T-Mobile Announces 2012 Reinvigorated Challenger Strategy, Will Refocus Company

On the heels of T-Mobile’s fourth quarter 2012 financial earnings, T-Mobile announces a reinvigorated challenger strategy for 2012 to help move the business back on track. T-Mobile CEO Philip Humm outlined the reinvigorated challenger strategy focused on making T-Mobile’s 4G services more affordable.

In 2012 we will see T-Mobile:

  • “Aggressively” pursue the B2B market, ramp up advertising spending and work to attract new MVNO partners
  • A $4 billion investment into network modernization and LTE deployment, this marks a $1.4 billion in incremental network investment over the next two years
  • T-Mobile continue to highlight their 4G HSPA+ network covering more than 200 million people and will continue to expand it’s HSPA+ footprint along with “innovative” 4G product and service offerings

“We want to be known for delivering the best value in wireless because of the advanced technology we deliver at an affordable price,” said Philipp Humm CEO and President of T-Mobile USA. “Over the next two years, we’re prioritizing and investing in initiatives designed to get T-Mobile back to growth in the years ahead — beginning with the transformation of our network.”

T-Mobile expects to launch a broad deployment of LTE with service in the “vast majority” of the top 50 markets and 20MHz service in 75 percent of the top 25 markets in 2013. More than 90% of T-Mobile’s device sales in the fourth quarter were 3G and 4G smartphones. As data usage and smartphone adoption increases, fewer customers are utilizing 2G services allowing T-Mobile to ramp up efforts to refarm the 1900MHz spectrum to deploy HSPA+ 4G services in their PCS band clearing room for AWS and LTE. A notable aspect of the T-Mobile refarming effort in the PCS band which will “harmonize” T-Mobile’s spectrum bands with the US and international markets.

Check out the full press release below for T-Mobile’s reinvigorated challenger strategy:


T-Mobile USA Announces Reinvigorated Challenger Strategy

Begins Major Network Transformation in 2012 with LTE Launch Planned for 2013

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Feb. 23, 2012 — Today, T-Mobile USA, Inc. CEO and President Philipp Humm outlined the company’s reinvigorated challenger strategy focused on making amazing 4G services affordable. T-Mobile will invest in strategic initiatives to get the business back to growth. The most significant investment is a $4 billion network modernization and 4G evolution effort, which will improve existing voice and data coverage and pave the way for long term evolution (LTE) service in 2013.1

“We want to be known for delivering the best value in wireless because of the advanced technology we deliver at an affordable price,” said Philipp Humm CEO and President of T-Mobile USA. “Over the next two years, we’re prioritizing and investing in initiatives designed to get T-Mobile back to growth in the years ahead — beginning with the transformation of our network.”

Additional investment areas core to the company’s challenger strategy include aggressively pursuing the B2B segment, expanding the sales force by 1,000; ramping up advertising spending; and attracting new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) partners with an efficient platform for getting to market. T-Mobile will also continue to remodel its retail stores and expand distribution.

T-Mobile Chief Technology Officer Neville Ray detailed the company’s network strategy, which includes installing new equipment at 37,000 cell sites and refarming spectrum to launch LTE in 2013.1 The key catalyst of refarming is the additional spectrum T-Mobile will receive as a result of the termination of the AT&T transaction. Also, other enablers are faster adoption of 3G and 4G services and improved device performance.

T-Mobile will invest a total of $4 billion over time into network modernization and LTE deployment. Over the next two years, this represents approximately $1.4 billion in incremental network investment. T-Mobile expects to reach broad deployment of LTE, with service in the vast majority of the top 50 markets and 20 MHz service in 75 percent of the top 25 markets.

“Today, we operate America’s Largest 4G Network delivering a fast and reliable 4G data experience with HSPA+,” said Neville Ray, chief technology officer, T-Mobile USA. “Launching LTE next year lets us take advantage of technology infrastructure advancements and benefit from a more mature LTE device ecosystem while continuing to meet the growing demand for data with a powerful 4G experience.”

T-Mobile expects to be the first carrier in North America to modernize its 4G network infrastructure with new antenna integrated radios on many of its cell towers, which will deliver higher performance and strengthen coverage.

More than 90 percent of T-Mobile device sales in the fourth quarter were 3G and 4G smartphones. As data usage and smartphone adoption accelerate, fewer customers are utilizing 2G services. This enables T-Mobile to refarm existing spectrum holdings, reducing the amount of 1900 MHz PCS spectrum being used for GSM; to deploy HSPA+ 4G services in the PCS band; and to make room in the AWS band for LTE. In addition to creating capacity for LTE in AWS spectrum, deploying HSPA+ in the PCS band will harmonize T-Mobile’s spectrum bands with the US market and international carriers. As the company refarms spectrum, T-Mobile will continue to support its 2G customers.

T-Mobile’s 4G HSPA+ network, which currently covers well over 200 million people, will continue to deliver a competitive 4G experience. T-Mobile will continue to expand its HSPA+ 4G footprint and its innovative 4G product and service offerings. For example, the recently announced Samsung Galaxy S®Blaze 4G, launching in March, is the newest smartphone in T-Mobile’s portfolio to support the faster speeds offered by the HSPA+ 42 network.

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  • TheJayRob

    Im very excitsd to be a Tmobile customer. It sounds like we are BA,k on tra,k with innovation. With LTE coming to Tmobile, im sure we will get some amazing phones to go with our amazing network.

    • Tmoemployee

      i think you are an employee like myself…the difference is you drink the corporate kool aid that Humm, your regional, your district, your manager and assistant manager is forcing you to drink.

      keep up the good work with cut hours and a crappy commision structure.

      • jon

        sounds like someone needs a to be put on a decision time…

        • YabbaDabbaDoo

          you think he or she needs to be put on decision time for spitting the truth? or even being realistic?

        • Alpha Bravo

          how many decision times can anyone get? because in the market the way that it is, I mean yeah I am going to decide to stay, and be bitter and hateful, while providing excellent cost serv, LOL

        • YabbaDabbaDoo

          I was just asking if he/she is saying anything false?

        • Alpha Bravo

          we know that they are right, this bull is f ing crazy, our center is so done, we are like number 37 in the nation whoot whoot, we are all bitter hateful c s r s, and not to mention the lay offs (but they so deserve it, I mean yeah I hate my job, but defraud the company, too much).

        • Jamrock

          If you guys hate it so much,Quit and go where you feel appreciated. Staying at TMOBILE with that attitude means you are officially part of the problem.

        • Alpha Bravo

          Thanks Coach, S A D

        • jon

          No worries bro. Just know when my wife calls you to HR and then packs up all your pathetic gear into a cardborad box and walks your sorry ass out the door, she really gets the last laugh…you can have the last laugh here as some annonymous, piss poor excuse of an employee.

        • Alpha Bravo

          Thats awesome, Im sure your wife enjoys this, no worries I don’t bring anything into the office but attitude, and bitterness which spreads amongst the new hires, and trust me I will be there long after I am gone, tell wifey that, 


        • riderdiechic

          So you think.  When the new hires see that you’re canned for your unethical professionalism and bad attitude.  Trust me they will not walk down the same path as you did. They will straighten up or they know they will get their pink slip next.  Tmobile don’t need you, you need them.  Do you know how many unemployed people will be glad  to take your job.  So go ahead, make someones day.  A person who needs and deserve the job more than you.

        • Alpha Bravo

          No I do my job, and well, and it shows in my stats, nothing I have ever done was unethical, It does not help that the peoplearoundme actually do not use their resources, or even ask questions. y yes I hate my job, but I Do a damn good job. My bitterness is with the staff, and the fact that people can not own up to their mistakes. The customers are not the worst part, but add to a hostile environment.You can post whatever you would like, and Yes I do hate so much, but oddly enough I am the best in my center,check it bitches. for all those that act like this was so horrible, y’all be the ones getting fired for not doing your damn jobs. SUCK A NUT

        • jon

          Holy Hell! Somebody gets it! When these “employees” speak like that here; how are they speaking to the customers?
          If you feel this way ( true or untrue) it’s time to DECIDE where YOU go from here. Get onboard or kick rocks…YOU are part of the problem.

        • riderdiechic

          I agree 200%

        • riderdiechic

          well said!!!

      • TmoNinja87

        Sheisty !!! ?!

      • TmoEmployeePA

        Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! TRUE!

      • Alpha Bravo

        what do you mean Kool-Aid, I think its more like flav a laid? Any who why complain you still have uhhhmmm, ehh, wait yeah all the incentives kinda died, I am missing the MCIP, and other things, but I am planning on taking the company down from the inside, (evil laugh), or just take another leave of absence who knows. TheJayRob keep drinking, and over look the BJ s for promotions, or the abnormal sexual exchanges to get a HEAD. 

  • Here’s what I just read: 

    Bippity boppity boo LTE blabbity blah blah Challenger wrinkle dinkle pinkle stink.

    Best of luck T-Mo, we’ve got your back!

    • Anonymous

      If I understand correctly (this article) TMO current 2g will take on hspa+
      While the current hspa+ will become lte which not only gives hspa+a much larger coverage area but virtually enables all Att phones to work on the Tmo network as well, which includes the iPhone, essentially eliminating the current need to negotiate with apple, and as a throw in will also bring lte to the table. Sounds like a win win to me. Oh and if the throttled speeds were actually real world 2g speeds then their”unlimited” would be the best deal, and and after getting lte hspa could take on that 2g role. Who knows…

  • Anonymous

    As much as i’d like to see them fold, i’m actually cheering for them on this one! 

    Just maybe they can do it, these goals and objectives aren’t far fetched.  I’m actually rooting for them!!

  • Melweb76

    This all sounds great and all, but what about the current network and towers, I have never dropped so many calls in my life the last few months, not the phone exchanged that a billion times, and I’m going to say it again get the Iphone already, that is fine if you are focusing on Android, but have it in your lineup that will help the company big time.

    • guest

      Funny that you complain about dropped calls then ask for the iPhone I’m the same breath.

      • guest

        *in the same breath.

      • Aaron Tant

        I just wish I could “like” your status several times over.

      • riderdiechic

        well said

      • Littlesis1774

         I have a windows phone and I get dropped calls

  • Phozfate

     I don’t care if they make a faster network, if I can’t get a signal it doesn’t matter. THey need to fill in dead spots in their coverage

    • Lfgonzal

      Did you read the article? It says by upgrading PCS to 3G/4G will strength the coverage, basically the PCS band is better than AWS since has more coverage and more in building service.

  • Tmo_employee

    creating a 3g band that is compatible with iphone will stop alot of our iphone users from leaving. it will also bring back all the customers who left for the iphone and cant afford there bill!

    • Spooln3

      Or how about we get a new iPhone that is 4g capable and be the first to market with it? Bet that will bring in some business eh?

      • Vim

        You’re dreaming.  Even if Apple were willing to sell a carrier that kind of exclusive, T-Mobile wouldn’t be able to afford the billions required to get it. Only Verizon and AT&T have the billions in cash that Apple would demand for that kind of exclusive.

        • Spooln3

          what a good dream to have tho. :)

  • Drazyw

    How about some decent phones?  They have one.  The Galaxy SII.  Nothing on the horizon either. Galaxy S Blaze looks to be an undersized, boring rehash still stuck on gingerbread. They have the worst phone lineup out of the top 4 carriers.

    • Anonymous

      The Amaze is cool, heavy – heavier than I like – but still a pretty nice phone. The Ville is coming as well. The LG Optimus 4x might join them. Mobile World Congress is next week.

      • Lupon

        Nooooo. Anything but LG. They dropped the ball on the G2x.

    • My girl has the SGS2 and she hates it…she spends most of the time charging it because the battery stinks and the phone lags like no other…smh I wish they would get some decent WP7 devices…tmobile has no variety at all.

      • Spooln3

        You should tell your girlfriend to stop syncing her phone to all these social media sites, email, bluetooth, GPS, and playing words with Friends for hours on end. The battery isnt going to last all day with crap like that running all the time.

        •  well buddy I gotta call BS on that because shes not linked to all these social networks and  even if she was isn’t that what a “Smart Phone” is for?….why the hell did she pay $300 for a “Smart Phone” if you can’t use it the way you want. I use my DEll Venue Pro ALL DAY doing all the social media and GPS (I travel alot) and my battery last all day and then some…so don’t give me that BS…

        • Th3problem17

          really windows phones are a preference your girlfriend has issues theres nothing wrong with s2 hence it’s reviews from professional people and tmobile customers check the site not one person mentions lagging.

        • Spooln3

          cool story bro, but I will see your hand and raise you a BS Flag. 

  • Cashman

    All this has no meaning until they actually start acting on it. T-Mobile has been great in the past 12 months when it comes to word play and false promises, I called in yesterday and had a horrible experience and all i was trying to do was figure out how to stop these random messaging services from charging me $10 a month.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry to hear about your bad customer service  experience. We are working on that. And to answer your first question, we have already started installing radios that are LTE compatible.

      • Phozfate

        is that why when you flash a skyrocket modem on a t989 you can see ATT LTE towers?

        • Anonymous

          I really don’t know. I wasn’t aware that the T989 was compatible with LTE.

        • It’s not. As far as I know, the LTE antenna structure isn’t included in the T989. Other than the antenna structure, the T989 is identical to the i727 (Skyrocket). There’s even an LTE modem. I’m not sure how it can even detect AT&T LTE. It’d be able to detect AT&T HSPA though.

    • Vim

      Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I called in yesterday to activate a new SIM and had to sit through a pair of sales pitches for things I didn’t need that would have increased my monthly bill.  When I told her no, the customer service rep was nice enough to thank me for listening to the the whole thing.  Honestly, if I hadn’t read here multiple times that her job depended on her making those pitches, I’d probably have abruptly cut her off.  As it is, I kind of feel bad for her, annoying customers and knowing it, but having no choice in the matter if she wants to keep her job. 

  • Anonymous

    Finally. Looks good. Now you must invest in more towers for a wider range of coverage…. And what’s with the 20mhz.. What runs on 20 mhz. A heart monitor??

    • It’s 20MHz worth of coverage, not in the 20MHz band.

    • Blank21

       its not the actual 20mhz frequency but the span within the spectrum. currently some markets only have 5 to 10.

  • James

    Just what I wanted to hear!
    I hope those 37000 towers being upgraded include those still running gprs. That is pretty bad for 2012.
    Very nice to see them mention lte too!
    Overall very excited to be a tmobile customer!

    • Anonymous

      Maybe I read too much into it but if they’re re-farming 1900Mhz they’re removing 2G/GPRS to make way for 3G HSPA+/4G LTE

      • Lfgonzal

        Thats what it sounded like and if i am correct the PCS band has more in building coverage so it would make sense to move 3G/4G and every att phone will work in the network too…

  • Jeremy5879

    Upgrading current locations is great and all but how about expanding the network to new locations!!??  TMO has virtually no coverage at all in WV!

    • Bruce Banner

      If that’s the case why are you a tmobile customer? It makes no sense to join a carrier that doesn’t service your area.

      • Jeremy5879

        First of all it makes no sense for a “nationwide carrier” to not have service nationwide.  Second how do you know I wasn’t already a customer and moved here?

  • How about aggresively persuing some better Windows Phone devices?

    • Matthew James


      •  Because not everyone is drinking the Android Kool-Aid…People need choices and Tmobile has none…

        • Bruce Banner

          People do have choices. If tmobile doesn’t have what you want you can always find a carrier that does.

        • Yup and i will jump to AT&T as soon as the Nokia LUmia 900 comes out…My thing is you should give people choices on low and high end android and windows phones…say what you want about AT&T but if TMobile had half the hardware options that AT&T has they wouldn’t be holding on for dear life. Just my 2cents

      • Guest

         Cause it outperforms the iphone and android in real-world usage.


      • Anonymous

        To be honest, WinMo is a much better long term bet than android for “budget” smart phones. Low end android phones have ridiculous hardware failure rates, and run like absolute sludge. They are awful for the customer and the carrier both, since they cost a small fortune in warranty replacements.
        Don’t get me wrong, I have no real love for WinMo and it’s rocking 1.5% market share but I think it’s a better bet for the average budget-minded consumer than 75% of android phones out there.

  • ReallyReallyAgain

    Anyone cheering on T-Mobile are hopeless fools. I was once a customer of magenta and when I came on board back in ’07, tmobile had well over 35 millions customers. Service was decent but customer service was awesome and so was the price. Quarter after quarter they keep loosing customers. It’s sad to see that imbecile CEO Philipp Humm blames his losses solely on the fact they don’t carry the iPhone on their lineup. How about your discouraging customer service? Or the choppy network you dare call the largest 4g? Not to mention your rate plans that require someone with an IQ higher than a monkey to understand but your average customer doesn’t even have that. Never heard of K.I.S.S? Probably not. I guess Robert Dotson saw the light before anyone else could. Assuming the iPhone comes to magenta (they better ask Santa this for Christmas), what is tmobile going to do to set them apart from the competition? They don’t have unlimited data (and anyone who believes it is a fool and should be ashamed of themselves), they don’t have the fastest (theoretical speeds of 42mbps doesn’t necessarily reflect true real speeds), they don’t have the best network (Verizon beat you to the punch), so what will tmobile have?

    • Alpha Bravo

      I got this one, Sir, T Mobile has us, the most aggressive, disrespectful, complacent agents answer the calls, no we do not want to help you, nor do we want to be bothered with the horrible tone that comes in to alerts us of an incoming call. ACW is amazing, when I say I hate my job, i really mean it, and I have been here for years, each year a bit more of me withers and dies, I mean I get so mad about this place, and not to mention I hate having 19 bosses bothering me, I feel like I am reliving the horrible opening to office space, I am not mean, but omg, these people are crazy, who gives them a right to be a holes all the time(Callers). Im stuck in a cube, with music blaring in the background, as one sr rep, is yelling to another sr rep from another pod to discuss what club “day hitting 2 nite GURRRLLLL”, as our coach takes a smoke break, talking on the phone to the dude he is cheating on his wife for, I mean I feel like this is surreal, had I known that I would have not used my masters,BA degrees I would just said f it.

      • Spooln3

        Just curious, if you are not trolling with this post, and truly do feel this way, WTF are you still there? No one is MAKING you work for T-Mobile. LEAVE. Do us all the favor and quit. Go do something that makes you happy so us customers don’t have to deal with your piss poor attitude and horrible work ethic. You have a choice, you clearly choose to continue to work there, either do something about it or shut the hell up.

        • Alpha Bravo

          LOL, Just because I HATE my job does not mean that I treat the Cust horrible, I am great with people, and have great cust relationships, believe me I do my job, and well. you will not know I truly hate you, you will think Alpha is a great agent so knowledgable, and kind. I have tried to leave believe me, my TM knows I am a top ranker and freaks out when I leave, but hell just to be clear I hate you for bothering me, you will not know I am wishing you die in during the call. 

          We do thank you for being with T-Mobile since ()
          Is there anything else I can help you with?
          If you need to review your account, that s http://www.tmobile.com
          Thanks for calling T-Mobile Mr/Mrs Spooln3

          (When I say this I am thinking ” I hope you die very soon”)

        • Anonymous

          customer service is the most draining job aside from retail.  Both occupations suck your will to live.  Those types of jobs have seriously screwed up and disadvantaged people that are their own worst enemies working.  Retail and customer service sustains the least skilled workforce, the people who have no other skills and are limited to other job types.  I felt like that in college when i worked in customer service for an insurance company, luckily i got my degree and left.  It’s not easy and is very depressing to deal with loser co-workers, and loser management and really major loser customers.  I’m sure tmo has a lot of interesting customers based on their credit requirements for activating service.  Those high risk customers are usually the most animated and likely to have criminal records as well lol.

          Alpha bravo is just venting and likely they are being honest about their work environment.  

        • Spooln3

          again, if you don’t like what you do, change, its a choice. Don’t come on some blog bashing customers and your peers/management if you are unwilling to make any changes yourself

        • Anonymous

          It’s not bashing if it’s truthful.

        • Vim

          Not so easy when you have children dependent on you and you can’t afford to quit without something else lined up, yet you’re under time pressures that make it difficult even to schedule interviews with other potential employers.  Then add in the bad economy, and the result is a lot of people willing to suffer through a lot of crap just to put food on their family’s table. 

        • Spooln3

          No, its not easy, but if you are staying in the situation out of necessety, that is your choice. No one works 7 days a week as a cust. service. rep. You have PTO time for a reason, apply for jobs, if you get an interview, take time off to attend it. This is all common sense. The economy is not as bad as people make it. There are jobs out there, and if it is a matter of education or lack there of, again, better yourself, do what you need to do to pull out of the hole. If you just sit there and bitch about it, you get no sympathy. It all comes back to choices. And don’t throw the kid card, I have a child at home full time, no involvement from the other parent, and I have managed to raise him, go to school, and climb the ranks into management. It just takes work and determination, something Alpha and others on here seem to lack as its easier to complain than it is to put in the work…

        • Vim

          Education takes time, and reduces your ability to not only interview, but also to take other jobs due to the scheduling constraints.  And kids do take time, it’s a fact, especially when they’re young.  It’s even worse when they have special needs. 

          Thankfully none of this applies to me.  I don’t even work for T-Mobile. I just have sympathy for those who do.  I do agree with you on one point however.  Those who hate their jobs should leave as soon as they can line something else up.  We spend a lot of our lives at work.  Most people spend more of their awake time at work then they do with their spouses.  That’s too big of a chunk of your life to spend working under management you despise for any extended period of time.  Otherwise you will only grow more and more bitter. 

        • riderdiechic

          Well Said Spooln3.  I agree 300%

        • ChromeCW

          For what it is worth, it has been a long time since I worked in a call center – but I imagine that Alpha Bravo is actually one of the GOOD REPS….and feels a responsibility to stay there and try and help customers because he wants the company to do well and he knows how bad the people around them are at their jobs.  I know this was the case with me….I stayed in the call center for 4 years while many people I knew jumped to other positions in 6 months and worked their way up in the company.  Eventually I had to move on and up for my own self and my sanity and have never looked back.  But I do get the idea where Alpha Bravo is coming from.

      • Chreseh Adames

        SO VERY TRUE!!!!HA

      • Alpha Bravo

        OK well looks like I am heading back to the phones, wish me luck with these horrible people please let me OOH today…

      • Kendel Jones

        Second this emotion

    • Th3problem17

      only one carrier has unlimited data dumb*** and they aren’t going to continue that when the iphone finally makes a jump from 3g plus an extra ten bucks a month, so that nullifies pretty much your whole post, and tmobile can’t afford to be that much money in the hole for customers that would want the iphone and not pay for data and yes it is a huge percentage. if you were a past customer why you are posting on here lol.

      • ReallyReallyAgain

        I’m fully aware that only one carrier offers unlimited data that was precisely my point (tmobile doesn’t). You’re one of those customers with an IQ lower than a monkey. You can’t even understand a simple statement.

      • Littlesis1774

         Actually the only carrier that has true unlimited data is Sprint. T-mobile does not have unlimited data. They will slow you down to edge after going over your data usages.  They just don’t charge you extra like AT&T and Verizon

    • Th3problem17

      only one carrier has unlimited data dumb*** and they aren’t going to continue that when the iphone finally makes a jump from 3g plus an extra ten bucks a month, so that nullifies pretty much your whole post, and tmobile can’t afford to be that much money in the hole for customers that would want the iphone and not pay for data and yes it is a huge percentage. if you were a past customer why you are posting on here lol.

  • pg

    how about getting the iPhone so you stop losing thousands of customers all because you think that you offer the “top android phones” that a lot of customers could care less about. thats why you have over 1 million customers on unlocked iPhones. imagine how many you could have if you actually offered it like all of your competitors 

    • dan

      they don’t have the power to make that decision. it is mostly apple part. if apple doesn’t want to make one for them then they won’t. its in apple hands

      • Anonymous

        Wow. So you’re actually asserting that if tmo asked apple to make a deal and threw cash down, apple would say no? That’s utterly absurd. Tmo just isn’t willing to bend over apple’s barrel yet.

    • Spooln3

      Ya because we should promise 15Billion in profit to apple like Sprint did to get that piece of crap phone. No thanks.

      • Anonymous

        yep, that same piece of crap that is somehow causing many of these problems for tmo… that same piece of crap that has been a powerful force in the mobile landscape for the past 5 years… that same piece of crap that has helped propel Apple’s stock to unimaginable heights…  that same piece of crap that is being highly adapted in enterprise in place of BB…  The same piece of crap that continues to break records for every new piece of crap released…  that same piece of crap that competes hard and makes many other oem’s struggle for market share using an alternative OS that was arguably inspired by the piece of crap you are referring to.  They clearly have amazing poop engineers and scientists at Apple making this piece of crap so appealing to people.  That Steve Jobs character was such a failure releasing this steaming pile of fecal matter it’s clear why the company he helped start is doing so poorly with all their crappy products…  If only he was more like Humm…

        TMO is clearly blaming most the loss of these customers and lack of new ones on the 4S launch: “Sequentially, the decline in branded net contract customers was driven primarily by higher branded contract deactivations as a result of the launch of the iPhone 4S by three nationwide competitors in mid-October.”Not too shabby for a piece of crap huh??  If you are blatantly going to call it a piece of crap at least give reasons instead of just talking out of your pooper.

        • Anonymous

          I can give you reasons.
          1 no quad core. The fact it runs everything smoothly doesn’t matter, give me meaningless stats or give me death.
          2 no 6.3 inch qhamoled3d display. Seriously, why purposely design your product to be usable with one hand? I love not having my phone fit in my pocket.
          3 no bloat ware, aka no freedom of choice. I understand that you want me to have a simple phone, but I NEED the tmo app mall. What if I want to pay for my gps instead of just using google maps for free?!
          4 stable operating systems are boring.
          5 consistent, well designed hardware is boring.
          6 the app market. It’s all just rebranded android stuff.

        • Vim

          T-Mobile’s current management finds the iPhone an extremely convenient scapegoat for their own mismanagement. None of T-Mobile’s problems are their fault you see, it’s all Apple’s fault for not giving them the iPhone. 

        • Andre

          you are correct iPhone helped Apple’s stock to unimaginable heights but I dont think it did the same for AT&T, Verizon or Sprint

        • Anonymous

          I’m pretty sure it’s benefited AT&T these past 5 years. My AT&T shares have done well so have my vzw shares. They’ve done ok. I’ve made out like a bandit with my apple shares, though.

        • Spooln3

          Lies, VZ’s stock hasnt gont any where since the Bell Atlantic/GTE merger. Unless you have thousands of shares and sold them at VZ’s highpoint, which was just at 45 dollars, and you got them at around the 33 mark, then you arent making out like anything.

        • If he’s got Vodafone shares, then he probably did do fairly well, Cellco Partnership (d/b/a Verizon Wireless) issued dividends to Vodafone shareholders in 2005.

      • Anonymous

        Yes, with half the subscriber base tmo should commit to the same numbers as sprint. That makes perfect sense…

      • Anonymous

        Yes, with half the subscriber base tmo should commit to the same numbers as sprint. That makes perfect sense…

        • Coincidentally, Sprint has LESS CDMA customers than T-Mobile has 3G/4G customers. So imagine the costs for T-Mobile to carry an iPhone would actually be HIGHER than Sprint.

  • Bwinfree77449

    Not sure consumers really care about those issues at this point if they were in the market for big businesses then I would see who this would impact customers. However the only thing customers see right now is over other big marker carrier have the I-phone and T-mobile don’t, start with that issue first before anything else!

  • Y2c313

    Man, will people please stop asking t-mobile to get the I-phone already!!! I won’t even touch on the fact that its overrated, but I read a article on CNN that said that Sprint will not turn a profit on the I-phone until 2015. 2015!!!! The I-phone is a heavy burden to every carrier that carries it! Look at ATT…slow, congested network! Verizon hasn’t felt it yet, but its all but guaranteed that they will eventually…ugh! Just stop already!!!!

    • Anonymous

      AT&T wasn’t ready for the iPhone and it’s data usage, so their network is bogged down. Because people are actually using it… Verizon and sprint hopefully knew a little better before their releases, but I have no doubt they will see increased traffic as well, because people will be using data. I know carriers hate data usage, it’s only one of their biggest cash cows, so more customers paying for and using it is going to be awful.
      Did CNN factor in that the cost to support an iPhone under warranty is a fraction of the other options?

      • Aaron Tant

        To clarify 
        Y2c313’s comment on the CNN article.  CNN wasn’t saying that Sprint wouldn’t turn a profit until 2015.  Sprint said it wouldn’t turn a profit until 2015.

        • Further Sprint IMPLIED that its profit would come in 2015 AFTER it finalizes its last payment for the right to carry the iPhone, factor in Network Vision costs that will lower roaming, utility usage, and naturally higher ARPU based on inflation (they will have to raise prices). The iPhone is a loyalty device, it is almost guaranteed that first time smartphone users AND upgraders from previous iPhones will stick with iPhone, thus stick with the same company. That all will help Sprint turn a profit, rather than just relying on the iPhone, which I think is what most people thought when Sprint said it would turn a profit in 2015 (the announcement was timed to make it seem the iPhone would SAVE Sprint, but it is only one of many factors of a profit for Sprint).

      • Littlesis1774

         AT&T was not prepared and either was Sprint. Sprint should have fix their data problems before getting the iphone. Verizon from what I seen and read they are having no problems. Look at their coverage maps Verizon seems to have the most coverage because my state of Michgan is bascially covered except from parts of the UP

    • Guest911

      Was Sprint turning a profit BEFORE the iPhone?

      Stick to whatever you do and not financials.

      • Vim

        The 2015 date is when Sprint hopes to break even on its $15.5 billion iphone investment.  It is independent of the fact that Sprint was losing money even before it started offering the iPhone. 

        BTW, Sprint’s loss was $300 million in Q3 of 2011, but in Q4 when Sprint started selling the iPhone the loss more than quadruled to $1.3 billion. 

        • I believe that “loss” factored in 3 major keypoints.
          1. First payments to Apple for iPhone 
          2. Network Vision deployments and purchases
          3. ClearWire funding and LightSquared payments (that failed)

          However, Sprint DID gain customers for the first time in a long time.

        • Vim

          Yes, there is more going on here than just the iPhone deal, but the debt that Sprint has taken on in order to meet Apple’s demands is going to severely impede Sprint’s ability to invest in other projects, such as its LTE transition which currently is up in the air due to the issues with LightSquared. Sprint just doesn’t have the cash to buy its way out of all its problems, and it’s rapidly burning through what little it has left even as its debt load continues to grow. 

          Yes, Sprint added customers, but mostly iPhone customers on whom Sprint will be losing money for several years to come, and Sprint’s network is already overly congested.  The more iPhone customers that pile on, the worse it’s going to get.  And I don’t see how Sprint is going to find the money to ease that congestion while keeping its existing unlimited data plans.  Something has got to give. 

    • riderdiechic

      Well Said, I agree 200%

    • AT&T is only congested because they signed an exclusive with Apple, not realizing the iPhone would be a MAJOR hit. They knew it would be big, but not THAT big. 
      Another issue for AT&T is that they upgraded their backhaul for HSPA and HSPA+ way too slowly and only in limited areas. Spectrum is an issue, but AT&T isnt factoring in that with enhanced backhaul at all HSPA sites, they could have people use their iPhone less by offering the faster speeds that HSPA+ is supposed to have. People get on, browse, get off. Rather than get on, wait and wait and wait, then get off.

    • Littlesis1774

       AT&T was already having problems before the iphone and Sprint been having slow speeds for awhile. Verizon apparently seems that can handle it.

  • Thomas Brezinski

    My god stop your complaining about the lack of an iPhone.  If tmo had to raise their rates to cover the cost of the iPhone would you be happy?  If so please go to another carrier.  There’s a lot more people that want affordable cell service then want the iPhone.  Seems to me they made the right choice.

    • Test

    • riderdiechic

      Well Said, I say the same thing on quite a few of the post..  I’m sooooooo sick of hearing folk talk about that iphone.  The galaxy II and the galaxy note is much better than the iphone.

      • T-Mobile customers who want the iPhone already HAVE the iPhone, but it runs on EDGE, unless you live in a test market with refarmed HSPA+ on PCS spectrum, then its limited 3G.

        I think T-Mobile customers want an iPhone thats COMPATIBLE with T-Mobile 3G/4G. Since T-Mobile isnt willing to pay Apple extortion fees to carry it, and T-Mobile wants to push network modernization, the best thing to do is offer current iPhone customers on T-Mobile to use their phone (and unlocked iPhone potential customers) by making 3G in PCS bands too. 

        Personally Id rather have a network capable of the phone, than have the phone capable of the network…

    • Anonymous

      They just need to be able to support the standard data frequencies that the iPhone uses.

      Then anyone who wants the iPhone can buy directly from Apple and use on T-Mobile like the rest of the world.

      • Yeah, I dont want a contract iPhone, I dont want T-Mobile to have a high price iPhone plan to satisfy the contract with Apple, let alone all that money NOT going to expanding the already fast stable network T-Mobile has….. Id rather buy my phone outright at the higher price (it holds its value longer than any other phone) and use the plan I currently have. Making all the network PCS HSPA+ compatible is a big step for iPhone lovers (I dont love it by the way, Im just saying Id own one if I wanted it that bad). So while T-Mobile doesnt NEED the iPhone (although at the right contract conditions with Apple it could help T-Mobile greatly), it does need a standardized US/International 3G/4G frequency, and its about to anyway…so half the battle is won.

      • Respawn

         Spot on!

    • Anonymous

      I hate to be as candid as I am going to be, but your comments are simply not how a business can be run. There isn’t long term growth for a company losing 800k+ customers a quarter by not offering a product that is wildly popular with consumers. My take is if you want value rates, stick to Tracfone…if you want to compete on the national level, you NEED the iPhone.

      • Vim

        Yup, T-Mobile’s execs are entirely blameless.  There has been no mismanagement whatsoever.  Customer Service has not deteriorated.  T-Mobile’s network coverage is perfect. T-Mobile did everything they reasonably could to keep its existing post-paid customers  in the past year when other carriers offered them all sorts of great deals to pull them away.  It’s all Apple’s fault.  If T-Mobile just had the iPhone everything would be magically better…  LOL! 

        That is some mighty potent manure that’s being shoveled by Corporate HQ. 

        • Anonymous

          I did not saying leadership is blameless. Customer Service had its issues even when we were winning JDP (including the operations costing far too much money). Now they set up policy in place where reps are already at a huge disadvantage. T-Mobile network coverage is a HUGE problem too and is a huge reason they’re leaving. I wouldn’t dispute either one.

          I would challenge you to not be so blind as to the effect Apple has on the wireless industry. Look at how many iPhone 4S’ sold and it wasn’t even a full upgrade. If you want to maintain long term growth, consumers need to have THE OPTION to select the iPhone (and I assure you they will). Also, Sprint was losing the customers before the iPhone and then all of a sudden they gain customers. You lose a bit at the start, but customers are likely to be retained if you as a company offer the PRODUCTS they want. You can get service anywhere.

          Listen, T-Mobile isn’t offering anything that is vastly superior to make up for the lack of an iPhone. Somebody mentioned “Oh, if you don’t like it then leave.” Well, 800,000 folks chose to leave. That isn’t good business.

        • Kalel

           800,000 didn’t leave for the Iphone.  The only way I see T-mobile getting the Iphone is for Value customers, where they have to buy the phone at full price.   T-mobile makes an average of $33 per customer per year and having to subsidize the Iphone an $200 over what they can over an Android means they lose money.  The problem isn’t the Iphone itself, it’s that AT&T has already shown that the Iphone does not increase profit over the long term.  Verizon and Sprint just show the immediate damage it does. 

          The carriers should put their foot down with Apple and tell them they’ll subsidize the Iphone the same as the top end Android phones.  You’d see $350 Iphones at full subsidy but you wouldn’t see the damage done to profits just to keep the money flowing into Apple.

        • Anonymous

          Bro, carriers aren’t in a position to negotiate on iPhone conditions. The iPhone is the #1 seller on AT&T, Verizon and Sprint. Consumers demand and expect it. Apple products are extremely desirable to consumers. It may not be lucrative for the providers, but it is definitely a reason why folks will churn. 

          Listen, if T-Mobile mentioned it SEVEN times in their conference call; I assure you it was the #1 reason why folks left T-Mobile.

        • Loueradun

           800,000 customers did not leave because of the iPhone, they left because
          they were worried that T-Mobile was going to fall apart after the
          AT&T merger died.  This in combination with their declining customer
          service and their newer more confusing value plans.

          If having an iPhone was such a big deal, then these customers would have
          bought the iPhone outright and switched into a value plan…  The fact
          that they didn’t means that they switched for other reasons.  It doesn’t take a genius to figure this out.

          T-Mobile has plenty of great phones, just none with an Apple logo on them.  Doesn’t mean you can’t buy one and use it on their network…  Grow up and don’t believe everything you read on Fox News.

          Original article here:

          Interesting that it was renamed since this morning, I guess Fox even realized their story was a far stretch from the truth.
          Title this morning:
          No iPhone 4S prompts 500000 subscribers to quit T-Mobile
          Title now:
          T-Mobile USA to make data network work with iPhone

        • Vim

          I never said that Apple doesn’t have an effect on the wireless industry.  The only thing that is blind is saying (or heavily implying) that T-Mobile lost 800,000 customers because they didn’t have the iPhone.  It certainly was responsible for some of that, but it wasn’t the sole, or even the primary reason for it, no matter how convenient it may be for some to say that it is.   Spotty network coverage has always been T-Mobile’s -biggest- problem, and the more recent high pressure sales tactics of the sales reps doesn’t make long term customers feel warm and fuzzy about sticking around.  The lack of Marque handsets like the iPhone and Galaxy Nexus during the Christmas season along with a lack of deals for existing legacy customers, especially when the other 3 carriers were offering big promotions on their plans and giving away all their best non-iphone handsets on Amazon for a penny had an effect too. In summation there were a number of reasons for the loss of 800,000 customers, of which lack of the iPhone was just one.

          The iPhone deal placed Sprint under a serious debt burden.  Sprint will have no choice but to raise prices in the coming year to survive.  Those price increases will make Sprint less competitive and may well drive non-iPhone customers to T-Mobile. 

        • Vim

          Whoops, I meant to say, “the more recent high pressure sales tactics of the —-customer service—- reps doesn’t make long term customers feel warm and fuzzy about sticking around.”

        • Anonymous

          Regardless of what they do at this point, their marketing, coverage, and device line up all works against them.. They are just treading water until they actually get better customers that actually pay bills, get more coverage and better tech ( they kind of are now so i’ll give them credit on that one), and get better device or something unique to them like droid did on vzw or even the iPhone with some special network feature like unlimited something or another.  Lastly, they need to stop being value brand once they fix themselves.  The bigger guys have more customers and make more per customer, so what does that say about tmobile having less customers and earning less per customer.  They need help!

  • *yawns* Same old talk T-Mobile. 

    • Guest


  • Bwinfree77449

    For those that believe that iPhone is not the issue I recommend you look at the trends and read this article:

  • Ryan

    So, will this mean anything for areas that only have 2G T-Mobile service?  Will they just drop 2G and convert it to 3G/4G HSPA+?

    Also, any word on if they still plan to expand their footprint?  Before the merger talks there were slides of T-Mobiles plans (shown here on tmonews) to expand 3G coverge out from the urban areas.

  • Rykinn

    Humm 10/01/12 “In no rush for LTE” 
    Humm 23/02/12 “LTE soon!!1one”
    Consistency is definitely his strong suit. I, for one, trust everything he says. 
    I have a fun experiment to kick around. Let’s make an inanimate object tmo’s CEO for a year and see if it can do better. (I would love to see a lamp in this position. I’m also betting it could)

  • Mgt2014

    Tmo needs areason for people to come to their company and sign a 2 year contract. For example, ATT, Iphone exclusivity. Yes even though it over the people who bought the first one upgraded to the next and were stuck for another two years and the next, another two years. those customers arent going any where. its like a hampster on a wheel. Sprint, EVO. At the time the evo was the android to beat. You couldnt even find it on shelves. I know people who wanted that phone so bad that even broke their contract just to go get it. Verizon DROID. Like it or not the DROID line up made android what it is today, and people would sign up with verizon just to say they had a DROID, and i wont name them all but most of them were hot sellers and very successful. My point is, TMOBILE HAS NOTHING UNIQUE TO OFFER YOU CANT GET SOME WHERE ELSE. GS2 you can buy it on any carrier. even us cellular for crying out loud. Tmo doent need the iphone the need “the next big thing”. And the G series died with the G2X. GS3 exclusivity would be perfect but thats not gonna happen.

    • Vim

      I agree with you there.  T-Mobile really bungled the G line.  They need a high end Marquis brand name like”Droid”  is for Verizon and the “Evo” is for Sprint.  The MyTouch doesn’t count.  It’s not only a questionable choice of a name, but has also been diluted by lots of low-end smartphones that worn its brand.  Nobody is going to switch to T-Mobile for a “MyTouch”. 

      • Rashisiders

        T-Mobile does have something called reasonable prices though.:) I’ll take that any day.

        • Vim

          On a personal level I totally agree with you.  My comment was from the big picture perspective.  There is a slice of the population that wants the excitement of owning the best thing out there.  Verizon (via the Droid, and now the Galaxy Nexus), Sprint (via the EVO), and AT&T (as a proxy for Apple) all have that.  The Galaxy S2 is great, but it’s not unique to T-Mobile, and it’s still not a Galaxy Nexus…. 

        • Bratty

          This is not a critique of your statement but if low prices meant that much to people, you would not have churn. I talk to people who pay more for Verizon and they look at me and say “why are you with TMo, they suck”. When you discuss prices, they say “but they dont have coverage”.

          People pay for value and value is not solely determined by prices.

        • Anonymous

          Being value brand doesn’t make them loved by the general populous.  If this really was as important as they make it out to be than they’d be much more successful right now and not losing customers to something that promotes a polar opposite mentality (i.e iphone on a much more costly network like vzw or at&t).

          If anything they should have learned is that being value brand doesn’t bring in profits.  Just look at why the other carriers are doing so much better and maintaining their massiveness partly at t mobiles expense. Consumers will spend if they see it’s worth it, clearly this has been achieved on the two more expensive carriers. So then, what is t-mobile doing wrong? or should i say what aren’t they doing that the other guys are doing aside from iPhone.

        • k-mack

          Do you know how much money Sprint is losing on the iPhone deal they struck?  It is obvious that the only differentiator is the iPhone.  No one can deny the iPhone phenomenon.  Sprint couldn’t compete against the iPhone, no one can, and that is why they are paying the price for it now.  If that phone works on Tmobile’s fast network, I could easily see them stealing back those customers.  The value plans do matter.

        • Anonymous

          Well of course they matter, i never said they didn’t.  They just don’t bring in the bacon and that’s almost fact.  Besides most of those customers are locked and are sticky to those networks now.  It’s a pure uphill battle.

        • riderdiechic

          Me too because I use my laptop at home.  I don’t need a computer on my phone.  Well said Rashisiders!!!

      • BigMixxx

        I’ve never been a fan of the name MyTough.  G was cool…and they killed it…

    • Liom

      AMEN….. Thank for saying something 100% true like for real tmobile needs to get phones that would get our attention!!!

    • Anonymous

      They did it to themselves, they want to be so value brand… well that’s what you get!!  

    • BigMixxx

      G series died, because of the switch in manufacturers.  LG shotty job at building an properly matched OS with the device killed it for the end user.  

      You are right, however, t mobile needs the right exclusive or a lineup that matches the rest of the others to stay competitive.  Exclusive they have (amaze, sensation) albeit same phone on a different network (Rezound).  

      only hing that is really attractive right now, and to what they admitted is the iPhone.  They have the right model for the iphone subsidy (consumer picks it up, tmobile would be out of 99 to 199 dollars).  

      I’m waiting for that weekend.  T mobile, iPhone , free with MIR.  Customers will litterally flock to T mobile….Noting to explain, Buy your iphone here, send in your MIR, T mobile will give it back, welcome to T mobile flat costs….

  • Vim

    The iPhone is -a- factor, not -the- factor.  There are plenty of other articles that point out how after landing the iPhone, profits have dropped at Verizon, plummeted at AT&T, and fallen into the toilet at Sprint.  The iPhone is very much a mixed blessing for the carriers that have it.
    T-Mobile’s corporate HQ finds it convenient to blame the iPhone because then T-Mobile’s problems no longer look like their fault.  They can just blame Apple for not producing an AWS iPhone.  Lots of people love the iPhone.  Lots of T-Mobile customers want the iPhone.  Therefore the press runs with the story.  But as any beginner logician will tell you, correlation is not equal to causation, and there is a lot more to T-Mobile’s subscriber losses than just iPhone lust. 

    • Bwinfree77449

      I understand what you are saying but you have to understand that we live in a very competitive market….. and from what I hear outside of corporate offices is t-moble phone line-up is they strip down all their phones so the public feel if you cant really bring in a dominant device to truly compete then just get the iphone which sells itself. Please also consider with the unsuccessful purchase from At&t tmobile have a few dollars to strengthen 4g coverage’s. I don’t see how dropping 15 android devices and a blackberry and a windows phone is a aggressive approach to reeling in customer and pleasing the current ones you already have while ranking last in the carrier market. 


     Don’t forget about about being pushed to ad 5gb web to customers with GS170s. LOL I work in retail and there is soooo much dumb shit we have to do. We have to do right fit guides, wtffff, I know how to do my job. The district managers have no idea what they are talking about and I’m sick of seeing my manager constantly stressed over nothing!! They need to go back to the old days where T-Mobile’s motto was “Best place to work at”.

  • Dennis Fletcher

    This is NOT pointing towards T-Mobile having the iPhone. That device is costing companies precious profit which doesnt mean anything if you are gaining customers. Share doesnt put money in your pockets. Money in your pockets puts money in your pockets…
    What this will do is take the 1 million plus iphone users currently on the network and provide them with a better experience than past bumping them from edge to LTE. This will also in effect launch a campaign from T-Mobile soliciting “go ahead, bring your iPhone, it is now welcomed here…” thus generating a TON of revenue, share and profit without suffering the loss of revenue from COGS…
    Bravo T-MO!

    •  “Go ahead, bring your iPhone, it is now welcomed here…” is a GENIUS idea.

      • Anonymous

        I think it’s always been welcomed by t-mobile LOL.  It’s Apple who didn’t want to stop by.  Apple probably said they had better things to do like try to count all of their $100  billion.

    • Anonymous

      I figured most of those customers probably churned a long time ago and went to another carrier, that’s proabably what helped that flexpay non-sense run rampant the network a few years ago with the crappy non bill payers that plague tmo.

    • Gwapo

      I agree with you… once Iphone can acces the 3G network…More Iphone users will switch to Tmobile. My wife and I have Iphone 4$ and 3GS and once we can access the 3G, I will get unlimited data on both our Iphones. Right now I only have $5 200MB in my Iphone 4$ and nothing in my wife’s 3GS.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not hard to see what they need to do.. I mean losing the Nexus line to VZW was a big mistake since they had nothing during the whole holiday season.  While everyone was coming out with new iphones, razrs, droids, T-mo had already outed everything they had by Sept. Add that to crappy value plans and customer service that they try to shove down your throat and it’s no surprise. 

    T-mobile needs to get manufacturers to carry more pentaband phones so that they will work with Tmo’s stupid 1700/2100.  At least AT&T customers can use most Intl phones with their 3G GSM service.

    • Anonymous

      I couldnt agree with you anymore!!!

  • Mark

     I’d like to see a more honest version of that first slide, differentiating 2G, 3G and 4G (and HSPA+ v. LTE) on that second map.

    • Ryan

      I’d be happy with expanded T-Mobile coverage.  Areas where I’m at frequently have no T-Mobile signal at all, or if they do, are GRPS or EDGE only.

  • Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility and Sprint Nextel… Beware, because T-Mobile USA isn’t going anywhere. LET THE COMPETITION THRIVE!!!

    • Anonymous

      Sadly, you are probably right, they aren’t going anywhere for they are probably staying in the number four spot where they have been for so long :-(

      •  Not really, the wireless industry is going to change now with LTE. LTE requires sim cards. People can now BRING their old phones to new carriers if they unlock it. This is an advantage for T-Mobile. Any angry customer with another carrier can EASILY go to T-Mobile.

        LTE will change the rules, because all four major carriers will be on the same technology and there WILL be real competition. And with T-Mobile being a low priced carrier they have a chance at getting out of the number four spot.

        • Anonymous

          They can be competiitve all they want, they still won’t make as much money being value brand.  Even if they get the iphone 4 or iphone 4s, it doesn’t mean that it’ll work well with the chunk of 1900 they have, would it be enough?? From what i understand it’s not a large chunk.  Also if iphone comes on the network and does well they will have to upgrade back-haul significantly.  

          LTE won’t change the rules or the dynamic.  T-Mobile is still likely going to do things the way they do them now which is ambitious but not to heavy on the delivery.

          As many have said in the past, the iPhone isn’t enough by itself to save t-mobile, it’s just going to be a band aid that stays on long enough for the wound to heal.  The damage has been done and has been happening for 5 years already.

          This high risk customer base of theirs is absolutely no help either, and regardless they are still at a spectral disadvantage any way you look at it.  They other guys have more and have more buying power to get more.  That is the best way to drown your competitor.

        • GuestOnTMobileNews

           Who is this Gouv character. I like everything he has said.

          He appears the only one in here in this story and others to be thinking clearly.

          Come on people, P. Humm has had a long time to prepare today’s comments in response to these horrible numbers (no matter what one say, losing 800,000 postpaid contract customers in three months, and maybe 1,500,000 (?) in 2011, isn’t that some sort of record. Please note: I do not know what the losses of customers is for 2011.

          A few people in here have said, talk is cheap. I agree. P. Humm, he like some politicians running for U.S. president, talks out of both sides of his mouth.

          Does not matter because P. Humm and his bosses at DT are in between a rock and a hard place.

          The rock – the U.S. division is losing value every quarter.

          The hard place – It takes money to make money. To get anything over $15B for the company, DT has to take steps to increase, maintain, or save value. How does DT do that without negatively affecting value.

          Look at Sprint to understand this concept. While it can proudly say it has the iPhone and sales have been good, it cost Sprint something like $15 billion in guarantees to get the iPhone. ($15B ! That’s as much as DT probably hopes to get for selling its entire US division.)

          It appears that P. Humm and others are trying to affect value on the cheap, by simply talking. They are the definition of that old saying, talk is cheap. I will be very shocked if DT invests any money from DT into what it considers a losing proposition, its US wireless investment.

          So I think P. Humm is simply sales talking, trying to prop up T-Mobile value to prospective suitors.

          And does anyone else find it most revealing when reporters asked P. Humm if DT was looking to still sell the US operation and he said that “there were open to all options.”

        • pinto

          except there is one problem, att LTE will prob be different than TMO’s LTE and so on. we know that ATT LTE phones cant work on verizon. Verizon uses CDMA for voice, and LTE for data. ATT uses GSM tech for voice and HSPA+ and LTE for data today. but we will know in the future if a TMO LTE device will work on ATT. thats the issue.

        • Anonymous

          hmmm…. How is that a problem?? I’m pretty sure AT&T LTE will depend on 700mhz not 1700/2100

        • pinto

          however tmobile plans to use 1700 for their LTE services. everyone else is going 700mhz. verizon, sprint, att. thats the underlieing issue. however with refarming 1900, they an support all international phones, providing you live in a area that is refarmed. its a win win situation.

        • pinto

          meaning a tmobile LTE phone cant work on att, and an att LTE phone cant work on tmobile.

        • Anonymous

          LTE Phones have all bands built in because regional carriers like Metro PCS are running LTE on 1700/2100. No worries with that. 

        • Peacecorpssteve

          First let’s make a few basics clear….. While there is money to be made in pre-paid service, no carrier (or its shareholders), can rely on pre-paid customers as their primary source of revenue….. because pre-paid customers are just that…. “pre-paid”. There’s no contractural obligation for them to stay with just a single carrier over the long term.
          Secondly, I’m a post-paid (under contract), T-Mobile customer who has a 5-line family plan. I’ve been with T-Mobile for 8-years, and I have NO plans to leave them in the future. iPhone? You MUST be kidding! Any intelligent, free-thinking person I know would NEVER give their money to Apple. Let the stupid white trash iPhone people leave T-Mobile forever and stop clogging up our network!

        • Anonymous

          It shouldn’t even be an issue nor should they have ever had to do any thing like reform. Its not truly win win they are still at a competitive disadvantage.

  • Anonymous

    I have tears of joy as I can now experience T-Mobile’s 3G speeds on my iPhone.

    • Gwapo

      me 2!!!! YEAH!!!!!!

    • Crewwp

      Yes but when??

      • Anonymous

        I’ve waited 3 years. One more wont hurt.

  • Vim

    LOL! I don’t have any faith in anything Humm says either.  And I love his attempt to pass all the blame onto the iPhone. 

    • Anonymous

      yeah, iPhone is definitely a problem for them but you cant single-handedly blame almost 3/4 of a million customers leaving to one device, you just can’t.  Even if it was that case, there is still something that is making them want to leave so easily at this point since iphone has been out for this long now.  There is definitely more to the story than is being told.

  • Anonymous

    What’s a “right fit guide?” and why does T-mobile make you use one? is that for customers?

    • Jimbob

      a “right fit guide” is a sheet of paper of qualifying questions  to get the customer into the correct rate plan, the correct device and the correct features.  upper management thinks that this “right fit guide” is the key to lowering churn.  in my honest opinion it doesn’t work!! if you are thorough and consistant like all of my stores reps, than management backs off with using these “guides”

      also, t-mobile has this knack of hiring “kids” that last held a Mcdonald’s or Burger King job of “order taking” with no sales experience what so ever. that is the main reason of this “right fit guide” it has all the questions you need to complete the sale…dummy proof!!!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the info, but that definitely sounds unfortunate. How do they know if you follow these things, and does it matter of the customer buys something or signs up for something?

  • Elk

    Team Together, Team Apart right? You should be ashamed of yourself for spreading bad press (untrue at that) about your employer. I hope you are fired, attitudes like yours are unnecessary, and cannot help in our turn around. I hope you lose your job as a result of your posting things like this

  • T-Mobile needs to invest in some back haul facilities also.  My Amaze 4G is always reporting I have a full 4G signal, then gives me blazing 70 Kbps down speed.

  • Countryboy

    I am a sales rep in a store, i live with a person that works at Verizon Wireless and another with AT&T

    ive said this once before and ill say it again.T-MOBILE IS AN OVER GLORIFIED PRE PAID CARRIERwe cannot compete with the big boys but we can beat up on Metro PCS and other pre paid carrierswe cater to the hispanic and low rent poor trash customers….you dont see these customers at Verizon or At&t!!

    my friends tell me that they never, and i mean never get deposit customers, every 3 out of 5 customers have to pay a deposit with me.

    this company is going downhill fast…nothing will keep this company afloat, not even the iphone

    • Clos343

      Countryboy…one of the main issues, if not THE biggest issue is with sales reps like you that don’t take pride in their work. T-Mobile has such a high churn rate cuz customers get treated badly by reps that think they are above their consumers. As for your argument on class, yes at&t and Verizon have more money, but they had their roots imbedded in more services then just wireless. T-mobile is more than just a glorified pre-paid company, it has shown more innovative products and thanks to its position has always been able to take risks other companies would never have done but now thrive off of. And I disagree with Rantrantrant that we the consumer are the problem because we put money into this company. Since when has that been a problem for any company? The fact is 5 years ago nobody could have foresaw what the wireless world would be today. Or how valuable spectrum was gonna be. With the rise of the iPhone and Android people are moving to these newer technologies like never before.(we Still have dvd-that’s like having a Motorola razr..the FLIP 1) so that means the companies that are striving now are the ones that were thriving then. The ones with the most capitol and thus more inept to change quicker to growing demand. Last, as far as your comment on who t-mobile caters to..I say go back to your mayonnaise sandwiches at the trailer park. We don’t want you and we don’t need you. God bless America.

      • Robl

        no!! one of the main reasons customers are experiencing piss poor service and reps have piss poor additudes is this company hires part time reps only and the managers want the reps to bleed magenta when they only have 20 hours per week….than when a rep decides to finish school or have to get another job to pay bills the manager gives them shit…

      • Hannah

        I think youre completely right.  Plus, Tmo doesnt just “squash” smaller pre-paid companies, they actually team up with many of them.  TracFone just announced HSPA+ 4G phones running on Tmo network.  Im sure much of the reason that deal could be made is because of Tmo’s refarming efforts.  Another thing TracFone just came out with is an “unlocked SIM” that allows for roaming on Tmo & ATT.  With the right phone in your hands you could be paying $45/mo for unlimited everything running on two overlapping nation-wide networks!  I wonder if MVNO and B2B really are the future of mobile while they will just make agreements like that one with TracFone for traditional services.  

    • News flash you’re a freak’n cell phone sale rep… with the amount of money you make at you sale job you wouldn’t be able to afford a verizon or at&t plan without the discount. Stop acting like you have a high power / paid job.. you’re just one step up from a cashier.

      There is nothing wrong with anyone having to pay a deposit as long as they can pay it, it should be of no concern to you.

  • Rantrantrant

    i’ve grabbed so many of T-Mobile’s imaginary brass rings that it’s finally dawned on me that there just that, they’re completely imaginary.  The only thing that’s real is me and the fact that day in and day out for almost six years I have proved to everybody in the world that I am the best in this store, in the market, and maybe even in the country!  Nobody can touch me!
    And yet no matter how many times I prove it, I’m not on heard, none of us “front line” employees are ever heard
    Oh hey, let me get something straight.  Those of you who are cheering me right now, you are just as big a part of me ranting about this company.  
    The reason this company is failing is because of you…the customer,  you’re still going to pour money into this company.  I’m just a spoke on the wheel, the wheel is going to keep turning and I understand that.  Phillip Humm is going to make money in spite himself.  He’s a millionaire who should be a billionaire, you know why he’s not a billionaire? Because he surrounds himself with glad-handed, nonsensical, douchebag ‘yes men’  who’s going to tell him everything he wants to hear, and I’d like to think that maybe this company will better after Phil is gone!!, but the fact is it’s going to be taken over by some other idiotic German
    Let me tell you a personal story about Phil….

  • Jarrod

    If they are using 20mhz why is the maximum speed 72mbps? In the UK O2 says they can get 150mbps on the same amount.

  • Jlo

    treat your front line sales reps with a little more respect…stop hiring part time and pay us to be full time!!!

  • Paul Kazakov

    typo: HSPA+ 42 network = HSPA+ 4G network

    subscribed customers – is thing of the past. Tmobile can win this by making switch to pre-paid for iphone/samsung/htc  owners easier by having compatible network, SIM and sales people ready to help.

  • K Bolender1981

    How can they advertise for “unlimited ” plans when they cap 4g off at 2 gigs??? I spent half the month with sub par service. Never again! Verizon for me!!!