Is T-Mobile Ready For The Future, 2013 And Beyond?

While yesterdays T-Mobile fourth quarter 2011 financials were by all accounts, less than stellar, the company took the opportnity to lay out aggressive plans for 2012, 2013 and beyond. Utilizing a “Challenger” strategy to reinvigorate the company, T-Mobile’s CEO Philip Humm emphasized the company’s strengths, weaknesses and how both of those will blend into their plans to bring the company back with a fighting spirit.

So I’m asking you, dearest readers of TmoNews, how do you feel about the announcements? Some of you have were quick to say that 2013 is “too late” for LTE. I see your point, it does appear to be too late, although Sprint is still months away form launching their own network as well, but most importantly we can’t ignore their HSPA+ 42Mbps network. While it may not be LTE, especially when it comes to marketing terminology, HSPA+ 42 offers speeds comparable to the LTE networks of Verizon and AT&T. Yes, Verizon and AT&T have more equipment to utilizie their LTE networks, but I think it is safe to say that T-Mobile will introduce a number of HSPA+ 42Mbps ready handsets this year.

I’ve read your comments, but this time I want to put it to an actual vote…did T-Mobile’s announcements yesterday give you hope the company can come back? Before you say it, I know there will be plenty of you acknowledging T-Mobile’s recent JD Power showings and how they need to start fixing those areas first. With the notion that T-Mobile has already indicated their own disappointment in the JD Power awards and their acknowledgment of the work that lies ahead of them, were yesterdays announcements exciting, dull or just so-so?

Vote away!

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  • Sally

    What concerns me is that their planned $4 billion investment pales to what their competitors spend in a normal year in terms of network upgrades.  Both AT&T and Verizon spent well over $20 billion last year alone in network upgrades.  

    With T-Mobile’s higher frequency spectrum they “in theory,” should be spending more.  The fact that they are not tells me they don’t plan to ever cover those rural GPRS sites and will continue to only focus on the most metro of metro areas even with that 16% network expansion they spoke of. 

    T-Mobile should commit to serving their entire footprint with (at the very minimum) HSPA+.  GPRS is so 1990’s and their network upgrades always are half-assed.  They never finish what they start. 

    Their main challenge is getting backhaul to all their sites.  I live in a 42 Mbps area and have had 3G with T-Mobile since 2008.  I live in a metro area yet I can still only get 300-400 Kbps download speeds.  

    The lack of REAL investment and only partial network upgrades that have more holes than swiss cheese is alarming.  

    • Passinthru

      Verizon has 100 million plus and AT&T has somewhere around a 100 million subscribers. Tmobile cannot compete with that kind of money on an equal basis. The have to do the best they can with what the have. I am not sure but they could be fixing her ip to sell,

  • Anonymous

    Phillip Humm inspires no confidence from the workforce he just tried to throw under the bus. “The Challenger Strategy,” as a term, should be outlawed from T-Mobile lingo because it brings to mind bad memories of declining customer service while our CEO was trying to sabotage or sales efforts. T-Mobile has no future until it has a CEO that knows how to GROW a business; all Humm knows how to do is dismantle and sell one. LTE would be great, but the existing network needs to grow and that’s not happening. Humm honestly thinks he can expand profits without expanding the existing footprint. Go back to Germany, dude. Give me Dotson back any day.

    • Daniel

       This was my thoughts.  The “Challenger” strategy is nothing more than “sales, sales, and more sales” being pushed by customer service, with everything else taking a back door.  It’s funny that the Challenger strategy is being pushed as the way to fix things but it’s what started the entire downhill slide with customer service.  That’s not what I would call a great plan.

  • If they don’t come out with good high end Windows Phone device soon I’ll be long gone before 2013.

    • Hudi Grossman


      • Whiskers

        And the future WM 8 tablets that will be coming out this year.
        Not just Android tablets T-Mobile !

    • Bruce Banner

      There are no high end windows phones. All of them are almost identical in terms of specs. Do tell what distinguishes high end from low end in the windows phone world. Before you scream fanboy let me just say that with android you can easily tell high end phones from low end phones. As far as I can tell, with windows phones the only differentiaters are screen size and body material.

  • Anonymous

    I think the idea of waiting to launch a lte network is a solid idea. Let the technology catch up with the service so the battery drain won’t be so great. All you hear now is lte is fast but I can only use it for a few hours. Hspa is plenty fast and doesn’t drain the battery as much. Just because your first at something doesn’t mean your better. Look at Verizon, they’re lte network goes out every other week, who wants to deal with that? Let’s see what mwc has to offer magenta then we will know what direction we’re headed in.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I don’t like Apple, I think getting the next iteration of iPhone is vital to keeping T-mobile moving forward.  There are a lot of Android fans, but a huge bulk of tweens want that pretty iPhone that everyone else has.  And there are a lot of tweens getting service.

    On the Android side, T-mobile needs to keep their strong portfolio there.  The HTC Ville will be a good start.

    The other side of the coin is to keep things affordable and to blow everyone out of the water with awesome customer service.

    My 2¢

  • Mr P

    If anything, it shows that T-Mobile is not gonna actually sell the iPhone but at least have the right network to support the phone unlocked…which I think could work…but at the same time, it just shows DT being typical DT and not really investing in the company the way they should.

  • Hudi Grossman

    Although i agree that late 2013 is way too late for LTE, i think if t-mobile can bring HSPA+ 84mbps handsets in time for the holiday season this year, and LTE to the major markets in early to mid 2013 they can truly make a comeback. I also really like the idea to refarm the HSPA+ off of AWS spectrum and onto 1900 GSM networks so that phones from the at&t network will work on t-mobile at 4G speeds

  • Frankly, I love this. I do agree that they need to expand their national footprint, but from a different standpoint and where I live, I love this. One thing that worries me, however. If they’re changing the 1900 AND 1700 spectrum, what happens to the phones that only runs on one or both of those? Do we just lose signal on our phones? Otherwise, I love these plans and just hope they also bring on the iPhone. I think, if the iPhone DOES come, T-Mobile really could make a comback. Maybe even without the iPhone but who knows. I do really think they need the iPhone. But I do love the LTE plans and stuff. Future here we come! lol.

    • Alex mèno

      You wont lose signal, a small portion of the 2g will still be on 1900 ALONG with HSPA+, and the 1700/2100 band will still have HSPA+ ALONG with LTE 

      • J-Hop2o6

        Exactly. For the first part will look like this:

        2G/GSM/EDGE = 1900/PCS (10MHz)
        3G/WCDMA/HSPA+ = 1900/PCS (20MHz)
        3G/WCDMA/HSPA+ = 1700/AWS (20MHz)
        4G/LTE = 1700/AWS (20MHz)

        Some places might have only 10MHz worth of HSPA+ and/or LTE.

  • Anonymous

    I wanna say “TMO 3G launched late”  but while their HSPA+ may be in league with LTE, the end result of launching late is not a good one.  Being last to launch LTE will probably be worse because right now TMO is losing customers where as years ago they were gaining…

    I’m sticking with em’ though cuz I love the new direction.

  • Kevin

    I am very excited about the network swap up.  I do not want an iphone, but i have been using unlocked Nokia’s (pentaband) since the death of the 09 sidekick.  For those of us on the month by month even more plus unlimited.  The band change open ups so many options for unlocked phones that will not work on the network.  Very cool!

  • Frank316

    Iphone is needed because that’s what the market is dictating.  While I could care less about the Iphone, the fact is that many of my friends, relatives and people I know do have the Iphone or like the fact that they could upgrade to one if the so wish.  Tmobile needs to promote their pricing more than they do and emphasize post-paid customers more so.  Adding the best porfolio of Android phones would not hurt either.  LTE is needed because Apple doesn’t seem willing to adapt to Tmobile’s needs as clients are just leaving to pay more for data someplace else as their need to get an Iphone overides the cost expense.  I think, now that the ATT fiasco is over, Tmobile can focus on the future and would do itself a great favor by purchasing C-Spire as they have the Iphone. 

  • Anonymous

    T-mobile’s problem is really just data coverage. if they can get the equipment to expand out to places that don’t have HSPA+ that would be great. Bit it is a fact that it is easier said than done. Also, they should get rid of classic plans and make the value plans the only choices on contract with subsidized phones. And lastly, they should have annual training for all their employees in order to provide great customer service and purchase experience.

    • Daniel

       If you want T-mobile to go bankrupt then yes you have the perfect strategy.  Get rid of the Classic plans, which are cheaper than everyone else to begin with, and give everyone the Value plans, with subsidies.   They’d have Sprint level of losses each quarter if they did that.  It’s great for you and who cares if they go bankrupt, as long as your happy……right?

      • Anonymous

        With all the losses they have, they are still profitable. So I would doubt heavily that would go bankrupt on just value plans alone. Sprint gained customers and has plans thay still cost more than T-Mobile and they are still hemorraging money since before the iPhone 4S.

        • Daniel

           If they’re going to streamline it then they’ll get rid of the Value plans.  Look at it this way, if they moved just 10 million customers over to the Value plan that would kill the company.  The average savings on the Value plan is $20 per month, when compared to the Classic plan and that doesn’t even figure in all th the people paying more on the older plans.  That’s $200 million dollars in lost revenue per month, or $2.4 BILLION in lost revenue in a year.  Yeah, you’d bankrupt the company, but again, you’d be happy and that’s all that matters.

        • Anonymous

          Even with the math putting in, theres is still other ways that bring in revenue like business plans, data plans for laptops, and other services they offerto bring in revenue. So once again. Going with a value plans only, won’t bankrupt them for it is notthe only thing they have.

        • Mr. Funk

          With the pricing matrix of Classic Plans versus Value Plans, T-Mobile starts to profit within 3 months with those on Value Plans. However, it takes 18 months on the Classic plans. This country has been conditioned to think in terms of subsidized phones, when in reality you can make more by doing the contrary.

        • Anonymous

           The whole point was that he wanted the value plans, with subsidized phones.

        • Mr. Funk

          Understood. It was info for everyone. To TBN27, unfortunately, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Value is the future of T-Mobile and they’ll be pushing everyone to it.

        • Anonymous

          Understood, however i am looking at the point that there are ways you bring in more revenue besides value plans. For example it was said in another article about t-mobiles plan to improve, they will aggressively go for the business customers. Now if doing thus will rake in enough money and increase prices of so? E lf the services like international talk and text, or the data plans, then would it offset the “revenue. Loss? As much as you say they would go bankrupt, something tells me they wouldn’t.

  • Ponce21

    I feel they need a slick and bold look to all there phones take off the t mobile logos everywhere darken up and colorize a bit and stop trying to jib us evrrytime I call customer service and 10 thumbs up lol

  • philly8

    Is T-Mobile ready? Yes! Why? Because people who truly get it know T-Mobile is a great company and has so many options to win big.
    I just tried going with US Cellular received my phone on 2/12/12 had instant problems with the phone having absolutely no service.  I called customer care that turned into 3 days of pure hell.  I’m back with T-Mobile, had some problems with my phone, called customer care where I felt very much valued by every representative I spoke with starting with Milie then to her supervisor Reynaldo to tech support with Kristie, then supervisor David.  It’s funny when you think the grass is greener on the other side to find out the real reason T-Mobile wins all those awards.  I only went to the supervisors to let them know how awestruck I was with the incredible level of customer care I received from both reps.  I even found there is now a fix to the whole wifi calling, and it’s on it’s way to me now.  You can’t go wrong unless T-mobile simply will not work in your area.  For those people I’m sorry for the fact you can’t yet know what it’s like to be treated like the only customer that matters, and that is exactly how they made me feel.  I’ve worked for competitors and their satisfactory level would disgust a T-Mobile employee.  A truly great company to do business with.

    T-Mobile is making money period! Verizon is the evil Empire buying spectrum they do not want or need to contol the market place for example the agreement they signed to buy 3 billion plus worth of LTE aws spectrum from the major cable companies and sell it to them wholesale for their cable customers! Verizon did this just so T-Mobile couldn’t it’s anti competative and anti-American! Who suffers you the comsumer with higher prices and less choices! Att is trying to buy Dish Network just so T-Mobile can’t use their awesome 700mhz LTE spectrum why???? so they can control the market place! I love people wanting a deal and a “i-phone” but not sticking up for the little guy? T-Mobile will get the i-phone eventually pass bankrupt Sprint and become a true American Company doing it with all heart! This plan for 4g is financially responsible and in time T-Mobile will become a real player!

    • Anonymous

      T-Mobile can be great to you all they want, but is it enough to make them survive for many years to come.  They need better management and more resources to fight off the other 2.  They would have both had they been running the business better and bringing in the cold hard cash they need to thrive.  

      Also, you can’t claim greatness from the CS as of late.  I’ve seen many complaints on here speaking very poorly of their cs more than i have ever since following this site.

      Also, AT&T would likely use the 700 mhz and not just sit on it they need it for what they are planning to do and so does vzw.

      The 4G plan isn’t strong enough to really propel them into true competitiveness with the big guys.  In other words it proabably won’t be enough to bring many of the lost customers back and probably not enough to bring herds of customers sitting on the other networks back.  Tmo simply doesnt have the reach as much as they publicize they do.  

      I do respect your belief in tmo, but lets face it.  They are in a tough spot…

    • Ned

       Philly8, thank you so much and I couldn’t agree with you more on all accounts.  I have been a T-Mobile customer since 2002.  I can truly say that anytime that I have called customer care, my experience as a customer has been always been one where the representative that I was speaking with worked head over heals to get any issues resolved as quickly as possible and to completion.  I have never heard any other cell phone customers from other companies that I know speak of similar experiences.  In fact, its always been the exact opposite.  A general rule of business that has been tried and tested time and time again is that if you treat your customers right and provide good customer service,  the rewards will come back to you.  How many cell phone company’s can boast that they do that and have the awards to back up what they say….AT&T?  Hell no!! Verizon? Not even close. Sprint is still dealing with issues from its acquisition of Nextel which prohibits them from even focusing on their customers.  I am not surprised at all that T-Mobile is continuing to stress good customer service.  For those of us that are T-Mobile, we know what it means to be a satisfied customer.

      For those people on here that talk about T-Mobile providing spotty service, explain something to me.  This past fall, I went on a hiking trip and climbed the highest mountain range on the east coast (Mt. Katahdan in Maine).  There was a situation with one of the hikers in my group that required help to be gotten.  Everyone in my group including myself was checking their cell phones to see if they could get a signal.  I was the only T-Mobile customer and all other hikers with other carriers had no service.  I had full bars and was able to call for help. How could that happen if T-Mobile’s coverage is so piss poor?  When I made the call, I was using T-Mobile’s network versus AT & T and it was crystal clear.

      If people looked at T-Mobile’s history as a company, they have always been known as the low cost leader and very innovative.  Even though times are tough (name one company that is not experiencing setbacks in one way or another), I have know doubt that T-Mobile will grow in the coming years and once again be competitive.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I refuse to be a pig with an Apple in my mouth.  If I were an AT&T or Verizon customer, that is exactly what I would be.If I were, I would be roasted over the fire of higher prices, lower customer service (with no smile), and have no choice in the matter.

      Looking back at when the AT &T/T-Mobile was first announced, I remember wondering if the pigs over at AT&T forgot what happened in the 1980s.  For those of you that our to busy downing T-Mobile, let me remind you what happened.  AT&T got to big for their britches and ate up all the Ma Bells.  They were forced to break the company up since they were found to be a monopoly.  What did AT&T do?  They turned their focus to the emerging wireless industry.  Over time, they have repeated their historical past by buying up all of the smaller cell phone companies.  I had to laugh at several articles that I read during the past year that pointed out AT&T’s arrogance in thinking that the deal would be a no brainer and a guaranteed buy.  I truely do believe that the legal department at T-Mobile knew that US laws wouldn’t not allow the merger to take place and therefore jumped at the chance to take free money and spectrum from the big dog.  Was there potential risk to this?  Of course, however…that is what  growing a business is about….taking calculated risks.  Good for you T-Mobile!!!

      My last thought is on the company that makes the iPhone (of course…Apple).  It is well documented that even though Steve Jobs was known as a visionary, he in fact stole most of his ideas and kept a stockpile of them to draw from.  Now that the guy is no longer with us, it will only be a matter of time before Apple as a company company dies too!!  Yeah, its hard to imagine this, but once all of his stockpiled ideas are gone, the company will be too!!! Just watch!!!

  • Anonymous

    There was an article saying that t-mobile will be back on top as the value leader by q3. please no more “value” plan items. they did so well with regular classic plans or EM+ sans contract. 

    All this has been in the works as a back up plan but they could not release it do to the impending acquisition. if att got wind of this then bye bye break up fee.

  • Daniel

    T-mobile can’t take the hit of the Iphone to their profits.  They work on thin margins already and Iphones won’t get that money back in the long run, because those customers will keep costing T-mobile more money each and every 22 months when they upgrade.  The only way I see T-mobile carrying the Iphone is with the Value plans.  Let the customer pay the $650 for the phone, break the payments up over 20 months, and then they’d have a cheap plan and the Iphone to boot.  T-mobile just can’t take the massive subsidies that Apple forces on the carriers.  No other manufacturer tells carriers they have to subsidize their phone by a certain amount but the land of Cupertino  does. 

  • MagentaMadness

    2013 isn’t too late…IMO 2011 and 2012 are to early for the others. There is no voice going over LTE…only data..this makes it very costly…From what we were told, TMO will launch once everything is in place and will carry both voice and data over the same network…better business decision? While TMO is the smallest of the big 4 regarding customer base, TMO generates the most revenue per customer. I can keep going, write a book on all this here, but I’m busy, helping to build out the LTE network for our customers :D 

    • Scarfacemario

      Awesome thanks for the info and also being a great caring Tmo tech :)

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully someone can answer this for me. What is the main difference between multiflow and SON which I just read about on the verge? Is it chipset requirements for new devices? Are they going to have same impact?

    • Respawn

      The major difference between the two is Multiflow allows you to hook up to two towers at once,  essentially improving your connectivity and speed.

      • Anonymous

        Got it

  • Guest

    Will we need new phones to work on lte? We all want it,  but how do you sell phones in the long transition period when or if your phone won’t use the new standard. 2 yr contract is a long time. Btw isn’t iphone going lte?

    • Anonymous

      That is why it will be good that LTE wont come until 2013. Gives people more time to get that fancy new LTE device. And When we launch LTE it will be faster and and better than what ATT and Verizon are offering now because we will launch with LTEAdvanced

  • Noor Mahmoud

    For them to be in my future, they need the G3 this fall.

  • Anonymous

    They came in late with 3G and ended up having the most advanced 3G network, the same will happen with LTE

    • Respawn

      I second this.

      LTE is not as mature as it needs to be for anyone to launch a stable network. If anyone calls Verizon’s network “stable” prepare to get a laugh in the face.

      T-Mobile released their 3G network and within 8 months, already had it running faster than AT&T’s with 7.2 HSPA.

      T-Mobile will come out with LTE at the right time when VoLTE will also be possible. This means fewer dropped calls on a more advanced network at a much better rate.

      Verizon and AT&T can overprice and “outage” themselves into oblivion for all the sane people care. With the iPhone compatible with T-Mobile’s 3G, this should shut up “some” of the Apple whiners too!

      • 123

        I really wish verizon and att would price themselves out of the market, but people are idiots and will continue to pay without thinking twice. 

        • Anonymous

          For some people they are paying for the only available working service.  That is where at&t and vzw have the advantage.  Their network stretches much further and in more places.  So you are unfairly calling people idiots, also you have to accept that other carriers may just work better than tmo in other areas. 

      • Anonymous

        But yet tmo still isn’t making as much money??  You need to ask why…

        For many years people always said tmo would do things at the right time because they were late and yet here they are again in the same #4 spot.  

        • Respawn

           Their timing on 3G was late but who now has the fastest 3G network? 42 mbps? That matches Verizon’s 4G!

          They’re #4 but they are more profitable and they have far more customers than they had “years ago.”

          Unlike “some carriers” who buy out their competitors to gain customers, T-Mobile’s gains have all been THEIR gains (aside from the 1 million they gained from the SunCom purchase).

          And how many 4G LTE outages has Verizon had in the last month? Please. Give me a more stable network over “rush it to market so we can charge more for it” any day.

        • Anonymous

          Yeah they might in theory have the fastest 4G but the network is truly tiny in comparison to att and vzw and thats bad for tmo.  

          Profitable?  if they were so profitable they would have had the resources to get themselves in a better spot.  If they were so profitable DT wouldn’t have wanted to ditch them.  Sure they grew from the 15 mill they started with but their competitors 5 years ago were around 50 million or so and now they are 100+ mill.  tmobile could have grown more but didn’t and imo thats due to their shitty management.
          VZW has had some outages but they are still a front runner with a much more healthy business.  As it stands i’m willing to bet a lot of money on the likely fact that more people leave tmobile to go to vzw than vice versa

          I feel that almost everything you say is an excuse for tmobile’s poor performance over the years and its like cheer leading.  you may love tmo but you seem to cheer lead and make excuses for the things that have held tmo back.  Holy Crap!! how many total customers has tmo lost last year alone never mind last quarter??
          I can respect your admiration for this company, but face the reality that they are in a tough spot and what you admire about them is actually hurting them in many areas of the market.  

        • hoodmobbin

          Tmobile does not need to put tons of money into a great network just to keep up with what seems to be a bunch of hype from other carriers. I have been with tmo for 8 years and yes for awhile I thought of leaving cause of the slow speeds. Now I stay cause of the complete stable network. Its been long long time sense I have uad a dropped call or slow speed data. But everyone around me has been switching to tmo from Verizon (mostly) some att and I dont know anyone on sprits overworked network with bad upkeep. I love tmo, they do need some good phones ( not the iphone cause apple sucks) I dont need apple crap to have apple crap to use apple crap. My samsung or htc do just fine without compatibility issues like apple crap. Tmo buys what they think is best for the market, phones priced to buy and not worry about if you break it. The network is great, reliable and fast. Costumer service is good unlike the other brands. Quit being blindsided by the so called deals others are offering when its clear tmo is the best behind the line.

  • Jonathan K. Fung

    what matter here is if manufacturers will support T-mobile networks!  US is a very interesting market  because each US wireless carrier does not “mutually” share the frequencies band.  Manufacturers always have to make a device individually support each carrier’s network.    AWS band is not a popular frequency band when talking about worldwide.  But with the PCS band (1900 MHz) coming up to join T-mobile  HSPA/HSPA+ network,  I guess it will at least have some boost up on subscribers which I believe T-mobile will get back (i.e.  current iPhone users on T-mobile Edge network, Asian/European smartphone holders that always have PCS 1900 MHz)

    I am not gonna agrue which one is better, too late or not.  But to a general service subscriber,  HSPA/HSPA+ or LTE are just the name,  the end result is all about speed.  As long as i got information i need from my device quick and fast,  i dont care it is HSPA/HSPA+ or LTE.

  • Elk

    LYE no doubt is the future, at this point it’s also a fad. Tmobile HSPA compares very well with it’s current capability and it’s an excellent network NOW to bridge us to the future with LTE.

  • SugarKiss

    Looks like lte is the new 4g. Lte is is everywhere at mwc. Hope tmobile comes up with a marketing strategy for that. Most people  don’t know what 4g is but they ask for it. Does this phone have the 4gees. Now the question will be is it lte.

    • Elk

      LTE is a fad! Please show me an instance where it would regularly beat hspa+!!! It’s all marketing at this point and anybody with the ability to be subjective would realize that it does not have any advantages when compared to the current capability of hspa.

      • SugarKiss

         yea the same thing about iphone and android but apples marketing is really good.

      • Anonymous

        The biggest advantage LTE has over HSPA+ is low latency. 10ms ping verses 80ms ping. This makes it seem a lot faster even if the download speed is the same. And if you ever wanted to do online gaming, like with PlayStation vita, You would want the lower ping in order to keep up with people gaming on cable. 

  • Perhaps they should rethink naming it the “Challenger” strategy.  Not a lot of good luck associated with that name.  

    • Elk

      Because Bill it’s creative?

      • MagentaMadness

        Space Shuttle “Challenger”

        • Frigadroid

          I though it was a good name for accurately describing tmobile’s current stragety! For the same reason it has been a tragic disaster.

  • Brian Kloft

    Who cares about the LTE.  The biggest problem with most carriers is that there are too many people that can not get good speed where they are.  If Tmo can get the HSPA+ 42Mbps to the vast majority of people do they really need LTE?  With my cable temporary powerboost my download speeds range from 18 – 62Mbps with most people having the slower speed.  Only a small percentage of people even have the up to 62Mbps boost speed.  Plus what good does 42Mbps even do for you when you have a cap of 5GB?  
     Correct my calculations if I am wrong but if you are actually getting and using the 42Mbps you will hit your monthly cap of 5GB within about 18 min.  If TMobile could make it where 90% of their coverage areas would consistently get 15- 20Mbps all of the time (which is as fast as most people have for their home internet) I think most people would be very very happy.  While yes faster speed is great, actually getting fast speed all of the time is even better.  

    The problem comes in the marketing when the competition tells everyone that they are faster.  Oh and don’t forget that we would still get a much better battery life than those on LTE.  If they did this then perhaps they could say that if you are on the Tmobile network 90% of the time you will get speeds that are faster than you get at home and your battery will last x times longer than our competition.

    • Anonymous

      your math is incorrect. if a video is 2MB and you download it you have used 2MB. It doesn’t matter how fast it got there. 42Mbps is the speed at which it comes to you not how much data you actually use. 

      • Anonymous

        His math is some what correct. He didn’t really explain his reasons in detail, so I don’t blame you if misunderstood.

        He’s basically trying to say that if a person does get speed at a consistent 42Mbps and there is continuous usage, the data will run out in 18 minutes. Anyway, here’s the break down:

        42Mbps = 5.25Mb/s
        18 minutes = 1080 seconds
        5.25MB x 1080 = 5670MB = 5.537GB

        His math is a bit off, it’s more like 16 minutes or so. 

        Using your example of downloading a video, which is an excellent example, if that specific video exceeds 5GB and you are consistently downloading it at 42Mbps, then yes, the data will run out in a bit over 16 minutes.

        • Steven123

          People need to stop exaggerating stuff.  Technically yes if you follow the math you will use the 5GB real fast.  But real world use of data on your smart phone i dont even use more than 200mb a day on my phone. I do things like surf the web, email, download apps, and some pandora.  The biggest data hogs are like movie streaming or movie downloads and most people use there wifi for this.  Watching netflix on my mobile network takes about 200-300mb an hour.  

          I think most people are smart enough to know to download stuff that takes lots of data on wifi and not the newtwork unless they dont have a home wifi network.  

  • GinaDee

    Too many confusing plans that your own salesreps don’t understand.  Keep it simple.

    Only offer Classic plans for postpaid.  If people want to go off contract let them buy their phones outright.  Stop contributing to the debt ridden class of Americans who need to make payments for their phones over a 2 year period. 

    Buy Leap or Metro for their spectrum and prepaid brand(s).  Kill the T-Mo prepaid brand. 

    Get the damn iPhone already.

    Accellerate your 4G network.  Go IPO and get an investor who really wants to invest.  $4 billion is really weak for a national provider.  They need to invest triple that amount on a yearly basis to really grow out and expand their network. 

    The Germans don’t understand that you need to build the network first… then the customers will come.   They refuse to spend any real investments because they insist on instant ROI which is really out of touch with the American market.  That’s why T-Mobile USA needs to go independent.

    • Elk

      You have no idea what it would cost to implement what you are proposing.

      • Popo

        The funny thing is, this proposal is just as sound as hummer’s. Elk, you need to stop thinking, you’re not a team player.
        Congratulations ginadee, you’re the new ceo of tmo!

  • tommy

    They need as much bandwidth as they can possibly get, pure and simple.
    Their ping time was slow on HSPA+ has that been fixed?
    They need to transition to being a complete data provider. In the end no more throttling, no more need to throttle.
    I like my Value plan all this plan back-and-forth is stupid people!

    Why is Carly wearing orange? I thought it was supposed to be magenta. Never noticed the different colors before.

  • Hi

    LTE in 2013 is not to late.I rather have a more matured LTE network instead of having it go out like Verizon is having with theirs.Can’t wait 2012-2013 will be interesting years for T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      exactly. too many fucking people getting brainwashed and suckered in by stupid ass verizon thinking that they need it NOW. tmobiles HSPA+ is fine and its not too late in 2013. there HSPA 42 is almost as fast as LTE.

      • Andyinc91

        Verizon has had how many LTE outages over the last year…???

  • Hi

    LTE in 2013 is not to late.I rather have a more matured LTE network instead of having it go out like Verizon is having with theirs.Can’t wait 2012-2013 will be interesting years for T-Mobile.

  • Anonymous

    This customer doesn’t want an iPhone.  I want more Android choices.  I want a Tablet+Phone Fob (simple small smartphone for mobility) offered as a dual package – same bill, same data.  In a perfect world this package would also work with a PC sync (think Russian Matryoshka doll platform offering).

    Hop to it !  Maybe Motorola/Google could whip this up – Call it the Motorola Matryoshka Platform.

  • Anonymous

    You think people on this site would have learned by now to take Humm’s boisterous comments with a grain of salt. Having met the man I can say he is a great salesman but there is almost always an alterior motive to anything he says or puts out on a press release. I think its pretty obvious claims like these are looking to stop the bleeding and try keep people from jumping ship in these large numbers.

    The problem is that T-Mobile wants champagne on a beer budget. They want to be known as one of the big boys but cannot afford to spend like one. The problem for Humm is that what is really needed is new leadership and that starts with him.


    • Poop

      Smoke and mirrors.
      Its not possible for tmo to actually pay for LTE implementation, iphone and the 4 billion overhaul actually necessary to utilize the spectrum they received from at&t. Not with dt’s 16.3 billion dollar debt crunch and the EU debt crisis (if you think the 30% german government ownership doesn’t factor in you’re nuts). How in the name of god are all these broke ass players going to find the capital to cover those initiatives?
      Hummer will say anything to keep tmo circling the drain until it can be offloaded.

  • 123

    I don’t see tmo making big enough moves to becoming the third largest US carrier. But they can try. Good luck….cause you are going to need it. 

  • Rashisiders

    Better Windows Phones please though. Don’t support WP if you’re only going to deliver devices behind the shadow of ATT. The HTC Titan had no business going to ATT first given T-Mobile’s history of the HTC HD2 and HD7.

  • Unal1999

    Dear Tmonews, Can you go in more detail on the frequency changes and etc? What happens to phones after frequency changes. Do upcoming phones have new freguencies and etc? Thanks

    • Turtle6988

      The newer T-Mobile phones are capable of HSPA+ on the 1900 spectrum and the AWS spectrum. I can’t tell you for sure which phones but I believe the Amaze is capable of this.

  • Bambi

    I agree..T-MO want to be known as a baller shot caller but they aren’t ready to ball, there’s no such thing as a low budget baller.

  • Vim

    Bah, at this point the only significant LTE network is Verizon’s, and the price premium between Verizon and T-Mobile will prevent any mass defections, especially given that the speed difference isn’t that great curently.  AT&T’s LTE network is still small and will remain spotty for a long time to come.  And don’t get me started on Sprint, its WiMax debacle, its LightSquared issues, and its increasingly heavy debt..  As long as T-Mobile meets their 2013 transition goal they’ll be fine. 

    • gydhrx

      Not that much disparity…now 4gb LTE promo + 450min for $70..use a data app for free texts

      • Vim

        Yep, if you don’t need unlimited minutes or text, Verizon compares well against T-Mobile’s current Classic plan when you factor in Verizon’s double data promotion, their top notch phone selection (Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4S, HTC Rezound, DROID RAZR Max, etc..), and their heavily discounted phone pricing on those same top notch phones.  Add in their much better 3G network coverage, their faster 4G(LTE) speeds and Verizon becomes a serious threat.  I don’t disagree with any of this.  I almost switched myself, and my plan is significantly better than what Classic customers get today. T-Mobile does have a weakness here that needs to be addressed.

  • If you want more subscribers who are willing to pay more for services, offer the iPhone under contract #TheEnd

  • Bambi

    I have a love affair.. The Samsung Galaxy Note: I want that big piece of plastic.. 5.3 inches WHOA!!!

  • Guest

    LTE, HSPA, etc. It’s all marketing hype. What matters is the actual speed you get when using the carrier’s phones. 

    • Guest123

      Amen, I really get sick of everyone’s fascination with having the latest market trend wireless speed… you know what… I’m going to market a car that get’s 132 MPG which will actually only get like 24 MPG (oh wait can’t do that since that’s watched by the gov’t – oh wait maybe it could since no car out actually get’s close to what they say it should)

  • Mveksler

    I can say one thing. It is too little too late.
    First they said they will not implement LTE and had no plan going that route. That killed it for me right there. First, LTE should make it easy to unify headsets so that you can rake your handset to any carrier. Second, tmobil rural coverage is lacking big time. They need to expend coverage. One can say well I don’t go to rural places so I don’t care. But there are times when you up in the mountain resort and your phone has no reception kind of sucks. I have my sight set on Verizon for this summer. Will be taking 5 lines with me. TMobil will have to do better that just throw promises out :-)

  • BigMixxx

    For true customer growth, it’s proven time and time again that the iPhone is the right direction. It pays for itself, long term, vs. short. 

    We still don’t know how much cash T mobile U.S.A. is sitting on, and we will never know how much it’s sitting on.  If there was a such thing as a bulk buy on iPhones, 1 to 1.2 billion covers modest growth in the device arena, especially with iphone.  Decrease churn, iphone, because customers are that loyal to the brand.  ATT saw sequential quarter over quarter significant results from just carrying iphone. 

    I’m not an iPhone fan, but the facts do remain true.  Get an iphone, become rich with customers.  Especially those that don’t want to buy into ATT and verzion.


    Now that the Sprint MetroPCS deal is off, it would be a good time for T mobile to hop in an pick Metro up for that same 8 billion.

    • Vim

       There is no way in hell 1 to 1.2 billion would cover the minimum contract Apple would demand of T-Mobile, especially after Apple extorted $20 billion from Sprint.  You sir are dreaming.

      • BigMixxx

        Sprint committed 20 billion to APPLE over 4 years. thats 5 billion a year, roughly more than 6 million phones per year.  That’s aggressive growth to retain customers and attract new ones.  Remember, that means sprint is taking on a serious debt load.    they ain’t got it….I think I said it earlier. MetroPCS was the right way to go, Hesse said yes, but the folks that control the money said, Oh hell no….They ain’t got it.

        30 million iphones = 20 billion dollars, plus exclusive rights to the device for some time.  I’m not talking 30 million, I’m talking 1, to match the modest, yet aggressive and steady increases, beating down the smaller carriers and directly nimbling at sprints business.  

        There is NOTHING wrong with procuring a device and only selling so many of them. T mobile has done this forever, and will continue to do it….

        • Vim

          What makes you think T-Mobile can get Apple to agree to a small minimum contract when Sprint couldn’t?  Apple is the most powerful brand in the world.  People want their iPhones and Apple is ruthlessly exploiting that demand to maximize its profits while simultaneously constraining the carrier’s ability to pass those costs directly to the iPhone customer.  As a result, prices go up for everyone, forcing non iPhone customers to help subsidize the iPhones of iPhone customers. 

          T-Mobile is better off sending its customers to the Apple store for an unlocked iPhone which can then be paired with a Value plan, especially now that  T-Mobile is rolling out HSPA+ 3G/”4G” on PCS. 

        • BigMixxx

          Apple has a deal with C-spire.  C-spire is a “regional carrier”, thusly, they are spending tons and taking on serious debt for the iPhone.  
          while it may not cost c-spire much, it does reach a market (as where I’m from people didn’t pick up on iPhone or android very fast)
          It didn’t cost Apple to do anything special with the c-spire based iPhone.  It won’t scare anyone if a little regional carrier gets the iPhone. 

          What’s holding T mobile back from getting the iphone? It’s not apple…it’s AT&T and Verizon, mostly AT&T…..If they REALLY wanted the phone, it’s like picking up the high best high school basketball recruits…cash rules (Shabazz muhammad to Kentucky…really)

           Because T mobile’s costs are so low, that will have a big impact on the ATT and Verizon.  This is why Verizon has a ton of really nice Motorola based phones (outside of blur, the bionic is a monster) and ATT got the Atrix and Atrix 2 (both good phones, outside of the pentile display—most people don’t care) and T mobile got the cliq, cliq 2 and the defy (althought the defy is a good little phone).

        • Vim

          Did you notice that now that they have the iPhone, C-Spire’s LTE rollout has suddenly been postponed?  The debt from that Apple contract has impacted their LTE rollout. It doesn’t look like they had the money to do both.   US Cellular did the opposite.  They turned Apple down because Apple demanded too much money.  They’re putting their money into LTE instead.  In a world of finite resources, do you feel that a subsidized iPhone is more important to T-Mobile’s future than LTE?

          What’s holding T-Mobile back from getting the iPhone is one thing, and one thing alone. Money.  Apple wants more billions than T-Mobile is willing to spend.  Anyone who thinks Apple is all unicorns and rainbows instead of a ruthless capitalist corporation taking advantage of record demand for its product to maximize value for its shareholders, is living in a fantasy world. 

          People seem to think money grows on trees.  T-Mobile’s margins are much less than Verizon’s and AT&T’s.  They won’t be able to absorb the financial blow that comes with an iPhone contract and continue their LTE rollout without raising rates.  Are T-Mobile customers willing to pay a higher monthly fee for the option of having a subsidized iPhone? 

        • BigMixxx

          I could have sworn T mobile stated, several times, it was up to apple as the whether or not they give them the phone.

          T mobile does want the iPhone, and is willing to pay for it….it’s the other companies who is giving apple tons for the right NOT to give it to t mobile.  T mobile is laying the carpet down for apple….Apple ain’t looking.
          Please don’t slip.  Don’t EVER think t mobile is broke, I for one will never believe that. in comparison, Sprint is doing dumb things, in an attempt to compete.  Why pay 8 billion for 2 million customers, and a little spectrum, you’ve already committed 5 billion a year for the next 4 to apple, an minimum 4 to 6 billion THIS year, to build out your vision.  This makes no sense.  Hesse seems to be going crazy.  He won’t be there for long either.

           As long as DT owns the asset, while they say they won’t invest, they have to do something to continue to reap the benefits of a productive t mobile.  When the opportunity came, they attempted to reap the biggest benefit.  I would have been the first to say, of course….Sell my company for twice the value and retain a 8 to 10% investment in the parent company, I’m still getting money, in fact the same amount they I’ve been getting, I just don’t have to invest.

           You’re right, they manage margin’s very well (I’ve said that before, best in the business).  As long as people are using data, and paying for data, they will always make tons of money. (Data in the mobile business is the oil/gas for us humans as we drive).  Where you’re wrong, is that they willing absorb the financial burden, T mobile has ‘roughly’ said it.  “It’s up to apple” 

          That burden will be managed by not giving OTHER vendors that opportunity to sell T mobile crap phones as part of a deal to carry better phones.  T mobile can then be selective about their purchases, just as everyone else is…..

          After the iphone launch on ATT, ATT slowed down on carrying crap phones.  Verizon is now doing the same, and pretty soon sprint will be as well.  

          Can’t build an empire without spending money, yes we will see a tax, but it won’t be in a voice plan….

        • Vim

          like to know where you picked up the conspiracy theory that Apple,
          Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are all colluding to keep T-Mobile from
          getting the iPhone.   AT&T did have an exclusive contract that excluded everyone else equally at one point. 
          Nevertheless it’s a big jump to go from AT&T’s expired exclusive
          contract to the questionable idea that Apple, Verizon, AT&T and
          Sprint are now all conspiring to keep T-Mobile down.  Why
          would Apple, Verizon & AT&T risk the extremely expensive
          headache of increased government scrutiny should it get caught? Why would Verizon and AT&T be ok with Sprint getting the iPhone, but not T-Mobile?   

          Yes T-Mobile wants the iPhone,
          and yes they’re willing to pay for it.  But what T-Mobile is willing to
          pay and what Apple is demanding are two different things.   T-Mobile will be more than happy to accept the iPhone when Apple’s price becomes something more reasonable. So as far as T-Mobile is concerned, it -is- in Apple’s hands.  T-Mobile
          didn’t lie, they just omitted some details.  You need to read between
          the lines.

        • Vim

          like to know where you picked up the conspiracy theory that Apple,
          Verizon, AT&T and Sprint are all colluding to keep T-Mobile from
          getting the iPhone.   AT&T did have an exclusive contract that excluded everyone else equally at one point. 
          Nevertheless it’s a big jump to go from AT&T’s expired exclusive
          contract to the questionable idea that Apple, Verizon, AT&T and
          Sprint are now all conspiring to keep T-Mobile down.  Why
          would Apple, Verizon & AT&T risk the extremely expensive
          headache of increased government scrutiny should it get caught? Why would Verizon and AT&T be ok with Sprint getting the iPhone, but not T-Mobile?   

          Yes T-Mobile wants the iPhone,
          and yes they’re willing to pay for it.  But what T-Mobile is willing to
          pay and what Apple is demanding are two different things.   T-Mobile will be more than happy to accept the iPhone when Apple’s price becomes something more reasonable. So as far as T-Mobile is concerned, it -is- in Apple’s hands.  T-Mobile
          didn’t lie, they just omitted some details.  You need to read between
          the lines.

        • Littlesis1774

          Sprint got way too problems in order to even think about T-mobile getting the iphone. They need to take care of their data speeds first. Look up and down their forums it so bad that people are threatening Sprint with class action lawsuit.  Now people can blame iphone if they want but this problem with Sprint been happening along before they have even gotten the iphone.

        • BigMixxx

          Man, I listen to what they say, meaning what they don’t say.  First thing I learned in corporate america.

          If you put 3 and 1 together, you don’t get 4.  DT’s OTHER companies hold iPhone rights, so why does T-mobile U.S.A?  Is it DT, saying ‘Hey make it without it’  No.  That’s been put to rest.  It’s not the it won’t work on our HSPA+ network…(put that to rest too).  Only thing that’s left is an early adopter of Android, not allowed on their network.  Verizon, the first to turn Apple’s device down, now is paying out the wazzu for it, and Sprint is the beneficent of Verizon…they just turned it up a notch buy signing an exclusive deal…

          All in all, completely agree, it is totally in apples hands….I just believe with a little nudging on the t mobile side, it will reduce churn.  I cannot find a VALID reason for t mobile not to have an iphone, except for powers outside of themselves…

  • My2Cents

    I don’t think it’s too late.  Sprints resurgence into the marketplace proves that it can be done.  This is now a device driven marketplace and devices can change in an instant.  I agree with BigMixxx that currently the Iphone is the right direction.  T-mobile customers have been salivating at the idea of the Iphone for years.  I believe it’s still the number 1 single device used by T-mobile customers on it’s network.  And they don’t even currently sell it!

    • Vim

      1) This is the first time I’ve ever heard of a record loss defined as a “resurgence”. If this is a “resurgence”, then Sprint can’t afford much more of it. 
      2) The iPhone is not the number 1 device used by T-Mobile customers, although it’s very likely the #1 unsubsidized device. 

  • Edgar

    Hspa+ 21, Hspa+ 42, what difference does it make?, I have the Galaxy S2 and the average download speed I get is around 3Mbs and I’m supposedly in and 42Mb area.

    • Weneedchange

      That’s pretty decent. 42 Mbps is theoretical speed which means you will never ever get to that speed. 3mbps is way better than sprints WiMAX tops at 1.5mbps. Hell you won’t even get 1 Mbps. And it is called America’s first 4g network.

      • Climber42104bg

        I’m using an Optimus T, which has a max radio of 7.2 Mbps, and I”m pulling 5.5Mb/s tethering.  

      • I hate that kind of fuzy math.  Hspa+ 42 is in reality less than half that, not unlike 54G wifi that works at half that, or monitors and hard drives with misleading sizing… and don’t get me started on 4G or “unlimited data”.  Why can’t numbers ever just be what they are?

  • Andyinc91

    I can’t wait for HSPA+ 1900. I’m a diehard T-Mobiler using an iPhone 3G, the phone itself is pretty old but I won’t leave T-Mobile to get a newer one. I’m fine with my iPhone but if ever and when ever T-Mobile gets the iPhone 4S or newer I would get it. Bring the iPhone to the table and we’ll gain a lot of customers who want iPhones with a lower monthly; Sprint is the only true competition I see with there truly unlimited plans. Other than that, theres no reason why with HSPA+ 1700, 1900 and LTE T-Mobile won’t become an even greater network

    • Weneedchange

      AT&T and Verizon still gained more customers through iPhone compared to sprint . So I don’t think Tmobile is at any advantage here. Unless they can make the value plan very popular along with the iPhone.

      I can imagine Carly’s commercial on tv . The fastest and the most cheapest iPhone in America.

    • Vim

      Mark my words, Sprint will be raising prices later this year.  Furthermore, if and when T-Mobile gets a subsidized iPhone, plan prices will go up.

  • pdxDavid

    I am more of a wait and see kind of person.  I voted that I don’t see a comeback in the future.  I think they will tread along in last or last of the big 4 for quite a while.  They did a lot of damage by in actually stealing money from customers, poor sales driven customer service and not getting the iPhone.  Maybe we will see in two years when contracts are up at other carriers what happens.  I am rooting for them as I am here another year.

  • Imly

    tmobile will lose  at least a million customers  in next 3 months. poor customer service ,horrible cell signals and fake deals are to blame.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry, i just don’t think they can swing it for much longer for the many reasons I’ve posted on these comments in the past.  They likely will just stay in a similar struggling position as they always have been.  It’s simply what they do and how they’ve been operating for a very long time.

    First: They are value brand and we all know value brand doesn’t make the money they need to grow and compete with the bigger guys especially with a smaller customer base than the big boys.  The other guys have many more customers and bring in more than tmo does per customer.  That’s definitely bad.  

    Second: The first reason has in part caused them to have a very high risk customer base that churns a lot and most don’t pay their bills on time or at all due to their lower credit scores.  T-Mobile embraced this challenge and now it’s hard to for them to water into wine.

    Third:  Their management has consistently let them down, such poor business decisions are made and most likely on DT’s behalf.  DT and their current tmo usa managment are really screwing this company over.  These same people are likely what have allowed DT to fall into the spectral disadvantage that is causing them to do things like refarm spectrum.  This was all avoidable and good management would have prevented many things that have been biting them in the butt for a long time.  Let’s not forget how much DT is skimming from these guys.  DT drains them of a lot of their cash.

    I mean wtf!!!   DT clearly tried to ditch them with AT&T and just give up.  That speaks volumes to what a large company like DT truly thinks of the situation. 

    Fourth:  As i’ve mentioned in the third reason, their spectral disadvantage is terrible.  The key to a successful wireless business aside from good management is having a good tech portfolio and the spectrum to operate this tech on.  Their footprint is much smaller than the other guys, their coverage is tiny in comparison to the vastness that is AT&T and VZW.  Furthermore, their aws that they bought from the gov years ago took forever to deploy because the gov wouldn’t get off of it in time.  Adding insult to that injury is the fact that for a long time not many phones were easily compatible with this aws 1700/2100.  A key disappointment to this was the iPhone not being available due partially to this. They took forever to do 3G  because they lacked resources to launch and now the same has happened to LTE.  They are very late and now because they know they have been mismanaged they are struggling to implement all these things to beef up hspa+ because they won’t likely be able to really depend on LTE for a long time due to lack of spectrum and possible resources. There is nothing wrong with HSPA+ at all, T-Mobile should have done something long ago and had more foresight to do more but maybe they couldn’t because DT wasn’t helping.  All this could also be a reason they aren’t a huge presence in the enterprise world where they could be raking in big bucks the way the bigger guys do.  

    Fifth:  The iPhone isn’t going to save them, if you think that than you aren’t seeing the big picture.  It will just be a band aid.  However, T-Mobile likely can’t swing the cash loss associated with iPhone because it’s a struggling carrier and can’t really afford to take a hit like that even if it brings in customers. Factor that in with potential tech problems with overloading from iPhone and it’s total calamity.  The iPhone represents premium brand that is highly embraced by much more expensive carriers.  It really doesn’t fit in with the value brand that Tmo preaches.  Also, it’s been 5 years since the iPhone has been released and i’m sure that many of the people that left for it have likely done so.  After all this time it’s not likely that many current tmo users will bite especially with all the discount android handsets.  Remember, they target value and high risk customers which are not ideal conditions for an iPhone to thrive.  Heck, it’ll be easy for many losers to just sign up with tmo, get the subsidy price and just default.  Tmo must be afraid of that, fraud is their enemy.

    Sixth:  T-Mobile seems to think they can grow and get beyond this point by constantly being value brand, i’m sorry it’s not going to happen.  This is what has kept them there for so long.  In my opinion this reflects their overall disadvantages.  One of the best things they have going for them are loyal users like you guys that truly believe in them.

    In conclusion, I think what will hold them back is their overall way of being.  Value brand for frugal and high risk customers that produce churn = not a bright future.  It’s how they always promise very big but deliver not so much.  All this churn, customer loss, and other problems make it just too much of a hassle to fix.  I think DT knew this and is the reason they wanted to sell.  It’s a tough position to be in, and DT knew it.  Sadly, i don’t think they are trying as hard as they could be either.  

    But who knows? I could be wrong and they could pull and ace out of the sleeve…

    however, many of us have seen this before and like the many times before this it still didn’t amount to much change.  

    Here’s to you, T-Mobile!! prove the non-believers like me wrong if you can!
    I’ll be watching with much interest…

    •  Now even tho I posses just a bit more Optimism, I honestly cannot blame you and feel that same way to a certain extent even tho I love Magenta and I really believe that you love them deep down as well.  We’re just sick of the horrible decisions its Parent company has made through the last few years letting down not only us its customers, but also their entire dedicated staff who’ve stood by them all these years even through hard times.  I can understand why their staff is feeling so down and of course its going to show eventually I mean their USA staff is putting its all into it while its executives and Parent company DT have doing everything it can to show they posses the opposite.  Well anyways I do like this new plan and really hope DT truly believes in it and stands by it.  At least they’re finally investing money into it, but then again they have no other alternatives which is sad.  They should invest to want to believe and see T-Mobile USA Flourish instead of looking at it as its only alternative post-failure of the Merger(thank god).

      • Anonymous

        well i have to be honest, i’d actually wish they’d fold and reform into something better.  Even if its not at&t or vzw, some other company could do a better job handling this company.  DT imo has let many people down with how they’ve just let tmo get left behind in the US wireless landscape.  I would love to see Google, or heck even exxon mobile (one of my personal favorites) running the show just for poops and laughs.  At this point i think many other companies would do better than DT.

        • Vim

          My vote goes to Vodafone.  I’d love to see them sell their 45% stake in Verizon Wireless and invest the cash into T-Mobile.  I doubt it’s going to happen however.  A few years ago they’d have jumped on the opportunity, but Verizon Wireless is just too profitable these days.

    • WeNeedChange

      Dude .. You should get a job here at tmonews. Awesome post , very well thought. I totally agree with every single point you have mentioned.

      I would also say that it is the best decision to spin off Tmobile USA on its own. Let the management do what it wants to do without having to ask DT for anything.

      • Anonymous

        well thanks, and i’m honestly just calling it how i think it is.  Years of poor decisions have got them to this point.  It’s truly sad because it never had to come to this had they just had better management.

  • anon42

    The biggest issue for this company will be changing public perception FAST. I don’t think they can. 

  • josue cifuentes

    iPhone = T-Mobile’s future  

  • Mark Mendel

    Tmo needs the iphone, flat out. I hate the phone myself, but customers want it. I hear it every. single. day. Iphone this, Iphone that. EVERYBODY wants it. I also think that Tmo needs get aggressive with advertising. Joe Nobody thinks Verizon is the best. He knows nothing of networks and technology, he just knows those Verizon commercials everywhere telling him it’s the best. 

    • Anonymous

      He probably also experiences first hand how many of his friends have it too and how they buy into the premium brand wireless. AT&T and VZW have done a good job of branding themselves like that.

    • Anonymous

      Preach!!!!  Getting the Iphone isn’t dire, but it would make life alot easier for TMO.  The Iphone is a major contributor to churn and the only way to fix that is to get it.  If TMO can work out an acceptable deal to get the Iphone, it should be a no-brainer. I do also agree with you on marketing.  These Carly ads are boring.  They need to go in a new direction and go hard!!!!

      • Vim

        I think the iPhone is a great device, and I know a lot of people want it, but the drawbacks seem to outweigh the benefits to me at this time. I believe there is greater competitive advantage for T-Mobile to be the lone hold-out then to be yet another Sprint, staggering clumsily under a mountain of Apple debt.  T-Mobile should instead use that money to expand its network while keeping its prices lower than Sprint’s, so that it can aggressively woo away Sprint’s non-iPhone customers. 

        • Anonymous

          Great points! Id only want tmobile to get the iphone if they can work out a reasonable deal with apple. If a deal cant be done, tmo had better focus strongly in other areas just as u mentioned….marketing has always been tmos achilles heal. You have to put your name out there to be successful. Tmo has tried to rely on just being a better value to be successful. Being a better value isnt enough to generate excitement and add subs. Potential customers need something tangible. They need something to wow them….something bright and shiny……and bolstering the network wont hurt either.

  • They are not too late, they just need to push harder and work faster to get things rolling. Bring a larger screen WP7 device, the iPhone, and the SG3 if there is one coming. None of this getting phones late this year, bring it. Game, set, match!

  • TMoFan

    I like the sound of this new strategy. For the first time in a long time I’m actually excited for T-Mobile’s future. It’s definitely not too late for LTE. The problem is that the other carriers rushed the tech. Look at Verizon and see how many outages they had and the pitiful battery life on LTE phones. T-Mobile will have an easier time with LTE being GSM, and HSPA+ is perfect in the meantime.

    The refarming is smart and allows T-Mobile to adapt its network to its customers. They also have an opportunity to innovate and implement VoLTE making the network further efficient.

    I would really like to see a change of leadership, starting with the ceo and the board of directors. We need more new fresh ideas, not more of the same.

    And T-Mobile won’t have to spend as much as Sprint for the iPhone. They have roughly half the customers so I’m certain they could work out a deal that’s both favorable to them and Apple. C-Spire worked out a deal so it can work. iPhone won’t magically save T-Mobile but it would help stop the bleeding.

    • Weneedchange

      Verizon- sprint- c spire use the same technology.. All apple had to do was to find the way to load different prl’s in the phone. So it did not involve making 3 separate iPhones for the 3 carriers. It’s diffrent for AT&T and Tmobile, they both run on diffrent frequencies. Apple would have to add more components into their phone in order to make it compatible for Tmobile, further increasing their cost. Inorder to do all that , I think Tmobile would have to throw in some serious money on the table. With the new challenger strategy around, it would take Tmobile 1-3 years to reframe their towers to make it compatible with all AT&T’s 4g phones and until then Tmobile would lose customers at the rate of 1 million every year. I doubt if Tmobile want to take a chance and go from a profitable to unprofitable bussiness.
      Let’s hope Tmobile is quick enough to reframe their spectrum and get it done within the next 6 months and attract all the AT&T customers to its value plans or monthly 4g plans.

      • Fabian Cortez

        I am sick of reading about this fallacy!

        Adding a single PAM (Power Amplifier Module) costs next to nothing!

        In fact, they make PAMs that support a broad range of frequencies in a single, compact, package.

        The lack of Band IV (AWS) in the iPhone since the debut of the 3G is despicable on Apple’s part and it is very clear that AT&T had something to do with it. Notice that not a single AT&T phone supports UMTS 1700.

        The iPhone 4S is the worst of them all as Apple loves to tout it as a “World Phone” when it clearly is not.

        You want a real “world” [GSM-based] phone? Purchase one of Nokia’s pentaband power phones (note: the AT&T-subsidized rule still applies here).

    • Vim

      C-Spire had announced that it would have LTE by the end of the year.   But they dropped, or delayed their LTE rollout shortly after signing the contract with Apple for the iPhone.  It appears that they didn’t have enough money for both LTE and the iPhone. US Cellular made the opposite decision when approached by Apple.  They couldn’t afford both either.  They thought Apple wanted too much for the iPhone and decided that LTE was a better investment.

      Furthermore, Apple is primarily interested in postpaid contract customers.  Sprint has a lot of prepaid and MVNO customers inflating its customer totals.  Factor those out and Sprint and T-Mobile are nearly the same size.  So don’t expect Apple to suddenly give T-Mobile some sort of sweetheart deal. Apple will be just as ruthless in extorting money out of T-Mobile to make iPhone fans happy as it was with Sprint.

    • Bigjohn

      The Droid razor has a 3300 MaH battery with 21 hrs of talktime

      • MagentaMadness

         “21hrs of talk time”…since voice doesn’t go over LTE its using the old CDMA network for voice…add data into the mix and that “talk time” is greatly reduced.

  • Go_TMO

    One of the biggest issues holding Tmobile back is the customer base, Tmobile appeals to “budget” customers, who are at times high risk, and can cause issues with perceived dissatisfaction for the price they pay. There is definitely a lack of understanding by some our customers in regards to them recognizing just how inexpensive T-Mobile is. I’m always amazed when I hear someone complain about an $80 being to much for unlimited talk and text with web. Or someone who got a phone discount and can’t then move to the value plan…. I really hope that people can’t open there eyes and realize that overall they have it pretty good.

    • Anonymous

      I understand exactly where your coming from. Tmo works with a volatile customer base.

      • Frank

        Agreed agreed agreed.

        It’s great to be a low cost alternative, but it brings in people who don’t want to pay for anything. We’ve often said if we raised prices by about $20/month across the board we’d be better off.

  • Jays_on

    David, so does this mean we really will be able to use our iPhones on tmo 3G?

    • scarfacemario

      Yes you will be able to use the iPhone on 3g

    • Zaxin

      In some areas you can already get tmo 3G on iPhones.  I have an AT&T branded IPhone 4 and Bberry Torch.  Getting 3G in Birmingham, AL on Tmo network.

      • Fabian Cortez

        Impossible. There’s no such thing as an AT&T branded iPhone.

        • Jays_on1

          lol.. well exciting times indeed!!!=)

    • MagentaMadness

       Yes, we are in the process of harvesting old 2G spectrum and reusing it for 3G/4G…in these areas the iphone will now see the 4G network.

  • Nickj5

    I work at a tmobile in Maryland and my area manager says were testing the iPhone 5 out now good news for tmobile

    •  Managers wouldn’t have access to that information.

      • Guest

        Agreed. Good try Nick

        • Fabian Cortez

          And it’s not going to be called the “iPhone 5” either. “iPhone 6” maybe.

        • J-Hop2o6

           HAHAHAHAHAHAA! Good one.

    • rvg911

      tell your manager to stop lying to employees! 

  • The announcements are assuring that T-Mobile’s coming back, and not just coming back, but they’re coming back AGGRESSIVELY.  Jumping on the LTE bandwagon, and re-farming their 1900 MHZ PCS to support UMTS is definitely a HUGE threat to AT&T and the CDMA carriers who currently have the 4S which has a sim slot.

    The U.S economy has Americans under pressure. With T-Mobile’s affordable rate plans, and future compatibility with more devices that are offered by other carriers… T-Mobile is guaranteed to win customers back and succeed.

    Like I said before, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint, BEWARE because the underdog is NOT going anywhere and will do ANYTHING to beat you.

    • Anonymous

      Having support for the iphone and selling the iphone in their stores are completely different. It might work in europe, but the way the US market works, it would not. People are going to go into tmobile and say ” if I want an iphone on your plan I have to pay HOW MUCH? ATT/VZ/Sprint are selling them for 200″  

      Personally, Id love to have an unlocked iphone on a value plan( if they did not force me into a 2 year agreement, the 2 year agreement is for phone subsidy).

      Sprint is a bigger underdog than tmobile, and tmobile is only willing to do anything, because their first plan, which was to give up, failed.  I am glad they are going to fight, but lets not act like they were just about to merge with att. 

  • Anonymous

    If they advertise that current LTE have very poor battery life and that their current HSPA+ is as fast but more telltale than Verizons LTE, they would have a good chance. Also, even though they are a nationwide company, they should advertise for specific markets according to how fast their system in that market.

  • Anonymous

    And they should advertise it.

    HSPA+, Longer battery life, more reliable and almost as fast.

    • Anonymous

      Just because Verizon has outages does not make hspa more reliable than lte. AT&T has not had any lte outages. It just means Verizon is not as reliable as before.

      Single core phones have better battery life than dual core phones, but which would you rather have? I’m picking dual core all day. Also as lte matures the battery life will get better. Bad battery life is short term.

  • jus_sanatra

    I always kinda thought… Is the reason T-Mobile never acquired the iPhone because – if Apple committed to producing an iPhone with AWS for T-Mobile then they would have the only “4G” capable iPhone… am I wrong on this one?!?

    • Anonymous

      Someone correct me if im wrong but isnt atts iphone 4s 14.4mbps capable? By tmos definition, thats 4g. If tmo could snag the iphone in the next several months and market it as “the nations first 4g iphone”, that would be huge!!!!!

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think they can advertise that because apple would not let them. Even AT&T who has hspa+ and uses it says that their iPhone gets 4g speeds, but does not call it a 4g iPhone, because apple does not recognize it.

        • Anonymous

          Good point. Probably wouldnt be marketed that way officially but id pitch it that way to customers….lol

      • Fabian Cortez

        14.4 Mbps is still HSDPA and not HSPA+. HSPA+ begins at 21 Mbps. Shame on AT&T and that Anandtech article.

        • Anonymous

          The mt4g/slide, sensation & g2x are all 14mbps devices and are categorized as “4g” devices by tmobile standards.

  • St08

    I’m with T-mobile since 2003 and always bought my phone from the ebay just because they didn’t have the phone I wanted.  First it was quad band phones 3G phones and mother of all iPhone.  I’m still with them and first they have excited with the news of 1900 spectrum.  I will be able to buy Lumia 900 and use it on TMO:)  Finally after 10 years I’m excited, I don’t like their sub par Android offering, G2 was the ugliest phone I ever bought and returned it after one week.

    With common LTE band on AWS and 1900 HSPA+, they will be able to compete and grow.

  • Itiswatis

    challenger trategy and reinvigorate. Two buzzwords we were hearing and reading a year ago, just before we were handed over to ATT. So who are we about to get handed over to this time?

    • Guest

      We have heard from T-Mobile this before, ever since the downturn beginning in 2008, the company has been telling its employee’s this story all the time. The company needs to go back to get more campaign and forget about high paying data users.  No way can T-Mobile go against AT&T and Verizon for those users. T-Moble needs to be the Walmart (low cost) of cellphone carriers and go for volume. If people wondered why T-Mobile never gets the iphone or why Android, top of the line,  is T-Mobile Marketing/Business/Executives thinks the phones are to expensive for their core users.

  • Anonymous

    absolutely…funny part is tmobile could have been number two right now……but the effed up. The stubborn, non imaginative idiot who was running tmobile at that time could have promoted the living crap out of android and tmobile could have easily bumped sprint out of place and took over and put either att or verizon behind them…they had excellent cs, a new platform to make money with, but they didnt want to promote it….well guess what… effed up….but theres still a chance…find the right ad agency…fix customer service (dont see anything wrong with them) offer lte, the same services the rest of them are offering, but offer it at less price than them…and offer a option for a family data plan (i wish). and dont listen to the haters. they dont know any better. they’ll jump ship for anything…aparently they have money to waste.

  • Cole Yarkoni

    A few questions for you folks in the know, thanks in advance:

    1. Does the switch over to LTE mean that I will have to upgrade my existing phones?
    2. Will the new LTE network be an easier acquisition target down the road? It was always said a deal with Sprint would not make sense due to network incompatibility, but does the LTE upgrade change that?
    3. Anyone have link(s) to info that spells out this technology in layman’s terms?


    • Anonymous

      1) Yes you will need a new phone that supports AWS LTE in order to get LTE service. 

      2) I do not believe it makes it an easier target, but it does make them a more appealing target.  Buyer would still need to pass FCC//DOJ, which rules out ATT/Verizon.  Actually this makes it harder to deal with Sprint. They both will have LTE, but Sprint’s LTE is on PCS, while TMO is on AWS. If tmo had went with LTE on PCS, then it would have made it easier or at least a network sharing agreement easier. Also with both switching to Multimodal base stations, the technology incompatibility is not major. Now Tower can handle GSM/WCDMA/LTE/HSPA+ etc.

       3) I would say wiki is the best place to start, but LTE in general is just a new technology that is data optimized instead of voice optimized like previous technologies. It is capable of speeds in the 1Gbps range.

    • Mark

      1) no upgrade necessary unless you have old 2g tech.
      2) sprint will die off unless they conform to global lte tech. 
      3) heres a good article about the technology plan 

  • Guest

    The future plans are to ditch T-Mobile USA?

  • Winski

    IF the current 3rd level management and above ( to the CEO LEVEL) aren’t COMPLETLY ERASED (fired or forced to leave) T-Mumble probably won’t exist by 2013. This has got to be the most incompetent team on earth!

  • Cityofnewyork3000

    It’s a wonder that these guys are even still around, I say that because last night I called in the customer service to order a simple sim card for service and was treated like I was just totally unimportant and that my order was unimportant. I can see why they are number four and probably will stay there until they finally die a horrible death. With people like the service rep that handled my called  working for them they may as well hang it up and just find a way out of the US market because they are dead in the water.

    • Mark Schmaling

      IF you have to call Customer Service, when the auto-response asks you “how can I help you today” SAY CANCEL MY SERVICE.  You will get connected to the US call center where people know what they are doing!  Shame on T-mobile for forcing us to game the system.

  • Mark Schmaling

    I would never buy an iPhone.  I can understand however why not technology users are confused by Android and just assume an iPhone is better.  I work with someone who didn’t know she could use here Android as a GPS or had voice commands.  Microsoft needs to turn Windows Phone into a viable easy to use alternative to the iPhone.

  • Kevin

    I love how people complain about T-Mobile and then so many people got mad when they heard about AT&T taking them over… The fact is that no service provider can make everyone happy. People have to understand that T-Mobile has only been in the US market for about 11 years where as ATT and Sprint have been here for several years. Other providers are going to have more money to build out an LTE network. I know T-Mobile has been through so many stuggles including getting a new CEO…. T-Mobile is a great company overall and I can tell you that as a T-Mobile employee for going on 8 years  they care about thier customers! I know for myself personally I love talking to the customers and I am greatful to them because with out loyal customers I wouldn’t have a job.

  • Imran

    T-Mobile now must have Iphone to be hip they always wanted to be. For GOD sack now Cricket is going Apple. Can someone wake up Philip who is in so much love with Window.  Window is past, apple is current and Andriod is future….  Focus on currrent for now to built up client base but stay focus with Andriod.

    • What are you talking about? Philip is in love with Windows Phone? Do you see the same T-Mobile Windows Phone lineup as the rest of us?