HTC Sensation Passes FCC, For Certain This Time

So we’re back with some more FCC fun, as we are seeing the HTC Sensation return to the FCC approval process and this time we’re certain its the Sensation. How are we certain you ask? Well check out the image above with the clear “HTC Sensation XXXXX” writing on the label. That pretty much settles this as the FCC approval for the HTC Sensation. This time also brings a different model number:

  • The PG58100, what we originally though the other day to be the Doubleshot and then the Sensation is now listed as an unknown.
  • The PG58130 is now known as the HTC Sensation verified by the image above.
  • The PG59100 is the HTC Doubleshot according to the system dump information.

There you have it, the HTC Sensation has passed the FCC and now awaits arrival on store shelves and then into your waiting hands. All we need now is a concrete release date.

AndroidCentral via UnwiredView

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  • jeff


    • Tigerz0202

      Can’t wait for this phone, still sporting my hd2 with android, which I must say is the shit but I want the hardware upgrades, will keep the hd2 to play with though

  • Roxanne31

    Excuse my ignorance but what is the ” FCC “?? And why do all upcoming phones have to go tru the FCC first?

    • mkol

      The FCC is the Federal Communications Commission. You can read more about them at their website or Wikipedia

    • Cinnalocks

      Damn some people are just plain trifling and lazy. Why not just google it instead of asking other people things and waiting for them to respond……… you can easily find out in seconds, better yet, I know they taught you that in school. You sure you can use a “smart phone”?

    • mmeyer4663

      Plus, all phones sold in the US must be tested for FCC approval to verify for radio emmisions compliance so the phone doe snot fry your brain etc.

  • Jscarano


  • What it the typical length of time from FCC approval to hitting the stores?

    • Anonymous

      It can be any length of time depending on the carrier. Once the phone is approved by the FCC it can be sold here in the US immediately though this never happens. An example would be the Verizon iPhone which was approved on Jan 11th 2011 and went on sale February 9th (online) and February 10th in store. It does usually end up being at least a few weeks or more depending on what the carrier wants to do with regards to release dates and times.

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Best phone from T-Mobile since… well… FOREVER!!

  • 808 state..

    Gotta Have It…

    • jaZzyjeff

      Gonna have it :)

  • xnifex

    My guess is that the PG58100 is a different version of the Sensation. It’s like a lot of HTCs older phones: Wizard 100/110/200, TyTN 100/200/300, KAIS100/110/120/130.

  • Anonymous

    Those debating with themselves over this phone and the Samsung Galaxy S II, the SGS2 is debuting in 121 countries by June, according to Samsung. So I still say that the SGS2 will be a T-Mobile June-July offering.

    Other tidbits:

    Sales in South Korea beat all records, selling 120,000 units in one day.

    It’s currently debuting in the UK and Australia.

    And it’s showing up on eBay now, unlocked versions.

    Tough call (pun intended), which one you might want, the Sensation or the SGS2. Not a problem if you have two lines with T-Mobile, get both.

    • Guest

      I’m confused here… You’re saying GS2 > Sensation because the one that already went on sale, sold pretty well? That’s not a comparison of the two devices at all…

      • jarjon76

        Pay Mikey no mind, he’s way too into himself to the point where he thinks he has something worthwhile to spew. I’m surprised he managed to keep his ramblings under 5,000 words.

  • HTCSensation_Wanter

    this over galaxy s2 anyday… touchwiz sucks, enough said

    • mikeyo

      not only does touchwiz suck but so does samsung build quality. all plastic turd

      • Cybersedan

        I have heard that the Galaxy S2 is actually lighter than the first one, that being said, weight does not mean quality, so I’m not going to be ignorant and say the GS 2 is not quality. However, I do like a little more weighty phone in my hand, so I’ll be passing on the GS2 for the sensation which I can tell you first hand, FEELS GREAT IN THE HAND!!

        • mikeyo

          the only quality part of the GS2 is the screen. i can hear all the people bitching about the phone flexing in their pocket and glass cracking.

    • jarjon76

      I agree. Touch Wiz is garbage. It’s too iphone-ish and I don’t like the overall look of it. And I’m not a fan of Samsung phones.

  • By far in my opinion, this is NOT better than the Galaxy S II. Now granted, I have not used either of them, but just by what I’ve seen…The GS II is better to me. Which is what I plan on getting, but respect to those who think otherwise.

  • k-mack

    This phone sounds really really nice. Huge HD 960×540 4.3″ screen, 8mp camera, 1080p video, fairly thin, support for more video and audio formats, HTC build quality, Android 2.3 Gingerbread, ffc, dual core 1.2 GHz, DRM support ie Netflix will be supported, sleek ergonomic design with cool curved Gorilla Glass – amazing!!! Unless the GS II can match these specs I give the Sensation a big edge, here!

    • Osama

      You miss 1 nice thing…1Gb internal!!
      Also this is a slow dual process/Fhone
      Low benchmark scores!!!!

      • jarjon76

        This phone isn’t slow. Maybe according to your high standards, but this phone is plenty fast, from what I’ve seen/read. The only thing that MIGHT bog the phone down (slightly) is Sense, but even then the phone will run smoothly.

      • ted_t

        Since when is the latest Qualcomm 1.2GHz dual core processor “slow”??! You obviously have some crazy thoughts in your head!! 1GB internal is plenty. Get a big sd card, that’s where you should put all pictures, video and music anyway…

      • mikeyo

        All this phone benchmarking bullshit is stupid. it just needs to be fast enough to keep up with me.

      • is it slow compared to the other dual cores because of sense, cpu speed, or gpu speed, or all the above? i haven’t seen anything definite

  • bmg314

    Yeah, um, still only 1Gb internal? Or has that changed?

    • Rocco M

      There are Eurpoean sites listed the internal memory bump to 16GB (not SD card). Not sure if it will make it to USA version.

      As far as benchmarks, the Qualcomm 8260 w Scorpian and Adreno 220 has beaten the SS Exynos/Mali in all benchmarks. Plus the 8260 is a 1.5GHz chip downclocked to 1.2Ghz. While the Exynos is a 1.0ghz chip overclocked to 1.2Ghz. 8260 will be able to overclock to much higher speeds.

      Plus unlike Samsung
      , the GPS will actually work in the Sensation!

      • mikeyo

        hahahhaha so true!

  • Cybersedan

    I’m getting this phone, THE DAY IT COMES OUT.

  • fly4fun

    I’m def gonna get this! I might hold off to see if Tmo does the whole free phone promo on fathers day like last year.

    • mmeyer4663

      Get it the day it comes out. If the run a Father’s Day promotion, you’re still within the 14 grace period.

  • Fragger

    Does anyone know if the HSPA+ frequencies of the US Model will work on ATT “4G”? In case Tmo DOES get absorbed by douchy ATT :P?