(Contest Over!) Your Chance To Win A Seidio Active T-Mobile Galaxy S II Case From TmoNews!

Update: We’ve finished the contest and closed out the comments. I’ll have the winners announced on Monday!

Thanks to our great friends at Seidio, we’re hooking you guys up with 10 Galaxy S II Active cases. That’s right, we’ve got 10…TEN. You can win them in any color you want… so long as they are purple and black. So how do you win you ask? Well, that’s a fine question. After long and thoughtful consideration, we’re just going to pick random comments…that tell me why your Galaxy S II is your favorite phone ever! That’s right, I want to hear something completely awesome…like the Galaxy S II helped you research medical aid for the elderly person who fell in front of you while you were collecting money for the homeless. Make us laugh, make us cry…just make it warm and feel good.

So here’s what you do and you shall follow these instructions explicitly if you wish to win. You should throw your comment in the comment section below, use clean and appropriate language and tell us all about your obsession with the Galaxy S II. It’s easy, straightforward and did I mention easy? Comments included from Twitter, Facebook or our Google+ pages will not be counted, all comments must be left on the blog.

The contest begins today, right now, this second, as soon as you read this all the way through midnight Friday evening. That gives you plenty of time to come up with a seriously awesome Galaxy S II story. You may enter one time and one time only and you must enter with your “real” email so we can get in touch with you. The rest of the rules and conditions are below so make sure you read them before entering. Ready, set, go.

Prize: 10 Seidio T-Mobile Galaxy S II Active Cases retail value US$34.95. Detailed information regarding prize is available via SeidioOnline.com.

Eligibility: Open to legal residents of the United States and Canada, age 18 or older. Do not participate in the Promotion if you are not physically located in the United States or Canada at time of entry.  Sweepstakes is void wherever prohibited by law.

Promotion Period: 10:00am February 20th – Midnight on February 25th, once 12:01am rolls around Saturday morning this contest is ova!

How To Play: Post an story in the comment section below that explains why you love your Galaxy S II so so so so so much.

Odds of Winning: The odds of winning are dependent on how many entries we have prior to each drawing.

Drawing Dates: On February 27th winners will be randomly selected from the comment selection by a team of judges to help determine which comments impress us the most.

Claiming Prizes And Shipping: Winners will be posted after each drawing at www.tmonews.coms.  Winners must contact us via email at david@tmonews.com within 24 hours of each drawing date and time. Prizes will be shipped within 7 days, unless supply constraints or weather delays our ability to obtain the devices for any reason. Winners are required to provide a copy of valid legal identification. along with a matching Facebook profile. Inside of the United States, the prize will be shipped via USPS ground. The winning participant(s) are responsible for providing us with the shipping address of their choice to receive the prize.

RELEASE: By entering the “Seidio Active Case for T-Mobile Galaxy S II Sweepstakes” (Promotion), participants agree, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, to release, discharge and hold harmless TmoNews their affiliates, their respective owners, and representatives from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses which may arise out of participation in Promotion or out of the acceptance, use, or misuse of prizes. No substitution or transfer of prizes or cash redemptions permitted by the winner. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute for any reason whatsoever a prize (or portion thereof) of comparable or greater value, at their sole discretion. Prize is awarded “as is” with no warranty or guarantee, either expressed or implied by the Sponsor. The Winners are responsible for the reporting and payment of all taxes (if any) as well as any other costs and expenses associated with acceptance and use of prize not specified herein as being awarded.

GENERAL RULES AND REGULATIONS: By entering this Promotion, participants grant TmoNews the right, unless prohibited by law, to use their names, cities and states of residences, voices, pictures and likenesses, without compensation, notification or approval, for the purpose of advertising and publicizing the goods and services of the Promotion Entities and all matters related to the Promotion, in any manner or medium, now or hereafter known, throughout the world in perpetuity. Winner may be required to execute an affidavit of eligibility, liability release, tax acknowledgment form and, except where prohibited by law, a publicity release and return within five (5) business days of issuance of notification. Noncompliance within this time period or failure of potential winner to respond after three (3) notification attempts may result in disqualification and, at Sponsor’s discretion, an alternate winner may be selected. If: (i) any prize or prize notification is returned as undeliverable, (ii) a potential Winner declines his or her prize, (iii) a potential Winner fails to comply with any of the Official Rules as outlined herein, such potential Winner will be disqualified and an alternate winner will be selected by random drawing at the Sponsor’s sole discretion. The Promotion Entities expressly disclaim any responsibility and entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless TmoNews Media from and against any and all claims, actions, demands and/or liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever relating to or arising in connection with participation in this Promotion (regardless of the cause of such injury, damage or loss) and/or the delivery and/or subsequent use or misuse of any of the prizes awarded. Any comments deemed inappropriate or using vulgar/foul language may be disqualified from the contest at the discretion of contest organizers.

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  • Ky_phan

    Fast, big and smart

  • Anonymous

    maybe a free case will make me buy the phone!

  • Z

    Moved From mt Tmo Blackberry to Galaxy SII I hit my 4G cap limit in 4 days,  i havnet decided on a Case for it yet, so currently a wrap it in a clean diaper….What? Think about it, water absorbing and flexible

  • Dnguyen1988

    I have had pretty much every android phone on T-Mobile and the Galaxy S2 was the first phone that I didn’t want to get rid of after a few months. This phone is pretty much the best phone I’ve ever owned. I love my t989! :)

  • Allen Vo

    It’s a pretty awesome phone and the camera is pretty AMAZING :D


    I have a D30 case but it does not have the best selection of colors 
    But what a phone great size,   great color, applications that let you do hundreds of cool things   loving it…..Go T-Mobile,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Ml350

    Love the screen

  • Alex Dominguez

    I love my galaxy s 2 because it makes my friends iPhone look like crap compared to my galaxy! I love my galaxy s2 phone because the 4g speeds are consistently freaking awesome!

  • Chad

    This is my first android phone coming from a blackberry. I can say without question this is the über upgrade in terms of functionality and features, and style. By far the best phone I’ve ever owned.

  • gamafree

    My big phone would just get bigger with that big case.

  • Andrew Grube

    While I am at work it keeps me from killing myself. I’m sure if I didn’t have the Galaxy S II from T-Mobile I would probably not be a T-Mobile customer or a Samsung customer (because I would be dead). I keep up with my suicide prevention forums, dating life on muslima.com and cowboydatingservice.com, watch youtube videos of people tripping on salvia, “it gets better” videos, and just everything that encompasses fun.

  • Thismainevent

    I love my tmo galaxy s 2 because after buying a tmo behold 2 outright this made up for the two years I had to pay for that horrible device…this is why I love my tmo gs2…

  • I love this phone. When I bought it, I wanted to brag to my ex about it as she always tries to one up me. I explained I had purchased a new 8 MP camera, then whipped out the phone and said it happens to have a phone attached to it. I love the screen size and how clear it is.

    I don’t have a case currently as I hadn’t found one that was really appealing, but this one looks awesome. I’ve been worried somewhat about dropping it as that is why I had to upgrade from a MyTouch 4g. I put phone insurance on it, but this case looks like it would be pretty drop proof.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Nearmsp

    I love my White Samsung Galaxy S2 because it is tall dark and smart:) It is also the closest feeling I can get to an iPhone!

  • Jack Danini

    This Phone makes me feel like a PIMP! It’s the best phone I’ve ever owned and quite often I get asked about it and complemented :)  I Love My GS2! Now… If I could only get my hands on some sweet ass case… some cool case… some Seidio Active case…. Hmm how cool would I be then… Awwww The Dream!

    • Tbyrne

      Uh oh! You said “ass”. You’re not getting a case. Sucks for you!

  • Tvallthetime

    I previously had the Vibrant and I loved it. The sgii improves on everything that made the vibrant a great phone. The black are blacker. The screen is bigger. It’s faster with the dual core CPU. The main camera is better and they’ve added a front camera that most of us have had to modify to get too work on the Vibrant.

  • Device_Will_Travel

    A super sensation phone with a 4.3 display that enhances my mornings (day) as I travel back and forth  to work on the bus. The  device is  remarkable  with  fast internet  browsing and readability.

    • Tbyrne

      This contest isn’t for the 4.3 sensation. It’s for the 4.5 galaxy s2. Didn’t you read the blog?

      • Device_Will_Travel

        I said the phone is super sensation for me. Correction,  the  super sensation  Samsung galaxy ll  has a  4.5 display. Please get a life, please get a life….

  • IT has a great screen, good camera/video camera and runs smooth.  I have a 3 year old so being able to capture different moments in her life is awesome as well as being able to share them with family and friends almost immediately makes me love this phone.  I had a Droid Incredible with VZW and this was the first phone that actually made we want to give it up.  I also switched to T-Mobile when that happened as well and haven’t looked back.

  • Brandon Peterson

    This phone is amazing! I use it all the time for IT support for our medical life flight dispatch team. Great for logging into computers, and controlling cameras at small remote runways. I know it’s not tablet, but heck the size of the screen is awesome! Much better than what I came from (MTS3G). Over all this powerful little device has saved me time and money, and has pretty much paid for itself. Thanks T-Mobile and Samsung!

  • Butterbeam38

    I have been a loyal T-mobile customer for over 11 years, even before they bought Suncom in my area. I have had all the trendy phones, Razor I, II. Sony Erricson, vibrant, vibrant 4G, My Touch 4G, LG G2x. I have had all these phones. Being loyal to the company that provides my service mean’s alot to me. T-mobile has the best’s service plans and the best value of pe-paid service plans. The customer service department has always been very helpful on answering any question I have had every call they got from me.

    I would like to extend my thanks to T-mobile for being such a wonderful company and service provider to my family and I. I hope to continue my relationship with T-mobile for many more year’s to come. 

  • Butterbeam38

    I have been a loyal T-mobile customer for over 11 years, even before they bought Suncom in my area. I have had all the trendy phones, Razor I, II. Sony Erricson, vibrant, vibrant 4G, My Touch 4G, LG G2x. I have had all these phones. Being loyal to the company that provides my service mean’s alot to me. T-mobile has the best’s service plans and the best value of pe-paid service plans. The customer service department has always been very helpful on answering any question I have had every call they got from me.

    I would like to extend my thanks to T-mobile for being such a wonderful company and service provider to my family and I. I hope to continue my relationship with T-mobile for many more year’s to come. 

  • Lindy Hendrickson

    I love my GS2 because it’s the ultimate iPhone killer. All my friends are jealous these days…..BC this phone is pure AWESOMESAUCE!

  • Anonymous

    I love my Tmobile sgs2 because i like the speed and the screen clarity. On top of that my tmobile sgs2 also helped me find out that my gram needed to see a doctor and we found out she has dementia and alzhiemers so it was very helpful for me and my family. Thankfully we caught it in time so it isnt that advanced. These are some of the reasons i love my tmobile sgs2.

  • Rtintegra94

    By far best Tmobile phone ever helps me everyday

  • Rtintegra94

    By far best Tmobile phone ever helps me everyday

  • Zaldor

    I love this phone! I am enjoying the speed over my previous phone (G2), loving the front facing camera (did my first video chat today!), taking pictures like mad with the 8m camera, and actually liking the on screen keyboard!! This case would be an awesome addition to this awesome phone!

  • Zaldor

    I love this phone! I am enjoying the speed over my previous phone (G2), loving the front facing camera (did my first video chat today!), taking pictures like mad with the 8m camera, and actually liking the on screen keyboard!! This case would be an awesome addition to this awesome phone!

  • The TRUST

    It has awesome speed, awesome screen awesome camera and awesome size. What’s not to like?  It’s a no brainer. I’ve loved the Galaxy line since the first one that came out.

  • MrShides

    I love the galaxy S II because the screen is so big and bright and only slightly not as good as the ones on sprint and att.

  • Chris W.

    Come on guys. You know how much this phone rocks. I can’t give any testimony that would make this phone seem any more awesome than it already is. Unless next week I’m talking about how awesome my phone is with one of these cases. hint hint

  • Inkmarqued

    I love the phone, the features, and the featherweight body.

  • Paul Kahl

    The Galaxy S line continues, bright, shiny, and oh-so clean.
    I love my Samsung, and this case would make me totaly keen.
    If I rocked the Seidio, it would all suddenly make sense.
    I’d be able to use my Galaxy S, in any circumstance!

  • My-Galaxy-is-better-than-yours

    Having my Galaxy S II with me is like carrying a personal assistant in my pocket! It does everything for me… Well… ALMOST everything :)

  • Len

    It’s the best phone ever….well, until the S3

  • Scott Farias

    My favourite by far is the screen. I could’ve chosen any other device that was dual core, but none had the Super Amoled Plus that this phone had. With my HTC desire, I could barely see the screen in direct sunlight. Now, I walk with my head held high (well down when I’m using my phone :)) knowing that I can see the screen no matter the lighting conditions!

  • Dukies

    I have never had a phone like the s2. Before this phone all my phones greatest quality was being able to flip open and text. I have just been amazed by everything this phone can do from the quick speed, the screen clarity, and all the applications it has. Well i got this phone 2 months ago and couldnt stop using it everywhere. Well bc of this i now have lost my job bc they always saw me on my phone, but honestly i wouldnt change it bc this phone is too amazing. ps job hunting sucks!

  • Noypi1417

    I love my Galaxy SII because it really helps me with my nursing classes. There are great applications such us Webmd and Speed Anatomy. When I am not familiar with a certain diseases, I can quickly pull out my Galaxy SII and briefly read through the disease to make my nursing diagnosis. As a nursing student, I need to know, critically, my anatomical and physiological features of the body. And Speed Anatomy keeps me in-check with my those topics.

    By winning the Seidio case, it will protect my Galaxy SII from wear and tear, and from accidental drops on the ground which can make my phone last longer. My phone is an essential part of my nursing education.

  •  i used to hide my ugly phone earlier when i didnt had the galaxy s2 , but after getting the galaxy s2 i have always seen people staring at my hands seeing the super clear amoled display and wonder why their phones doesnt have that .. i have told so many of my friends to get that s2 and they are happy after buying it … my love for this awesome phone will continue  … and by getting the ice cream its going to be the hottest phone

  • Just got this phone for my wife over the weekend (thanks TMO for the free phone).  The best thing about it?  It replaces my wife’s Vibrant and she has officially stopped complaining about her phone (ie how it locks up and the battery always dies and that the GPS doesn’t work).  So, if I don’t have to play phone tech support to my wife, that makes it the best phone in the world.

  • Anonymous

    The Samsung Galaxy has virtually everything I could ever ask for out of a modern touchscreen smartphone. Initially, I had been a touchscreen hater – Nokia and Blackberry all the way. I’ve seen many iPhone screens break with the slightest tap with the ground. I didn’t want that kind of worry.
    But the Samsung SGII is different. I’ve seen phones get dinged, but for a touchscreen, the Galaxy showed durability. I have dropped my own on several occasions, and come out without barely a scratch. *knock-on-wood*
    Another huge reason I love my Galaxy is the battery life. Even at half-screen brightness, logged into Skype and my email constantly, I get 10 hours out of it on a regular basis.
    I’m also a media freak, and I know the aggravating feeling of trying to show someone a video on an iPhone that isn’t supported by the OS. To this day, since I have gotten my own Galaxy, this has never occurred. Android feels like having Linux in your pocket. I have yet to encounter a limitation on the Galaxy when I want to do something, whether it be flash related or otherwise. It’s super-snappy fast, and light.
    There are too many things on the SG II that I absolutely adore. From the 8mp camera, which I am also a heavy user of, to the vivid screen colors to T-Mobiles Wi-Fi Calling and reliable hotspot connectivity, after 6 months of ownership, I must say that I’m just as happy as I have ever, and could ever be, with my Galaxy S II. Obviously, I’m not the only one in the crowd saying this, but I’m just as proud to say it as they are. The Galaxy SII embraces the user, but does not stifle them. The list for reasons why I’ve been convinced by both Google and Samsung about the quality and superiority over other products could go on and on. As long as this quality and openness continues on in this fashion from Google and Android (let’s disregard TouchWiz for a second), I can say with certainty that I will more than happily adopt the successor to the Galaxy S II.

    The Galaxy S II is no iPhone – and I couldn’t be happier to able to say that.

  • Ahmedelkady11230

    I stalked the gs2 online from November 2010, I finally got my very own this year and couldn’t be happier, except if it magically turns in to a gs3. Now that would be awesome!

  • fermin

    Love the bright screen gaming also a big factor with the big screen it has. Tmo rules lol

  • Tsag

    lame this only applies to those with sgs2

    • Well, those are the only cases we got…so not so lame.

  • Bookhaja

    Chuck Norris Killed his iPhone and got this phone

  • niseymarie_x3

    because i got it for free thursday and it does anything i want it to do. and its the best android out. and at school i made 8 people “hate” their iPhone 4S. and the screen is big enough for my fingers. and i just got the Galaxy last thursday and i looked into these cases but theyre expensive and im broke 8( and my birthday is February23rd, the day we go back to school from Mardi Gras break. and purple is my ABSOLUTE favorite color. so pleeeeeeeese pick me lol. IM ON BENDED KNEE BEGGING U PLEASE. I wouls hate to ruin this beautiful screen!

  • Anonymous

    My GSII is so good that I don’t even have it yet!  It is on back-order, clearly making it the best phone out there because of its high demand.

  • Dominick

    I love my GS2 because its fast greased lighting and the screen is just bueatiful.

  • Chris Ellis

    I bought the Galaxy S2 and my wife wondered why I was doing it.  Well a week later she retired her Blackberry and I was buying another Galaxy S2 for me again since she stole mine.  Now I can’t afford a case lol.  No I actually am obsessed with flashing roms.

    I am also obsessed with showing up the iPhone 4S with the people I work with. So nice to show all the features we have that the iPhone cannot do.

  • Shawn

    As I get older I noticed that the font on my HTC sensation wasn’t easy to see, thus I took the plunge paid full retail and purchased the largest screen available. No when I get those wanted photos of criminals on my phone there is less chance of false identification. Thanks to my wonder sgs II, I can keep the public safe.

  • niseymarie_x3

    and i dont have a story where it helped me find my mom a kidney donor, but i really need a case and money is tight in this home. so, thanks for the opportunity TMOnews.

  • Min

    I’m sure others will have better things to say but I want to get this off my chest. I am Korean. I hated all Korean products from as far back as I can remember. My hate all started with KIA, the automaker. Before KIA, I already distrusted Hyundai but KIA only exacerbated it. I hated the design, the looks, and then the transmission went as the muffler fell off while driving. Absolutely was I against Korean products at this point except for rice and of course kimchee. So this is all of the 90’s and much of 00’s when my people then started making smartphones. Again, my aversion to Korean products made me  shut off to anything that even sounded Asian. And sure enough, I thought most phones made by Samsung was not that great. LG was even worse. Battery started going bats-crazy, and the phone was not making calls anymore. All this in a whopping 12 month period. And I know a certain Tmo model was erasing contacts which I’m sure most know about here. I had no choice but to stick to HTC, our Asian cousins. Great phones, good build and I liked how brick-heavy it was, no joke to give it a solid feel. I had the G1 and G2.

    Then, just this Christmas my kid sister decides to use her Tmo phone upgrade for me and there it was, the Galaxy S2. I was reading the phone description, the specs sounded very pie-in-the-sky I thought for a Korean maker. But the high cost seemed like it should justify its claims. I was frantically searching the local Tmo store for other candidates. I even considered a Blackberry, which I also hate. But given Tmo’s limited selection, I ended up in front of Sammy again. At this point, I ask for a demo from one of the reps. She actually had one for herself which she whipped out in front of me. She turned it on and started to run her fingers through it. It was fluid and fast. Okay. Then I saw the different fonts she had her home screen set to. Cool. But she was 5’2 and the phone looked ridiculous on her. When I asked, she did say size was a little too big for her but it was beyond looks for her with this thing. So I tried it. I hated how un-HTC it was. It was too light and my thumb is a little too short to do everything with one-hand. I had to grab with both hands to do what I’m used to doing.

    Hesitantly, I submit and my sister pays and I brought it home. Of course I’m thankful because it’s a new toy, but my girlfriend’s sister was in a dire need for an operational phone. Of course, her issue was because she doesn’t take care of her toys. So my plan was to give her my G2 which I did albeit nervously. I spent the next few nights playing with my Galaxy. It was still too light, it was ridiculously big but… it was FAST. First phone (if I’m correct?) to have dual-core, 1 gig of ram and plenty internal storage plus the SD card I transferred..very unlike-HTC indeed. Then one morning, my hand got bigger and Sammy’s weight just grew quality-heavy. Just like that, my Galaxy SII frickin changed me! I look at Samsung differently now. They make everything AWESOME! And not just phones. Laptops, TVs, they’re all over the news! So, now it’s three things I love about my country; rice, kimchee and Samsung. This one phone changed my entire outlook on Korean makers.I still hate LG, KIA and Hyundai but now I’m willing to acknowledge their existence.

    • Tbyrne

      I’m betting you’ll be staring at a purple (or black) case soon enough.

    • Anonymous

      Even though my vote doesn’t count, it goes to you!!

  • Ogden Wernstrom

    I don’t have a Galaxy S II. I have a HTC Radar. I want to win for my friend.

    Rainbows. Unicorns. Friendship. Warm fuzzies.

  • Yede1

    I am constantly on my phone for work.  The large screen is great for viewing websites which I am on all day.  The phone is extremely fast and loads sites in seconds.  I write countless email daily, attaching files, forwarding, etc.  The phone does everything I need.  My work as a Realtor requires me to take tons of photos and I have officially ditched my camera and only use my phone now.  It takes great photos!  I couldn’t ask for anything more.

  • Jose Jimenez

    I love my SGSII because it does EVERYTHING!

  • This is the reason why I need an SII. I need to be able to sync with Microsoft Exchange without any issues like the ones given by Gingerbread. Granted, the SII still runs Gingerbread but is in the Roadmap of upgrading to ICS. Also, as I start owning Mobile High-Definition Link compatible devices, the SII would be able to stream 1080p content directly to my HD video implementation(s). Finally, a bigger screen is a godsend for customers using Swype.

  • Giovannicy

    Samsung Galaxy S2 is awesome! So far I have been able to download a few Human Anatomy and Physiology apps to help me study for class! I have also been able to read my online only textbooks for certain classes at home! Which is no easy feat due to the fact I don’t have Internet in the house. This phone has helped make my life so much easier! Recommend it to anybody!

  • Jeffreyddwilliams

    I can see!!!!!

  • Stephen-Francis Onyeugbo

    The Samsung Galaxy S2II is my probably my favorite phone because of the screen, size, and the multimedia capabilities. I’ve had quite a few android phones, ranging from the original G1 to the Cliq, to the G2, and now the Galaxy SII. By far, my favorite feature is the hotspot. I always have my laptop and phone with me, and many times, the hotspot speed is fast than the Wi-Fi around me. 
    so gimmie the case

  • Jeffreyddwilliams

    Why pay $7.00 a month for insurance when you can own a Seidio Active T-Mobile Galaxy II S case for free?


    The best part about my Galaxy s II was that this week I went to Texa’s Roadhouse and It was packed to the max! I sat down in the dark corner waiting room for 60 minutes with my girlfriend who has the white galaxy s II and noticed all the people who thought they were awesome playing with their iphones. Well I pulled out my black Galaxy s II, turned up the brightness to the max on my sweet 4.52 super amoled screen and started playing Zombie Dash on my phone. Next thing you know is all the people with their iphones had that awkward stare when they looked down at their small little screens and saw mine brighten up the waiting room. The best part was that this guy who looked like a business executive had his creepy little son just watch me play zombie dash the whole time and payed no attention to his dads iphone that he was playing games with earlier. He must have been so amazed at all the color combinations gleaming out my phone. So then after about 20 mins of waiting, I was not up for my table yet and i decided to show off a little on my Galaxy S II. I hadbeen watching the Heroes series on netflix at home and remembered that I had a Media Hub credit left on my account and downloaded the next Heroes episode and boy did that look awesome on my crystal clear screen! That definitively stole the show with the quality and of course all the iphone lovers had that snobby look on their face as if they smelled something bad. To bad they had no idea what phone I had because they got brainwashed by Apple. Sorry but your phone is still on 3g. Have fun downloading my 500 mb movie in less than 7 minutes. 4g galaxy s II on T-Mobile Baby!

    • Tbyrne

      I can sniff a case heading your way!

  • Lon Mapes

    I’d love to win such a nice case for for the S II I’ll be receiving laster this week.  When I switched to T-Mobile from Boost 5 months ago I made good frinds with the small business rep who assisted me in making the switch.  I was so impressed with the service and pricing that I started telling all my friends about it.  I like helping otheres save money so did it without any thought of getting something in return.  The satisfaction of helping friends was enough.

    Well, a week ago my rep called me and told me that I’ve referred them so many new customers that his bosses told him he could order an S II for me for free!  I was blown away.  T-Mobile is really a great company!

  • Gelo Reyes

    I’m a new driver and with the SG2’s large screen, navigation is great!

  • I just got it yesterday, I am still figuring out what this phone can do.  Whatever it does, holy crap does it do it fast.  The screen is big enough to use, and now I am wondering why I bought a tablet.

  • Jaimie

    The galaxy SII was the first phone in 5 years that finally allowed me to walk away from my addiction to the iphone. Many phones before it had tried and failed. But this Samsung Galaxy SII made me say hello to android, and removed my chains from iOS.

  • Anonymous

    Great screen, fast CPU and download speeds.  Large fonts make it easier to read for old people.

  • Anonymous

    I used to be a diehard Blackberry guy. I had no idea what I was missing. This SGSII is an amazing device. To have a case like the Seido to keep it safe seals it. Android is the real deal! I need to thank my local T-Mobile crew for setting me straight.

  • Sean N

    My Samsung galaxy s2 has such an awesome GPS and screen size that I completely relied on it to take me down the east coast and back to multiple baseball stadiums to help me complete my dream of seeing every stadium before I die.

    The 8MP camera is so amazing it helps me document and share all of the stops and memories I had on the trip.. Even with major league players!

    It is honestly the best phone I’ve ever used.

  • yury panasyuk

    Awesome Phone, GPS, bunch of apps, Customizable….  =)

  • Ken

    ill take a black one … thanks

  • Anonymous

    Please pick me for a free Seidio Active Case!  This way I can allow my 13 month old son to once again play with my phone. You see, I discovered that baby slobber is disastrous for smartphones with the untimely demise of my Vibrant and I recently replaced it with a T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II.  Unfortunately for myself and my son, he is not allowed to play with my phone now because I don’t have a case on it and I cannot afford to replace another phone.  It’s unfortunate for me because he is teething and therefore can be very fussy at the most inopportune moments.  What I discovered is that a smartphone makes a great pacifier for those fussy moments as well as a useful teething toy.  Now I get to hear him fuss, scream and drool whenever he sees my new phone with it’s gorgeous screen that he can’t play with.  This is tough also because he’s at the stage where learning to share is important and I’m not setting a very good example.

    In summary, for the sake of my sanity and my baby’s future dental health and social well-being – please pick me to win a free case from Seidio!

  • Anonymous

    /Random commenting 

    ps i want black

  • my obsession with the Galaxy s II is of the large internal memory, fast dual core processor, able to have 1080p video, and is able to get fast 4g speeds. i also enjoy the large 4.52 screen because of my large hands and and it’s one of the first 4g phones i own. 

  • Auser72

    The T-mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 is the perfect combination of power, size(screen), and speed to satisfy my porn fetish. I am no longer have to spend hours on end in front of a desktop watching porn. With the Galaxy S2, I am able to watch all my favorite porn sites with ease. Thanks to the galaxy s2 42 hspa capability on t-mobile fast network. And the experience of watching porn on the galaxy s2 4.5″ super amoled plus screen, is nothing short of breath taking. The case would be the perfect item to protect my galaxy s2 from those occasional accidental spills I have while watching porn. Thanks tmonews for opportunity to win case and for keeping me up to date on the latest t-mobile news in between my porn breaks. Thanx David.

    • Auser72

      Just kidding about porn, but would love on of those cases.

    • rastlin

      Nice…..well liquipel I heard will be able to “water proof” your device for $60 later this year. That way if something was to “splash” on the screen or if fell into liquid it would be ok….just sayn’ ;-)

  • Anonymous

     I love my sg2  , One of  the best phones ive owned.

  • lordkaosu

    I’m in!

  • Dgwhitham

    I have to give my 2 cents here (and might get change back  )…

    I was an early adopter for the HTC Sensation – I was able to get it at Walmart a few days before its official release, and had it up until its untimely demise last week:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/dgwphotography/6887625157/in/photostream  (I don’t care how tough Gorilla Glass is, gravity and concrete will usually win that battle).When I put in my insurance claim, I was disappointed that I couldn’t get another Sensation, because I truly loved that phone. I was given a choice between an HTC Amaze and an SGS II. I naturally chose the Samsung.This phone is really snappy I use the ICS theme on Go locker and go launcher,and there is no lag at all – I didn’t realize just how much bloat there was in the Sense UI – I’m looking forward to rooting this and putting on a vanilla ICS ROM as soon as they are available.Download speeds – Are you kidding me? I would average between 5 and 6 mbps on the Sensation, which I thought was fast enough for me. In the same place (my home), I now average between 13 and 15 mbps with my highest reading being over 19…I think the camera is better on the SGS II – I get less grain and sharper results when I have used it, and the single flash on the SGS II seems to be more powerful than the dual LEDs on the Sensation.Battery life – The battery life on the SGS II is so much better than the Sensation.I’m not even getting into the 16gb of onboard memory, or the faster processor, or that there is more RAM…

    I never would have thought that destroying a phone would end in a happy ending.  Gotta love a story with a happy ending

  • Nathan S.

    Basically, I dont have a story about the GS2 as of yet as I wont be recieving it till later this week. I am trading off my LG G2X for a Galaxy S 2. Very excited. Cant wait to get my fingers all over that wonderful sounding super amoled display. I am sure that my new Precious would like to have a nice new case!

  • Great phone to keep my active 22 month old daughter occupied on long car rides or even at the grocery store.
    LMFAO’s “I’m Elmo and I Know It” Parody is her favorite.

  • Anonymous

    Where do I begin? This phone is amazing. I was kinda skeptical getting another Samsung phone because I absolutely did not like my previous phone which was the Galaxy S 4g. I knew if I was going to get this phone I would get it in white. I have had this phone for about a month and I love it. I use everything that this phone has to offer from the screen shots, to the text to speech, to the calculator, etc. What I use the most is the GPS. I work with special needs individuals that range from 16 to 55 and every second and third Friday of each month we have a movie night and a jam session for our client. I use the GPS to help find where each client lives and take them to an activity they absolutely love to go to. Without the great GPS on this phone I don’t think I would have an easy time finding my way around.

  • rastlin

    Well I don’t have any wild or crazy stories but personally I love my gs2 because buttery smooth and fast, the screen is brilliant and cannot be beaten. I have an iPhone 4 and personally I find those screens to be blurry kinda like looking at a screen with dirty glasses. Not good…and the galaxy nexus…pass…I love my gs2! As a tech it somehow turned into my main device beating my laptop. Heck I already talked 3 people info getting a gs2 because it’s a superior device….just sayn’

    • rastlin

      Btw as a stay at home father of 4 boys a case like that would really come in handy

  • Rafael Melendez

    Love the SG2 while at first I thought the screen was too big i adjusted.  SG2 has helped me lose weight by keep track on my progress. Reminding my about my schedule.  Love being able to youtube videos and enjoying them on such a big screen.   Fast response and so far i have no problems with the phone or mini computer.

  • Tnimoruen

    I work in research studying a viable way to do gene therapy in vivo to fix Sickle Cell Anemia. Needless to say, I spent countless hours in lab and some days are more frustrating than others. My Samsung Galaxy S2 has helped me keep my sanity and good humor by allowing me to listen to my favorite songs while doing an experiment and dancing around lab :) I can’t function without it. My SGS2 helps me keep my experiments organized and allows me to instantly update my Principal Investigator about results. It has also allowed me to take gorgeous pictures of the mouse organs I need to analyze (Spleen) to determine whether the treatment is working or not. Perhaps, one of the pictures taken by my SGS2 will make it to Science or Nature. Ohh..and before I forget… my SGS2 has also helped me take care of my puppy, hehe. I set up Skype on a laptop computer that I leave in above my puppy’s pen so I can keep an eye on him and talk to him through my phone while I’m in lab. 

  • Anonymous

    The Samsung Galaxy S 2 has done something that no other phone has done in the past … It has turned my wife into an Android lover and a phone fanatic. I wasn’t sure if she was going to like it because she has small hands, but i went ahead and gave it to her for Christmas. Since then she has been showing off her phone to all her family and friends. *sniff* i get choked up ever time i think about it (tear running down cheek)

  • Fabio1

    The reason I love my Samsung Galaxy S2 is because it has everything you would ever need, lets elaborate.  With one of the biggest screens out on the market who needs an iPad?  You can watch Netflix or T-Mobile TV.  The super fast 4G is also a big staple of the phone.  I have never pulled nothing lower than 16 MBS and that is way faster than any other LTE phone.  Why should I pay a crazy amount for a short lasting battery LTE phone?  I was lucky enough to get the T-Mobile Valentines days special with getting this phone for free and my bill is under $70 a month for unlimited with taxes included.  Why would anyone want anything else? iPhone What?

  • Louie Siason

    I am still waiting for my Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S II. Just ordered it over the weekend thru Tmobile’s president’s day sale. If not for the sale, I wouldn’t have a chance in buying the phone. times are tough and I hope I get to win 1 case for my new phone. Thanks tmonews!

  • Bill Mote

    It’s my favorite phone at the moment because it’s my newest phone. Other than the Motorola Q that has remained true for my use cases. Why do I like it more than the Droid 2 it’s replacing? It’s faster. It has a bigger more beautiful screen. It’s lighter and has better battery life. Save for the stock Samsung keyboard and no notification LED; what’s not to like?

  • Anonymous

    Two words. Awesome Camera. Being able to whip this baby out during a meal and take high quality food shots make me a very happy Galaxy S2 owner.

  • Juan

    Huge screen makes all iphonr owners envious

  • Tiffy B.

    Well, according to my boyfriend, I just can’t seem to put it down. He tells me to “step away from the device, it’s time for bed”

    He is right you know. I have a tough time sitting it down. The apps I download, the Netflix I watch. YouTube, I just can’t get enough. The screen size is simply ridiculous!!

    So, to win a case from Tmo News would be the ultimate. Having a belled SG2 just ain’t right. Wouldn’t you agree?

    I think I should be picked!


  • Mark Mendel

     This phone is absolutely amazing. Aside from the screen and the awesome camera and all that jazz, the other day it woke me up to breakfast in bed! We then spent a nice day together, took a walk on the beach, saw a nice romantic movie, and when we were in a bad part of town it even fought off some muggers and saved my life! I knew after that day that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this phone. <3

  • Brian Excarnate

    The T-Mobile Galaxy S II allowed my wife to move off of Verizon but still have a big screen. Now she can stay in touch with me while saving money ~and~ having 4G speeds and the excellent T-Mobile connectivity that we enjoy where we live.

    • Anonymous

      wow, that would make for a good commercial.. I’m serious, T-mobile should use real customer testimonials in their ads instead of that poor girl who looks hungry.  

  • Ali Raja

    Galaxy S II is a great phone . What strikes me the most is the screen 4.5″ Super Amoled + . I love big screen phones and once I heard T Mobile is going to have it ..I was very excited!. I just the love how I can customize my android OS. Widgets, notifications so on. With the Galaxy S II, I have more room for my apps and widgets.. Big screen makes a lot of difference. In addition, its fast and nicely designed. Overall, this phone was a good investment for me and I am very happy with it …

  • John Voss

    hope I win just bought the phone Sat nite

    John VOss
    Miami FL

    • Might want to try giving me a reason WHY you love the phone!

  • Nightwing032

    I love my gs2. I had to hound tmobile because i had that crappy lg 2x. i had to deal with 3 of the same damn phone till they realized its garbage. They agreed to send me this and i havent looked back.

  • Anonymous

    I love this phone because it is the first Android phone that just works, no big problems like the previous Android phones I have owned.  I love how thin it is, how light it is, and how long the battery lasts.

  • Josh Rosenblum

    I love my GS2 a lot. Despite the fact I am on my 6th GS2 phone i still consider it the best android phone i have ever used! I look forward to Ice cream sandwich when it comes out and I know this case will help my experience with this great phone! 

  • Bernard B.

    To be honest I was anti android when the first set of android phones first came out due to the fact that I was a avid blackberry user since mid high school, about 6 years. Every member of my family had a blackberry but after a while due to advances by competiters, I noticed my blackberry wasn’t satisfying my ever increasing expectations from a smartphone. Blackberry prides itself one being simple and straightforward opposed to andiod which is centered on the overall entertainment of a user as well as general smartphone functions. I was contemplating getting a iPhone first because I already have a iPad and Mac befor but its only 3g and I wasn’t too keen to typing and texting on a touch screen keyboard and I didn’t want to switch from tmobile or buy one unlocked one at full price.
    Rite when I was about to give in and just upgrade to the new blackberry bold 9900, i saw a ad for the galaxy s 2. The screen size with its brillant HD resolution just amazed me. I figured if i was going to switch to a full touch screen smartphone this will be it. Im a tall guy with big hands and the screensize is big enough that i am comfortable typying in both portrait with one hand and landscape. Swype is the best invention ever! It makes the transition from full qwerty blackberry keyboard to a full touch screen a breeze.
    I will admit when i first got the phone and began using it I had to get used to the size and I missed bbm,but prior to delivery I downloaded a third party messenger app, whatsapp, and started talking to friends on there from my blackberry so the switch was easier.
    Aside from that another thing i noticed was the lack of a notification led. I was so used to seeing that flashing red light on my blackberry. But thanks to google I found a solution to the issue with a app called NoLED that uses a moving icon screen saver to notify you of missed calls, messages, emails, etc. I am just amazed at the quantity of free apps in the android market. It blows blackberry app world out the water. I like the fact that I can download a app and if I don’t like it I can quickly delete it in 30 secs without having to reboot my phone. Blackberry users know what I’m talking about. That long 5 to 10 mins your just sitting there looking at the blackberry reboot is torture! My galaxy s 2 reboots in 90 secs or less, which is amazing.
     Id consider myself a hardcore user since I love to text, talk,watch tv, Netflix and play games while listening to music and much more while commuting or just plain bored and my battery is able to keep up with me daily. So in closing I’d like to say if your considering getting this phone don’t hesitate. It will be the best decision you ever made. You won’t regreat it. Trust me.

  • Sebastian Caballaro

    Galaxy SII brought the Android vs iOS battle to a different level. It’s sleak, fast at doing anything you need it to do and the screen is beautiful. I was a little hesitant at the beginning with the 1.5Ghz core instead of the original 1.2Ghz but as days go by, benchmark numbers don’t really make a noticeable difference.
    I love the fact that now we can run more GPU intensive graphics and not just little “pong-like” games anymore.

    I found that the ability to run SCUMMVM and lots of old PC games without a glitch is one of my favorites.

    As it is also, the ability to have a big display and connect remotely to my PC at home or watching Netflix on a big display.

    Now, regarding the Seidio case… I think it adds something very important that this phone is missing, the kickstand. Many times I find myself grabbing a sugar or pepper shaker to keep my phone upright so my daughter can watch Netflix and my wife and I have a peaceful dinner.

  • JChoi

    I love my GS2 due to it’s large screen and speed. I went from an iPhone 4 to this beast and it was one huge difference to me. Unless apple invents holograms I don’t think I’d be switching back to IOS

  • will

    left my iphone for a gs2 and no regrets

  • FlipPhone

    I love my T-Mobile Galaxy S2 because it’s the ONLY Android phone that runs consistently over time. Some phones develop lags and stutters as time goes on. However, the Galaxy S2 has been running consistent fluidity and battery life since day one. As quickly as mobile technology is advancing, it’s VERY difficult to be happy with your device for a long period of time, especially when new devices with updated hardware and software are being churned out seemingly every month. But the Galaxy S2 ensures that it can stay relevant and is truly one of the best phones ever created.

  • MrH

    The SG2, just gets everything right. Its the perfect mix of features and technology. Hardware is sexy, battery lasts, screen is awesome, memory is good size. Software is nice unrooted, but can be if you like. Thanx for getting it right, TMO and Samsung.

  • Shaheerahs

    I love everything about my Galaxy S II, especially the beautiful screen and apps like media hub.

  • Noor Mahmoud

    The Galaxy S II is the first phone that my Dad could use in a while. Due to the large 4.5inch screen, and with tweaked settings, everything is actually readable for them. He is a business man, so being able to check emails at a large font on his phone is godsend.

  • Scodelic

    I received my Galaxy II 3 days ago. I put the battery in to charge it and been admiring the beauty of it since. Soon ill put the sim card in and actually use it. Phone so beautiful I just wanted its full purity for a moment.

  • Do Bin

    After having my Galaxy SII (In White!) for about a week now, I’ve been obsessing how speedy everything is. I came from Sprint and the most notable thing was data speeds. With HSPA+ being decent around my area, I was getting 6 times faster than what my 3G from Sprint gave me. I had a HTC EVO 3D which was a good phone, but the GSII is a whole different beast. Every app loads insanely quick as well as playing games on the bigger screen is a joy. I love it. <3

  • Anonymous

    With out my Galaxy S II I would be disconnected from the world! My internet would be gone, my GPS, my apps, my pictures and just and awesome amazing phone. Being able to utilize Google+ i’m able to sync my pics and a nice 4G speed. Able to play video games with the awesome dual core processor when i’m bored and stuck in lines at Disneyland. Be my DJ when i’m driving around in my car! I love my phone and now that I have the beautiful white version it makes me love my phone even more! My phones is a crucial essential part of my life! Also having the capabilities of adding my work e-mail on my device and being able to sync contacts and calendar events and global address along with it! The list goes on… I also use the portable hot spot feature in which that’s how I connect to my iPad! I use my Galaxy S II more than iPad! Well hope I get an awesome case for my phone! Thanks TmoNews and Sedio!


  • Sirjakeyjake

    There is so much <3 here for my GS2.  The biggest reason involves a day last week when I first took it into the office.  All the iPhone lovers sat in stunned silence as I demonstrated the power of this fully operational spa—oops, sorry, got into a Star Wars moment.
    But that leads me into the reason I love the GS2…the sheer power it has compared to any other phone I've owned or tried out.  The fact is, it's almost as powerful as my secondary laptop.  I carry it around with me a like an unholstered weapon, ready to use at a moment's notice.  (If you were to ask my wife, she would likely say I carry the GS2 around more like a blankey, holding it close and goofing off with it all the time.  Since she's not here to ask, though…)

    This GS2 is by far the best phone on the market today, and the best phone I've ever used.

  • Smpl5d

     I switched to the Galaxy SII from my trusty (but aging Nexus One).  I have been impressed by the smoothness of the interface and the vast amount of app memory (especially compared to the N1).  I was concerned about the large screen size, but this has turned out to have significantly improved my experience.  This is a phone that I believe will be relevant and useful after a couple of years, given the processor capabilities.  Having ICS on my tablet (and having witnessed the improved interface smoothness), I am looking forward to that upgrade when it comes out.

  • GSII Lover!

    Plain and simple. Its NOT an iPhone. :)

    • riderdiechic
      • You should read the comments…and give them more credit than the author of that little blurb who clearly doesn’t understand the economic model in the wireless market.

        • riderdiechic

           I have no desire to have the iphone and I’m glad that tmobile didn’t waste money acquiring it.  The Samsung galaxy II blows the iphone out of the water.  I love my samsung galaxy that I upgraded to during the tmobile valentine day sale (*.*)

    • riderdiechic

       Taken from MSN website:
      Turns out your carrier is actually losing money on
      that exorbitant iPhone contract you just signed. Apple
      charges carriers so much for the privilege of selling iPhones that service
      providers can’t turn a profit. The 4S that cost you $200? AT&T paid around
      $600, eating $400 every time you upgrade. It’s proving to be a lousy business
      model for phone companies, and is raising red flags on Wall Street. “Can Apple
      continue to roll through industry after industry, soak up all the profits, and
      leave everything it touches as a smoking wreckage?” one analyst asked in the Los Angeles Times. “They’ve done it with music and handsets,
      and now they’re doing it to the carriers.”

      • Read the comments on that article, they are clearly more informed than the author.

  • Oluseun Ogunlegan

    My galaxy S II is so awesome it’s been getting more attention than my wife since I got it. My divorce is in May. SMH.

  • If I had one I’d name my phone Barney

    • Sidekicker89

      From How I Met Your Mother?? :)

  • Brian Cook

    It works, its not an LG, Motorola, HTC, Blackberry, or iPhone.  It has a display that is better than any apple product, AND IT HAS FREKEN GORILLA GLASS ON IT!!

  • Byung A Chung

    This is my second Galaxy S II, my first was damaged in a mugging, when it was used to knock an armed criminal unconscious. While at a convenient store, shopping for my daily donut fix, a larger man held up the cashier. On the phone, and just as an instinct, I threw my Galaxy S II as hard as I could. My phone flew and hit the armed larger man right in the temple, breaking my phone and disabling the criminal unconscious. Saving the day once again with my Galaxy S II!

  • Michael Mancebo

    My wife has had the G1, Cliq, Venue, G2 Galaxy S and now the SII…  She has never gone over 1gb of data a month.  Since aquiring the SII last Thanksgiving, she has hit over 4gb of data a month.  So glad we get throttled over 5gb and not 2gb.  That said there is a reason she goes through phones like water.  She needs a bad boy case to protect that bad boy phone.

  • Sidekicker89

    Forget the case! I don’t even have a SG2 yet haha. May I have the jar of change? I can cash it for free at my bank coin machine bahaha

  • Rubenstinejr

    When the ipod laughed in our faces we grew up and crushed them. The almost perfect phone able to cater to the most detailed person. And with the built in screen shot Im able to capture those auto correct mistakes.

  • Pprincess2295

    I love my galaxy s 2 because it has great battery life and an ber fast processor and download speeds

  • Anonymous

    I love my GS2 so much that I had it surgically embedded to the palm of my hand.


    • zacamandapio

      We live close.

  • BenLOVEsSamsung!

    Samsung engineers really have a talent for GIVING US WHAT WE WANT IN A PRODUCT….. and not limiting the features for the next product in order to “tie” us in to buy that next product for the features we desire…… the ultimate product would be the product that does EVERYTHING…. and Samsung’s products, especially the SGS2, is the closest there is on the market!
    i have been waiting for this phone since late 2010 when news of the phone leaked, and i am finally able to be more-than-ecstatic after holding it in my hands and actually using it.
    this phone accomplishes so many aspects.
    it caters to the power-users who demand a lot from it; productivity, muscle power, battery life, capabilities, and more importantly, versatility! quite frankly, there is NOTHING that this phone cannot do….. it even leaves my iPhone 4S friends jealous with envy! the iPhone 4S can multi-task, but it doesn’t do well with more than 2 apps simultaneously. Recently, I took this phone with me on a drive to a friend’s new place. This phone has allowed me to play music in my car, search for driving directions, text, talk on the phone (to finalize driving destination), and play Angry Birds when traffic ground to a halt. All while the GPS was on, which is much better in accuracy than the others, due to the SNAPDRAGON chip, which utilizes an extra satellite to fine-locate my cell signal. All these activities were carried out with the apps concurrently running in the background while GPS was in use.
    it caters to the elegant users as well. it is SLIM, SLEEK, ELEGANT, and more ATTRACTIVE to hold than the iPHONE 4S…. you will definitely stand-out in a crowd with this phone…. the beauty of the design, the minimalistic approach, the sensibilities that Samsung engineers have incorporated, and the rico-suave effect that the elegant operator is targeting.
    to the ones who want entertainment….. and just plain enjoyable experience…. those are the “piece-of-cake” functions that this phone easily blows away with DISTINCTION!
    my favourite functionality of the phone is KIES AIR! i am now able to connect to anybody and anything with this phone, and backed by the connectivity apps on the Android market…. quite basically, NOTHING is out of my REACH. this phone gives me access to ANYTHING i want….. well, anything except the forbidden obvious!
    overall, i have SO MUCH MORE FREEDOM to do the things i want, when i want, how i want, and without any RESTRICTIONS.
    Thank you, Sammy, for an amazing product!

  • Anonymous

    I bought my girlfriend a white galaxy sii for Christmas and got her a d3O case that has since cracked. So she needs a new one!! I love the galaxy sii because the camera is amazing. Now when she sends me pictures, they are super high quality!!!

  • Jorgecaban2000

    It’s awesome because it is. Done deal. Werd.

  • Whitney_1846

    Honestly I think the iPhone is way over rated.My whole family has iPhone except me So I stayed with T Mobile until the perfect phone for me came out and when I saw that phone I knew it was for me. I think it better than the iPhone if you ask me. I went as far as having it in Black first and when I saw it came out in White I sold the black phone and added the difference for the white phone and paid full price for it after I already used the upgrade on the black phone. If thats not going the limit then I dont know what is.

  • Pavan Samtani

    SGS2 + CM7 = nuff said

  • Anonymous

    I use my Galaxy S II and my Samsung HDTV Smart Adapter (MHL to HDMI) to stream movies from the internet to watch on a big screen TV the dual core processor is more powerful than my netbook computer. I also just ordered Micro USB Host Mode OTG Cable Flash Drive which allows me to attach a keyboard and mouse and also a flash thumb drive without installing any drivers. The Galaxy S II is a mini computer it has no limits!!!

  • SensationUser

    Its a Samsung.. its ugly and built cheap. The choice for widgets sucks. Working in the industry for 5 years I learned to stay clear of LG and Samsung.

    • Samsung Rules!

      HTC sucks my friend! :)

      • SensationUser

        Ok. Keep telling yourself that.

  • oooooooo yeaaaaaaaa

    I love my samsung galaxy s2 4g speeds i get 19 mbps in my area and i love the screen :)

  • Wei Chen

    My SGS2 is the best phone I’ve ever owned.  This is my first Android phone and a huge improvement coming from a HTC Touch Pro2!  I waited months for the T-Mobile version to be released after reading the awesome reviews of the international version.  The Super AMOLED Plus screen sounded so nice that I even went to a ATT store to look at an Infuse.  Although I was initially disappointed by the news of the processor change, there have been no hints of lag and everything is super smooth.  Another feature I thought I’d miss was the lack of a LED notification light.  However, this was easily remedied by using BLN which works perfectly.  I thought I’d miss having a hardware keyboard but with Swype and Swiftkey X, I think I may be able to type even faster.

    The phone is fast, screen is huge, display looks amazing, thin, super fast data, and has great battery life.  I use the phone every day and it does everything I need and more.  It was worth the wait.

  • sapphiraa

    Given that Samsung USA has a slow update schedule, the phone itself is awsome. It’s helped a few times when me and my mom were lost, or when I was trying to find the spot I was supposed to meet up with someone for a date. It’s helped kill my boredom when there was nothing to do with its various apps and fast to load web pages over 3g (including browsing this one) where my previous phone, the Samsung Vibrant was slow even on wifi. It’s helped me stay in touch with those I care about through the quickness and easiness of texts, IM’s (via ebuddy) and simplicity of finding that person in my contacts to make a phone call. It is by far and large the best phone I’ve owned to date.

  • Don Nielsen

    I love my GS2. Would love a shiny new  PURPLE case for it.

  • Dave

    I love my GIRLFRIEND’s Samsung Galaxy S II because it helps her not get lost going to our dates!

  • Ryanwoodward67

    My SGS2 is the greatest phone ever because it HUGE SCREEN. ryanwoodward67@gmail.com

  • starv2det

    I bought my galaxy s2 full price, now I don’t have money to eat :(

    • Anonymous

      I hope this is a joke cause I can’t stop laughing.

  • Calvin Tran

    It is not worth it. WMC waiting time begins…

  • D_poon

    I hope I win!

  • Eddie Fierro

    Well actually, I am kind of obsessed with this phone! I had a sensation but after buying my wife a gs2, i had to get one! everything about it was faster! Speed test was ridiculous on it compared to the sensation!

  • Fatima :)

    My White Samsung Galaxy S2 has a great camera and video recorder so I don’t miss all those amazing moments with my two year old.. :)

  • Sean

    I love the huge screen… it’s perfect for showing my son videos when we out and about.  The sound is also loud and clear!  

    Also, love the purple and black…perfect Husky colors!  HA!

  • orlando g

    I wake up with galaxy s2 next to me, I eat breakfast with my gs2, I work with my gs2, I eat dinner with my gs2, I go on trips with my gs2, I go sleep with my gs2. Most importantly when I turn on my gs2 it returns the favor right back at me.

    My Gs2, a Epic phone.

    The end.

  • Mrschofieldesq

    One of the many, MANY purposes I use my GS2 for is running a custom brewing app.  I use it to create most of my recipes that I make for my second job as a brewer at a local brewpub.  Thanks GS2, for giving me the gift of beer!



  • Alex76_19

    Well i’m not gonna beat around the bush, the GS2 I’d like my third limb! I can’t leave home without it!

  • badaphooko01

    Just to say i love this phone, its fast and beautiful. Wont need an upgrade for a long while. Also i dont want the case becuase i already have one. Its a great case except for the fact its a lint magnet but other than that i wouldnt want anything else protecting my phone.

  • Louie

     My GS2 is my first android phone and I can’t leave it behind.  I use it all the time for messaging, calendar, twitter, scores, news everything.  It is literally with me all of my waking hours.  I would be lost without it.

  • Jerome

    I would love to have thid case. Ever since i goy my gs2, i would never wany any new or other phone for now


  • Anonymous

    I love the T-Mobile Galaxy S II because the phone dialer is SO HUGE that I can’t possibly misdial…even without my glasses!

  • Phil Clement

    GS2 is the better phone i’ve ever had. Huge screen great battery life HD Cam 5.1 Music ITS GREAT!!!!!

  • Doubledeezey

    My SGSII is the best because it has all my friends jealous! :)

  • Andrew

    I need a new case for the phone I want to buy.  It won’t save the world but it might just save my phone!

  • Bummerj

    DURABILITY! Besides all the sweet specs of this tasty device, the GSII is superior in durability… My wife had just gotten her white GSII. We went outside to smoke(a cig right after 420). Mid cig she put the phone in her coat pocket. Cig done and she bends over to put it out… Phone slides out unprotected.. The gorilla glass actually smacked the ashtray and the ahtray cracked into several pieces. My wife realllllllllllly neeeeeeds the great protection of the Seido cover! this would really score me some points I need right now. LONG LIVE GALAXY S SERIES!!! Sincerely, IAGS III (Impatiently Awaiting Galaxy S III)

  • Myclock187

    Not many people know that the SGS II has USB host support… At least for thumb drives… I use the micro to full USB adapter from my G-Slate…. This is one reason why I’m sticking with it. Love this phone…

  • Jeff Laquihon

    I wanna have sex with my gs2 because its so good…

  • El Mero Mero :)

    I may not be a phone geek, or a photographer with awesome lenses, or a expensive GPS, or a portable Bank, or a computer, or a shopping buddy , or an alarm yet be super fast as Flash…. But what i do have is a Galaxy S II . :)

  • Anonymous

    What I love most about my GS2 is an app called intuit go payment, wich is an app with a hardware add-on thtough my 3.5mm jack, wich allows me to take all of my credit card payments all rigt through my phone! For a small business operatot, this in PHENOMINAL! I love whrn ppl ask me, what is that, or how does that work! Lol…. Check it out guys!

  • I love Galaxy S II because it has replaces my calculator(ti 89/83 emulator), my camera, my itouch, my  old trusty nokia, and sometimes my personal computer when hooked up to my tv. 

  • Johnson Bui

    i love the fact that the gs2 is known as the “iphone killer” and it certainly does that. If Steve Jobs was still alive, I would buy him one for his birthday! I have more #galaxy2-SANITY than #linSANITY but my favorite function on the phone would definitely be the blazing 4g speed it acquires…HANDS DOWN

  • the gs2 is the best phone ever i use it for everything  is part of my life now i think if something happen to it ill die the iPhone is trash compare to the sami gs2 u guys just name it and the gs2 can do it 

  • Danny Boudrot

    I love my Galaxy s ii because I can post a comment with out to win a sweet purple case! And, I can’t brick it. Note have I been able to break it yet when it’s fallen from between my slippery fingers :-)

    • Tbyrne

      Sorry Danny, it’s a no for me.

  • GSII helps me everyday with communicating with others.

  • lolipiense

    I love my Galaxy SII because it helped me get to my grandmother’s house when she was sick by booking my whole bus itinerary. When I got there, the SII helped look up recipes for soups, so that I could make one for my granny. Simply amazing. 

  • observr

    It would be interesting to see some comments here from people who complained how sgs2 sucks from previous posts yet they change their tone on here.

    • Tbyrne

      I’ve already read a few. Lol!

  • Emanuelbortz

    The Galaxy SII is by far the best Android phone on the market and I can not wait for it to get ICS. 
    It has an incredible screen, which is by the far the best in its class, the 4.5″ AMOLED is crystal clear.
    The fact that it has such a fats processor and good battery life yet is still so thin is incredible.

  • Anonymous


  • Gina

    My Galaxy S2 is my first smartphone and I am in <3 I love finally having real homemade ringtones! Oh and purple is my favorite color :)

  • my new wife

    My wife wanted me to return my SGS2 to the tmo store 2 weeks after getting it. She said i haven’t had time for her since then. She said she barely knew me anymore and i haven’t been doing all the chores around the house. Its been 3 months now and none of that has changed.

  • Paulovalero

    My gs2 helped me sell many many more gs2 and also helped me push people away from the dark side… Aka iphone

  • Steve

    I saw my friend’s SG2 and I was just jealous with envy!!  I think it’s one of the best phones out in the market today and I want it!  It’s a Samsung…need I say more?  

  • This phone makes my brother jealous…he’s an iPhone 4S user. He’s tired of using a device with such a small screen when he has big hands. But in all seriousness, this is a top notch phone! The only down side is it’s missing ICS for now. The screen is great, you can actually do stuff on it. It’s big enough that i’m not constantly accidentally hitting stuff like on the iPhone. This thing just zooms right along through anything that’s thrown at it and the screen looks impressive to! The only thing it’s missing is an app to take over the world. Rumor is the gs3 will have that app though!

  • I love the screen nuff said

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know what I would do without my GSII I have had it for 3 months now. I have large hands and this phone fits in my hands with ease. Google Maps is a life saver. Video playback is Killer and with the 16gb Internal and my 32GB External i have tons of space for music and videos. Let me see your iPhone do that!!!!!!

  • Poes_raven

    I’ve been waiting 1-1/2 years for the SGSII on TMOBILE, and finally it arrived.  The phone was worth the patience.  The screen is fabulous and the speed is all thats needed.  I’ve been viewing different cases and find the SEIDIO to be without comparison.  With other PROTECTORS the screen cover would raise on the edges- this case holds my SGSII the way it was meant to be held… Others have complained about the lint attracting to the case = easy solution “wipe it with a fabric softener sheet and the major lint issues are void !  The SGSII and the SEIDIO CASE where meant to be together.  GO and waiste your time and $$ on others, but in the end you’ll be buying the SEIDIO Case to Protect your SGSII,  As for my long awaited purchase of TMOBLES SGSII   I’m elated I did- and as you can see from the TOP REVIEW SITES- YES it can hold a candle to the nexus an razor and others “thus the small font when identifying the so-called other comparisons.  Also lest I remind you- it has a removable battery and also will be getting a healthy scoop of ICS in the future.  As for me, I need to get back to my SGSII – its become very needy- Not saying on who needs who more tho…

  • Mobileboy

    My god is that case hideous. I would rather have my phone destroyed than be forced to use that ugly monstrosity of a case. Hahahaha, watch, I will win that thing.

  • nathaniel hudson

    I freaking love my Galaxy S II because this beautiful Super AMOLED Plus screen, I like to brag to iPhone 4/4S uses that my screen is superior, the colors on this thing make me feel like I’m an Avatar character. This blazing fast 42Mbps hspa+ is nothing to mess with, imo LTE better watch out because once my area us upgraded from 21 to 42, it’ll be battle of the fastest. Not to mention this 1.5 dual core CPU, my phone doesn’t even know the meaning of lagggg like every past HTC phone I’ve ever owned.
    I trade phones constantly on craigslist, but ever since i got this GS2, I’ve not even gone looking on craigslist, I have no plans to trade this phone (which is a miracle for me), I switched from an unlocked iPhone 4 to this thing and im not turning back.

  • Emilvelez

    These Samsung phones have such a great screen along with clear wifi calling and dual cameras for video chats who needs a computer. Wifi calling will now be my solution when I travel overseas.. What a great idea.. Although it is hard to find cases for these phones. Most cases are for AT&T variants and camera is different place.. These phones rock..

  • don

    I used to love the iphone on the tmo network because the apps that i use didnt work on anroid yet. i have played the waiting game for about 2 years and finally the gs2 came. i bought one on the first day it came out. had the phone for three months and decided to buy a galaxy nexus thinking it would be the ultimate phone. after two days of using it, sold it and bought the white gs2. the gs2 is much more stable and appealing to me!

  • Joey Aiello

    Juggs 5.0!

  • Odin

    i am going to get an S2 soon…. so i don’t know how i can comment how much i love S2

  • Cdski0

    I personally own and like my htc amaze , my gf owns a samsung galaxy s2 and loves flaunting the screen size in my face lol. Just like i love flaunting my personal large tool back in hers :)
    But back on track, yes the amaze is good but i have that envy for her gs2 and winning her this case + having her read the comment that won would be great!

  • Rick Sibrian

    The S2 has been one of the best phones that Ive ever owned.  It has such an amazing affect on my whole family.  My kids love for the great games they could play, I love it for the amount of tasks I can accomplish day in and day out(ROOTED=FREE TETHERING!!!), and the wife…well lets just say that shes not a big fan of BIG phones.  Ah well, wonder how she’s gonna feel when I get the Galaxy NOTE…….oh wait……..Blessings Everyone and Good luck!!!

  • Anonymous

    OMG! I think the Samsung Galaxy S II is the best Android I have owned yet!!! Love the large screen, crisp, clear display and host of new features! I especially like that fact that it’s SUPER FAST! The battery cover is nice – not slippery. GPS loads much quicker than any of its predecessors (Galaxy S/Vibrant variations) and battery life for me…so far so good. 1080P recording is just awesome. I’ve had this phone two weeks and I am hooked. Work productivity is great with the new Email look.
    I could go on and on and on….

    I know I will have this phone for a very long time and won’t settle for just anything. The bar has been set!

  • joe ek

    I use my Galaxy S II to get on twitter @ lightning fast 4g speeds to tweet about Linsanity. # Linning!

  • Jonathan

    What can I say about my GS2 that you haven’t already read… My love for this phone was like love at first sight the big screen the form factor and the weight was perfect, but what really got me was the clarity of the pictures that I took on January 10 2012. It had been a long and stressful day as my wife’s water broke at 8:30am. We were experiencing our first born. Now it took about ten hours of labor pains for the doctors to recommend emergency c. section as there was to much stress being given to the Baby. So at 10:30 pm I got to meet my first child Ethan Alexander and with my GS2 took what is now our first pictures of him. This phones quality had been proven when I got to print my 8×10 pictures they just blew me away. So because of this experience the GS2 has become the best phone I have ever owned.

  • Phil Clement

    GS2 is the better phone i’ve ever had. Huge screen great battery life HD Cam 5.1 Music ITS GREAT!!!!!

  • Chuck

    Ive had my GS2 since launch and love it.  Have never had any issues. Best phone out ther in my opinion.

  • FADabbas

     After 4 Blackberrys in a row I decided the time had come for change and try something new and different. I was holding back until the Samsung Galaxy S II came out as I heard many things about it in the reviews and on the web. During this time, I was also house hunting and everytime I would see a house, I would take many many pictures of it as that way, when I got home, I can go over what I may have missed and without confusion of details between houses. I also sometimes have to buy and sell  merchandise and quite often take pictures of inventory and orders. I rely heavily on the camera and in photo messaging. After getting my SII, I was blown away with the quality of the photos and especially the macro. Any smartphone can take pictures, but not many can do good closeups and macro. I would take pictures and be able to email them and share them faster than I took them without any lag in the performance of the SII. Snap, send/share, on to the next, no snag or lag whatsoever even with the larger sized macro ones. Also, they would be sent out as I would be reviewing other pictures or taking or making a call. Bing, bing, bing, was very fast, efficient, and high quality. At first I was concerned with the learning curve that might follow the transition from Blackberry to an Android and especially an advanced model as the SII. The transition was smooth actually and I guess I went through so many apps to get it out of my system as I was limited in apps before. I downloaded weather widgets, financial markets, and games. The audio and video quality on my SII is superb! So was the call quality. Texts and emails took some getting used to with the transitioning from a Blackberry to a touchscreen, but no regrets as I was able to SWYPE in no time and if anything, after a while I think its actually faster than having an actual keyboard as I am one of those that has to look as I type, so with my SII I can see both at the same time, my typing and what is being typed. I guess the best feature I like aside from the camera and audio and video quality is surfing the web and looking up stuff just like that; something that I am not used to like that. First thing I do when I wake up sometimes is after going through the mail and messages and missed call, I run the app that gives me live TV as I am going about and getting ready to start my day, its like having a personal TV with me. Since I spent a lot of time outdoors and in warehouses and that type of environment, I was able to get a screen protector and flexible TPU phone protector. Since the phone had just come out, there wasnt that much variety out there, so I got what was available. I waited to use my phone until I got the screen and phone protector. I have heard much about the Seido cases and it would be really cool if I can win one to add to the joy of my SII experience and given the specifications of the case, it would fit right in with my lifestyle which I guess is an extension of my SII and the colors look very very chic too, and, purple is my favorite color! Serious too! Thanks you for your time.

  • Tstaples

    I finally got to rid myself of the Horrible BB9700. I upgraded to a GSii and haven’t looked back.  Such a awesome Phone. And I love purple. 

  • If I had to choose between going homeless or Galaxy S II-less, I’d move into a cardboard box.

  • Deron deFreese

    My Galaxy S II Held my hand after an accident I had a week ago.  it was very comforting and offered to call for help.  I am so grateful for my Galaxy S II that I would love to give it a new coat something in purple and black to show my appreciation for its love and support during a difficult time.

  • john s.

    WHY IS THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S2 T989 the greatest phone produced so far? Hope you have a minute. Lets start with the obvious SCREEN SIZE. The SuperAMOLED PLUS screen is amazing, 4.52″s of crystal clear vibrant colors that affect everything you do on the phone from dialing a number to watching movies like TRON LEGACY. Next is the dual core Snapdragon s3 chip which basically lets you do what you want when you want while doing everything else at the same time. Battery life is awesome despite what alot of HATERS say and i know im on my phone all the time. I work 12 hr. shifts and have lots of spare time. Onboard memory is great as well as expandable so theres no problems there. 8mp camera with HD recording and tons of memory to do so with. External/internal speakers are more than loud enough. TouchWiz is easily the best overlay,smooth and not a hinderance. I could go on but i think you get the picture not like i had to paint one and i know what im talking about ive owned just about every top end android Tmobile has offered since the G1.

  • I love my GS2.  I can’t live without it.  Hands down the best battery life on a TMO Android phone.  I should get one of the cases because I got up at 3 AM to drive from Chicago to Minneapolis and back today, only to drop my GS2 on the pavement while up there.  Now, it is all scratched up, and I almost cried when I dropped it.  See… I need the case… in black ;)

  • Brian Richards

    The GSII is the best phone I have ever owned. I have been a smartphone user since 2003. I’ve been through a lot of different phones. This is the first one in that long line that does not have a single major flaw. It is fast, durable, and most iportantly reliable. It works when I ned it to work. Long time smartphone users know what I am talking about when it comes to this. Every one of them has certainly experienced a number of phones with some maor radio, hardware, or software flaw that would pop upnjust when you need it to work. This phone has yet to let me down. 

  • Heisenberg

    The screen on the GSII is uncontested by any other phone – especially within T-Mobile’s current lineup.  Some of my favorite features are little things, like HDMI support with the MHL adapter.  I also love the fact the charging port is centered on the bottom of the phone, this way I was able to get the verticle Samsung dock for my phone.  Ever since my first BlackBerry I have missed having an OEM dock that puts the phone into an alarm/night mode.  

    There isn’t another phone for me, and won’t be, until the GSIII launches!

  • Good screen size.
    An amazing processor.
    Learning curve: pretty easy.
    Also pretty beautiful hardware.
    X stands for ten which it is, out of ten of course…
    Yes, it does go through a whole day.

    Sexy and I do know it!

    2-do-loo please let me win!

  • Ramisaac

    I love my GS2 because Chuck Norris told me to!

  • Djdelahoz

    I love my GS2 because I finally had the chance to upgrade from my HD2 after two years of service. I use in at the hospital to look up medical info and also during my downtown. It’s literally the best phone I’ve had, it has double the specs of my previous phone and I don’t have any complaints about it!  I can’t live without this phone. 

  • Enginmalcok

    I love my Galaxy S II and people around me pay more attention to it! It’s light weight, fast(as fast as my home cable:). I have been trying at least 10 android phone, and this will be the last one I own for a while… 

  • Bstreak83

    I am a senior citizen with fat fingers and cataracts. Just imagine how well a phone with a huge keyboard and giant, brilliant display works for me.  It is so big that even I have a hard time misplacing it.  The Samsung Galaxy S II meets all my needs.

  • Cesar Gallardo

    I drive a nice car that attracts the wrong kind of attention.  One day I was pulled over for “speeding” but I was recording my speed using the Speedview app.  So I shoved the beautifully massive 4.5″ Super AMOLED+ display right in his face and showed him how wrong he was.  He laughed and I got off with a warning :D 

  • Mymarzbar

    Because the GSII is totally LINsane! Its the #1 phone out there and Samsung has 7 letters! BOOm – #17 baby – LINsane in the membrane!

  • Jon Stephenson

    I was using it as a “shower radio” sitting on the sink next to the shower. google music stopped playing so I picked it up. Right after picking it up I had an incoming call which caused it to vibrate just enough to slip out of my hand into the running shower. Picked it up and immediately pulled the battery. Put it in a bag of rice for a day and its good as new. AWESOME phone. upgraded from galaxy s. will look forward to galaxy s 3

  • I was jogging in the park when i had a fake heart attack! I took out my trusty Galaxy S2 and opened my Swiss Army Knife app and did a fake bypass surgery. I then opened my police siren app and proceeded to run around in circles pretending i was an ambulance. 

    Don’t worry though, i’m fine. I pulled up a picture of a hospital with doctors and pretended that they fixed me up.

    Love my GS2!

    • Tbyrne

      The GS2 is the swiss army knife of smart phones isn’t it?

      • Yep :) no matter how many times you use it, you always find something new to love about it

  • Xermys

    Love my Galaxy S2!  I think these cases are SEXY!

  • Jesse Sightler

     – Great Reception
     – Solid Speakerphone
     – Extremely Fast
     – Much more application storage than an N1
     – Nice Cameras (FF camera is great for video chat)
     – Solid, recent version of Android
     – Decent battery life

  • Calvin Z.

    My GSII gives me all day access to the most important websites, like TmoNews ;-) Unfortunately with my job, I drop my phone at least once a day. my phone has already succumbed to a small crack in the corner of the screen but with this case, nothing could become between this site and me! I hope you enjoyed this post, I’m off to the bathroom to clean my mouth now…

  • Tay

    I love my Samsung galaxy II because it crushes everything tmobile has to offer. Having worked in an apple store I loved it when my fellow employees would hate on my “Large Phone”. I LOVE my battery life that gets me through my whole work day and I love it when females see my phone and are so impressed. It’s a great overall phone and once it gets ICS it will be unstoppable.

  • Santo2k

    Brought S2, thought of giving a try with Amaze so returned S2 and brought Amaze and compared to S2 Amaze was nothing and brought back S2 by returning Amaze.
    S2 screen was lot better,slim,speeder than Amaze and in every aspect S2 is lot better than any phone in the market right now.
    Love my S2……………………..

  • Kristi

    I am in love with my S2 because it truly is such a unique and amazing phone! My galaxy makes my everyday tasks so much easier! My phone helps me connect to my daily work tasks, helps me stay organized, and most important, helps me stay in touch with my loved ones. My phone truly lives up to its standards and capabilities. I forgot to mention its super fast 4G speeds!

  • Nin10do

    Thanks to Tmonews.com, I got my Samsung Galaxy S II, I got the Loyalty
    card but didn’t care to read it, as a Nexus One user (bought it day one
    direct from Google so I could keep my MyFavs 300 {I direct all my calls
    via Google to my Favs WOOT}) I was waiting for the next Nexus with a 1.5 dual core chip when the original Fall 2011 date was put out on the chip timetables.
    Wow, just what the heck happened to the Nexus GalaZy? They got lazy
    chip, storage, MicroSD?, camera. Who knows when my dream (Nexus) phone
    will come out. The S II is fantastic, but it pains me to think about
    having to root it, I loved my OTA updates and getting them first was the
    cherry on top. That yellow rooted icon will make me sad :(

    So why did I get this phone now? With the rumors of the S II+ and S III
    on the horizon? Loyalty card, Free. Thanks to this site, I learned I
    could also get a signal booster free, unlike a lame micro cell that uses
    my ISP to fix their network which ATT want about $20/month for the
    privilege of (so lame, right?) and the free hotspot addon to my current
    data plan sealed the deal!

    Thanks to T Mobile and in a much greater part, TMoNews.com for actually letting me know about these great offers!

  • Anonymous

    I love whipping that big thing out in apple stores and watching the workers look in awe

  • GSIIlove

    I love the reliability of my GSII, no matter how hard I put it to work, it never seems to lag or require I restart or pull the battery. As a T-Mo employee it’s awesome to be able to sell a product with full confidence. My GSII would totally rock this purple case, my favorite color!

  • T2thej850

    I love my Galaxy S II because not only does it take awesome photo’s, it also makes excellent phone calls!

  • Gabyfroggo

    I love my Galaxy S II because it helps me get thru the day at work more faster, i watch anime and hear music to sleep like a baby

  • Callicanpol

    I love my Tmobile Samsung Galaxy S 2 because it’s the best phone ever. I am a total geek and nerd when it comes to buying phones, and trust me, I’ve gone through over 200 cellphones in a matter of 3 years. Me saying this is the best phone ever I mean it. So I’ll leave that with you hoping I’ll win this bad ass case.

  • Anonymous

    My mind and soul to that next level, another drunken night in Panama. I glare at my galaxy s2 in a intoxicating stupor to get this party through the night, that bass nector we yearn for. We capture the night with a gallery filled of unimaginable debouchery, lost in a galaxy of Super AMOLED stars…

  • Mle70

    its the only phone that has been able to save me from missing my iPhones and have made me realize android is actually better for me

  • I absolutely love my Galaxy S II ? Best phone I’ve ever owned. I had the HTC Sensation 4G & the S II kicks its butt! Super fast, great photos, beautiful screen! What else could you ask for? LOVEZ

  • Anonymous

    I’ve had my Galaxy S2 for almost a month now, and it is one hell of a phone. This is my second android phone, my first being a HTC EVO 4G with Sprint. Between the two, I enjoy it much more than I did my HTC phone. Easier to root, easier to put custom ROMs on, easier to theme.

    Beyond that, it allows me to stay in contact with everybody that I communicate with on a daily basis, allows me to serve the customers that I support at my job (because of the internet capabilities of the phone – tethering to allow me to diagnose programs with customer’s computers), listen to music, play games… overall, it allows me to remain connected to the world beyond where I live.

  • Anonymous

    The Galaxy S II helped me research medical aid for the elderly person who fell in front of me while I was ollecting money for the homeless.

    But no, really…I love it especially or the screen size. I love watching Netflix on it!

  • Jay Lim

    I am a pre-med undergraduate student. I love the Galaxy SII due to its resourcefulness. I can look up terms instantaneously rather than having to go through books or opening up my computer. Speed is also important to me and compared to my older phone, the original Galaxy S, this thing seems blazing fast. GPS has also been tremendously improved which allows me to find places I need to go to such as hospitals, volunteering opportunities, even meetings, etc.

    Being out 12-16 hours at a time means I need good battery life. Although it does not carry the best battery, I can get through the day with moderate use. The big screen real estate also allows me to see things without straining my eyes. The camera on the Galaxy SII also allows me to take picture of diagrams and questions with clarity if my friends ever need some help. It also helps me catch up on daily news and check the weather quickly before leaving the house.

    I can go on and on about how great this phone is, but I’ll cut it here.

  • Dmalofy

    I love the SGS2 so muchit never leaves my field of vision! I had to download translucent screen so I could see my husband lol!

  • Anonymous

    SGII is arguably, the best phone of the year (& best of the Samsung Galaxy series.) I bought the T-Mobile D30 hard, rubberized SGII case from a corporate store & the design flaw is that one needs ultimate brute strength in their hand in order to unlock the phone due to power button cover case design. Outside of that, I love TMO & GSM!

  • Msfunn1

    Kick ass phone with a kick ass screen, when people see my phone they say LIKE WHOA!!!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome screen and nice and slim design…best phone I have owned so far

  • Anonymous

    I love my phone.  It is the best phone I have ever owned in fact I use my galaxy s 2 to help stop my sons nightmares…I downloaded ghost radar to prove to him that their are no ghosts in the area, so he had nothing to be afraid of…now he sleeps better….lol

  • Bret P Hooyman

    Galaxy S II helped you research medical aid for the elderly person who fell in front of you while you were collecting money for the homeless?? That’s a likely story. I’ve heard that so many times from SGS2 owners! 
    How about this is the best Android phone yet. Faster, lighter, better screen & camera, better battery life than any of the phones I’ve owned since Android was released to the public (I’ve had around 10 so far). Best of all, this phone will be one of the 1st non-Nexus phones to get ICS.

    And, did you know that every time my SGS2 rings, an angel gets it’s wings? It’s true, I read it on the internet, so it must be true right? I’ve also heard that every time an SGS2 gets purchased, a baby seal gets to start clubbing the guys that hunt them.

  • Stefan Robles

    I love the Galaxy S II because when I had it, I used to play games while my wife watched chick flicks all day….but then she grew envious and wanted the phone….so I have it to her, in exchange for her vibrant (that now has ICS on it) Her phone is modded and rooted…the camera on the t989 is also sweet, we dont even own a camera, we used the s2 for all pictures from our honey moon and all, and all the pics look great and are high res!! I think my wife would be even happier with this case, hook a  brother up!, From one married man to mabye another, give me 10 mins of fame wit da wifey! lol

    btw, i want purples!,,,,or i’ll just have to buy another t989 if i get the black lol

  • Justladd1

    I love my Galaxy SII because it helps,me in so many ways. Im a college student and im not always by my laptop and I cN go ln the Web and check my emails.and also complete homework assignments in blackboard. I use it for my daily camera and it takes awesome pictures. We had an event at church one night and we didn’t have a video camera to record the service but thanks to my S2 I was able to record the whole service! Galaxy SII=Lifesaver

  • I love my Galaxy SII so so so so much because anything is better than my old My Touch 3G.

  • Thecityboy781

    I love my Galaxy SII so so so so much because its my baby (lol)

  • Anonymous

    My wife has been rocking her Galaxy S II like crazy since we bought it during the Valentine’s day sale.  She’s right now using it (propped up on the coffee table) to learn how to cross-stitch a beanie and blanket for the baby on the way. She’s an avid phone user who loves the large screen and swype keyboard built into the device.  She has a tablet as well, but still uses her GSII more than anything else to surf the web and message her friends.

    Anyway, it’s a wonderful phone.  I’d love to have a case for it, since her prior phone she killed by an insane amount of drops.  I know Seidio has a great reputation and makes great cases, as I have had their cases on both my old Nexus One and my G2x.

  • benjamin leu

    The Galaxy S II with its 4.5 super amoled screen makes watching netflix awesome! also the live wall paper with the microfebes are awesome to feed with nice color ! :D

  • Bookhaja

    I love this phone because it’s the version Samsung got right, great size, speed, screen, slim profile, and it’s compatible with the 42 HSPA+…..no need for 3 or 4 different variations like some carriers.  Plus I love it because I’ve got huge hands and I don’t have to do thumb yoga to use it effectively I just need a case to protect this thoroughbred  beast of a phone

  • Ian Fong

    It has a gorgeous screen, pure android experience, fast, HSPA+, whats not to love about this phone!

  • The Galaxy S II is the best phone in the world, and I use it to crush my every foe and there ineffective I-Phones. With it’s 8MP camera shooting at full 1080P video, I can destroy them with a mere thought. Also with it’s 4.5 super amoled screen I can use it as a flash bang, to finish them with it’s 4G speeds from America’s Largest 4G network T-Mobile.  

  • MrChozo

    I love my T-Mo GS2 so so so so much because it is the first and only smartphone I’ve ever bought. I’ve known I wanted an Android phone ever since the G1, but didn’t have the money to purchase one until last October. I read a review of the European model some time last summer, and it said that it was the Android phone to buy, especially for new owners. Since it was announced for T-Mobile, I checked this site and others literally every day for any and all news about the release date, and proceeded to buy the crap out of my girlfriend and co-workers about minute details. The day it released, I was the first one at the local T-Mobile store at 10am (when they open), because I knew it was “new-phone day.” I even worked from home that day and took an overly long lunch just to pick it up. I eagerly await and check daily for updates concerning its ICS upgrade. I love my phone, and I literally kissed it (just a peck) when I finally got my hands on it.

    Also, just to kiss some butt: Tmonews is a great blog, please keep doing what you’re doing. 
    *crosses fingers*

  • Anonymous

    my gs2 is the best phone i ever had. love the big screen and fast speeds. everyone that sees my phone is always jealous ( i know alot of poor people that still have shitty ass basic phones so yeah there always jealous)

  • Jeff Bell

    I love my T-mobile galaxy S II because it constantly helps me create memories of my toddler. I had a MyTouch 4g not too long ago and the video recording would lag out and I had a hot pixel that was always bright white in every picture. Now with the Galaxy S II I snap pictures quickly and record stunning video. Love this phone so much.

  • jay

    fantastic phone. love that it is so fast so i can enjoy the graphic intense apps 

  • Sylvia Gold

    My son has one and I am sooooooo jealous. I want it, I need it. I really, really need the Galaxy S II since it is the very best of all the phones on the market 

  • Tbyrne

    Hey David! Longest thread ever in here. Right?

    • Not even close…this is pretty average for us as far as comments typically go on a regular news month. If this was 1000+ plus comments it would be close to being the longest.

      • Caleb Maier

        that sucks if you had to read all of these posts..

      • Tbyrne

        But we have til Friday, right? If it won’t be, do you remember which story had the longest thread?

  • Mbensimon

    I love my Galaxy S II . I have always been a blackberry user and talked and talked it up until all my bbm buddies were gone ! .I chose the galaxy S II and  sometimes i look at my old War Horse and can’t believe I ever thought that it was superior There is no turning back and I look forward to using my phone every day.

  • With my Galaxy S II, I use it to map the world. Trails, even. And what better to protect than with an outdoorsey-looking case? Thanks guys!

  • Amanda

    I have been an IPhone user from the beginning.  The Galaxy S II was the only phone that could help me escape the evil clutches of Apple.  I am so glad that I switched.  This phone is incredible….now I just laugh at all the Iphone uers

  • Sash

    Love to My
    Galaxy S II (Sung to “America” by Neil Diamond)


    It’s coming
    from far

    And it’s a

    It’s such a



    Only want
    one for me

    I’ll hold it

    Ship from over


    From Taiwan
    and China then,

    It’s coming
    to my carrier 

    Be the first
    in line today

    It’s coming
    to my carrier – Love


    With a duel
    core processor

    Can’t wait
    to go to the store

    Now it’s all

    Now it’s all
    mine –Love


    I love it’s
    user interface

    I will take
    it everyplace

    I can see
    the future now

    I can see
    the future now


    Every time I
    hold it now,

     I think that it’s a miracle

    Every time
    that screen turns on

    I think that
    it’s a miracle


    Yeah my
    dream just made me glad

    I’m lovin’
    my new Galaxy

     Yeah my dream just made me glad

    I’m lovin’
    my new Galaxy


    (He got his
    new phone and It’s cool )

    (He got his
    new phone and It’s cool )

    (He got his
    new phone and It’s cool )

    (He got his
    new phone and It’s cool ) Horary!


    My phone gives
    bliss to me  

    Sweet phone
    of ecstasy 

    With thee I

    With thee I

  • tgdontdap

    i was supposed to retire five years ago but times are tough so i re-entered the workforce last year.  my linked in profile has listed “galaxy s2 apologist” as my current job since the fall of 2010.  apologetics was never my strong suit so the commission checks were small and my house was foreclosed on 6 months ago.  thankfully someone with a galaxy s2 was walking behind me recently when i fell and broke my xiphoid process.  they had access to emergency medical info on their phone and got me fixed right up, plus they had just collected a bunch of money for down-on-their-luck folks like me and they gave it to me so i was able to get current on the mortgage.  me and pookykins (my chihuahua) are no longer homeless.  god bless us everyone, especially that nice person with the galaxy s2.

  • Anonymous

    Oh Good God you have to help my Poor naked phone. It’s so cold out there. Don’t let all these strangers see my beautiful phone all naked. Its only for my eyes! Please help a guy out man!!!

  • Caleb Maier

    i want to read some of the winners posts.

  • Anonymous

    In my spare time I translate ancient Sanskrit texts for blind monks in Nepal using my GSII. I scale burning buildings to save the orphans on the top floor using climbing techniques I’ve learned using my GSII. With my GSII, I do a mean Elvis impersonation. I can play Beethoven’s fifth with only my pinky toe because of Youtube applications on my GSII. I swim the English channel every summer break using the breast stroke learned by watching Michael Phelps videos on my GSII. I wrestle alligators for mere sport because my GSII has Netflix and I watch swamp people. Just last weekend I rode my bicycle to the arctic to save polar bears that I read about in the news app on my GSII. This involved hunting seals in the frigid waters and regurgitating them to orphaned cubs. On my trek back, I stopped in a remote village in the Canadian province of Nunavut and performed life-saving operations for the indigenous tribesman, compliments of WebMD app on my GSII. Since I was riding all those miles, I drummed up corporate sponsorship and raised 1.3 million dollars, of which I donated to cancer research using my GSII. I was also “adopted” by the tribe and given the nickname “Woopoo Elee”, which translates to Wise and Beautiful Creature of God. All that biking allowed me time to catch up on my Pandora; I devised an economic plan I will be presenting to Congress which would not only cut everyone’s taxes in half, but spur 3.7 million new jobs in the next year alone. I was able to present this using Microsof apps on my GSII. In addition, I discovered a new type of plant that when smoked, er ingested with a prescription in California, creates a euphoric feeling (this can be proven using my videos my GSII. This plant can also be used to make rope, paper, and Adidas shoes. And I remind you, this was my weekend! I am a dynamic figure, often seen scaling walls and crushing ice (again, watch the videos :)). I have been known to remodel train stations on my lunch breaks, making them more efficient in the area of heat retention because of learning excersises learned my GSII. I translate ethnic slurs for Cuban refugees with google translator. I write award-winning operas. I manage time efficiently, bet you can’t guess how. I woo women with my sensuous and god like trombone playing videos that I post on FB and Youtube through my GSII. I can pilot bicycles up severe incliens with unflagging speed and I cook thirty minute brownies in twenty minutes, I can prove it. I am an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru. I am abstract artist, a concrete analyst and a ruthless bookie…these stock apps rule. Critics worldwide swoon over my original line of corduroy evening wear that I market using my GSII. I am a private citizen, yet I receive fan gmail. I have been caller number nine and have won the weekend passes using statistic apps on my GSII. My deft floral arrangements have earned me fame in international botany circles because I stay updated and post using my GSII. I balance, I weave, I dodge, I frolic and my bills are all on time because I have a personal assistant app my GSII. On weekends, to let off steam I participate in full contact origami…which I always win because my origami techniques are on point. Years ago I discovered the meaning of life but forgot to write it down. I didn’t have my GSII then so I didn’t have Evernote yet :(. I have made extraordinary four course meals using only a mouli and a toaster oven using cookbook apps. I breed prizewinning clams. I have played Hamlet, I have performed open-heart surgery and I have spoken with Jimmy Hoffa, all thanks to my Galaxy S II.

    • Anonymous

      Now u know this deserves something lol

  • tai

    My SGII is the Jeremy Lin of phones.  Works hard and never gives up.

  • Davidvldz93

    i want to win

  • Mnaz105

    I love my Galaxy S2, but I also love my children. If I had to buy a case for it, then my children would not be fed. So please Tmonews…have a heart. Thank you.

  • i want to win it because i go on your app every day and i want to win because i LOVE the Samsung Galaxy S and S2 it has a big screan and tht phone is the best phone i ever seen and had im only 15 i drop my phone A LOTTT and i just have a cheapy lil case on it help TMoNew

  • Tim R

    I’d been watching, waiting, anticipating the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy S II – ever since my brother showed me what his original Galaxy S could do. So it was Christmas, contract up, guess what Santa brought for my wife and me?  I love this phone!

  • Umang Choudhari

    My Galaxy S II has helped me do so many things, let’s just start with what it helped me personally do.
    1. So I had a big paper due in World History, and I was stranded on the highway because my car broke, It was estimated that the car help would be there by 8 and my paper was due at 10, I couldn’t finish my paper in 2 hours and I only had half of it finished, so I took out my GS2, and started typing, by the time they got to me I was pretty much finished with my final edits and proofreading, and that’s why I love that the GS2 has the huge 4.5 inch screen.

    2a. My mom and I was stranded on a random exit and was freaking out, she doesn’t have a smart phone, I whipped out the GS2 and we found the way back

    2b. I was playing some BBall and a elderly couple drove up, apparently they have been lost for a good two hours and were without GPS, I whipped it out got directions copied the text, emailed it to myself and printed it out for them, and thats the reason I love the GPS on the phone

    3. I needed a video camera for a World Literature project since my partners had broken by dropping on the floor, and that’s why I love that the GS2 has 1080p video

    4. It helped on the 12 hour drive to California for my Robotics Competition, nothing like Modern Combat 3 to help pass the time, and that’s why I love the GS2’s ability to run HD games.

    Overall, I just totally love GS2, I wouldn’t trade it for any phone out right now.

  • Real Men Wear Magenta

    It’s awesome cause it is not an iPhone.

  • Umang Choudhari

    I posted this before somewhere but it appears my post was deleted for some reason..
    1. It helped me finish a paper in time, and that’s why I love the huge screen
    2. It helped my family find our way home when we got lost in the middle of the night, It also allowed me to help others who needed directions, and that why I love the GPS and HSPA+ 42mbps 4G data
    4. It saved me when I needed a camera to shoot video for a project, and that’s why I love the great camera with 1080p video

    P.S IF I win and IF we get a choice in the color, I would like a black one please.

  • Nicolasdolan

    True story: I lost my G2X intentionally on Halloween so that I could upgrade my phone and get the Samsung Galaxy SII. This phone barely leaves my hands, and my friends tell me I am obsessed with my SII. My girlfriend gets jealous of the attention I pay to my SII over her sometimes. This is a love affair with a neverending happy ending.

  • Seanmmvi

    As a T-Mobile Sales Representative, I Love the Samsung Galaxy SII for one very simple reason..

    do you you wanna know what that reason is?… you do? thats good man, thats real good, imma share it with you…

     I Love the Samsung Galaxy SII because I can sell it to someone who is 8 years old, or 80 years old, i can sell it to someone who is going to root it and put new Roms and boot loaders on it, or who is going to use it in its most simple form, as a phone. Which means, it makes me Money!

     I can set the phone up so its extremely simple for those who are not so tech savy, and when that customer leaves my store, they know how to do the things they were looking to do on their new phone.

    Ive personally sold well over 60 SIIs since their launch, and i have not had one return…

     I can sell the S2 to ANYONE… Thats why I love the S2…

  • Patrick Ding

    I walked into a crowd of iSheep, and whipped out my GSII, immediately eliciting cries of envy. “That screen is gigantic!”, “It’s so fast…”, and “my precioussss….”  were just a few things I heard spew from their mouths before they could clamp them shut. Of course, I can also poke fun at the iSheep: So… how’s 3g working for you?

  • Rex

    I love my white galaxy s 2 because it’s so striking! Every time I take it out people just stop and stare. It’s fast, it’s bright, and it’s so versatile! I’m even using it right now to write in the comments box with just my voice. Amazing right? The best is when someone confuses it for an iphone, because it gives me a reason to correct them, and explain why the galaxy s 2 is a much better phone.

  • Tim

    Coming from the T-Mobile Vibrant, the Galaxy SII is a huge upgrade. Dual core processors, bigger screen, the GPS works there is and no lag!  I’m really satified with the phone and the people I work with think it’s a great phone. 

  • mralbatross

    I like my Galaxy S II better ‘an anything.

  • James

    I like my GSII so much, that I leave it at my desk and use a different older phone while I’m at home so I don’t ding/scratch up my GSII.

  • Danny Thai

    I’ve been using a smartphone since my very first phone.  T-Mobile Shadow > HTC Touch Pro 2 > HTC HD2 > HTC Sensation > HTC Amaze > Samsung GSII

    That’s right, I like to utilize the amazing power of smartphones.  I am a progressive adopter, even with the first superphone (HD2).  I have to say though, the arrogance that elitist Apple iPhone users have never ceases to annoy me.

    The GSII is the first phone I have ever had that people seem to recognize universally.  I think that’s great!  It allowed me to explain to people that the iPhone is not something so much better.

    People are surprised at how productive I could be on the GSII.  For example, surfing on the net, I get information much faster than my iPhone peers due to it’s large screen.  It’s much more readable.

    Everyone is amazed that the GSII actually works very well, contrary to many reports of Android phones.  And then, people find out it’s on T-Mobile.

    That’s the real kicker.  People think I’m using Verizon.  Nope.  I run a speed test.  26 Mbps?  “You thought T-Mobile couldn’t manage even a tenth of that?  Oh, yea, T-Mobile is indeed faster than Verizon 4G LTE in some places.  It’s actually very decent.  You should consider T-Mobile”.

    To sum it up.  It’s gotten to a point where I have to repeatedly Samsung-ed and T-Mobil-ed people to burst their elitist bubbles.

    I got my GSII after selling my Amaze a week ago.  It’s an amazing phone, and I need a case.

    Hope to win!

  • chase youngman


  • Mostro503

    I actually own the G2X and i have over a year in contract but t mobile had the valentines day sale and they were sellin / givin it away lol for $250 with $250 mail in rebate and i wanted the SGS2 so bad i got another line just to have it im puttin my other line to sleep pay extra $40 for another line (with data ) but i think is well worth it ,,,,, and is so sexy

  • iluvgalaxys2

    awesome phone i love it !!,its one of the best technological things that have happened to me in ages imagine how big was the switch for me ,i went from nokia 3650 to this! omg i can believe it! i have no words to describe what this device meant to me…its really life changing!! it was worth the wait thank u samsung

  • pdptgif

    Just got the GS2 for my GF and I gotta say it’s been so helpful with her everyday activities.  She now has the ability to give swampy his bath on Where’s My Water!  her fav color is purple btw :)

  • I just upgraded my mother in law’s phone to the GS2 because she was envious of my MT4g and my wife’s G2 and she loves it…unfortunately she’s not the best when it comes to phone maintenance. I have always had to keep a PHP plan on her line because she goes through phones as if they are toilet paper. With this I’d still keep the PHP but I’d at least have the peace of mind that she won’t destroy and go through both her replacements within a 3 month period and be out of luck when she breaks her phone again. Also, she loves purple and when I showed her this post, she thought it was quite cute despite it being much larger than she would be used to. I really wanted the GS2 but unfortunately, she wouldn’t have any of it when I suggested she trade it for my MT4g so maybe this will sweeten her up a little bit into maybe letting me root it and play around with it whenever she’s not on it (not too likely lol).

  • Steve Tao

    Lately I been winning lot of stuff from t-mobile vip such as gift card for bluetooth headset and a starbucks $25 gift card. What new maybe a T-mobile Galaxy SII case that I can win which would be great for my phone. I love t-mobile vip and my Galaxy SII phone.

  • Rubinaeali

    The first time I ordered a phone from T-Mobile, I was expecting the box to have a phone inside, but it actually contained a velociraptor egg. Naturally, I was disappointed because I wanted the cell phone I paid for. So I called up T-Mobile and asked for either a refund, or for them to pick up the egg and send me my phone immediately. Unfortunately, I had accidentally opened a box meant for my some crazy scientist’s paleontology research, and my Galaxy S II was still on its way in the mail. The reason I really love my Galaxy S II is because I got a pet velociraptor out of it, T-Mobile thought I was joking so I got to keep the raptor egg. This is where the story gets really weird, the egg hatched! And the dinosaur that came out of the egg could talk, much to my chagrin. My velociraptor’s name is Galaxy, and I named my Galaxy S II rex. I taught Galaxy about modern technology, and he actually typed this out for me so that I could keep playing Modern Warfare 3 on Rex. But he’s growing up pretty fast, and he wants his own cell phone because all the kids at school make fun of him for not having one. I will be adding a line to my account for Galaxy, and the only phone he wants is the Galaxy S II because it’s the best android phone in the market. But the moral of the story is that the Galaxy S II is great.

  • Jayden Trinh

    What I love about my Galaxy S2:



  • Anonymous

    Simply put… it’s the best, most elegant, most advanced smartphone I’ve ever used.

     A plesure to look at and a joy to use.

    It does everything I need and things I’d never even thought of.

  • Evelyn

    I love my Samsung Galaxy S2 one of the best phones I ever had. Anyways last week I was walking to a store till a old lady and old man said “Excuse me?” I looked back and walked by them they where standing by the CTA bus stop. I said ” Yes?” The old lady said ” Do you know when the CTA 11 Bus will be here? We have been here for 15 minutes freezing” I said ” wait a second and I tracked the CTA bus and told them it would take 5 minutes” They both said “Thank You so much!” Without my Galaxy I don’t think I would of been able to help them cause my old blackberry never let me track the bus. I felt great that I got to help them.

  • I’ve been with T-mobile for about 9 years now and I have been following news from your site feeds also for quite sometimes. Instead of the device, I wanted to tell you my story as to how Tmonews saved the world!

    Being a loyal customer I was offered a full discount early for a phone upgrade when I called in earlier this month. However, I was still debating because I did not wanted to spend $229 to upgrade when I just bought a $200 phone. In the end, I was ready to go get the SGS2 thinking that I would just sell my HTC to recover the cost. Right at that time, I got the leaked news from Tmonews that all phones will be free after rebate for Valentine’s sale. So I waited and called back in that Saturday to order the phone as it was practically impossible to wait at the store.

    So I called in, offered an instant rebate along with no upgrade fee. So in a sense, I got a free SGS2 by following Tmonews and waited for the promotion. So you might ask, how does Tmonews change the world with my free phone? I use Google Currents, ACS mobile, and Web-based search engine (Scifinder) on my super phone to follow the latest breaking science news to assist me in my cancer research. I use the stunning 8mp camera to take pictures during experiments for record keeping and presentation. I use the calculator and note for simple note-keep and calculation. We are progressing fairly well and once we succeed with our novel and innovative drug-delivery method for cancer treatment, we can potentially save the lives of millions of Americans as well as people around the world. With that said, Tmonews has helped me get a flagship device which in turn assisted me in the quest discover a novel cure for cancer that can save the lives of tens of millions of people around the world. So indirectly, Tmonews have made a contribution that will have a positive impact on the lives of millions of people worldwide.

    With that said, I do need a case for this phone simply because if this phone drops and shatters, it will retards the progress of my research and delay a cure for cancer. So again, if this phone breaks because Tmonews decides not to provide me a case, it simply means Tmonews has decided to let millions of people worldwide suffer from cancer! Of course, if you look at it another way, I simply wanted to be able to say that “by following news from Tmonews I was able to get a flagship phone for free, along with a flagship case”. 

    On a serious note, thank you and I do enjoy the first-hand leaked news you provide!

  • David J Sullivan

    Best phone eva’. no doubt..  No really.  I learn something new everyday that makes me happy.  I could spend hours with it daily if I had more hours to give.  It makes me smarter.  It never lets me down.  Fast boot, fast UI, fast everything.

  • Let me get one for my phone!! Love having the fastest and slimmest phone on the block with an awesome screen!

  • cherh

    I don’t actually have a SGS2 yet, but I will, hopefully by this weekend. What I can tell you is that I love love love Seidio case/holsters so much that I will not get a phone if Seidio does not make a case/holster for it!!! I know I will love my SGS2, and a Seidio case with holster is an absolute must have!!!!! 

  • Rob Pemberton

    Here’s the deal…  In 2009 I purchased one of the first Android phones, the Motorola Cliq. 
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Motorola_Cliq.  I then got to sit back and watch Android explode with bigger better faster everything while I couldn’t even from Doughnut to Eclair.  I finally reached the end of contract on that thing and now have the AWE-SOME Galaxy S II which exceeds all expectations, keeps me up at night, and makes me stay on the throne so long that my legs fall asleep. Only problem is the thing is quite pretty and fragile.  I worry alot about it falling out of my pocket when I bend over to tie my shoes and shattering.  So you see, you simply must award me one of your cases to help protect my magic stone.  Should the S II get fractured I’d have to go back to the Motorola Cliq, which would be exceptionally cumbersome, depressing, and would just plain old suck.

    Thank you for your time

    Rob Pemberton

  • Lisa

    Both my boyfriend and I currently have this phone and are in love with is almost as much as we are each other. He’s in the Navy and sails every other month, usually. By having these phones we are able to communicate mostly every day via text regardless the distance that separates us. Without this phone, I don’t know what I would do. I feel closer to him now than ever. Thank you!

  • Zhang JiaoNa

    I was wishing to get a white SGS, but i couldn’t wait for that long. So b4 it came out i already upgraded to a black one. I really love it especially with Android not iOS anymore. 

    Thank you for your time

  • Anonymous

    The Samsung Galaxy SII was my first smartphone. I don’t regret buying it because everything it provides everything I need. A fast phone for Social Networking, taking pictures and videos, playing games, checking general news and sports scores. It’s awesome!!!

  • Jeannette Laframboise

    I absolutely LOVE my Galaxy! It is the best machine ever and yes I consider it a machine. It is of great quality and does everything I need it to do. Thanks so much for the chance to win, much appreciated!!

  • Jonathan Wright

    The GS2 is my 3rd android phone. It was tough to leave my humbled nexus one but this phone is a monster. I have had my GS2 for 2 months now and cant stop looking for new ways/roms to make this beast even better…Now I just need a new case to protect it..lol

  • Masonbehnke

    The Galaxy S II has been a phone I’ve been drooling over since it was first unveiled. My first smartphone was a Galaxy S 4g and I didn’t think it could get better than that. A few months later and what do I see? Oh. It’s like my phone but more up to date, bigger, better, and faster in every single way. I recently forked over a huge chunk of change because I couldn’t take it anymore. I had been a cell phone enthusiast for awhile and to own this phone, I can’t describe it. I take a lot of pride knowing I have one of the best phones to ever grace this planet. It’s flawless. TouchWiz 4.0 is gorgeous, the Super AMOLED Plus display is flawless, and the speed of it can’t be touched.

  • MKT

    The GS2 is my wife’s very first smartphone.  It is quite the upgrade
    from her last phone, the Motofone . . . that’s right . . . the zombie
    apocalypse survival phone.  Here’s the reason why it took her so long
    to get a smart phone:  she’s visually impaired – as in legally blind.

    Believe it or not touch screens are not the most intuitive things in
    the world for a blind person to use.  To top it all off, she is one of
    those people who gets easily frustrated with technology.  None of the
    accessability features out there are really right for her, and most
    have a long way to go before they’re actually usable.  but the android
    ecosystem has bred a few apps and launchers that help to simply the
    phone’s usage for her.

    The Galxy S II has a large screen (well, its certainly not the Note,
    but it is bigger than my G2x) that she can see the large buttons well
    enough (she uses big launcher).  It’s light weight, so she doesn’t
    mind throwing it in her little purse.  We’re still trying to figure
    out the best and most accesable ways for her to use it, but it has
    great potential.

    What she does need however is a case.  She has a tendency to drop
    things, step on them, beat them repeatedly with a hammer, etc – so a
    case is a must.  Here’s hoping we win!  Thanks!

  • Lacey

    The galaxy s II is just what the name suggest a sequel….a phone that was awesome before that they had to take into the lab revamp, resize, and reintroduce to the world. The S II is so nice as a sequel that we sometimes forget that it had a predecessor but what I like most about it is that Samsung didn’t forget they took all the essentials, the clarity of the screen, the responsiveness of touch wiz, the uniqueness of the software and the coolness of android enlarged the screen and tada gave us the sII and it’s super light. It’s a beautiful device.

  • L8shift

    The SGS2 has the toughest, largest, and sharpest screen. The camera takes awesome pics.  It has the slimmest profile of any phone on the market.  It makes any other device seem like a toy.

    Combine it with the fastest speeds and most reliable carrier in the world, TMO, and you have a marriage made in heaven. 

  • Joseph M.

    I got my new GSII and posted online about how it was mah valentine because of how great it is, and it is a wonderful phone. I upgraded from a MyTouch 3G.

    The morning after I posted it, I got a text from my crush of about a year asking essentially that even though she is not a Samsung, could she be my Valentine? It took me a bit to figure out what to say, but I am hers and I like to think my excitement over my new phone played some part in it all. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, and it would be hard to keep up with my sweetheart without a working phone. Thank you for listening.

  • Cindy

    My husband is super clumsy.  If he has a new shirt, there is something to be spilled onto it.  Something on the floor, he is guaranteed to step on it.  Huge 82 pound dog laying around, he will trip over him.  I bought him a Galaxy S II, he loves it!  We have two daughters, one in college and one about to leave for college.  They had complained constantly that he never answered his not smart phone.  Now that he has his Galaxy S II he keeps in touch with them through texting, Facebook, pictures, and calling.  However, knowing how clumsy he is, this phone is going to meet it’s demise when he drops it (which he will) because he didn’t get a case.  Yet…

  • Will J.

    I have bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 on the day it was released ,still have 17 months of payment, but there is not one day I am not using it, especially at my job, that I often have to deliver muti. packages to customer in less then a hour or so, my GalaxyS2 save me dozens of times,I need a phone that keep me connected , larger over size screen to read  the map,WiFi calling when I am at a location have no cell tower near me…..now I have 6 batteries keep me going every 2 1/2 days, ,and I just upgraded to the new 5G DATA PLAN,,, I love my GALAXY S2 and the great value that TMOBILE is offering….with 5 phone lines for my family….what more can I ask ?

  • Brianepatt85

    So many reasons why I love this phone.. I love the scree the most. Im a security guard and all I do is watch movies and search the web at work now. I use to buy portable dvd players all the time. Portable dvd players only last for like 6 months if u watch them for 5 hours a day, 5 days a week. With its 16gb internal and my 32 gb micro SD I have a huge awesome library of media goodness. Big screen also makes web browsing awesome with its like wifi fast 4g speeds. Thats not even mentioning playing games on the beast! So I love this phone cuz it makes my sucky job suck less. I’m @ work right now actually. Graveyard sucks :-

  • Cie

    Ummm…let’s see here.  It’s like a little mini television, plus it’s super fast.  I can’t seem to put it down.  I literally have to tell myself I’ve been on it WAYYYYYYYY too much.  Lol.

  • what’s not to love about this phone.  I’ve worked my way up to it.  I’ve had the OG G1, then the Vibrant, then the Galaxy S 4G and now this.  I absolutely love it.  I waited for the white one to come out and I can’t put it down.  I am constantly streaming movies and shows and the giant screen is the envy of all my friends.  What’s missing is the fancy case that you will be giving me as a prize, right?

  • Wondercoolguy

    I love my galaxy s2 because it lived up to the hype. Big screen, great design, and fast phone. I feel that the sgs2 can actually can keep me happy for the two years until my next upgrade, which is its most important feature…..

  • Randy

    pathetic nonsense!

    • Thanks Randy, dynamite drop-in!

  • John

    I want this!! :)  I promise to do good and also donate my current phone (ROMd HTC Vision Z) to a person who will appreciate it but cannot afford a new phone.

  • Rawshadtx

    I went from a Sensation to Galaxy SII, my Sensation kept rebooting itself over and over again. Now that I got the SII I love it. Better screen quality, never had an issue yet and,when I walk around outside, people asalways asks me what kinda phone is that. Best phone ever!

  • nice case

  • Susan

    Here’s the deal.  The Samsung Galaxay S2 is the best phone out there.  I’m constantly on it.  The only problem is that it belongs to my boyfriend. He’s so tired of me playing with his phone all the time that we are heading out to get MY phone this weekend! =)

  • Will

    Beats out iPhone any day

  • Anonymous

    The whole family is sporting the Galaxy S II , 5 great phones on a great network.

  • Tash

    i love the samsung galaxy because it is a power house and the best phone out. It has a dual core processor, 4.4 in screen, 8mp camera, easy video watching…..you can do so much with this phone

  • Anonymous

    My husband and I needed something for work and play.  The vivid screen of the Galaxy S II makes it easy for us to see and the do what we need to go to get things done on our phone.  Our friends are always asking what phone we are using after seeing it and now we can’t keep our son from playing on it…cause he loves using it too.

  • Carlos Santiago

    The Galaxy S ll is my first smartphone and the first time I’ve had a phone with internet. I’m still learning how to use it and it is an awesome learning experience! 

  • Steve Molton

    I love so so so so so much having the Galaxy S II. I was recently staying at my Aunts house for three days. She is in a nursing home and I have been maintaining her yard and upkeep on the house for her. My mother asked if I had internet installed at the house because she had seen I was making posts on Facebook. Why would I do that when I have great 4G internet service on my Galaxy S II. Great screen, watched videos, played games, social networking, check email, listened to music and so so so so so much more. With a Seidio T-Mobile Galaxy S II Active Case, my phone will feel like royalty wrap in that beautiful purple case. 

  • Carla7216

    First let me begin by saying, “I LOVE TMOBILE” the Representatives that I’ve dealt with were absolutely amazing! To me, my Samsung GA II (T989), is the best phone I’ve owned! This phone goes above and beyond what I have imagined. The speed, the software, the storage, the apps, have all been marked in high standards in my opinion. My GS2 has been working great since I purchased it last year. To me it’s way better than the IPhone and it’s SIRI! Hands down! I wouldn’t trade my phone for any other unless there is an upgrade to my GS2 that surpases all my expectations! Go Team Tmobile! A+++++ in my book! My prayers are with you all. God Bless You!

  • Mikecvtm

    I love my galaxy s!! Im a mechanic and its very helpful when I google for dianostic code on the go or watch YouTube for “HOW TO” locate parts while working on the car. The big screen help out alot and I forgot to mention the galaxy s2 processor is stupid insane fast and battery life is awesome.

  • E Haynesworth

    Hello the name is Earnest, walked into a t-mobile store to pay my monthly bill, As i was about to pay my bill i turned my head left just to take a peak at the phone display only thing is i couldn’t turn my head back to bill screen, my eyes were monkey glued to this beautiful bright gigantic memorizing device, store clerk whispering its the best in my ear (repeatedly), long story short I bought the SGS2 went home tried to call my mom to tell her the good news and was greeTed with the infamous “your t-mobile service has been temporarily suspended” i forgot to pay the bill! Lol i love my t-mobile galaxy s2, best phone known to man!

  • James Guaragna

    I could have gotten the GSII for ANY carrier at all. But I chose TMOBILE because I am a 7 year member of the TMO family. I waited for this phone to come out for so long in the U.S. and replaced my Nexus S which was near and dear to my heart. BEST DECISION EVER! This phone does it all. It’s like Michael Jordan in Space Jam. Or Bow Wow in ‘Like Mike’. Or the Road Runner, because we all know that the iPhone is Wiley Coyote. This case looks awesome and I would rock it proudly! GSII for the win!

  • I just ordered my Galaxy S2 it will be here on Tuesday! I cannot wait to use it to manage my websites! It would be nice to win the black Seidio Active! Good luck to all!

  • James

    I love the gs2 because it makes iphone fans wet their pants. Provide competition there by help drive prices down. Thanks for the closest thing to a iphone killer. :)

  • Diazjustin75

    I love my galaxy s 2 its amazing. The big screen is very nice especially when you watch a movie or watch a video on youtube, the colors and picture is just incredible. The swipe works great I love it cause its a lot faster then hitting esch button and I just love it. The battery life is out of this world on one full charge I can use my phone for almost two full days its incredible. These are just a few reasons why I love my galaxy s 2!!!!

  • JC

    My Galaxy S 2 is an essential part of my life.  Raising two kids in sports, school, after school activities…..I need a phone that would provide me the resources to effectively and efficiently communicate with them and their busy schedules.  And let us not forget mine as well.  Having the ability to access countless resources via the phone has saved my life. :)

  • John in PC

    I love my GS2 because it beats the heck out of my gen 1 Moto Razr. :)

  • AmyH

    I have been a Blackberry user for 5 years and finally, in December, I made the switch to the GSII. Best decision ever!  I use it for everything!  Look up stocks, recipes, weather, news, movie facts – even divorce papers.  Been with T-Mobile since since ’98 when it was VoiceStream.  

  • Bayoubasmaster

    This is Galactic……this is out of this world

  • I love my galaxy s2’s huge, vibrant super amoled display. Even though many people complain about the size of the screen, I can’t seem to live without it now. I also love how slim the phone is, it goes in and out of my pockets easily. People ask me if I had the iPhone 4s all the time, I just tell them no it’s better, it’s a galaxy s2! I don’t know how well the snapdragon processor fares against the exynos Iprocessor, but I think the performance is quite superb. Scrolling through home screens is smooth, loading pages in the browser is quick on 4G, high quality or HD games also run really nicely. I don’t see any other phone that I would want to use for a while, granted the galaxy nexus is only on Verizon, and I plan to stick with Tmo for quite a while longer.

  • Lanford17

    My wife and I have three daughters,( ages 8 months, 11 years, and 16 years). I love them all dearly, and they pretty much rule my life. They do however take over the house when they are home. My Galaxy S2 is the only control that I have, it is my microcosm of entertainment, my escape. I super love this phone !!!!

  • Smilingbulldog

    The Galaxy S II saved my life. I tried bacon but that was a big let down. With the Galaxy I can be myself. Sometimes we just sit together quietly without saying a word. That’s how you really know your are right for each other. Sometimes we even catch ourselves saying the same things; Jinx!

  • EB

    My galaxy s II is the only phone that can help relieve my sexual tension. Anywhere. Anytime. ;)

  • Edrnmike

    I use my Galaxy S2 to look up drugs and procedures as an RN practicing in a busy ER. It is faster and more portable than the many books I would have to have at bedside. I also use the great display to show medical information and pictures.

  • Maaguilar

    Three Galaxy SII is amazing! I love the screen and the speed! I’d love to replace my current phone with the GSII!

  • Felix Rosario

    I love when i sit next to someone with an iphone on the bus and my screen just looks 10 times better

  • Flakita12

    Samsung Galaxy SII better than apple TMO for life yo!

  • Ellemmarr

    Ive rocked Galaxy devices since the Vibrant and the GS2 is by far the best phone Samsung has made. When I show off Celeste (Yes I have named my GS2) I tell people I don’t know why I would change it because it does absolutely everything I need and more. The huge Super Amoled screen, the exceptional camera, the speed of the device, and the great (well better than most) battery life is what makes me so happy with my phone. The next GS might have a bigger screen, faster processor and maybe even a stylus pen, but my GS2 is riding with me for the long haul.

  • chris zimmerman

    I first grew to love Android with my G1, then the HTC G2 when it came out.  When my G2 died, I made the switch from an HTC phone to Samsung, and I have to say, I’m thoroughly impressed.  The build quality is excellent, and the specs on this phone rock.  I was trying to hold out buying a new phone until the quad-core phones came out, but after rockin’ my Galaxy S2 now for about a month, I don’t foresee any reason to have to upgrade until this phone just plain out dies.  Extremely responsive, excellent display, and battery life has been decent as well.  I’ve suggested to everyone I know that this is by far the best phone I’ve ever owned, and have strongly recommended it to other!! 

  • Jason

    I like my GSII so much I got my wife one too!

  • Julia

    My daughter really would love to have this one!

    • Tbyrne

      Well then, tell David why and maybe you’ll get one!

  • I love my Galaxy S II. The screen is great. The phone is so light. I just got one and I’d love to have a new case!

  • Randy McCamman

    The Galaxy S II has been a lifesaver for me.  It allows me to stay in communication with my children.  I can see where they are.  When we travel, its no longer “Dad, how long before we are there”, now with the GPS functions, I can give them a definite answer and no longer are we getting lost.  The kids stay entertained with the huge amount of apps and games and movies this phone has.  The screen is so big, that I don’t have to squint my eyes to read it.  It’s an amazing phone!!!

  • Carlostorres9515

    I helped my friend find out that her iPhone 4 wasnt 4G with my super duper Galaxy S II

  • Krazyaz

    Id love to win a case the gs2 lets me talk with my family overseas when im at school via skype its the oonly time their on

  • Ashsterling78

    I love my galaxy s II. I went from having an old out dated small little phone to this big screen and very powerful one. It keeps me updated with all my friends at super fast 4g speeds. I’m always on the go and it’s nice to have a phone that can keep up with me. Now I just need an awesome case that can protect it.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t carry a tablet or a GPS or a video player or crayons for my grandson, who lives with me, or a dozen other devices that others might carry, cause my Galaxy SII does everything… and beautifully. My t989 wakes me in the a.m. I read the news in the morning after answering all my email. I check my schedule for the day, upload the photo of the cake my grandson helped make for my birthday yesterday to my Facebook, send my daughter a text message via my Google voice account, navigate to my first appointment and share my ideas with the photos and videos on my t989. I went for coffee and looked up the current value of my home and suggested amount for renting it out my taxes. I used Google search to resolve a dispute with my friend over how old Jennifer Aniston is. After picking up my grandson from school, we went for lunch and he used my phone to read his picture books, play his games and doing coloring. I did let him watch a little “kids TV”. At his bedtime we read a couple of his picture books together and when I put him to bed I relax with my Galaxy SII doing what every comes to mind. At 64 years old, this beautiful screen is easy to see and the colors are beautiful. The screen is big enough to enjoy everything and the device is small and light enough to enjoy carrying around. It’s the most used thing in my house and I can’t imagine my life without it.

  • TangoCharlie

    After Palm and Windows Mobile my GSII is my first Android phone.  When people ask what it is, I tell them it’s “my right hand and part of my brain.” I have over 2000 contacts and rapidly growing because it’s so easy to add new ones through gmail. As a field service tech, I’m constantly using it for calls, text, email, navigating, web, and even for remote access of client devices. The speed and power make it SO much better than any phone I’ve used before and I’ve lot count of the number of apps… I had to make a folder just for all my astronomy apps!  (try a HUD app for location, elevation and azimuth!)  Add Netflix and Crunchyroll (anime) and I’ve got everything I need in one place.

  • Melissa_robbins56

    It’s an amazing phone!

  • Mspri730

    I love my galaxy s 2….it is like a mini pc at the palm of your hands. I don’t use my computer anymore because I can do everything on my galaxy s 2. Love the big screen, the apps, how fast it is. I just love everything about it. I even got two of my friends to get it and they love it!

  • Darius Nguyen

    light, fast and sexy … “that’s what she said”

  • Charles-Lee Howard

    The Galaxy S2 is an AMAZING phone, in which I am able to do a myriad of things without have ANY delay time. Its the easiest phone to multi-task, and it allows me to send and receive through various manners of communication information domestic and globally. So much so that 2 co-works, 1 friend, and my mother (who lives abroad) bought the device (various networks) and MORE than happy with purchase, and I have more rethinking their iPhone purchase and/or think about when they renew their contract to go Galaxy S3 (since the speculated to be release soon). The Galaxy line of phone ARE amazing and now pondering to acquire the Galaxy Pad 11.6! 

  • Fiasco43

    My galaxy s2 is the first 4g phone ive ever owned. From watching netflix while on my lunch break to finding my sons doctors office to listening to my entire music catalogue via google music, I LOVE this phone. Its ridiculously fast. I get to take hd photo/video of my two year old with the 8mp camera. All my calenders are synced. Multiple emails synced. Blazing fast internet. Love it!!!!

  • Harieoliver@Yahoo.com

    I love my galaxy a II so so so so so much I went out and bought the Samsung galaxy tablet and TV as a computer monitor. I loooovvvveee my galaxy s II

  • Blackberrypearl9100

    The gs2 allowed me to stay connected to my college friends. It is amazing how one aspect of my life can have life altering changes. Please give me the case so that I can keep the nexus between my friends and I open. 

  • Aln0118

    I love my Galaxy S II because its big and beautiful display allows me to watch movies when I’m out camping. I also was able to strap it to my forehead with a headband and record video in 1080p as I scaled rocks on a mountain. It almost fell though, so I need a hard and strong case to protect it…I wonder where I can get one.

  • I love my galaxy S2 because it’s fast and smooth.  Much better than my old phone.

  • David Barros

    This is the nicest phone out there I really like it.

  • EddieT

    Sometimes I can be a little hard of hearing due to all the concerts I’ve been to without hearing protection. Yesterday, a friend introduced me to the Purple VRS apk. I’ve always wanted to learn sign language but it was always too difficult & time consuming, so I never got around to it. Today, I used this app to communicate with a deaf person! He had an iPhone. He saw me multi-tasking with my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S2 on public transit, and wanted to know what kind of phone I had. At first, we couldn’t communicate at all which was very frustrating. But, once we started using Purple VRS, it was LIFE CHANGING! For the first time in my life I was communicating easily and fluidly with out having to know sign language. Awesome! I would not have been able to do this on my former non-android.

    At home, my roomies are always complaining that I use the desktop computer too much, since they fear having to pay $$ for a huge electricity bill.. now, I spend most of my time on my Tmo Samsung Galaxy S2 via WIFI access, anywhere and every where WIFI access is available, significantly reducing my desktop computing use and making me 100x more productive. I’m so glad I bought extra batteries and an external battery charger, it’s so easy and smart to take extra charged batteries for unlimited use of this phone. Without my Samsung Galaxy S2, I wouldn’t be as successful as I have been these last few days of owning it! It’s like a whole new adventure now that I have it! :)

  • Anonymous

    Well, the SGS2 WOULD be my favorite phone if I had one!  Actually, I’m considering using my upgrade eligibility that becomes available next month.  This would probably clinch the deal, don’t you think???

  • Mcatmadness

    The samsung galaxy s 2 has been an amazing phone. I was able to download MCAT apps that help me to study for the MCAT and to pursue my dreams as a physician. This phone has also helped me in class because I can record lecture notes in order to ensure that I don’t miss a beat in class. I also take great photos in lab with my 8mp camera, which helps on practical exams in physiology. This case would be a great way to make sure nothing happens to those crucial apps and would help me on my journey to becoming a compassionate physician. I hope I win. 

  • Timothy Hu

    I love my GS2. Made me give up my Blackberry 9700 and jump off the sinking ship finally. Night and day!

  • Handoyo

    I love my Galaxy S2….The screen is large enough for movies, but it’s still fits perfectly in the pocket. It’s fast, light, and very customizable (well all android phone are very customizable). All in all….best purchase I made last year!

  • Tkerwin206

    I love my Galaxy S2 because it has literally helped me watch my nephew grow up even though we are so far away. With my sister having the same phone I am allowed to video chat with my nephew all the time to keep in touch! I also get to receive excellent quality photos and videos of my nephew  through picture message on a daily basis. Im really glad I have A galaxy S2

  • Currently I have a G2 – so a free phone that is better would be nice – pick me.

  • Alexihedz

    I love my galaxy s II because when I take it out it makes other phones small and cheap

  • Killah123

    I would tell you how obsessed i am with my galaxy s 2 but I’m at the store playing with the demo until it arrives to my house x) lol

  • Scott Goates

    Dark was the day last October when I bricked my beloved Samsung Galaxy S phone during an unfortunate rooting misadventure.  “I told you so!” scolded my wife, and I knew that the chances of my getting a new phone approved in the household budget were slim.
    Then I thought of an idea that my wife, always supportive of my efforts at self improvement, couldn’t possibly refuse.  I struck a deal that if I lost 20 lbs., I could buy a new phone.
    When the cookies came out, or ice cream was served, or even when candy canes decked the tree, the thought of a brand new Samsung Galaxy SII with AMOLED display stayed my hand! 
    Even though I still had 10 lbs. to go when I learned about the “Find the Elf” challenge on this blog, I convinced my wife to go for it (I had to work).  When the Elf tweeted that he was at a t-mobile store about 3 miles away from us in Atlanta, my heoric wife threw our three kids into their carseats and made haste to find the elf!  She was the second to the store and WON a FREE GALAXY SII PHONE!
    For two months after winning her SIM card occupied my precious phone as I swore off chips and sugary soda, imagining the day when that huge screen and 4g speed would be mine.  Finally, last week, after 4.5 months I reached the goal!  My SIM was placed in it’s rightful spot inside the exquisite technological marvel that is the Galaxy SII.  After one week of using the phone, I recognize that every missed serving of creme brule and christmas fudge was worth it!
    The only thing that could make this phone any better would be a Seidio case!  I figured we already won a free phone thanks to tmonews, why not try for the free case as well!

  • Ca$h

    sweet cases! 

  • Michellecheung168

    Hey guys. I had a cheap pre paid phone before I got the samsung galaxy s 2! I love the front facing camera because I can keep up with my bff’s without paying extra fees….unlike some other carriers. Major love for tmo and tmonews. Holla!

  • PLZ pick me i really need a case ford my phone

  • My GSII does everything I ask it. Tether me up so I can work out of the office, check, at a glance widgets to know what time it’s in Syndey, check. One touch check of traffic or turn by turn directions, check.  Sync music anywhere, check.  Side-load my companies apps, easily. I find my iphone is more a toy than a work horse. 

  • Ron

    Well, well, well!!  I just received my new white GS2 last week.  And it is AWESOME!!  It replaced my old Blackberry Curve.  Everyone has been raving about this phone and I now understand why.  It looks amazing and has amazing performance!  I have a friend that has it in black, he saw my white one and said that he likes it so much better in white.  I have friends that have the iPhone and “oohh and ahhh” over it and say “the screen is so big!”  They’ve been Samsung’d!!

    The phone was well worth the wait.  And by that I mean it was quite the ordeal getting the phone!  I’ve been with T-Mobile for 9 years.  I finally pulled the trigger to get the new GS2 on Jan. 31st 2012.  Then a few days later on TmoNews, I see that there is going to be an amazing sale on the 11th of Feb.  Good thing that I check TmoNews daily for any new tidbits and insider info.  So of course when my new white GS2 shows up on the 6th of Feb. I don’t even get to open it.  I call T-Mobile and was told I have to send the phone back and re-purchase on the 11th to get it “free.”  When I order it on the 11th, everything seems fine.  Then on the 12th, I receive an email that says “BACKORDER”.  BUMMER!  Finally on the 17th, the phone arrives back on my doorstep, literally.  So I have to leave work on my lunch break to go home and save it from the elements.  J 

    I now understand why everyone loves the phone.  I use it all the time!  So nice to be able to access the web, check email, get traffic updates, use GPS to get me where I’m going, watch videos, and on and on.  Now that I have such a nice phone, I’m always so worried about it!  I sure wish I had an awesome Seidio case to protect my awesome phone.  Hopefully, TmoNews can make that happen!  My fingers are crossed.
    Thanks for reading!

  • David

    Coming from a 5 year old nokia handset, I think the galaxy s ii is hands down the best, if not for the
    only reason that I can check the bus schedule live on an app so I know
    the absolutely last minute on when I can leave the house every morning.

  • Carreraporsche991

    great phone. would love a durable case for you gs2 so that it doesn’t crack. hope i win.

  • Ianhu

    Just bought the Samsung Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile) for about a month now and it can do a lot more than any Smart Phones I have used in the past (Windows Mobile, Palm, Blackberry).  Now I can do the following list of tasks and this is a true Laptop/Tablet replacement!  I still need to figure out (some features) so if any readers can point me/post links on the comment will be GREAT!

    1.  Now I can get all my e-mails (web based Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo) all through download Apps!
    2,  All contacts are in one single place (Can’t figure out how to sync/consolidate them as one contact so there are many duplicates here, any HELP will be great!).
    3.  Voice call is awesome and works perfect for VoIP calls too using Google Voice.
    4.  Will try Video call using Qik or Skype (anyone knows if I can video call others who has iPhone face time?)
    5.  For work related, it’s awesome to view docs and search info!  Using a scanning app is awesome as it reduce all the paperwork, just take snap a shot using camera and turns it into PDF!  My dentist was impressed by not asking them to photocopied what I have signed.  The scan/bar code feature is awesome, will try NFC next (any suggestions on NFC will help!)
    6.  For fun related, I can get music streaming, video, TV etc.  Games I only play Sniper so I can’t really tell.  I already impressed a musician friend about the video quality here HD 1080!
    7.  For learning, it’s awesome as I download tons of free apps to quickly learn new things.  Fortune telling is now my favorite new apps :)
    8.  Tools, from flashlights to sirens, this can truly be a survival tool for everyone!
    9.  I bought a 32 GB Class 10 micro SD, plus the built in 16 GB memory for storage, it comes to a total of 48 GB.  Just signed up Box with their free 50 GB cloud storage so now I can scale close to 100 GB but probably want to use Box to back up the phone.
    10. Also need to setup Tethering (I was told there will be extra$ when using SG2 as WiFi hot spot), anyone has tried (using USB direct connect to PC or download apps like PDAnet?  Please comment on which one works!

    Other than the 32 GB micro SD, I also bought a screen protector and case, just ordered MHL adapter to try HDMI to my TV.

    Overall, the Samsung SG2 works great for at least 30+ different purposes (camera, camcorder, MP3 player, Phone, PDA, Tablet etc. too many to list…)  I think Google Android together with Samsung really made a break through with high quality all in one device (true 3rd screen revolution).  I prefer this over the Nexus series as additional external storage is a BIG PLUS!

    Some suggestions, battery life is real short and charging time is about 2 hours (from under 30% back to 100%).  If accesories maker like Seidio can come up with a case that will fit larger battery (new back cover) will be awesome.  The down side of SG2 is the back cover was really cheaply made like paper card board.  You definitely need a case to protect your investment!


    • EddieT

      @Ianhu.. the back cover of the SGS2 is made with a proprietary durable-plastic.. it won’t just break all of a sudden. if u having problems with battery life.. try backing up all ur data and then factory reset the phone (no need to re-format).. this will reset it so that the software starts fresh.. doing so may help with ur battery life, it has also helped others with signal strength. other suggestions: download Sync OnOff, SilentMode, Norton Utilities, Screen Filter.. with these on a non-rooted SGS2 T989, i get a full day worth of battery life. I also suggest buying several extra batteries and an external battery wall/usb charger, so u can charge batteries on the go and have unlimited use of the phone :)

    • EddieT

      answers to your questions:

      #4: try skype, tango, or google talk, etc..
      #5: google wallet, bump
      #6: try modern combat
      #10: upgrade to Tmobile’s FREE unlimited hotspot w/5GB Classic plan

  • Christian Jacob

     I was able to upgrade my G2 to a Samsung Galaxy S II because I saw the TMONEWS post about the Valentines Day sale!  Not only is it a beast of a phone but it was free!  The screen is ridiculously beautiful, performance unmatched (for the time being), and is the best phone I have ever owned.  My even toddler loves QIK video chatting with my wife’s Samsung Galaxy S II with me when I’m at work too! Only thing to make this phone better is a new free case and the Ice Cream Sandwich update!

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  • Peter Choe

    Galaxy S2 is my favorite phone!!!! even though i don’t have it…. DARN YOU HTC SENSATION, THAT I UPGRADED TO 6 MONTHS AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Dkcomputes

    The galaxy s II is the best phone on the planet. It has everything that one needs in a smartphon. A++ all the way around.

  • Bantar76

    My teenage son whined long and loud enough to get a Galaxy S II. I drool when I see it, and have phone envy. It seriously needs a case so that when I inherit it from him it will be in perfect contition, instead of all scratched up. 

  • Anonymous

    The Galaxy S II is the best phone because you can “Samsung” iPhone users the way I did at my job. Whipped that bad boy out and co-worker/iPhone user: “Damn that’s a big a** phone, looks like a TV screen.” Lol Other comments I got were, “that’s not a phone, its a window pane.” And I just sit back like, “yea baby, that’s how I roll.” Lol

    Sidenote: I really want this case and I refuse to pay what its going for on Amazon.

  • Rosario

    My sister has a Galaxy S II and everyday I see myself playing with it. While I love my G2 (still on contract), something about the Galaxy S II keeps drawing me in. If I win this case I’ll give it to my sister to make up for me hogging her phone.

  • After having a G1 for too long, I got a used Mytouch 3g slide to old me over until this phone came out. This is what I had been waiting for. The Samsung Galaxy SII has been the phone that has finally ended my “phone envy.” Even with the Galaxy Nexus and the new HTC phones announced, I am not interested in anything over my SGS2. Phone envy works the other way. Now everyone at the department I work for has one.

  • Solacebutterfly

    My boyfriend probably loves his Galaxy S II more than he loves me. This phone is so great it has almost completely replaced his laptop. I’d love to see him with this case to help him protect his investment (which cost him somewhere around $600 with T mobile).

  • the galaxy s2 is the best phone on tmobile so far. thin and fast with a beautiful screen, what more could you want?

  • WRXM33

    Using this phone without protection

  • Adidasmufc

    Not being an Apple fan-boy in the Bay Area is about as common as being a Sarah Palin (who is most decidedly hot btw!). It’s all “i-this” and “i-that” and “why isn’t there an Apple app for it?” from people who can’t even change the default ringtone (sit in a coffee shop and see how many people reach for their phones when the default Apple ringtone goes off!). These are probably the same people who bought SUVs, did Spinning, tried Salsa Dancing and now do Pilates.

    So whilst sitting in a pub listening to a bunch of Appleots proclaim the iPhone as the inventor of the internet, the cure for cancer and everything else Al Gore took the credit for, I decided I had enough and took out my Galaxy SII.

    The first thing everyone said was that the phone was huge! And compared to an iPhone it is, but once you hold it in your hand, it neither feels heavy or big.

    Then I switched it on for them. The SuperAMOLED screen can actually be viewed in daylight! All of a sudden, the Appleots became quieter. Just to rub it in, I launched Vlingo (Samsung’s great voice app) and sent one of the group a text message “by voice” whilst they were sitting there.

    Just to rub it in, I asked them how much their iPhone cost as I popped out the 32GB SD card and played with it in my hand.

    I reduced them to silent awe.

    Fortunately, this happened over the course of 5-10 minutes because the battery life on the SII sucks!

    Can’t have everything I suppose but a neat case (in Black please?) with a kickstand would be one more step towards nirvana…

  • Jay

    My 1 month old nephew likes to watch movies and listen to annoying baby music on my galaxy s2. Mind you he hates them on the iphone and my ipad. Yes, 1 month old!

  • Mudasir

    The Samsung Galaxy S II has made my life more simple, more efficient, and so much more fun. The ease of using this phone from checking my email, to listening to music, or capturing something amazing that happens in a 1080p video is just amazing. This phone has not only captured my friends attention by the beautiful screen but also by its ability to perform without showing any type of lag that may come in other phones. The Samsung Galaxy S II is one of the best phones hands down! 

  • I have been a die hard Apple “fan boy” for quite some time, all the way from the very first iPhone, and always on t-mobile. After the dissapointment with the release of the 4s, i decided this year i would give android a try. One of the best decisions of my life, every single aspect of the phone is better than the iPhone. The 4g is faster than my dorm internet, the AMOLED screen is the best, and the battery life is actually not bad, considering i’m always playing on my phone now. It feels the same way it did moving from the 3gs to the iPhone 4, in a way that just holding the phone off you know this new phone is just of a completely different technology that didn’t exist when the older phone was available. Going from and iPhone 4 to the GSII was the same effect.

  • Ingloriouseeker

    This phone has been a
    god send. My first phone ever was a blackberry pearl 8100. I loved using that
    device and have been using it for four years. But, it was falling apart after
    years of usage. I wanted to get a new blackberry, but I was not going to shell
    out over 300 for a bold 9900. So I accidentally discovered the samsung galaxy s
    2. Let me tell you, it was a blessing in disguise that I didn’t go with another


    My favorite thing about
    this phone is the screen. It is sharp, clear, and precise. Hard to explain, but
    the screen is just amazing. The colors just pop. The camera is amazing. It has autofocus, which is something I that was lacking in the bold 9900. All in all, I have been surprised by my phone. 

  • Controlzx2

    I just like the fact with this phone, I dont need to carry my laptop around. haha

  • Eldon

    The Galaxy S II made me happy after my HTC G2 got stolen, kinda glad it got stolen now haha, cause I have this awesome phone now!

  • Wildcats4

    Love my Samsung Galaxy S II!  I purchased this baby during the T-Mobile Valentine sale.  Formerly used a Blackberry 9700 Bold.  Now I have a Big Beautiful Screen.  Fast.  Has everything I need…………except for a case which I hope to win!

  • BmcSherry

    I’ve just began using my Galaxy SII this past January. It began after the untimely disappearance of my Vibrant this past New Years, let’s just say a large quantity of liquor was involved. To date I can honestly say it is the best phone I have ever used. Everything is fast, smooth, glitch free. I’ve even been able to restrain myself from rooting it because, frankly, it’s already powerful on its own! It’s a gorgeous phone, with gorgeous display, powerful innards, and in my area I’ve pulled down 17 mbps via speedtest.net which is impressive by any mobile standard in a large city. I would very much appreciate winning this case.

  • Killerdanachick

    I just my free Galaxy S 2 during the valentines day sale. And I have tmonews to thank. I would love to get a free case with my phone so I don’t break it. I hope I win. <3

  • Lilbrice82

    I have always bn anti have a all touch screen phone till I played wit one of my friends and I just had to have it so the next day I was out shopping at target and a lady was there and she ask me wat phone company I had I said T-Mobile she said we have the SAMSUNG GALAXY II for 100 dollars so I brought it and now u just can’t get me to put it down I really love this phone

  • Brian

    My favorite thing about the phone is swype. It intuitively knows exactly what I want to type and I can spit out texts like mad crazy. I love my sgs2 and would appreciate a case to help protect my baby. Hope I win. 

  • scarfacemario

    As of early this morning I was a G2x owner. Iam now here writing this with my brand new Samsung galaxy s2 (white) from target .. I can’t say how much iam already enjoying the big amoled screen the fact that its white just makes it stand out so nicely I really am loving this phone the only thing that’s missing is a seidio active case which I hope I win from a site that I truly enjoy reading and made me love Tmobile more and more :) thanks David and Tmonews

  • Goobacks

    Loving my white galaxy s2. I’ve had every type of phone and actually just traded my Galaxy nexus for this. Yes I went from 4.0 to 2.3 but this phone is just amazing. I get wifi calling, 4G speeds, big ol 4.5 inch display, nice fast 1.5gHz dual core processor, and to top it off it’s white. Can’t wait until 4.0 is out for it. Here is to hoping I can protect this beauty with one of these cases.

  • Anonymous

    Theirs nothing more satisfying than to have confidence in your phone being able to accomplish tasks for you. The galaxy 2 gives my a sense of capability and how limitless the phone could be. Need a flashlight? Got flash. Also no need for even a high end digital camera with the GS2. I can open an app without worrying about compatibility and that if an app isn’t working optimally for my phone, theirs something wrong with the app, not me. There’s also the future proof aspect of it all. When NFC rolls out in retailers, I’ll be ahead of the curve for a while to come. To wrap it up, I haven’t got a case cause this thing has a sturdy quality plastic build that won’t shatter on impact. This case would keep it in an even more pristine condition.

  • Love my GS-II. I am always connected  to my team, my friends, family and relatives back  home. After I got Gs – II, I never felt I am too far from them. Camera, Navigation, Android Apps, Emails made my life so easy. Without this my life would be dull and boring.

  • Josh N

    After working in the wireless industry for close to eight years, I depend on my phone for a multitude of things. I usually go through more phones in a year than most users will go through in their life, and the Galaxy S2 has never let me down. 

    I’ve owned it and used it exclusively for about 6 months now, which is a personal record for me. 
    – I have three email accounts (Business, school, and personal) on sync 24 hours a day.
    – I use my eBay app to manage my auctions and Google Voice to manage my dedicated Craig’s List phone number, all in the name of helping with my side job (With cell phones. Surprise!). 
    – Being a year away from my Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Google Docs keeps my code available wherever I go.
    – Since finishing my degree meant leaving my home state to move to Vegas, the front camera lets me chat with everyone back home face-to-face, or as close to being face-to-face as I can from this far away.
    – The 1.5 GHz processor keeps all my SGS2 buddies with AT&T and Sprint jealous.

    All these things, coupled with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ speeds, keep me connected and working hard. I’m very careful with my phones, and would love to keep mine looking brand new.

  • Brent

    The CPU, screen and camera were all an upgrade from the atrix 4g I had with AT&T. Along with service that works at my home….

  • Omana2015

    Gorgeous display data speed touch wiz is a heart stopper and the only phone that give me full bars at home big upgrade from blackberry 9700

  • Xavierace

    Look at my phone, now look at your phone, now back at mine. Can your phone match my galaxy s ll’s 1.5Ghz processor speeds? No. Now can it match my phone’s 42mb/s internet speeds? Still no. Enough chit chat. Swan dive! Right into the best time of your life. I speak of course of going to the t-mobile to get yourself one of these bad boys so you can have as much swagger as i do.

    • EddieT

      uhm.. that’s impossible.. how are you getting 42Mbs on a 4G SGS T989? i could imagine that maybe with a SG Nexus 4G LTE on Verizon if you’re close to the towers

  • Syed Ahmed

    The Galaxy S 2 has amazing features and the design is slick. Going to say the size is huge, but when comes down to playing games, surfing, or watching movies- it’s simple the best. It makes connectivity awesome and you feel like you’ve got a one of a kind phone in your pocket. Plus its samsung!

  • Nshafi

    I love my Galaxy S2 despite the fact that i have changed batteries twice and device once via tmobile tech support. Its a phone that i realy want to work. Although it keeps trying not to. But i will make sure i keep using it till it dies or galaxy s 3 comes. 

    • EddieT

      try this: first back up any data you need to save, then go to settings/privacy/factory data reset (no need to reformat). after you do this, reply back here if this helped your situation. :)

  • Anonymous

    Why is my Galaxy S II is your favorite phone ever? 
    Well, that’s a good question. T-Mobile does not offer the iPhone. I was waiting for years for T-Mobile to offer the iPhone. It never happened. As I wept and wept year after year as Steve Jobs did not announce a T-Mobile iPhone, I began to consider Android because Cole Brodman wouldn’t shut up about offering “new and exciting” Android devices and how they compare to iPhone.. blah blah blah. A good friend of mine referred me to the Samsung Galaxy S II. After watching numerous reviews and DogFights from Aaron B. at Phonedog, I knew this was the phone I needed to get. (While I totally ignored Aaron’s recommendation of the HTC Amaze and the iPhone 4S over the SGSII) 

    That night when it arrived at my home, I remember playing around with the phone until around midnight. I was like a kid in a candy store. I loved it. When it was time to hit the hay, I put it down on my bed.

    Now, being the clumsy guy I am, I jumped on my bed (envision a 6’3″ 200 LB man just plopping onto a queen sized bed) and my phone went flying, at least 6 feet. Not to mention my hamburger I had been eating went flying. 

    When the phone landed, I expected the worst. There it was. The screen was facing down. The Galaxy S II logo and the camera facing up. Feeling extremely anxious, I took a bite out of my hamburger that had hit the floor along with the phone. It was cold. I started sweating nervously because I knew that most likely the screen was shattered into a million pieces and I would continue my notorious rep for breaking my new purchases the first day. 

    After bawling for about 10 minutes, I pulled myself together (as my HS junior teacher had told me to do many times in the past) and looked at the screen of the phone. 

    Not a scratch. I was stunned. Thank you Samsung, for making such a durable phone. Thanks to fate for not shattering the phone. I was so happy.

    Why do I need this case? We all know that 9 times out of 10 in that situation, my phone would be dead and I would be making excuses to my mother of why we have another $400 charge. Being the middle class, average Joe I am, you can expect that I don’t have the money to upgrade my phone several times a year. I really got lucky that my phone didn’t break right there. 

    Being a self-esteem enthusiast, I was always made fun of for carrying a prepaid phone around (Samsung T749.) I am a frequently traveling businessman, so just imagine a man in a black suit carrying a briefcase and a fire red phone. Do you know how much I have to sweat just to press down on the touch screen? It is a joke of a touch screen, it’s “resistive,” I’ve been told by a laughing teenager. Think of all the looks I get in airplanes when I am trying to look professional. I have to hide myself in the lavoratory and talk to myself in the mirror!

    I love my Galaxy S II. It is big, bold, and makes me look like a smartphone aficionado. My phone should have been broken. Fortunately, it did not break. I do not have a case on my S II right now. Please protect my phone with this awesome case and prevent my phone from (nearly) breaking again. Help a clumsy and rather low self-esteemed guy out, would ya! 

    (Congratulations if you read this whole thing, I award you with 10 points!)

    • EddieT

      try downloading “Speaktoit Assistant”.. much better than talking to yourself
      in the lavoratory. :) btw, the SGS 2 is made with Gorilla Glass, it’s not impenetrable, but it won’t easily get scratched or break, even if you drop it on cement. :)

  • Angelica A.

    Wow what can I say I just love this phone…I have a one year old baby girl that just won’t go to sleep at night, so ai play lullabies from you tube and she falls asleep looking at the awesome picture quality the galaxy has. I also just baptized my daugfhter and the  galaxy saved me hundreds of dollars, cause instead of paying a photographer to take pics. I had my older son take pictures with my galaxy and they were just of great quality, awesome printable quaity.

  • James Thomas Edwards

    I love the new Galaxy S 2 phone. This phone has all features most phones are missing. This phone could take T- Mobile to the next level and beyond. The sharp quality of this phone is amazing. This is a phone that would be hard to not have in your hands 24/7. I have been a loyal T- Mobile customer for a long time. I am excited they are offering such an amazing phone.

  • Anonymous


  • philly8

    I hope i won! Texas roadhouse comment! dont forget to pick it!.

  • well i didn’t win. oh well.

  • Smiilingbulldog

    Where r the winners posted at?

    • Bstreak83

      Good question.

      • The winners will be announced later!

  • Mnaz105

    Did I win?

    • Bstreak83

      The winners will be posted Monday. Oh, wait, that’s today!

  • Supaspydaman

    Are they posted yet…?

  • Supaspydaman

    Are they posted yet…?

  • CaptainSavi

    My Galaxy S II helped me research medical aid for the elderly person who fell in front of me while I was collecting money for the homeless. It also takes exceptionally great shots of my loyal steed, Betelgeuse.