Update: T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm And CTO Neville Ray Outline Company Plans, 10 LTE Devices In 2013

Update: I accidentally left out a critical part of todays story, T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm indicated the carrier would offer 10 LTE handsets by the end of 2013. Along with that, T-mobile stated their LTE network would support theoretical speeds up to 72Mbps.

On a conference call earlier this morning T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm and CTO Neville Ray continued to outline company plans for 2012. While they discussed information that was already available via the company’s second press release this morning, they continued to emphasize the company’s place in the market and desire to reinvigorate the brand.

Humm emphasized that while T-Mobile had a rough year, they were still able to deliver “solid financials” and stay a profitable brand for Deutsche Telekom. Humm also touched on T-Mobile’s “Challenger strategy” to relaunch the brand during the second half of 2012.

The modernization of T-Mobile’s network, which includes 37,000 cell sites being upgraded to handle 1900MHz HSPA+ service will take place over the next two years “The modernization and refarming efforts are important enablers for the introduction of LTE services in 2013.” Notably, the network transformation will help enable more than a 16% improvement in coverage, including indoor coverage areas.

All in all, T-Mobile’s Challenger strategy can really be summed up in four bullet points:

  • Transforming the T-Mobile USA network, LTE launch in 2013
  • Relaunching the brand in Q3 to Best Value in wireless
  • Capturing a bigger share of the B2B segment
  • Rebuilding and investing in 2012/2013 to get T-Mobile back to subscriber and profitability growth

Obviously, there has been a lot of emphasis today on device compatibility and T-Mobile going after AT&T iPhone customers without T-Mobile being an actual iPhone provider. This change would make T-Mobile’s network largely compatible with all of AT&T’s 3G and 4G handsets and should offer T-Mobile better access to new devices for its customers.

For more details check out the slideshow below and you’ll notice a few similar slides, some taken from this mornings Deutsche Telekom conference call and the rest from T-Mobile USA.

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  • Anonymous

    this all sounds enticing, but when i hear 2013 it sounds so far away. ive been contemplating switching carriers because of lack of new high end model phones on tmobile. something should be done right now to keep customers like me loyal. 

    im really considering purchasing the samsung galaxy note. the only reason i havent is because im having a hard time convincing myself to go with att. LG 4X sounds interesting but LG phones suck! and with nothing else in tmobiles pipeline that interests me, i might just jump ship

    • dee

      @danny lg is the worst. i threw my g2x away.

  • Anonymous

    Wait…Did I read that right:

    “Relaunching the brand in Q3 to Best Value in wireless”

    So are they changing the name of T-mobile USA to Best Value, or is this supposed be “best value in wireless”.  Amazing what a couple of capital letters can do to the meaning of a sentence. 

    • Alvin B.

      Re-Launch has a different meaning than you think. It basically means they hold a few press conferences and drive a new ad campaign with a new message. Happens all the time. They’re not changing the name of the company.

      • Anonymous

        I got worried there for a moment.  They put “Best Value” which implied a proper noun.  That made me think that they were renaming the company.  Best Value would’ve been an unfortunate name.

  • Anonymous


    my only problem is that it seems like only 10mhz will be going to LTE, while HSPA+ gets like 20mhz on AWS and 20mhz on PCS. 

    • dan

      if you don’t mind me asking. what is is a multimodal base stations? and how does it help?

      • Brian

        its means more phones are compatible with the network (someone correct me if im wrong) like for example you can use att phones on tmobile network i think if im not mistaken 

        • dan

          i thought being able to use att phone was because of refarming the spectrum.

        • Anonymous

          It is. There was a story a few weeks back where someone picked up T-Mobile 3G on an iPhone in an area that was a guinea pig for the refarmed PCS1900 spectrum.

      • Anonymous

        At every tower, you have the tower which broadcasts the frequency, then a base station that controls the technology corresponds to that frequency and which frequencies that technology is broadcasted on.  

        In the current system, towers can only handle one technology and one frequency, so you have different towers for gsm1900 and hspa1700.

        After switching to multimodal, a tower can broadcast multiple frequencies and the base station can control multiple technologies. Now one tower can handle both gsm and HSPA at both 1900/1700. 

        This gives tmobile better flexibility and reduction in cost, because they need less towers to cover the same area. Also in multimodal towers, you can put the antenna higher up on the tower, which will increase coverage area. 

        If you like more information, look up Sprint’s NV plan. They are using the same technology to update and rollout with their LTE network.

        • dan

          that makes a lot more sense. this way it can operate many different frequencies. like for 2g, then 3g and then 4g lte all from the same tower. that technology sounds efficient and money saving in the long run

      • Dabearsfan

        Multimodal base stations allow a phone to connect to more then one tower at a time.

      • Thomas Brezinski

        Actually I want to say it means they can for example combine two nonadjacent 5Mhz spectrum blocks into one 10Mhz set for better bandwidth.  Without it to have 10Mhz you must have one continuous block of 10Mhz spectrum.  Or maybe that’s something else I read about recently.

        • dan

          that makes more sense. thanks for that

    • Ryan

      I don’t understand the love affair with LTE when HSPA+ provides perfectly good data speeds as well as better battery life.

      • Anonymous

        HSPA+ is cool, but LTE is the future also better speeds. Battery life always sucks when the technology is not mature, but it has become more mature. Now they have chipsets that can handle LTE and HSPA or LTE and CDMA or all 3. This will increase battery life, because before in Verizon LTE phones, they had to have one chip for CDMA and one chip for LTE.

        • Ryan

          Unless T-Mo goes to VoLTE, the 4G LTE is a data only service.  I’d like to seem the use voice over LTE as that would probably mean they would have SRVCC and would be able to handoff IMS WiFi calls.  Somehow I think all of this is years away, and I’m not sure T-Mo will be around then.

      • Anonymous

         Yeah and it’s not like the ping is great on a cell phone tower either. I should know, I used my phone as my only internet for two months. It was HSPA+, but it still sucked because of the latency it was inconsistent. I’m in an area with good coverage too in-between DC and Baltimore.

      • Anonymous

        It’s the future to real 4G, that would be why.

  • Matthew

    isnt tmobile supposed to have a roaming agreement with at&t, allowing tmobile subscribers to access at&ts 1900 band? why do they need to refarm. thought it was a 7 year agreement

    • Ryan

      That doesn’t help much when you’re limited to 50MB of roaming data per month.

      • Jarrod

         There doing that so their subscribers don’t start going out of native coverage and start racking up $1,000 in roaming charges which T-Mobile will have to foot. They are placing limits so they don’t have to expect surprises and so that with roaming fees through the roof they can focus on expanding their native coverage at a pace that will equal out with the money they spend on roaming so that it is cost effective to them.

    • Alvin B.

      Although they have a roaming agreement, they will likely still have to pay AT&T for the airtime. In the past, they simply didn’t even have access regardless of paying for airtime. 

    • Anonymous

      They are refarming to clear up spectrum for LTE. Right now all their AWS is being used for HSPA+, so they want to move that technology to PCS, which is used for legacy gsm only. 

    • Anonymous

      I’m anxious to see some results of said deal.

    • PatheticLoser

      Because you aren’t gonna see a ton of improvements with the ATT roaming. It’s not including alot of the high speed data stuff. There’s alot about that roaming agreement that hasn’t been divulged yet, but only a few markets are really gonna see improved coverage. 

  • Yes! Multi-mode, and iPhone (One can hope!)

    • dan

      if you don’t mind me asking. what is is a multimodal base stations? and how does it help?

      • Anonymous

        Multi flow… means the phone can connect to 2 different hspa cell sites if you happen to be at the edge of 2 towers range…

  • Brian

    Im liking the new plans i been with tmobile for a long time and its nice to see some advancements i would never jump ship for an iphone or a galaxy note tmobile has something up their sleeves just wait

  • Unknown

    How is T-Mobile going to pitch “best value in wireless” when they have the spottiest coverage? No point in buying a device I can barely use compared to Verizon or AT&T. Having unlimited this and that is nice, but it doesn’t matter if you can’t use it.

    • Brian

      dude thats not entirely true i live in miami and my 4g speeds are awesome 

      • Unknown

        In general, Verizon and AT&T have better reception than T-Mobile. A few markets with great coverage isn’t enough… even more problems if the customer travels often.

        T-Mobile seems like it would be better as a more regional carrier like Cricket or MetroPCS. They seem to be stretched thin trying to cover the whole country, and only people that live in major metro areas end up being satisfied.

        • Respawn

           Umm no.

          They have as much of a chance of being an amazing nationwide carrier as any carrier does. How dare you suggest the regional carrier concept? lol jk

          They need to stay national though. I love my nationwide coverage.

        • Jarrod

          I traveled from Texas to Tennessee and had good reception the whole time. The only time I had bad signal is when I went into a state park in Gatlinburg I had no service neither did At&t I might add.

    • Anonymous

      Having an AT&T work phone, I have to say that AT&T’s coverage is swiss cheese in my area.

      • Anonymous

        But yet where are all the enterprise / fleet customers going? not tmo it seems.  You have to ask why??

        • PatheticLoser

          Nextel. Until Sprint screwed them up. 

        • Anonymous

          I know 1 possible answer is 90M versus 30M subscribers.

        • Anonymous

          Or overall service performance and available coverage.  VZW and AT&T clobber them in that department unfortunately.

    • Kha


  • SO how many onboard radios are T-mobile handsets going to have to have?

    I smell overpriced and bulky phones on the horizon!

    • PatheticLoser

      Your sense of smell must suck then. 

    • What phone do you currently have Lawless_1? 

    • Loueradun

      You probably do not realize that most of the new chipsets support pretty much all the bands discussed here and then some.  You don’t need a bunch of extra space or cost to add these features, you just need to intelligently pick a good SoC that supports the radios you need.

  • Anonymous

    This is the best news I’ve heard in a while. Now I just wish they would hurry and do the refarming. With that, my choices of phone would increase and allow me to get rid of my Galaxy Nexus.

    • sloanie

      Yeah, that refarming can’t happen quickly enough. “Over the next two years” isn’t as exciting as I was hoping. (Currently using an unlocked iPhone 4S, so I’d see a nice speed bump as opposed to EDGE). 

      • Anonymous

        Why can’t they just dial a different frequency just like an FM radio :-P

        • Anonymous

          “Why can’t they just dial a different frequency..”

          Because Apple chose not to support it.

          The Qualcomm chip in the iPhone 4S will support T-Mobiles HSPA+ frequencies, but Apple doesn’t support the needed 1700MHz in the phone.

        • Anonymous

          It was a joak.

    • Anonymous

      why would you want to get rid of your galaxy nexus? I have the Tmobile compatible modeland it by far is the BEST phone ive ever owned.. the only way ill dump this phone is A. The next Nexus phone that is Tmo compatible… or when or if tmobile releases a high end LTE/HSPA+ phone…

      I dont see any phone currently that compares to the Gnex..

      • Anonymous

        Honestly, I love the Galaxy Nexus. It’s performance is awesome and it’s probably a phone that I can keep for years. But, there is one thing that annoys the crap out of me consistently. That thing is, the lack of a shutter key and a inferior camera. The camera, I can deal with, but no shutter key, I can’t stand. I guess it’s probably due to me being a photographer and I’m just so use to pressing a shutter key to take pictures.

        • Anonymous

          Ive had dedicated camera buttons on phones… truthfully its when i had it i hardly used it.. im sure you being a photographer small details on a Camera are a big deal.. For me i cant tell the diff. One thing about the GNEX camera i love.. well 2.. first the Time Lapsed video feature which is sweet if u have a fish tank with anenome’s and coral. Also 2. The ACTUAL zero shutter lag… i had the MT4G slide which advertised no lag and well it lagged… same with the Amaze i owned as well… the amaze was great at taking SUPER close ups on small items like a bug or a speck of dirt or a screw… weird things to take pics of but i just wanted to see how good the camera was, and it was great..the Gnex is comparible too.

  • Anonymous

    I’m loving the sound of this.  T-Mobile is stepping up to the plate after striking out and hopefully they hit a home run.  I did not know what to expect from T-Mobile’s long term plans after almost selling out but I surely did not expect this type of commitment.

    This will mean HSPA+ over the current 2G coverage right?  And LTE is certainly welcomed.

    Now about this rebranding situation.  Carly, here’s your papers.  It’s nothing personal but you are no longer this company’s image.  No washed up actors are allowed either.  

    • PatheticLoser

      Rebranding doesn’t necessarily mean Carly is leaving. And I’d much rather have eyecandy like Carly than Sprint Guy in a trench coat or Verizon’s nerdboy.

      • Anonymous

        Lol absolutely, but Tmo needs a completely new look and that would mean she’s out. If their image is part of the rebranding. At least stop with the white background and her in a magenta dress holding up a phone. Its just played out.

        • PatheticLoser

          I doubt you’ll see a major departure from the white background. Especially since the stores are being remodeled in that white style. 

  • One thing that irritated me was if I bought a phone with T-mobile that technology would quickly pass me by. Not only with the constant upgrades in handset processing power, cameras, RAM, and andriod versions but also in T-mobile’s network. The G2X and Sensation had HSPA+ 14.4, the Galaxy S 4G and Sidekick 4G had HSPA+ 21, and a few months after that the Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G had HSPA+ 42, and now we have LTE coming. To this day they continue to launch phones with HSPA+ 14.4.

    • Anonymous

      What’s your real complaint?

      I’m sure the guy who bought is family a black and white TV just months before color was introduced was pretty pissed too.  Same goes for the Tape Deck buyer right before CD’s, 720p before 1080P…

      This is just how the game goes.

    • Patheticloser

      Boo hoo, technology moved too fast. 

    • So you want T-mobile too only carry the more expensive hspa+42 phones and not give people the option to choose an affordable handset that btw we all were ecstatic to have only a year ago. 

    • Loueradun

       No complaints with the “slower” data rate on my Sensation… still getting a solid 7-11 mbit/s down.  More than fast enough for me.

    • Respawn

      Guess what? Technology. It advances. ;)

  • Keepingitreal

    Only a 16% increase in HSPA + coverage.  Not much hope for the GPRS/EDGE areas unfortunately. 

    Also 1.4 billion CAPEX a year pales in comparison to the $20 billion plus that Verizon and AT&T invest.  How does T-Mobile expect to compete on network performance and coverage with such a weak investment?

    • God

      Well, T-Mobile is smaller than VZW and ATT… and they have less money… so they spend less…. Kind of a chicken or egg problem there, buddy.

      But more importantly, a 16% improvement is relatively good. Jumps their HSPA+ coverage from 200mil to closer to 250mil.
      And a lot of that is just by moving to a combined radio/antenna architecture for their LTE upgrades, which makes it cheaper than adding 10000 towers.

  • Anonymous

    They have a lot of work to do, let’s see if they can pull it off.  I do know that lte on 700mhz is awesome, I can’t imagine LTE will be able to perform as solidly on 1700 as it does 700.  

    I think i’ve seen t-mobile try redefining itself in the past and still they haven’t gotten out of the number 4 spot.  As much as i’d like to see them detatch from DT and do their own thing, they might have a chance.  I still feel that their spectrum puts them at a huge disadvantage.  I’m curious to see if they’ll actually be able to out-muscle any of their competitors with this.

    • PatheticLoser

      I agree, the frequency isn’t the best for wireless coverage. It is an interesting challenge for T-Mobile. 

    • God

      In the past T-Mobile has certainly been half-assed about it. This time? They’ve already begun aggressively refarming the 1900 band. That started 2 months ago. They already significantly expanded coverage. Check out their HSPA coverage in Florida – the entire state is covered. Texas just got a TON of new coverage as well, and their HSPA coverage is quickly filling in in many places. 

      As for 700mhz vs 1700, you’ll see that 1700 requires less battery usage for the handsets, while providing relatively good coverage. TMO will never care to compete on coverage against the likes of Verizon, but they can continue to slowly expand it (which, as I mentioned, they’ve already started). They easily have more native coverage than Sprint, for example. You wouldn’t know it though, because they don’t really want to push it.

      • Anonymous

        I’m sorry god, forgive me, but i’m still skeptical…

        • Tbyrne

          Lower case g. So I guess he’s a deity, right?

        • Anonymous

          Safe to assume.

      • Bob

         I can certainly affirm this as I live in a small town in Florida and we started getting 4g at the end of December after having EDGE for a long time. And when I say we are a small town I mean small as in the cows are right across the street.

  • Anonymous

    Not trying to be negative but T-mobile needs better phones! Period. That’s a big reason people choose carriers. Yes, the pricing of the plans is important, but service and device support will a trump for most people. Personally, I only upgrade every 2 years so I can deal with a smaller selection, but I’ve worked cellphone sales for a third party and I’ve seen what causes people to switch… people will overlook carriers because of phone selection even if it means paying a higher price

    • PatheticLoser

      In this economy, plan pricing is more important. Very rarely do I have someone come into the store knowing what phone they want. But they do know they want an excellent value. 

      • Whiskers

        If that was really the case then you would see flocks of AT&T and Verizon users signing up in record breaking numbers.
        People want certain phones and they will switch carriers just to get if if they have too.
        Just look what happened when Verizon got the Iphone , then Sprint afterwards.
        Not to hard to figure out.

        •  No they want good service and good value. T-Mobile and Sprint don’t have as good of a reputation about the coverage of their networks. T-Mobile is getting a lot better reputation and AT&T’s is diminishing. The only people I know chasing phones that I know of in a huge group are iPhone owners. Majority of users of other phone platforms choose their carrier and then choose the phone.

        • Whiskers

          So if Value is all they care about why do all the millions of customers on AT&T and Verizon keep staying with them even through a tough economy ?
          Because they get the better high end phones from Android,WM,and your truely Apple.
          Yes , T-Mobile is starting to get better phones know like the GSII,Aaze, and so forth but only if you love Android . It’s being shoved down your throat so bad because It’s the only high end devices they can offer. They can’t even get a high end WM phone.
          As for Service , well you get what you pay for. Maybe by 2013 T-Mobile will deploy true LTE , i’ll believe it when i see it. They still can’t full coverage of 3G and HSPA + , it’s only great if you live right next to a tower and never drive 15 minutes outside a major city.
          So that’s why millions of customers continue to stay with AT&T and Verizon even though they pay more because of the Better Phones and Better Coverage.
          True , if you want Value , Then T-Mobile and Sprint is your choices. Which is really only a few steps above prepaid service.

        • PatheticLoser

          The reason people stay with Verizon and ATT is the same reason I continue banking with a bank that I hate. I know how it works, good and bad, I’m used to it, and I’m too lazy to switch. People don’t leave the big two, even though they could save money because they don’t think they’ll save enough for the hassle.

        • Whiskers

          Maybe people you know have that excuse but not in my book.
          Half my family is on AT&T and the other half is on  Verizon. Only four of us are on T-Mobile.
          They stay with them knowing it cost more than T-Mobile because they know they get Better 3G/4G Coverage and Better selection of All brands of Phones period.
          You can’t get and Droid Razr or the latest high end LTE Android, Iphone , or lastest high end WM phone on T-Mobile. But you can with them.
          You can’t get the full 3G coverage with T-Mobile like you can with Verizon. If you do get great coverage with T-Mobile , it’s Edge half the time even though you bought T-Mobile’s Andriod flagship phone and can’t get the signal needed to enjoy that fast HSPA+ in their limited areas and inside buildings.
          Not to mention if T-mobile does deploy true LTE , it will be on the 1700 band.
          People are not going to leave for a company that can’t deploy full 3G coverage and promise LTE in 2013 while not really knowing if T-Mobile will actually do it or not. They can state anything they want to get customers to stay but their also leaving the door open to any potential buying with the right cash.
          Verizon is already way ahead of the game with LTE and AT&T right behind them. That’s why people pay More for Better High End Phones and Better overall Coverage and not switch to T-Mobile.

        •  I even put GOOD SERVICE before value AND even talk about T-Mobile’s coverage being worse AND you don’t even mention that I mention it. You completely ignore half my argument and jump to it being all about phones. Trust me, it’s not. Very few people in comparison choose a network based on what phone it has. There’s one major exception though, the iPhone. Even with the iPhone though, it’s not a large crowd that choose the network based on the phone.

    • Loueradun

      What are wrong with the dual core Android phones available now?  They are top of the line and very fast.  Yes its not a Galaxy Nexus, but its 100x better than offerings from other value cellular companies like Boost or MetroPCS.  Or are you talking about the lack of a subsidized iPhone?

      • god

        Or you can just buy a Galaxy Nexus unlocked, and hop on a Value Plan…

    • Jaygqitalia

      The Amaze, Sensation, and Galaxy S 2 are the best phones you can get besides the Iphone. I dont believe the phones have anything to do with it. Well actually I do, I believe alot of people leave because of the Iphone. The plans are somewhat confusing to some customers also. Just changing the whole VALUE, CLASSIC crap can help things a little bit

  • im not an iPhone guy but from a business standpoint, they have to swallow their pride and offer it or else the iPhone 5 on AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon will bury T-Mobile even deeper. They were adiment about not having the iPhone but were losing 300,000 postpaid subscribers per quarter after the announcement of the AT&T thing before it flopped. Then in the most important quarter, Q4, they lost almost 1 million postpaid accounts. Come’on, Sprint and Verizon will alway do better in the future because they realized the avg joe will drop their  LTE 4GhZ Tegra 6, 4.3 inch, 400 Dpi, 1080p Quad Core Android and Windows phones for the iPhone. The avg joe wont go thru the hassle of unlocking it and all that stuff when they can simply goto the carrier that has it available for the $200 tag vs $749 retail price. its said that the iPhone has that much power over a company

    • Loueradun

      I Disagree… Apple will be playing catchup to Android with the iPhone 5.  If you aren’t satisfied with their options then you can buy an iPhone without a subsidy and use it on T-Mobile’s network.  If that isn’t acceptable then switch carriers or buy an Android.  I don’t know why everyone expects a value based cellular company to be required to have the most expensive phone available.

      • Gwapo

        I agree with you..If you want an Iphone buy it from Apple.. Apple wants more money and Tmo is doing the right thing of refarming 1900 Band on their network. Those Iphone users from AT&T can switch to Tmo with the value plan and less expensive. I bought an Iphone 4$ and I am happy with it using it with Tmobile..$5 for 200MB…compare to $20 300MB from AT&T.

    • Respawn

      It is not a matter of pride on T-Mobile’s part. It’s a matter of Apple not making a compatible version of the iPhone so T-Mobile CAN offer it. T-Mobile is now “making” the AT&T version compatible.

      • Turtle6988

        It’s also a Matter of Money. Apple doesn’t just want money from the sale of the iphone they want more. Sprint had to pay 30 MILLION DOLLARS just to get the iphone on there network

        • $30 million is chump change for acquiring a device. Sprint had to pay TWENTY BILLION DOLLARS to get the iPhone. That’s not chump change, by any means.

        • Actually it was $15 billion, but what’s $5 billion here, $5 billion there.

        • Ahh, oops. Mixed it up with the total costs of procuring the iPhone and readying the network by October.

        • Realcool2000

          Goos one!

        • Anonymous

          let’s not forget the kind of marketing T-Mobile USA runs against the iPhone and the fact it was them who launched the first ever Android device and what Steve Jobs has said in relation to Android.

          Apple is vindictive and if iPhone 5 has no AWS radio I think it wouldn’t be far out to presume they’re ignoring T-Mobile USA on purpose, if not secretly punishing them for their Android support

    • Vim

      Both AT&T and Sprint have been bent over the barrel by Apple.  AT&T’s iPhone customers are primarily loyal to Apple, and not to AT&T.  AT&T must give Apple whatever it demands or face the loss of most of its smartphone customers.  Their partnership isn’t anything even remotely resembling equal as large sums of cash flow from AT&T to Apple.  Meanwhile Sprint has mortgaged all of its body parts for the iPhone, and must sell tons of iPhones to survive.  As a result AT&T, while still profitable, has taken a severe hit to its profit margin, and Sprint which was slightly unprofitable, is now severely unprofitable, or at least it was in this last quarter, much of it attributable to the iPhone deal.  If they don’t find a way to reduce the red ink soon they are in deep trouble. 

      Verizon is the most expensive, most profitable carrier of them all, and
      its customers are the least price-sensitive  They’ve played it real
      smart. They put up anti-iphone commercials to give them the leverage
      needed to get a better deal, put marketing money behind the Droid, and they waited until the iPhone’s growth
      started to stall to make a deal with Apple.  Now that they’ve added the
      iPhone, they still aren’t pushing it as heavily as they are the more
      profitable Droids.  So while the iPhone has eaten into their profits, it
      isn’t as bad as what’s happened to AT&T.   And given their high prices, the hit they’ve taken isn’t a big deal to them.

      T-Mobile can’t just swallow the Apple tax the way Verizon did, nor can it suffer the profit loss that AT&T has without losing its profitability.  And should it mortgage its future the way Sprint has, it better pray, just like Sprint is praying, that it will be able to survive the next few years.

      Refarming the 1900MHz PCS band thus strikes me as an eminently sensible way of making T-Mobile’s network much more iPhone friendly, particularly when paired with a no-subsidy Value plan, then allowing Apple to bend T-Mobile over the barrel as it has Sprint and AT&T.

      • Alvin B.

        Honestly, one vendor should not have this much power over the marketplace. It is verging on collusion.

        • Bratty

           You dont understand “collusion”.

      •  Apple will sooner or later bend to T-Mobile. Enough people will begin to complain about the lack of a T-Mobile iPhone. Once that happens Apple will just give their customers what they want. The iPhone on all four national carriers.

        • 2 words that prevent Apple from doing that…

          Artificial Demand. 

          So long their product is in demand, and in limited supply (artificially or naturally), they can get away with having high prices, extort the carriers for iPhone sale rights, and keep their brand name extremely high and loyal.

          Apple wont bend to anyone, since it is the most powerful brand and richest tech company in the world.

        • Anonymous

          HAHA that’s funny.  Where do you come up with this stuff, fabio??

          T-Mobile has little to no force to make any company bend based on their #4 spot, struggling business mode, spectral disadvantage, and high risk customers.  

          I admire you love and dedicatoin to t-mobile but don’t be one of the sheeple that just cheer leads for nothing.  And also don’t cheer lead with stuff like this, you know darn well Apple would never bend to T-Mobile.  

      • The biggest difference here is that Verizon built up a brand name of multiple Android devices and kept it open for iPhone to launch. AT&T bet everything on only the iPhone and shunned Android (which could bite it in the butt later on). Sprint bet everything on Android and not until recently did it even contemplate the iPhone, when it did, it bet everyones first born on it and started to pull and AT&T and forget about its Android brand, EVO, which started strong, but failed in comparison to both Verizon Droid lineup and T-Mobile MyTouch line up.

        Gotta keep the eggs in BOTH baskets as Verizon has or risk breaking them all.

    • Anonymous

      this has been beat to death. There is no pride to swallow, Apple makes the decision if they will put an AWS chip in the iPhone and go trough the whole rigomoroll of testing and releasing on T-mobile USA. It is not T-Mobile USA call to make. If Apple doesn’t want to develop a product with AWS radio then they don’t, end of story, Tmobile can throw tantrums and beg Apple will do what they want to do.

      Let’s not forget what Steve Jobs thought of Android, and that it was T-Mobile USA who supported and launched the first ever Android phone. If there’s one thing Apple doesn’t like it’s being called out on stuff and made fun of. Molly Wood, Leo Laporte and others have talked about how Apple PR calls and threatens reporters when they see something they don’t like

  • Randy_Reid101
  • Whoda

    Looked through the article and comments and didn’t find this answered (since I don’t understand the tiny details of refarming): what will happen to the 3g/4g phones that only support the 1700 aws bands for data?

    The chart on the top of this article to the right breaks down the results of the refarm, but it looks like aws hspa+ will be reduced for room aws LTE although it will lead to coverage for pcs bands. Does that mean 3g/4g coverage for phones that don’t support 1900 bands will decrease/increase?

    • Jarrod

      They are still going to keep 3G/4G in the AWS band as long as PCS so the phone they have now will still continue to work.

    • God

      T-Mobile will still be offering 20mhz of HSPA+ on the AWS band.

  • TMoFan

    iPhone is a necessary evil that T-Mobile will have to accept. These quarterly numbers are just awful. And they need to work on their coverage too. There’s a perception that T-Mobile’s coverage is shoddy so work on correcting that image. (Whether they have shoddy coverage or not I can’t say. It’s great in my area and no I don’t live in a city.)

    Still, this strategy sounds exciting for T-Mobile considering that it has been battered around for nine months. I’m actually excited to see what the future holds.

    • Jon

       Look at what was stated in the article:
      “Obviously, there has been a lot of emphasis today on device
      compatibility and T-Mobile going after AT&T iPhone customers without
      T-Mobile being an actual iPhone provider. This change would make
      T-Mobile’s network largely compatible with all of AT&T’s 3G and 4G
      handsets and should offer T-Mobile better access to new devices for its

  • Thecityboy781

    LTE by 2013 tmo is slackin….

    • Jarrod

      Not really when they have to build out their HSPA+ network so they can turn off gsm to some extent and then transfer HSPA+ from AWS to PCS and upgrade fiber to more of the towers and do upgrades to the equipment in some areas.

      • laboski

        Not to mention buying the 2nd generation of equipment is usually a much more fun experience that the 1st generation…….trust me on this one

        • Jarrod

          Plus having the ability of LTE version 10 vs version 8 that verizon and att use will be a big bonus.

    • Umm… AT&T will STILL be deploying LTE in 2013, Verizon will be done with all MAJOR markets and working on rural areas by that time, and Sprint will still be figuring out 800 LTE Advanced, so lets not think T-Mobile is slacking. If anything the lowered prices and better technology for both LTE and HSPA+ will work in T-Mobiles favor where the savings from equipment can be shifted toward the labor to deploy faster than before.

      • Anonymous

        yeah yeah, the whole “tmobile waiting is a better idea becaue it’ll be cheaper and easier in the long run” has been said about SO MANY THINGS they do and it still hasn’t proven to really help them elevate out of their funk.

  •  This is very Excellent news, Finally! – D

  • haters on the rocks

    I would stick with hspa+ thank you very much. I rather have good battery hspa+ then a drained battery lte

    • YBT

       Where’s my HSPA 108+ that I was promised last year?! Why push towards LTE when we can still do so much with HSPA+?! I don’t get it. #NewCarSyndrome

      • Elk

        Are you making stuff up to sound cool? There’s no such thing!

      • laboski

        Why throw more money at a technology that is allready been outdated…..look at the plan……they are going to finish the umts/hspa overlay with a sytem that can be upgraded to LTE without having add more lines to the tower and more cabinets. They are also changeing the configuration of the equipemt to eliminate the loss that the signal experiences after leaving the radio on its way to the antenna…..by putting the radios next to the antenna. This will give a larger footprint to each tower and better in building coverage. They have thought this out. not to mention the cost savings in re-writeing tower leases where you loose 6-18 hardlines and replace with 1 fiber optic cable. 

      • The news from Nokia Siemens and Ericsson on the newest evolution of HSPA+ is something you should read. T-Mobile is highly dedicated to its HSPA+ network, and isnt stopping upgrades or roll-out just because it is deploying LTE. I wouldnt be surprised of (with the refarming) that T-Mobile does add the new Ericsson and Nokia Siemens equipment for HSPA+ so it can double data speeds, lower latency by 50%, increase capacity and offer better device battery life. 
        You havent seen the latest coming out, but you will. So dont get all in a bunch.

        • Anonymous

          Of course they will, they are still going to depend on it like it’s their crutch.  I don’t think their LTE network is going to be amazing for a while based on how much spectrum they have.  It makes perfect sense to keep evolving while they try to build out LTE and grow their foot print with it.

      • Anonymous

        Because they don’t want to be the only kid on the block without it, no one will want to play with them anymore because they aren’t cool enough.  Besides, LTE will take them into the future.

      • J-Hop2o6

         LTE is more specturally efficient. You get higher speeds using 20MHz LTE than 20MHz HSPA+. So it’ll be better to start using LTE.

  • Anonymous

    Lolz this is genius, pure genius. T-mobile having stake in At&t’s spectrum means so many things, good things. At&t exclusive phones won’t really be exclusive, customers unhappy with At&t’s service can jump ship to T-mobile with their At&t phones to save money, I would think everyone on At&t with an iPhone and their gazillion dollars per month plan would migrate to T-mo’s down to earth prices. In essence T-mobile would get a good share of At&t’s customers and attract new ones with the launch of their LTE network in 2013. I see good things on the horizon for T-mobile :)

    • YBT


    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the iPhone will be too far off now either. Even if for some God forsaken reason Apple still decides not to officially bring the iPhone to T-mobile, T-mobile will bring it to the iPhone with their 1900mhz spectrum. As long as At&t gets the new iPhone so will T-mobile, theoretically speaking. But it would make a lot more sense for Apple to just start shipping T-mobile branded iPhones now since it’ll be as easy as stamping the T-mobile logo on a few iPhones and ship them. 

      •  Apple would NEVER brand their iPhones.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah but I’m sure they have some internal means of differentiating the Sprint, At&t and Verizon iPhones so they can do the same with T-mobile now. Brand em internally and ship. 

        • Anonymous

          Usually its based on the model you can find in the general info:

          Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White Verizon MD277LL/A 
          Apple iPhone 4S 16GB White AT&T MC920LL/A 

          I’m sure that’s how they would do it for tmo too

        • Apple DOES brand their iPhones….

          Carriers can not brand iPhones :) 

    •  Yup that’s definitely T-Mobile’s plan I believe. The more compatibility for devices the more chances of gaining new customers. And with their affordable plans that’s a plus for them! Finally they are doing what they’re supposed to.

    • Im definitely NOT an iPhone lover by any means. Matter of fact, only recently Ive thought about an iPhone 6 (what the name of the next version numerically WOULD be) and how it may pull me away from Android, based on the specs of hardware longevity.

      With that said, I do own an iPhone 3G with a broken digitizer that is $25 to fix. Knowing T-Mobile IS FOR A FACT launching and currently testing HSPA 1900Mhz in my area, San Francisco, I may want to just fix the screen and use that old iPhone rather than throw it in the garbage or sell it for $50 as I planned. Not because I like iPhone, but because Id like to see what all the hype is about and to test the 1900 HSPA coverage. I do not own any other HSPA 1900 compatible phone to test with anyway.

  • Dang! So now do I wait to pick up a LTE phone next year or just go for one of the ones about to come out?!? Doh!

  • Winski

    Blah.. .Blah …. Blah…. Blah… Here’s a prediction… T-Mumble could have 30 LTE devices by next Tuesday, and the functionality that far outstrips anything anywhere in the world…NOTHING WILL IMPROVE… NOTHING. They could re-price all 30 of those devices at ZERO ….NOTHING… This is a clinical example of sheer insanity.

    The MARKETPLACE, and the CUSTOMERS ON THE STREETS have told T-Mumble what they HAVE TO DO. Pack up your money bags; all the K-Y jelly you think you’ll need; get an open-ended plane ticket to Cupertino and DO NOT LEAVE until you have a signed deal for the iPhone on your network. IF YOU FAIL, file for Chap. 11 and resign.

    • The iPhone IS coming to T-Mobile USA. They are re-farming their network. T-Mobile could have made a deal with Sprint for LTE or clearwire, but instead they are going to make their own network.

      Clearly they want to get Apple’s approval for the iPhone. And by doing all these upgrades they are showing Apple that their network is worthy and will be able to handle the iPhone.

      Of course all of this is also being done to stay competitive. But it can’t be denied that they are doing this to support the iPhone and many other devices that are native to AT&T’s network.

      • now_onTMO

        From what I read.. The iphone won’t be coming to tmo, at least officially… But would be usable with high data speeds due to reframing the network (1900).. Tmo won’t still be selling the iphone.. Apple will charge a lot of money for tmo to get it..

        •  Not if they want to directly compete with Android. Android dominates T-Mobile’s phone lineup. What better way to compete with Android than going to the carrier that has the most?

          Apple will just have to demand less money to land a deal with T-Mobile USA.

        • Apple is in a good position, but with Android being a competitive driver, it stands to pose the question… Is Apple scared of Android sales, or not. If they are, then maybe launching on T-Mobile would be beneficial to them, since they could stand to gain hundreds of thousands possibly millions of what would be former Android users on T-Mobile.

          With the two neck and neck every week, I think launching on another carrier will only short-term increase Apple sales of the iPhone, but in the long term, it will no longer create artificial demand for the phone, lower the price of the phone, lower the contract negotiations for future revisions of the iPhone on all carriers.. I think Apple knows this and that alone scares them more than slowed sales of a phone offered on 4 carriers.

        • They don’t have to lower the price of the phone, they can give T-Mobile the iPhone 4 and 4S along with the next generation iPhone. The iPhone 4 would be free with contract, the 4S would be $99 and the new iPhone would be $199. 

          Three iPhones directly competing with Android, I think it would make Apple sales increase, hopefully long term instead of short term.

        • Vim

          Apple doesn’t give the carriers anything.  Even the 3GS’s that AT&T gives away for free cost AT&T around $432 apiece.  That price difference between what AT&T paid for the 3GS and what the customer pays is what is known as a subsidy.  Apple dictates the subsidy to the carriers and locks them to it in the contract.  Apple demands significantly higher subsidies than what the carriers offer for other smartphones, and this is why the more iPhones a carrier sells, the more its profit margins drop.

        • Anonymous

          Android is only out for pure market share and that’s it.  I’ve seen some real garbage hardware running android.  It’s sad.

          Apple is doing fine doing their own thing, they are a hardware company at the core.  They make software to sell hardware, unlike Google.  Apple’es real competitors are the samsungs and LG’s of the world.

          Apple does NOT need to be market share leader in order to do amazingly well.  As I’ve said before they do things so differently that other companies can’t afford to restructure their design culture in such a manner.

          Something interesting happens when you make your own hardware and the software for it.  You get complete control and you can take your products to where you want to go without having to wait for a software company to foot you along the way.

          Also, T-Mobile is a high risk company and i’m not sure how well iphone would do once it was on their network in terms of sales.  So many have defected away, how many are left that would buy the iphone? a few million overall??  It might not be worth it for apple or T-Mobile.

        • Luis Medina

           If C Spire got it I’m sure T-Mobile can get it too.

      • Winski

        Well Fablo, PLEASE don’t hold your breath waiting for it. T-Mumble could have had iPhone YEARS ago but decided they were too cool to have to fly down to Cupertino to work with Steve… When T-Mumble bought Voicestream in California, they boasted ‘hey, we got our own now. We don’t need Steve… And it’s been proven to be some of the most demonstrable stupidity ever undertaken by a set of alleged telephony folks.

        Like I indicated earlier, IF they don’t figure out how much crow they need to carry to Cupertino with them, THEY’RE DONE.

        •  They didn’t get it years ago because Apple was unwilling to make a deal with them unless BIG $$$ were involved. Bigger than what Sprint had to pay. It was easy for Sprint to get the iPhone because Sprint’s network uses the same bands as Verizon.

          T-Mobile uses the AWS bands and Apple wasn’t willing to just add support for it if there weren’t big $$ involved. That’s why they didn’t have it before. But all of that will change now.

        • Jose Hernandez

           Got it in one. Thanks for the explanation, people should learn to think, get their facts straight and try to communicate like normal sane human beings before they start talking about things they do not understand.

        • Anonymous

          T-Mobile is too risky, they are value brand not premium brand. It almost seems like having an iPhone goes against their value brand mantra.  T-Mobile has been developing a customer base that wants everything for free or virtually nothing.  Their customer feel entitled just because they pay their bill every other month lol

        • Laboski

          Winski…….How stupid would it be to get the IPHONE on a network that is not up to handling the data traffic ?    Well you have an example….Sprint….They will be lucky if they survive the Iphone. In two to three years with the network in place then maybe it will be worth while to talk to them……but by then it may not be the latest gotta have gizmo….For pete sake the thing put a hurting on AT&T’s network…….

      • First off, Apple doesnt care if your network can handle the iPhone or not. Look at AT&T and how unprepared they were for many years, and they still managed to move tens of millions of iPhones. Even the ones that HATED AT&T and sold their iPhones were able to get a high price for them, even though the people buying KNEW the iPhone sucked on AT&T, they still wanted them.

        Apple knows this, and their brand and phone itself isnt tarnished, it all comes down to the network that loses out. Apple makes their money upfront and over payments regardless if the networks of AT&T, Verizon and Sprint can handle the traffic generated.

        To say that Apple wants to know T-Mobile’s network is appropriate for the iPhone is just ridiculous. T-Mobile wants to make sure its own butt is covered IF and WHEN an iPhone properly comes to T-Mobile, or IF and WHEN there is an unlocked version offered.

        •  WRONG! Steve Jobs (Rest in peace) didn’t think ANY of the current wireless carriers were able to handle the iPhone. In fact Steve Jobs dwelled over the idea of making their own wireless networks using unlicensed spectrum (WIFI). So yes, Apple DOES care if T-Mobile’s network is up to par with their standards.

          Now I agree with you on some things, T-Mobile IS trying to make sure its butt is covered, but that’s the most obvious thing.

        • Anonymous

          lol jobs wanted his own network so he could have full control and do things the way he wanted to.  Apple doesn’t really need T-mobile with the other 3 guys already in bed with Apple.  Also, i’m not sure if T-mobile would be able to swing the cost of having an iPhone.  They are a struggling carrier like sprint, so if they are actually going to carry iPhone i’m not sure T-Mobile really wants the money loss associated with it.  Also, with the frequencies these guys use it might not have been worth it for Apple to tack in these frequencies into the radios.  In other words, they might not sell as many as the other guys given their size.

  • SenorAnderson

    If all of T-Mobile’s LTE phones and it’s network come compatible with Voice over LTE from launch day this will be an excellent decision. T-Mobile could stand more spectrum, but moving voice over to a data network will save bandwidth.

  • Patv79

    I’m still using a TMO HTC Wing.  Will I be able to use it after they change over 

    • Realcool2000


    • Yancy

      Yes, they are not fully leaving this band, you will be just fine!

  • Johntho21


    • Kirk

      GET YOUR F*CKING FACTS STRAIGHT. First of all you are comparing 1 phone to a lump of Androids. Instead if you compare iOS to Android you would see ANDROID IS THE LEADER AND NUMBER ONE SELLER.



      • Guest911

        If you compare iOS to Android as an OS, iOS wins. Maybe you need to get your facts straight? And before you get all worked up, the ip4S only was availabe in Q4.


        • guest737

          iOS wins?? let’s see…Android market share as of Dec 2011 = 47.3% and iOS market share as of Dec 2011 = 29.6%…yep, iOS wins there. Android = open source, multiple themes, configurable, etc, etc, etc and iOS = locked down take it or leave it….yep, iOS wins again.

        • Chance21

          Yea um sure cheaper androids and deals like b1g1 free didn’t help android at all.

        • Loueradun

          Can’t blame Android for Apples high prices…

        • Anonymous

          Android, good stuff cheap!

        • Houston

          Android = open source = too many problems ( bugs, security issues).
          I had an android before I went to iPhone. The user experience with Iphone is way better than android. It’s the best touchscreen in the market since it rolled out. App store is amazing. It’s easier to work with and it you want all the tweeks and tricks, you can jailbreak your phone. I can’t get 3G/4G on my iPhone with Tmobile. But I am fine with that (I have Clearwire hotspot at home,work and when I am traveling). Even though my iPhone is only 1ghz ( down clocked to 800 MHz). It feels way faster than all those 1.5 ghz android processors. It wont be a bad idea if Tmobile actually started carrying the iPhone really soon. They would definitely see postpaid subscriber growth like sprint Verizon and AT&T.

        • Anonymous

          You are looking at this in the completely wrong way unsurprising as most people on here do.  iOS has far less problems because of its overall closed nature and runs incredibly well on iphones.  It’s consistent and very dependable.  Android still is not and offers very different experiences based on what phone you buy.  What you are considering Pro’s for android in many cases are simultaneously its biggest flaws.  Also, market share doesnt determine the true victor when dealing with a company like Apple.  Apple has still been successful and very dominant on many fronts without being the market share leader.  They do things very differently in ways that other companies can’t afford to do them, nor does their design culture allow them to do so either.  Both iOS and android will be around for a very long time, I don’t see neither of them ever going away.  

        • Bratty

          Hey genius – you are looking at PHONE sales. Look at the OS numbers.
          Jeez – no wonder you are an Android supporter!

      • Anonymous

        WOW, you are very wrong! where do i begin…

        Think about what point in time the iPhone 4 was released and lets not forget total iPhone sales for 2011 were 72 million.  

        Regardless of what you want to believe, Apple is successful for a reason. I’m sorry if you don’t want to accept that for whatever bizarre reason.

        I could go on, but you are still going to be wrong and emotional about it and use caps irresponsibly.  

    • Th3problem17

      currently there is no lte involved with apple anywhere? last i checked it’s a 3g phone ???

      • Jarrod

        Not anymore the new iPad has LTE capability, thats probably a tell tell sign that the next iPhone will also include LTE capabilities to some extent.

  • Kife0301

    so basically by 2013 we may not have the iPhone but will be able to use the iPhone (without sacrifice like edge speeds) on tmobile like any other carrier?

    • Scarfacemario

      Yes sir and we can also use a galaxy note, titan, any phone att has that we dont :)

  • Yancy

    T-Mobile’s next ad Campaign, “Bring your Iphone from At&t and don’t get bogged down by the shi*tiest network in the United States, oh did I mention unlimited everything for just 49.99!” *Carly kick Ralf De Vega’s ass out the door*!

  • Luis Medina

    Hey David 37,000 cell sites equals to how much of their coverage?

  • Goodness gracious. The comment section is like a war zone, lol. I mean we all have our own opinions, do we have to go at each other in such ways that it starts arguments? It’s like if you’re not smart enough (obviously in the realm on technology has referring to the devices & networks), then you get shut down.

  • Mlightner12245

    What I love is how a year ago every izombie was saying how the only reason that Android was doing so well was simply due to the fact that the iPhone was only on at&t well it went to Verizon and Droid brand is still thriving, now its on sprint……and eventually when it comes here there will be no more excuses!! The simple fact is its a singular device and can’t keep up with the way Android keeps up with newer technology.

    • Anonymous

      Correct, and for Apple to thrive and continue to do well they don’t have to be dominant with their one device.  Seriously, shame on all the other OEM’s for not being able to have stopped Apple’s dominance by now.  It speaks volumes about Apple’s competitors and their ability to truly innovate beyond what Apple does.  

      Call them izombies all you want, but the quality and engineering of the product speaks for itself.  Apple isn’t going to just give up over night, they have plenty of cash to keep going and invest in major R&D.  Steve Jobs didn’t leave a bunch of morons running the show, he left a bunch of protege’s that encompass cultural ideologies he established wtihin Apple.  

      Remember, their designs try to lay rigt at the cross roads of science/engineer and liberal arts. This is why so many phones can have specs that blow the iPhone’s out of the water like quadcore processors and bigger screens.  At the end of the day, they manage to design products that are amazing all around and that people fall in love with.

      • Tbyrne


        • Anonymous

          is this your way of paying tribute to Hydrogen? 

        • Tbyrne

          No. I just wanted to let you know you left off the h in (right.) Bye gouvy.

  • its official, im coming back to T-Mobile from AT&T…im excited. 

    • Scarfacemario

      Welcome back :)

  • wsj

    Look, DT is huge, has a 150 million subscribers for wireless, offers the iPhone in Europe.  They could have the iPhone if they wanted it.  That a lot of market power that DT has.  But things are looking up at least TMUSA admidit the subscriber loss if dur to the iPhone.

    Android might be a better operating system, but more folks want the iPhone.  Do not belive it just look at how many have left.  Screw the Driod –  sell me what I want, not force upon me somwthing I do not.

    • wsj

      Bye the way that put TM larger then Verizon or AT&T.  If they can get the phone, so can TMSUA

    • Landon Freden

      Also, a lot of people wanting iPhones are probably fed up with how buggy so many Android phones are, with their manufacturer skins and lack of updates. Sure, they could root and flash custom ROMs, a phone should be expected to “just work” from the beginning.

      Hell, XDA can’t even get 100% of the bugs worked out on the G2x. Every ROM seems to have its own issues, due to faulty hardware and lack of open-source drivers.

      • JSm200

        YES YES YES…I don’t want to deal with screen freezing, power cycling, reset and reset, people telling me the phone has known issues they can’t fix, Things not working properly , Google telling me the Android Market and Google Music aren’t working properly cuz of known issues.  Iwant a working, reliable phone from a company that will support it – and I want to know that if I have a problem, I can go to an Apple store, talk to an intelligent person who can look at my phone, diagnose the problem, and fix it if needed.  That is the antithesis of my Android experience.

        • jay_max

           Bingo!  Me too.  I’m dumping Android when the last of my three lines goes off contract (so I can renew them all at the same time).

          Tired of the crashing, constant reboots, finding apps to do simple things.  I don’t want to tinker with my phone.  I want to USE my phone.

        • SG2

          I have the galaxy s2 with juggernaut ROM and i have Zero of the issues you guys are mentioning, it is very fast and smooth.
          I am sure i have had a crash, but can’t even remember it, so it must have been an a long time. All the apps work well.
          I removed all the bloat ware and only install the apps a really use, so my phone is very clean. 
          My guess it that most of the people here complaining have created their won issues.
          I do Tech support and people say this computer sucks when there are problems, but the truth is that they misused it and created the issue themselves.

  • FB

    I am a costumer of tmo sice the last days of voicestream… I have never useed a tmobile phone douring these years. I have allways use the best phone in in the market as manifacture unlock. Now i got the iphone 4s without knowing that tmobile is not supporting LTE 3g. Tmobile can not go on by doing things on their own. To be onest with you i spend $700.00 for my unlock iphone 4s and just this morning i was searching which provider i am going to use in order to receive 3g on my iphone. Now that i got this news i will wait one more year because of tmobile costumer service. They are the best so far and evry one knows that. Pls tmobile, do not do things on your own way. I want you to treat us as you treat europeans costumers. You deserve me and my family for one more year and i deserve to be treated based on today’s world’s standarts.

    • Phozfate

       iphhone  was your first unlocked gsm 3g phone? I assumes because you’d know otherwise tmo uses a different band for 3g. You need t pay attention t he bands he phones offer

      • FB

        As i say, i have always have mnf unlock like from the bigining when here in US no one know what the bluetooth is. I got most of the phones from europe. But when it comes to the point that today’s standarts is LTE and tmobile is the only one did not even admite by sayng that they are still focus on HSPA+, that makes you angry. Finaly they are faceing numbers and it make them face the reality…

        • Loueradun

          Your comments might make sense if the iPhone supported LTE 4G, but I can understand your frustration of not being able to use hspa+ because apple locked the frequency.

    • Kalel

       There’s a 3G LTE?  When did that happen?

    • James

      “Now i got the iphone 4s without knowing that tmobile is not supporting LTE 3g. Tmobile can not go on by doing things on their own.”

      Fail! LoL

      Please take your iPhones to ATT. We don’t need them on T-Mobile.

      • FB

        Tmobile is german corp. This is the state i am from. One of the bigest providers in the world. As i say, i am from europe and i have trevel in italy England England where there is 3G avalible on iphone or other LTE cell. You got my point now. Here in US we are in the end of all the rest of the world where tmobile is serving. F iphone. If you want me to say so, but make sure to have a better idea when you speak about todays world standarts.

    •  Well, there’s your problem!  You’re a costumer and you’re in the wrong business.  You should be working for the theater or in the film industry where they have a definite need for people who can fit and design costumes.

    • Mr. Funk

      Your decision to spend $700 on an iPhone was not T-Mobile’s. And you decision to not do research on that device was not T-Mobile’s either. Do not blame other people for your ignorance. They offer devices and services that surpass the iPhone and the carriers that offer this phone. Please do not make yourself one of the “Sheeople” who think the iPhone was delivered by God himself and the world should revolve around it. 

  • James

     No iPhone, no google flagship phone, crappy android selection and wm 7.5 is nowhere to be found. Lets no solely blame on iphone. TMO needs to step up their game with phone selection in general. Bringing LTE is a step in the right direction, this will bring good phones. As I said earlier, expect great phones at the end of this year and next year. Its only a matter of time guys, patience….I think TMO has listened to us and is bringing what we are asking for, now we just need to wait and we’re all good.

    • James

      high end wm7 phone*

  • Bob Keyser

    Wait a minute, you mean LTE is possible without being T-Mobile being purchased by larger carrier? Funny how quickly the impossible becomes possible in an executive’s office.

    • 123

      agreed. they are full of sh*t

    •  ha!  Exactly my friend, DT just didn’t want to invest the time and money to do so but now they really have no choice.  Luckily for us – D

  • Anonymous

    T-Mobile has 50MHz spectrum in NYC (10+20 AWS + 20MHz PCS), so HSPA on both AWS and 1900, AWS LTE, and EDGE on 1900 will definitely be done.

    •  So T-Mobile customers with unlocked iPhones in NYC will get 3G?

  • Mlightner12245

    Well that’s the same build quality that made it impossible to hold the damn thing without losing reception lol but they shoot themselves in the foot, the screen is still a child’s 3.5, no 4g support hell they stole the notification bar from android wth where’s the innovation??

  • Midwestguy7

    To all those whiners, get the unlocked Galaxy Nexus (GSM pentaband), works perfectly on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

  • Joiseyeric

    The bottom line is TMobile MUST get the iPhone in order to survive…they bled over 800,000 customers in the last quarter of 2011 – 1) because they sat on their hands doing NOTHING to upgrade their network during the AT&T fiasco – 2) because they do NOT have the iPhone!  I personally love the Android platform, but let’s face it, it’s all about image!  Customer’s want the iPhone, they don’t know why they want it, they just want it because it’s “hype” and hot!  So, until TMobile inks a deal with Apple, they will continue to be at the bottom of the cell phone pile!  It’s embarrasing, even some of the small regional carriiers have the iPhone, and TMobile wants to play with the big boys??  WAKE UP!!

    • 123

      you are wrong. even david admits that the iphone isn’t a silver  bullet. but i am not going to sit here and explain to you. it isn’t my job to educate others who cannot critically think. I guess that is why the world needs mba’s

      • Stonerslane

        Your the one that is wrong. You clearly have no proof to back up what you said. I sure you haven’t been on this site long enough but I believe David has an iPhone. Your the uneducated one.

        • riderdiechic

          It’s You’re = You are NOT *your the one*  your doesn’t mean = you are.  Go back to school.

      • PatheticLoser

        Silver Bullet? No. Necessary for the long term survival of the company? Yes. And I hate Apple. 

    • James

      I rather see T-mobile die than see them sell their soul to the devil. Sprint did just that to tthe tune of 15.5 billion dollars in the next 4 years. Now everyone one of their chstomer will pay for it in terms of price increases. I rather have good service at cheap prices even if that means no iphone. Keep mind with spectrum refarming tmobile will support unlocked ipnones on hspa+.

    • JT421

      They want it cuz as many tech writers(and self described Android fanboys) have written “IT JUST WORKS” — Ive been using an Android for four months and just have had problem after problem.  Tmobile customer service and tech support has been a joke.  Reps have told me to find another carrier.  Tmobile Tech Support have told me the phone has ‘known issues’ but theres nothing they can do.   I want a phone that is reliable, and if there is a problem, I know I can go somewhere to get support and get it fixed.  Im even willing to pay more to not have to go through hassles and waste dozens of hours with incompetence.  Practically everyone I know has an iPhone and is happy with it- so you guys might call these people sheep – but its successful for a reason.  People aren’t getting a phone cuz its pretty – it doesnt make them feel special if everyone else also has it; they get it cuz it just works – easy to use- and there’s consistency.  On paper, Android honestly seems better to me in a lot of ways,  but given my experience, I would never buy one in the future.  Even ICS is a prime example, its been out for months and yet its on a handful of phones.  Even Google’s Android Market & Google Music has known issue after known issue.  Things just don’t seem to work with Android.  Maybe they work on the most expensive devices, but it doesnt help the brand if you have millions of people having problems with devices and you’re told not to use the ‘smart’ part of the phones

  • Smith23

    T-Mobile is making money period! Verizon is the evil Empire buying spectrum they do not want or need to contol the market place for example the agreement they signed to buy 3 billion plus worth of LTE aws spectrum from the major cable companies and sell it to them wholesale for their cable customers! Verizon did this just so T-Mobile couldn’t it’s anti compedative and anti-American! Who suffers you the comsumer with higher prices and less choices! Att is trying to buy Dish Network just so T-Mobile can’t use their awesome 700mhz LTE spectrum why???? so they can control the market place! I love people wanting a deal and a “i-phone” but not sticking up for the little guy? T-Mobile will get the i-phone eventually pass bankrupt Sprint and become a true American Company doing it with all heart! This plan for 4g is financially responsible and in time T-Mobile will become a real player!

    • Sidekicker89

      not to mention this would stop people who want Fios from getting service, am I right?

      • Sidekicker89

        I’ve heard people complain about not getting Fios but i guess they stopped rolling that out … i think..

  • Britishcads

    I just tried going with US Cellular received my phone on 2/12/12 had instant problems with the phone having absolutely no service.  I called customer care that turned into 3 days of pure hell.  I’m back with T-Mobile, had some problems with my phone, called customer care where I felt very much valued by every representative I spoke with starting with Milie then to her supervisor Reynaldo to tech support with Kristie, then supervisor David.  It’s funny when you think the grass is greener on the other side to find out the real reason T-Mobile wins all those awards.  I only went to the supervisors to let them know how awestruck I was with the incredible level of customer care I received from both reps.  I even found there is now a fix to the whole wifi calling, and it’s on it’s way to me now.  You can’t go wrong unless T-mobile simply will not work in your area.  For those people I’m sorry for the fact you can’t yet know what it’s like to be treated like the only customer that matters, and that is exactly how they made me feel.  I’ve worked for competitors and their satisfactory level would disgust a T-Mobile employee.  A truly great company to do business with. 

  • guest

    Shut up about the iphone already! leave if you want one so bad because DT isn’t giving tmobile us any money to get it. the iphone will not help tmobile at this point. everyone else has it so why would it give us any kind of advantage? think about it… our pricing isn’t that competitive anymore, customer service sucks, no nice phones that everyone already has also, and a network that’s behind again (like tmobile and their 3G lagging a few years ago). What’s the freaking point anymore? please explain it because I must be missing something….

  • Randy

    breaking news! the apple employee who lost his IPHONE 5 at a bar mid last year 2011  (yes IPhone 5, not 4S) BACK IN LATE 2010  got his iphone 5 back finally last week.

  • Revanche

    All I have to say is, can I at least get 3g now?

    I want three one with the more GS. (EDGE sucks)

  • EXIBITman

    When will blaze 4g’s be released?

    • Sidekicker89

      I think sometime in March

  • James

    t-mobile finally listened and are spectrum refarming.

    If (insert phone name of choice) is not coming to t-mobile, t-mobile will come to (insert phone name of choice)!!!!! Although unlocked…but it doesn’t bother me. I love tmobiles value plan. Where else can you get 1000 talk, unlimited text, unlimited 2gb data for $40/month?

  • I wish all these upstarts well on competing with the big 3 – AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint.

    I don’t think T-mobile has any better chance, than say Virgin Mobile or even regional carriers like Cricket or PCS Metro – but you know, they own some towers.

    That kind-of sorta puts them closer to the big 3, I guess.  Actually from a consumer perspective, who cares.  They are clearly an also-ran, and they aren’t pleasant to deal with.

    I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would sign a contract with one of these second tier players – second tier is supposed to offer the advantage of being month to month, right?  

    I know I am going to be off contract with them soon, and never to be on it again, I assure you.

    3+ weeks ago when they sold me some phones via customer service based on deceit, I returned those phones, and now 3 weeks later, still no refund.  They’ve been demanding the tracking number for some time now – and I said you don’t need it.  You know you have the phones.  Just return the money.
    Today just for kicks I actually gave them the tracking number.  Then they said, it doesn’t matter the tracking number makes no difference, they still have a 4th week to return the money.

    LOL – so why did you demand on like 3 different occasions to get the number?  Just to check if I had it? Well of course I had it, I don’t trust them.  Why would I trust someone that just committed fraud?   Well – and you know what else, what will happen after the 4th week?  LOL – I mean nothing right, then the story will change again.

    What they really have is – as long as they feel like.  And you can’t sue them, they have arbitration clauses right.  

    That’s why you cant sign a contract with a company unless you trust them.  And tmobile is not trustworthy.

    • Jehernandez4688

       I read your comment and I understand what you are saying. But you are so very mistaken if you think that Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or any other provider of any other services out there would be free of the same issues. When you want to mail and return something, and they tell you that you can expect a refund in lets say 30days, they you have to wait those 30days before you start an apocalyptic war with them regarding the refund. I had the same thing happen to me years ago with AT&T, they sucker me in to getting a magnificent brand new phone for being a great and loyal customer. When I get the phone by mail? It was the biggest piece of crap I have ever seen.  When I called customer service to find out what happened to the magnificent phone I was promised, I was told “too bad”, you should have researched the phone before agreeing to a new 2 year contract extension. I HAD NOT agreed to a contract extension, nobody mentioned one to me when I was offered the phone. I have had some issues with T-Mobile customer service since the freaking AT&T deal was on the table. DT and AT&T did this, not T-Mobile USA. Why is it so hard for people to understand that? It is going to take some time for customer service to improve, this things do not happen over night. But if you feel that T-Mobile is the only carrier that has this issues, you are sadly mistaken. If you really want to go to another provider, then go ahead, move and we wish you the best of luck and hope you like it. But be real, don’t make T-Mobile to be the only carrier with customer service issues. AT&T has always won that award. And be prepared to “maybe, just maybe” be a little sorry you left thinking the grass was greener at the other side. Good luck to you.

  • 4FTi4Sj

    They blame the iPhone for everything but they need to do something to improve their customer service.  As a lifelong TMobile customer, Ive been just surprised at how far it has fallen.  They are doing eternal damage to the brand because people have bad experiences and then tell others.  Read their forums and you see the obvious trends – not only in terms of user complaints- but look at the customer rep responses- everything from hanging up to telling customers to leave the carrier.  Well they’re getting their wish.  Add some really stupid marketing choices and I can’t say Im really surprised.  Im going to be the latest churn statistic as I look for a new carrier for the first time in my life. 

    • PatheticLoser

      The ATT announcement hurt customer service in multiple ways. People got a negative perception of T-Mobile just by being tied to ATT. Also many positions weren’t filled in the call centers so there weren’t a bunch of layoffs, and outsourced a bunch more because that’s what ATT does. Face it. T-Mo was so sure this deal was going through they became ATT in all the worst ways. They have to fix that, and I believe they will. 

    • Whatever they say, I doubt they think the iPhone was the sole cause of defections. Looking at the above it looks like they understand they have to make changes in the way they’ve done business the past year, even if they are ticking off many negative changes as “phase one”.

      If I were Humm, I’d:

      – Invest in American customer support. It’s not like wages are too high for that right now.
      – Reassure existing customers by making the value plans contract free, like their predecessors.
      – Also reassure existing customers by getting rid of “Tethering plans” and other junk that goes entirely against the whole openness thing that attracted us to T-Mobile in the first place.
      – Get some of that 3G in PCS thing going, so unlocked iPhones become an option, but for goodness sake, don’t do a Sprint and make a deal with Apple unless it’s actually attractive to T-Mobile.
      – Concentrate on Android. It’s extremely popular, people love it, and somehow after T-Mobile was so heavily involved in launching it they’ve lost the association with it to Verizon of all people. And work with the vendors so you’re not offering 100 identical Android phones with slightly different screen resolutions and CPU speeds.
      – Finally, make a point of being customer friendly. Simplify the plans available. Nobody in their right mind wants to make an evaluation of how many minutes or text messages or magabytes of data they use a month when picking a plan. If you’re going to relaunch the brand, make T-Mobile the carrier where you know what you’re getting.

      LTE? As a geek and a fan of GSM I *love* everything I’ve heard about LTE, it’s what we would have had ten years ago if it wasn’t for Qualcomm’s lobbying governments to force everyone to look at Code Division Multiple Access. We’d have fast, reliable, works everywhere phones and data devices. But with that said, the improvements that have been made to W-CDMA are such that a migration really isn’t urgent right now. I don’t think T-Mobile should be focussing on it. There are higher priorities. Like you say, customer service is one of them.

      • Anonymous

        If we’re talking about defections (churn), I’d like to speak to some of your points.

        1. As you can see from the slides, service orientation is a factor, but not the highest priority. The other carriers mostly outsource customer support to other countries.
        2. Nothing churns like customers with no contract. I’d pivot Value and say, “If you want the Value price, you need to be on a contract. Once off contract, the price goes up.” If you find a better price from the other major 3, post a link up. I’d love to see it.
        3. Tethering plans compensate for the huge cost of data tethering. To not do so is a huge hit to ARPU (remember, DT doesn’t own T-Mobile, its shareholders do). I don’t believe removing tethering plans will help with defections.
        4. If that can work, right on!
        5. Agreed
        6. Agreed. We really got away from “simple”.

        LTE will help with In Home coverage, T-Mobile’s #1 defection reason. It’s costly, but necessary.

        • I completely disagree with (2). Nothing says “Every two years you should consider changing your carrier” than two year contracts. One reason why my wife and I are on T-Mobile is that we’re on a EMP.

          The danger right now is that this EMP is looking less and less good value by the minute. And if changing my plan means signing up for two years, there’s no way I’m going to lock myself to a carrier, even one I love, that is obviously suffering massive uncertainty right now.

          The “You can reduce churn by locking people in” thing is obviously industry mantra, but actually reducing churn is more likely if you encourage customers to invest in you, and at the same time make it clear you’re friendly and upfront. 1c phones with 24 month contracts for expensive plans and excessive ETFs go against that. $400 phones with low cost plans and no contracts is much more likely to keep people.

          (3) I also fully disagree with. Tethering adds bandwidth demands, but T-Mobile already caps that, and in a way that’s unlikely to hit anyone who *isn’t* tethering and doing so excessively. What “tethering fees” do is prevent occasional tethering, which is rarely a problem.

          Simplify the plans. Include the cost of tethering into them. And what you end up with is a much more user friendly customer friendly system.

          LTE, on AWS, isn’t really going to make any significant difference in terms of interior signal quality (except for LTE’s general not-CDMA-thank-god improvements.) I’m not suggesting nobody will get improvements, but it’s going to be a very small group. I think LTE is more of a “We have to do it to stay with the pack” thing than a necessity brought about by functional requirements.

        • Anonymous

           It sounds nice in theory, but the facts are that EM+ does and always has churned higher than its contract products. The one and subsequently two year contracts were made in part because customers churned less when they were on contract.

          Also, tethering does put more strain on the network. Free tethering changes behavior. If the avg user goes from using 1Gb to 1.5Gb because of tethering, it puts a massive strain on the network, which costs money.

          In the areas where the LTE is going in, it should improve in home coverage. I agree the main reason for doing this is to keep up with the pack.

        • I’m having great difficulty believing that about EM+, and if it is true I’d point out that virtually all EM+ users were on contracts to begin with – switching to EM+ when they expired. The risk of reading anything into stats suggesting EM+ has a high churn rate is that removing EM+ doesn’t actually change anything, it just means people are immediately faced with a decision to remain on an expensive plan, or make another commitment. Churn will happen – faster.

          Whatever the case, I’m not signing up for two more years with a carrier that’s facing this kind of uncertainty. Anyone, ANYONE, who signs a contract of that length with T-Mobile right now is doing themselves no favours.

          Re: Tethering: The average user doesn’t go from 1G to 1.5Gb simply because they have the option to tether. Yes, I don’t doubt more people will use something if it’s made available to them than if they don’t, but to deduce from that that everyone will… no.

          Reminds me of when I lived in Britain and criticized the local telco’s charging by the second for local calls. “But if you make them free, everyone will be on the phone all the time! The network will collapse!” was the response.

          No. Really. No. People have better things to do. Tethering is one of those things you do occasionally, because better options aren’t available. The notion that letting existing customers use it is going to significantly increase data usage, especially given the bandwidth caps, is absurd.

      • Britishcads

        Paul I hope I can ease your mind a bit about the lack of response regarding the whole AT&T. I called on Thursday and both the agent and manager said there wasnt a whole lot to say except it was a huge mess and almost took them out. I’m sure everyone near a phone signed a non disclosure. I have worked for both companies and I have every faith they will make it right. I once told a corporate account holder that his 20 BB curves would be free instead of ten we were having a buy one get one sale and I mixed words an honest mistake but they did end up with all those curves free and it was because I promised them and believe me I was a nobody literally tied to a leash my whole shift so they even stand behind the first responder. Also you are completely right I am so addicted to android inn the past year I’ve bought out right the htc hd 2 then the samsung galaxy S, then the google/LG G2X, then an HTC Hero S, and then the moto electrify. I’m back to the g2x nothing compaired. Another thing working for AT&T and Tmo I got used to the latest and greatest. While at AT&T it was very important to our apple sales rep that anyone with direct face to face with customers MUST have the I Phone. The first version was absolute nightmare horrible I ran it over in the hopes they wouldn’t replace it for free thank God they didn’t but two weeks later they send my stores version 2 I’ll admit it was slightly better and as a manager he really wanted me in one, but again the were pricy do oops water damage dropped it inn the toilet. Just to get my palm back which is laughable now that android is here. I was there for about a mont when version 3 came I used it twice. If you were to say hey heres the I4 I got two if be polite abbot it but you honestly couldn’t pay me to take one. When I first heard that Tmo was getting involved and really that is all I knew but truly my first words to my son that currently works with Tmo were do they know what they are getting into? We hired 3 people just to deal with the returns we got and we were extremely limited with the amount we could have. Of course they wanted to sell in their own store, makes complete sense, but I don’t know much about 4i just know I’ve given the I all opportunities especially now that they aren’t free. Sucks to know your perfect phone is on it’s way to get it and find they sold the sizzle not the steak. It sounded incredible and the only incredible thing I saw was how incredibly horrid those three phones were. I do honestly believe in Tmo and I’m an ex employee I only owe them great thanks for teaching me what world class service was, I made a lot in sales because they drill the customer is absolutely priority onewith no exceptions. If you have had anyone rude I would be shocked getting a great score ob a call listened to could get you an all expense trip to I think Maui is where they had the corporate offices and simple cash just a lot of simple cash. If you’ve had a bad experience with someone not treating you up to par simply call a manager. They are a company that wants more than anything a one and done. If we could do that you should be more than satisfied and it frees up lines for the other customers. The very most important thing I can suggest is go to the android LG/google phone I’ve tried all the five star rated phones and the electrify I used for five days out more sits in a junk drawer with fit more I think. I also loved my job with AT&T as well it’s just that inn order to get anything done you have to get a commission driven sales person to take the time but if they will they do what sales asks for. I just love Tmo, it is probably the way they treat their employees they provide everything full gym, a1/2 mile nature trail, mini golf benefits like I’ve never seen in my entire career can’t forget the climbing wall and just so much but they claim it’s all put in so we have every day the feeling they want the cust to leave a call withthat bawling of wow and they would really love to monitor a call and hear you say wow. A wow Statement was actually party of the scoring system. I know it’s been a bit and I saw AT&T starting to have problems so I got out could they possibly have caused a complete change of standard?. I still don’t know the while story I’m not sure many really do.

    • Shagman68

       You are not gonna like other carrier pricing.  I checked other carriers back when ATT seemed to be taking over, and all others were $100/mo more for the same service I currently have.

  • Frigadroid

    Funny that they would blame the iphone rather than admit that it was their own poor planning and execution that has continued to cause massive churn.
    With Humm’s record of dishonesty and misleading exaggerated statements, I personally will disregard anything he says. What it sounds like to me is another desperate attempt to rally the troops, while corporate hammers out the next sale deal.
    DT wants to put back less into tmobile than they took out, that is better than nothing but just a drop in the bucket. I also think that if humm didn’t have another deal planed he would do the honorable thing admit defeat and step down like a proper german president.
    If Cole Bradux still works for tmobile he should at least have his assistant apologize to each complaint on this blog and pledge to do better. Such is common practice for businesses who care about their costumers. He should also remind representatives that as company spokesman he only should speak on tmobiles behalf. Regardless if it is a user error all costumers should be treated with respect and sincerity & anyone who has a problem with that should ask to be transfered.

    • 123

      Agreed. That was a well thought out post. A rarity in these parts of the woods. 

    • Th3problem17

      transferred where ?

  • Wilma Flintstone

    Good.  Now I can finally get some phones that I want and not worry if they’ll work on Tmo’s 3G.  I was tired of nearly every phone that I’m interested in, going to AT&T.  Good move Tmo, now the wait for 2013.

  • Britishcads

    I just wanted to say I just ayear ago was working for at&t. I did work for Tmo five years previous. I’m not at all in any way upset with either company, I’ve had great service with boy except this one poutspoken your having they are sending a new sim for something and I my phone if very new I just paid my first bill since I worked for them. I have the G2X, and you can get other phones I.just came back to the G2 I hated the moto electrify. Just a big hassel with hooking it to the computer and reload only moto sw, it if also know for internet issue once flashed omb the computer, basically a crap shoot. The problem I have with AT&T kills me to say this I still golf with the old boss. You cant do much of anything at any of the non corporate stores, and they are known for outsourcing everything but customer service through telephone. I highly recommend before switching that you know for sure that you have a corporate store close. My stores were actually Small World Wireless out based in Salem NH. My stores were however inn the chelmsford mass area. I could even give you a sim card without $25, I learned things at Tmo that were absolutely infallible. I would go further than others and call cust care to get you a credit for the sin but money still needed to be spent period. Tmo really had the most incredible training and on average about 50% from each class would make it. The JD pet awards are talked about all year and they work very hard to get especially the customer service excellence award. And every call center for a periods through out the year they wanted us to shoot for it and take it personal. I know that not everyone cares and no training at all will ever help then do sure you get unpleasant agents but on a whole we were told that you are no different than well Paris Hilton comes to mind because she lost her phone and compromised her contacts, but she did not get an ounce more than I would have given to you, and of course out was never really her. My training to run give stores

  • Britishcads

    Ant way sorry hit the wrong button my training with AT&T was created by corporate because I had five retail locations instead of the normal of two. The training was one week and it was really joking with my boss which inn not saying isn’t cool, but I used what I had learned from Tmo which was well over a month of training well over. They have admitted the whole AT&T thing a huge mistake and it would set you back. I know a lot can happen in a year but what is the deal with the IPhone. I still have nightmares about every version they came out with. Do bad inn fact I did the samsung galaxy pad because of that damn IPhone. I left T mo when I got ann AT&T employee phone but face it they are both gsm and free everything. I did go back though when I moved you shouldn’t be giving bad service and if you do I know fir a fact the previous ceo was very much involved and would spend a lot of time fixing major problems. Even spent time at the centes taking calls all day.and she would do it a couple weeks a quarter. Cust serv was definitely the priority and I’d you have begun promised something from anyone you get it. Everyone is not really on the same level but they really know their reps and if your given a promise from the one that answered the phone it was as serious as a promise from the ceo. Remember 2013 is not that far away and the second you take a discount on ann att phone you are sight that phone until 2014, also double check everything sales tells you with cust care before excepting because that is all also out sourced and commission only. If you can get too a Small World in either NH,ME, or Ma i would trust them with my life, but I’m also very big on Tmo simply because it doesn’t matter I’d they know you your treated exactly the same as anyone else including their specialty que where all celebrities call and the people with very many lines. The only special treatment they get is a special customer care number, but we also took regular calls so out want even really special treatment

  • Mark

    OK…. what about those of us who DON’T live in one of the Top 100 markets?  

  • LTE doesn’t matter a ton unless they have an increased number of towers to increase their market share.  I’d think 42 Mbps HSPA+ would be adequate coming from <5 Mbps 3G.  But VoLTE would be nice to improve call quality.

  • Richardcarey@verizon.net

    T Mobiles many plans also include the activation of a cell tower only seconds to minutes away from six schools actually in backyards and without a fall zone for collapse in Manorhaven Port Washington LI… “stunningly irresponsible” said Senator