Deutsche Telekom CEO Sends Reassuring Message To T-Mobile USA Staff

Deutsche Telekom’s CEO Rene Obermann is continuing the “message” from the Deutsche Telekom/T-Mobile USA powers that be by telling T-Mobile USA employees they are “working with all of you on a plan to grow the business.” What that plan is exactly…is anyones guess and we do have a lot guesses. Employees are already expressing their belief to me that this statement reads like smoke and mirrors as they have doubts about Deutsche Telekom’s real-world commitment to their USA branch. If Rene Obermann really wants to make sure employees are on board, he’ll need actions, they tend to speak louder than words.

Read the full statement and tell us what you think.

Dear Colleagues,

Following the termination of our agreement with AT&T regarding the sale of T-Mobile USA, I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to each and every one of you.

I know that the past few months have been especially challenging, however you have persevered under trying and uncertain circumstances to remain focused and move T-Mobile USA forward. I have immense respect for that.

Special mention and thanks must also go to Philipp Humm for his inspirational leadership. He personifies the dedication, loyalty and fighting spirit in each one of you.

I know that Deutsche Telekom can continue to rely on your commitment and support. I look forward to working with all of you on a plan to grow the business. Please be assured of my full support; you are a great team.

May I wish you a wonderful festive season and a prosperous new year.

René Obermann

CEO of Deutsche Telekom

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  • Dpro

    This is either a sound bite to placate or It is the possibility of DT deciding to stay in the U.S. market. Given the fact that the details on the Spectrum agreement came out yesterday and it included a 7year UMTS agreement which is separate from the AWS spectrum. This actually gives DT a broadband path and time to build for it. Effectively T mobile now has Broadband roaming.

    • Gwapo

      Does it mean I can now get 3G on my Iphone 4s with Tmobile?

      • Anonymous

        Yes…. as long as you’re in one of those top 128 markets

        • Littlesis1774

          Does it have to be unlock though and is Michigan one of the top ones

        • Anonymous

          Yes…bc the phone wont accept a non att sim unless its unlocked….the difference here is that any unlocked iphone except the original 2g version can roam on atts 3g bands with a tmo sim card inserted….best of both worlds pretty much……

        • No. The roaming is nationwide. The spectrum thing is separate. When national data roaming is activated, the iPhone 4S could use it anywhere AT&T roaming is enabled.

        • Gaius_Baltar4

          So iPhone users using the T-Mobile APN ( will get access to at&t 3G?  Or will T-Mobile do some kind of rerouting of that to support the majority of their devices.  Also, does this make the whole HSPA+ over PCS things pointless, then?

  • Terry

    Hummer has no fighting spirit. He was brought in to sell and he failed, without much of a fight. How long til we have a bee CEO? Two, three months? What a joke.

    • MagentaMadness

      Don’t be to quick…if you’re an employee, remember what he said in the beginning…he was brought in and committed to put back 3 billion into the company over the course of 2 years iirc. Which now looking at the big picture of everything thats going on makes me go hmmmm. Did he know this acquisition would never happen and used AT&T to his advantage?

      It all a bunch of crap anyways…hate feeling like a puppet for the company, you can only dangle the carrot for so long, eventually the horse gets tired, but whatever. Stop with the “thank you for staying focused” emails and just give me my 75% retention bonus. Peace.

      • Patheticloser

        Phillip was brought in to prepare us to be sold out. No other reason. I wouldn’t be surprised if DT didn’t reassign him to something else sooner rather than later. That is of course, unless they have a plan B for selling us out.

        • MagentaMadness

          There is def going to be a “Plan B”…and I’m not talkin the little pill either lol. One way or another T-Mobile will be sold.

        • ByeByeBye

          I miss Dotson. I worked at TMO for a long time and recently left a few weeks ago. Dotson was slow and steady and took the company to incredible heights. Was he perfect? No, but he genuinely tried. Humm & CO had us make a colossal trip at the finish line at the verge of us becoming a real contender for #3. Finally an incredible network, finally incredible phones, Customer Service at an all time high, morale on overdrive…then boom, we got a massive JK from DT. Really sad as I know a lot of us really cared and gave a lot of blood to help make TMO a great place for customers and for employees.

          Now, I sincerely worry for the future of that company. Happy/Sad I left

        • CRT24

          Not saying the Humm is the answers but nice as he was, Dotson let this company become stagnant and did nothing to advance our position with mobile data and let our reputation rely on customer service and focus on the “family”….both noble concepts but not a very good business model given the competition was years ahead with data networks as well as capturing most of the business customers. One could argue that T-Mobile has one of the best data networks out there as of today but we waited too long and that hurt us…..imo

      • Peniel Designs

        I agree!!! I have been saying this since the announcement of the acquistion! We get 3 million and a contract to roam on ATT….

  • Doogie

    Sounds to me like DT is willing to stick it out… and with all this spectrum they are getting they just might show the world that TMOUSA isnt to be messed with :)

    • Patheticloser

      Don’t bet on it. DT is pissed.

  • 123

    Lol, he is full of bs. He is just saying that to trick the tmo workers who are dumb, but the smart ones will not fall for it. I expect to see DT make another big move around march. 

  • BP

    Awww…  True love.  In March Obermann told his colleagues “It’s Not You, It’s Me” and started dating AT&T.  Now in December after getting dumped by AT&T  he “Wants That Old Thing Back.”  I guess the old saying is true it’s “Cheaper To Keep Her”

  • Well I’d say there’s only five things DT can do…

    1) The sell of T-Mobile USA to a non wireless company interested in entering the wireless industry. (wouldn’t get much opposition from the government as there would still be four national wireless carriers)

    2) Partnering up with Dish Network, and building an LTE network in where Dish Network will then probably own 40% of T-Mobile USA.

    3) A joint venture of T-Mobile with a foreign wireless company, such like France Telecom. (Just like Verizon Wireless is a joint venture of Verizon and Vodafone)

    4) Spin off T-Mobile into its own entity.

    5) Go bankrupt (unlikely).

    I think number 2 is most likely at this point. Dish has spectrum, T-Mobile needs spectrum, Dish needs help with voice plans, T-Mobile has voice plans. It’s a made match which will face less opposition from the DOJ and FCC.

    In addition to that, Dish CEO has made a public statement saying that they wouldn’t mind partnering up with T-Mobile.

  • Been a T-Moble customer for years and will say in the Boston area T-Mobile blows AT&T’s Network out of the water. Anywhere in this area the Data speeds are fantastic from T-Mobile, AT&T is pathetic. They started up their LTE but they have no HSPA+. Looking at their coverage map is very deceiving, the problem lies in the Advanced Back Haul, they have none implemented. The best Data speeds are pathetic. I would much rather have a very fast HSPA+ Network then a piss poor LTE. With the HSPA+ you get great data speeds along with great battery life. 
    T-Mobile needs to educate the public about Network speed, Coverage maps and Carrier tech support just tell lies. The proof is very simple, run a simple speed test, my T-Mobile Data SpeedTest just told me I was getting 9.3 MB download and 3.4 MB upload, this is at 4:15 on Wednesday afternoon. This isn’t too shabby. Try that on AT&T in the Boston area. 
    T-Mobile can with the right advertising push this company very far. You do not need LTE. I also have a Verizon Contract with LTE. Great Speeds but I would rather be on my T-Mobile HSPA+ Phone. 

    • LTE has many significant disadvantages. Battery life is one of them. T-Mobile can use this in their favor as well. :)


        Maybe Tmobile can have a commercial with Carly running on a treadmill representing Tmobile while some big bad buff guy who’s full of himself is on another treadmill representing Verizon. Then the nerdy guy representing At&t on the other side of Carly on a treadmill. The Verizon guy could be running fast but slows down quickly because he uses all his energy and runs out of breath. The At&t guy keeps tripping on himself and falls off while Carly keeps on chugging at a faster and steady pace. :-)

        • Kerry White

          As long as the commercial is shot to show Carly’s rear as he runs in some tight exercise pants :P

        • Jeffreyddwilliams

          “His” tight exercise pants?  Freudian slip?

      • Battery life is a short term problem. Radios will become more efficient. HSPA+ will always be behind LTE in terms of ping and upload. It’s just inferior tech.

  • Tmousployee

    I can assure everyone here as an employee that every tmobile usa employee I know doesnt trust Rene Oberman and co one bit. In fact next to Humm hes probably the most disliked person we know atm. Our hope is that this debacle allows a serious Company like Vodaphone or Dish to scoop us up and allow our business to grow while retaining employees and the service our customers have cone to expect. If not that our hope is for a complete spin off and ipo so we can expand and be rid of backstabbing dt for good.

  • Anonymous

    Rene to all TMO USA employees.  “we appreciate all of your patience and understanding and hope that you continue to support TMO DT with whomever we choose to sell TMO USA to in the near future.  Enjoy your holiday and save your money as the next deal might go through.”

  • Anonymous

    What no mention of the “Grab your ankles clause…” someone is getting put in the camel clutch you can count on it…

  • If he really is giving their “Full Support” then they wouldn’t be trying to spin off its US business. = /

  • Alekhine

    My guess is they give a tiny fraction of the 3b to the employees now who have gone through this. This will shut the masses up and allow for another sale

    • firebird

      They’ve announced that employees get 75% of the retention bonus they were promised so the employees likely are getting some of the money.

      • Ajay Zanj

        Yea…….75% of $5000, minus tax, 401k, and some more stuff for medicare and etc………that’s like a Weeks pay for the emotional instability e have gone through……anyways the big dogs make money either way the deal goes……Doberman would have made a chunk of the 38bn as a job well done…….now he will get some from the 3bn…..and the money ATT has paid him so far under the table…….

        • Theforgottenrep

          retention bonus was 1500. check again.

        • Digdeeper

          It was based on the VPs discretion. I know of some managers who will get $20,000.

    • Keith Stevens

      Not… they have already stated that the 3 billion is going to Germany. DT is in huge trouble with the european market. The only reason the 1Billion in spectrum is staying here is because they can’t take it with them…

  • mAmOuD824

    I think they should show it by firing Philipp Humm he is a horrible CEO and when a company isn’t doing well then its time for the CEO to go just like what HP did.

  • TMoFan

    These are the same people who said that T-Mobile is “not for sale” then out of nowhere they announce a sellout to at&t. I wouldn’t trust one word any of them say.

    • Kerry

      Exactly, I don’t believe what the TMO execs say at all!  Employees are rightfully skeptical and anxious about the future.  Nothing at TMO has been ideal since the deal was announced so it’s actions that will reassure people and move things forward.

      Oh yeah, it would be nice to tell everyone what that looks like too.

  • Anonymous


  • Littlesis1774

    DT before you leave get the iphone on your network

    • The network needs to be built out and stable before they add the iPhone otherwise we are going to see the same issues AT&T and Sprint have been seeing.

      • Littlesis1774

        They better do that first

  • Albert112885

    Obermann should say that they will expand hspa+ 42 for people to believe him

    • JustMe

      Already happening. 42 is in place and available to over 100 million pops already.

  • Ilyas_k15

    Sounds like a nice of saying “I’m gonna scrap you guys pretty soon”

  • BigMixxx


    If someone offered me 39 billion plus 8% stake in a company, I’d sell my company too…

    The way I read it is:

    Phillip Humm is on his last days, he did not do what we asked.  For me to transition from America, I need to put someone in there that knows americans.  Phillip, come home and we will figure where you ned to go, after the meeting….’

    That comment was sent to Humm.  I can imagine the locked doors late strategy lesson.  Phillip, where is my damn money….We didn’t get paid and it’s your fault….

    Phillip needs to say something, other than this is a good time for t mobile.  Give folks some assurance…

    right before he leaves….

    • dish_tmob_virgin

      Nah,  I don’t think so.

      The Gov and ATT’s gunslinging attitude is going to take the blame for this not Obe. If he wasn’t plucked out of the position by now he won’t be any time soon.
      Obe will be “rewarded” for having sweated it out and for “saving” so many employees, moral, and subscribers through it all. That’s how this stuff works.  

      • Keith Stevens

        You on crack? lol. they have lost 23000 subs in 2011 and that a lot considering the other 3 gained 3.5 million and 5 million and 5 million. and employee moral is at the worse it has been in the company history. 

  • eee

    Rene’s picture says it all. Look at his face. 

    • EEEE

      Pinky and Brain are genetically enhanced laboratory mice who reside in a cage in the Acme Labs research facility. Brain is self-centered and scheming; Pinky is good-natured but feebleminded. In each episode, Brain devises a new plan to take over the world, which ultimately ends in failure, usually due to Pinky’s idiocy or the impossibility of Brain’s plan. 

      • Phonegeek


  • jimmy_pegorino

    I don’t think we oughta attack Doberman just yet. The CEO of dish has shown an interest in tmo. If tmo can copy Verizon an get with dish or centurylink an oberman sees green then DT may wonna stick around. Who doesn’t love money? An if there is profit to be made I’m sure oberman will be first in line to dip his hand into the piggybank.

    • Keith Stevens

      there is no profit… T-Mo has lost 23000 customer in 2011… while that may not seem like a lot… DT does not have the money to dump into t-MO for expanding actual 4G. not to mention the only reason they have not lost money is because of cutting operation expenses to stay profitable. but that won’t work in 2012. while 23000 customer losses seems small. AT&T and Verizon have gained 5 million each and sprint gained 3.5 million. So yes we are in very big trouble…. 

  • Maschwar77

    This reads like such corporate bullshit!  Oh well, personally, I think T-Mobile is better off without AT&T and I am looking forward to good things to come in the New Year.

  • Anonymous

    Botox out of stock Renee in Germany?

    We all know what needs to happen.  TMOUSA needs a huge cash infusion to the tune of $10 billion to build a coast to coast high speed LTE network along with a spectrum auction to participate in.  That kind of CAPEX is the kind that shareholders frown on especially those trying to get rid of T-Mobile USA altogether.  

  • Rgevargiss

    Please add the iphone to your line up 

  • Frigadroid

    Douche telephone should fire olbermann & humm asap. How do they get to keep their jobs being so incompetent? Remember newbies tmobile and samsdung spokespersons are professional BS artists. Just before they announced the sale they said “we’re not for sale”. Yuuup don’t trust a word.

  • Ash

    You as end users does not need to do anything, t-mo will handle it.
    You just need the phone with all the bands.

  • Phonegeek

    You JUST tried to sell us….”plan to grow the business”…….PAUSE……. -___-

  • Turdnugget0420

    T-mobile has gone to shit as an employer and SP over the past few years…used to be a job everyone loved going to.


    corporate lie detector.

    the way you tell if a CEO is lying is to see if his lips are moving.

    betcha right now they’re having lunches and informal talks with new suitors.

    any takers?

  • dish_tmob_virgin

    Yep, I’m older than Obe and even I can see his forked tongue. I hate these kind of letters during the Holiday Season. It’s like saying, “yeah, we just needed you to hang on through that sale and then fend for yourself….but now we’re glad we didn’t loose all of you in the process. But don’t worry…. my bonus is intact.”

    DT shareholders are happy that they collected the winfall from ATT….and it wasn’t a bad deal for shareholders even if it would have gone through….there would have been a lot of esteem for DT Mgmt to have sold off to ATT.

    But since that didn’t work Obe would be remiss now in just “tossing out” this asset as excess baggage. I can’t see now why they wouldn’t want to keep an iron in the US market. How can you call yourself a truly global telcoms company if you don’t. 

    Dish, T-Mobile, and Virgin…. that seems like a nice combo.

    Dear Sir Richard,  what do you say??  

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Don’t hold your breath waiting to hear from Sir Richard. Sprint bought Virgin Mobile USA.  Virgin Mobile USA is now a Sprint company.

  • Was DT shopping T-Mobile or did AT&T come in with the offer and DT decided to run with it?  Keep in mind that AT&T offered $39 Billion to acquire or $4 billion with spectrum if it failed.  Not a bad offer if you ask me.  It’s like in real estate, just because you aren’t looking to move doesn’t mean a “make you move offer” won’t be entertained.

    Right now they just picked up $3 billion in cash + spectrum.  Is he most likely blowing smoke?  Yes, BUT with what they picked up by not having to do anything makes T-Mobile look like a much better company than it did 12 months ago. 

    What they really need to do is dump Carly and these ridiculous ads and just give a simple message of great service, great phones, better pricing.  That message gets lost in all of the other noise of their commercials (especially the 4G Wonderland one).

    • Greg

      They’ve been looking to offload T-Mobile USA for a while. They weren’t hanging signs on the door, but industry analysts, tech, and business writers had been saying for a while that they were looking to sell.

  • InLuvWithTheOleTmob

    I had the most WONDERFUL Customer Service experience yesterday.  It was like the ole company was back.

    ATT can have the iPhone FOREVER as long as I can ALWAYS get Customer Service understanding & flexibility like I got yesterday.

    Thank you T-Mobile.

    You REALLY have to do more to advertise your approach to Customers (now that you’re off the ATT bandwagon). It is clearly what can differientiate you in this market. We all HATE dealing with the companies in the tele/data-coms space and the company that stands out can win customers who don’t want the hassles & hard sell.

  • Bob

    There was nothing reassuring about it!

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Like I said before, Rene is going to be tossed. He knows it, I know it, the whole DT Board knows it and well now you know it.

    As the old saying goes (I wax poetic during the holidays) “Tt is not IF, it is WHEN.”

    Actually though, if you read between the lines, this statement reads like a general’s who knows he is about to be replaced. All generals (and admirals too) make these “you all fought bravely and I am proud of you” speeches, always just before the guillotine blade falls.wh

    As I said months ago, the AT&T deal saved his a#s. If the deal failed, he would be gone as well as Herr Humm.

    Remember, DT has been losing money overall, and TMOUS has been losing subscribers. Just on that basis alone (losing subscribers) the last two DT CEOs have been sacked.

    Now the sad thing is, this portends my crystal balling (that I said is not accurate at times). Basically, there’s not going to be anyone left at DT who gives a rat’s pitoot about TMOUS’s subscribers, customer service, or your wanting an iPhone.

    You have to understand that to DT decision-makers TMOUS always was an investment. And remember, over the years this turned into a very bad investment, It is now worth 1/3 what they paid, and the future ain’t pretty, rah rah messages from fading-fast generals aside. (We saw these kinds of statements when there were rumors of TMOUS being sold. Company principals said it was all BS; then they announced the ATT deal. Remember, the law prohibits them from saying anything that can be looked at as stock manipulation; a general’s self-obit is allowed.)

    Anyway, there’s no fondness for TMOUS by the Germans and other investors in DT.

    Look for bad things happening in 2012, really bad things if certain people have their way.

  • TheWayOfThings

    I wonder if Obermann really expects any TMUSA employs to believe a word he says. I’m sure most reps that were employed by Tmo at the time remember his very specific statement that DT was NOT looking at selling T-musa, all the while they were in serious talks with sprint AND ATT…

    I think, unless something major happens in the next six months or so, T-mobile USA’s future looks rather bleak.

    • Guest

      Nooo, he is just blowing Sunshine up everybody’s butt!  Same as usual. 

      • Marcusd69

        But is that not normal in the corporate world?

    • Braziga2727

      no we dont really believe anything, in fact were quite pissed off that this company is going to shit.

  • You’re such a great team that we’re trying to get rid of you…

  • Mrcoffeegreg

    Tmoibile is  the best mobile carrier in the USA.  Its employess are fantasic!! They really know how to take care of their customers. I give them 10 stars for sticking wiht Tmoible.
    Support all our Tmobile employees do mass call in to 611 to say THANK YOU!! Let the corporate hear our voices in show of support for the FUTURE OF TMO USA   TMO USA.

    • RSG

      that must be sarcasm…because as a tmo customer for the past 11yrs, they have done nothing in any attempt to make my staying as a customer rewarding. tenure does nothing, they give the new customers ass the shit…  Their bullshit sales, and unwillingness to help me out…trust me a thank you is not what i want to say but the YOU part is still in there.

    • Eppe

      inside man…

  • Anonymous

    As a recent former call center manager for T-Mobile i can say these types of emails are sent out with regularity to front line employees, especially since last march when the acquisition was announced. The main message being “remain calm, keep doing your job, don’t ask questions.”They are written by corporate HR specialist and should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • guest

    Bring back Bobby Dotson!

  • Anonymous

    Look, if you shop at the same grocery store for 11 yrs do they give you a free carton of milk?  No?  Then why do you expect the same of your wireless carrier?  Your sense of entitlement won’t get you very far, and is ultimately the cause of your own frustration.  Not T-Mobile.

  • Marcusd69

    Have you tried lately to get a discount on your power, cable or satellite bill?