Best Buy’s Deal Of The Day Is The HTC Sensation 4G

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone and let’s give a big thank you to Best Buy for offering up a T-Mobile Sensation 4G as their Sunday deal of the day. The Sensation 4G is free with a new, two-year contract and just $99.99 for qualifying upgrades on a two-year contract. The deal ends in 13 hours, 47 minutes and 11…10….9 seconds so take advantage now!

Best Buy

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  • Clearing inventory ?

  • JBLmobileG1

    For anyone who plans on upgrading to the Sensation you might as well goto Walmart and do so because they have the phone for $78.88 with a 2 year upgrade so long as your eligible.

    • Ximbetterthanyoux

      Or you can do it for free at best buy today.

      • Anonymous

        Free ? $99.99

    • Juang630

      You can go to target for upgrading, it’s only $29.99

  • Anonymous

    It’s free for “new contract” $99.99 for upgrades. Walmart would be better for those upgrading.

  • itrustme

    The sensation is the biggest piece of shit phone I’ve ever used running android so far. I’d rather have a windows phone. Love my nexus s w/ ics though.

  • Topcityjose

    whats t-mobile ETF policy on this phone i might get it free and cancel in a month for $200 and use on my regular regular line  cause im not up for an upgrade until 2013 and im geting tired of my g2

  • Shshshh

    I got the same sitch! Gonna wait it out for the blaze 4g though :)

    • Thomask814

      Wait for the HTC Ville with ics and sense 4.0

      • Kevinmarchibald

         Supposedly the HTC Endeavor will be out in March or April, but not sure if it T-Mobile will get it. The Ville/Blaze seem to have similar specs.

  • BillyBonkers

    Are these walmart and target prices in store? I looked on WM site and for upgrades it shows the Sensation for 229.99 for an upgrade. I”ve been eligible for an upgrade for awhile and contemplating whether to get the Galaxy II or Amaze, or maybe wait for something better…

    • Donsteffano

       Walmart has it in store for 78.88 upgrade, no $18 upgrade fee. got it last week.

      • BillyBonkers


      • nerdlust

        Got mine from walmart as well paid $78.88 and got $100 gift card black Friday deal. It’s a great phone worth much more then what I paid.

  • EXIBITman

    How much is galexy 2 at wall marts?

  • Anonymous

    We don’t want this We want the GN or the upcoming S3!!

    • Anonymous

      Well you can forget about the GN coming to Tmobile, Read in NYC Daily News,that only
      At&t will be selling it.  That it will sold only by At&t and no other carrier. It was in yesterday

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    • Anonymous

      Are you drunk? 

      • Anonymous

         appears to be a spam account, based on the url linked to in his username

  • AM Gone

    I concur.  I am on phone #3 and a return to HTC and it still doesn’t work properly.  This is my first and last HTC phone.  Now where is the Galaxy Note????

    • Justright

      LOL at galaxy note. Want to use a stylus? Haha. It does come with a flip case as well. Helllooooo 2002!!!!! Next you will want the galaxy dial up modem.

      • itrustme

        id take a note all day.

  • Uowe

    I think they’re all clearing inventories for something better, so I am gonna wait

  • Matcat03

    HTC sensation sucks. Its is very laggy even when rooted.  Seems like HTC phones out there now is not the same as it used to be. HTC even admitted it, that they produce too many too fast. Wait till they get back to their true form and skip on this.

  • Hidingfornow


    Sensation4G is an excellent phone all around, that’s why they’re pushing that instead of the Amaze. It’s not laggy at all, but I guess you have to know how to use it properly. I use it for business and personal, works perfectly. I’m definitely looking at HTC for my next phone. Well worth the price. 

    • Dj hawkins

      you sound stupid the reason they are pushing the Sensation 4g is because it is a POS it was nice for about a month until the Amaze 4G came out and then a month or 2 later when the US T-mobile GS II came out it blew it out the ocean in every way shape and form besides the qHD screen that is found on the Senastion 4G which looks like absolute shit compared to a Super AMOLED+ screen even with a lesser resolution. Anyways my rant is over its just offensive to here you not only praise a joke as a Sensation 4G but to also put down a phone that beats it in every way shape and form…

  • Smacsteve

    If you guys did any research at all you’d find that the deal of the is the week target Mobile for $29.99 on two year upgrade! You must be on the BB dole.

  • I went to the site and got an ad that showed me a dialog box and an offer to “upgrade my device drivers” with a rootkit or a virus. ;-) I had to control-alt-delete and go to the task manager to close my browser window, and hopefully I didn’t get anything by going there. Of course, the deal is off now, but be warned….

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  • For those in here complaining about Best Buy:

    When I went into a Best Buy last year I looked around the cell phone dept. I noted that many of the phones on display (the dummy display and actual phones) were filthy, had broken parts, missing keys and some even had cracked cases.

    The sales people were as sloppy looking as the wares they were selling. (That told me that these people did not give a sheet about their jobs or what they were doing. To be sure, if I was in sales and getting a commission on each sale I made, I would be there polishing and dusting off the phones when things were idle, this so each phone, regardless of price, looked their best to attract customers and cinch the sale.

    The three employee CSRs on duty were chit chatting and not helping the customers. No one approached me. When I went to register to purchase a Wii game the cashier was chewing gum, had one leg resting on a shelf and she did not move from that position while checking me out. She also did not say a word to me, she threw my purchase into a bag and slid the bag toward me.

    All this also told me that the management team did not give a rip either.
    How else to explain the merchandise looking shoddy, the employees
    looking homeless, and staff standing around instead of working. When I left the store I concluded that Best Buy would not be in business much longer if the rest of the store was run like the wireless department.

    If I was T-Mobile I would cut the cord on doing any promotions with Best Buy, there’s too many issues with that retailer. (E.g., I have read in here about people going to BB to take advantage of a TMOUS promotion only to have the BB CSR, supervisors, and managers saying they know nothing about it.)

    Update: Come to find out, I and TMoNews members who have voiced concerns about Best Buy are not alone. Check out this Forbes January 2012 article (to which there were 2.8 million views and 1047 comments). Many of the comments complain about Best Buy’s wireless department and poor customer service therein. Sound familiar to the comments on TMoNews?)

  • Here is the link to the Forbes article. 

  • Anonymous

    I like the polka-dot-less dress, Carly’s that is.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Can you downgrade to 2GB

    • Anonymous

      yes. after you get the rebate

  • Mike Bullock

    Typical T-Mobile! I called to verify this deal and see what my options are. I finally used my full upgrade Friday for an HTC Amaze. $279 with $50 rebate. I am within my 14 days and wanted to see if I return the phone even with the restocking fee if I could get the deal. They had NO idea what I was talking about, I reached person number four after being juggled and they went on to tell me it was for new customers and new lines. I then re-read their press release to them. Bottom line, no help! I can see why they were ranked so shitty. I can’t believe the top wouldn’t talk to the bottom etc. Pure ignorance! 

    • Anonymous

      considering this sale was just announced, im sure most employees dont even know yet. i didnt know until i read it on here

  • 1nonly

    How much is the Galaxy S II when bought for the classic plan?  And how much is the rebate on that when coupled with a classic plan?

  • Rajesh

    can i get this deal if i renewed my contract last year already? or only for upgrade eligible and new customers only?

  • Sunnyleone

    simple question here!

    Is this deal only for new and upgrade eligible existing customers?

    Or  there is something for existing non upgrade eligible customers too?

    • Anonymous

      you can always add a line

      • Sunnyleone

         i have max 5 line family plan with them

  • Sunnyleone

     simple question here!

    Is this deal only for new and upgrade eligible existing customers?

    Or  there is something for existing non upgrade eligible customers too?
     i renewed my contract  in june last year and got horrible deal at that time.

  • Sean R Wray

    Even htc has said they suck recently. The amaze is a great phone, but to say htc is better all across the board….your smoking something special.

  • Mdub

    If that is a sneak peek of Sense running on top of ICS then no thanks. I’ve been an htc enthusiast since the hero and I currently own the Evo 4g, 3d and View tablet and I’m just bored with the same form factor over and over again. Htc claims to be changing their ways in 2012 but the ville looks like a repeat of last years work. That flip clock looks horrible and I have to say that Samsung will be my next phone manufacturer. I’m grabbing the Nexus or Galaxy S3 in the next few months.

  •  Really? I’ve seen the GS2. The resolution is way too low for a screen that big and everything looks bigger which makes it look like a toy compared to the Sensation or Amaze 4G. Also, please tell me how the GS2 “blew it out of the ocean” because for me all it took was a few minutes with that POS in the store and I instantly changed my mind. It’s probably a good phone for older folk who can’t see.

  • Brunetto1

    I am a long time customer of T-Mobile and I can tell you that there are two things that haven’t changed over the years and in fact have gotten worse.
    One is the fact that t-mobile makes great handset deals for new customers and beats up existing customers over the same phones.
    For example T-mobile advertises the HTC Wildfire for free on their website. If you are an existing customer you can’t get that deal and are transferred to an upgrade page where you have to pay for the phone. You can get a partial refund after going through a lot of drama and T-mobile sending you a debit card. This is always the case. If there is any deal going on existing customers are left out.
    The second thing is mentally challanged Customer Service reps who drop calls, keep repeating the same nonesense no matter what you are telling them and the lack of an easy approach to supervisors or some one that can really solve your problem.

    JD Powers is right on target. T-mobile thought that they were going to dump all their customers so there was no intention to actually improve the existing customer experience

  • Anonymous

    If anyone is looking to buy this phone,skip BB,and go to Target,has them right now for $29.99,for new and upgrade customers! NO MIR! Store only,just like back in Dec,they had SG2 for sale for $99.00.
    Not sure for how long this sale will be for.