T-Mobile Launching New Hush Hush Promotional Plans On January 25th

Now this is the kind of promotion we can get behind as T-Mobile prepares to silently launch two new promotional data feature bundles, available for a limited time. Beginning January 25th, T-Mobile will launch the Unlimited-Premium 5GB and 10GB data plans that will add in the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot and MobileLife Album Plus services for free. That’s an additional value of $19.98 for the customer. Smartphone Mobile Hotspot provides the ability to share a 4G connection and is normally a $14.99 value. This move provides T-Mobile a step above the competition, especially if they were to offer this as a prime-time promotion and not hide it behind the shadows.

According to the screengrab, T-Mobile doesn’t want to proactively offer this feature…I’m sorry I disagree. I get that the company wants to protect the bottom line, but this is the EXACT kind of promotion they should be shouting from the rooftops. I do understand this promotion is a tool designed to help sway someone on the fence about signing up with T-Mobile. In other words, this promotion will most likely be used as a closing tool for sales rep to help show the T-Mobile “value” over the competition.  Except existing customers deserve these plans as well and if T-Mobile wants to stop churn, stop churn, don’t selectively offer promotions. Haven’t they recognized this from the feedback accrued during the recent Value Plan sales?

This promotion is available to both new and existing customers on any legacy contract, classic and value rate plans who choose to upgrade to the Unlimited-Premium 5GB or Unlimited-Ultra 10GB rate plan.


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