“We Just Got Samsunged”

For Samsung fans, this video is just funny…poking fun at those of us willing to stand in line for hours on end to pick up Apple’s newest incarnation. The opposite side of this ad is that you know somewhere inside the bowels of Samsung HQ, they are wishing Samsung launches were met with the same kind of lines that Apple sees on launch day. The Galaxy S II has sold incredibly well, but not iPhone 4 well.

Hardware loyalty aside, Samsung has mailed us a teaser for their upcoming Super Bowl 46 commercial. The ad is a lead-in to Samsung’s “major” spot that will debut sometime during the Super Bowl on February 5th. If we can put aside fanboy-ism for just a minute, the commercial is pretty funny. This coming from me, whom most of you would likely put in the Apple camp. I still know how to poke fun and enjoy what is undoubtedly a clever marketing campaign by Samsung.


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  • Swimfan9100

    “samsunged” takes it a bit too far. – “why dont you guys just get 4G phones?” was better.

    • Anonymous


  • Haha, Samsunged. I guess it’s better than being Appled. That just sounds painful.

  • Inclan

    You all can eat your apple
    I love my Samsung!

  • Anonymous

    The reason why there is no lineup’s for the latest Samsung phone(or any other phone,but iphone)is because apple doesnot brings out a new iphone every 3-4 months! After the SG3 comes out,when will
    the 4 comes out? 2 weeks later? Let’s not forgot the SG Note!


    i dont like it! should have said weve been googled.. maps is a google app.. lol

  • BayBoy

    Apple is killing the mobile game with one device per year face it carriers are like we have galaxy phones but having the iphone is like the cherry on top.

    • Tr0ubl3d 0n3

      Gosh typical iSHEEP fanboy coming to the rescue

  • guest

    Funny that the the camera angle makes it look like the guy is in jail.

    • 4G

      Nice observation

    • Anonymous

      Plus the guy is wearing stripes!!! A prison outfit… maybe the commercial is subtly hinting that the Apple guys are in Apple jail? Or maybe they need to jailbreak the phones to get what Samsung offers….? Either way, quite clever stuff.

      • tmojoe+1

        Wow, good eye! That is an interesting perspective… Your pretty sharp! So subtle, but it really makes me enjoy the ad now that you pointed that out. I love when things take some thought to see the big picture. You may have that “marketing eye”. Why didn’t I pick up on this? Lol

    • mitguy

      apple owners are in jail

  • Joe

    Ummm. Samsung can’t do anything original. Didn’t I already see a similar ad from someone else?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, from Samsung. This is their 3rd ad all in the same vein. 

    • Deadeye37
    • Mirad77

      Memory loss? Ask your doctor about Namenda.

    • Ken

      One original thing samsung did.  They made a phone you can drop without it shattering.


    • mitguy

      get a life apple geek

      • I’m an Apple geek. Welcome to the real world where not everyone thinks like you. Move on from this conversation please!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry I don’t care for this one like I do the others BUT “Samsunged” is a powerful phrase lol.  Can’t wait to see what they worked up for the big game.

  • Fixxmyhead

    check it “u just got samsunged bitch” booyahh

  • Just an Opinion

    Samsung should just make Samsung comercials IMO. Why Attack Apple? Also, Google turn By turn has nothing to do with Samsung, it’s on all androids. I think peopel make too big a deal out of the whole OS thing. I mean, Iphone is great for many people, Android is great for many people.
    But I don’t like ads that just attack a competitor. Just an Opinion.

    One could say it’s a lesser person that has to always compare themselves to others. By attacking Apple, Samsung kinda looks like a lesser comapny. Again, just opinion.

    • Riopato

      Those people was on line for an Apple product? Was that even in front of an Apple store? Or is it that you and everyone else can spot a an “iPhone crowd” without actually knowing what product Samsung is making fun of? Is it’s way too obvious who they making fun of!

      • Mirad77

        You and I know who they are making fun of but at the end of the video the guy said we have a Samsung. Now my problem with you is who cares who they make fun of? It has become a norm for these companies to go at each other. Apple does it and so is Samsung.

        • Just an Opinion

          Your problem with me is “who cares who they make fun of?” Interesting since I said the same thing. I said companies shouldn’t attack each other, and instead should advertice their strengths. I don’t care if it’s motorola attacking samsung, or nokia attacking Iphone… I just think they should advertise their prodcut without attacking other products.
          So thank you for Agreeing with me.

        • mitguy

          boo hoo apple fan boy, your one of those geeks in the lineup in reality.
          did it hurt your feelings the actors didnt do a good job of playing the role of you.

    • Riopato

      Those people was on line for an Apple product? Was that even in front of an Apple store? Or is it that you and everyone else can spot a an “iPhone crowd” without actually knowing what product Samsung is making fun of? Is it’s way too obvious who they making fun of!

    • Cwxcf00

      then you should have seen when the iPhone 4s went out in public during the presentation they compared it several times to the LG Optimus, the Galaxy and the Droid i believe. with first and last name! Does that make apple a lesser company? YES! it does and I did not see any apple sign on that commercial neither those people referring to an iPhone. 

      • Just an Opinion

        No, but the remark that the phone coming out looks just like the last one, I think makes it obvious. Regardless. I don’t care if it samsung attacking apple or apple attacking others. I just think  manufaturers should advertise to the strengths of their products without bashing other comapnies. That is a general thing. I’m not pro apple or android. Both have lots of strengths and weekneses.

        • Ken

          They could have been referring to the blackberry.  That ugly design is sure to kill RIM.

    • Mirad77

      I don’t know if you watch TV lately as it has become the norm in business to attack your competitor. From car industries to department stores, it’s everywhere.

      • Just an Opinion

        And me saying I dislike that type of advertisment (as a point of opinion) is wrong because everybody does it… Ok.

      • Anonymous

        Yet another reason to kill your TV!

    • Anonymous

      Why not attack apple? its competition… 

      • Just an Opinion

        I get that, but as I said (opinion) I don’t like ads that just attack a competitor. All samsung did there was poke fun at a competitor and brag about an Android feature.
        I would prefer if Samsung just bragged up their phone.

    • Gonehome

      You only attack the leader. Samsung has realized that it is better to compete as a company vs as an OS (android).

      • Just an Opinion

        That’s a good point. ( i still prefer a different style of advertising) but that was a good point. I loved the old ads for the galaxy S2 showcasing the screen size and quality.

    • Tbyrne

      Wait just a minute! For years now I’ve seen Apple commercials attacking and making fun of Windows. Right? Were you upset with that? If so than you’re consistent. If not, you’re a hypocrite. Can’t have it both ways JaO.

      • Just an Opinion

        Again, I am not attacking samsung, and I am not sticking up for Apple. I simply don’t like that style of ad campaign. And Yes, I think the same about all commercials like that. And if you read what i actually wrote I say that. I really go back to my original comment when I say, People really make way too big a deal over this whole OS thing. Everyone has different taste, every OS is good and bad for different people. I do not even own an Iphone. I would just prefer (as a consumer) if samsung bragged up aspects of their phone that stand out rather than poke fun at a competitor.

        • Tbyrne

          Thank you for your honesty. I stand corrected.

    • Anonymous

      To preface: I agree with you. I see this as a subversive attack campaign against Apple specifically due to Apple’s “if I can’t beat you, I’ll sue you” philosophy lately. Kudos to Samsung for stooping to their level (sarcasm). Again, I agree. But really, what better way to compete than to trump up what you can do better than your competition. 

      In regards to the nav via Google Maps, I always get irritated when I see the new VZW commercial making it seem as though the GN is the ONLY phone where you can get the Google+ app and it’s ONLY on VZW. Same as they used to do when they first started their whole “Droid Does” campaign. I suggested many times that TMo start an ad campaign that went along the lines of “What Droid does, T-Mobile did”. 

      Thank you for your opinion! I for one appreciate reading it.

      • Just an Opinion

        Thank You. And I see your point.  (oddly, I don’t really watch too much tv, so when I coment on the commercials I see here all I can really compare them too is other online commercials I have seen for Tmo or Droid (VZ)). And the only ones I usually catch on Hulu are Droid or Tmo.

        • mitguy

          just an opinion your an apple fanboy. apple desktop fans were initially those in graphic design occupations. but in the last decade have been consumers who are not pc savy, your average joe or mom and pop. they were designed to be easy to use and have design flair, at a premium price though. 

          anyone who knows the basics of how to defragment your hd on a pc understands the guts of what makes one pc better than the other, or in this case phone vs phone. apple can omit something as basic as flash support on a ipad, but apple fans still brainwashed by apple branding still defend it.

          but getting back to your comment about the ad, apple has done this advertising strategy for years, and so has 90% of businesses out there, pull your head out of the sand.

        • Just an Opinion

          I really don’t like Apple products But thanks for the ignorant reply Mitguy

    • Jiamingc

      i dont like company that sue others for common shits and call it high tech , just opinion

      • Just an Opinion

        LOL True.

    • Anonymous

      “I don’t like ads that just attack a competitor”

      So I assume you’re boycotting Apple after years of misleading “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ads that claimed that Windows PCs couldn’t connect to digital cameras, edit video, print in color or be used for creative tasks?

      Or is it okay when Apple does it?

      • Just an Opinion

        First, your an idiot ( because you didn’t read what I wrote you just think I’m defending Apple- which I’m not). Second, I am not an Apple fan, nor did I defend Apple. I just said I didn’t like a style of advertisment. I am so sick of complete Idiots on this site who immediatly scream Apple Fanboy when someone makes any comment that doesn’t praise Android.

        • Anonymous

          Ah, nice. I read what you wrote (and didn’t insult you). I just think that your contrived outrage is hilariously selective, considering that it’s Apple who has been most aggressively criticizing the competition in its advertising.

          PS — Android has nothing to do with it one way or the other (I don’t use Android).

          PPS — Do you talk to your mom with that mouth?

    • Double standard

      Apple has been attacking Samsung all this time trying super hard to ban it in every country because it is afraid of the competition.

  • Anonymous

    “I don’t like your roommate very much” – I don’t know why, but that part just cracks me up.

  • Anonymous

    These ads are well done.  The actors they’ve cast to play the disgruntled “line standers” (in this case, the bearded guy) are pretty funny.

    • tgdontap

      agreed.  the prison allusion with that guy in a striped shirt staring through the bars is pretty clever.  almost like they’re taking a knock at apple’s 1984 commercial.

  • Cwxcf00

    the iPhone is an awesome phone just like a galaxy s but it is expensive to get apps that are free on android, and neither it is more practical nor better for that  matter, thats why most intelligent people are choosing android because it is always better to get more for less, just what you get from a galaxy phone more value for your money… “rich” people can stay with their iPhones, so they can look “richier”.

    • Anonymous

      What apps are cheaper on android?

      • rene ledesma

        the ones with bunch ad and racking up you data use, all is the game free app, bunch ad, abusing you data every time you open the app? nice

        • Anonymous

          Lol what were you trying to say? Are you pro my comment or against it?

        • Anonymous

          geez, im itired of your comments. Always trying to 1up another person.

        • Anonymous

          Trying to one up? Haha your crazy. He was not only talking crap about the phone but stereotyping the people who use them. So on the points he was clearly wrong I called him out. Reading through your comments it doesn’t surprise me you would stick up for some one trying to bash the iPhone cause you are just as ignorant as him.

        • Anonymous


    • Rsg

      There are way too many iPhones.  Everyone has an iPhone so they can appear cool.  Recently, my wife and I were at a dinner party where there were 3 other couples.  There was some talk about the location of a new restaurant in town.  Couple-1 whips out their new iPhone 4s and fiddles with SIRI.  Couple-2 (husband has iPhone 4 & wife Blackberry) start using some map apps, Couple-3 also take out their iPhone4s and start fiddling with some map apps.  Couple-4 (me & wife) wife pulls out the TMO SGS II and goes to Google maps street view and put in the address and start turn-by-turn navigation.  I pull out my Galaxy Nexus and through the Google search bar speak the address coherently – I get the location and street view instantly and am ready to navigate, but my already wife has the navigation in her hands on SGS II.  Lots of oohs and ahhs when I show them the street view fly through on my GNex, but then silence and no more talk of how sophisticated the iPhone4s is.  I trade phones with my wife and run speed test on the TMO SGS II and am hitting over 12 Mbits/sec download rates.  All the iPhones could do was 3-4 Mbits/sec.  I smile start up NetFlix and start watching a movie.  I never said anything bad about the iPhone 4 or 4s, and in fact praised it, but Couple-1 was disappointed and openly said they made a mistake.

      The moral of story, Samsung needs more adds like this for the average person.  Those of us here or on XDA already know what we want, but for others its a different story. 

  • loyalfornow

    I have a Galaxy s2 – is there a way to get the wifi tethering without rooting (or paying, which I didn’t have to on the phone I gave up for my s2)? I saw how to get USB tethering without rooting, but not wifi.

    • we appreciate your loyalty!

      Starting January 25th there is a promo for new and existing customers. 5gb and 10gb data fearures comes bundled with free wifi tethering. You just have to request it!

    • Lala

      go to setting – wireless – configure hotspoy and ready . 

  • Frigadroid

    Yuuup I got samsunged when I bought that vibrant, never again will I consider scamscum, my butt still hurts when I set down!

    • Frigadroid

      I know spelling nazi “sit” not set lol

    • SamsungedAgain

      Everytime my sidekick4G locks up so I can’t answer it I get samsunged.  When my BHII was denied an update I was samsunged.  When my vibrant won’t get a GPS lock I get samsunged. When my gravity died 2 days out of warranty I was samsunged.  I have been samsunged  many times. 

    • sino8r

      hahahahaha! that’s awesome! bad for you but a good joke and point non the less…

  • Anonymous

    Who is still buying those 3.5 inch screen phones…
    I mean, go get a S2 and you will never talk about iphone again. 

    • rene ledesma

      the point is when you got a problem like example, software problem who will give that support, software upgraded, who samsung, i can say, excellent hardware, but where is the support for all those cliché in the software, ?  im android user, but lets be honest. most of those iphone fan have the support for there little  iphone from apple, how about us,?

      • Safg

         it never dies tho…………

      • Tommygun


  • Frank

    For USA users. Never buy a non Nexus Samsung Android device unless you are positive you will happen with the phone experience out of the box.

    Samsung/USA carriers (yes I blame both of them) are horrible are updating Android devices. Like the other user said. Samsung/Tmobile completely abandoned their flagship Vibrant less than 7 months after its released.

    Left users high and dry.

    • Wheresbrent

      The Samsung Nexus s was the first android to get the ICS update, and samsung was the first to launch ICS in general with the Galaxy Nexus, what the hell are you talking about? Its to bad more forum posters don’t think about what they say BEFORE they post it, you wouldn’t end up looking like an idiot

      • Anonymous

        Are you talking about yourself? Cause it doesn’t look like you even read what he said.

  • Barry

    samsung are going into liquidation

  • Anonymous

    Got to say…Android phone makers and even Google got to envy those lines…No Android phone gets that kind of attention…NOT even the Nexus.

    Apple…they are just chuckling at the “sarcasm” (read ENVY).

    Here’s hoping that Google’s purchase of MoTo yields a better Android experience… or dare I say Windows is the next th…..

    • Anonymous

      I think the nexus will be the only real google phones of the future. I’ve read articles where analysts and journalists are claiming that google has lost total control in the direction android takes after updates and releases of new builds. It’s happening now if you really look at it.

      • Tbyrne

        Gouvy! Reading articles from analysts and journalists that have a personal bias against Android doesn’t really count. Am I correct gouvy?

        • Anonymous

          You don’t have to be bias or an analyst to see that they’ve lost control. The only android devices I like are the ones with pure android on them, for they are less stuttery, my little lamb loin!!

        • Tbyrne

          Agreed gouvy. Perhaps in the near future google will correct these issues. Wouldn’t that be a good thing gouvy?

        • Anonymous

          It would be a great thing.  I own google shares too :-)

          The more google invades everyone’s life the more money i make… WINNING!!!!

          I prefer iOS, but i’m cheering for both teams for they both make me money.  

          You actually thought i was depressed and/or sad boy…

          well behhh to you too!!!

  • dam i wish i could seethe video!

  • Tmo4theWin

    This type of commercial reminds me of the Mac Pc commercials back in the day. Excpet the Mac Pc commercials were paid for by Microsoft to avoid charges of monopoly. (Microsoft invested 150 mil to Aid apple so not to be seen as monopoly in 1997).
    So it’s interesting that Samsung is doing the same type of commercial here.

    I love samsung phones but I wish tmobile would get a smaller High-end version, like all the specs of GS2 (which I own), but about the size of the galaxy S4G. I know a lot of people want the big phones right now, but i like something that fits in a shirt pocket under a suit.

  • Anonymous

    All anyone has to do is look at apple’s q4 earnings. I’ve neer seen anyone camp out for a Samsung product, samsung wishes!! It’s like they are a young girl picking on an other girl because the other girl is more popular and getting lots of attention.

    • Ben McRill

      Apple only sold 2 million more iPhones world wide than Samsung, that is not too much in the grand scheme of things. And last time Samsung sold more. It’s just tit for tat.  

      • Anonymous

        What?? Dude 1 iPhone line vs their many models. You are just a tit and need a tat !!

        • Esunique08

          UH… ignorance… why are you even here? shouldn’t you be reading about apple? and if you haven’t heard the GALAXY S2 IS THE IPHONE’S competition… No need to bring all the models into this… now the iphone has been around for like 4 yrs and the galaxy only for like one!!!! ha know your facts dude!!!!

        • Anonymous

          ignorance???  my pockets are feeling full right now@f545fdba780e44e5e630a78f1f316366:disqus 
          with my shares thank you very much!!  You probably don’t even own a single share of anything besides your personal credit card debt.  

          uhhhh… douchery!!

        • Tbyrne

          Gouvy gouvy, my, so teste! It’s okay that someone may have a different opinion than your highness. I thought you were all for freedom of speech, not like all those sheeple you dislike. Right gouvy?

        • Gouv

          I’m totally about freedom of speech but I’m also an asshole and a jerk to boot. I’m usually worse to the sheeple. You have witnessed first hand, the wrath of my Internet immaturity.

          It’s also one thing to have an opinion, but to have an opinion with no substance to back it up is yet another thing sheeple are good at. It’s why you like it here so much byrnie. You preach to the choir and you love it!!

        • Gouv

          Its one thing to have a different opinion, but to have an opinion without much substance aside from blatant subjectivity is sheepish, like yourself.  This is why someone like you loves it here so much.  Someone like you can preach to the choir all they want and feel loved in your subjective views.  There is also a difference between freedom of speech and using speech freely to represent intelligent thought.  Of course this is the internet  and everyone is free to enjoy being an asshole like i do so its like fighting fire with fire.  But in the more grandiose scheme of things…
          Apple shares have made me a lot of money by selling at the right times, and guess what?? aside from doing my own research I listened to well respected analysts and brokers back in 2005.  Guess what Byrnie?? they were right!! 

           In fact all of my internet “asshole-ness” and bullying aside…. i really enjoy Om Malik’s take on things.  I recommend you pay the $200 bucks a year and subscribe to giga om pro.  You’d learn a lot, become less sheepish, and you could hopefully afford the $200.  Getting your M.B.A will help your career advance too if you don’t already have one.

          … And now back to internet douchery on my part!

           It’s also the opinions of many smaller scale analysts that t-mobile will likely fold or suffer tremendously in the coming years, but what do they or I know.  Clearly internet Sheeple like you are going to save them from themselves. 

      • Tmo Needs iPhone

        Free Samsung flip phones should not count in these numbers nor should Samsung’s low end Android offerings like the exhibit 2 which offers a far lower quality screen, camera and user experience.

  • Tmo Needs iPhone

    To be fair, when peopel say Samsung sells alot of phones..they should rememebr how many Free basic phones samsung sells. T-mobile stores sell far more basic Samsung handsets than Galaxy S2’s.  So if someone says Samsung is outselling iphone…well, letys be honest they should be considering the number of basic handsetd they let go for Free.
    If  iPhone had a Free model on each carrier….Samsung wouldn’t look so good.

    • Anonymous

      The phones aren’t free, person with a screen name that i don’t like.  Samsung doesn’t give them away!! the carrier still pays for them and the branding.  Hell, the carrier takes a huge loss by selling at a discount ( or according to your understanding, gives them away) and risking the customer bailing before they make their money on the contract over time.  Sadly, in T-Mobiles world that’s a very harsh reality.  Churn is rampantly retarded on the little magenta carrier.  

      You’re scale and magnitude of understanding are very wrong.  T-Mobile does need the iPhone, but your thinking of the situation is quite flawed imo. 

      T-Mobile needs more than the iPhone, they need better and more spectrum that’s actually compatible with world standards (cough — stupid AWS—- cough!), a more reliable clientele that aren’t an accountants worst nightmare, and new management to lead them and help them grow a better business strategy.

      T-mobile and Apple’s competitors wish they could sell like Apple and develop “frothing” customer fanatics, however… the reality is they are comparing an army of device line ups to 1 major brand.  

      It’s like the ugly kid sister trying on the beautiful older sisters clothes and saying she looks the same because she’s related.  When in fact she has not developed into a beauty quite yet or just doesn’t have the better DNA like the older sibling that she’s trying to mimic.  Just remember that next time someone makes such a comparison.  

    • Yourmillennium

      ummm… nothing is free.  It isn’t even free to YOU.  It all about contracts.  Free phone, but locked in for two years means in some way… you are paying for it. 

  • Tbyrne

    Oh gouvy, I don’t think you’re immature. You post a lot of intelligent things. I think you can reason with someone without having to resort to name calling and belittling. However sometimes it’s fun to call out someone who you feel is lacking in grey matter. Keep up the good work gouvy. Post you soon.