T-Mobile Responds To Senator Al Franken’s Carrier IQ Questions

T-Mobile has responded to Senator Al Franken’s Carrier IQ questionnaire explaining that it began installing Carrier IQ last August and is now on nearly 450,000 Android and Blackberry devices. T-Mobile maintains that this software is used for individual troubleshooting cases and marketing purposes only. T-Mobile says that the software is now installed on the following nine devices: HTC Amaze 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, Exhibit II 4G, LG myTouch, LG myTouch Q, LG DoublePlay and the Blackberry 9900, 9810 and 9360.

We’ve yet to hear from T-Mobile how they plan on handling the Carrier IQ issue other than to say the standard use of this software is for troubleshooting purposes. Sprint, on the other hand has agreed to disable the software across its smartphone lineup and we hope T-Mobile will respond in the same way. T-Mobile maintains that it does not collect the content of text messages, emails sent and received with devices, but they do say they can determine the phone numbers of both incoming and outgoing phone calls. Let’s be honest though, that’s already on your bill and you’ve likely never thought twice about it.

So T-Mobile, how will you respond? Will you take the Sprint road and remove the software or do you continue reassuring customers this software has no malicious use on your network?


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  • Jeffreygreen1315

    Al Franken, from comedian to Senatorial joke!

    • Hghh

      And still more accomplished than you!

      • ha-ha

        BURNED!!!!! LMAO!

      • Mega G

        Proof that smart != successful and that people in Minnesota are idiots.

    • JTNNC

      Sounds to me he is one of the few senators that cares about the American public as opposed to lining his own pockets.  If you remember in the senate hearings he was highly opposed to the buyout.

      • Anonymous

        Ya he just wants to spend more of our money on BS investigations. 
        He is a douche nozzle. 

      • Mark

        And he wants to change the internet to such an extent that Fair Use as we know it today is in serious jeopardy. Good for him for wanting to halt the buyout, but he’s still corruptible by the hollywood alphabet soup. His concern for the little guy only extends as far as the lobbyists allow.

  • Nick

    They can SAY that they’ll disable it, but how will we KNOW that’s it’s been disabled?

  • Other Guy

    Yet when you call support their only answer to your woes is to power off the phone.   They never tell you they are looking at your logs to assess the problem, so why do I need it?  I don’t think I do need it, so they know the incoming phone call numbers and outgoing, how does that even help in troubleshooting?  I cannot see that it does.   Carrier IQ needs to be removed unless they ask my permission to install it.

    • Anonymous

      It would be a little creepy, eh?

  • MagentaMadness

    FWIW, carrier iq doesn’t record personal information, etc etc. The media has spun it to make it seem like “big brother” want to know what you’re doing lol.This isn’t the case. Its used to monitor stuff like battery, phone, and network performances. This is what we were told during our last webcast meeting with high ups.

    • Anonymous

      It does log personal info through keylogging, that info is just allegedly thrown out. This was already admitted to when this whole fiasco started. So whatyou were told was a half truth at best, unfortunately.

      • Jcj1

        Why would they want anyones SMS and emails, it is a waste of space and probaly just a lot of lol and lmao! please, who cares, they can have my spam and my SMS, hell please delete them off my phone when their done!!

  • John

    I don’t understand why everyone is all up in arms about this…
    When you make a phone call, T-Mobile already knows who you are calling, which cell tower you are using, the IMEI of your phone, the length of the call…etc. They (and all companies) have had access to this for years. 

    All that’s different now is that they can see the state of your phone…like what’s running on it at the time. But who cares? What are you doing on your phone that you are all concerned about someone knowing. If you really don’t want “Big Brother” spying on you, guess what, the Patriot Act already gives the government the ability to do it without your consent anyway. 

    The only problem I can see that it poses is that if they automatically void my warranty because they can see that I’m rooted.

    I agree, yes, it would be nice if Tech support actually utilized this, rather than running you through the script they are obligated to use…regardless what the issue actually is. But I don’t understand why everyone has such a high expectation of privacy when using someone else’s services.

    As long as access to the logs are limited…say to Tier 2 Tech Support and above, then I don’t have a problem with it. Customer Care and Retail Reps have no need to see that information.

    If you really have a problem…root your phone, and freeze/uninstall System Manager Application. Otherwise, don’t you have something/somewhere to occupy?

    • Ryan

      They also already have access to SMS messages, since those are sent across their network in the clear, so it’s funny the people are concerned about CIQ “collecting” that info, since all they’d have to do is log on their end, which they probably already do.

    • Weknowbutwonttellyou

      Yeah, all that tracking ability but they won’t so a dang thing for you when your phone gets stolen and you know there’s a good chance it is sitting in a dorm room within a 1/4 mile of you.

      This is where you could make a difference T-Mobile. 

      • Jcj1

        They do, it is called PHP insurance or mobile security, all you have to do is download the app and set it up. If people are complaining about carrier IQ, imaging the complaining for phone tracking!! 

    • Thewinckle

      It’s not about necessarily what the carrier can track, it’s about the fact that some regular guy found out about this software.  Some every day Joe found that he could go into his phone and see this piece of software logging what he does with his phone.  What is to stop that average Joe from developing an app of his own that captures the log your phone creates and sends it to him?  Carrier IQ was a good idea, but so was communism.  And we see how well communism is doing these days…

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  • guest

    If nothing else T-mobile should make Carrier IQ an option. either at the store if you don’t want it they can remove it in front of your eyes. Or allow people to remove it themselves. 

  • pinto

    can someone inform me on this? if you install myaccount or anything of the sort, i think it installs carrier iq for you. i used to get “was your issue resolved” when i came from a nandroid backup wit my account installed.

    • No, installing a third party app does not install Carrier IQ. Carrier IQ comes preinstalled on various different devices.  If you have an Android device there’s a couple of apps you can install to see if you have Carrier IQ.


    glad i use a CLIQ2 and have no t-mo software installed.

    • Guest

      well catch up with technology. who the hell uses crappy cliq2? get a GS II.

  • Anonymous

    Root your phone and use a custom rom… Problem solved.

  • J2

    To my htc mytouch 4g slide users with the new update there seems to be a different logging app under the name of “smith”. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=20472238&postcount=21