Battle Of The Mid-Range Windows Phones On T-Mobile, Dogfight!

Oh how I do love a good dogfight around these parts and this time we’re happy our man Aaron Baker took the time to compare the two newest Windows Phone devices on T-Mobile. It’s a battle of the mid-range devices, but in Windows Phone terminology, mid-range doesn’t have the same negative connotation one might consider when looking at say, a mid-range Android handset. No 800MHz processors to be found here, just solid hardware, software and specs.

For the most part, we weren’t terribly impressed with the camera on the Lumia 710 during our review, but otherwise very impressed with the overall feel and performance of the phone. The HTC Radar 4G was no slouch either either, a well-honed piece of HTC hardware. So who will come out on top? You’ve got 26 solid minutes of video to find out.

PhoneDog, PhoneDog 2

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