(Updated!!!) HTC Sensation 4G Passes FCC, AWS Bands On Board

The boys at Pocketnow have pointed out a necessary correction in which model passed the FCC today. As it turns out, the device that passed today is none other than the Sensation 4G!!!

The HTC Doubleshot has passed GO, if by GO we mean the FCC just a little while ago. With AWS bands on board this is one of the last pieces of the puzzle required to give it a go on T-Mobile later this Summer. While the FCC doesn’t mention a model name, the model number is PG58100. A quick google search of PG58100 reveals the HTC Doubleshot which of course we expect to be named as the “myTouch 4G Slide.”

Just one more piece of the puzzle down, now we just need to uncover a shot of the device Mr. Blurrycam style.



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  • alex

    I cant wait to see this! hopefully it is 3D, this its tmobile s EVO 3d with a keyboard :D it will be mine I hope they keep the good, expensive feel of the mytouch 4g and they try making.it real thin lol

  • Youngt82

    Yup all we need now is picture of the phone itself. I truly hope its not like the mytouch sense like the 3g slide or 4g and instead either htc sense or stock vanilla but most likely it will be mytouch sense :/

  • Youngt82

    I just read online to that it has 3G support but with 3D possibly so how can it be the mytouch 4G slide??? So my guessing it could be the Htc Merge that we saw way back but with 3d capability or something else but this is just my opinion even though I still think its the 4g slide lol

  • 4g

    Check this out. Might be the sensation


    • I caught this as well, I’m working to double check on this!

      • 4g

        Nice. Ill take that job now. Lol

  • sweet, i can’t wait for this to be sold at Costco for $0 with a coupon

    • MattyD

      Thats what I’m waiting for.

    • Anonymous


    • jared

      enlighten me! ;)

  • Youngt82

    Yaaaay can’t wait to get this in my hand hopefully before or around my bday:D

  • um, are all of you commenters dumb? |

    1) it’s not a slide device
    2) it never had 3D, and has always been 4G
    3) we don’t know what it looks like? are you kidding me?

    have you guys NEVER looked at tmonews before? or any android/tech blog ever?

    this is the HTC Sensation 4G: it’s a 2D 4G 1.2Ghz dual core touchscreen only device and the first of the next generation HTC devices.


  • Anonymous

    the htc sensation was thought to have 3d at first from rumors

    • Anonymous

      This is the first I’ve heard of it.

      • Anonymous
        • Anonymous

          I’ve read that article before. It ea’s my understanding that 3D support was included with the MSM860 Snapdragon, as evidenced in the Evo 3D, but not the Sensation. I’ve never heard anything about the Sensation being 3D. The ‘Pyramid’ is just the codename for HTC, which is nothing new, so even if early reports said the Pyramid is a 3D device, they were likely referencing the Evo3D.

  • jarjon76

    I’m looking forward to getting hands on time with this device. If my hands on experience goes well, this will be my next phone.

  • YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian Campbell

    So the Sensation will be ANOTHER 4G phone on the best carrier ever?!?!?! :D Awesome!!! I love you LG, but I love HTC more..I’m sorry little G2X, the HTC Sensation 4G is bigger and better. Much love though!! GO TMO!!!

  • Anetteolzon23

    Dnt u think its weird that ever since it was announced that att wanted to buy t-mobile. All of a sudden T-Mobile is taking out badass phones? Remember before when t-mobile had the crappiest phone selection? It wasn’t that long ago. Dnt u think its weird? U guys kno I’m telling the truth if u have a good memory and think of 6 months ago u will see what I’m talking about. T-Mobile had the crappiest phone selection. Now all of a sudden its going to merge with att now its bringing awsome phones..? Kinda suspicious if u ask me..

    • Guest

      Yep. They must have a clause in their deal with AT&T about reaching a subscriber threshold. They certainly weren’t interested with being on the forefront last year.

    • Roxanne31

      @ anette I agree with u t-mobile always had the worse phone selection when compared to att,sprint ,Verizon. And yes I also agree with u that ever since it was announced about the merger all of a sudden t-mobile its coming out with awesome phones like never before. I think this is t-mobiles way of saying o well enjoy ur last year of being with us on a cheap plan with this awesome phone. Before u get screwed over by at&t and they make u get on a more expensive plan cuz knowing att they will try to do that.

      • BetterThanThou

        Actually, The change in devices was led by the new CEO Phillip Humm. He was a very successful businessman for many companies, and he is quite handsome. He understands what a company needs to survive. He was the reason T-Mobile got into tablets and high end phones. Being a competitor and challenger of the other companies is what he believes in. He is a fighter, and does not back down from competition. The acquisition, NOT merger, is not even close to happening at this moment, and it may never happen. T-Mobile needs to put itself in the best position possible if the deal falls through. People are dumb to think these phones were only planned after the merger was announced. The G1 was a couple years in the works when it was first announced. Many of these phones have been in the works for months and months before the rumors come out. People should educate themselves and try to understand businesses and how they function.

    • Phonegeek

      I think this is a reverse tactic. act like at&t will have its way and have them (tmo) submit to at&t knowing good and well that at&t will never get the go ahead from capital hill (or whoever is to approve it) . Tmo will then be left with spectrum and money as said on the deal they signed on. This would make tmo a force to be reckoned with. :p strategy!

      • That really does SOUND like a reverse tactic, but that’s a mighty big “bet” to take on in the business world. You risk losing investors, consumers, and… worst case scenario… some morons at the FCC/DOJ decide to give in to bribery or “overlook” a few things and then “WHOOPS, THERE GOES THE COMPANY”

    • Not really the best devices. Just better than what T-mobile normally has. They’re still putting out devices that are slightly behind what the big boys are putting out. Case in point, the HTC Sensation looks beast on T-mo, but the Evo 3D trumps it and takes it’s lunch.

  • Tfan

    I really liked the HTC MyTouch 4G, but I have the saw the LG G2x is better. I mainly like the improved battery life + its faster. I think the HTC Sensation will be a great phone, but I bet the battery life will suck just like on the MyTouch.

  • Alex

    Huge dilemma for T-Mobile customers…G2x now, or wait for the Sensation? Read this article for some pros and cons of both devices…maybe it’ll help you decide: http://wp.me/p1wchx-x

    • Anonymous

      I sent back the G2x and it pained me to do so. Beautiful powerful device, but the screen leakage with white lines down the side of a dark screen is an issue I’m not going to accept while committing to 2 more years. Especially seeing on XDA that screen issues like this become worse over time, and that people getting replacements see the same issues in them. I’ll give the Sensation a go.

  • phone head

    if only tmo really had 4g

    • VIVIT

      No carriers has “real” 4G. Where the hell have you been?

      • phone head

        says verizon 4g lte

        • AlienX1102

          No carrier has true “4G” its all marketing, but T-mobile does give the 2nd fastest rates in the biz only behind LTE… and T-mo does it in much more places

        • phone head

          so your saying verizon 4g lte is not true lte? please show me an article with this information

        • It may be the technology of 4G but it doesn’t have the speeds of 4G. 4G speeds are technically 100 Mb/s on mobile devices and noone is doing that yet. But if you market 4G as meaning 4th generation network, well, you had CDMA/TDMA/GSM, then EDGE, then 3G, and now HSPA+/LTE/Wimax, which are all the 4th evolution of wireless data

  • Adam

    Why no Band I 2100 IMT 1920–1980 2110–2170?????

    This will not work overseas on 3G

    • Anonymous

      It has euro 2100. Its listed below the aws band.

      • ProgressiveJude

        no it does not have it. The one that you see is download for Band IV
        Band I is also 2100 but it is different and uses different channels. It is explained here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UMTS_frequency_bands

        • Anonymous

          The phone has the euro 2100 but the FCC did not test that band. That’s why its not listed. Notice you don’t see the GSM 900/1800 bands either listed but They are there. Trust me.

          There is no way a highend phone would have the euro 2100 band missing.

        • bryan

          Exactly; since the FCC is only concerned with frequencies used in the US, they do not test the other frequencies.
          It likely has 900/1800/2100. Especially since this handset is launching in Europe also.

  • ProgressiveJude
  • Osama

    I think is too much expectations for this Fhone and also the G2x will faster on top of the heavier HTC sense running on sensation!! Lets see the!! legs again from htc????

    • Guest

      Haha you’re dead!!!!!! Lmao

      • gad26


      • Going_home
      • Osama

        where is the proof im dead??? you gonna belive on the lies again??? where is the iraq nuclear weapons??
        me ‘osama’ = actor
        09/11 = inside job !
        china is coming in 4 years they taking oves as the first and big power in the world !!!
        now let wait for the sensation…

  • Anonymous

    any 3d phones coming out tmobile? that’d be awesome if we got the 3d version of this phone, not sprint. mytouch 4g slide rumors lead to it being 3d maybeee, but 4.3 3d display would be nice. imagine getting this phone, and showing it to your buddy, then he says, nice i just gotta new phone too…evo 3d. so much for showing off lol

  • very interesting) thanks a lot!!!

    • Osama

      Lovely article. I just played with the g2x today and wow the system is fast and the screen is beautiful. I have been infatuated with the sensation and been checking YouTube for real reviews so the software can be exposed. As I’ve been looking, the sensation seems like one of the slowest sense phones I’ve seen. Have to seen the transitions from screen to screen? Not the fastest and it has 1gb of internal storage and 768mb of memory.. all of those apps are going to bog the phone down. The few quadrant benchmarks ran on this device scored like 1300… horrible for a dual core processor and I think its because of the memory. The g2x scores like 2800… the video camera records horrible and frame rates are not 30fps… the g2x video footage looks better. I really want to wait for the sensation and I think I will but I am not enthusiastic about it because of the recent youtube footage !

      • AlienX1102

        The benchmark was take on android 2.3… and it is well known that android 2.3 and quadrant don’t work well… Im not trying to defend the sensation because I agree that the 768 mb ram was a terrible idea, why wouldnt they just put in 1 gb is beyond me? I just want to let everyone know quadrant standard does not work well with gingerbread yet.

      • Smackeytf

        But what happens when CM7 hits the sensation? Just like my HTC Glacier…. Believe me the phone has potential if your all about the root process!! Believe me this phone will smoke that ass once the bogged down htc sense is removed sir… Go Superusers!!!

  • phone head

    so when tmo get lte are they going call it 5G?

  • Mark

    So, did it turn out that the Doubleshot is another code name for the Sensation, or is it still on the horizon as a separate phone?

  • Mark

    So, did it turn out that the Doubleshot is another code name for the Sensation, or is it still on the horizon as a separate phone?

    • Two separate phones.

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  • Does anything not pass FCC approval lately?

  • IamtherealDavid

    Really, do you really think that this merger wont go thru. Name one that did not…. in any communication industry…waiting…waiting…..I will name one if you cant. That is a 99.9999% hit rate. All the Barney Franks of the world have been paid. This deal is done. Its called recouping your investment. These phones were designed a year ago. So what is an LG or HTC to do? They roll em out to the gullable phone lovers.

    Steve Jobs is loving this. VZW LTE rocks. I am stuck for now. When the iphone goes LTE Apple will rule the world. As long as their are college kids without a pot to piss in buying Macbooks that they do not need spurred on by their lame brain professors, this will continue. Why is Apple virus free. You mean to tell me they can jailbreak a phone but not core a apple as Jackie Gleason and Art Carney once said. PA Lease

    Just ask David…he is smarter than all of us. Iphone and all.

  • Osama

    Hey David I don’t appreciate you delete my second post about the benchmark on HTC sensation!!! What is wrong??? You get cash to advertise,propaganda for HTC??? Where is my post????

  • Osama

    Warning !!!
    HtC sensation
    Low memory
    Low score benchmark
    Retarded device for 2 generation smartphone!!!

    • Please provide your sources. Thanks.

    •  From my understanding and research, HTC Sensation is a very capable phone. 1.2GHz dual-core CPU + a GPU, 768MB memory, and the lovely HTC Sense? Your comment is nonsense.

    • Anonymous

      I’d be pretty pissed too if I were among the crowd that bought the HTC Sensation when it first came out and now the 4G iteration is introduced.

  • luis

    So my question is, whats does all aws bands mean. I know i might sound dumb but i wanna know

  • I am sure that the company is very happy about the pass of the FCC

  • Anonymous


  • Guest

    Note that the Sensation 4G does not deserve to be called 4G, it is a 3G HSDPA device with a maximum download of 14.4Mbps.
    In technical terms, it is HSDPA Category 10 device which does not support the HSPA+ 64 QAM modulation.
    Only HSDPA Category 13 and above devices are truly HSPA+ and “could” be called 4G under the new definitions.
    T-mobile and HTC are deceiving us @Brokensellphone:disqus