HTC Ville Makes Second Cameo Appearance On Camera, Shows More HTC Sense

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the upcoming HTC Ville make a cameo appearance on camera, and now we’re welcoming it back a second time. We’re of course always willing to see more and more of a as-of-yet unreleased device, though we do expect HTC to talk about the device at Mobile World Congress.

The newest Ville pictures show off its display and HTC Sense software thanks to Japanese blog Ameblo, and you’ll notice the images are running T-Mobile Croatia. Of course, that has no bearing on whether T-Mobile USA will receive this phone, but we’re already working on intel that the Ville will in fact lend of Magenta shelves in 2012.

The Ville’s spec sheet includes a dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm S4 chip, 4.3″ Super AMOLED qHD display, 1650mAh battery, 8 megapixel camera capable of 1080p recording and a super slim profile.

Anyone liking what they see?

DroidDog via Ameblo

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  • Anonymous

    HTC I love you – but your phones need to stop looking exactly the same. 

  • Daddym469

    I love cell phone technology, but the usual android peek a boo marketing ploy is getting old..Here is my prediction..this phone will be nice, very expensive, and probably poor in the battery life department.
    Android needs a serious makeover..Something bigger than another custom rom or software upgrade.

    • Anonymous

      HTC needs a Makeover. Have you seen the Samsung Galaxy Nexus??

    • Jason Grover

      I second your suspicion, that homescreen is NOT a Sense style homescreen (not that I know what Sense 4.0 looks like, but judging by what it’s been…), but looks more like a GB build with Sense bits (lock screen, clock/weather widget), and the camera only has one flash? 

  • Buds

    A 1650 mah battery are you joking?

    • Anonymous

      7 whole hours of light usage!

  • My Galaxy S2 is still happily running around freely.


    i want quad core :(

    • J-Hop2o6

       Its a S4 w/ the new Krait core (~ ARM’s A15 core level). So this dual core will be fine.

  • Anonymous

    I love the way it isn’t another video.

  • Communica

    1.5 GHz, dual core, 8Mp caera? Aren’t those the specs of the Amaze?

    • Anonymous

      This is why it’s important to note what processor it actually is as opposed to the bare details.

      It’s the Qualcomm S4, the Amaze and all those other HTC phones have the Qualcomm S3. There is a huge difference between the two because the S4 has two Cortex A15 cores, which means they are far more efficient and a lot more powerful, despite running at the same clock speed (hopefully).

      And as for the camera… it could very well be the same, or it could be an improved 8 MP sensor, since MPs aren’t everything.

    • Vim

      It”s significantly thinner, has a more power-efficient cpu, a more powerful gpu, beats audio, plus ICS pre-installed. 

  • Jodath79

    Looks like the Sensation.

  • guest

    And this is the year android marketshare declines no body is as excited about android hardware anymore

    • Anonymous

       Actually, you have it backwards. This year, Android market share will increase even more, due to many, many new high end devices plus they’re working out all the wrinkles. Q4 2011 saw a 2.25% increase in market share by Apple due specifically because they finally released a new device after 16 months of delays, so sure people snagged it. However, Android showed a 2.5% increase during the same period, so there you have it. And every quarter has a bunch of great new devices coming out, so the writing is on the wall. Plus, on a final note, the US Gov has chosen Android for the military. Android will continue to spread and get bigger, and in the end, it’ll be Mac vs PC all over again. That’s what you get when you have a closed system. The closed system lovers and those that love open systems.   …end of soapbox…

  • Vim

    I’m highly curious to see how much impact the die shrink and resulting
    “25-40%” power consumption improvement of the new krait s4 over the
    older scorpion chip will have on battery life.  Hopefully the Ville will
    have considerably better battery life than the Amaze and Sensation.

    Nevertheless I want the Edge more than the Ville.  Verizon can’t be allowed to keep its lock on all the 720P phones (cross fingers on the Samsung T999 too).  

    • Anonymous

      It probably will make a huge difference if HTC can implement it properly, which they do not really have a history of doing sadly. That’s not to say it won’t make a big difference, just much less than it could.

      This is part of the reason why Galaxy SII phones running on the S3 seem so much faster than HTC phones running on the same processor, the driver implementation on Samsung phones is generally a lot better.

  • Anonymous

    1.5 Ghz dual core, 8MP camera are specs we got from the Amaze that was launched last year.  Single flash camera?  That’s worse than the Sensation.  What happened to the new (2012) standard that promises 720P screen, quad core, 12MP, etc?  I don’t want to be the one to say “I told you so” but with all the other high end devices on the other carriers, this phone needs more than just Sense 4.0 and ICS to claim its place as the Sensation’s successor.

    • Anonymous

      If the Specs are true, 1.5 GHz dual is S4 series aka the next generation “Krait” family(28nm), no longer the S3 based Snapdragon family(45nm SOC). So unless QComm goofs up Krait, it will be better than Snappy. 

      I agree with the other comments though. Looks like this seems to use the Galaxy Nexus as its competitor rather than expanding on all possible areas of improvement. 

      HTC could very well re-use the camera module of Titan II LTE which is 16M in resolution. All I can guess is that HTC Ville does not seem to be the premier Android solution for HTC.

      • 30014

        The Ville isn’t going to be htc’s flagship phone, the Edge is.

    • Anonymous

      i know  i need something major for me to upgrade my s2 not just some minor increments in specs

      • Tmobil Fan77

        By the way, I am considering buying the S2, how do you like the device, per se, performance?

        • Fixxmyhead

          easily the best phone ive ever had. use to have the galaxy s 4g and this one is waaaay better.performance is really good anything i throw at it (HD games,HD video palyback, etc,) it handles with no problem.u wont be dissapointed if u get one

        • Tmobil Fan77

          Thanks for the feedback!

        • Bummerj

          I am very happy with my gs2! Ive had Androids since the g1, after that all top end HTC and lg…sgs2 is the best yet. I will be getting gs3 asap.

        • Gentleman559

          Excellent phone. Best one out by far!!!!

    • Going_home

      Same as the Amaze.
      How about just giving Amaze owners Ice Cream Sandwich and quit with the clones ok HTC ?


      • Wilma Flintstone

        Probably because they know people will buy it just to say they have the latest (Even if it’s not the greatest).

    • Vim

      The Edge is going to be their new flagship 720P model.  The Ville will be their middle model, and apparently the Primo will be their low end model.

    • Dominique

       Who needs a 12MP camera on their phone?  I could ask the same question about anything above 3MP.  It’s a common misconception with people that are ignorant on photography and fall into the megapixel myth.  Nobody prints their photos and I don’t know of a single person that crops enough to even notice the difference between 5MP shot and 13MP shot.  Megapixels packed onto a small sensor actually have the reverse affect. 

  • Jack

    It’s not T-Mobile Croatia, it’s T-Mobile Crna Gora (Crna Gora meaning Montenegro in the native language) and the city that is displayed on the HTC Sense screen is Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro (here known as Crna Gora). Just a little correction, quite odd how a person there got ahold of one of these though. Montenegro is pretty far off from Japan/Taiwan/China etc,. and their electronic corporations.

    • Vim

      Leaks are a free form of publicity that generate buzz and can potentially stir up demand  You can only announce a product once, but you can orchestrate a whole series of incremental “teaser” leaks for even more press attention.  In this case the teaser also points press attention at something other than HTC’s poor 4th quarter results.  Thus I wouldn’t be surprised if HTC itself were behind these leaks.

  • GObigORgoHOME

    HTC…I like a phone that has its own image, that stands out in a crowd, that is unique…Sad that here recently you’ve just been cloning your own product…

  • nerdlust

    Interesting I’m loving my sensation but I will check out this for the s4 processor and gpu I will have to see real world but at this point I’m sticking with this unless my socks get blown off.

  • Snapdragon S4

    Didn’t this phone leak out images before HTC announced their plans to scale back and focus on quality or was it after? Sorry, I can’t remember right now. That can the reason for the design and the specs. I still have my MT3G but I wanted to wait for a Krait S4 processor.

    • This is S4, but it’s not Quad-core.. its the dual-core variant.

  • Soloaffiliated

    What Is The Real Difference Between This & The Amaze??? Nothing Really. HTC could have at least gave it a 4.5 Inch Screen Or Even 4.7 & Tmobiles 84mbps network speeds. Stop Releasing The Same Phones HTC.

    • Hello

      S4 snapdragon krait thinner with super smoked

  • Arodhr13

    Can anyone say HTC amaze that looks like a sensation? The only diff Is the screen? What a rip off.

  • Screen is too small.  I think it’s another below-average phone that T-mobile is releasing until they can figure out how to score the iPhone5.

    Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the Galaxy Note. =(

    • Andrew Singleton

      tmobile USA can only offer phones that exist. since they don’t manufacture phones, they’re in a tight spot when the availablility of cutting-edge devices is lowered (the iphone not being one of them). tmobile will get and offer devices as they are made available from samsung, htc, lg, etc. it has nothing to do with the iphone. 

      • alen

        So if they can why don’t they? Galaxy Nexus exists doesn’t it, so does Galaxy Note. What tight spot are we talking about the Nexus has been around since November, all other careers are offering it, what’s the excuse for this one even if we forget about the iPhone.

        • This Way

          T-mobile never really had the “Best” phones. When compared to ther carriers, At&t and Sprint had 3G phones long before tmo, Sprint had Evo 4.3 inch Android, before t-mo had any over 4 inch andriod. AT&T had iPhone etc.

          Everyone seems to think that ended or something, but lets be real. T-Mobile Never really competed in terms of devices, and just as they began to compete, AT&T offered to buy them. Now they have no idea what to do, and can’t afford to compete.

          But for all the customer swho say, tehy are loyal and have been around for years…they know, T-mobile never got customers by having the hottest, newest, best devices.

          Don’t get me wrong… I wish they did.  

        • Anonymous

          You don’t know what you’re talking about.  

          The myTouch 4G was the first next gen 1ghz snapdragon phone with 768 ram.  It was the US derivative of the Desire HD.  Don’t forget they released the G2, a derivative of the Desire Z, at the same time which was high end at the time with it’s ‘next gen’ 800mhz processor which was more powerful than the 1ghz in the EVO.

          At&t and Verizon would release their own versions of the Desire HD SIX MONTHS AFTER T-Mobile USA did.  Sprint never released a version.

          Let’s not forget T-Mobile launched the first Galaxy S phone in the United States.  Oh, and the first Galaxy Tab, Oh and the first Android phone EVER.  

          Their relationship with HTC is probably the best of any carrier.  They get the Sensation which is similar to Sprint’s high end HTC of the year the Evo 3D.   and T-Mobile ALSO gets the Amaze, which derive to Verizon and At&t high ends for 2011 (HTC Rezound & Vivid) 

          I would argue T-Mobile is EXTREMELY competitive when it comes to devices.  In fact, I’ve always wondered how they are accomplishing all these great handset deals with the manufactures considering their lower market share.

        • Justamazing87

          It’s a misconception about t-mobile. Outside of Verizon t-mobile has a handset line up to compete with anyone. Atat has the weakest line up. I phones and a few mid level androids. That’s all.

          Verizon is number 1 just because they offer so many damn android phones and the I phone

        • Anonymous

          give it a couple of months. (or weeks)

      •  Word.

        You, sir, are ignorant.  You are a fanboi.  You are the reason why T-Mobile won’t go the extra mile to keep customers like me (customer since 10/07/03, 4 lines).  Trust me, the only reason I’m staying with T-Mobile is because I’m on contract.

  • Shadibaby510

    I like HTC but i cant stand sense overlay.

  • Pikachu

    1650mah battery…… LOL…. *snuggles with white gs2*

    • igfcbn

      Lmao I’m snuggling with my black gs2

      • Coolio98

        Lol I’m snuggling with Galaxy Nexus w/ 2000mah extended battery

  • Nick

    “Anyone liking what they see?”

    Nope.  Pretty much not at all.

  • ColdFeet

    I actually never thought I’d say this but I’m kinda bored with phones right now. Maybe it’s that nothing really good has been released in a while or maybe the specs haven’t seemed to change much but since I got my Sensation, I haven’t seen anything that tickles my fancy. And Samsung phones are out of the question for me, at least for another year or so, ever since my experience with the Vibrant.

    I dunno, maybe I won’t be upgrading this year. Might allow me to finish off my contract and explore other options next year.

    • Anonymous

      I know what you are saying about being bored, and about samsung. but let me tell you my wife got the SGS2 and it is an amazing phone. 

    • Justamazing87

      Also bored with phones. But I think its because I started working with phones. I’m just not as excited

      • Frigadroid

        Same here I’m at my 18th month with the vibrant and not so excited about phones anymore.
        For the same money as buying phones every 6 months and losing money you can buy a gun have some fun while building a valuable collection. Now I trolling for the NRA.

  • Anonymous

    Lol, seeing how the processor is rated from 1.5 – 1.7 Ghz, I bet there’s gonna be a XE version utilizing the full 1.7 Ghz power a month after the release of this… 

    Of course, no one’s stopping you from going to XDA to get your custom build.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully this has 42mbps HSPA+.   T-Mobile really needs to get this out to more phones because it’s more on par with Verizon’s LTE.  I think the limiting factor is how few chipsets hspa+ 42 is compatible with which makes me think it’s very unlikely we’ll see ’42’ on Windows Phone since I’m not certain there’s a single core handset that’s compatible HSPA+ 42.  We’ll have to wait till WIndows Phone 8 for HSPA+ 42 it seems.

  • Losers

    This will, 100%, be on T-Mobile USA!  And just so we are clear, I am not asking!

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Man HTC sure know they got some awesome designers…  Anywho, about 2 1/2 more weeks before I know more of Tizen.  Waiting is killing me D:

    • Respawn

       I know what you mean! Especially the Tizen phones! I’m not really a tablet person.

  • gheyguy

    yaaawnn at&t here i come for the xperia ion when it comes out.

    • Kha

       Don’t let that magenta door hit you on the way out.

      • Gheyguy

        i wont dont worry bout it.

      • Chris

        I hear u. These people complain about everything. Could u imagine the miserable lives they lead. Debbie Downers.

        • Anonymous

          They are trolls. At&T sales people. You don’t have to write a 3 paragraph run on sentence about The AT&T Ion to say you wish T-Mobile had better phones. They are just in here to try and get people to say “what is this ION you speak of”. Cheapest form of advertising there is.

        • Donnyd

          I dont think you understand marketing or advertising. Stick to being a tech.

        • Joana23

          xpEria ion look it up Lowlife

    • Respawn

       Buh bye! :P

      • Gheyguy

        Buuuh byeee xD

    • Carmen

      i agree with ghey guy t-mobiles phone selection sucks when compared to other companies. i will also probably get an ion on at&t nice phone.. i know many people on t-mobile that there only argument is that t-mobile has awesome android phones, cheap plans and wifi calling. awesome android phones um yea not that much verizon has droid razr, nexus, at&t will get xperia ion, titan 2 with 16 mp camera etc all better than what t-mobile offers. cheap plans yea they do have them but reception sucks inside buildings thats why they need uma wifi calling were as verizon and at&t dont because they work inside buildings. i seen it happen many times i live in los angeles in downtown LA i have no service on my t-mobile sensation while 2 friends i have one on at&t other on verizon always have reception its embarrasing borrowing there phones and since most buildings in dwtn LA have wifi but its locked im screwed LOL so i have to borrow there phones people talk bad about at&t and its funny how my friend on at&t always has better reception than me dropped calls he never has one on his at&t skyrocket. so yea go figuere.

    • Dione

      dam u lucky im stuck with lame mobile booo!!! ;( with 8 months left on my stupid contract and im broke so i cant pay etf and im stuck with gsm only cuz t-mobile wont put anymore towers in my area of nebraska lol ;( verizon and at&t offer 3G in my area xcept t-mobile and sprint. t-mobile only gets gsm , sprint gets 1x like i said only at&t and verizon offer 3G . btw like that other gurl mentioned at&t xperia ion is a nice phone which i want lol

  • BOSS302Owner2012

    I still own the HTC G2 since it’s first day of release.  Not because I can’t afford a new phone, but because T-Mobile’s smart phone line up has been extremely weak.  I mean seriously why didn’t we get the Iphone 4S, The Galaxy Nexus, or any of the other high end android devices or Windows devices.  T-Mobile has failed to obtain any top end device in the last 2 years at least.  The best thing they did in the last 3 years was be the first carrier to obtain the 1st Android device, (G1.)  The is about it.  Can’t wait to be off contract to pay for a decent device on a decent network.  I don’t care if I have to pay more than what I pay now for service.  I just want my network to work when I need it, not when it wants to.  

    • Dominique

       You consider the current Nexus top end but not the first two, which T-mobile had first?  What about 3 different Galaxy phones, they had the first dual core smart phones, and the Galaxy S 2 and Amaze are very much top end.  AT&T has the Lumia 900 and Verizon has the Razer but really they are a little different(screen mostly for the 900) and the top two phones for T-mobile match up well against any top end phone of the other carriers.  Apple is Apple and I really don’t see T-mobile having the funds to subsidize phones for $150 a pop more than they already do for Androids or they have to start raising rates.

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      If you are going to bash t-mobile and hurt the feelings of the magenta faithful, you might as well do it with better reasoning than subjectivity.That is why you are a troll and i am a VILLAIN!!

    • JQuest

      @Dominique: Let’s not forget the HD2… That thing can STILL handle any ROM you throw at it! …

    • Anonymous

      C’mon man! They might not have a HUGE line up of high end phones, but there are plenty of nice phones that have come along since the G2! Just this past year you couldve gotten the HTC mytouch 4g slide, sensation, HTC Amaze, or the Galaxy S2! None of these devices warrant a purchase! What about a Galaxy Nexus Unlocked( if thats your flavor, I got one & it wasnt my flavor). I agree that it would be nice to have more options, but you cant complain about not being able to upgrade when your rocking a G2! I think maybe money is your issue, because the GNex, wich you mention by name, IS available to us! What are you waiting on, a carrier branded one?

  • Respawn

    How about an updated version of the HTC myTouch 4G? I love this phone but I wouldn’t complain if there was, say, more memory, a faster processor, and a bigger screen. ;)

    • Dominique

       They already do, it’s called a Sensation or an Amaze, just without the genius button.

  • Phozfate

    qHD for the loss

  • Tommytwofingers

    have you guys forgetten about the amaze 4g that just came out. pretty bad ass phone….. arguably the best on the market

    • Anonymous

      The keyword there is definitely “arguably”.

  • Anonymous

    If the ville is the biggest baddest thing that tmo has coming up than its looking for a crappy Q1 and 2 :(

  • Tward291

    i think tmobile may be a lil slow with phone lauches this year do to the fact that they thought the att deal would go through. I’m sure that they are working on some lauches for the second half of this year.

    • Anonymous

      Get rid of the crappy Snapdragon HTC!! Edit: sorry didn’t realize I was replying to your post with that.

  • Juggaknot77

    Swear it looks like a Nexus one and Sensation had sex and this is what came out of it….

  • Hidingfornow

    Nice, but not a huge thriller for me. Would like to get it, obviously, but I suspect Samsung will have a more earth-shattering beast. I hope this is just the mid-range and a few months later HTC pushes out the big guns!

  • Steven

    it’s not as sexy as i would hope.  the amaze is far sexier. 

    • sensation owner

      It is much thinner than amaze

  • Anonymous

    This little T-Mobile ad that pops up on the mobile version of this site is really pissing me off.

  • Garreth Whyte

    Whats the point, it’ll just be replaced with something else a week after its released….Need something revolutionary with a long exclusivity life, and monster specs on tmobile like the G1. Till then this phone is just a placeholder. A phone to get the people excited and waste money, on a few spec bumps from the last phone you bought.

    • Team Kang

      your a dumbass

  • guest

    Do you think that Samsung bothered to look up the Wikipedia definition of “Ville”?  What about the slight mis-spelling of “Vile”?  It doesn’t sound to me as if they spent a great deal of time thinking about the NAME of the product, what else did they not think about?  

    • 21stNow

      Did you mean HTC?

  • I have to admit, at first I liked HTC’s pace of changes – but it now kind of has the effect on me, well I no longer pay attention to individual phones that they release.

    To me this is the latest “HTC Android”

    I get it why Samsung is doing well, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and the future Samsung Galaxy S III have my attention – heck even the Galaxy Note looks interesting…

    Unfortunately as I’m still locked into t-mobile pending some credit to my account of returned phones — I’m still looking at basically t-mobile options.

    But they seem rather sparse….the phones I returned were the Lumia 710 & Galaxy S II.  I say that, because for me that represented the best tmobile has…

    The Lumia is perfect or my wife, who doesn’t care about the OS at all, and just wants to make sure she can transfer her photo’s….the 710 had a decent camera, and no issues with connectivity (which you wouldn’t expect from any modern phone, but the Nokia Nuron she has today, actually doesn’t transfer photo’s without a big hassle).

    And the Galaxy S II – nice phone, although for my tastes, not perfect.  4.5″ or larger screen = yes.  But low resolution?  WHY?  The phone should have had qHD or better. 

    The Galaxy Nexus does run on tmobile, even if they don’t offer it – that might’ve been my ideal phone for now.

    Still it’s ashame that purchase didn’t work out, it’s a hassle looking for the perfect setup – if only they had let me keep my plans unchanged – as promised –  I’d have the phone issue settled for another year.

  • Thanks for revealing such precious information.I find this article useful for both beginners and skilled users, thank you! 

  • Ifrankiev

    samsung does well as a phone for mid range users. if you expect top quality from your product, htc is always the way to go. comparing even the amaze to the galaxy s2, as an employee ive seen 1 problem with an amaze, and ive seen a handful of issues with the s2. as time goes on, you can expect the pastic casing on the s2 to really start to show its sturdiness

    • Anonymous

      iev had the S1 from the start and it still looks fine. 

  • Garreth Whyte

    Just a matter or time before samsung is in htc’s position….

  • WhiteHawks

    More Garbabge from HTC, Looks like a gingerbread phone…NO THANKS. Galaxy Nexus. GS3, LG G4X  is the way to go. 

  • androidlover

    Samsung vs HTC

    Sammy is now what htc was the last two years which is awesome

    Htc now is the aged “rocky”that gives solid hits fewer times but lands them well.

    Verizon and att are now what tmo was by pooping up with a new Sammy or moto every month at least they will learn one day top conserve like Sprint and tmo

  • Tweakistry

    im not seeing much of a difference between this and the htc sensation, pass

  • Ccb04

    Some of you ppl are retarded saying sammy is better..Even those saying “oh another htc phone” when samsung drops the same shit every month..HTC makes solid quality phones not cheap plastic material and horrible resolution screens that sammys have..The Amaze is probably one of the best phones EVER built next to the iphone4, which I hate but accept the fact that it has a very good build..I agree that this phone looks similar but its much thinner. Can’t wait to unlock this bitch and get some pure ICS on it.

  • Super AMOLED qHD? So it is the same screen as that you the Motorola RAZR? No thanks.

  • GiantsFTW

    Sensation on steroids

  • Angel

    I think the Sensation look better :P Anyway, I don’t like where ANY brand is getting, I’m really missing the track-pad thingy phone used to have, Nexus One/G1/G2/myTouch so on, I believe that to be most useful, and where are the keyboards? Other than the Samsung Captivate Glide there hasn’t been any major phone with a keyboard, (where I live there’s no Verizon so no Moto Droids :'( )



    • Guest

       The world needs the Touch Pro 2 keyboard again.

  • UnicornDust98

    oh yes T-MOBILE!!

  • With a 1650 mAh battery u will be charging that phone constantly. U might as well throw the word wireless out the window cuz that phone will be plugged in the whole time your using it.

  • I would really like a copy of the Nexus One with obviously modern day specks. I just love the looks and the way the Nexus One feels in your hand. The track ball that lights up, the size, so many great features. The Nexus One with killer specks would be one instant success IMO.

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