Battle Of The Mid-Range Windows Phones On T-Mobile, Dogfight!

Oh how I do love a good dogfight around these parts and this time we’re happy our man Aaron Baker took the time to compare the two newest Windows Phone devices on T-Mobile. It’s a battle of the mid-range devices, but in Windows Phone terminology, mid-range doesn’t have the same negative connotation one might consider when looking at say, a mid-range Android handset. No 800MHz processors to be found here, just solid hardware, software and specs.

For the most part, we weren’t terribly impressed with the camera on the Lumia 710 during our review, but otherwise very impressed with the overall feel and performance of the phone. The HTC Radar 4G was no slouch either either, a well-honed piece of HTC hardware. So who will come out on top? You’ve got 26 solid minutes of video to find out.

PhoneDog, PhoneDog 2

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  • Anonymous

    Radar is a odd looking piece of hardware, and only in white? Great otherwise, but it sure looks odd. I handled the Nokia and was impressed. I’ll wait for the 900 thankyouverymuch.

  • tmoguy1

    I own a Radar, and recently got the Nokia. The Radar feels like a better built phone (but looks odd- 2 tone white against brushed aluminum). Nokia feels a little cheeper, but the screen seems slightly better and the colors really pop. Neither has an amazing camera, but to get a great camera on a new phone you have to but a Samsung Galaxy S2, HTC Amaze, Or Iphone (I’m sure there are others out there) which are all far more expensive.

    The Best thing about the Windows phones (and I really have to give them credit here) is that no matter how cheep the device may seem (low end, mid tier, etc) the software is the same and runs very well so you do not feel like you are losing anything in the experience.

    Working at a store, I can see why we are selling out of these phones, and why we have never had a return on a Radar (and so far not on Lumia either).

    • Gilla87

      I recently got the galaxy s2 after having returned the amaze 4g … I got to say I am not sure if it was for the best… The amaze had a far superior camera :( have not taken a single picture yet that really looks like it might not have been taken on a phone..

      • what made you return the amaze?

        • Gilla87

          Originally I had asked for the galaxy s2 but they didn’t have any in stock… So I ordered the amaze for the mean time and once Tmo got more in stock I swapped the amaze for the galaxy, but if I were warped back a week knowing what I know now, I might not have done the trade…

  • Close thing that, and I am wondering how it will go in the long run.  Interesting that Radar has better camera and build quality – two things Nokia would traditionally pride themselves on.

    I was lucky enough to be at CES and have to say regarding navigation – keep an eye out for upcoming related apps – City Lens, Public Transit and Pulse which will really enhance that location based offering. 

  • HTC Radar is a beast!

    • Anonymous

      I was told by a geek that the Nokia camera would improve after a software update .

  • I purchased a used Radar to test wp7 and… its the most fluid device i’ve ever used. zero lag. im so impressed. but the solid colors make me a bit claustrophobic. sticking with android, for now. 

  • William Cron

    My local Walmart has made my decision about these two phones really freaking hard. The Radar is $28.88 to upgrade while the Lumia is $18.88 to upgrade! Toss out Aaron’s bias towards Nokia’s map software, and these phones are dead even. Do I want slightly better specs (Lumia) or more funtionality (Radar)? While I might not use the FFC on the Radar, I would use the wifi hotspot. However, the Lumia has the better processor and screen. (The Clear Black screen on my Astound is gorgeous!) Argh! Decisions, decisions! I haven’t had this much fun deciding on a new phone in years! :-)

    • well i just got radar in december $28.88 plus walmart $100 gift card for black friday special.

  • Lucabrasi1971

    The final decision is do you want an HTC product that will break in a year or a nokia that will last you as long as you wish to have the phone.

    • Whats funny is my entire life, up until now, I have had nothing but Nokia and HTC phones and ALL of them were sturdy and indestructible.

      Now using a Dell Venue Pro, but prior to that my last 4 phones were
      HTC HD2
      HTC G1
      HTC Shadow
      HTC Wizard (aka Tmo MDA)

      All of them, especially the Wizard, took some beatings and never had a single problem.  I can’t remember which (I think it was the HD2?) I even accidentally left on the top of my car once and pulled away and the the slid off the roof and smacked the pavement.  No problem!

      Of course, I have no idea what any HTC phones are like after the HD2.

  • I bet $500 on the Nokia. Simply because it’s Nokia vs. HTC. That equates to a jackhammer vs. a pencil.

  • manfromnowhere

    I bought a Radar when it was $0 plus a $100 trade-in rebate = -$100, with a 2yr contract. My main phone is the Galaxy S II and while I like Android a lot, I’m very impressed with WP 7.5. It’s very smooth, no lag, and the mobile IE browser works great, as does the WiFi hotspot. I swore off of Windows phones after my Touch Pro2 but I like the Radar a lot. I’m looking forward to something higher end with WP. I’m really hoping WP catches on – this is the perfect smartphone OS for those who just want everything to work and be simple. I root my Android phones and customize it a lot, so WP feels a little boring, but it simply works. Can’t beat that.

    • YBT

      For a second there I thought I wrote this comment! I couldn’t agree with you more @ad8307c17134fa145985a8f335609c07:disqus I had a TP2 and it was trash. Even with the custom ROMs. I swore I never would go back to WinMo. But Tmobile exchanged my TP2 for an HD7 and I’ve been in love with the simplicity of WP every since. I really think the Radar wins in the fight @phonedog_Aaron The front facing camera is what puts it over the edge on a ‘mid-range’ phone. Nokia screen has good value. But MS has Skype now, and Tango works on WP. Its a must have.

      • Did u try Deep shining rom or NRGZ28  Energy rom or they have android running off sd card on that phone pretty decent now even camera works for froyo 2.2 i think.

    • Suzukisikes

      My wife has the Radar and I have a GS2. I personally love Android but her radar is quite a bad ass phone. Not a fan of Windows at all but the radar has me thinking about getting one because of its ease of use and simplicity.

    • how about $28.88 @ walmart plus a $100 walmart gift card + $100 old phone trade in rebate guess i jus kinda did beat ya deal lol jk. good bye crackberry pearl flip 8220 =)’

      • plus it works great with my old legacy grandfarthered $5.99 t zones unlimited no data caps, no speed throttling bs t mobile web lol.

  • Anonymous

    I am really liking that Nokia.  I am hopeful they will get the 800 in the next few months after ATT gets it, as I am thinking I would like that better.  I have played with the Radar and loved it, it was very very smooth.

  • guest

    At my location, we are having trouble keeping the Lumia 710 in stock. Wp7 seems to be the right choice for many customers. Not to mention, the price point is amazing on the Lumia. It’s a really reliable and solid phone, lots of fun to sell too.

    I am a GS2 owner, and love it. But I would definitely use a Lumia 900 if TMO were to carry it.

  • Foxeh

    It kills me that the Nokia doesn’t do wifi hotspot; I would already own the 710 if it weren’t for that. The Radar is quite nice too, but white phones are so not my thing. Nokia Drive is a very nice value add, but it doesn’t read street names like Navigon does (which can be bought off the Marketplace).

    Is there a Marketplace app to do internet sharing?

  • Guest

    Nokia Lumia 710 upgrade (full eligible) on T-Mobile website is $19.99 today!

    • Felipefaccini13

      After a $50 mail-in-rebate, which require a $30 dollar plan,  Walmart in store have the Nokia for $18 and the radar for $28, new line and upgrades

      • yep got radar 4g for $28.88 plus $100 walmart gift card for black friday special,

        • plus it works great with my legacy grandfarthered $5.99 t mobile t zones no data caps, no speed throttling internet web. lol

  • Ohgeez10

    Former TMO rep and took advantage of my discount. Currently have a Nokia Astound, BB9700, BB9780, SGS4 (just gave to wife), HTC Amaze and HTC Radar. 

    I switch back and forth between my Amaze and Radar and have been enjoying the Radar/WP7 a lot. 

    Actually, I haven’t used my Amaze in about 2 weeks. My biggest gripe with WP7 is navigation. I’ve tried some apps but nothing works as good as Google Nav. But other than that, I think I could make WP7 my OS of choice.

    Now lets bring the other Nokias to TMO and I would be all over it. 

    • Anonymous

      Myself a former rep.  I have the G2, Sidekick4G(Wife), SGS4G, HD2(android) and the Radar4G.  My original everyday phone was the G2 and once I had the Radar in my hands I have not gone back to android.  The navigation is some getting used to, but what I do like is, NO Lag, NO Force Closes, No transitional lags or ghosting.  The Marketplace is not that great as android, but I find myself using EVERY Wp7 app vs Androids. 

      OAN, battery life is awesome, too!

      EDIT: G2 has Wifi Calling & wp7 does not. hope there’s an update for that in the near future

      • Ohgeez10

        You hit some key points on why I like the Radar/WP7. 


        As for the apps, almost everything that I personally used for Android, I was able to find the same or an alternate. 

        I know this has been said over and over about WP7……but this OS is soooo damn smooth.  The integration between Facebook/Twitter along with your contacts is very fluid.

        Anyone moving from another OS to WP7 needs to give it a good week to adjust to it. Once you do, you will realize how well its put together. 

  • I would like to point out that he states “you don’t get flash or HTML5 support” but you do in fact get HTML5 support in IE9 on Windows Phone 7.

  • Jtbelden

    Got the Lumia 710 last night and have been playing with it and I have to say i’m impressed.  If you go in with the mind set that this isn’t the Lumia 800 or 900, you will find a very fluid, easy to use, quality phone.  I find the display very responsive and perfect size.  Some of these phones are getting too big.  WP7 is simple to use and and consolidates all my accounts.  Apps market will grow over time but I think Nokia and Microsoft really put something good together.  I look forward to future mid and higher end devices from this team.  If you want great value with your service and you don’t want android, the Value plan for $50 and this phone are a great combo.

  • onetorino

    I have been a voice stream then T-Mobile customer for over 10 years. I started really liking WP7 after I got my wife the HD7. The interesting thing about this article is that they title it the “Mid-Range Windows Phones On T-Mobile”. Ironically, these are the ONLY WP7 available from T-Mobile. These are both capable smart phones, yet for a high-end WP7 phone, I have to go to at&t. For the first time in over 10 years, I’m seriously considering paying the cancellation fee for my T-Mobile contract, and going with at&t so that I can get a better choice of WP7 phones (two Samsung & one large HTC, all of which are better than T-Mobile’s offering). I never thought there would be a day when I would consider at&t over T-Mobile… yet now I’m almost there.

  • Ifrankiev

    There is no battle here. I am a Tmobile employee and the nokia is showing several problems VERy early on. many returns and giving WP7 a bad rep, unfortunately. radar blows it away. spend the extra money you WILL NOT regret it.