Leap Wireless Opposes AT&T/T-Mobile Deal Along With Everyone Other Than AT&T And T-Mobile

At this point we’re not quite sure who actually wants the AT&T/T-Mobile deal to proceed other than AT&T and T-Mobile themselves. This time Leap Wireless has come out and verbally opposed the deal arguing that the merger would harm consumers due to reduced competition. Along with the reduction in competition Leap argues that too much power would be consolidated into the hands of just two wireless carriers.

“We oppose the proposed acquisition. A competitive marketplace is critical to wireless innovation — and small and mid-sized carriers such as Cricket are driving that innovation,” said Doug Hutcheson, President and CEO of Leap and Cricket. “The proposed acquisition would eliminate T-Mobile as an important nationwide competitor in the industry. It also raises problems of spectrum concentration and impaired access to spectrum by competitive carriers; undercuts access to wholesale voice and data roaming services; and threatens to foster reduced device availability and reduced interoperability of wireless networks and devices, among many other issues. Those results are not in the public interest.”

While AT&T has argued that carriers like Leap and Metro PCS represent significant competition in the low cost wireless market AT&T believes that removing T-Mobile from the marketplace is beneficial to carriers like Leap. Without T-Mobile, a low cost leader carriers like Leap will be primed to take advantage of customer defections according to the AT&T mentality.

Leap has 6 million customers in 35 states and believes that it would be unable to compete effectively against AT&T and Verizon in spectrum auctions and business partnerships.

Is there anyone who thinks this deal is still a good idea?

Washington Post

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  • Dmjr1123

    Its not a good idea and everyone in the business world knows that.

    David wouldn’t u agree?

  • Bradley Phillips

    The argument AT&T is trying to make is that this acquisition helps, what they say, are their direct competitors.  Does AT&T realize how stupid that sounds coming out of their mouth? They are trying to argue that they are making a business move that helps their competition. Why would anyone believe they are doing this for any reason other than helping their own possition.

    I would be much more willing to listen if they just came out and said, “We need t-mobile to compete with Verizon.  This has nothing to do with anyone else but us competing for the top spot in wireless and we need them to do this.”

    It’s still a bullshit argument and this acquisition needs to be stopped, but good lord AT&T is taking the dumbest line of argument I can think of.

    • Anonymous

      no At&ts argument is without tmobile they cant make fast progress ( lte ) 

  • LinxBS1

    I hope AT&T dies!

  • That’s a good question… I wouldn’t like it to go through because I like tmobile and their customer service.

  • Me…!!!!!!

    Sike! Please don’t beat me up!

    • Anonymous

      I agree! Just get over it everybody. So tired of hearing about it!

      • I’m sorry you feel that we should stop talking about it. Except I’m not really sorry and I won’t stop talking about it. If you can’t see the oppositions side than I feel bad for you. 

        • Tito!

          Thank you David :]

          Can we ban negative naysayers from the site.
          their energy, is unneeded. ;D

          T-Mobile FTW!
          yeah, HATE on it’ :D

        • Derrick227

          i agree david, this website is for loyal tmo costumers, we have the right to discuss our feelings over this merger, if you are on here to bash us and just to tell us get over it, the GTFO of here

  • Datnig

    lol from the homepage the “LEAP” picture looks like “IFAP”

  • hellsh666

    at&t f..k off from T-MO !!!

  • Anonymous

    everyone is complaining but verizon.

  • Anonymous

    If you are a politician , lobbyist , or shareholder you are loving this deal . Everyone else not so much . You have to look at this through AT&T’s eyes and not get emotional . Competition is lousy . Its pricey . You have to be inventive & take risks . You have to then be cost competitive .Servicing customers is a pain . It really is much better to drive other providers out of the market . You then have more control of the market . You play the Democrats by saying we’re pro union & open to regulation . You play the republican side by saying look at this intrusive anti business government involvement . You give them all cash , gifts , and lobbying jobs down the road. You get legislation passed that makes it impossible to sue you for overbilling .You control roaming . You get to big to fail . This is the business you are hoping will grandfather your rates . Once they get in that position they will reset everyones rates . Its nothing personal . Its that they can . The stock will look great. Its future price control . The longer the merger drags the more TMO loses customers . The easier then it is to say we simply took over a sinking ship . Wall Street is already starting to sing that tune . AT&T has spent around 8 million in lobbying for this merger . Thats along way from the 6 billion they would have to pony up if it doesn’t go through . Lots of lobbying left . When it makes it through its about dividends . If your not a politician your only shot at getting anything positive out of this is to by AT&T stock . It will rise in value .

  • Anonymous

    The only company this benefits is AT&T. It is certain to be detrimental to every other wireless provider in the United States.

    Interestingly, I have not seen much from Verizon about this.

    • Anonymous

      Their silence is quite telling . Thats why its called a duopoly . You merge with Sprint and compete against AT&T . No sense in going to the other side when the grass is still brown . Verizon has just said they are going to tier data and charge overages & has just sued the FCC on roaming charges . They are preparing for the merger . This merger has their support . They are actually probably lobbying for it behind closed doors .

  • Asian_inspired03

    why cant everybody leave tmo and att alone.. man whatever you guys do this deal will go through.. nuff said

    • exactly all this is just going to get people more mad when the deal happens. we should just accept it and live with what ever happens 

      • Tito!

        Yeah… when ya’ll start bi***in’ that your bills are overpriced, with sh*tty service. sure.

        Some of use like doing our part as American citizens .
        It’s the likes of you that make regulators think we’re okay with this deal.
        well guess what, you’re one of very little that do.
        So be gone(:

        T-Mobile FTW!

      • Anonymous

        Accept it, I will never accept anything I do not approve. I bet you don’t even vote. Very sad. 

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Cricket phones are a JOKE!! 

  • Adam

    According to the Center for Responsive Politics, AT&T is the United States’ second largest donor to political campaigns, having contributed more than US$ 36 million since 1990, 56% and 44% of which went to Republican and Democratic recipients, respectively. A key political issue for AT&T is the question of which businesses win the right to profit by providingbroadband internet access in the United States

  • Adam

    The Computer & Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which counts Google, Microsoft, Yahoo andeBay among its members, is opposed to the merger. “A deal like this, if not blocked on antitrust grounds, is of deep concern to all the innovative businesses that build everything from apps to handsets. It would be hypocritical for our nation to talk about unleashing innovation on one hand and then stand by as threats to innovation like this are proposed,” said Ed Black, head of CCIA

  • Adam

    Old people with government ties:AT&T’s current board of directors:Randall L. Stephenson — Chairman and Chief Executive OfficerJames A. HendersonGilbert F. AmelioWilliam F. Aldinger IIIBrian J. ShayAugust A. Busch IIIMartin K. Eby, Jr.Charles F. KnightJon C. MadonnaLynn M. MartinRonald M. CrumpJohn B. McCoyMary S. MetzToni RembeS. Donley Ritchey

  • Adam

    The merger is already a done deal.

  • DavidB.

    If you can’t handle the heat, get out the kitchen. 
    Small wireless companies should find something to IMPROVE themselves instead of talking about other companies that ARE doing something. 

    • Anonymous

      AT&T might give you 39 billion if you do .

    • Anonymous

      Smaller carriers are at a disadvantage b/c of how the industry is set up here in the united states.  The big boys get exclusivity for devices and they hold keys to their network (roaming agreements).  There’s just no way smaller carriers can compete unless policies and regulations change that level the playing field. Smaller carriers don’t have the resources to compete.  I don’t understand some of the arguments coming from the smaller carriers regarding the acquisition.  They say the buyout will stifle competition.  They cry about roaming agreements…..The same arguments they pose about the buyout apply NOW…..Not just post merger.  ATT is already powerful.  Smaller carriers already are at odds with ATT about roaming agreements.  I feel like regional carriers are just using the hype of the buyout as a forum to complain about issues they deal with right now.  In my opinion, Sprint is the only carrier who has a right to complain as they are direct competitors with ATT and stand the most to lose when the deal goes through….Why isn’t VZW complaining? B/c they know they’d do the same thing if they were in ATT & they are currently equipped to compete.  I do sympathize with Sprint being the odd man out post merger, but they tried to buy TMO USA too.  In some ways, they are being a bit hypocritical.  For various reasons, DT and Sprint couldn’t reach an agreement, but a deal was struck with ATT (a competitor). I think of it as an Ebay auction that has a reserve and conditions.  Bidder A (Sprint) makes a bid that they refuse to raise (below reserve).  Bidder B (ATT) comes along and blows bid A out of the water and is able to meet the sellers conditions.  Is it fair to allow one National Carrier buy another major player, but deny the other that same opportunity? 

  • Ajxx

    Can AT&T give me. 3000 min on 5 lines with unlimited text plus unlimited Internet on 2 lines with all the other benefits of nights and weekend and mobile to mobile for $151.26 (taxes included). Tmobile let me keep my plan plus give me 5 phones for free.
    AT&T want $250 for the same plan with less minutes.

    For all the stupid people who been paying arms and legs to AT&T and verizon. You need to wake up. You could be saving some serious $$$ with Tmobile.

    Fu*k AT&T. They are just Playing with FCC and doj by asking them to approve more than a dozen 700mhz spectrum for lte. They trying to make it look like they are the one’s who are suffering because of shortage of spectrum. They already bought half of 700mhz spectrum in fcc auction plus more spectrum from qualcomm plus Tmobile’s aws spectrum. Mofo bell is good at it’s games.

    • Jena jameson

      That is not tax included….dip shit….unless your tax off $150 is 26¢

      • Dswagg2k10

        89.99(2 lines with 3000mins) + $5 add a line(3 lines = $15) + $20 text(coverage all lines) + $20(x 2) = 164.99 – 15% corp discount (I’m assuming) = 140.24 + tax =  151.26… dipshit

        • Ajxx

          $79.99 for 3000 mins. I don’t know what the rep did with my account. But I am pretty daym happy with my bill. And this is not dipshit.

        • Jenna Jameson

          I work for T-mobile you numb nut….corp discount doesn’t apply to this plan nor any other promo plan or even more plus plan…i apply these discounts and plans all day long 5 days a week…let me guess what you are going to say “oh the rep gave it to ME”. Wait til your bill comes! We will see who’s correct!!!

  • TMoFanatic


  • Schippma

    I just hope to God that this deal fails. If the deal fails, DT gets their money from AT&T and then T-Mobile can go as a publically traded company. We don’t need DT (although having their monetary capital is a plus!).

  • Levin49

    Please sign my petition to help stop this merger: http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-att-t-mobile-merger

  • Anonymous

    If all TMobile users got together and put up 1250 dollars, we can outbid ATT’s offer.

    Then the company would be owned by us. ATT would never be able to own it.  

    1250 dollars each  that’s all it takes!

    And if T Mobile is profitable, we would end up earning dividends.

    NO TO ATT!

    • I would put up 1250, if I didn’t need it to pay my cell bill for a year.

    • None

      I like that idea in theory

  • Wintafresh44

    Ok people that are saying hopefully the deal don’t go tru are getting annoying as fck. Seriously u guys just learn to accept it. Its stupid u guys actually think its not gunna go tru sadly money talks and at&t has a lot. That’s just how it rolls. Just switch to metro pcs or boost or cricket if its available in ur area if u dnt wanna have att when the merger goes tru if u wanna have cheap plans cuz I’m pretty sure it will go tru.

    • Why would people switch to those carriers? What about Sprint? Verizon?

      Before anyone say Sprint is bad, Cricket is horrible with a capital H. If you thought spotty coverage is a problem with T-Mo, then you have yet to see Cricket. The only thing they’re good for is their prices. They’re expensives aren’t even worth putting up with them.

      • None

        Capital H?  Is that 4G?

    • Guest

      It’s really hard to be taken serious when you don’t speak in proper grammar or spell correctly. So before you feel you have a viable opinion proof read your post.

      • Anonymous

        so non native English speakers are all idiots to you then?

      • Wintafresh44

        Fck u

  • I’m sure David will give me hell for this, but yes, I still think the AT&T deal is good for more than just AT&T. T-mobile is hurting badly, as the only of the major carriers to be shedding customers left and right (which I imagine will get even worse once numbers after the deal was announced start coming in). 

    • Dislike and no Latte’s for you!!

  • MarcusDW

    T-Mobile has actually improved dramatically since the merger announcement (superphones, better plan options -IMO, and 42Mbps) and thus I REALLY want T-Mobile to stay now.

    Nationwide LTE does sound more enticing than hit and miss 42, 82Mbps with no chance of getting  high speeds to the boonies though. 

    Either way is a win with poor side effects.  Prices vs. Coverage.  I personally would like to see T-Mobile build Nation Wide HSPA+ at a bajillion megabits per second and let VZW and ATT worry about gettin LTE to Jed Clampett.


  • Anonymous

    Really Leap??? REALLY?? You can’t compare apples to oranges.  They are a PREPAID company.  T-Mobile is NOT a prepaid company.  It’s just not possible… I dont know why they are crying a river about this deal.  While yes we do lose customers to companies like Leap, METROPCS, etc…. they are NOT our direct competition, and that’s the the market share that T-Mobile is gearing towards primarily.  Just like someone else said… TMO is losing millions of customers each quarter. While some of us may not be happy about this proposal… it may be what TMO NEEDS.  We are losing more and more customers.

    • Anonymous

      hundreds of thousands*

      “Contract customer losses of 471,000 in the first quarter were the “primary driver” as T-Mobile suffered due to competitive pressure.”

      • None

        Last line made me laugh out loud at work… :)

    • MarcusDW


    • Mopar6464

      I agree , and if we are going to compare Prepaid Carriers to Postpaid National Carriers why not make it more like apples to apples with GSM technology.
      Like Simple Mobile and Straight Talk which has everything to loose once the AT&T deal is approved because they will be the only GSM carrier left that will directly effect the Prepaid GSM companies that lease their spectrum and roaming agreements from them.

    • DATA

      Uhhh yes you can because T-Mobile lost almost 500K post paid subscribers and gained all prepay.  It’s been that way pretty much the entire last year.

  • Anonymous

    Anybody else receiving a heavy mod hand now?

    “Your comment will be modded”

    And then my post is gone and I am unable to change it at my own discretion so that it wont need to be modded…

    • Any comment with a link in it requires moderation now because I’m fighting a ton of spam and that’s the only option Disqus provides other than blocking each IP as they come in. I can either block all comments with links or none and I’d rather moderate the few that come in than let all of the spam go through. 

      • Anonymous

        Oh ok.  Engadget had to “hire” volunteer moderators to sift through the trash.  Must be a lot of time and effort but atleast your not modding our good or bad opinions like them!

        • I NEVER moderate based on opinions. I will moderate personal attacks and vulgarity but that’s about it and that’s generally pretty acceptable. You guys dictate what needs to be moderated in any case.

        • None

          You have the best blog on the internet David.  Thank You!

  • 42mbps is useless unless devices can actually reach that. I’m in a 21mbps city, and even the actual 4g galaxy s4g doesn’t pull more than 5 down/2 up. I average 15/3 with Verizon’s LTE.

    • vecl

      then you got a faulty device, or its a lie, because my G2 gets up to 9mbps down. verizon gets  from 9mbps and up in their LTE i have seen it in you t-ube.

  • Techguy

    My feelings are, feel free to complain and fight against the merger.  You just shouldn’t complain when you do not have LTE in the next few years.  Until the government frees up spectrum for more companies to use, Verizon and AT&T will dominate.  To give people the bandwidth they want, it takes spectrum which there is a limited amount of.  The only other solution is government enforced roaming agreements which would make carriers share bandwidth and facilities.  Of course, that would open up a huge can of worms.

  • Derrick227

    all you ppl saying “get over it” “it’s a done deal” need to shut the crap up……..i am a tmo costumer of 4 years going on 5 come june…and i love their costumer service and prices…..i heard to much negative things about att, and you know i don’t want this deal to go through, but if it does in the end, then i will deal with it like a man and see how it will turn out, if its terrible, i’m leaving, easy as 123……my contract ends in sept of this year, and i will not be upgrading to a new phone and extending my contract til the truth be told about the merger……again all you att supporters need to be banned from this website, this site is for loyal tmo cosumers who like to follow up on news regarding the tmo world

  • Derrick227

    all you ppl saying “get over it” “it’s a done deal” need to shut the crap up……..i am a tmo costumer of 4 years going on 5 come june…and i love their costumer service and prices…..i heard to much negative things about att, and you know i don’t want this deal to go through, but if it does in the end, then i will deal with it like a man and see how it will turn out, if its terrible, i’m leaving, easy as 123……my contract ends in sept of this year, and i will not be upgrading to a new phone and extending my contract til the truth be told about the merger……again all you att supporters need to be banned from this website, this site is for loyal tmo cosumers who like to follow up on news regarding the tmo world

    • Really? This website is for anyone who wants the latest and greatest news about T-mobile, whether they’re a T-Mobile fanboy or not.

    • Senor Chang

      “but if it does in the end, then i will deal with it like a man”

      Pssst… real men don’t f’n whine about it.  they just deal.

      Manning up… FAIL.

  • ogopogo

    For those of you who say “Shut up, this is a done deal” – This is the USA, not an oppressed society. If we don’t like something, we are FREE to voice our concerns. Who are you to say “Just live with it”. This also applies to the corporations here as well – they have the right to voice their concerns, even if it is self-serving.

    • Anonymous

      Shut up.  JK!

      • None

        You are on a roll today

    • Setzer715

      Amen Brother!

      • Senor Chang

        You support his right to tell people not to exercise the same right he just stated?
        God damned hypocrites.  GTFO.

    • Senor Chang

      “This is the USA, not an oppressed society. If we don’t like something, we are FREE to voice our concerns”

      Like my right to for me to express my opinion of how much of a whiny douche you are?  

      And… so… when someone tells you to shutup, you actually do?  Obviously not. Everyone’s got different opinions and different things to say. Either deal with it or LEAVE.

      Get over yourself.

      • Anonymous

        You counter everybody’s comments like your on your period.  You have an attitude in EVERYTHING I’ve seen you write and you sir are the one who needs to not “f’n whine about it”.

        Oh and give Ken Jeong his picture back and YOU GTFO.

  • Absolutely everyone agrees. There is nothing that’s going to be worthwhile in this merger. Look at the lawsuit that’s being raised vs. ATT. They do unfair billing credits (i.e. you have a problem in May, they don’t credit until June), as well as hike up with hidden fees. Most other times, they “forget” about a credit and outright bill you!

  • Tedtret154

    i work for t-mobile and i do not want the merge to got through!!!

  • Tedtret154

    i work for t-mobile and i do not want the merge to got through!!!

  • Patmvaldez

    I disagree with the agreement with the opposition to the opposition of the support of this merger.

  • TMoFan

    I’m glad small players like Leap are coming out against this sellout,
    the same small players that at&t likes to point to while citing
    “robust competition” (lol). The deal is bad for everybody, except
    at&t and DT, and hopeful will be recognized as such and crumble away
    right in front of them.

    There will be devastating effects if
    this thing is pushed through, so I’m glad it’s getting a good amount of
    attention that it deserves. I’ve had nothing but great service with
    T-Mobile and as a customer for 10+ years I will continue to speak out
    against this sellout despite what people may think is inevitable.

  • umm.. this might be off topic, but the thumbnail pic of LEAP for this article on the main page looks like it says IFAP due to the pic being cut off, and uhhhmmm thats a porn site, just thought you’d want to know. but other than that, thank you LEAP for being on the keep tmobile USA team. 

  • Hitman47r

    Ive sat here and Read 75 comments, if not more by the time I post this, First off let me say I DO NOT want this to go through!!!!!! Its sad but heres the truth of the matter, Not sure of the percentage but ALOT of us have crappy credit, its great companies like this that help people out. If you take Tmobile away then Apee&pee (yes I mis-spelled that on Purpose) will actually lose customers. As a matter of fact I can count 10 people off the top of my head that actually have GOOD credit and ATT still wants a $600-$800 deposit. WTF?! If anyone reads REALLY deep into the history and creation of Cell Companies you will learn that this is Win/ Half Win Deal, no I do not want it to go through, but if it does….heres the deal, ATT will practically be committing Suicide, prices WILL NOT get cheaper, they will continue to go up…in turn possibly causing Tmo to come back, or a new “branch off based on Tmo”. I dont know about you guys but I emailed everyone I could about not letting this happen, Including the FCC and DOJ. This is Royal BS, and I will surely be switching….and in time waiting for a Long Future Outcome.

    As a Side Note, why the flip are we bickering about 4g?? DO you people not realize the counties like Japan, Korea, and Myanmar have like 6 and up to 7G??? 

  • lolololol

    the way the picture is cropped it looks like it says “IFAP”

  • PoorMagenta

    If you don’t want it to go through stop begging for free stuff…you pay for device and t-mobile gives it to you….you don’t pay a $79.99 bill every month for a free $500 phone when you feel your phone isn’t working because a newer phone comes out…just like our country T-mobile is in over it’s heels…i can’t tell you how difficult it is to fight off “loyal” customers who got the G2 and complained and called in over and over and got a mytouch 4g….and then the galaxy s 4g….and call back in because the G2x comes out….wtf? How can a business run like that? This was bound to happen! Gas prices have gone up and so has everything else with the exception of T-Mobile rate plans….I remember I had Talk and text and web unlimited when I opened my first cell phone account years ago for $120 a month and now it’s $79.99??? How would anyone grow a business and a 4g network wirth declining subscriber volume and lower prices….which all adds up to less revenue??? I scratch my head every day at all the craziness I here on all the calls I here. You all are so greedy! The amount of stress we T-Mobile employees go through is too much. If this deal doesn’t go through one of two things will happen; 1. T-Mobile will get sold out to some one else. 2. T-Mobile will shut it’s doors…and this one seems like the one that really is going to happen. Every day the amount of accounts I cancel goes up and up. A year ago I was shocked to cancel 10 a day, but just today on an 8 hour shift I canceled 67 lines….just me one customer loyalty representative

    • None

      “The amount of stress we T-Mobile employees go through is too much”


      Is is THAT stressful to keep telling me to manually pull my battery over and over?

      • Sick and tired

        Yes it is…we do not set our rules and policies of T-Mobile….we just enforce them….we are not responsible for consumer choices…you are. Before the hd2 I knew it was not going to be a good device because I did my research, just like you should. You choose your phone and if it has problems you deal with it. T-mobile does not manufacturer phones, we sell service.

  • Booya

    T-Mobile has been looking to sale for some time now. AT&T is the most compatible network to sale to. It makes sense to sale to someone with a compatible network. AT&T doesn’t buy them someone else will eventually.

  • Jayq330

    Thats the best thing that the small cellular networks can do, because at&t keeps talking about how the small networks can take t-mobiles place easily when that isn’t true. So there defense is worthless now that the small companies ate even opposing the buyout & that everything at&t say’s is bullshit. Hopefully more smaller networks step up to this abuse of power & abuse of people, lying & intellectual talk to make people think that its in there best interest. They got some balls & lucky we’re not in old times where we would of taken care of business & settled in one day.

  • Rick

    “It also raises problems of spectrum concentration and impaired access to spectrum by competitive carriers”
    Hmm… Leap complaining about spectrum availability.  They just bought at the AWS auction, but spectrum is going to be tight for a while until Congress decides if they will just give away D-Block to some magical first responder (aka ‘government cell network’), or sell off chunks outright, or if Google will leverage their interest.  Don’t hold your breath on this.  In the meantime, the small players rightly see this as a threat, as they compete against even stronger majors.  If you follow my posts, you know I preach that this merger is guaranteed.  If the merger fails, TMO will just shut down and sell assets to AT&T and others.  THAT would be a spectrum auction to sit in at, livelier than the Audi D-Type auction.  You just don’t see viable spectrum on the block very often.  Even the other players would inquire.

    I think the best scenario for the market would have been for Sprint to take on TMO, operate both networks for a while, and then swap metro overlaps for expanded coverage with AT&T and move to GSM.  This would isolate VZW on standards, expand Sprint’s rural map, give Clearwire a more robust partner, solve AT&T’s metro data problems, and sadly cost Sprint about $30B more than they have.  So much for that plan.  Might as well wish that the Cardinals could buy Brady from the Patriots. 

    And now, after 5.4 years with TMO, I am considering jumping ship early.  My wife would look good with an iPhone. 

  • Anonymous

    If Leap AND Metro PCS had better handsets available like the Sensation  and you can use their devices unlocked to be used in Canada or the United Kingdom then yes, I would agree with ATT and the right wing that this merger is ok. 
    But maybe Leap and MetroPCS need to merge so we’d have a quality competitor. 

    • Patmvaldez

      They might as well since they roam off of each other.

  • I think you guys just need to relax it is not the end of the world. All you guys that are writing the FCC, DOJ to stop this merger is not going to help and if you think the reason why these small carriers are opposing it is for the spectrum they all want something from this merger divestitures of spectrum and customers. I know  that you are en titled to your opinions that’s ok  that is ok but when you say to the people who are trying to say get over it have the right to say what they want that is what the united states is built on telling someone to GTFO is wrong and as for an moderator you should be ashamed that you support these peoples behavior. Here is what I am going to say you guys are acting like a bunch of little kids grow up and get a life instead of going on here and crying over a company who is getting bought out by at&t. I expressed my displeasure of this merger on the same day they announced it  that was it. This merger is going through like I said divestiture of spectrum and customers.  they will probably  going to be forced t give good roaming deals for the smaller carriers. Did you know that many people wrote the DOJ and FCC to try to stop the Comcast NBC universal deal from going through even other networks and cable companies opposed it  but what happen they allowed the merger to go through but with conditions.Just like Verizon did when they bought alltel wireless. I am not here to make you guys get upset we all have opinions just relax in  11 months you will get the verdict.

    • Anonymous

      dude, try using some punctuation.

  • Cruzantis

    In my personal opinnion and based on the place I live I must say. GET THIS DEAL DONE ALREADY I NEED ATT SPEEDS!!!!!. Right now I’ve been 6 months with my mytouch4g and I will say it again its been only 3 times ive seen H+ on my phone; if att and tmobile merge ill see it everyday until the end of ages.

     I hate EDGE and ive had to live with it all this time, not any more

    • Quintan

      Please, everyone knows AT&T is the slowest ever, you must work for AT&T