to get the Phones that you guys want. As Far as the
    iPhone…. We could get it the iPhone 5 hat is.. however we may pass due
    to cost… Better Phones out there. Plus we DO NOT MAKE MONEY ON PHONES
    LIKE OTHER COMPANIES HAVE TO.. we make 100% profit off of services. Yes
    Sprint Got the stupid iPhone and alot of people signed up with them….
    however did they make money on it. The answer is no, Sprint won’t make
    money on that iPhone investment for about 2 years iPhone 5 not
    included… thats if they don’t run out Cash by then…Also the IVR will be changed to be much better very very soon.

    Also Alto of the policy changes that where made where done to keep the
    company afloat….and to customer abuse..(Such as you ther customer
    calling to scam on the 3 exchanges within 90’s for “Free” upgrade
    alternate exchange.. that’s Over with.. your phone is messed up YOU WILL
    HAVE TO PROVE IT by SIMPLE troubleshooting now, and that’s NOT a lot to
    ask of )..and to be honest we have been giving out the farm for so long
    its sad… however there was a betterway of locking up the “Shed”….
    Upper management is know starting to understand that this isn’t Europe
    where you change stuff and people go with it… Alot of that Old TMO is
    coming back… and supposedly, better mainstream marketing aswell… 
    Thats all for now

    • Dpro

      Once again like in recent days a T Mobile hack troll has come in and tried to blame a lot of the problems on the customer.
      My reply is first off you are correct on the data roaming. Its not a big deal except it will save T Mobile money and probably only effect a few.
      The Tower selling is a good thing as well.
      Now lets move on to were you start spouting nonsense. Many customers of have left because they wanted an Iphone and you like customer reps on the phone are still singing the song about better phones so you don’t need it. Do you own an Iphone? Have you really spent time with one? Most likely not.
      Its one of the smoothest efficiently working Smart Phones out there next to Windows Phone 7’s .
      There is a reason people want it. That is a customer base T Mobile could have. T Mobile is not Sprint and comparing Sprints situation with the Iphone shows you may not know as much about T Mobile on the financial side.
      T Mobile while needing money to expand is not losing money at the rate Sprint was. It is losing customers which could put it in a money losing position but as far as I know as of yet it is not.
      On top of that T Mobile is making profits and it is the most profitable arm of the telecom business that DT currently owns. If DT was not concerned about loses  in their home market and injected some effort into T Mobile USA it could go a long away towards making them the cash they need to fix their home market situation in my opinion.

      In that effect getting the Iphone would cut down on churn big time which would translate to increased profitability.
      Face it you cannot be the #4 carrier in the U.S. with the other three carrying such a popular device and you not without having it take a toll on your potential profitability and the bottom line.

      Oh and lets talk about this so called customer abuse thing that all the I work for T Mobile T Mobile hacks have been ranting on about in the last few days.
      I owned own of those piece of craps phones that kept on having problems and T Mobile knew it had problems. I had to exchange it 3 times in less than a year of ownership. Each time I got a replacement phone the same problems propped up.
      It was a combination of A: possible defective hardware B: an operating system that the hardware could never handle properly and C all of the above.
      Now is this T Mobiles fault? In a sense for letting it go on and knowing it was problem yes.
      You cannot tie a customer into a 2 year contract on a device that does not even function properly as described without having them upset.
      Is this customer abuse? No this is abuse of the customer.  Fact is T Mobile finally replaced my phone with another phone that actually worked. It only took 3 exchanges and several phone calls. Oh and yes we went through all the trouble shooting. Now I am not the only one with this issue and their are many others here who genuinely had honest to god problems.

      It is rude and a slap in the face for you to come here and claim the customers were taking advantage of the system. That is an assumption at best on your part.

      Oh and if you want to blame someone else? Go look at Google and the fragmented way they have allowed Android to be implemented. With no guidelines up till recently on hardware requirements.  Allowing manufacturers to run bloatware that bogged the phones down and then allowing them to use underpowered processors( until recently) and put out barely beta tested devices.

      Now on T Mobiles part, T Mobile could have done a better job handling these phones. They did not do the best and with 2 year contracts. They put themselves in the position of having to because they were representing the fact that your phone would indeed function correctly and properly for at least 2 years.

      Oh and this is not a T Mobile only issue, I have seen the same thing happening with some of the Android handsets on Verizon and AT&T and Sprint. I have watched Verizon customers I know go through the exact same process. Except Verizon took care of them and did not try to cry customer abuse because they knew it was an issue and took responsibility it for it. Maybe you should stop trying to make excuses for T Mobiles mistakes.

      • Concerned

        Thank you! As a tech care rep I have seen this first-hand. Bloatware with memory leaks causing random restarts; terrible, cut-rate hardware issues being touted as “most likely user error”; Visual Voicemail just sucking in general, and a lot more. The simple fact is this, android is a nightmare right now especially if you’re not buying a flagship phone. The updates are slow and often do NOT resolve the issues they were supposed to, if the most annoying issues are even addressed at all. 

        It really is customer abuse, could you imagine a big-box retailer asking you to reset your TV and test it for three days without plugging in your DVD player to make sure it’s okay?! The fact is that the carrier makes their margin on the phone, and really doesn’t care that the user experience is poor, inconsistent or frustrating, they actually have it in the T&C that they are not responsible for handset performance, talk about having your cake and eating it, too.

        This leaves the user experience, sadly, to the manufacturers who have a genuine interest in you wanting a new phone as often as possible. The absurd OMGQUADCORE stat race android has right now proves this but does absolutely nothing for the end user who wants a working phone. So, if you want a phone on solid, consistent hardware that works without you having to dig into it and maintain it like an early 80’s sports car, you have one real choice.Is the iPhone perfect, of course not. iOS has it’s flaws but for the most part, when you buy an iPhone, ANY iPhone, you know the basic quality of the build and you know the software works. Good ****ing luck with that on android, WM or BB. Apple kicked their asses before anyone else knew there was a race because they STARTED with a focus on the user.

        As a disclaimer, I am an android user and I love my phone, but I also had to remove the original operating system to obtain decent performance. I am also aware that Apple has an interest in you upgrading early and often, etc. You can call me a fanboy if you like, but ultimately I am a fan of the customer. If my parents went in to buy smartphones and I couldn’t be there, who would be looking out for them?

    • Concerned

      I feel like I have to address the inaccurate information here. Sorry if this comes across as condescending or whatever, we’re on the same team and at the end of the day, I want you and I to know that our company has a bright future.

      1) We spent roughly 400 million last year on Domestic Data Roaming, and the change is projected to *negatively* impact .3% of our customers. (90,000-ish) This means that the projected savings of 87,000,000 dollars is coming in at almost 1k per person per year. I find this math questionable, but don’t have real access to the numbers, so I won’t say it’s wrong.

      2) We make plenty of margin on our handsets and so do the other carriers, if anything we are MORE reliant on that margin due to our smaller customer base and lower-cost plans. It costs us and VZW the same amount to maintain a tower, but they have 3 customers paying in for every one we have, so they have more liquidity and thus more flexibility.

      3) Sprint is paying through their teeth to get the iPhone, and the idea (just like the other carriers doing the exact same thing) is that they will make more in the long run by selling more high-margin data plans and associated services. Yes, it cost them an arm and a leg this year, just like VZW but they will be better off for it later. In the meantime, they still have two subscribers for each one of ours and make more on rate plans, so they can manage.

      4) Customer abuse of our alternates and multiples is a real thing, I have no doubt about it. You know who I see abusing alternates the majority of the time? Employees. You see something like the mytouch 4g being set up for alternates on the 4g slide and bam, within two days, you’ve done several employee exchanges for that phone with “all the troubleshooting already done.” I’m not saying that you or I do this, but the majority of the cases where I just don’t believe the customer, that customer is on an employee account.

      5) Alternate exchanges and multiples often side-grade or even downgrade the phone in the process. Cliq -> Comet; Mytouch 4g slide -> Sidekick 4g etc.

      I hope you’re right about the old T-Mo coming back, the US loves a spunky underdog and we were the value leader, but being cheaper is not always value in and of itself. We need to focus on doing what’s right for the customer again, focus on getting the little things right, things like Visual Voicemail working, rather than investing our time in an MP3 store no one will ever use, or PHP sales.

  • Danlhall1963

    I love t-mobile,they have been through so many changes and they are still here.
    l like the fact that they think out of the box unlike thier competition. Like breaking down charges into monthly payments for upgrades, sheer genius. You are building your loyalty and customer base with ideas like this. If we can bring IPhone into the t-mobile family I think T-mobile will then explode into the biggest threat of all.
    Thank you for listening, Dan’l Hall from my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S 4g, soon to be S2 I bid the T-Mobile team Victorious Day!

    • Taddaugherty25

      I think t mobile is the best cellular company! I have had service with all 4 major networks. Sprint is a money hungry joke Verizon not much better. Are things bad with t mobile right now yes but I’m staying because the grass is not greener on the other side people.

  • I’ve been a customer for 12 years, since the VoiceStream days.  I did not receive any such note.  I guess I’m just not valued enough.  Coincidentally, I had a huge bust-up with TMO yesterday though.  I’m giving them a chance to fix it – hopefully they can restore my faith in what they used to be.

    • Naomie Campbell

      You just read the note, and the letter was just released. Little anxious for the instant gratification are we?

      • Perhaps I misunderstood the article then.  I interpreted it to mean that T-Mobile had emailed this to all customers, and I have received no email.  If that assumption is wrong, and it’s just a note on the website instead, then fair enough.

      • Anonymous

        stop fighting, you guys are intenret family with the same last screen name!!!

        Its more a tragedy than anything else :-(

  • prepaid only anyone

    We aren’t going to use the billions from attant. We are going to have the customer service bear the brunt of getting capitol back into the business. We may look like rim but hopefully we can find a suitor before i am ran out or make things worse. Thanks for the outpouring on keeping us independent now  i guess you will have to pay for it, but not with my free money i just received.

    • naomie campbell

      All right negative Nancy, Why do people like you have to put a negative spin on everything, please spread you disease somewhere alse

      • Tbyrne

        Because they need someone or something to blame for their miserable failures in life naomie.

        • Anonymous

          hey….. i need you when i point out T-mobile’s miserable failures, but you’re still my frenemy and you definitely internet love me!!!!!

          You even call me “gouvy”!!!!  and i call you “Byrnie”.  I mean seriously… how much more internet man-crushing can we have here???

          It’s like an online bromance jersey shore style.  You are totally my DUDE.  Unless you are a chick, which I never really took into consideration but i’m sure you would have definitely corrected me by now on that one.

        • Tbyrne

          It’s more of a love/hate relationship dontcha think? I mean, come on, you hate me, you love me, you hate me, you love me. I’m so confused. As far as being an inee or an outee, you left out hermaphrodite. Why not have the best of both worlds, right gouvy?

        • Anonymous

          It’s interesting that as i read this in my office, “mona lisas and mad hatters” starts to play on my ipod dock.  

          “i thank the lord there’s people out there like you” is a lyric snippet that makes me think of you.  

          and this is the part that really makes me think of you and your blind love of all telecommunication things magenta colored:

          “for unless they see the sky, 
          and they can’t and this is why,
          they know now if its dark out or light”

          behhhh behhh behh !! 

          jk, i couldn’t help my internet immaturity,… i still love you byrnie.

          I’m the mad hatter, and you are my mona lisa ! and tmonews is our Spanish Harlem in New York ity.

          Our dynamic relationship is clearly defined by an Elton John song.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s because she’s venting!

  • tanya dupuy

    I think the writer of the article is missing the point – when someone robs you –  you don’t like that company

    You don’t take some ‘big picture’ view the compartmentalizes the fraud, and then find a way to still excuse the company.

    And any event, even the big picture view is bad – that’s the whole point of the JD Powers survey.

    I’ve been a good customer for  years – I just pay my 100+ dollar bill every month – I barely use the service too, because I just like the idea of unlimited service.

    So, for years I pay – cause no support calls, and one day my wife drops the phone in the water and I call customer service to see what we can do.

    That event – of calling customer service (lets face it they are salespeople first, and customer service reps second)….gave me a whole new view of tmobile that I never experienced before and unfortunately – all bad.

    But look, I’m writing today to update because I found new information.  When I called in customer service – that very phone call where I bought the phone – I found out thats when they slammed through the plan changes.   It was that phone call – that very rep. that told me I could keep my old plan – that was the rep that changed the plan.

    I found this out, because their is an account activity tab in the mytmobile website, so I was able to get the timeline of events.

    Now that was the ‘one bad apple’ (except there are many bad apples – not one.

    After I returned the phones – tmobile took 3 days to reactivate my original phone (3 days without sevice), and they told me they will take a full month to return my money – 30 days they give themselves.

    And that my friends – is corporate policy.  They can activate a new phone in 20 minutes, but take 3 days to re-activate an old phone.  They can sell you a new phone in minutes, but take 30 days, to credit a return.

    And the reason couldn’t be more obvious – they are geared towards doing one thing, and not towards good customer service.  

  • tanya dupuy

    p.s. just to clarify one point – they did re-activate the phone after 3 days – but not automatically.

    I had to call them multiple times for 3 days.  The guy that finally re-activated the phone – mentioned that the re-activation request had never been placed.  He was the *first* rep to actually put in the request. LOL, absurd.

    After this guy actually put in the request – the phone was re-activated only 4 hours later.

    All of them  – all of the people I talked to behaved like salespeople – even the good one, he tried to sell me a text messaging plan and a warranty.

    He didn’t try to sell me a phone, because he thought I had just bought new phones.

    None of them even understood that I had returned the phones because of the attempted fraud.

    And after I explained it to him, he said he was also putting in some paperwork related to returning the phones – LOL – I had returned the phones days earlier, and they have already received the phones at the warehouse – and he’s just now putting in the paperwork?

     on the day that I called to return the phones – I called twice, once to ask how to return the phones – the rep misinformed me that there was UPS return form in the original package…and a second time to tell them there was no return UPS form, and to get the address to mail the phone back – neither of those 2 reps made any note that I was returning the two phones…apparently the one good guy I talked to, has done it now….hopefully that’s helpful, but who knows.

    You haven’t seen upset yet – wait till they lose my return, don’t credit my account, don’t undo the contract extension – the rest of the nonsense I now expect from these people.

    What a nightmare.  Lesson learned, don’t deal with tmobile phone support.

    Buy a phone from a store, where you can return it.  And for me, don’t enter into contracts.   I plan to go to Virgin Mobile.  I’ll just buy a phone from a store, pay month to month.  That’s much less complicated.

    • Anonymous

      Buy a phone on ebay and use their prepaid monthly service?? it seems reasonable enough and as much as I dislike modern T-mobile, i’m sure you’ll get better service them from the big Virgin.

  • Anonymous

    Too little Too late, tmo sucks!  

    • naomie campbell

      God forbid Tmobile release a positive statement promising to improve;. That would be terrible. Is your life really so.miserable that you must only focus on the negative

      • Anonymous

        It speaks volumes when a letter like this is even written and actually sent out to the masses.  

        It’s hard for the recipients to remain positive and optimistic behind the true intentions of the letter.

        Also the likelihood for change isn’t likely at all any time soon.  As long as they continue to function from a disadvantaged spot it will continue to be problematic for big mama magenta.  

  • Hendo45

    I refuse to read his bull shit. Two days ago I attempted to start the process to have one of my phone lines shut off using my military deployment orders so that it wouldn’t cost me the early cancelation fee.  It turned into a yelling match between the following, Two customer care reps, One cancellations department rep, One customer loyalty rep, and then Phillip Humms secretary. His secretary that pissed me off told flat out that the presidents job is not to fix customer related issues. I’m sorry but every one that works for T-mobile works for their customers. I called customer loyalty yesterday and had the best service I have had in years it was like a whole new world with them. However I should have never got the treatment that I received the other day.

    • Naomie Campbell

      Um. Humm’s secretary? I fail to understand why people make stuff up to sound like the victim. You are a liar. Dishonest, and you should be ashamed of your self. You should probably amend your story and reveal what actually happened. Lest you stain the name of our service members!

      • Guest

        he probably just emailed them so it’s possible. Besides, I’m sure Humm and the other chiefs have a ton of assistants and secretaries. Plus, their system automatically sorts emails and give autoresponses based on the subject. I’m wouldn’t dismiss it totally…

      •  You’re a moron, and you can reach out to them, the number is on the internet, and its the same thing with AT&T, if you email the CEO’s email address, it goes directly to the Executive Escalations Department. So please don’t try and run your mouth when you clearly are not in the know and IF you work for T-Mobile let me make it very clear, we pay our bills, you get paid by us, you work for us, we own you. Get that in your head, do you understand now, that’s why its called customer service. Don’t you dare talk down to your customer, learn your place. @Hendo do yourself a favor, because T-Mobile is stupid and they ask you to sign a contract every-time you change your rate plan, change it, by law every-time you sign a contract you have a 30 days buyers remorse policy, then port the number and burn them. It’s their fault they didn’t account for that, and I used to be an Account Development Rep for them I’m more than happy to throw them under the bus.

        • Anonymous

          Well if you emailed executive relations or the email on the website you weren’t talking to Humm’s sectetary. Those emails go to an offline department in a call center located in a totally different state than the main corporate office where hourly employees send out form letters and emails representing the office of the president (I used to work for Tmobile)and honestly they care less than one you talk to on the phone

        • Joe

          Nobody owns anyone. You’re disgusting.

        • That’s enough boys…you can argue without calling each other names.

        • Naomi Campbell

          I don’t work for them, I just know when someone is being less than honest. If he was a real victim, he wouldn’t be leaving out details. His story has drama, and creative license written all over it.

  • Vim

    Actions speak louder than words.

  • SnittyKitty

    We’ve been with T-Mobile for almost 15 years; it’s never been this bad until the past two years.  We all know the bottom line is making money…making a profit…but outsourcing customer service and needing an act of God to talk to tech support…Tier 1, 2 & 3 and telling me what wouldn’t work knowing damn well it did work…why?  And why I have read time and time again about AT&T’s customer service; I’ve yet to have a bad experience with them…I’m not implying I won’t in the future but to date; excellent thus far.  My wish list is for T-Mobile and AT&T share their GSM towers with each other and that includes EDGE not just whatever flies for 3G/4G and had T-Mobile done that for us who happen to live in the woods, two of our lines would still be with them today.  It was stunning to watch T-Mobile’s parent company put all of us through this and not blink once doing it.  I blame this environment we all live in today…At least when your bank is gobbled up by a bigger fish we can at least know it’s the same folks on the other side of the window; T-Mobile outsourcing their customer service was the beginning of the end.  It’s always my favorite question; what does it matter how I use my data bucket up to 2 gigs?  What about customers who don’t use their allotment of data; are they refunded the difference?  Charge everybody whatever the cost of 2 gigs is by 2 gigs itself and from the 1st bit forward everybody pays the same so if 2 gigs is $10, 4 gigs is $20.  All I have read of late is data, data, data.  There was a time they were begging us to try what then was called Unlimited T-Zones…it’s a damn shame too.

  • wow

    Humm needs to step down immediately!!!! He is a joke, barley speaks English and doesn’t know a difference between a 4″ size screen and a 4.52″ screen….If he saw the vibrant he would probably think it is the GS2…..They should put him on a commercial like dan hesse and have him talk about how he is going to bring tmobile into the game so everyone can laugh when they hear him sound like Arnold schwartznager. 

  • CliffordBush

    I thank that if he mean on what He say bout why say the words stick together and sale your t-mobile USA. To at&t if you do this that not sticking together. You should do what you say if you din’t mean it. But every thang is every th theang.But I like the new way that your doing whither it but t-mobile shouldl get the iphone

  • Anonymous

    I’m a T mobile customer since 05 and I didn’t get that email.. Well I don’t want it anyways especially after you screwed me over out of my (true unlimited data plan!!)

    • Cantan7

      Customer since 04 and I did not get that email either! Can’t wait until my contract is up. -__-

  • Today’s news makes this message look rather pathetic.

    How long have I been talking about a prepaid iPhone coming out, over a year now. And I said in December 2011 that a prepaid iPhone might save T-Mobile. (I may have pulled down that comment because it had my name in it and there was someone who thought it a nice idea to post slander. Otherwise, the Site owner pulled down the defamatory comments. Thank you TMoNews and David for doing that. I digress).

    Anyway, Humm obviously knows where the industry is going, as well as all captains at each carrier. As I keep saying, prepaid will take over post-paid and become the predominate service, by 2013.

    I also said that besides the economy and customer service driving the direction a carrier goes, that getting the PREPAID iPhone would be the next BIG event, so it was incumbent on T-Mobile (read Herr Humm) to get it. A prepaid iPhone, I said, would make the national news.

    Well I don’t know what happened behind the scenes, but it has just been announced that Straight Talk through Wal-Mart is coming out with a $45 unlimited prepaid SIM that will work in any GSM including the iPhone. So Straight Talk is getting the new prepaid iPhone, NOT T-Mobile.

    This is what matters, IMO. So messages like this, no matter how heartfelt, will be falling on deaf ears.

    Think about it. TMOUS competitors:

    Have the iPhone;

    Lower priced plans (Forbes and others say the price will be $45 unlimited everything);

    Better customer service; And

    Now the prepaid iPhone.

    OK, this is all my opinion so feel free to argue against each point, but IMO in 2012 forward I don’t see how T-Mobile remains relevant.

    (Note: even MetroPCS suffered a huge hit on its stock buy recommendation on this news.)

    Bonus Comment: The SIM will work in ANY iPhone from past days. So this is going to change the makeup of the U.S. wireless industry, IMO.

    Maybe some carriers will get their act together. No wonder Deutsche Telekom wanted out of the U.S.

    • Anonymous

      I’m going to kindly disagree with you just because that by 2013 most people will still be on contract on most major carriers.  Though prepaid may eventually take over, the modern consumer market seems to do well and has adapted the contract based service as the norm.  Also, carriers have way no much incentive to push this over prepaid.  

      Your ideas are hopeful but not very probably imo. 

      Furthermore, Humm does NOT know where the industry is going clearly.  Besides, he doesn’t need to know when he has DT really calling major shots.  Until the company currently known as T-Mobile USA frees themselves from the DT ball and chain there is no chance of truly thriving the way they could independently.

      • Excellent points and well said. We should be like Romney and bet on which way things go. :)

        I continue to opine that in this tanked economy that the wireless industry in the U.S. is hurting, really hurting. Gone are the days of consumers buying phones no matter the cost, simply because the iPhone, for example, was cool to own and the must-have device.

        Starting in 2011 have become aware of the true cost of owning a phone (cost of phone plus 24 months service, plus overage charges, taxes and fees). Prepaid’s $45 to $50 monthly (taxes and fees included) is very simple to understand compared to AT&T, for example, charging $90 monthly (taxes and fees NOT included) for 450 talk minutes and 3GB data. (This was Wireless Week’s February 6 example).

        Prepaid’s new ability to use any iPhone (via a prepaid SIM), no 24 month contracts, and the debut of a prepaid iPhone (this year I assume) are simply too tempting to ignore when most wireless customers are living payday to payday.

        I agree that carriers have no incentive to push this, but as some articles said today, by 2013 (IMO) they will not have a choice but to jump on board the prepaid train, as millions of struggling consumers opt for prepaids’ new (and I think attractive) wares and services.

        To be sure, the top four carriers would prefer to keep all this secret: prepaid’s Android-based handsets, iPhones and eventually a unique prepaid iPhone, and low priced services (with NO overage charges). Sprint is on board with this, as indicated by its gobbling up and continue operating prepaid companies.

        What I meant to say, but failed to communicate well, as an industry captain I have no doubt Humm is aware about what is going on in the U.S. wireless industry. In fact, I think he has lobbied for the prepaid iPhone, but he couldn’t get it. Instead, the iPhone-capable SIM is going to Straight Talk (a move I expect disappointed Humm, but maybe it was a foregone conclusion that a prepaid iPhone was not going to hit TMOUS’ shelves.

        Because of all this, IMO this evidences the lack of sincerity of Humm’s message. As some say in here, money and hardware are what matter to customers. And of course, IMO customer service can go a long way to address deficiencies TMOUS has in these areas.

        Instead of sending these kinds of messages to customers, Humm (if he was concerned about TMOUS, which I don’t think he is) would give people reasons to sign up with T-Mobile and to remain loyal.

        • Anonymous

          I still find it hard to believe that such a thing would occur, especially so soon.  Lets consider how many people are on family plans and it would possible cost many people more money.  Most importantly, lets not forget the business / enterprise market.  This would put the wireless market in a touch spot with the large fleets of business plans that are out there.  Though the consumer market is where it’s at in hard revenue, the business market plays a huge role in the bottom line.

          I’m not sure if the articles you linked to mention that or cover that basis somehow, however i don’t presently have time to read them.  I’m still holding firm on my stance that it just wan’t happen as soon as you and forbes believe it may… if at all.  

      •  Here is what Wireless Week said:

        And Forbes:

  • Kerry

    I hope this is true, I really really do.  That T-Mobile is back in the game and ready to forge a new path forward.  Righting wrongs of the past 12 months, making amends with its customers, and becoming #1 in customer service again.  But reading this from Phillip Humm doesn’t leave me with warm fuzzies.

    Wasn’t it about this time last year that Humm released a statement saying that T-Mobile wasn’t for sale.  T-Mo News had some great info on T-Mobiles roadmap to expanded coverage, faster HSPA+ rollouts and a view into LTE?  I remember being so hopeful and happy to see T-Mobile had a path, a plan, and things were coming together. Then the AT&T bomb was dropped and the biological waste came in contact with the circulation apparatus in the ceiling.

    So a note from Mr. Humm doesn’t instill a whole lot of confidence with that track record.  Sure its possible that what he says is really the intent of he and T-Mobiles managers.  That he meant what he said before but as in life things just changed etc.  But it doesn’t feel that way.  Time will tell though… but sadly the past 12 months of transition has cost T-Mobile many good people.  People that were asked to leave seemingly before the merger took place.  People with years of experience helping T-Mobile grow by adding customers, people who cared about their customers and their business. (I had a good friend that worked for T-Mobile that no longer works there).

    So T-Mobile, I do hope you are back.  Your Stakeholders (customers, employees, investors, & communities) deserve the best you can give, and you haven’t given your best in quite some time.  Actions speak louder than words…so we are waiting.

  • Wcassaday

    T-Mobile’s customer service went to hell when they shipped it overseas and they can no longer support the call volume. 

    I worked for them for 4 years and am sad to see how bad they have become since 2008 when they internalized all of their quality assurance in customer service.

  • Taharvey Davis

    I didnt get this, was it directed to everyone? email or text?

  • Gabriel Martin

    People, I made my account just to tell you my story.I was one of the most vocal subscriber here in Austin, Texas.Last year – 2011 (whole year) I called them more than 20 times (always waiting for 30 minutes till 2 hours before a human being will answer me – chat or call) and visited tmobile store more than 10 times about so many problems from billing, coverage & phones being defective.To make it short, everything is chaos… Then what I did is to investigate & I just found out that most of them was not in the mood & not feeling good about the takeover of AT&T because they know from the time AT&T will buy them – they will be throw outside with minimal separation pay.Then when AT&T announced that they are not buying anymore tmobile, I can categorically tell everybody that the services since January 2012 till today & i think till theres tmobile by itself. In just between 5-10 minutes a customer service will answer your call & there’s someone will going to have chat with you. Also, my house who has only edge (2g before) now is 4g that my GS2 can reach between 18-25mbps consistenly in my house.To make the story more sweeter, I will share my new plan that will blow your mind for what I got that even my cousin who is a manager in AT&T cant believe on what I got.Im not a businessman that needs that widest coverage – tmobile coverage in Austin, Texas is great and all Texas cities, so I dont need other expensive carriers. So here is the plan they gave to me THAT NO CARRIER CAN GIVE, ONLY TMOBILE.Tmobile value plan with 2 years contract – till February 1, 2014: Loyalty department – helped by DANIEL (employee no. 1244098) Ingrid (employee no. 58046) Maira (employee no. 47271) Chris (february 1,2012)$49.98 – 1000 whenever minutes (unlimited nights & weekends and tmobile-tmobile unlimited call)$20 – 5gb (unlimited) (no overages)$10 – 2gb (unlimited) (no overages)$5 – 3rd line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)$5 – 4th line (we can add 2gb (unlimited-no overages) internet anytime for $10)$20 – domestic & international (worldwide) – all kinds of messaging (unlimited)TOTAL – $109.98 plus taxes & fees with 15% corporate discount and $10 loyalty discount/month till the contract expires. So in total after those taxes,fees & discounts – I’m only paying between $95-$110/month for 4 lines with a lot of freebies. * Free wifi calling for all 4 lines (will not use minutes to call anybody (domestic) as long its in wifi zone)* Corporate discounts – effective till the contract expires* Replacement of all sim card – 4 lines to 4g sim (tmobile store) – free.* Can take off or add internet data features in any line, anytime? their answer is YES.   * $120 credit towards the coming bill * No migration fee* no upgrade fee* Block pay per use web for lines – (free)* Web guard – teen (free)* International long distance blocking for all lines (free)IF ANY CARRIER CAN GIVE THAT SAME PLAN (4 lines) & PRICE TO ME IN AUSTIN, TEXAS WITH SUPER FAST SPEED INTERNET ON MY GALAXY S2 –  I WILL DROP TMOBILE… but I don’t think there is one because I personally check even the small carrier like cricket, boost & others. They scratching their head & said thats one hell of a great price for that plan.So, whatever you will say about Tmobile – I will be with them till my contract expires or till they are in business…

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is true in my area there isn’t T-mobile store. If this area did have a T-mobile store they would get a lot more customers. The coverage is also spotty a few more towers would go a long way here.

  • Anonymous

    He can pack sand.  That note is insulting.

    It’s kind of like a spouse trying to leave you for another, and when that doesn’t work out, coming back to you and trying to kiss your ass.

    • Keeping_it_in_Perspective

      DT is a multi billion dollar business that made a multi billion dollar business decision, T-Mobile isn’t your wife, or your spouse, and they took measures to make sure you as an existing customer kept your plan with ATT. Even if it resulted in a succesfull merger tmobile shouldn’t be subjected to such criticism, American (and German) business has never been nor will be a charity, so unless there is some sort of proposition to socialize wireless service in the US make a change to your service provider or shut the hell up.

      • AirRescueFF

        I purposely stated “kind of like” anticipating a response such as that.  Yet, you make it into a literal translation and go to the extreme.  Can the cheerleading.

      • Anonymous

        What a SHILL.

        Let’s see…

        – You work for them one day. You don’t
        work for them the next.

        – Changes of user name.

        – Attacking posters that have anything
        negative to say about T-Mobile.

        Yet you call people “dishonest” and

        And you have the nerve to attack my post
        on my perceived disingenuous nature of the note? Pretty

        Let’s keep THAT in

  • Jason Powell

    Got the best customer service from t-mobile today..I didnt call with a chip on my shoulder or looking for anything free, I called to resolve an issue and it was well handled. I honestly was looking for them to give me a reason to leave but holy cow they totally gave me a reason to stick around. Im telling everyone about the service I got today because I hope t-mobile can turn everything around and if you havent got the response I got today, hopefully you will if you call back because im happy. Yes coverage could be better, but the tech guy I talked to today listened to my complaint about a poor coverage area and he said he would personally contact me when they looked into it, above and beyond what he had to do. Things will take time to come around post-takeover by AT&T but I have yet to be dissapointed calling with a legit concern to the customer service team. And for whats its worth, yeah they know nobody likes the automated voice stuff their working on it :)
    I hope someone sees this and cares

  • JG01


    I want t-mobile to release form my contract and not pay the ETF’s. The reason is that T-mobile has failed to deliver the agreed upon level of services. I have had numerous dropped calls, network outages, extremely poor customer service, poorly trained staff that provide inaccurate information on device support, charges appearing on my bills that I did not use or purchase and their representatives lying to me which in turn has costed me over 100 hours in the past to years. There is a reason why Tmobile is at the bottom of customer satisfaction…this is it. I have to deal with a lot to earn my salary, I don’t want to spend that hard earned money on something that does not provide what they say they would. This is very misleading and deceptive. This company takes advantage of their customers and use abusive practices to extort money from them too. Tmobile employees has forgotten who pays their salaries and they feel that being paid a salary is an implicit right, rather than one earned. They have forgotten that business rely of customers !

    Examples of the bad service:

    1. Recently, I went to the store to reactivate my second line. In the process I asked that the number is changed and paid for a new SIM. They changed to number and activated the SIM. My son used the number for two days, then suddenly is hone stopped working. When calling customer service, they informed me that they did not see the new SIM or that the number was changed. I then spent an hour wit the rep to get the services with the old number restored, because it would mean that I would have to go back to store to redo this process again. This is what I mean about BAD service.

    2. Another, thing same day, the valentines day sale ( a free phone). I am on a value plan and wanted to take advantage of this offer, I called customer service(CS) and asked how can I do this. The rep told me, I could open an additional line and pay $5 a month which allow me to get a free phone (paying the down payment and getting the rebate). Because of my experience with CS, I called the store to confirm, the rep there told me the same thing. So after the incident above, I went to the store. Spent two hours waiting to get the phone. Finally got to pay for the phone and was told something total different from what i was originally told. Now, I cannot get the deal and would have to pay the down payment and place the rest of cost of the phone on a monthly payment plan. So what happened to the free phone. The rep called customer service to explain the situation, they would only speak to me. I explained what had happened and how my time had been wasted. The only thing they could is sorry. SORRY, what the heck ! I don’t a have rewind button to get back my time they just burned. In addition, the Tmobile reps use the SORRY so often that it means nothing. Actually, it does mean something….we just screwed up and wasted your time and it means nothing to us and we are not going to do anything about it…that is what their SORRY means.

    The definition for the word SORRY for all those ignorant TMobile employees is: 

    Recognizing that you have done something wrong, intend to not let it happen again and fixing the current situation. Toilet paper has more value that the word SORRY to T-mobile employees

    3. Other times, I have called to support on my device, After being bounced around from one rep to the other, i finally get to tech support, only to be told they rep has not been trained on the device so they cannot help me. Other calls, the rep has stated that know the device, but when a logical questions is asked about the workings of the device, they make up a lot of BS to answer the question. How do I know it’s BS…this is because I work in the IT sector and know a lot about hardware, operating systems and software. The only reason why i called them is because I did not want to wait until I got home to turn on my computer and research it myself. Just try to save time….they did not happen!!

    4. I don’t how many times I have had dropped calls. They all seem to mainly happen I have called some other companies customer services and spent 45 minutes to hour working on something, to have call back to spend an other hour explaining the same thing again. This is extremely frustrating and time wasting…….this is what we are paying T-Mobile for… to stress us out and wasting our time !! WOW , what a line of business to be in…killing your customers slowly! Let’s torture them first with a 2 year contract!

    5. Charges magically appear on my bill. This is a really amazing trick that they do. I don’t know how they do it… it’s like they have David Copperfield sitting in front of their computers at billing time working his magic! But you know what, I see the voodoo they are doing and catch them on it !! The other thing on this topic is what they report for my data usage. What a load of BS !!!  I rooted my phone an removed the BS bloatware they put  on it, which uses up my phones resources , including my data. In addition, I turn off my data connection when not using it and use my wifi for most downloads. However, they say that I use three times more that what I actually use ( I have an app that monitors my data connections)…..another David Copperfield trick. I tell you , these guys at T-Mobile should moved to Vegas, it would be a very entertaining show explaining how they do these tricks or performing them live !!

    Topics 2, 3, 4 and 5 happen quite often and is the norm of T-Mobile’s business practice. This tells me that the customer is not at the forefront of their focus.Their staff are poorly trained, not equipped to deal with a legitimate situation and offer no real resolution to make their customers want to stay, expect to state that your is a 2 year contract and we will charge you an ETF ( they know most people wont want to pay the ETF , so they stay). Have you ever had your hands and feet tried behind your back while someone slaps and kicks you in the face? if you have not, this is it !!

    The success of a company is, customers wanting to stay, not how many they make stay !!

    T-mobile has been hostile towards their customers , more so recently during the period of the intended takeover by ATT. The customers have suffered throughout this period and T-Mobile is doing very little to correct this. Companies like this have eroded consumers rights to the point where they dictate what the customer can do. The contracts that make you sign is what they use to abuse the customer for the duration. Even with the purchasing of a smartphone they dictate what you can do with a device that is owned by the consumer. They have forgotten that once the customer purchases the device, it is not owned by the wireless company, but the customer ( like a laptop). This type of bullying and abusive behavior needs to stop !F U T-Mobile !!

  • Asher

    Humm has done a great deal to isolate the T-Mobile executive staff from customers, a huge difference from the earlier days of the company.  Try calling T-Mobile and ask to speak to Mr. Humm’s office.  The  receptionist won’t put you through.  You can leave a voice mail, and someone will return the call within 48 hours.  Try, on the other hand, calling just about any other major corporation and ask to speak to the CEO’s office. You’ll get through. Really, you will.  I’m a T-Mobile customer because there were once brilliant executives in the company, Lloyd Tjom probably first among them, people who demonstrated a genuine care for customers.  Though I’ve been a customer since the days of Arial and then Voicestream, the lack of interest in me challenges my loyalty to the company. 

  • Chill


  • Chill


  • Pckline

    I’ve had T-Mobile for 8 1/2 years and have never had any problem until the last 6 months. Service on my Nexus One fell off a cliff, both data and voice. I spoke with T-Mobile customer care 5-10 times about what might be causing these out-of-nowhere problems; tried all servers in the area, tried a new sim card, tried only UMTS and then only HSDP connections, nothing worked. All this time I was surprised at the customer service reps, they had always been very helpful and went out of their way to help you or transfer you to a technician who could help you with diagnostics. All of a sudden they could’t care less and it seemed like any question I asked was outrageous in some way. My service continued to deteriorate and a customer care rep asked if I would be willing to try an HTC One S, for $200 no less. I said that was great and I appreciated the rep giving me the on-contract price, but I had to make sure that the new device would connect well and my voice quality would improve on the HSPA+ connection; “no problem, if it doesn’t do the trick just send it back and we can continue trouble shooting”. While the phone was being shipped I went to a T-Mobile retail store and used a friends One S, both times yielded the same results; voice was better, but the HSPA+ connection just wasn’t fast enough for my needs. When UPS delivered my One S, I did not take delivery, just returned to sender, didn’t even open the box. UPS tracking sent me a tracking text to let me know that the phone had been returned. Today I called to confirm that the phone had been noted as returned in my account and wasn’t going to get charged. Yep, phone returned, account showed a $200 credit for the returned phone, “is there another phone you would like to try, I’m sure we can find something that works for you for the next 24 months of your service agreement.” Yeah, customer care rep blatantly lied to me, I was told today that a customer care rep isn’t allowed to let me try a new phone without adding a new 24 month contract, only the PHONE has a buyers remorse period, the contract was non-negotiable. I spoke with customer loyalty and the woman I spoke with read, verbatim, the screen the previous rep had recited, nothing could be done to ammend for the initial sales rep telling me both the new phone and contract could be reset if I wasn’t happy with the improvement. Didn’t want to let it ruin my Saturday, said whatever and thanks for your help and hung up. I called back to customer service a few minutes later and asked to talk to a customer loyalty supervisor or a “suggestion” specialist if there is such a thing. I was transferred to a customer care supervisor (yes, I know this position is like being the head janitor), and told her that I wasn’t calling to dispute the new contract, I was only calling to tell her that THIS is the reason T-Mobile is going out of business. They have the best rate plans, new phones that are very nice, and their phones have no problems overseas. The customer care is the problem on-contract customers are fleeing T-Mobile like the plague. Being in a 2 year service plan and having to deal with their customer care isn’t worth the value added by their voice and data pricing. Too bad, since 2003 I have had no problems, then theyjst lost their way. I don’t know how long they can stay afloat relying on their prepaid busniess. The AT&T deal really was their last hope. An estimated Q3, 2013 LTE rollout isn’t possible. A quick look at their financials shows their revenue, profit, EPS, and operations can’t function at the rate of revenue decline. Deutsche Telekom must get T-Mobile off their books immediately. AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint have no interest in buying a failing competitor. I’d look to Cricket, Virgin Mobile, US Cellular, or some other regional carrier, but I don’t know if they would even want to join forces. Deutsche Telekom needs to be real, sell the spectrum in an orderly fashion, don’t wait until it’s a fire sail and the government has to come in and allocate which carriers can buy certain quotas of the spectrum. Too bad, bye T-Mobile, have fun laying off the employees who are paying the price of poor executive foresight, try not to act surprised when you first see buyout price for your spectrum, and don’t worry about a customer like me, did I mention the $200 ETF? Odd, I just noticed an AT&T, LTE HTC One X on Amazon for $130.