HTC Amaze 4G Confirmed To Have AT&T “4G” Bands On Board?

There has been no shortage of rumors that the HTC Amaze 4G would end up with AT&T bands given the confusion seen amongst the HTC website and the Amaze 4G box. Now thanks to some XDA users, we’ve confirmed that the AT&T bands are present and accounted for inside the device. One XDA forum member took an unlocked Amaze 4G, stuck an AT&T sim card in and set up the proper APN settings for AT&T and voila, game on. The Amaze connected not only to AT&T’s 3G, but as you can see in the above image their faux 4G network as well.

A quick scan through the XDA forum thread shows that a number of users have managed to duplicate the success of the first poster further confirming that the Amaze 4G is AT&T ready.

While this won’t make us recommend that you run right out and grab the HTC Amaze 4G unlocked and ready to take on the world, it’s certainly a great phone with an excellent camera. We’re glad to see this debate has finally been put to rest and with a positive conclusion.

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  • How is AT&T’s HSPA+ network any more faux that T-Mobile’s?

    • AT&T’s network is only Release 7, which is barely HSPA+. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network is currently at Release 8 and will be upgraded to Release 9 soon. Release 8 onward is considered a 4G network, as it parallels the efficiency and capabilities of LTE.

      • Ahhhh! The more you know! Thanks.

      • Anonymous

        If it parallels the efficiency of LTE then what is so special about LTE that they claim TMO is doomed for not having?  The speeds are there, the network groundwork is already in place, and it would seem just a matter of upgrading the technology.  I’m not very technical but can someone simplify the difference?

        • Crazespeed

          Down the road we might have LTE advance and some people would still ask the same question. WTH is LTE advance compared to Tmobile 180mbps HSPA+.

        • Anonymous

          Plus you get insanely better battery life on HSPA+ vs LTE.  The truth is the advancements in HSPA+ were only discovered much later on well after at&t and verizon had two feet in committing to lte.  Also thanks to T-Mobile getting 3G later than the other carriers they had the latest and greatest 3G equipment and it was easier for them to scale up their HSPA+.  Eventually if the network becomes over capacity they may need new spectrum but I doubt it because the plan they have is solid.  If they can get HSPA+ all the way up to 672mbps like they stated in one of their press releases that would be more than enough to account for too much traffic on the network.  Even if everyone saw a fraction of the 672mbps speeds consistently that already destroys LTE networks.

        • To simplify things, UMTS (the standard that LTE and HSPA+ are a part of) has release milestones that indicate what kind of performance you get from a network.

          Releases up to release 4 were standard UMTS, which offered EV-DO Rev. A speeds. Release 5 added HSPDA. Release 6 added HSUPA. Release 7 added HSPDA/HSUPA proportionality and tweaks to boost speeds up to 14.4Mbps on downlink and 7.2Mbps on uplink.

          Release 8 boosted speeds to 21Mbps in single carrier mode, and introduced a dual carrier mode for speeds up to 42Mbps. Carriers are essentially towers. So a phone with dual-carrier support could aggregate two tower connections to boost speeds and reduce latency.

          Release 9 adds MIMO (having multiple antennas on a single carrier to support more connections per carrier) and multi-carrier support for up to 8 carriers. With dual-carrier and MIMO, you can get 84Mbps on downlink and 21Mbps on uplink. With quad-carrier and MIMO, you rocket all the way up to 168Mbps on downlink and 84Mbps on uplink.

          Release 10 and above add more configurations that can be used to boost speeds and reduce latency further. For example, an 8-carrier MIMO configuration laid out in a star topology geographically could offer over 400Mbps on downlink and 100Mbps on uplink with latencies as low as 60ms.

          Backtracking to Release 8, another thing was added to the UMTS standard. The final specs for LTE. In fact, there are few major network differences between full HSPA+ and LTE. The evolved packet core (which IMS runs on) can be deployed to HSPA+ networks, and T-Mobile USA is doing that now. All that would be left is to physically reconfigure the T-Mobile towers to support the LTE air interface and begin transmitting LTE.

          Jumping to Release 10, LTE-Advanced is supposed to be a cost effective design to offer speeds up to 1Gbps while stationary and 100Mbps while mobile. HSPA+ can already meet that in Release 9. The difference here is that LTE-Advanced is supposed to be able to do it with less spectrum. A 20×20 configuration of LTE-Advanced is supposed to be able to offer the same top speeds of Release 9 HSPA+ on average.

          A 5×5 configuration (which is probably what T-Mobile would initially deploy LTE on if they used their 1900MHz spectrum) would be able to peak at top Release 9 speeds, with average speeds near top speeds for Release 8. Additionally, if they used some of the optimizing techniques for HSPA+ to deploy LTE efficiently, you could get even higher speeds!

          While LTE is amazing, T-Mobile is taking the smart route by maximizing their HSPA+ network. When they finally get ready to deploy LTE, 90% of the work to deploy will have already been done earlier, making rapid deployment easy and cost effective.

        • Anonymous

          Wow, Thank you for the reply Conan Kudo.  In essence it’s not called LTE but to say they can’t or don’t have the ability to deploy it is BS.  They are simply using what they have.  I don’t see the argument then that TMO is irrelevant because of this and would love to have more people  understand that. 

          Maybe ATT wants TMO because of this work they are doing instead of setting up brand new everything.  Either way, Thank you for clarifying this for me.

    • Fchambers

      Tmobiles can get speeds up to 42 mbps, I use a gsII im averaging about 12mbps down, with highs in the low 20’s

    • Guest

      Because their HSPA+ is a 14Mbs standard, while T-Mobiles is either 21 or 42 depending on the city.

    • Technically – it’s all marketing BS. They’re all 3.5G in reality… /trololololol

  • Anonymous

    The thing is the amaze just like the sensation. Shows 4g even if u are on a 3g network because there is no 3g indicator. It only has a “G” 2G” and “4G”.. So it could just mean its 4g… I’m not that educated on how bands work and such just noticed that.

    • This is exactly what I was thinking :(.  Still though, as an Amaze owner I’m still happy by this news.  As long as my phone will still be able to stream netflix and Amazon Cloud Player reliably I’ll be happy.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know why ppl say the amaze is a disappointment.. I had a sensation, except for the amaze being a little bulkier, this phone is fantastic.. The camera is AWESOME! One thing I’m trying to figure out though id how “uid phone” uses so much data.. It says “phone storage our Sim tool kit” i mean 40mb in a day….

        • Zifnab2k

          Its a disappointment for 1 reason, HTC Sense.

        • Anonymous

          I don’t see why everyone craps on sense.. I think its a great cherry on the sundae.. I use the weather app all the time, the lock screen w/ the apps accessible to our is great, and the other add ons… I’ve used TouchWiz it isn’t at all as good as sense, i know sick Android is better but i don’t think sense makes a great phone line this amaze a “disappointment”….

        • Anonymous

          You love shoving your opinion down other people’s throats, don’t you? Even Google likes Sense…

        • Anonymous

          I know right? HTC Sense is horrible. My mom had the HTC Evo 4G, and she loved it, she upgraded(downgraded) to the Evo 3D and she hates it because of the new version of Sense. it sucks up the CPU like crazy. Just imagin the Amaze 4G with a Stock version of Gingerbread or Ice Cream Sandwich, it truely would be an amzing phone.

  • Anonymous

    supposedly, the radio firmware isn’t optimized for AT&T’s network but at least you get 1-1.5MB Down on AT&T’s network.

  • Anonymous

    The T-mo Vibrant also has AT&T’s 3G 1900mhz band as well….

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know if the T-Mo Sensation have AT&T’s 3G/4G bands?

    • Anon

      The HTC Sensation 4G does not have the AT&T 3g bands 

  • Guest

    TMO has started the process to harvest some of their own 1900 spectrum for use with HSDPA in high traffic areas.  The future software releases allow unpaired channel use in a MIMO config.  This will also allow evolutions beyond the 84 Mbps that will be released in the next year or so.

    • Is that to say that unpaired channels will use say, for instance, 1900 down and 2100 up, or 1700 down and 1900 up, or what not?

      • Guest

        Spectrum is paired so for example from the phones perspective 1700 is the uplink to the site, 2100 is the downlink from the site.  For the 1900 band lower 1900 band freqs are downlink from the site and upper 1800 band freqs are the uplink to the site.  Future evolutions will allow handsets to use both the 1900 and 2100 band spectrum together to create a large bandwidth RF channel to the phone, allowing data rates to exceed 100 Mbps.

  • Why would you want this phone on AT&T again?

    • Zifnab2k

      Why would you want this phone?

    • Anonymous

      Because T-Mobile is about to eaten by AT&T, so T-Mo customers will be forced there?

      • Recent updates from the AG say that’s unlikely…

  • Just for the record, the “4G” logo in T-Mobile HTC branded phones does NOT indicate 3G or 4G or HSPA or HSPA+. When I updated my MyTouch 4G to 2.3 the phone went from “H” indicator for HSPA, “E” for EDGE, and “G” for GPRS to one simply “4G” indicator. I live in a 4G HSPA+ area, but my parents do not. When I visited them this weekend, my phone said “4G” still. Ive also been to other non-4G areas and the same thing, still says “4G”. T-Mobile is using one simple indicator since their entire network is HSPA, but may not be HSPA+ and likely will all over be upgraded soon anyway. It also keeps the complaints down when people buy a 4G phone and dont even get 4G at all, like on Sprint :) Just showing 4G alone is marketing, but also customer ignorance is bliss since most customers respond to “4G” as a marketing term rather than the real technology of H, E, or G to indicate HSPA, EDGE or GPRS. Customers dont care about that or the technology or how it works, they just want to know they got 4G.

    • Sean

      Incorrect. The Tmobile stock rom does not show a 3g indicator. It takes and blends the 3g/4g signal into one indicator. However if you root your phone you will regain the G/ 2g/ 3g/ 4g icons. On the stock roms you still show E and G for Edge and GPRS respectfully.

      • Anonymous

        Uh, that’s exactly what he said…

      • It is actually possible to trigger the 3G indicator. In order to do that, you’d have to connect to a UMTS signal that doesn’t have either HSDPA or HSUPA. An AT&T 3G MicroCell is one such device that offers such a signal.

    • Antoinetrenton2003

      My touch 4g I had got on speed test 9 up and 5 done and I was by the tower

  • Jvtran19

    Go to youtube and check out htc amaze speed test that’s a real confirmation

  • Plankton

    Yuk! I am in downtwon Orlando and lucky to get 5M down. They have throttled back the speeds to make the deal more enticing.

    • Sanman202

      I got 14M down the other day in Longwood on GS2.

  • Anonymous

    Does the Sensation 4G also connect to AT&T’s 3G/4G? If not, looks like I have to save another $60…

    • Zifnab2k

      Ugh, stay away form the Sensation, and the Amaze. HTC Sense is such lagtastic crap its not even worth using. For the last 4 days my Sensation’s weather widget would only tell me the temperature of the “United States”, it couldn’t find my location to save its life. The thing takes random screenshots for no reason, UI reboots constantly (Every time I update an app or install a new one, but also just for no reason at all some times), GPS is flakey, usually over a half mile to 3 miles off… Honestly I could keep going, but the important thing to note is that on a day to day basis you’re going to run into endless bugs and crashes, all caused by HTC’s crappy UI.

      • Anonymous

        The only other good phone T-Mobile has is the GSII, and that has an even shittier UI along with a low-res screen that’s too big to use.

      • k-mack

        couldn’t disagree with you more.  sounds like you must have some freakishly poor production phone.  I have had it since day 1 and haven’t experience not one of those problems.  I would take it back, dude.  It’s obviously not what is expected so they will send you another one.  I have had a very good experience with HTC actually.  from the G1, G2, to the Amaze.  very solid and awesome build quality for me.  it’s been really fast too and the gui is nice.  sense adds some things that stock won’t do.

      • Gentleman559

        Yes, stay away from the Sensation. I had it and its full of problems. Now the Amaze on the other hand is a very nice phone. It’s the Sensation perfected and the Internet is twice as fast. I have been using it for 6 weeks now. For certainty I can say that it is a great phone and would strongly recommend it to anyone considering a High end Android Device on T-mobile.

  • skidmarksally

    I just look this up today and saw that att lte would run on T-mobile 1700-2100 MHz frequency how would that actually work out? Would the g2x be able to run on att lte 4g service as-well? I mean that’s if the deal would go through?

    • John Pisano

      neither the Amaze 4G or G2X can run on LTE anything… they lack the nessecary modem hardware. this is saying the Amaze 4G can run on AT&Ts “4G” aka HSPA+ even if LTE was on the T-Mobile 1700-2100 frequency it still woun’t work due to completely different hardware. That’d be like saying since 802.11a can run on 5GHz band that its as fast as 802.11n, which clearly is not the case.

      • skidmarksally

        Ohhh ok thanks

    • Anonymous

      To answer the question,let’s say at&t takes over and repurposes t-mobile’s 1700-2100mhz for lte then t-mobile customers who’s devices don’t support at&t 3G bands would have to switch to a different device to get data service.  The Amaze won’t have that issue if it ever even happens.  In fact, immediately after the networks are integrated (IF it does happen) the Amaze (and some of the samsung androids too) would have the best 3G/4G reception because it would pick the strongest data signal between T-Mobile or At&t

  • Vim

    I asked HTC support about this several weeks ago since nobody in the media had looked into it despite the fact that the Amaze’s specs included AT&T’s HSPA & HSPA+ bands as well as T-Mobile’s.  They were kind enough to confirm that the Amaze does support AT&T’s 3G/”4G” bands.

  • Nick

    speaking of “4g” it’s been a long time since TMO has announced new cities receiving 4g coverage. In fact a quick check of their coverage map shows that only 2 cities are listed as “coming soon”.  So much for staying competitive while the takeover is in the works.


      I can tell you it is more than that. 

      • Both of those cities have long since gotten 4G HSPA+, though. The map is way out of date…

  • Jarrod

    Most new phones are, I have The mytouch 4g slide and it has the 1900mhz band, which will work with At & T 3G in some areas

  • HP

    Does anyone know if it’s confirmed whether the Galaxy Nexus GSM from Europe has T-Mobile hspa+ bands on it?

  • Anonymous

    I’m happy with the Amaze 4G on T-Mo and find the download blazing fast. This is my first high-end Android device; it’s got an amazing build quality and is solid, reliable, has decent battery life (which shocked me) and early next year becomes “new” again when the ICS update comes.  I just had a chance to test out the speaker listening to Pandora and everyone in a 5,000 square foot area can clearly hear it.  Happy.

  • Zecarioca

    G3 comes in january ( htc edge) the first cell phone quadcore ics !!!! i work for tmobile,first hand news !

    • Manofcity1

      U have any idea how much it will go for?

  • Jigajay

    I wonder if this will work with At&t prepaid plan they have a real unlimited everything plan for $50 even though I really want a phone with A Hdmi port does HTC make any phones with A Hdmi port


      Why wouldn’t it? 


    T-Mobile it testing 1900 MHZ 4G radios in anticipation of the merger and ATT is confirmed building their LTE network in some markets on the 700-850 MHZ bands. SO everyone Calm down. IF the takeover happens everyone’s phone will work just fine. 

    • They aren’t deploying LTE on 850MHz, as it would be completely pointless. There’s no hardware available in the US on that band. Mostly Korean and Japanese LTE deployments are using that band. However, AT&T is also NOT deploying on AWS unless they acquire T-Mobile.

    • Anonymous

      In the event the merger is blocked, T-Mobile has phones capable of 3G/4G roaming and they also have phones that are capable of PCS 3G/4G, of which they hold spectrum for but use for GSM.

  • Jesus Lopez

    I love that the HTC Amaze has a dual core processor and
    comes with Android version 2.3 right out of the box. This phone is perfect for
    streaming movies and videos, so I know the Amaze will go along great with my
    employee Sling adapter I recently got from DISH Network. With the Sling
    adapter, I can stream live and recorded TV to my Android device everywhere I
    have 3G coverage or WiFi. Also, DISH is offering Sling adapters for free; it’s
    really awesome since I know that I have a hard time fitting my favorite shows
    into my busy schedule.

  • Test

    The HTC Sensation 4G does not have the AT&T 3g bands

  • imtiaz

    I have the htc amaze unlocked and I just switched to at&t. Can someone please help me on how I can set it so it can support at&t’s 3G or 4G network?

  • mike chan

    really, the box only labeled 1700/2100 hspa/umts? is this a mistake? i know the canadian version on telus has it because their version’s box label it.