T-Mobile Surprises Chicago Mall With Carly And A Whole Lot Of Pink Dresses

T-Mobile promised something fun happening today a local Chicago-land mall and to make that happen they brought in Carly and a whole lot of women wearing pink dresses. There was singing, there was dancing and there was Carly. T-Mobile promised us a full video of the event hitting YouTube this upcoming Monday but until then we’ve got a few pics and a behind-the-scenes video. Check it out.

Picture credit: T-Mobile, YouTube

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  • Lawrence of Arabia

    Carly is so hot.

    • Anonymous

      Only if you have a fetish for skeletons. 

      • Isaacrayray

        Carly Foulkes is what women should aspire to look like. Not an ounce of fat or unhealthiness on that girl. She’s the epitome of beauty.

        • Anonymous


          Having not an ounce of fat on you IS unhealthy, but sure, continue to buy into the extremely thin and frail look is sexy.

        • Koolkatsevenfold

          Ill take Carly over oprah any day.

        • Anonymous


        • 30014

          You take carly and I’ll take oprah and her billion dollars.

      • Davis

        Wtf dude. shut up. Carly is beautiful.

  • OMG in that last pic, someone broke her arm. Either that or she’s deformed and is no longer attractive. ;) 

  • Guest

    Holy hyper extension, batman!

    • Bin


  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Carly’s arm? It looks like someone broke her arm.

    • bigboss

      that’s her leg!

    • Anonymous

      Yea, weird

  • Echohhunter


  • steven

    they’re magenta dresses, dude!

    • CJ

      Magenta is a shade of PINK.

  • Jack Hake

    Looks like T-Mobile USA is taking a page out of T-Mobile UK’s book. http://youtu.be/NB3NPNM4xgo is still a classic

  • Bizz

    grenades all over!

  • Anonymous

    They’re celebrating that the AT&T-Mobile deal was denied.

    • Remember, the deal has not been denied. At least not completely.

  • Looks like a bridesmaids convention

  • eClipse

    I’m a staunch T-Mobile user, and am laughing heartily at AT&T’s foibles, but I am so glad I didn’t bother
    to truck down to Woodfield as I considered. It’d be one thing if they were giving away S2’s, ala Google I/O, but otherwise, who wants to watch them film a big commercial?  And I’m sure the mall itself 
    was a mess with walkways blocked off, etc.

  • Soloaffiliated

    It’s It Just Me Or Do Something Look Wrong With Carly’s Arm???

    • gera

      Right! It’s the first thing I noticed!

    • IVIurray25

      haha that is the first thing i saw….I was wtf!

    • Carl Spackler

      Don’t you people see what happened here? Carley is not human; she is an android built by the Germans for Tmo-Usa. Obviously when they unpacked and assembled her for this event, some tech did not correctly assemble her arm joints.

  • androiduser

    I think she’s double jointed

  • So that’s what Dren’s daughter from Splice would’ve grown up to look like

  • bigboss

    Carly  now  in a radio interview said she dated HERMAIN CAIN last week!


    Everyone is commenting on her creepy arm, but you are missing the point.  They are doing the Nazi salute, Hail Hitler!  What is up with that?  This is extremely messed up and wrong!  T-Mobile will never get my money!!!

    • Anonymous

      They are standing in front of Michael Jordan.

      • do125336

        Gotta go get my new js

    • Brian_evetts

      they are waving hello and are synch’d in their left to right motion. the photo just froze that action in that particular location.

  • Irun4fun7209

    Messed up arm… Hitler salute… Whatever! She is cute!

    • RandyTheRam

      Whatever?  They are saluting Hitler man.  How can you people not see this?  Besides, blonde girl is way better looking! 

      • Davisrunsthistown

        True! Who is that blonde chick?

      • Guest

        that blonde girl was in my fourth grade class, no lie.

  • Toomyfriends

    I went too the mall and I liked to.

  • Wait, I’m confused.  You want me to go to the Mall… Today? #HIMYM #RobinSparkles

  • Bob

    Not a hitler salute, their hands would be straight, not lifted up. Does anyone watch the History channel?

  • Em8888

    What’s up with her arm?  

  • Nathan Muzquiz

    For those commenting on her arm, and are serious, women actually have a predisposition to having hyper-extended elbows.  I remember in biology class in 9th grade our teacher said that and everyone looked and there were some girl that had it worse than her.  Its not necessarily bad, its just made worse by the angle of this photo.

  • J. Smith

    1. Woodfield mall isn’t in Chicago….it’s about 30 miles away. It’s way out in the suburbs. 
    2. Just because someone is photographed with their hand in the air while working for a subsidiary of a German company, that doesn’t make them a nazi.
    3. Athletic or skinny, either one is still considered healthier than being obese. People work out to maintain bodies like that, it’s possible, you just need the will to do so.

    • Beedi

      Speaking as a fellow Chicagoan Woodfield Mall to the Chicago border is about 15 miles driving distance. Still way well within the Chicagoland area.

      • I think for point of reference it was just easiest to describe Woodfield mall as a Chicago-land area mall. I’m a frequent shopper at Woodfield and I don’t think a lot of people would know where Schaumburg is compared to Chicago direct.

  • Hoops

    I work near Woodfield….it’s in Chicagoland–not “Chicago-land.”

  • Cory Fink

    Is her arm seriously crooked? Creepy!

  • arsenito

    What the hell is wrong with her arm. lol It ;ooks like the lady on the right fell on it and dislocated it. lol