T-Mobile’s February 11th Valentine’s Day Sale Is A Go, Marketing Could Begin As Early As Today

If you’re hoping for more details on T-Mobile’s Valentine’s Day sale this upcoming Saturday, you’ve come to the right place. “For one day only, Saturday February 11th, new and existing customers can purchase any phone on any of T-Mobile’s Unlimited Classic or Value Plans and receive a Mail-in Rebate, bringing the 2YC (year-contract) subsidy price to FREE or the net device down-payment to $0.00.”

This is just all kinds of good news, a deal that includes both Classic and Value rate plan customers is a welcome change from T-Mobile’s recent sales history, which were strictly Value Plan only offers. According to our information, Classic Plan customers will pay the regular 2 year-contract subsidy and then receive reimbursement for the full amount via the mail-in rebate card. Value Plan customers will be the down-payment and then receive reimbursement in the form of a mail-in rebate card. The standard upgrade rules and migration fees apply as well.

Participating in this deal will be T-Mobile retail stores, customer care and Retail Partner Stores, better known as authorized dealers. The Springboard tablet will be included along with the G-Slate if any stores have inventory on hand. It appears for at least some devices, such as the Galaxy S II and HTC Amaze 4G a 5GB data plan will be required to take advantage of this offer. This falls in line with the same need for previous T-Mobile Value Plan sales that required the same handsets having a 5GB or higher data plan attached.

We’re being told to expect an official announcement as early as this afternoon regarding this sale with television, radio and print ads beginning right after.


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  • mel

    It doesn’t mention any value plans on those ads you have pictured…only classic plans.  So, am I missing something?

    • w3erd

      no family plans?

    • Josh Streeter

      I’m guessing, from Tmo’s recent history, there’s enough fine print to make this not a sale, but clever marketing to attempt to remove cash from our pockets.

      • smylax

        Obvious troll is obvious.

  • I always wondered how these sales affect current customers on grandfathered plans.  Do they work like they did in the past, where we just pay whatever the subsidized price before MIR is, then just get rebated? 

    • Anonymous

      Reading the article, it sounds like you have to have an unlimited classic plan to take advantage of this.  If you have one, then I think you just pay for the phone and do the rebate.

      If you have a grandfathered plan that isn’t unlimited (like mine), then most likely you have to upgrade to an unlimited plan.  If it turns out that that is true, then that sucks!  I love my old grandfathered 49.99 family plan with 500 minutes.  We stay well under the 500 minutes and its super cheap!  I would hate it if they would make me change my plan to take advantage of this deal…

      •  Yeah, and I’m never changing my plan. I pay $49.99 for 1000 minutes, unlimited family messaging for $9.99,
        and unlimited (throttled after 5gb) data for $24.99/line.  There’s no
        way I’m giving that up.  My pricing is the main reason I stay with
        Tmobile. I’m sure I can call and talk to retention and they’ll give me the deal.  It’s moot anyway because my lines aren’t eligible for upgrades until July.

        •  Meh. In any case, once I’m upgrade eligible, I can just speak to retention and they’ll likely allow me to keep my current plan and get the deal.  They’re usually pretty easy going and committed to retain current customers.

      • smylax

        You probably would need to change to unlimited minutes to qualify. I know it sucks, but T-Mobile isn’t going to just give out free phones if the plan you’re on is so cheap that they don’t make a profit. It doesn’t make financial sense in that case…

  • Chrisroberts7577

    so I guess these deals are never good for those of us with grandfathered plans from 8 years ago?

    • Anonymous

      I was wondering the same thing.

    • We always get left out. Been with them since 2001, only thing keeping me is my cheap plan.

      • This is a pretty standard move in the industry guys, most sales by wireless companies these days require you to be on their most recent plans.

      • Guest

        So you want to pay below current market rates for your plan…AND you expect to get free phones from TMO?  God you people are greedy.

        • Anonymous

          In exchange for two more years of guaranteed monthly payments, they can shell out some free phones.

  • insideknowledge

    Grandfathered rate plans are the same as classic plans. If you have a full upgrade available, you will pay the subsidized price and then get the MIR and there is a $18 upgrade fee. Value IS included for the sale but the marketing doesn’t list it.

    • Thanks. I asked this question somewhere below.  My grandfathered family plan is $49.99 for 1000 minutes, unlimited family messaging for $9.99, and unlimited (throttled after 5gb) data for $24.99/line.  There’s no way I’m giving that up.  My pricing is the main reason I stay with Tmobile.

      • smylax

        Sorry JakeMG but most likely you won’t qualify. Still waiting for details to come out, but the past sales all REQUIRED that you have unlimited talking, to your 1000 minute plan will most likely not qualify…

        • Asianxtreme

          Hey smylax. I just signed up for a 1000 minute family plan, so not grandfathered or anything. I think just classic. Would I qualify for my upgrade?

        • smylax

          You have to have unlimited calling, that is 100% for sure. If your family plan is a classic plan, you probably don’t qualify for an upgrade yet since you just signed up. If you are on a value plan you can qualify for $0 down payment after MIR.

  • Anonymous

    Ok, can someone clear this up for me? If I activated a new Value Plan (Small Business) with 5GB data, I can get a Galaxy SII FOR FREE? It would be great if someone could clarify this for me. 

    • smylax

      Yes, after mail in rebate.

      • RM

        i think it would be only down payment as MIR. remaining balance would still be applied monthly

        • smylax

          Yes this is more accurate. Thanks!

    • Arthurweber

      you would get a rebate equal to the down payment for the phone, or $229. You would still pay the extra $15 per month for 20 months for the phone.

      • mel

         Man, if this is true…I am going for it this weekend. I thought the down payment for the S II was $199, though. Not $229. But still, half the phone is paid for with the MIR…Stoked!

        • Daddym469

          you are correct, you will pay that 199.99 plus the tax on 599.99. Assuming the rebate with be a debit card…but you will wait 6 to 8 weeks for that…oh and here is the part that sucks but makes sense. The 5 gb upgrade actually makes sense because if I had the Amaze and or Gs2 the chance of using more data will likely go up. some people forget most higher end phones offer a great online experience. Tmo knows with the 4g speeds those phones have most will want more data anyway, but to make it a requirement, I told you it sucked to remember. Thats tmo’s problem they are making way too many changes and trying to bait in new customers who dont have a clue.

        • Anonymous

          Thanks for the clarification, everyone!

      • Daddym469

        Sorry that phone now sells for 599$ not the old 529.99

      • TMo Employee

        the EIP isnt 15 anymore its 20

        • Daddym469

          You ate both correct and incorrect, it’s still 15$ for devices that will have a balance of 300$ and 20 for the GS2 and Amaze because both are defferred @ $400 paid out @ 20$ for 20 months.

    • Dominique

       No, you get a MIR for the down payment but the rest of it you pay yourself.

    • Daddym469

      Not sure of your plans rate pricing, but a non business value plan customer would pay the down payment, plus the tax amount on the full price of the phone. In the case of the GS2, That would be 199.99 plus $49.50(TX. tax on $599.99) Now your total is $649.99. You would pay $249.99 in the store or online and the $400 would be paid out over 20 months at 20$ per month. The SALE incentive here…There are actually two incentives in this sale if you are a Present or new coming Value Plan customer.
      1: Follow the MIR instructions and you should get your $249.49 back
      2: Some of you may not be aware that presently if you upgrade from a 2g data plan to the 5g as needed for the GS2, you would also get hotspot access and 10gigs of mobile life for cloud style photo storage…BUT GUESS WHAT GUY’S, LOOK AT WHAT I JUST FOUND OUT, 

      • smylax

        Huh? Slow down on the coffee. Your link says the promo that has hotspot with the 5gb data feature is still going on…

      • Sunday

        The phone is still costing you $400?????? Are you people nuts…The most the phone should cost you is $199….Once again ICE IN THE WINTER!!

  • insideknowledge

    You would pay $199.99 down payment and get a MIR for that amount. You must get 5Gb web or higher in order to qualify for the rebate and also the $20 monthly cost of the phone will still be applied to your bill

    • mel

      we have 2 line with unlimited data, talk and text and 1 line with 500 minutes, unlimited text and no data. Would any of the lines qualify for this? 

      • smylax

        You’re better off visiting a store or calling care. Without more information, we have no idea if you’d qualify. Are you on classic? Value? etc…

  • So, if i qualify for a upgrade for 2 yer contract extension, can i take advantage of the prices without having to change my family plan?

    • LC

      Yes, you would just need to have the appropriate data plan on your line, or any other line that is upgrading.

  • New to Tmo

    I want to switch to T Mobile value plan and get a Galaxy SII but I don’t need unlimited minutes or 5GB data…If I get the phone with no down payment through this sale how long before I can switch to 1000 min and 2GB plan?

    • smylax

      Once you get your MIR (4-10 weeks, depends how bogged down they get) you can move down.

    • BS457

      you better make sure to read the fine print – don’t trust what any employee tells you – or worse, what someone says in comments ( no offense to anyone but just trying to spare you a lot of grief down the line)…Employees routinely have provided inaccurate information…so read ALL the fine print before you sign on the dotted line because you will be committing yourself to a 2 year contract – no ifs ands or buts

      • smylax

        As long as he/she qualifies for the rebate at the time it is received they will get the rebate. However, if he/she drops their plan before the rebate is sent back, they will get denied because they won’t qualify.

    • TMo Employee

      im an employee you wont get your rebate

      • Daddym469

        i believe you 

      • smylax

        Only if they don’t qualify or don’t know how to fill out the form properly. I’ve only had 3 of my customers have theirs denied in 5 years. If a customer isn’t going to qualify, let them know ahead of time. Everyone of mine that have been denied is because the customer filled out the forms wrong. 

  • Asianxtreme

    I just signed up for a new 1000 minutes family w/ unlimited messaging + 5 gb data. I have an upgrade available on my line (primary) can I get this deal? Thanks in advance guys

    • smylax

      If you are on value you can take advantage IF you move to unlimited calling. If you are on a classic plan and ELIGIBLE for a full discount, you can also take advantage IF you move to unlimited calling.

  • Mrshides

    i’m currently on a value plan that i just switched to on thursday of last week. I  am not paying for any phones currently. 

    I doubt I can get some free phone goodness, any ideas?

    • Malisha1

      U have two weeks to cancel the plan i think

    • Daddym469

      Did your value plan come with a Equipment Installment Plan?? You dont have to use it but on that plan using the EIP is your “default” method to buy a new phone.

    • smylax

      As long as you qualified credit-wise to use EIP(Equipment Installment Plan) you can qualify for the $0 down payment after mail in rebate. For example, the GSII which is usually $199.99 +$20/month EIP would be $199.99 up front, then get a $200 rebate + $20/month EIP so your grand savings are $200!

  • Ok. here is my situation. Im on a 3 person family plan(classic unlimited talk/text). I have a simple internet plan on my phone since it was upgraded to a Galaxy 4g. My mom wants to upgrade her line now that she can. Could she upgrade her phone for the 2 year extension and take advantage of the ‘Free’ phone sale? If so would she have to pay for the phone when she ordered it and then get a rebate? Will they bill the account of take it off a credit card?

  • Ronald

    Just called customer service and asked about this, since I just recieved my S2 yesterday, and she said that it was only for a new line activation. Since I’ve been with T-Mobile for 9 years I would not qualify….go figure!?!?

    • smylax

      Upgrades do qualify.

    • Anonymous

      Return it and buy on the 11th

  • Jimmyn

    oy and i had to sit on a conference call for an hour about this sale lol

  • josue cifuentes

    I just renewed my contract does this apply to me also (thanks in advance to who ever answers this =] )

    • guest

      if you are eligible for the full upgrade then yes. You need to switch to a classic plan and do an upgrade

  • Crazyjay160

    I have a family plan and my line is up for an upgrade and my plan is “preferred FT 600 plus FT unlimited msg” and i have a mytouch data while my sister had her data plan. Would i be eligible for this? that galaxy s ii for free is very tempting

  • deuce017

    I just upgraded 10 days ago. Got the Samsung Galaxy S2 and also the 500 min Value Plan with Unlimited Text and 5GB Unlimited data. Can I call in to Customer Care and get in on this offer?

    • deuce017

      Looks like I’m out of luck. I called in to Customer Care and they said the Rebate Offer is valid only to those who make the upgrade or sign up for a new plan ON Feb.11 only (not before) and sign up for the UNLIMITED Plan, Classic or Value.

      I had the thought of going back to the store and returning my phone and canceling my plan  and then signing up again to apply for the rebate offer, but that seems like too much effort.I was hoping to get back that $200 =(

      • Anonymous

        It’s worth the effort for $200 in my opinion, these companies will never give you free money. Think of it as a 2-3 months of your bill paid. Do it

        • deuce017

          Problem is that I would also have to upgrade to the Unlimited plan which will cost more, so over time, not worth it for me. I hardly even use 500 mins.

        • Ronald

          I just sent my S2 back that I received on Monday.  What a pain!  But will be nice to save the $200.

  • Allensummers67

    Dumb question, but I will risk ridicule and ask anyway. I currently have the loyalty plan (unlimited text and mins: 49.99) and have been have yet to upgrade to a new phone (been eligible since May 2011). Anyway I can take part in this, and if so I assume the loyalty plan will be gone in favor of the classic plan? All comments appreciated.

    • Anonymous

      You lose loyalty and go into one of the new plans

      • Allensummers67

        Thanks. A Tmo rep confirmed this. She also stated that for the Amaze or Samsung Galaxy II only 2GB was required (not sure if she that’s completely true as everyone has been saying 5GB for one of these phones. Trying to decide should I use my upgrade now on the SGSII and root it, or wait for the SGSIII. Still have my dumb phone which does it job (allows me to make and receive clear calls, and listen to music). Decisions Decisions. 

        • Anonymous

          There will always be something new on the horizon. I went for the Amaze after the SGSI, if you NEED the phone do it and don’t look back. This is a great deal and I took advantage of a similar one during the holidays for 2 devices. Good luck

  • Afidel787

    My question would be my contract is over in may if I get in on this do I have two extend my contract for another two years or can I receive the phone and eventually end my contract?

    • SureBuddy

      Wtf? Really?

  • bairmaet

    i’m already on a value plan. can i get this deal and just extend my contracts?

  • Anonymous

    Is that mail-in rebate a credit on your account? Or do you “really” get a check?

    • Anonymous

      It is a rebate card,unless they change it to a credit to your account.

    • Guest

       It’s a visa debit type card.  You can use it anywhere that visa is accepted.  Pay  a bill, purchase gas, groceries, dinner etc….where ever visa is accepted.

  • OhNo

    Soooo sad.  I have a classic family plan with five lines and been with T-Mo for over 10.  Two of the five lines will be eligible for a full upgrade within less than 30 days.  One on the 26th of this month and the other on the 1st of March.  I have just been told by customer service that they cannot get those two lines qualified for this sale because it absolutely has to be 22 months since the last upgrade.  Sooo close yet sooo far away.  Darn!!!

  • Missystewart1977

    Why is there always a catch? Why does tmobile not care for its existing customers? Not everybody can pay 200 dollars and wait for the rebate in 6 to 8 weeks. Not in this economy. I am eligible for upgrade and thought it was cool that I could get a new phone for free, but quickly found out that it isn’t true for existing customers. Hope tmobile sees that they are lying to the customers that they do have which is sad.

    • Anonymous

      If you want the HTC Sen. you can get it at Target for $29.99 for new and upgrade customers.
      You do not have change your data plan with Target! But the sale is only in Stores. That where 
      I got SG2 in Dec. for $99. Hope this helps.

    • riderdiechic

       It would be nice to get instant rebates.  That’s been my problem in the past for the sales, I didn’t have the money up front to put down and then wait for a rebate to come back 2 months later.  Fortunately, this time I will be able to put the down payment on the SG II phone and wait for the rebate.  I understand how you feel!!!

      • Heidi

        how much did you have to put down on it?

  • Anonymous

    I know this is off topic,bad news for everyone waiting for the SG Note,it was in yesterday NYC Daily
    News,that only AT&T will be selling it.No other carrier.

  • Im not an expert and this might sound really stupid but here is a question i have. Lets say i get a phone e.x. Galaxy S-II i sing up for the 2year contract i get the phone for free yay im happy cuz i practically got $200 off the phone that is worth like $500+ with out a contract. Now what if i decide to cancel my contract and pay the termination fee, would i be technically cheating t-mobile out of paying full price for the phone, only because the early termination fee cost less then the actual phone? or am i just asking a dumb question? 

  • tennisfox

    At the bottom of the add they indicate that the mail in card is not applicable to Connecticut.  Does anyone know what this is all about?

  • Whosyourbaba

    Today I thought I would try my luck and called loyalty to match the sale and she offered me a free Galaxy SII with an instant discount (no rebate) with the 200mb plan as well.  Thought I would share in case those with existing customers wanted to give it a shot.  I’ve been with tmobile for 10 years.  

  • Dab1174

    Make it an instant discount/rebate and you have a true deal T-Mobile. I am with AT&T and would love to switch over, but finances will not allow me to let you hold on to $250 for 4-6 weeks. Instant discount/rebate…. Just a thought for your next promotion…. I guarantee they will be knocking your door down to switch over. Just make the deal clean and simple….. 

  • Sdfsd

    What a rip off.  These phones are hardly “free.”  T-mobile should be ashamed of itself for false advertising.  Since when is something free if you have to pay for it first.  I wonder how quick they are going to be sending out those rebates…  AND you have to sign up for their most expensive plans. 

  • Foreverdreamer7

    Went on Saturday and purchased 3 phones as part of this promotion.  I’ve been on a t-mobile Classic plan with 5 lines for about 10 years so these 3 lines were extended for another 2 years.  The upgrade of Blackberry to Blackberry was no problem and I decided on the Galaxy S for the other 2 since the S II required a 5G data plan vs. S only required 2G.  When we were finally able to check out (after 4 1/2 hrs of waiting because their checkout system came to a screaming halt), I was now told that the GS required a 5G data plan for the rebate.  I was so fed up that I just did it to get out of there.  I can’t find anything anywhere that says you need 5G on the Galaxy S.  All advertising says 2G so why am I being forced to carry a larger data plan than what I’ll need?  I can’t seem to get anyone to answer and I’m locked in for another 2 years.  All the sales rep could say was that’s what he was being told on the phone.

  • Brian

    Has anyone successfully received their rebate from this sale?  Just noticed online today that my rebate was denied.  Waiting for more info from T-Mobile.

    • Brian

       I just called 877-311-8853 to find out what was up and was told they had an issue w/ the rebate processing system and have had to resubmit all rebates for the 2/11 sale.  As a result, the status for all those rebates presently shows as “Denied” even though the rebate is still valid.

      Supposedly, I’m still on track to receive my rebate w/in 6 wks of Feb 25 and w/in 48 hrs the website is supposed to update to show the correct status.

      • Jepsy0984

        Mine also says denied but as of March 29th so i need to call them and see if they got the same error with my rebate.

  • Will

    This articles states that customers on the Family Classic plan are eligible for this promotion. I got a phone on Feb 11 at a t mobile store and found out today by there rebates center that my classic plan doesn’t qualify for this rebate and only unlimited plans qualify. The sales representative at the store informed me that I did qualify and even switched to a 5gb data plan from 2gb because I got the Galaxy S2.  Does this article prove that tmobile was promoting this promotion to customers with classics plans. I know I wasn’t the only one screwed over that day. Everyone was jumping into this promotion. Now I have no rebate to show for it

    • LRM1022

      The same thing happened to me and I am furious.  My rebate form even has my family classic plan written on there by the t-mobile rep and he signed it.  Something has to be done about this.

  • Elizabeth

    My family was told that are phones were free after the mail in rebate and now they are charging me $35 extra a month for 18 months just to finish paying the phone.

  • Meglet

    We renewed our contract for 2 more years to get the “free” phones offered on February 11, 2012.  We paid $350 upfront which was to be MIR.  On Apr. 9th I recieved my new bill with a charge of $735 to be paid over the course of 22 months.  Then a couple of days later we received two notices in the mail stating that our rebate was denied!  What is going on here?

    • Teks

      Sounds like someone got shafted.