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“We Just Got Samsunged”

For Samsung fans, this video is just funny…poking fun at those of us willing to stand in line for hours on end to pick up Apple’s newest incarnation. The opposite side of this ad is that you know somewhere inside the bowels of Samsung HQ, they are wishing Samsung launches were met with the same kind of lines that Apple sees on launch day. The Galaxy S II has sold incredibly well, but not iPhone 4 well.

Hardware loyalty aside, Samsung has mailed us a teaser for their upcoming Super Bowl 46 commercial. The ad is a lead-in to Samsung’s “major” spot that will debut sometime during the Super Bowl on February 5th. If we can put aside fanboy-ism for just a minute, the commercial is pretty funny. This coming from me, whom most of you would likely put in the Apple camp. I still know how to poke fun and enjoy what is undoubtedly a clever marketing campaign by Samsung.


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