Win A Nokia Lumia 710 With One Year Of Service From T-Mobile

T-Mobile is celebrating the launch of the Nokia Lumia 710 with a sweepstakes where you can not only win one for free, but also grab a year of service along with it. All you have to do is let T-Mobile know, in 100 words or less, “what smartphone features change your life the most?”

The contest is really intended for first-time smartphone owners, hence the contest name: “My First Smartphone Sweepstakes.” Even if you’re already a smartphone owner, you’re still eligible to enter so to write out 100 words (or less) and give yourself a chance to win.


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  • Anonymous

    No thanks.

    How about a  Galaxy Nexus instead?

    • Anonymous

      Well, T-Mobile would actually have to be selling the Galaxy Nexus to give some away…

    • If you could run iOS or Windows Phone 7 on the Galaxy Nexus I’d be in favor of this, but doomed Android? Junk.

  • Anonymous

    You have register on this Facebook ? Why can’t I just write a letter ? I want either this phone or a Radar , I guess I just buy one when they are under 150 .

    • TMOSince2003

      I quit Facebook last September. Nobody really noticed, (well 2 people did) isn’t that sad?

      Would not mind winning the year of service. But it’s not worth going back, I never win stuff anyway.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah I never joined . I’ve tweeted . Joining that facebook seems like work , Thus its not really “winning ” . You know what would be neat ? A phone raffle ! 

    • Rubberman365

      walmart has lumia 710 for $18.88 new contract or upgrade & htc radar 4g for $28.88 which i got as black friday deal plus $100 walmart gift card, sweet deal which i used to buy a 201 stanley mechanics tool set for $65 even sweeter lol. ;)’

      • Anonymous

        I’m a EM+ guy……and always will be : )

  • Jeveritt

    I love the music on the go feature.  Being able to have a reliable music player is awesome! 

  • Bobbyserrano2010

    My first smartphone sweepstakes

  • Robert

    I am long time lover and user of Nokia when I was living in Europe but after moving back to the States nokia’s offering are very small. But I think that Nokia can make a good chance to win the American market.

  • Anonymous

    Google maps changed my life. I would be literally lost without it.

    • I Wonder

      Are you new to your city?

      • Anonymous

        Nope. Just a shut in who doesn’t know his way anywhere. I know now. Lol

  • Sandra0523

    Ive never had a smartphone, so the experience would be great looks like its good for using as a map and for music, well hopefully I can work it.. lol

  • Mike W

    Would be nice to have a dependable phone with free service!

  • Anonymous

    The Lumia 710 is an amazing device and WP7 Mango plus the Nokia enhancements creates an amazing user experience. I highly recommend this device to anyone that isn’t hung up on a FFC , high megapixel camera and mass storage. Other than that, the Lumia 710 doesn’t disappoint.

  • Edlynn_1

    Most definitely would be the GPS when I travel! And also the web browsing on the go for quick info

  • Anonymous

    What would change my life the most? Seamless integration of my phone, my desktop computer(s), my laptop computer(s) and my personal storage space(s) in the cloud(s).

  • Antncali

    My first phone happened to be a T-mobile phone and a smart phone it was the Mytouch (white) it changed my life so much. When my friends say meet at my house all I have to do is type there address plug in my head phones and start walking and listening to my music 53 and web browsing has never been better stay tune to everything around me. The Aplications are amazing weither it’s MySpace Facebook or twitter you stay up with all your friends staying connected with my grandma who lives out of town has never been easier

  • Shoghi

    My first smart phone would definitely help me out with features like GPS Navigation, Being in touch with friends through live social networking feeds and updates, capture amazing everyday moments with its 5 camera and many more…   

  • Cp60188

    A smartphone lets me free to be me. It sets me free from my desktop, unchains me from my landline. I can go anywhere I want, do whatever I want to do. I’ve got GPS so I never get lost. I’m always connected to friends and
    family by text, talk, or Net. Life’s never boring – there are always new pkaces to discover. My smartphone can help me find them, get there, rate them and get back home. Life’s so much more with a smartphone!

  • Anonymous

    The feature that would change my life the most with a Smartphone would be the ability to connect to the “internet”….the world wide web. this feature alone allows you to access everything from help with traveling to looking a recipe to booking a hotel room. keeping up with all the latest news and stock reports. Not to mention the game scores from your favorite sport. I could even look to it to check my Bank account. Web browsing on a smartphone or the ability to connect to the internet is what would  make a true smart phone for me. And lets not for get the applications that use the internet……. all this in the palm of my hand. Then I would use this candy bar I have phone as a door stop…. 

  • 1st smart phone that got me hooked was my crackberry pearl flip 8220 which still rocking it today! google maps, facebook app that connects with my contacts, I thought multi tasking between nimbuzz chats, facebook, google maps, etc was awesome even tho only edge speeds compared to my Sony Ericison TM506 running 3G on plain old dumb phone lol o well all is good as soon as i visited n put custom asia system rom on my 8220 no more screen lag ;-)’

  • Mussad

    Because of alzheimers my family can find me anytime..!!!…thank you smartphones!

  • Sarah Hirsch

    I would love to win this phone for my husband.  He has a very outdated Blackberry which I’m not sure qualifies as a smartphone – it does have his email on it, and can slooooooooooowly access the text version of any webpage, but having myself used phones that are actually smart, I don’t think his counts!  He needs to be able to keep up with the times.  I don’t want to become way more technologically advanced than him and have to then hang out with a relative caveman!  Can you help him learn what an ‘app’ is?  Can you show him that phones can be used for more than just phone calls these days?  I’d appreciate it very much!  Thanks :)

  • Msjodeci1

    I would love a smartphone so that my children and I can Skype or Tango with my Hubby who’s deployed overseas. It would be really awesome to see him. Its been 5 months since we last saw him and we still have 7 months to go. Thank you for considering us for our first smartphone!

  • Carol Turner71

    Thanks for technology that allowed us to access additinal information regarding prescription medication usage for my mother. Symptoms of side efffects were hampering her recovery at home following a hospital stay.My fitrst ‘smart phone’experience is priceless. Mobile browsing is ultimately life changing.

  • Been with Tmobile forever.  LOVE THEM….. I also would love to win this awesome phone.