Gingerbread Rom Leaks Out For The G2x

Remember that G2x ROM that found its way into the hands of Chris Ziegler from Well it just found its way into the wild and for those of you sporting the G2x you can get Gingerbread and all its glory right now. A couple of key points to remember before installing:

  • This is likely a final release as the ROM is “release-key signed”
  • This release doesn’t include an updated baseband, when it releases an update will be available
  • Ensure you make a backup before installing

Head on over to Modaco to pick up the download link!

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  • Yurdadee

    YAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaY! +1st!

  • reaXion

    Keep in mind you have to be rooted

  • Izzybrexx

    Fuuukkkk…idk how to root

    • MrMr

      How do I rooooot?

      • Anonymous

        Sing “Let me root, root root for the home team, if they don’t win it’s a shame…cause it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out at the old ball game”

        Now you have successfully rooted.

    • MrMr

      How do I rooooot?

    • It’s pretty easy to root the G2x.. there’s one click rooting options.. just go search it or head to XDA.

    • No need to whine. Just remember this “magic word”:


  • Jeffmosesjr

    anyone run the update yet? Seems that it is taking a good bit of time on the s/w upgrade screen, anyone share an experience?

    • Anonymous

      I have applied it, and it’s working great. There are quite a few people on the xda forums running it; you might want to check there if you are having issues

  • Peace

    IF you don’t know how to root, check out theunlockr

  • TypicalWhitePerson

    Lmao this phone is the BIGGEST FLOP of the year. FAIL!!

    • Really? Kinda looks like this is the first phone to run Gingerbread officially after the Nexus Series..

      • TypicalWhitePerson

        Yeah but number$ don’t lie…

        • as long as the devs like it, thats fine with me. If popular is your thing try the iphone. And have fun paying for all the things that we enjoy for free

        • TypicalWhitePerson

          I already have a jailbroken iPhone 4 that I’m proudly using with T-Mobile. =P

        • Lakers_Suck

          So you get 2G speeds?

        • MrMr

          Boom, roasted.

    • Osama

      This Fhone had the best benchmark score!” HTC sensation is low score 1300…fail!

  • Damn why all my Android devices can’t post here (rant over)?

    Be careful for what you’re doing. I tried that but I found the difference is not much (same kernel), so if you think this early update will fix your problem, forget it.

    If you regret for what you did, here is the way to revert.

    Hopefully you root the phone using superoneclick (pretty easy) and having ROM manager installed.

    If you have a backup before installing, just run clockworkmod recovery within ROM manager, wipe, and restore. However, if you didn’t add a backup, check this out (notice: you MUST wipe before and after recovery!):

  • wonder with this update, do you get to keep LG’s camera interface? The default gingerbread camera app really sucks and would be ashamed to have it with such a good camera. Also does is this a kernel and bug update too? I hope battery life and wifi issue is fixed.

    • This is one of the reasons why I revert back.

      No 1080p recording is truly a deal breaker.

      • wow really? i’m assuming the still camera is similarly gimped then.

        i really like the face detection, touch to focus, panorama shot etc. in the lg app… if they don’t move it over i might just stay on 2.2

    • Osama

      You need master reset your device…I did my G2X word amazing now!

    • Andrew

      No, the LG camera interface is missing. I really hope this is not the ‘final’ Gingerbread release for the G2x, because its buggy as heck.

  • Gingerbread Rom Leaks Out For The G2x, but you see other feature that available in g2x, they are mind blowing…

  • Jomaxwel

    I have been running this update sence it droped yesterday. I can say it is an improvment over 2.2 in every way this is most likely not the one they will push over OTA (due to 1080p video missing and a couple other things) but I have been running it without issue. Flash and have fun this is Android.

  • Perezlourdes

    Is this a link to download to your phone? And how does it work?

  • Some of you are probably wondering what a “ROM” even is or what rooting an Android device means. Well, read this:

  • 4g

    Had to go back to 2.2. Browser lag was terrible

  • Anonymous

    Already have it on my G2x, it’s pretty cool, too bad its not 2.3.4 though

  • MrMr

    Based on the reviews here, I’m going to hold off for the official release. My G2X is running great as it is, so I’m not too antsy to upgrade.

  • BigDaddy

    Does the new ROM fix the problem with the phone turning off or rebooting by itself?

  • BigDaddy

    Does the new ROM fix the problem with the phone turning off or rebooting by itself?

  • Jefft20

    its not 2.3.3 its just skinnedĀ