T-Mobile Drops The Pricing On The HTC Amaze 4G To $229.99

Are you looking to pick up the HTC Amaze 4G for yourself or for a gift in the coming weeks? Well great news as T-Mobile has knocked $30 off the Classic plan pricing from $259.99 to $229.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate. The HTC Amaze 4G remains one of T-Mobile’s best handsets with an 8 megapixel camera capable that rivals any smartphone camera currently on the market. On top of the superb camera you get a phone that works with T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 42Mbps network, 1080p video, 4.3″ qHD super LCD screen, 1.5GHz dual-core processor along with HTC Sense.

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  • Quilvio1

    Should have been $200 and $50 Rebate.,..

    • Henry1970

      I got mine last week and Brandsmart USA (miami, FL) for $99.99 with a $50 Mail in rebate. Just had to renew my contract and was already eligible for full upgrade.

  • Anonymous

    That’s awesome! Having to spend $305 sucks. Glad they lowered it!

  • Anonymous

    Whoa, it seems full retail dropped too.

  • Anonymous

    Can no longer trust HTC. With all this data grabbing going on.

    • I have the Amaze (where do I go to get my rebate?), and I don’t see any sign of CarrierIQ.  Some people speculate that it is more Sprint than HTC that is behind this.

  • 4G

    Can the HTC vivid be used on tmo 4g

  • That’s all? come on T-mobile you already gonna get them my the short and curly’s with the contract. 

  • Anonymous

    Nice my sister is wanting to get this phone shell be happy to know it went down in price

  • Alvin B.

    I see they’re still overcharging value plan customers. The whole POINT of paying full price for the phone was because you weren’t paying a subsidy. But now they make sure to jack up “full price” for value customers!!! That on TOP of the fact that you are now required to sign a contract to upgrade on a Value plan.

    • Anonymous

      Where do you see that? The full price was lowered from $559 to $529.

    • actionxjackson

      Will you ever get it? Its amazing how you cant do simple math. Look at the chart. They never jacked the total price up, they lowered it. You now pay less up front and the same $15.00 every month, like every other smartphone. You will still be saving money vs. the other classic plan every month with the phone payment and you pay the same for the phone out of pocket up front. So before you go off on a rant please for the sake of all of us, get your facts straight.

    • Aero

      Lets try this…again. Full price of the phone, is 529.99. You pay 229.99 the day you buy it. The remainder of the phone price, is 300$. The monthly charge, is 15$. 15/300= 20 months. Your contract, is for 24 months. So, you are NOT paying for the phone for the last 4 months, you own it now. If you are on the 2x line @ 49.99, yes for 20 months your price is 64.99, but then for the last 4 months, your price is 49.99. With classic, you are paying 229.99 for the phone, and likely, what, 79.99 per month? 49.99 x24 months = 1199.76 + 15/mo 20 months total price for the phone, and plan, for your contracted 2 years is 1499.76. Classic plan, 229.99 down, 79.99 for 24 months. 24 mo @ 79.99 = 1919.76 + 229.99 = 2149.75. So the difference is 1499.76 vs 2149.75. You are saving money

      • Aero

        Forgot the grand total savings! By doing Value AND paying FULL price for the phone, you are still actually saving 649.99 over 2 years. Even if the DID jack the price up 50$ for Value customers, you’d still be saving 599.99$. 

      • BusinessAsBruisual

        I’m having flashbacks from the mortgage mania of the go-go real estate market….where the firewall between property valuation and mortgage creativity was blurry.

    • George

      Maybe DT is abandoning their U.S. division because they’ve realized that so many Americans can’t do simple math and thus can’t recognize savings when it’s there.  God bless people like Aero, I’ve given up.


    If only I was able to upgrade…. although I would still be short because I don’t have the money. Hopefully when I am eligible they will still offer this phone and for less. Then again… maybe by that time a Tmobile G3 will be released. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Great move. Now if only they knock off $100 from the Blackberry Bold 9000.
    Hell make it $199 w/ a $50 mail-in-rebate = $149.

    Of course MIR’s are annoying but T-Mobile seems to wanna stick with them… over all I think thats a good price for a high quality built phone with a mediocre OS. (The Blackberry Bold 9000 that is)

    $229 is a respectable price for the Amaze, the specs are up to par and the speeds this phone brings in, whether in 4G 42 Mb/s markets, or 21 Mb/s markets for that matter, are pretty astonishing considering it’s not LTE.

  • Anonymous

    I was able to buy these for $200 each from the beginning via Amazon Wireless.  Why buy direct from T-Mobile?

  • Steebie

    What happened…last time I looked, a couple of weeks ago, it had a $100 rebate making it $179, now it’s back to a $50 rebate?  Man, it really pays to check the price every day.