Rumor Alert: T-Mobile’s Next “All Hands Day” Sale Taking Place February 11th?

Caution: All intel is unconfirmed and is therefore considered a rumor!

We knew it wouldn’t take long before we got word of another “All Hands Sale” for T-Mobile and if our most recent ninja tip is true, February 11th is the day. Here’s the good news if our ninja tipsters are hearing this info correctly, this offer is good for both Classic and Value plan subscribers as well as new and existing customers. We’re told that the Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G need a 5GB data plan which is not unlike the requirements for those devices during the previous sales T-Mobile has held. We’re told this February 11th sale is one day only and all handsets are free after mail-in rebate. Of course, we’re a little skeptical considering we’ve heard the “free after mail-in rebate” rumors before and the sales turned out to be Value Plan only. That’s not the case this time we’re assured, but until we can get our hands on some more intel, we’re urging a little patience while we confirm the details.

On a side note, we haven’t heard any “titles” for this sale, however we’re safely assuming it’ll be Valentine’s Day related if you need an excuse to buy that special someone a new phone.

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  • Anonymous

    I guess these all-hands days must be doing something good for t-mobile.  It just seems like a huge long-term loss and gamble to recoup the money back.  Not only that but it seems like this would attract a lot of fraudsters with stolen social security numbers.  I really hope i befriend an T-mobile accountant who would be willing to educate me on the nature of how they handle the financial monster that has become their customer base.

    I bet this takes months to sort out and create accurate projections for!

    • Nearmsp


  • Lacedupchi_ct

    it actually prevents fraud because the customer has to pay first and be patient for a rebate. When ever phone was free in store there was a fraud problem. this is one way they are fighting that. 

  • Andy

    Unfortunately, the free phone on Classic plans always brings out substantial fraud.  My belief is that if any employee has any doubt at all as to the customer being who they say they are, they have my blessing to politely apologize to them and advise that you can’t help them at this time.  I always tell the reps that chances are always good that if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, chances are it is a duck.  They won’t see any commissions if they activate all of these fraudulent lines and then they get closed.  Even worse is the whole upgrade situation.  Shady people always have a way of making themselves “authorized users” on the line and then doing an upgrade.  They’ll take the loss on any rebates if a BlackBerry 9900 can cost them $100.  If you’re a rep out there then you know what I’m talking about.  If it’s an upgrade, look and check what pbone it shows is being used and compare it to what the person has.  Even checking the IMEI number can be a good way to turn someone away.  

  • Anonymous

    how will this work for value plans?  i thought they were unsubsidized.  i can’t imagine t-mobile giving a full discount for the phones which you would normally have to pay full price for. 

    • Lacedupchi_ct

      it would be down payment free after rebate. 

      • Anonymous

        can you pay it all up front?

    • Shawn

      They give u a mail in rebate on the down payment.

    • Brandikik

      Please see my previous response for your answer.

      • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but special deals aren’t for the regular subscribers. I absolutely love hearing things like that each time I ask.

    • Brandikik

      Jarv10k, promotional offers are available for regular subscribers but you must have at least 22 months since you last received a discounted device to qualify and agree to the terms if the promotion, i.e. data plan, and a new 2 year contract. *I am a Tmobile employee and the views expressed here are solely my own opinion and not Tmobile statement if fact*

  • D182tsb

    iPhone 4s comin.

    • Doubt it. It would be nice though. 

    • Silk7412

      Did you hear? We are getting one!!! Iphoney28 is on the way- just for you and tmobile! Injoyy.

  • Sunday

    The sale usually is NO DOWN PAYMENT…a small rebate and THEN YOU PAY $20.00 per month for the rest of your life!!!! To me that’s not a SALE….BIG DEAL..NO DOWN PAYMENT….They try to tell me how wonderful this is and that you don’t have to lay out any money..BIG DEAL..You’re still charging me almost $600 for a phone that you should be giving me for $199 and I’d gladly give you the $199 on the day you give me the phone!!! Once agin T-Mobile GIVING ICE AWAY IN THE WINTER!!!!

    • Edy6401

      You don’t understand subsidies do you? Yes, you get a phone for $199.99, but you still pay the rest of what the phone is worth with the higher monthly bill for a 2 year locked contract. Why do you think the ET fees are so high. Phone subsidies are a joke. With T-Mobile, you are done paying the extra 20.00 a month at 20 payments, you save (some 80 bucks there) oh!, and you still pay about $20 less a month than you would on a ckasic plan with the other players. But, if you don’t like that. That’s fine, get the phone the way you like best. But don’t talk down on this just because you don’t like it.

      • Nordictyrsman

        Finally, someone who gets it.

    • Brandikik

      Let me clear something up please…. You are talking about the 20 per month for 21 months. This tells me you have a value plan where you pay full price for your phone, correct? Has to be since those are the only plans that qualify for eip. Here’s the deal on that: say you get a phone that is retail price if $550. The value plans are generally $20 a month less than the classic plan where you get that same phone for $199. So you spend and extra $301 more on the phone. Over the 24 month contract, you save $480 on the cost of the rate plan, for a net savings of $179. Your down payment on the phone is typically $250 (most lines get about 300 available for eip). With the promotion types we are talking about here where you get a rebate for your down payment, you get that 250 back, which increases your net savings over the 2 year contract to $429. Now does it make more sense as to why this is an awesome plan? *I am a Tmobile employee and the views expressed are solely my own and not Tmobile statement of fact*

      • Droidsoup

        Personally I bought the Samsung Exhibit 2 4G for $189 at Wally M.  Then I went with the $50/monthly 4g.  After 2 years it is only $1,400 including the phone.  The ultra Smart phones to me are not as good as I don’t need all the extra functions.  I use to be a post paid person but all the taxes and fees and the locking into contract for 2 more years not worth it to me anymore.

    • Show me the iPhone

      Interesting you say the sales ar “usually NO DOWN PAYMENT” when those value plans requiring down payments haven’t been around taht long. having been with tmo for years I’d say, aside from a few sales recently, all the sales have been Every Smart Phone FREE.

      maybe tmo just learned their lesson from the previous sales and is going back to what they do well.

    • BlahBlahBlahBlah

      it defies logic why you would want a 199$ phone when the service would cost you roughly 20 bucks more per months so at 20 months you end up paying the same as the phone is worth anyways 20 x’s 20 = 400 + (the 199$ phone puts you at 600$ event if you do the galaxy phone you’re still saving money as your bill effectively goes down by 20 the last four months therefore you pay 80$ for those few months , it works out better for most of the other phones that are actually 399 – 499$ price tags.  A Classic example of how companies like ATT and Verizon get you, your free phone isn’t really a free phone when you put around 800-1000 more for the service over two years and they gave you a 500 phone for free now does it?

  • Brandikik

    Yes there is an all hands day Feb 11th, from what we’ve heard, but TMO has not released any info on what the sales will be even to us employees at this time. But there’s a lot of talk and speculation that it will be all phones free after MIR for classic plans for newly activated lines AND lines that are currently eligible for full upgrade (22 months tenure since last upgrade) and free down payments for value rate plans after MIR. Please note, I said speculation. Don’t yell at me if this is not what it turns out to be. And yes, for all promotions there are always eligibility requirements such as data plans ($20 or higher) for smart phones, and they sometimes require easy pay to be set up. For value plans, I’ve heard that the phones must be purchased using the eip in order to qualify for the rebates. Always check you’re rebate form for the requirements to ensure that you receive the rebate. * I am a Tmobile employee and anything stated here is solely my opinion and not a Tmobile statement of fact*

    • Anonymous

      “* I am a Tmobile employee and anything stated here is solely my opinion and not a Tmobile statement of fact*” really? .. on the internet? That’s right.. I was going to hold you accountable and sue tmobile for lieing. Even in the post above with david stating the fact that it’s only a rumor in bold is rare on it’s own. Maybe i’m over reacting but relax fellas.

      • Brandikik

        Policy my dear. Just policy. Can’t take the risk of TMO being sued over something said in error by an employee. Just one if those things…

  • Matthewsj

    Well it’s too bad they don’t actually have a phone that I want at this time.  Come on T-Mobile.  If AT&T is getting the Titan II why the hell can you guys not get the Titan?

  • The only reason T-Mobile keeps coming up with these kind of promotions is because people buy them.  I can’t blame T-Mobile for that.  If it works, keep doing it.

    Now can you please release the Galaxy Note!

    • Tbyrne

      Guess what Dean? I have to agree with your wanting the SG Note. I want it too. Please, please. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

  • Anonymous

    I hope this is also for classic plan customers too… I’m Tired of my Sensation 4G I want that SGs2 or Amaze4G

    • None

      I want a galaxy nexus with a US warranty

  • anon42

    I think it’s a good sale from the limited info I have gotten. Now, the company needs to advertise it so people actually no it’s going on.

  • deuce017

    I just picked up a Samsung Galaxy S2 on Jan.29th and I’m on the 500 min Value Plan with unlimited text and unlimited data (5G) promo. “If” TMO releases the “All Hands Sale”, would I be able to use the “free after mail-in rebate”?

    • Cyclone

      you need to read valid from thru dates on the rebate form itself. My guess would be not valid for previous dates.

      • deuce017

        Hmmm…that makes sense. Would be nice to get back that $200+ I put down for the phone. Guess I’ll find out if when a rebate form is released for the “deal”.

        • Brandikik

          You’re in buyers remorse thru Feb 12th if I’m not mistaken. You could technically return that device and then get the promo on the 11th. Kinda a pain, but for 200 bucks, would be worth it to me. Just saying.

  • All hands on deck lol!

  • Codey Fujita

    Hmm, free after rebate Galaxy S II for classic plans? Would be worth the call to retentions to see if my 9+ year tenure is worth making an exception since i’m 14 months in to my current 24 month extension.

    • Anonymous

      We were at about that mark in our plan and they advanced us to 19 months, which actually is a better discount than one year (I didn’t know there was anything between one and two years) so just ask!

  • Show me the iPhone

    T-mobile Rocks. Don’t uunderstand all the negativity out there. They have had more sales over the past few months than any other company I know of, and their plans are ultra cheep. I mean honestly some people have grandfathered old cheap plans on carriers, but look at the offerings out there now.

    T-mobile beats so many other prices, and always has sales!!! rock On Tmobile

    • Anonymous

      Happily rocking my old $20 5 gig plan with free hotspot, complements of root

      • kahlayoh

        heck yea!!!! 

    • Anonymous

      Really what sales are you talking about? The sales I recalled were value plans. The only sales for classic,were from Target,Costo,Best Buys etc. That where I got GS2 from Target back in Dec.for $99. With no MIR card. So if you are talking about value plans sales yes,they had plenty of them 2011. 

    • Yousuck

      Actually its not cheaper than Sprint and its unlimited data plans. 

  • AdsRbad

    I have tapped the stupid ad on this page twice trying to dismiss it. The hide ad part is smaller than a pinhead.

    Take it down or make it easier to dismiss or I will quit coming back. No haters.

    • Really lol. Seeya

    • JBLmobileG1

      It is kind of annoying because it does keep popping up. Also it does get in the way when trying to type. While I know it’s there to keep this site going I can tolerate it… it’s better than a popup with the close box that really is smaller than a pin head.

    • TMO User

      if you are using firefox or chrome try adblock plus, its a great add-on.

      • I know it’s frustrating to see the ads, but they are a necessary evil for us to include. Sorry you are having trouble!

        • Anonymous

          You shouldn’t have to apologize, that’s pure crap.  It’s clear the person isn’t new to the internet.  As long as the content is good, there is no need to complain with all the resources out there to keep the problem at bay.

        • Jesse Sightler

          I know advertising is necessary, but I do wish that the close button was more accessible on touch devices. I’ve had issues with this in the past on Android tablets (Asus Transformer).

        • AdsRnecessaryEvil

          I should be able to close it. Tapping on a touch screen trying to close it sends me to the T-Mobile site where they to to sell me the plan I already have. Why would I not be entitled to complain about this bad experience? I appreciate the constructive responses.

          A correlating experience to piracy, perhaps, I can’t enjoy the content properly on my device without extra effort (ad blockingdownloading). Make it difficult to enjoy with the default interface and people will take the extra steps to get it, and it can undermine a good relationship.

          You have to assume that more visitors wil be on cellphones. This is a site about cellphones.

        • kahlayoh

          Why should you apologize for peoples bitching and complaining about some stupid lil ad!! All they have to do is try what people are suggesting to block it. If not let them visit some other website…I’m sure you have many people that visit this website anyway! 

    • Anonymous

      unless you pay tmonews money, stop complaining.  It’s the internet! are you really surprised??

      get some time of adblocking, those are usually free!! and make your life easier.

  • Tatdude806

    Aren’t sales like this great? OH WAIT, NO THEY SUCK! We have no T-Mobile Retail locations in Lubbock, Texas any more… We are stuck with Wal Mart and they won’t honor TMO’s sales… I shouldn’t have to go to Dallas for a sale!

  • Jon

    I hate mail in rebates so much! I prefer best buys method of instant rebates.


    ANOTHER RIP OFF DAYS for those tmo customers type who stand in line  to pay bills. 

    • STEVE

       $200 per line to $1000 fee to change plan kills any deal they have

  • WD

    Who cares.  Tmobile is in true senioritis mode.  I’m as bored with Tmobile as they are with themselves and with being in the US phone market.  All hands day… More like asleep at the wheel day.

    • Tbyrne

      I bored with you.

  • hotstovejer

    So, I just upgraded my plan, got off of Flexpay literally 4 days ago, and was going to go into the store tomorrow and get the Galaxy II S. Should I hold off and get the new phone on the 11th? They’re asking for $200 down, and if I can wait a week and not pay a damn thing, I sure will!

    • Brandikik

      You would still pay the down payment, but you would get it back in the form of a rebate card. Remember that right now, what the sale will be or include is still complete speculation. It may turn out that that particular phone is not part if the promo or that only classic plans are eligible. Nobody knows yet. but I will say this, anyone wanting in on any if the deals should be prepared to be up and at the stores early to get best pick of phone models. Only you can decide if you should wait and take a chance the phone you want might be it of stock or not part of the promo.

    • kahlayoh

      You should just hold out…maybe they’ll have the Buy one get one free again along with this sale coming up!

  • riderdiechic

    I was going to buy the samsung galaxy this weekend, but I figured tmobile was going to have a valentine day sale therefore I held out and I’m glad that I did.  If this is true, I will be in tmobile at opening time on saturday purchasing my samsung galaxy.  I already have the value plan with 5GB.  I love tmobile.  I have been with tmobile for 10 years now and I have no intentions of leaving tmobile.

  • None

    I remember the good old days of a Valentine’s Day BOGO sale.  Believe it or not, there was once a time when TMOs deals were worth standing in line to get. 

    • guest

      That is an idiotic comment

      • None

        Clearly you cannot read… I see nothing idiotic about remembering the days when TMO deals were not so confusing and dare I say, exciting! 

        • His comment was deleted. 

  • Sfiij

    Is tmobile trying to pimp us with this carly whore. seriously who is she? is she like sleeping with mr tmobile or what

    • Tbyrne

      You’re disgusting!

      • Anonymous

        What’s so bad about marrying a solid person like herman cain?   He’s clearly a good, honest man.  

        • Tbyrne

          No gouvy. It was the guest comment that David deleted that I was disgusted with. It was much, much worse. I think even you would’ve been offended. I’d tell you what it was but, David would no doubt delete it also. Bye Gouv.

        • I did indeed delete that comment, it was a waste of comment space. 

    • Lisa

       i read in a paper that CARLY will soon marry  HERMAN CAIN. it maybe a  false news but who knows , could be real

    • Vim

      That was a cheap shot.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

      • And now the comment is deleted. 

  • rbash

    I am value customer and found that the best option is always buying a slightly used phone on a deeper discount that you will typically get in TMO on value plans. 

    At the rate of which androids are being release, older model is relativity recent.

  • i’m never interested because as always with TMO, deals, specials, promos .. it doesn’t apply to existing customers.

    • This sale supposedly will apply to existing customers.

      • Kathryn

        will apply to existing customers only if  we agree to TMO’s rip off prices and outrageous fees.

      • well that’s cool Dave thanks :)

  • Mega

    Really Tmobile.  This is why you are in last place.

    1.  You want me to spend three times as much for a Galaxy 2 than I did on my sprint lines.  I purchased my G2’s on launch week for 99.00 dollars each.  Several months later with the news of the G3 right around the horizon with Full upgrade eligability you want 279.00 with a 50.00 mail in rebate?????  Did I mention your version is fatter, slower and uglier, with a worse graphics processor and older tech?  What are you still charging for the Amaze?

    2.  It used to be your customer service was prompt and I didn’t have to wait forever to get a person on the line.  Now you lag way behind the curve.  Its a sad day when Sprint has severly surpassed you in the customer service dept.

    3.You used to be on the cheap.  Now your not so much anymore.  You throttle customers data, and you have all these tacky weird plans that make it to difficult for most people to just make a decision.

    4.  Your 3g is the slowest of the slow, your 4g is just horrible.  My 3g on my sprint lines in a major metropolis is faster on sprint than my 4g on my Tmobile lines.  Are you ever going to expand your coverage?

    5.  Tricky “super” sales tactics.  Your not giving anyone anything for free when you end up getting over 500.00 for a phone that you should be charging 200.00 for by masking a monthly fee for it.  Its scheming and a dirty sales tactic.

    • kahlayoh

      You claim you are with sprint yet your’e on a tmobile related website??? Seriously bro, get a life and stop bashing on a service you have nothing to do with! 4G with tmo is not horrible at all..compared to sprint at that!! And as for the Galaxy S2…not sure how it’s fatter, slower and uglier??

      • Mega

        Its fatter because when I hold it next to my Sprint G2 it is definately fatter.  Its uglier, because like on cars where chrome wheels are out of style, so too is it on a phone or any technology, its slower because of Adreno 220 vs Mali…ahhh screw it.  Its slower.

    • Rob

       sprint gave me GALAXYS2 for free plus a $150 credit. TMO is still stuck in the mud with its pathetic offers

      • Hsan_kyani

        you get a “4G device” with no 4G capabilty and low coverage service, actually your getting a rip off. Sprint is Boost service(shitty service) with contracts. you recieved 150 which is 50 shy from a cancellation fee, made you look like a fool inside a store, T-mobile gives you more than and gives you the adavantage to upgrade whenever you want with installment plans and down payment and have more 4G than your Sprint.

        and im a Sprint sales rep in the Arizona market
        and i have both T-Mobile and Sprint services

        sprint wont even work in my store with absolutely no 4G

  • Andrew

    There’s a bunch of complaining on here. T-Mobile’s value plans are so much better once you understand how they work. The service is discounted and you end up paying the full price of the phone in the end (which I just think people freak out about because they’re so used to getting a “free” phone after two years). 
    Comparison: Value unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of 4G data=$49.99Classic unlimited talk, text and 2 GB of 4G data=$69.99

    Instead of being locked in at a high rate for two years, you can get any phone and once that’s paid off you just pay for the service. If you’re getting a Galaxy SII or an Amaze, it’ll be the same price on both plans minus the last 4 months of the contract where you’ll pay $20 less on the value. Both of these plans are going to be cheaper than anyone else. Go check and find out for yourself if you feel like it. Plus, this month T-Mobile is doing a deal where when you get the 5 GB data you get the mobile hotspot feature for free ($15 value). 

    I suggest going to the sale on the 11th. Save yourself the down payment and put that money towards the monthly payments on the phone. Easy enough. Stop complaining people. Would you really give all your customers a free $300-$600 phone?

    • Lisa

       the math is good for urself, we know  its not a value at all when you pay  so much for phone and , plus up to $1000 in FEE to get the value plan for  a 5 lines in family plan. it’s a RIP OFF! tmo lives in a different world with its pathetic offer

      • Anonymous

        lol @ the mathematical ineptitude.

        • Anonymous

          lol at the fact that so many people don’t even know what that means or what you are referring to!

  • anonymous

    T-mobile should just stick to one set of rate plans, it seems like the  company is trying to avoid  having to discount phones and pushing customers to purchase devices at retail value to gain revenue. I do admit that if you decide to go on a value plan you can purchase a smart phone and avoid adding the required data plan which can help customers save money on their bill, but do be aware when sale events due occur for value plan customers it can affect rebate eligibility if data plans are not added at point of sale, but of course there is a loop hole in which you can remove the data plan feature once you have received the rebates (4-6 weeks processing and delivery). 

    • Anonymous

      you aren’t smart enough to see the advantage of the value plans.

      • anonymous

        if you paid attention to my comment i stated that if you decide to pursue to go with the value plan you can purchase a smart phone without a required data plan and save more money on your bill, i should know i am an employee. 

  • Mcclurej

    Customer service? I couldn’t believe it! Yesterday my wife got the sprint customer service guy on the phone in less than 30secs. The guy at sprint called her back on my TMo phone and fixed her problem, then sent her a survey. I guarantee you to trying calling TMo and getting the same result, now way how!

    • Anonymous

      meh, i’m about to switch to t-mobile from verizon.  i cannot anticipate needing to call customer service on a regular.  and i’m not making my decision on where to go for 2 years based on maybe one call i’ll ever make to CS.

    • Mega

      It took me a 18 minute hold for a rep on Tmobile to tell me whether or not TMo would be holding a all hands day sale.  Twenty minutes people.  That was after I had to deal with their crappy voice service that doesn’t recognize crap.

      • Anonymous

        Hate to say it but when I called T-Mo last month to ask about a signal booster, the automated system wouldn’t let me continue forward until I told her the reason for my call… and after 3 times of saying it, I cussed at it and it then promptly hung up.  Nice.

        I get the feeling that dialing 611 gets you a real T-Mo rep whereas calling their general line gives you ‘Jerome’ in India…

  • Dontworry

    The problem with value plans and classic plans is that people are too stupid to shut up and let the rep explain the difference and savings. Thier one-track mind only allows them to see big numbers and generates a fear of them. I seen a highly educated individual look like an elementary school dropout when the rep tried to explain it but a dude that came in straight off the boat just took it cause of the value of savings. humans suck…. except for kat dennings… shes hot.

    • Anonymous

      you know what, i also end every statement i make with ”
      humans suck…. except for kat dennings… shes hot. “

  • Cort1969

    I seriously cannot believe we still have people questioning why there are migration fees to switch to value plans. Once and for all the migration fee exists because you DO NOT GET A DISCOUNTED PHONE AND THE LOWERE COST RATE PLAN!!! Actually even if you were to start service on a value plan with a GS2 or the Amaze on a classic plan and pay the discounted price of $200.00, you could switch to value right after and pay the 200.00 fee, thus you only paid 400.00 for the phone instead of 600.00 that anyone else who buys a phone on value would pay. I fully admit that these plans are confusing to some customers but math should not be confusing to anyone and the math shows that the value plans with full cost phones are less than any other major carriers plans by themselves. Sprint is the cheapest of the other 3 so unlimited ttw for110.00 X 24 months = $2640.00 compared to T-Mobile unlimited TTW for $60.00 X 24 months = $1440.00 plus 600.00 for the most expensive phone would be $2040.00 which by my math is $600.00 less that just the rate plan with Sprint, and even more of a savings over Verizon and ATT. Numbers don’t lie people, so while T-Mobile admittedly has to.fix some things with our business, rate plan/phone cost is not one of them.

    • Anonymous

      The modern American has become too lazy in putting extra thought into understanding anything slightly technical.  It’s the price we pay for living in a digital age.  There are people that can’t do that type of math on pencil and paper now-a-days, they literally need a calculator to help them.  So how do you expect them to understand conceptual functionality or a system or plan of sorts.  

      T-Mobile made the mistake of introducing to many variables and unknowns to their customers with regard to their rateplans.  You can also blame t-mobile for accommodating a risky customer base and trying to profit through guerilla plans and likely guerilla accounting for DT.

      • This Way

        A customer came into my store and said he wanted to port two lines in from Sprint. We told him the prices on Value. He said Verizon had offered hi free phones. we showed him how much he’d save. He said he could see the savings but did not care. Verizon offered free phones. People are so stupid they prefer to pay more in the long run for the instant gratification Now. Oh well. What can you do?
        Let pepel be stupid, the rest of us will get value plans!!! Rock On Tmobile!!

    • Mega

      Very nice manipulation of numbers you have there.  First of all Sprint is Unlimited everything (yeah no need to throttle anyone in sprint land as oppossed to in TMo world) is 79.99.  Thats including their 10 dollar data fee.  So that comes to 1900.00.  Now add to this the fact that the same product (well not really since the G2 is inferior in every way on Tmo) that I got mine for 99.99, that brings my total to 2019.00.  Which is cheaper than Tmo’s crappy value plan. 

      Like I said, its a dirty used cars sales tactic.  Lets not take into consideration that the vast majority of the country would live in Tmo’s EDGE portion of the States, and it becomes very clear why Tmo is loosing so bad.

      • CRT24

        I didn’t manipulate anything you fool. Go take a look at Sprint’s website and you will see that their simply everything plan is $99.99 plus the $10.00 “4g” add on. The price you quoted is the everything data so unless you want to look stupid in future posts, you might want to check your facts before you rebut. And I wasn’t comparing coverage to the other carriers……obviously if a carriers service doesn’t work for you then you are free to choose whatever carrier you wish…..but to try and compare sprints overall 4g coverage to t-mobile is a joke…..T-Mobile is by far faster and covers more people than Sprint so try again!

  • Sidekicker89

    I’m a Tmo Customer and my contract ends April 30th so I went into the AT&T store to shop around for plans. I asked him if i could get something similar to my T-Mobile plan with 3 lines. I pay 99 bucks total with tax. He told me I should STAY with T-Mobile because you’re never going to find something that good here with AT&T! hahahaha this guy was really honest! I couldn’t believe he was literally telling me to stay away from AT&T! I was wondering if this makes him a bad sales guy but at least he was honest. I wasn’t planning on leaving T-Mobile anyway but I still like to see what else is out there.

    • Anonymous

      That makes him a very bad sales person actually, considering he probably works on some sort of commission lol.  He’s supposed to try and convince you of why you should ditch t-mobile not stay hahaha.

      T-Mobile does have the edge over the competition in being more value brand, but it doesn’t seem to help in keeping customers.  Their churn is still pretty bad.

      • Mya

        Instead of calling this guy a bad sales rep, how about thanking him for not ripping off your dumbass in the first place!  Thank GOD we still have honest people working in America! 

        • Anonymous

          you are a complete and utter moron.  It was not my interaction you primitive  neanderthal.  It was a response to someone elses experience.  Go back to your community college for your G.E.D if you can pass it!

          You can thank GOD all you want, but GOD clearly didn’t bless you with much of an intellect, that or GOD cursed your family with bad DNA that without the help of modern medicine would have probably made your family non-existent by this point in time. Try learning reading comprehension sometime.

          Yet another person with primitive thinking.. i’m not surprised.  Of course you aren’t objective enough in your thinking to realize what a salesperson’s job is either.  Clearly you are unemployed or have no understanding of what employment expectations are of any job or occupation.  If you were in a management position, which judging by your reply you likely aren’t, should not,  and never will be;  you would want your employees to do their job which is what they are getting paid to do.  In this case, his job would be to dissuade the customer from staying with their current carrier.  Maybe the original poster took this out of context or the way he wrote it is making other readers misunderstand the actual conversation that took place.  Either way you are still likely have a soft spot on the top of your cranium that was pressed in many times throughout your developmental life.
          As i explained in my comment, T-mobile has the pricing edge in comparison to AT&T and the guy was being honest in saying that have nothing like that to offer them and that he had a good deal

        • Guest

          Clearly Gouv is one of the dishonest people in society

        • Anonymous

          I would consider myself a villain.

        • Magmaspawn

          You cant cast judgement off of one interaction. What simply happened here is a consumer (as we all are ) checking options. They had a sales man (good or bad ) acknowledge that they couldnt beat a rate and had an educated consumer they were talking to. Many people in sales take the fishing approach. This sales man didnt want to have a 20 minute conversation debating with a bottom line educated consumer. They would rather spend time fishing for an easy catch. This country/market is so saturated that sales has become steal what you can.

        • Tbyrne

          Gouvy is NOT dishonest! He’s just being an a$$hole. I know, he’s told me. He’s just tired of all you idots who can’t get it through that dense space between your ears that………….never mind. Gouv can explain it better than I can.

        • SideKicker89

          Woah how am I a dumbass? I’m no dumbass!

        • 123

          I too am so glad we have a few honest salesmen working.

    • Lisa

       he hates his job, thats why

  • 1nonly

    Quick question, if this particular rumor turns out to be true and one of the requirements is that we have to go to an unlimited plan, can we collect on the rebate and then move down to a limited call minute plan?
    Example, I would love to take advantage of this deal as a new customer and pick up a Galaxy S2 for me and my wife.  If we have to join the Family Value Unlimited Plan for $64.99 per line to take advantage of the rebate.  Can we later move down to the $54.99 1000 minute Value plan once we get the rebate back?

    • CRT24

      Yes you can do whatever plan you want after you get the Mir….you will extend your contract again at the time you change the plan.

      • 123

        I don’t believe changing data plans causes the 2 year counter to reset. 

        • CRT24

          No it doesn’t but he/she was asking about changing the minutes and that will renew the contract.

        • 1nonly

          And I went into a store and spoke with the manager today and asked about this.  He said, there is no contract renewal when switching between value plans.

        • CRT24

          There is actually….all plan changes in our system require contract extension so you may want to have whoever you spoke to and have him check the information so he does not.continue to mis-inform people.

        • 1nonly

          Even if it does, I would hold on to the greater plan for as long as the rebate takes to process and complete.  Once that’s done I would switch to the lesser plan that I want.  Maybe 2 months at most?!!

        • CRT24

          Yep…..not saying it isn’t a good idea, just making the facts known.

  • now_onTMO

    this is a good deal! im not eligible for an upgrade until july… so if i wanted to upgrade to the GS2, i’d then have to pay extra to get the GS2 , not free, correct?

    if true, then ill just hold off.. hopefully a new  nice device will be available by that time :)

    • CRT24

      If you are eligible in July then you may only have a 50.00 migration fee to switch to value and then you won’t have to wait till July…..just depends on what plan you are on currently and when your contract expires as to whether value + full cost phone would be a better deal but you may just go into a store or call care to find out and you May not have to wait to upgrade.

      • now_onTMO

         thanks… im currently on even more plan 5gb data plan..

        so if i pay the migration fee of 50$, that’ll switch me to value plan and get the GS2 for free while retaining my current contract? or i’ll be renewing contract soon as i switch to value plan with 50$ fee? or more like , i can get the GS2 for free, switch to value plan… then in july , when my contract expires, tmo will then have to charge me for the value of the phone in my monthly bill… extending it for another 2 years?

        im confused, but thanks though … not really sure anyway if i would get the phone, if it was the galaxy nexus or the note, definitely i would..


        • CRT24

          Without knowing what plan you are on now and what you are paying then it is hard to say if value will be worth it to switch….if you can post what plan you have and what the cost is before taxes and fees then I can better advise you. But value plans are almost always at least the same price while you are paying out the phone and then drop back down when the phone is paid off. I know it sounds a little complicated but it really pretty simple when you compare the numbers.

  • Jaydee305

    All handsets are free after mail in rebate? I understand this being true for a classic plan customer but a value plan as well? Can anyone elaborate more on this? 

    • Hello183654

      Not possible for Value plan.. Mail in rebate covers upfront cost possiby then you pay for the rest of it over 20 months.

  • Jarswift

    Question about the “All Hands Day” sale:  Are these sales traditionally only available in-store??? I really want to take advantage of this promotion, but I’ll be out of town this weekend, and I was wondering if the offer will be available through customer service or online.  Anyone know for sure?

    • BiGMERF

      any tmo store anywhere in the US can handle your account

      • Jarswift

        Well thanx Big, but i’ll be on a train to pittsburgh saturday, and upon arrival, dont think i’ll be able to make it to a brick and mortar, which is why I was curious about calling in.

  • Bic1ster

     Does the website / your account ever show the sales or do you have to be there in person?

  • Mafiafan

    Its 100% Confirmed by My ASR the Corp and RPS Dealers will do this! Details Released on TWIRE sometime today.


    • 1nonly

      Just got back from speaking with the store manager of my local t mobile brick and mortar.  He said that he expects something for Valentine’s day as well.   He didn’t have details yet but expected them soon and even took down my name and number to inform as soon as he found out, although he said i wasn’t common practice to do that as it tends to discourage buys until the sale day.  

      I guess me being “in the know” through this website helped to speed the conversation along.

      • 1nonly

        Coupled with my law enforcement discount which would wave activation fees and give an additional 15% off the value plan, I say it’s a go for me and my wife this weekend!!!

        • Hello183654

          Which T-Mobile store do you work at?

        • 1nonly

          Sorry, I don’t work at a tmobile store.  I went to a nearby one where I live and asked about upcoming deals.  That’s how I was informed that tmobile tends to do specials for valentine’s day and that something might be coming up this weekend.

  • Howell Ruehl

    If they put the Amaze 4G on sale, I will be PISSED! I just bought this brand new one not even 10 days ago. If I go into the store and they don’t honor the price difference, I will cancel my contract and go with someone else.

    • Satori Jh

      You have 14 days to return those things so get to it!  

      • Hopefully he didn’t buy it online, they’ll never process a return in time to buy another phone on Feb. 11th.

        I returned two phones, they got the returned phones at their center last week, they haven’t credited any return – and they say they have 30 days to do so… 

        The reality is, it isn’t so simple to do a return, in order to buy the same phone again at a lower price – as you make it seem.

        Heck I was just returning my phones because they slammed through plan changes that I didn’t agree to – I’m certainly not going to buy the same phones again, lol.

        But you know – they haven’t so much as acknowledged that theyve received the phones, let alone sending me my money back, or marking the account as eligible to receive an upgrade….lots of stuff has to happen, and they aren’t in a 14 day window of any kind to do it.

        • This Way

          Even if you do an exchange, or return and purchase the phones again on the 11th, there can be iisues. 1st, the phones were purchased for classic you’d have to go to the store where you bought originally. Other stores typically would charge a restocking fee if you are just returning.
          2nd. I am SURE there will be bigger data requirements with the sale price, meaning you may pay more in the long run.

        • Howell Ruehl

          I got it through customer care on the phone. Its sad you only get 14 days to experience the device. Sprint gives you 20 days.


    any details on this yet?

  • Molly

    i spoke with TMO RETENTION and a store agent, they told me $200 per line up to $1000 in fees  to get the so called VALUE PLAN and phone is not going to be free either and increased data fees too regarding this false promotion.

    My buddy got $200 credit plus a brand new GALAXY S2 for free with SPRINT, i am going to sprint on FEB 11,  byeeeee tmobile

    • Sandra

       its a dirty used cars sales tactic by tmo

    • sdas200

      They just don’t get it.  I somehow feel there are 2 Tmobiles.  One is what their CEO and management says in press releases.  The  other is what happens on the ground and what we as customers experience.  I think Tmobiles executive staff or a special ECR team (cuz t heir ECRs have proven just as useless as their regular reps) would do good to pick a few customers from their forums or blogs like this and contact them directly…Get some REAL data on why customers are upset and what the problems are.  Ive emailed other executives of major companies in the past and they always apologized for the bad service, thanked me and made good.  It was also obvious that they weren’t aware of what was going on with their stores or customer-level.  I know from personal experience that when you’re in the glass tower creating great marketing plans or promotions, you’re sometimes way out of touch with the end user.  Tmobile keeps making that mistake.  They keep saying they want to reduce churn but are doing nothing about it.  And yes, I know you get a disproportionate amount of ‘complainers’ or ‘disgruntled customers’ on websites– but you’d be smart to notice the patterns and maybe speak to some actual customers to try to fix the problems.  If Tmobile actually records calls, I think 90% of the reps Ive dealt with over the last six months would be reprimanded.  Its just a joke.  I think they just gave up a long time ago, expecting to be taken over by ATT…The corporate culture needs a huge makeover.  

  • Mahesh

    Just switched to SPRINT and got  Nexus S™ 4G for free, no activation fee and $175 credit . This is called real promotion and no nonsense promotion! the free NEXUS S is available online too on sprint site.

    • guest

       And your monthly bill is higher.  I just checked sprint and I pay $99.99 for the unlimited family value plan and for sprint that plan is $189.  I’ll stay with tmobile!!!

    • sdas200

      Are you getting good coverage or do you have any problems with their data networks.  T hats what concerns me.  Id definitely have cheaper plan with Sprint and never have to worry about data usage again.  Some of you need to realize that just because company A is cheaper for you doesnt mean its cheaper for everyone else.  Some people have individual accounts, others have family plans, others take advantage of special promotions – some of  which are online or company/employee discounts.  But the terrible Tmobile service we’ve experienced over the last year will make me switch just out of principle – even if I had to pay more…but it still comes out cheaper every time…

    • I got this deal last week also, when I switched my 3 lines to Sprint. Awesome deal, gave me 50 bucks for each line transferred. Was able to get employee plan also,

  • Justamazing87

    Idk about this being an all hands day I’m off and so is another rep. We never get these days off

    • Guest

       I hope that we hear something soon if this will actually happen or not.

      • It’s DEFINITELY happening.

        • riderdiechic

           Thanks David, I’ll be in T-mobile bright and early on Saturday morning.

  • riderdiechic

    I sure hope we hear something soon about this sale if it’s actually going to happen or not.

  • ByeByeMrHumm

    For those thinking of joining us as the latest 1st quarter churn statistics because you’re so sick of the TMoblile (lack of) service and disregard of existing customers, I just read VZ is going to have another big sale – including BOGO on Droid Razr and double 4gLTE data sale that will give you 4gb for $30….Reliable network too….Im going to be very tempted.  Sprint sounded good but worried about all the complaints I read about their service so VZ might finally get me to jump unless I decide to hold on till fall and iPhone 5.

    • Guest


  • BS457

    If a company like Tmobile has a handset that they admit has problems they havent been able to fix, shouldn’t they have some kind of responsibility to customers to make it right?  If they can’t fix the problem, shouldn’t they at least give the customer some credit, a comparable problem-free device or at a minimum, stop selling the device that you know has problems.  Just seems like if a toy was defective, the manufacturer would recall it.  Yet handsets are defective and the reps say ‘theres nothing we can do.’  I know it gets weird cuz you have a manufacturer and a cell phone carrier, but if TMobile is selling the phones and they have Tmobile logos on it, and are used on the Tmobile, shouldn’t TMobile take some responsibility?

  • Igetspaid

    This is looking like its actually going to be a good sale…I have seen some merchandising that came in today so I am happy. And yes its for classic…

    • Guest

       Hopefully for value plan and classic

  • Sunday

    I am a 10yr T-mobile customer. At the moment I am off contract. I have a 3 yr old G1 and my husband has the original Motorola Razr, We both REALLY NEED NEW PHONES….The problem is……We are currently on a Family plan..$49.99 a month 2 phones, 500 minutes, free nights & Weekends. When I got my G1 3yrs ago, all I had to do was add an internet package. That came with UNLIMITED MESSAGES AND …….REAL UNLIMITED DATA….REAL UNLIMITED DATA..NO 2gb 4gb…BS..
    SO, fastforward to 2011, we want new phones and we go to the T=Mobile store…I am told..1) If I upgrade my PHONE….I can’t keep my exisiting plan…WHY? oh not possible and you have to PAY FULL PRICE FOR THE PHONE YOU WANT…$600. We both wanted new phones..So that translates into $1200…FOR NEW PHONES..ARE YOU KIDDING ME….They tried to give me the BS that …NO MONEY DOWN..PAY $20 per month for the rest of my life and it’s still cheaper than VERIZON..WELL
    BS.I am a LOYAL CUSTOMER..So, they advise me to e-mail t-mobile and I do and I speak to a CS Rep and she tells me that maybe she can do something for me ..BUT she says she can’t do it on the phone. I have to go PURCHASE NEW PHONES, I ave TO CHANGE MY PLAN and then I have to hope she contacts me and then she will OVERRIDE THE SYSTEM AND GET ME BACK TO MY OLD CONTRACT…WTF..Why do I ahve to go around in circles???? Are you kidding me. That is so STUPID.I am so agrivated. I didn’t agree to this because I DON’T TRUST THEM..And then I”M F–Ked!
    I’m weighing all my options now and see what is better for us!

    • Me

      call cusomer care retention department …. thy will bend over backwards and give u the deal.

    • Daddym469

      Whatever you do..Do not renew…Cancel your plan…I can tell you that what they want is for the two of you to switch to the value rate plan. What you will gaing is unlimited talk, text, free mobile to mobile and capped high speed data 2gigs per line with zero overage. My wife and I were also off contract but fell for the lower rate of the value plan. The best option I would look into is try and find your phones unlocked or used in great condition, BUT PLEASE DONT BE SUCKED IN WITH THAT 49.99 PER LINE MESS…WHAT FEW PEOPLE ADMIT TO IS, YOU LOSE SO MANY OTHER THINGS FOR THE LOWER PRICES…THEY WONT AS MANY PEOPLE ON ONTRACT AS THEY CAN WHEN THEY WOULD KILL VERIZON, IF THEY ENDED THE CONTRACTS AGAIN…GET BETTER PHONES AND STOP TRYING TO COMPETE WITH THAT DAMN I PHONE…STAY OFF CONTRACT YOU WILL BE HAPPIER IN THE LONG RUN, SURE WISH i HAD.

  • Jon

    I called 2 different stores and was told different things today. One of them told me she didn’t know what phones would be included and then told me it was for new activations only. I knew that made no sense since you can get free phones every day with new activation. The other one told me it was for anyone and even checked her list to confirm that the Gs2 was on it. She even said tablets were included.
    Thing is, I’m on a value plan. For the classic plans, the rebate is the full price of the phone. For value plans, your rebate is the down payment…but you still have to pay the $10-$20 per month that you normally would when you give them a down payment in a new phone.
    I tried to tell her that this meant I wouldn’t get a free phone. She kept explaining that I technically would after the rebate. I don’t see how that’s correct if I’m still making monthly payments after I get my rebate.

  • Evlmonky27

    Its everything free day but after rebate…. : )

  • hdhdhdhdhd

    If I’m 16 months in on my last upgrade (blackberry minutes and mail plus data), can I change to a unlimited value plan (migration fee accepted) to qualify for the promotion?

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I’ve never owned a smart phone. But this is tempting. For those of you that are frugal, do you feel like you get much use out of a smart phone to justify the data plan?  I hate to get stuck with something for 2 years if I’m not getting some good value.