FCC Tells AT&T They Are “Deeply Concerned” Over Today’s Statement

Today has turned into quite the war of words in the aftermath of AT&T’s request to withdraw their T-Mobile purchase application. This morning was quite lively as AT&T posted an angrily worded response to the release of the FCC Staff Report which contradicts a number of the points AT&T has made about their T-Mobile purchase. To say that AT&T was angry, upset and in need of a timeout would be about right.

As the FCC is a government-run body we would expect that they wouldn’t take AT&T’s bait and respond. Well the FCC isn’t taking todays AT&T response sitting down as a quick Tweet by the Commissions Chief of Consumer and Government Affairs Bureau tweeted that they are “Deeply concerned about AT&T’s J. Cicconi comments regarding the FCC’s role in protecting US consumers.”

I think it’s safe to say that AT&T will likely run into an even tougher time when and if they attempt to achieve FCC approval down the road. The notion that the FCC used social media to “scold” AT&T is telling.

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  • jon

    So much for withdrawing “to focus attention on the trial with the DOJ”…

  • Well, I think it’s safe to say the TMo and AT&T is done for good.

    • Littlesis1774

      What going to happen since Verizon just took DT’s plan b

  • Tbyrne

    Well boys & girls, it looks like this nightmare is just about finished. I can hear the fat lady singing. She sounds really good!

  • DNguyen

    i knew att, bad mouthing fcc and in future any government agency would get them into trouble.  they must of forgot that FCC and DOJ must approve this before they can do anything.  I guess they forgot about that before running off their mouths.

  • S2j3607

    Id rather a network sharing between the two than a take over. Att sucks and I surely don’t want to be a cricket customer. Cricket is in my area and with my luck id be one of the unfortunate 40% being sold to leap wireless like a commodity instead of a customer. Plus with att high prices and terrible customer service, u know it wouldn’t be good. Att would find some loophole in the contract to jack up the prices, and those of us with data hog phones would pay through the nose for unlimited internet use.

  • hatersontherocks

    Att give T-mobile ur spectrum and money

    • Littlesis1774

      It goes to DT not T-mobile USA

      • mikeyo

        Nope! Why would they shoot for a spectrum deal as well if they weren’t going to use it. I think they are going to invest the the whole in the u.s.a.

  • Alvin B.

    The fact that a smear campaign against the FCC “overstepping” its authority, demanding a complete reform of the FCC has suddenly appeared is telling. Obvious who is behind it, but several “reputable” news organizations have been promoting the idea suddenly today that the FCC has too much power and had no authority to release their findings. As if they are supposed to wimper under the feet of the industry.

    • Vinny

      Their findings are public property and should be released for all to read. Any fool who has a cell phone should want to read these findings. If they weren’t released they could very easily be found by google.com. AT&T was so sure they would just slide right in, fail, Just hope T-Mobile can pick up the pieces and grow as a US based company. This country needs T-Mobile, we don’t need a bigger AT&T with cut throat tactics, lousy service and a Network that is so far behind the times. Their coverage maps are the biggest joke of all. 

  • Deff

    ….I’m more worried about why the FCC has a twitter

    • Mizzike27


    • Sender Unknown23

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! Next thing you know, we’re going to get Tweets from the CIA about possible threats!  

  • You know, I think this whole thing between AT&T, T-mobile and the Government should be a made for TV movie. I mean really AT&T, there are still people living that remembers when you controlled the Land Line market’s and consumers didn’t have a choice and then the Government sanctioned you for monopolization. Your history follows you and your Rep has holes…

  • BP

    What did the FCC think was gonna happen after they released the 109 page analysis?  The FCC better be careful with this bully approach.

    • Dpro

      Wow you don’t get it either . AT&T is bullying the FCC here not the FCC bullying AT&T all the FCC did was publish a report on their findings which was legally correct because AT&T filed a petition to withdraw and the FCC was showing why.
      AT&T is trying to save face here because they blew it bigtime. The FCC now’s what they are doing I am not sure AT&T does though AT&T thinks it does.

  • Aaron Buckner

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I’m so glad AT&T is going to be post a 4 BBBBBBILLION $$$ loss because of this fiasco! I’m not a T-Mo customer (VZW) but I’m so glad to see this for T-Mo… That cash will help them buy spectrum, put up new towers and hopefully make T-Mo a force to be reckoned with!

    • shiryu1985

      unfourtunately my man that money will not hit tmo hands its going straight to germany for DT telekom

      • Ryetak7

        thank you. at least someone is paying attention. 

      • Anonymous

        Yeah and who owns T-Mobile USA? Oh right! DT…
        Epic fail on your part.
        The money that DT receives can be used on T-Mobile USA if they want.

        • Gsm1900

          “if they want”.
          They dont want. They want to keep that money, then sell TMO US to someone else. They have no wish to continue investing what is needed to keep TMO US   growing.

        • Anonymous

          I second this comment but would also like to include

          To: @Darkbotic:disqus Epic fail on YOUR part.

    • A common enemy brings together even the oldest of foes.

  • Jaygqitalia

    Someone explain to me why ATT is acting like Tony Montana .. ” WE GUNNA GO TO WAR CHICO ” 

    • Anonymous

      Because all that lobbyist money they spent to grease the wheels of washington is suddenly turning into a poor investment.  So much for business as usual.

  • AT& oh just a T… Sorry you are going to lose once, just once! Does it hurt your feelings? Oh yes , it does. Poor AT& just a T.

  • c2c4536

    just wait.. something more to come!

  • GinaDee

    The FCC better watch out.  AT&T will use the evidence of their careless disclosures to their advantage in court.   The FCC by law can publish a full report that was “voted on,” by the staff.  This was just a draft full of conjecture and hardly any proven facts to back up their arguments.  

    In the court of law it’s not about who you like.  It’s called political theatre.  

    The FCC team is comprised of elected officials.  If public sentiment is on their side, they’ll exploit it to a point.  But AT&T has so much lobbying power behind the scenes that could undermine the FCC staff’s ability to get re-elected and the chairman knows this. 

    Ironically the FCC championed AT&T’s “dire need,” for more spectrum not too long ago.  Now in their draft, they paint AT&T as having “all the spectrum they need,” and more.  

    This whole thing is a joke and the joke is on the T-Mobile customers trying to save a company (by force) when the company who owns them really wants out.  Pathetic and pitiful really.

    • H3dudeca

      Hey Jet1000 found his way to tmonews

    • Dpro

      Wow are you just ignorant? Or are you another one of the AT&T trolls that have been posting here today?

      The FCC was commissioned to look at the purchase for approval and take all things into account. Which they did, they then issued a report which legally they can do they do not need a vote to release it as ,
       AT&T had already filed a petition to withdraw their application.  So that left the FCC free to publish their findings. There is nothing wrong with that.  Nothing illegal and plus the FCC has a team of very competent lawyers who not let something out if they were legally bound not to.

      What you are talking about is political blackmail and quite honestly AT&T is about to lose a lot of that so called lobbying power due to all of this. Politicians do not want fall into the public’s cross hairs either and the fact is AT&T is coming out looking so bad here that the general public is going to be suspicious if AT&T attempts any kind of lobbying going forward from now.

      AT&T has managed to give themselves the black eye here.

      Oh while we are at it fact is its true AT&T does have plenty of spectrum spread out in chunks across several different frequencies.
      They just did not want to try and consolidate it and work on building more towers for their build out.
      Who would when you could buy one big chunk of spectrum with towers intact ready to go.
      They gambled and they are losing.

      Ya the whole thing is a joke but not on T Mobile but on AT&T and remember they are really SBC out of Texas. Not the original AT&T.

      DT wins either way in this deal, T Mobile does not exactly lose. That remains to be seen with what DT decides to do. Oh and if you think the customers do not realize DT wants out? Well hello earth to DinaGEE where the hell have you been for the last months were its been alll over print media and onlne they wanted out.

      Put down the crack pipe because you are severely deluded and know nothing of what you talk about.

      • GinaDee

        Again where are your facts?  Oh yeah you don’t have any either.  

        Just another scared reader of internet blog stories speeding more fear, uncertainty and doubt.  

        FYI:  Verizon just agreed to purchase a ton of AWS licenses from Spectrum Co today.  This will truly emphasize the large carriers needs to grow spectrum.  Your beloved FCC is going to look like a total anti-business political machine with their efforts to destroy private sector growth.  

        The whole AT&T-T-Mobile hookup just looks a whole lot better all of a sudden!

        • Commander_Fury

          No actually Gina or Dee ,It makes AT&T look that more pathetic . Verizon is able to expand and build its network without taking over another carrier . Troll elsewhere . BTW , what would make you possibly think that the FCC are elected ?

        • PhantomWraith

          OH I’m sorry I don’t remember seeing any of those “Facts” in your posts either maybe if your so sure they are committing a crime you should dial 911 and report them! oh wait even you aren’t that stupid right? well you probably are as these posts are so very telling. If you had taken the time to read the reports released by the FCC you would notice alot of those “Facts” are quite plainly stated in there. Oh wait you don’t want to talk about those “Facts” just the ones you imagine to be there but aren’t. You might want to go see a doctor about those delusional episodes your having.

        • BusinessAsBruisual

          There was a day when we could have counted on  AT&T’s to have spent more money pushing Bell Labs to pushing the technological edge than they did on lobbyists pushing political might.

          MILLIONS of dollars have been blown on this in the interest of a “spectrum land grab” all the while there are probably funding shortages in numerious Research Camps where the next break-thru in spectrum allocation and optimization could be forthcoming.

      • Tbyrne

        More likely the bath salts.

    • Anonymous

      The best part of this deal failing is not having to read anymore of GinaDee’s uneducated posts!  She is clearly an AT&T public affairs rep or on AT&T’s payroll in some way.  If not one of the 2, then she just clearly lacks common sense.

      • GinaDee

        Right because anyone who disagrees with mass hysteria is “undedicated.”  

        This drama reminds me of the Salem witch trials from long ago.  People tend to fear what they don’t understand.

        • Tbyrne

          No Gina, listen to what UnknownInsider is saying. He’s happy that hopefully he won’t have to read anymore of your posts. He doesn’t fear you, it’s more like when a persons trying to enjoy reading a good book and a filthy fly keeps buzzing around their face. You just want to smack it and put it out of it’s misery.

        • Virtualreality

          Actually it’s called listening only to what you want to hear.  If anyone disagrees they are wrong or “trolling.”

          It’s like you guys are begging your girlfriend to stay even though she despises you.  Pathetic and embarrassing if you ask me.

        • Tbyrne

          Believe me VR, I don’t think UnknownInsider wants Dee to stay. It’s the other way around. I don’t know you well enough to know if you’re pathetic or embarrassing. I guess we’ll find out.

    • Nick

      FCC members aren’t elected.  When was the last time that you saw someone running for Chairman of the FCC?  They’re appointed by elected officials.

    • Anonymous

      I hope you like crow.

  • 123

    Hey ATT. Karma is a Bitch!

    • J. Williams

      You are so right, lol

  • Dpro

    AT&T is skewering themselves even before the DOJ hearing next week. This is not going to go well for them. Anyone posting here that the FCC is bullying or overstepping there bounds is not very well versed in public property rights for this kind of stuff.
    The FCC has done nothing wrong here. AT&T is just trying to manipulate the public and the government and they are failing terribly at it.

  • Mizzike27

    I gotta side with the FCC on this one. Its would create a duoply…..why else, after months of silence, would VZW say they support the merger? and why, the 3rd largest carrier (Sprint), try to block the acquisition. ¶its the most wonderful time of the year¶

    • GinaDee

      Because Sprint rather compete by getting the govt. to lobby their cause.  Did you think for one minute that Sprint actually cared about the consumer? 

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    HA HA HA HA… By painting the FCC as unfair and biased AT&T pretty much ruined its chance of ever getting anything approved by the Agency (since the Company was going to have to cooperate with the FCC eventually, to advance its interests and gets its agenda considered).

    The only reason AT&T is acting like this is because they know the deal is dead. The FCC is NEVER going to approve AT&T’s app; and as I said before, even a bonehead lawyer can figure out that the Judge’s rulings on AT&T/DT Motions to Dismiss in the Sprint and C Spire cases indicate she is going to find in our favor on the Clayton Act claims.

    AT&T = u?ol?ss? personally responsible for its lousy situation. Obviously, the 2010 election, the “new tone” of Washington, and other events had AT&T convinced it was making all the right moves.

    Alas, AT&T’s conduct in recent months on this acquisition is reminiscent of a banana republic’s megalomaniac dictator waging war with unguided missiles.

    I guess AT&T now figures “what the hell,” might as well trash the FCC and register strong objection in the court of public opinion.

    Sidenote: And AT&T has yet to deal with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) complaints.


    • enveed05

      HAHAHAH…. love your use of reverse polish notation in your at&t equation michael not mike

    • Realcool2000

      Alas, mike u where all saying how the aquisition was going to go thru for sure b4 and how ur not even on tmobile cause u have an iphone on some weird prepaid carrier.

      U always act like u know what’s goin on and try to talk about the way the current ball is rolling ( earlier talkin about tmo is gonna be aquired for sure, now ur sayin att won’t get its way no matter what )

      U must be some super bwrown nosing jr. Exec that always trys to show they r on the winning team no matter what.

      Why don’t you keep ur brown nosing to your higher ups and stop acting like u know what’s goin on only when it seems imminent, and then swiching ur script when ur way off and wrong.

      • Realcool2000

        That’s right mike, u got checked!

      • badaphooko01

        actually he said that if it did not go through, tmobile would be dismantled or be eliminated in some way or  another. Why are you trolling everybody’s posts. Don’t be a hater!

  • Phonegeek

    Aaaaand its ouuuuuuuuttttttaaaa hereeeeee ooooo rejected by the fcc that one had to hurt. May just have to turn in the towel with this one. Looks like the three pointer is no good!!

  • Tmosince2003

    Nice follow up post, thanks.

    Small typo in the title,


    Only one today. Owns the statement.




    It is like watching two teenage girls hurl barbs at each other. Just HILARIOUS!. And a relief.  I am glad At&t is imploding now for the world to see. So happy I will not be employed by these dimwits. 

    • GinaDee

      Probably you’ll just be unemployed like the rest of T-Mobile’s dimwit customers.  

      • Tbyrne

        Hey dee! If T-Mobile customers are dimwits, why do you post here? Makes you more than a dimwit. Right?

        • ogopogo

          Just ignore him/her. “It” keeps posting a negative spin on everything. But, you are correct. Why does “it” keep posting on this forum?

        • Anonymous

          He/she more than likely works for metropcs! That why he/she sounds so dumb!

  • Anonymous

    AT&T:  Well, well, we’re even MORE deeperly concerned about the fact that your tweeting about us.

  • J. Williams

    This is just crazy, lol. This will end and att will pony up some money. Get ready.


    Hey big girl! Sing that song :-)

    • Silk7412

      You mean the woman With a light weight problem is about to flex her vocal chords.
      Ha Ha Ha

  • Anonymous

    The FCC is going for blood now.. AT&T should just back off. Their lobbyists obviously don’t have that much pull!

    • Shy Town Fantasy

      You mean money……. The lobbyists don’t have enough money. It’s all about the money.

  • EH

    From the very first AT&T acted as if they had already acquired T-Mobile.  It was the arrogant statements made by the CEO (if that is his correct title) and the AT&T’s vague TV ads suggesting what they might do for the consumer that hindered their case from the beginning.  The T-Mobile consumers knew that they would be left out in the cold and probably treated as second class customers in the new company or sold off to a company that could never offer the services that the T-Mobile customers had come to expect. AT&T forgot that Americans like to have a choice.  I am very happy that so many people took the time to let the FCC know that we did not want to lose this choice of selecting our service provider.  It is too bad that Deutsche Telekom Tmobile did not listen to its supporters. 

    • Anonymous

      I couldn’t believe that commercial.  “Together with T-Mobile blah blah blah”

      • Realcool2000

        Quite down pipsqueak, u where all saying how the deal was going thru for sure b4….and get a new name cause there’s nothing pimp about you, buddy.

        • Anonymous

          My man I never once said that the deal would go through.  What I WAS saying (back in April) was that it could be a good thing if the deal went through and we were to get more and faster coverage.  I also bought into the 97% of the country covered with LTE WITH T-Mobile.  

          And for the last time get off my jock and don’t take my screen name to heart.

        • Realcool2000

          Ok ill cut u some slack.

  • Nick

    AT&T just doesn’t get it.  They remind me of Khadaffi trying to run Libya after the citizens and NATO made it clear that he was no longer in power.

    • matchesmalone

      Uhhh yeah… exactly like that… 

  • Toomyfriends

    To bad everyone had too waste time on this

  • Toomyfriends

    That is to much too handle for att


    att is whining to save face.

    imagine if the deal went through and 6 months later a bunch of people got laid off due to ‘corporate restructuring’, this is what the DOJ and FCC is trying to prevent.

  • Nearmsp

    AT&T is the typical US company which has gotten used to throwing feeding the pigs on the hill and getting them to do what they want. The situation would have been the same, only problem was with the US wireless market so saturated FCC and DOJ could no more keep rubber stamping deals certifying that this will not lead to less competition and higher prices. FCC had to do what it did. As an AT&T shareholder, I am calling for Randall’s head for wasting $4 billion of shareholder money, enough to pay us double the dividend for a year.

  • Anonymous

    AT&T has hopes of keeping any decisions from happening til the possibility of a Republican President.

  • Rgr

    AT&T made a big mistake here in order to get the approval it should cave in and donated the requested from the white house