CWA Union Says 100,000 New Jobs Will Be Created By AT&T, T-Mobile Deal

According to a Communication Workers of American Union analysis, the merger between AT&T and T-Mobile will create more than 100,000 jobs in the United States. The CWA analysis was able to conclude that 96,000 additional jobs would be created along with the 5,000 outsourced customer service jobs AT&T has promised to bring back stateside.

The CWA went a step further by scolding opponents of the deal and stating that their concerns over any possible lost jobs were conceived by “sloppy research and the inability to distinguish between the change in the number of wireline and wireless jobs.” The CWA comments were a response to a study commissioned by Sprint and said Sprint’s arguments were “misguided and misleading.” The CWA emphasized that any deal between AT&T and T-Mobile would absolutely create more jobs than any potential deal between Sprint and T-Mobile.

It’s seem clear the CWA comments are meant to help strengthen AT&T’s position as the T-Mobile deal has waned a little in response to a Department of Justice lawsuit causing AT&T to push back their initial closing date.


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  • Preposterous.  How does having 1 company instead of 2 create 96,000 jobs?  Does this number include all the T-Mobile employees that are being “hired” by AT+T, or are these additional hires? (If it is the former, they need to include lost T-Mobile jobs and if it is the latter, they need to explain a little better.)

    • Anonymous

      I bet CWA’s numbers is coming from how many T-mobile employee’s they’re going to bully into the union plus some extra jobs that are magically going to appear in their dream world.

      The quote from W.C. Fields very much applies to what the CWA is doing:

      “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bull.”

  • Nspam

    100,000 seems kinda absurd.

  • Jlepera

    Thats a lot of union delegates ;) 

  • tonyFate

    Tell me how can a merger deal between two companies create more jobs than the rest of the Private Sector in the US? The US just added 80k jobs total in the past few months!! Tell me who’s study is more misleading and misguided?? So the CWA is trying to say that with the merger approved, none of the T-Mobile & AT&T retail stores being so close to each other would be affected or closed? Or that it would consolidate their stores and bring all the employees from one store and combine them with the other store?? I don’t see that making much sense?? Where are these 100k jobs coming from??? 

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they mean jobs that are outsourced by ATT to maintain the towers and other sections of the company that could get done by temps or other companies?  I don’t see a company eagerly up for taking on 96k jobs to the their payroll.  That would balloon their healthcare cost, retirement, etc.  As Timothy also points, are these jobs that are going to be absorbed by ATT from Tmobile and counting as new jobs because they are then on ATT payroll?

  • Guest

    This is plain BS!  ATT CEO Stepherson stated a few months ago in a video in front of the DOJ, that there may be jobs created in 2 to 3 YEARS!!  Who wants to sit around and wait for that?  ATT Management jobs are considered salaried jobs.  ATT has stated that they will eliminate ALL T Mobile Management positions = all salaried jobs.  Not every salaried T-Mobile employee is making the “big bucks”!  If any T-Mobile jobs are saved, they will be hourly jobs.  The CWA Union only represents HOURLY paid employees, not salaried.  And even if you are a Union employee, you DO NOT have to pay union fees!  CWA tries to scare you into this tactic.

  • Anonymous

    96,000 jobs?  Whose ass did that number come out of? 

  • Begun the clone war has…

  • I say Occupy AT&T

  • CwachampsPO

    Tmobile workers should organize now with CWA to negotiate a deal if it doesn’t go thru. Leap boost metro will get rid of many redundant positions to overseas.

    • Winstons33

      Organizing with the expectation that being in a union somehow protects your job is about as naive a thing as I can imagine.  Unions hurt job growth, and they sure as heck don’t make your job unit more compelling for a company to retain through an acquisition.  But I have little doubt that the CWA is hoping to bank on this acquisition – big time!

      • CwachampsPO

        Its called a contract…and their designed to protect jobs and create fair working conditions. It can’t be done individually, which is why tmo workers should act. Look at what the CWA did in Oakland call center–saved jobs.

  • BP

    With this bully move to the CWA you would think that AT&T stands for Al-Qaeda Terrorists & Threats. 

    • Mopar6464

      Dude somebody really pissed in your wheat bowl today.

      • BP

        Awww you must have been bullied as a child and somebody pissed in your wheat bowl.  I’m sorry I won’t use the word bully again.

  • Commander_Fury

    Yeah but doesn’t mention whether these jobs will be permanent or temporary . Also doesn’t mention how many jobs will be lost due to overlap and redundancy . Simple slight of hand that anyone with sense can see through . AT&T right now has been laying off thousands of people . AT&T could not be much more pathetic .

  • they forgot to mention ALL CURRENT TMO employees will be fired then that 100k jobs will be given

    CWA huh? seems like someone just got a hefty donation from big blue

  • Brianstarr18

    Just some more lies from a union that will file a grievance for an employee that was either fired or suspended after cursing at a customer and hanging up on them.  They only look out for their own interests and will support anything that could eventually get them more dues somewhere down the line.  By the way, don’t you love how the moron union people protest on Wall Street at a local T-Mobile retail store.  if the Occupy Wall Street protesters could only see that this union has people with minimal education and they are making $40+an hour.  I don’t think the protesters would be happy about that.

  • Kenidi

    Yes after fired 141000 t-Mobile workers

    • Awesome considering they only have around 42,000 workers.

      • Guest

        More like 38,000.  Many have left!

    • Gwapo

      Hahahaha!!! Tell me about it!!!

    • Titocebolla

      Kenidi is counting the furniture too xD

  • LC

    I would LOVE to see how they some how found almost 100,000 jobs in this deal. You can say it will all you want, but without showing how that would hhappen it doesn’t mean anything.

    Not to mention that they’re saying jobs will be created with a T-Mobile/AT&T deal but not a T-Mobile/Sprint deal. If it’s a merger it should have the same affect regardless of the two companies being merged, right CWA?

    What a bunch of ridiculousness.

    • Matter of fact, a T-Mobile/Sprint merger would likely KEEP MORE JOBS since there needs to be an integration of two separate networks and a completely new dual frequency added to Sprint’s arsenal of spectrum. Someone at T-Mobile has to keep that up, and someone has to be hired by Sprint to integrate the two and someone at Sprint gets to keep his CDMA engineering job too. 

      Lets also not forget that Sprint has by far less retail stores in many areas than T-Mobile has, so by converting those to Sprint stores would keep those jobs, increase revenue and Sprint could focus on having those stores also be repair centers, and focus on their full service customer support like AT&T does in their stores (with U-Verse, Landline, Wireless). 

      Just saying. 

      • CwachampsPO

        Since sprint outsources WAY more than any other major telco…I think your off. The quantity of jobs are in sales and service. Field engineers for both cos could accomplish the integration wout the need to create jobs

  • Popups-arestupid

    So if this occurs then they will bring back 5000 jobs from overseas…hmmm and create 96000 additional jobs…hmmm…sounds to me like…blackmail. Why not create this now and put people back to work now regardless…and bring back those 5000 jobs now…give it to the people here in the USA now when we need it now. Stop outsourcing the work already. Stop blackmailing the govt and giving alternatives to if it dont go thru and take care of the USA citizens now – give them jobs now.

  • Titocebolla

    What about Puerto Rico, T-Mobile PR?

  • What they REALLY mean is that if AT&T and T-Mobile both merge, AND you add up all the AT&T landline AND AT&T Wireless AND AT&T Affiliates at mall kiosks AND THEN add that to T-Mobiles existing employee base AND add that to the T-Mobile Affiliates of other companies AND add that to the T-Mobile mall kiosk employees (who do not work for T-Mobile but for a separate party) AND absolutely no one leaves either company – then MAYBE you might have 100,000 “new jobs”. And the word “new” is used extremely liberally since technically AT&T and T-Mobile will merge into one new company under the brand of AT&T. Same name, but new company…again! 

    If that is how the CWA is looking at it, then absolutely there will be 100,000 new jobs, of course no one said that there will be 100,000 new jobs they are hiring for. They just are shifting the names and titles and creating a “new” company to make it look like there are “new jobs”. DUH!

    By the way, I thought I might add that in a lot of areas, most markets at least where AT&T and T-Mobile both serve, there are AT&T and T-Mobile stores directly across the street, next to each other, or often within 1 block of each other. Remember when Starbucks closed a bunch of stores that were too close to each other when they went through their economic hardship? Somehow I see AT&T doing this, ditching EVERY SINGLE T-Mobile store, and keeping their own even if they are more inconvenient. There is no way that AT&T and AT&T will operate two separate stores across the street from each other. Thats rediculous. With that said, more than half, and likely up to 3/4 of an entire T-Mobile store will be laid off in the merger. Thats a nice healthy 10,00 (+/- a few thousand) employees of T-Mobile LOSING jobs. Bringing ones back here from India and Canada (where T-Mobile does their outsourcing) and giving them to retail sales people doesnt work obviously, so the ONLY people to take it over is AT&T people looking to move into different divisions, like the janitor of a store, or the door greeter, or someone so low on the totem pole that eliminating their former position isnt really downsizing their job at all since it was so menial. 

    Thats all Im saying. 

    If this merger goes through, then I am assured that this government and corporations are in cahoots. Instead of Separation of Church and State, we should have a Separation of Corporate and State.

  • Rpelzer

    How awesome… 100,000 jobs will be created.  Of course, 200,000 people across both companies will be let go first, and asked to re-bid for their old jobs IN that 100,000….

  • Squeezinse

    Would everyone stop calling this a “Merger”. This is AT&T Acquiring T-Mobile, not merging and yes there is a clear difference between the two.

    • sidekicker89

      THANK YOU for saying this.. people still don’t realize the difference!

  • Aaa

    Here is what I see of this 100,000 jobs.  They are going to offer all the non-management employees opportunities within the new AT&T — of course, they will be in Dallas or some other area where the person would have to move.  So, as an employee, there is zero chance I am going to pack up my sh_t and my family to work for the evil empire.  So, there is one job that is now empty.  Add on the other 40,000 or so employees who are going to jump ship too, and now you have a ton of open slots.  Once the upgrade begins, they will have to hire technical works to do the upgrade and they will only be temporary workers and walla, you start seeing that it is all smoke and mirrors.
    Don’t trust the CWA or AT&T.  Until they clearly lay out their plans as to where they specify how they came up with the 100,000 jobs and provide details around how long until they hire and how long they plan to keep the employees, it is all a load of crap to me.  They are truly using slight of hand to conjure up the numbers and ultimately, the employees of T-Mobile will be screwed — it is only a matter of time.

    Let’s spin off T-Mobile and get out from under the “Douche” Telecom and build a solid spin-off that ends up kicking AT&Ts a$$.

    • Guest

      Non-Management in AT&T terms = Hourly employees.  Doubt if AT&T is going to relocate any hourly employees when these jobs can be outsourced.  Call Center jobs are a “dime a dozen”.  I agree with do not trust CWA or AT&T.  This thing is a rollercoaster ride with wait and find out.  We all need to remember to look out for ourselves.  DT is not watching out for any TMO employees.

      • Bob

        at&t is getting rid of wireline jobs as we speak. I am not buying they will add ANY jobs with a buyout as this will only duplicate existing jobs. What a load.

  • Anonymous

    I’m skeptical of the need for any of this “jobs creation” talk to be on the table as a talking point for approval at either the FCC or SEC level. But since it is, the natural inclination for me when hearing something from a union is to follow the money. And there’s no money for a union in an unacquired T-Mobile; T-Mobile has a non-union workforce (and great customer satisfaction: Coincidence?). Take the prospect of thousands of new union members paying dues and adding constituents to “represent” and you have an immediate reason for CWA to back AT&T’s acquisition.

  • Plankton

    Fools! I told you to join my minions!!

    The fix is in. The deal is done. CWA has Obama in their pocket. Look back at my old posts. 

    Last time….load up on your deal and hope the Tster honors it. Then  buy an unclocked iPhone. Walla!

    You are done!

    I dont feel sorry for those who continue to buy bricks. Yiu were all warned!!!!

    Charlie, where are you my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Plankton

      Sorry for the typo’s. G2 keyboard……bring on Davids iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hark

        You are aware the deal still has less than 50% chance of happening…and that even if it does it will be a year before anyone will need new phones…and even it won’t be an iphone that we want, lte will be prevalent and the samsung gs2 has an lte version coming.

    • Blackcat3119

      HTC Amaze is no brick. Good to go on atts network 3.5 4 G.

    • 123

      I am so glad that I am not locked on any contract (I am postpaid but my 2 years have been up.) Now, I get to keep my rates without being locked onto att. I can leave or stay as I please. I love this freedom and I am glad that I am not locked down.

  • CWA I don’t believe you….I think that someone at the top has been paid to lie to us about job-creation if the acquisition takes place.  I say lets up the ante a bit…How about the CWA and At&t get heavily fined if those new jobs aren’t created.  Put your money where your mouth is…..

  • Anonymous

    Bullshit. Ugh…………….

  • PhantomWraith

    and what would these 100,000 people do? call center somehow I’m doubting that…

  • Tony

    Could we put this in writing please, if is not in writing, it does not stick, Come on, otherwise is “Here Say” if not watch Judge Judy and she will tell you so……..

  • Future Verizon Customer

    It’s because T-Mobile will be doing the layoffs for at&t to open up new jobs


    how can att create more jobs when t-mo doesn’t employ 100,000 now?

    why is a union shilling so hard for a company that has laid off thousands of union members already?

    think the union leadership is getting greased?

    this retired teamster thinks so.

  • BigMixxx

    No freaking way…

    NO Acquisition has EVER created jobs, especially when there is overlap.

    I take that back.  There will be some jobs, with no longevity, and it will be 2 fold:

    1)  Get T mo customer integrated with AT&T.  No question…these will NOT be union jobs.  Short Term, 18 months to 2 years.
    2)  Get the LTE network built and made available.  These will be union jobs.

    In every acquisition I’ve seen, this has been the end result. 

    Both of these positions would be 18 months maximum. Retention after that from T mobile employee’s will be 10%. That’s where the cost savings comes in… So in effect, there may be 10,000 net jobs to come from this over the course of 2 years, AFTER the acquisition is approved (if approved).

    This jobs claim is moot.  Cost savings of and over bid 39 billion will hafta be realized….

  • 123

    Although 100k union jobs are created, there is still a net loss of customers from this merger. The cwa should answer that question instead.

  • Joey

    So what if the jobs are temporary.  No job is guaranteed forever. 

    Better than an unemployed skilled laborer get a job for 18 months than sit at home and collect unemployment.  Some of you people amaze me with your sense of entitlement. 

    AT&T is an employer that is publicly traded.  They have a right to hire and fire as their business needs see fit. 

    • 123

      Very short sighted post. ATT is gutting the competition and their justification is a bogus claim that they will create jobs (transient ones too). These are the problems that I have with this merger.  

    • Jeffreygreen1315

      so why don’t you take one of the temp jobs?

  • HurryUpatt

    Just get this wireless merger over already so the TMo crybaby’s can go to Metro PCS already.  Geez!

    • Anonymous

      What are you doing here?

      • DetroitTechnoFan

        He’s trolling. Do not feed.

    • Too bad the merger isn’t going to happen, so we won’t need to go to MetroPCS. How you like that?

  • Craig4life20089

    If at&t was so concerned about jobs why did they send 5000 jobs overseas in the first place. Trust me it’s 95000 temporary jobs. Once there lte network is in place how many people do u need for maintenance? It’s not 95000!

  • Stinkfinger75

    100,000 new jobs in the US will never happen.  I used to work for an IUE-CWA shop and in the late nineties there was a push by our local to have 10,000 local union jobs by the new millenium.  10,000 by 2000! was the rallying cry.  This would have had to result in creating slightly over seven thousand new jobs in NE Ohio alone.  Not only did they not meet their goal, my company was bankrupt and out of business locally within a decade.  Don’t believe the hype.

  • annon

    I used to support the CWA but I have noticed over the last few months that the only interests they want to protect are their own. Meanwhile my coworkers at tmo keep biting dust. We used to have 43 teams of 14 reps each. Now we’re 33! In Salem they went down to 200 Customer care CSRs. This is over. 


    I dont know where their math cones from.  T-Mobile only has 35,000 employees.  You dont buy a company for 39billion and then add 100,000 jobs that cost no less than 50,000 a year. that would be 5 billion dollars a year op-expense that no CEO would allow. It would bankrupt them in a year. 


  • Markmp3z

    100,000 New Jobs Will Be Created. On top of that 1 Million Jobs will be lost

  • Jeremy

    I’ve yet to see a union work for the betterment of their employee base. They’re greedy hypocrites who stop “caring” for employees the minute it jeopardizes profits. Seriously America, wake up. The only person who cares about the workers are the workers themselves. Marx had it right.