T-Mobile Details Tonights “Insomnia Sale,” G2 And Sidekick 4G Are Featured

T-Mobile took to Twitter last night to talk about tonight’s “Insomnia Sale” which will bring special pricing on the T-Mobile G2 and Sidekick 4G. Originally set for the early morning on Monday May 23rd T-Mobile announced they were pushing back the sale till this evening for unknown reasons. Unfortunately that timeframe also sees us losing the T-Mobile G2x as one of the featured devices and is replaced with the Sidekick 4G.

Tonight’s sale takes place between the hours of 9PM and 3AM PT or 12PM and 6AM EDT. Drink lots of red bull. See you then!



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  • HerpDerp.

    Another half-assed attempt to gain new customers.

    • I don’t understand why an attempt to gain new customers has to take place overnight, announced only via Twitter and only for two devices?

      • Do we really need to have the “T-Mobile’s Marketing/PR ‘strategy’ is bad” talk again, David?

      • SPrince88

        I dont understand why T-Mobile.com always has better deals than the store…I work at a T-Mobile store in NYC and we see barely any traffic because we compete with our own website

  • rm

    And naturally, Flexpay customers get the shaft, again.

    • Anonymous

      Aren’t Flexpay customers the ones with bad credit? Or ones that are eligible to sign a contract? Might be why…

  • Mopar6464

    T-mobile marketing is stupid.
    Why would’nt they have a After Hours sale on a Friday night.
    Most people get paid on Thursdays and Fridays and don’t have to stay up late on a workweek night to get some half-assed special deal.

  • NardVa

    Tmobile is weird. Do they think people who are not customers is following their Twitter account? And why middle of the night? And why exclude the GX2?

    • twest

      G2x pulled probably because of the fact there is more of an advance notice this time around. Why deplete or reduce G2x inventory/revenue….most likely a push to get rid of a poor-selling phone (sidekick).

      • Commander fury

        TMO has to ride that fine line of looking like it is aggressively marketing itself while shooting itself in the foot . They don’t even advertise the G2X even though it might be the best phone out .

        • Anonymous

          Sidekicks were always thought of along with T-Mobile. Maybe they still want that, even though the SK4G is a POS.

  • Anonymous

    TMO has been extremely fickle minded lately…first it was the 59.99 unlimited plan…now pulling back the G2X from the sale….

  • David, I think you mean 12AM to 6AM. Not 12PM.

    Although we know what you mean, I figured I point that out.

  • Cupcake

    You would think that if TMO was trying to gain customers or at least keep the ones they have, they would offer the phones that are the hottest ones to date.  The G2 (really??!!!) has started to gather dust and the Sidekick is something that my son wants, not me or any other ‘super smartphone’ playing adult!  Offer me a Sensation free on release date and I’ll stay awake till midnight tonight (EST).

  • JohnS42902

    Does this work on contract extensions? My 2-year contract expires next month. An extension for another 2 years is technically considered a “new” contract, right?

    • Anonymous

      No, its for new customers. Most customers that upgrade pay $50+ on what new ones do.

  • Abtexas83

    Good lord! Seems like we have some marketing know it alls.

  • Novacide

    Well, I was going to be up to get me a G2X….until I read this.

  • ArkAngel_X

    anyone notice that the G2X disappeared from the t-mo website?

    • Anonymous

      I noticed that too. David, can you and the team contact T-Mobile to find out what happened to the G2x on the Tmo website?

    • Yes, and it’s been that way for some days, at least for anyone looking for an upgrade. I was eligible for upgrade on the 15th, so I contacted a T-Mo rep to find out why the G2X was not on my online list of available upgrade phones. She had no idea and said it showed up in the system as “temporarily removed.” I ended up ordering my G2X from RadioShack for $99. Supposed to arrive this morning. Impatiently waiting for FedEx guy. :-)

  • I agree with you here SPrince.  I hate seeing pricing information online then I get to the store and they have different pricing and fees.  Some people like shopping online, some like to purchase things in the store where they know they can return them or come back for personal customer assistance.  They are losing potential customers by not making things easier for the customers.

    Activation fees could be one thing they get rid of to make a difference.

    They could also have sales on their devices (maybe $50 or $100 off) for people not under contract.  I’ve never understood why a $400 phone gets a $200 off sale, and a $200 contract discount to be free to new contract customers, but existing customers don’t see any of that “sale” pricing.  If a phone is $200 off, shouldn’t it be $200 any way you buy it?  If not, increase the contract discount to $400.

  • Anonymous

    So I called Tmo about the absence of the G2x. The rep said that they are out of stock. I told her that usually the device stays on the site and just shows out of stock and then she said they have a large amount of orders to fill so they just took the device off the site…..

    Sounds fishy

    Anyway, the rep offered me a new service (new to me) that will show a callers name, number and state for 3.99 a month. Seems like caller ID. Had a certain name for it that I forgot. What is this all about?

  • Edit: already pointed out and noted.

  • Well…my SK4G is still on back-order from the 17th of this month…blah!

  • Newby

    Will there only be discounts on the G2 and the Sidekick or also on other phones?

  • Jijimonjohn

    I was in about to buy a G2X and i noticed that it’s not there in website. I was checking for the past two days thinking that it;s part of their website modification going on from Sun. Today i feel there is some thing fishy there were reviews in Tmob site saying that G2X stops suddenly and blacks out . Now no ther option other than My touch.

  • You know, with just two weeks until they release the three new phones on June 8th, I think there will be some lonely rep’s working tonight in the TMO stores.

    • SPrince88

      We are always lonely because TMO’s marketing sucks..and the website always presents a better deal

  • G2x was pulled due to glitches in the phone.  i just got off the phone with a retention line rep and she recommended I avoid this phone until the issues are worked out.

  • mrb

    I hate to be a stickler, but didn’t you mean 12AM-6AM EDT? :)

  • Jim

    Will FlexPay consumers be able to take part in this promotion?
    Last time on the “free smart phone”t sale we were not =/

  • David

    what a joke! they have no stock of G2’s.. They are on backorder!!!!!!!!!!! Please post if you are able to get delivery. I saved my correspondence with the rep so please let me know.

    Major quality issues with the GPS. See my other posts.

    I feel the big apple coming my way. Apple folks never complain.

    • Craibailey

      I think you mean G2x not G2’s that’s on back order.

  • Geeke

    is the sell tonite

  • Tito!

    I hate their “Insomnia Sales” -_-

    I don’t want people to have my Sidekick 4G :]
    I like having the unique phone.

  • Dmalakianic300

    i called tmobs and they said they didnt hear anything about a promotion tonight?

  • Flu_by_u

    How do you take advantage of this deal? i.e. Call, internet..???

  • Gabe Howard

    Seems I cant take advantage of this.  switched from a even more plus flex pay to a contract to take advantage of the sale.  was assure by 4 representatives that I could do this.  Have been on the phone for over an hour. I called at 11pm CST.  Each time I got transfer to a new rep the call was more and more gabbled then while on hold it disconnected me.  I called right back and get the message to call back after 6am as it is after normal business hours.  what this is really staring to frustrate me.  So I log into my newly contracted plans website to try.. nope wont even show me the G2 as an option.  So now I cant even call them.  Oh and the website says web only offer or call this number 1-877-387-4324, guess what the number they have you call for a sale running from 11pm to 5am CST says call back after 6am. WTF.

    • Gabe Howard

      Update on this, got a fantastic rep this morning that is fixing things for me