TmoNews Supports January 18th Stop SOPA Day

Sometimes we go a little off subject when the mood strikes, and today, the mood strikes. Along with many other websites across the internet today, we’re protesting against the dangerous pieces of legislation that are SOPA and PIPA. These bills, if passed into law, would allow companies, like the recording industry to shut down websites like TmoNews without due process of the law should they discover anything that violates copyright. A picture of a leaked Motorola phone? Goodbye TmoNews, The Verge, Engadget and pretty much every other tech site on the planet.

With SOPA and PIPA, these companies will go to a Judge, offer some kind of evidence of copyright infringement, and have the Judge proceed to take down our DNS thereby taking TmoNews offline. Imagine using an internet where the only thing standing between you and all your favorite websites going offline is a Judge, who may make a judgement without a “big picture” outlook. Most importantly, we’re surrendering due process.

These are dangerous acts and we don’t support them. Stop SOPA and PIPA by taking action, direct your friends and family to action, or the Electronic Frontier Foundation which lists points of contact to register your complaint. Write or call your local Congressperson. Just do something to show that you don’t want an internet that bows to the likes of the recording and movie industry.

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Wikipedia -Enter your zip code and find out who to contact

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