HTC Sensation Passes FCC, For Certain This Time

So we’re back with some more FCC fun, as we are seeing the HTC Sensation return to the FCC approval process and this time we’re certain its the Sensation. How are we certain you ask? Well check out the image above with the clear “HTC Sensation XXXXX” writing on the label. That pretty much settles this as the FCC approval for the HTC Sensation. This time also brings a different model number:

  • The PG58100, what we originally though the other day to be the Doubleshot and then the Sensation is now listed as an unknown.
  • The PG58130 is now known as the HTC Sensation verified by the image above.
  • The PG59100 is the HTC Doubleshot according to the system dump information.

There you have it, the HTC Sensation has passed the FCC and now awaits arrival on store shelves and then into your waiting hands. All we need now is a concrete release date.

AndroidCentral via UnwiredView

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