FCC Tells AT&T They Are “Deeply Concerned” Over Today’s Statement

Today has turned into quite the war of words in the aftermath of AT&T’s request to withdraw their T-Mobile purchase application. This morning was quite lively as AT&T posted an angrily worded response to the release of the FCC Staff Report which contradicts a number of the points AT&T has made about their T-Mobile purchase. To say that AT&T was angry, upset and in need of a timeout would be about right.

As the FCC is a government-run body we would expect that they wouldn’t take AT&T’s bait and respond. Well the FCC isn’t taking todays AT&T response sitting down as a quick Tweet by the Commissions Chief of Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau tweeted that they are “Deeply concerned about AT&T’s J. Cicconi comments regarding the FCC’s role in protecting US consumers.”

I think it’s safe to say that AT&T will likely run into an even tougher time when and if they attempt to achieve FCC approval down the road. The notion that the FCC used social media to “scold” AT&T is telling.

@FCC, The Verge

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