T-Mobile Pushes Back “Insomnia Sale” To Wednesday

Originally scheduled for the early morning of Monday May 23rd T-Mobile has pushed back the sale to May 25th. Now labeled as the “insomnia sale” due to the early morning hours this sale takes place, the T-Mobile G2x and T-Mobile G2 remain the featured devices. Yours truly came up with the name insomnia sale and I’m thrilled T-Mobile has adopted it. I’m equally glad T-Mobile gave out early warnings so those of you who are looking for a special deal can plan accordingly. We’ll be on the lookout for any changes!



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  • Ed

    > labeled as the “insomnia sale” due to the early morning hours this sale takes place

    It starts at 9pm :)

    • Nospam

      9pm PT – midnight Eastern :)

  • NardVa

    David tell Tmobile you want a percentage of each sale. They can’t use insomnia sale for free.

  • THawk

    Who gives a shit about these sales. Usually for new customers only, even though I’ve been defending TMob to people for the past 6 years. 

  • Ferminmartin2003

    Nah I rather wait for the htc sensation that phone is going to be orgasmic lol

    • Anonymous

      samsung’s phones are far more impressive  

      • explain? 

      • Lalexrodriguez

        Can’t stand touchwiz, i’ll take HTC over Samsung any day

  • Eulin87

    Too bad we wont be here after Saturday =/

    • Deff

      i don’t feel dead…? 

      • Eulin87

        You can’t tell your dead when you’re a zombie =/

    •  damn, no zombies, or rapture, I guess I’ll have to see about this merger thing now lol.

  • Pyffhbv

    When can we preorder?

  • Adam

     Please T mobile do the sale on Thursday just one day later 


     man!!!! i sure hope ATT buys TMOBILE?


      OR NOT! either way its a win 

  • Anonymous

    seriously stop complaining, by having tmobile you have saved thousands of dollars during those 6 years, add a line if you want to take advantage of it 

    • Rosario Lopez

      You know while I get what your saying my thing is that for a company who lost 500,000 people (I think that was the number), you think they would offer something extra for people that eligible for an upgrade. Keeping them locked in for another 2yrs makes more sense business wise.

      • truth_be_told

        cromo8…. it takes more than a cheap monthly bill… if tmobile is so cheap why are 500,000 people jumping ship to pay extra money on their monthly bill? tmobile isn’t giving them a deal on cool new phones that they currently have. tmobile’s line up is the best i’ve seen them have for the last 5 years, maybe the best lineup in all of the carriers right now. if they can’t get the latest and best phones at a good price people will jump ship to carriers that care about them. idc if tmobile has good customer service but they don’t care about their current customers compared to new customers.

        thank you rasario lopez for agreeing with what i’m saying to all these stupid tmobile fanatics who don’t understand business logics! if you don’t give them incentives to new and up coming cool things than they won’t stay! 

        • It is not that difficult to understand …..it was mostly the IPHONE. T MOBILE did not have it….so they lost. But many new customers are coming to T mobile do to the new stock of Androids. I am leaving att after 7yrs and going to T Mobile with either the G2X or the Sensation. When things get upgraded in months and virtually outdated in two years what is the big deal about a phone purchase. It is only supposed to last two years it took most of you longer than that to get out of the first grade. 

        • truth_be_told

          Cinnalocks 3, glad you are getting a great deal for a new phone on tmobile. In two years time when your phone is no longer workable, you’ll see. Then again it doesn’t matter anyways because you’ll be fine cause AT&T will take good care of you. Have fun finishing 2nd grade! 

  • Tikeidra

     can we order online and what time (central)

  • G2x will be replaced soon with a physical keyboard..G2..meh..no flash for camera..waste of night shots IMO

    • What are you talking about?  The G2 definitely has a flash for its camera. 

      • Dsrolstad

         it needs 2 flashes for night pics…i know i have the G2x

        •  most people if interested in taking really decent night pictures would own a dedicated camera instead of a damn phone. How you gonna complain, it is a damn phone….if you what it all why not just put a pc on your back.

    • Osama

      You don’t know what you talking about…

    • Anonymous

      I liked that by accident

  • Anonymous

     still waiting on Samsung to bring out the gsII or w/e tmobils getting  

  • 9 pm is not early morning :)

    • For EST people it is ;) 

  • Jay

     Anyone know what the actual deal is going to be?

  • FlexPay

    Will FlexPay consumers be able to take part in this promotion? Last time on the “free smart phone”t sale we were not =/

  • Meagan

    Does Tmobile USA really think its worth their time & effort to come up with unadvertised short-lived promotions that only benefit new customers that shop on the web late at night?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, they just got us to know about it. It keeps the more tech savvy customers that look here and google. After the towers are built the marginal cost is negligible so they keep people with the highest plan from jumping ship and also we give them good press bc friends and internet users (the 99% others) look to us for advice. Also they probably have excess of these devices so they’d be writing them off anyway. Win win.

  • YOOivansterr

     What exactly is the sale?

    • Naenae


      • YOOivansterr

        Why wouldn’t I be serious? 

    • Anonymous


      • YOOivansterr


  • Anonymous

     www vipshopper us

  • Rosedawson07

    Eeh wateva I’m switching to at&t once they turn up there Lte over here in new york next month,and get the htc holiday atts first Lte phone so yea fck u T-Mobile I was a customer for 5 years. Now I’m leaving u just lost a customer. Adios.

    • Like they are gonna really miss you. Soon looks like att will be tmobile anyway or vice versa, so how smart is that move? Besides they are all the same. The difference due to the extreme competition is miniscule. The phones are not even that different. You shop the best deal you can find and own up to the choice you make for two years. Damn not like you are buying a car or a house. Everybody wants the fastest, the latest and never happy with anything.

  • Trumpet

    How does this work?  Do I just go to the Tmobile website on Wed night and see the deal?  Is there some special promo code or something? 

  • AxelVisage

    Will this be for new customers or can we add a line to take advantage of the deal?

  • Jim

    Any word on FlexPay?

  • JeZay

    Is this for new customers only, or will they extend it to existing customers as well? Hoping for the latter…

  • I’m dying to know the details of the sale… Loyalty CSR has noted my account to match of whatever the deal is since I’m not eligible for an upgrade yet.

  • Helterran

    i just saw something and i am not beliving my eyes.. G2x at t-mobile website says out of stock???? WTF

    • Anonymous

      I just saw this also. And the new featured devices will be the G2 and the Sidekick. WTF is right.

    • Anonymous

      On the T-Mobile Twitter account is says because of “inventory issues” which is LIES. The Sidekick was on allocation, my store had not received a single one since launch, we had to borrow from other stores. Our inventory shipment last week sent like 7 G2X’s and this week we’re set to receive another 9 of them.

    Hmm… This is supposed to happen Wed night PST? Or did they mean Tues leading into Wed and actually sell out of the G2X? Also, new meat only or can I nab it with an upgrade?  

  • Sdnbasspro

    This is so disappointing, first the after hours sale gets pushed back from Monday and now they wont be featuring the g2x…. Looks like I will be staying with Verizon!

    • Anonymous

      LOL same here. I was looking to save some money but I guess not.