T-Mobile Makes G2X Release Date Official, April 15th Online, April 20th In Stores

Update: For those of you asking, T-Mobile has said that the non-contract price of the G2X is $499.99.

Well would you look at that, T-Mobile went and made the T-Mobile G2X release date official right on the heels of a rumor claiming the phone would launch April 15th. As it turns out both April 15th AND April 20th were the correct launch days as our early information had pointed to a release on April 20th for over a month now. Those of you eager to pick up the G2X can order online on April 15th and those of you looking to walk right into your local T-Mobile store can do so on April 20th.

So what’s the price you ask? The G2X will launch at $199.99 after a $50 MIR on a 2 year contract. No surprise with the pricing there as it’s T-Mobile’s first dual-core handset we expected pricing right around $250. Let the breaking of the piggy banks begin.


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  • jarjon76

    I’m very interested in this phone, esp at that price (both upgrade and outright). I was thinking this would be around $600-700 full price. I’ll have to get some hands on time with it and see if I want to pick it up or wait to see what comes out in the next few months.

  • opTMO!

    hey one more question guys is the 14.4 modem is confirmed on this device???
    or it will come with 21??

    • Halftime


      • opTMO!


        • Prod1702

          I wouldn’t go off anything until the phone is in the store. I have seen enough times where the specs t-mobile writes are wrong.

        • opTMO!

          hahaha yupp .. cross fingers though atleast give us 21.
          remember 14.4 mbps shows only “H” on the mytouch 4g and G2. and this one has a “4g” on the top which the galaxy s 4g have and its clocked to 21 mbps so yea im hoping this is wrong.

  • Justinnn

    Im ordering online simply because I HATE watching the people at the Tmo store open and handle my brand new phone! Thanks, but I can put the sim card in my damn self! Am I a total freak or does anyone else feel that way?
    (no offense tmo retail employees =] )

    • Junior

      lmaooooo i totally agree with you :) thumbs up 4sure

    • Anonymous

      Hilarious. The last 2 phones i bought i had to tell them that I will set it up. each time i was met with resistance until i said “if i ordered online, wouldnt I have to do this myself?” , call it a whiney argument but there is something exciting about opening up a new device.

    • Prod1702

      Most people that come into the store to buy a phone have no clue what they are doing with the phone. The reps in the store (ie. myself) are there to help those people with the phone so they understand how to use it out the door. We also want to make sure the phone works so that when you get home, the phone isn’t broken and you have to come back to the store. There are been a lot of times i have been told don’t worry about putting it together i can do that. Which i am 100% ok with since then I don’t have to spend that extra 15mins helping you. We are also paid to be there to help the customer. In the store we are told that within the 1st two weeks of someone having a phone about 75% of the people will call Customer Care to find out how to turn on the off. I am like omfg how does someone not know how to turn a phone on and off. Its easily put that that person that sold the phone to them did not put enough time into helping them learn the phone before they left the store.

  • K-quality

    i was debating between the SK4G, HTC, AND this…..and i need a good cam on my phone…sidekick as 3mp, i need a faster processor which the G2X Has…i do need a keyboard, but i guess i will have to adjust….and led notification is a plus………and now they have made a LED APP for this phone…so im sold..


  • Anonymous

    Okay so it all makes since now. Can you buy off contract online?

  • http://www.topgutscheincode.de/ Gutscheincode

    This is best device out there.. The only thing messed up about this phone is the bottom panel is way too large; it should not more like Samsung.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Yu/100000989859895 Simon Yu

      Less bezel you mean.. or make em physical.. or add a trackpad or something :P

  • Deke218

    Finally, a reason to come back to Android! Bye HD2… You will be running WP7 this time next week.

  • Raven

    Pay the non-contract price or sign a 2yr contract and get it cheaper?

  • K-quality
  • Mcclurej

    What to do? LG G2X or Samsung Galaxy S2?

    • robso

      im going for the g2x. I didnt know it was an LG though that makes me re-think this. Ive hated every LG phone ive had and loved every Samsung. hmmm!?

    • Johnee78

      I have to say I was hesitant when I heard this was an lg phone but after seeing it in action and that they didnt add their own crap over it and left it pure android . I’m totally in..this is the Tmobile phone I’ve been waiting for .. I can finally retire my IPhone 4 & 3GS. Hello android..

    • ohhhyehhh

      and where did you hear that galaxy s2 is coming to tmo??

    • Ltuwood

      Samsung Galaxy S2 will be slight better bc of screen display and a few more features, however the LG will do.

      • Hptcrabber

        1080P from the LG, that beats the GalaxyS2…..

    • Hptcrabber

      G2X, no question….I’m trading in my Galaxy S…..

  • ptol21

    Anyone know if Costco will get this phone on the same release date?

    • LC

      I’ve heard that Costco isn’t going to get it at all…But that was just what I had heard from someone who had been in Costco and asked.

      • Guest

        Well that’s just incorrect. I was in Costco and talked to the guys who told me their reps said the phone is definitely coming in but they are just not sure as to the date of arrival; they said that by the official release date if they don’t already have the phone in store they will at least know when it’s going to be coming in.

        • Hptcrabber

          Costco, May12!…just read it….can’t wait to trade my Galaxy S, great phone but I want the LG.

    • LC

      I’ve heard that Costco isn’t going to get it at all…But that was just what I had heard from someone who had been in Costco and asked.

    • http://www.facebook.com/gbourous George E Bourous

      Just got the LG G2X from Costco at $150 – comes with free bluetooth headset, holster, usb home/mac charger and car charger. Unfortunately it does not have an LED notification light so am trying to see if I can live without it (my other android phone has it). So far it looks like I will be bringing it back after the 14 day trial.

  • Anonymous


  • Abdulsaleh7

    If anyone is wondering, the invisible shield is already out for this

  • Ness777

    If you order this online on the 15th, will it just arrive later than the 20th? If that’s the case, I might as well wait for the 20th in store.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Yu/100000989859895 Simon Yu

    Figured out why it’s so cheap.. compare it to what’s in the box with the Optimus 2x, the 2x comes with an HDMI, a Micro SD Card, and the standard earphones.. the G2x lacks these.

    • LC

      I know that’s what the T-Mobile website says under the phone description, but I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t have an SD card in the phone already, and that they wouldn’t have wired headphones with it as well…The flip phones we sell have wired headsets so I find that a little hard to believe. Hopefully they’re just waiting for the phone to actually be released. I’m not surprised by the lack of an HDMI cable though.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Yu/100000989859895 Simon Yu

        I could be wrong, I just made a quick comparison if they’d include something as obvious as headphones in the description; so I looked at the G2 and checked the in the box description and it includes Headphones and SD card on the list.. unfortunately for the G2x neither are present, I could see the point of the missing HDMI but the cables aren’t that expensive, in retail stores the prices of these cables are marked up since the HDTV’s don’t give much profit to make up some cash (as an example although Micro HDMI to HDMI isn’t nearly the same.)

        Edit: You know what? We can use the Sidekick 4G as a comparison.. see if it lists any of those missing items under it’s list.

    • aloha

      Inside the box:

      T-Mobile G2X
      Sim Card
      Battery & Charger
      USB Cable
      Start Guide

      i dont know about the sd card tho.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Simon-Yu/100000989859895 Simon Yu

        I have a direct tweet from T Mobile, HDMI sold separately.

      • Eric Gibbs


  • huntie

    anyone know why there hasn’t been any “hands on” or “unboxing” videos apart from CTIA conference? I’m interested in this phone, but want something more in depth before I start shelling out $. AND, considering the HTC device info came out today…tough choice.

    • Curious

      Huntie there are a couple on youtube. Check it out.

    • Jnrcomp4u

      Ill sell mine to u for 200 I’m in binghamton,n.y. call 6072323648