Tracfone To Launch Handset On T-Mobile’s HSPA+ Network?

TraceFone’s Straight Talk service will soon see a high-end Android smartphone running on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. According to BTIG Analyst Walter Piecyk, Straight Talk will launch the LG Optimus 2x later this month supporting T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network. Piecyk did not offer any sort of official pricing for the phone, but he does expect it to retail for somewhere around $300. The LG Optimus 2x is already used on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network in the form of the T-Mobile G2x, otherwise known as the Optimus 2x overseas.

“The expansion to T-Mobile this soon after first launching with Sprint is impressive and should enable Straight Talk to be even more competitive in prepaid in 2012 by expanding its phone lineup to GSM and 4G, lowering the handset costs and providing the company with at least two service providers that can ensure that América Móvil obtains the best pricing on usage,” he wrote.

Piecyk wrote that T-Mobile’s “willingness to cut this deal also likely reflects a more aggressive approach by that company since the end of the AT&T deal.” T-Mobile has offered their network to Tracfone and Straight Talk since August of 2010. At first, it was thought that Sprint became the exclusive provider of service for Android smartphones on the Straight Talk network. No word on whether or not the addition of a T-Mobile Android device changes the Tracfone relationship with Sprint. Neither Sprint nor T-Mobile would comment on the report.

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  • Anonymous

    This means a new slew of customers for the G2x and with many new phones comes new dev support! This is awesome because it will be straight talk’s “best” phone and many people will definitely get it.
    Currently the forums for the G2x @ XDA developers are pretty dead, with plenty of devs who have moved on from the G2x, hopefully this turns things around!

  • Jaygqitalia

    My mother has a tracfone. I think its using ATTs network cuz there is a simcard in it. Needless to say, I live in a basement apartment where I dont get service with T-Mobile so Im always on the UMA/WIFI calling which works wonders btw. Funny thing is, her tracfone gets full service here and has no problems. A 20 dollar phone 

    • Anonymous

      There’s probably, no definitely an AT&T tower closer to your apartment than there is a T-Mobile tower. 

      • Jaygqitalia

        Yeah but my phone works fine with full bars outside the house.. 

    • You say you saw your mom’s tracfone with an At&t SIM? then its probably the frequency.

  • Anonymous

    I saw the picture when I read the headline and thought “good luck with that”!  What good is 4g if you only have a rinky dink phone with a vga display?

    Then I read the article: “LG Optimus 2x…. for somewhere around $300”  Then I thought “sweet”!  Thats cheap for a decent dual core phone.

  • Androidlover

    You can reserve one here

  • Realcool2000

    Good move for both companies.

  • Drewmelcher

    So, if I buy this tracfone, can I just put my TMobile simcard and use it on my tmobile value plan?

    • Anonymous

      maybe maybe not. Depends on whether the phone is carrier locked, it could be locked so that you can use it only with Tracfone. If not then yes you should be able to

      • Seeing as Tracfone uses T-Mos network the bands are the same so theoretically this should work just fine.

        • Dealer777

          No … Tracfone has the history of locking imei’s to specific sim cards.
          All of their phones are locked to theor own brand. There are no unlock codes for any type of tracfone phones or straightalk phones.

        • Anonymous

          I’m sure there will be ways around it. It’s just a matter of flashing. ;)

        • Nope. Flashing different radio firmware typically results in a bricked phone. TracFone Wireless locks all phones with an IMEI-IMSI pairing. That means, a phone is locked to a specific subscriber identity, rather than the operator/network identity.

    • All tracfones are locked to the individual sim card they come packaged with so it’s doubtful..

    • Anonymous

      If you root it yes you can any phone that is gsm is definitely unlockable and usable on ANY gsm network anyone that tells you otherwise has no clue on what they are talking about.

  • GinaDee

    Tracfone accounts for a substantial net addition to AT&T’s subscriber base.  This potentially could do the same for T-Mobile if the two companies are successful. 

    At the end of the day when the numbers are in a Tracfone customer is considered a customer of T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon depending on device and location.  

  • Anonymous

    Okay, so the picture they have is of the Optimus 2X but if you watch their video promoting the phone it has a vanilla launcher ala G2x…

  • Anonymous

    Tracfone was my first cell phone provider prepaid nokia the grey one i thought it was alright but then i started using it and would find i was constantly loading $15 cards because of texts and calling like back in 2004 or 2005 was having me go for broke then months later i hopped on a contract family plan and used a fat motorola flip phone then my cell phone addiction started anyways point is tracfone was a horrible expensive service.





    • I have 25 AT&T domain names in the waiting…I would have transitioned the site along with the company.

  • There has to be a catch that is not being disclosed.  Since there is effectively no such thing as unlimited anymore, how much 4G bandwidth do you actually get? 

  • Jeff G

    This is awesome!  My biggest concern with TracFone services is that I would be using legacy towers and operating at primitive speeds.  @yahoo-O6OE2JIZWWDDHGZ7FEMP5LJ3ZI:disqus Im sure you get throttled at some point, maybe even starting at a throttled speed to begin with, but it will no doubt be faster than their 3G variants and cheaper than going on contract with the big 4.

  • Davelarsen

    Sims are now avail.  They have different sims avail for different phones.  No BB compatibility.  They will probably throttle at some point so check the terms and conditions fine print.  Very heave users have had issues with Simple Mobile (similar bus model).  

    • Samuel W

      What do you mean they have different SIM cards available for different phones?  Are you referring to 64-bit vs 128-bit SIMs or these new micro or mini SIMs?  How do they lock a SIM to a specific phone?  My friend using TracFone is a pretty heavy user and hasnt had any complaints, but he doesnt have the 4G phone.  Too bad Im stuck on contract or I would switch.

  • The beauty of HSPA network is that it offers a robust portfolio of handsets and services. Another advantage for tracfone device is that HSPA+ continues to increase its performance and because of this t-mo is committed heavily.Tracfone devices on this HSPA+ network can deliver compelling  data speeds that meet the advanced wireless needs of customers.