HTC Sensation, Doubleshot Arriving First, HTC Marvel Coming After?

While so much attention rests of on the HTC Sensation, the next question is what comes after the Sensation and the Doubleshot? As it turns out, the HTC Marvel, better known as the Wildfire S (2) is rumored to be on T-Mobile’s HTC Android plate. A budget Android phone with a 3.2″ screen and 800 MHz snapdragon processor, the Marvel will find itself as a mid-range HTC Android handset to complement the arrivals of the Sensation and Doubleshot.

One of our ninjas recently procured the above pics at a T-Mobile outing where HTC was showing off some of the new devices. In addition to the rumors of the HTC Marvel, the myTouch Slide 4G name was all but confirmed for the Doubleshot along with the expected arrival of another HTC Windows Phone 7 device later this year.

On the left we can see the future HTC Marvel along with the upcoming HTC Sensation. Both models are unbranded but it won’t take much imagination to figure out where the “T-Mobile” brand will rest on the Marvel.

Looks like HTC and T-Mobile have something for everyone this Summer!

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    YES!!! MY TOUCH 4G Slide!! My next phone!!

  • Dani 071

    nice phone,,, i want it

  • Do you have a release date for the Sensation in the US yet? I just read May 19 in the UK, and June 8 is the rumor for US but is anything official yet?

    • TweetMo

      June 8th. That’s as official as it gets til it’s truly official. :)
      The current Unlimited Promo plan ends on June 7th… you know something big is happening the next day.

      • @ claudine gandolf & tweetmo. I work for t-mobile,and in one of communications it said the release date for the sensation is going to be june 29th.hope that helps.

  • HTC marvel is the Wildfire S and if so only packs a 600mhz cpu

    Android 2.3 w/ Sense UI v3.0
    600MHz CPU
    3.2? HVGA (Goodbye, QVGA) Capacitive Display – 256k colours
    512MB RAM / ROM
    5MP Camera w/ Flash & Auto-focus
    Wi-Fi b/g/n, Bluetooth 3 & GPS
    HSPA 7.56Mbps / 384Kbps

    in other words the 2.3 and HD recording is the only difference it has wth an LG Optimus T that right now is $174

    • also the optimus T does not have a flash and only has a 3.2MP camera.

    • Ashlyndiane

      Its meant to be a mid range device

    • Anonymous

      I can’t find a single other site confirming this phone as 800 MHz, it is definitely the MSM7227 powering it and that is a 600 MHz CPU.

  • MattAbundes


  • T-mo is coming out with a killer selection of phones! This could have been a Sprint type of year for T-mo if it wasn’t for the whole At&t fiasco. No other carrier has a overall better selection of phones coming out!

    • Anonymous

      Except for the fact that people aren’t signing up with them. Even Sprint added a million customers last quarter. Don’t know what T-Mo Is doing.

      • Probably a lot of people are still thinking of the T-Mobile of old. I’ll be honesty, I used to throw out nicknames like T-Slo when I was on VZW, but since February of 2010, they’ve stepped up their game big time. Their slow roll out of 3G hurt them badly and scared customers away in droves. From doing my research, I learned of their 4G like network and saw that they were coming out with a killer line up of phones and I came over in December. Man, this train just won’t stop and I’m happy I did. Like someone else mentioned, it has been a great ride except for all of this AT&T non-sense. I’m glad I’m here. I now have 3 lines and will have a 4th with either the Sensation of MyTouch 4G Slide.

        • Anonymous

          I’ve always said that based on the other carriers and what I’ve seen, people sign up because of the cool phones. At&t had the iphone, Verizon’s Droid moniker caught droves of people and even pushed Android along, and even Sprint started to make a turnaround last Summer with the Evo. T-Mobile was still being T-Mobile. I remember even back with Windows Mobile, we were playing second fiddle with every device. Yea, they were providing friendly prices and service, but people have proven they will pay a premium for the “it” phones. T-Mo had a great selection very late last year with the G2, mytouch4g, and Nexus S, and the trend is most definitely continuing, but I fear it’s too late.

      • People have s short memories. Sprint was in the same situation before the evo came out, they was losing subs every quarter but with the new phone plus with new marketing of the phone has done wonders for them.

        • Anonymous

          Read my reply to jbjtkbw00 just below.

      • Anonymous

        Umm, nobody is signing up because of the fear of this merger, duh!

        • Anonymous

          They were having weak quarters before the merger was even announced, smart guy.

  • eYe

    This is all nice but I really want some confirmation that T-mobile will get Galaxy S2, which looks like the first Samsung phone done right. Hopefully we hear something before Sensation is released. I have to pay full price for my next phone so I must make that decision very carefully.
    As always, nice job T-mo team.

    • eYe

      And by T-mo team I meant TmoNews team. Just thought I’d clarify :-)

    • pantlesspenguin

      I’m in the exact same situation. Right now the SGS2 is winning my favor, but if it doesn’t come to T-Mo I’d be very happy w/ the Sensation.

    • I have the same dilemma, eYe. I’m eligible for upgrade in 11.5 days (but who’s counting? ;-). For me, it comes down to myTouch 4G Slide, G2X, or Sensation, with Sensation likely to be my choice. But!! If I had some idea if/when Galaxy S II will come to T-Mobile, I’d wait for that. Without knowing, though, I’m not sure if I have the self-discipline to keep from trading in my old EDGE-only BlackBerry 8900 for the Sensation when it’s released. Hopefully, we’ll get news one way or the other soon.

  • Ms. Matrix2515

    I had said before that I wouldn’t get another phone without a keyboard but I REALLY want the Sensation. I’m cool with a T-mobile sales rep, so he said he will let me know when he gets it, so I could play with it before it comes out. :D YES!!

    • If I had a dollar for every time I told a girl that, “I’ll let you play with it before it comes out.”

  • Girth Brooks

    God, that phone looks pathetic sitting next to the Sensation! lol

  • The Sensation should come in white.

  • It’s tough to decide between the myTouch Slide and the Sensation, but in the end (for me), the bigger screen will likely trump the physical keyboard.

    • Brasilpower

      Hi! You is from Brazil???

  • Youngt82

    We can’t front Htc does make one of the sexiest phones :)

  • The Sensation should be a pretty big successful for T-Mobile, but they’re gonna need to advertise it a lot more than the G2x. I think the Sensation will be a better choice than the G2x, here’s why:

  • Anonymous

    Both of those look very nice, but I’m waiting on more news for the GS2

  • osama

    I love the g2x!! If you have any ploblem just master reset and this will be working perfect! Love!

    • Zifnab2k

      Master reset does not fix the backlight bleed. I’ve sifted through 20+ of them, and every single one had varying degrees of backlight bleed, or yellow / brown tinting. After an LG rep informing us that it will not be covered under manufacturer warranty, I decided it was best to completely return it.

      Fast phone, seemed nice… but perfect? Not with a glaring QA issue like this. Plus there’s been other reports of the screen separating from the phone, and people finding glue along the edges of the device… LG just doesn’t stand behind their product.

  • cj

    Saw the Sensation 4G yesterday and the htc guy said to me that the realese date was the 8th of June, very awesome device!!!

    • Was it at the end of the rainbow next to the double-headed Unicorn? Why not give unrealesed details about the feel, smell or taste of the device? Give details next time so you don’t look like some reporter who works for The National Enquirer.

      • cj

        I saw it a show, I am no journalist to give fancy details you dont know I only said what i heard!!! Sorry you feel that way!!!

        • The only reason he said that is because you can lie on the internet, but I of course, an FBI agent, am not.

  • Which way is Up?

    Thank you Tmonews for the exclusive. Appreciate the coverage!

  • derpitude

    anyone else think HTC should’ve kept their original back on the sensation? the back with the silver strip between the two black sections. I think that looks way better than the tri-tone back they have now

    • Guest

      I am more concerned about the contour screen. I use screen protection and I wonder if anything other than Zagg is even going to stay on this contour idea. I have the same problem with the shape of the new LG and the odd glass shape.

  • I hope T-Mobile leaves the Sensation at it’s stock colors and does not try to spruce it u and any way with chrome or some else. Will try my best to hold out for this one.

    • Anonymous

      agreed.PLEASE T-Mobile no chrome on this one.keep it as is.

  • j-man

    I cannot wait for the HTC Sensation!!! Looks like a superphone that I have been waiting for quite a while.

  • da9th_one

    i think im done with htc for a while…been using htc exclusively but the massive problems w/ their music player (along w/ other things)…hopefully the nokia/wp7 team produce something fruitful…

    • Anonymous

      So you mean you’re done with Android..? What problems are you speaking of anyway?

      • Are you here to persuade him back to Android? The problems he is having are just that, HIS problems. I say you give Windows Phone, iOS, WebOS and Symbian a try if you like, da9th_one.

        • Anonymous

          The hell are you talking about? He said he was done with HTC because of such and such problems, which of course are HIS problems, that’s why I asked what problems he was having. However, he said hopefully Nokia/wp7 brings something fruitful. I think it’s pretty clear they aren’t making any Android phones, which is why I asked if he meant he’s done with Android.

  • I was thinking of getting the g2x but im going to wait for htc mytouch slide 4g, Im tired of touch screen phone with no keyboard, I need a High end Device with front facing camera and a querty keyboard

    • Jajaja

      exactly! me too! All the phones these days are either uglyass teen messaging phones or super expensive touch screens but never a nice touch/qwerty phone

    • Jajaja

      exactly! me too! All the phones these days are either uglyass teen messaging phones or super expensive touch screens but never a nice touch/qwerty phone

  • Say_no_to_at&t

    The backplates look really ugly and teeny-bopper

    • Anonymous

      at least it ain’t yellow,pink or any bright colors.

    • Bigjohn7187

      well the white one kind of looks like the back of an iphone.. which annoys me. I bleed magenta, and I have owned an iPHone. I have never understood the hype. after owning one, I really dont get it.

  • contract ends soon

    i need the double shot

  • Matthew Medina

     Does anyone know if it will be 4G capable?