Will An AT&T Acquisition Of T-Mobile Really Happen?

A lot of T-Mobile subscribers are dreading the fact that AT&T has officially struck a deal with Deutsche Telekom to acquire T-Mobile USA for $39 billion. Heck, even Sprint is pissed off. But, while the companies have signed a definitive deal, it still has to be approved by the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Communications Commission (FCC). This process can take up to 6 months or more.

Credit Suisse analyst Jonathan Chaplin called the acquisition, “phenomenal…if it happens.” According to Chaplin, the regulatory risk for such a deal is “enormous”. After the acquisition has been completed, it will increase AT&T’s subscriber base to 130 million, making it the nations largest wireless provider, while bumping down Verizon Wireless and its 95 million subscribers to second largest. Not to mention, the acquisition would also make AT&T a monopoly for GSM/EDGE/HSPA+ phones in the U.S.

While AT&T believes the acquisition will be approved by government regulators, in the event that it does not again approval, as part of the deal, AT&T has agreed to pay T-Mobile a $3 billion break-up fee, promised valuable spectrum and a roaming agreement.

“In the event the transaction does not receive regulatory approval satisfactory to AT&T and the transaction does not close, AT&T will be required to pay a breakup fee of $3 (billion), transfer to T-Mobile certain AWS spectrum that is not needed by AT&T for its initial LTE roll out, and provide a roaming agreement to T-Mobile on terms favorable to both parties”

So if you’re against this acquisition for whatever reason, you might want to pray to god the deal is not approved by regulators.

As for me, I kind of want to see how this turns out. I’m not totally against the idea of AT&T acquiring T-Mobile, but I’m not 100 percent for it, either. While I want better coverage, more options for handsets, I’m not so sure if that would be the trade-off for increased rate plans, data caps etc.

At the same time, if I had to choose between a merger with Sprint or AT&T, AT&T would most definitely be the better choice because of the technology differences between Sprint and T-Mobile. Things might have gotten really messy if Sprint had acquired our beloved Magenta.

So we ask our readers again, really think about both the positive and negative aspects of this acquisition, do we really not want this?

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  • Anonymous

    I feel bad for T-Mobile employees and I can’t speak from your point of view but I think you guys are being somewhat unfair saying its the customers fault that’s like a customer talking to 5 reps and get attitude from four of the five and say Tmo reps suck when there’s hundreds of other reps with great cs skills. T-Mobile made the mistakes in a sense ppl wanted better phones. Ex we got the HD2 sprint got the Evo, We launch the myTouch slide, Verizon launch droid x at&t launch iphone 4,then they tried to pass of the Slide and the Garminfone for $199.99 major mistakes. T-Mobile made these decisions not customers. While I’ll be the first to say some ppl on this site complain just for the sake of it, sometimes I could understand where they were coming from. So to say that we’re the reason for T-Mobile selling is irresponsible and not cool.

    • Cinticycler

      Let’s harness the power of social media to ensure that we customers are heard. Help Save T-Mobile by going to: http://www.facebook.com/SaveTMobile

    • http://www.gnuwav.com SLE

      I agree! And the way Tmo was going, better phones were not in the horizon. When VZW got the iPhone 4, sad to say, but I sensed Tmo was history.

  • marc

    even their freaking headquarter looks evil. *shiver*

  • worriedtmoemp

    Well, I’m more concerned about whether or not I’ll still have a job. From what I’ve been told, at&t is notorious for outsourcing and they did have to layoff thousands a few years ago.

  • Madalluge

    Way to take a good company and ruin it. T-Mobile by far has better customer service, fewer dropped calls, etc., now that’s going in the crapper…when you’re that big, who gives a rats behind, they’ll just rest on their laurels.

  • LBdaMercenary

    Sprint needs to draw up a better offer to win tmo. F that angry fun ball!!

    • Methodicalman13

      LB…the agreement doesn’t leave room for competing offers so tmo can’t see what sprint offers and pick them

  • Anon

    If you are concerned or do not like the planned acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T, make sure you have a voice. Let’s harness the power of social media to ensure that we T-Mobile customers are heard. Help Save T-Mobile by going to: http://www.facebook.com/SaveTMobile

  • http://www.gnuwav.com SLE

    I jumped ship months ago to AT&T, and I think this is a good thing for Tmobile. Better then being bought out by Sprint. I don’t know what people are worried about. AT&T is not as expensive. Yes, I pay a bit more and have less minutes, text and data, then what I had with Tmobile, but I have a better phone, which is what I wanted. My monthly bill increased to only $10 and I’ve yet to go over in minutes, text and data with my reduced plan. Customer Service at AT&T has vastly improved since the Cingular days and their 3G service outperforms anything I had with Tmobile and with VZW (I have a VZW android smartphone for work).

    For AT&T they can finally have improved call service in many areas, especially where Tmobile outperformed them and that’s a good thing and vice-versa for Tmobile. In the end, we knew Tmobile was going to have to sell or eventually be less and less competitive. I saw this months ago when the same old tired line-up of phones kept getting released and the plans they were touting were not as great as the one I was grandfathered into. It was like being stuck in purgatory with Tmobile. Nothing new in their lineup that I wanted. 4G seemed mythical to me at the time, because I barely got 3G service. And their plans benefited new subscribers, but nothing to get the old customer base excited about. It was a wonder they were making a profit, but how long would that honestly last with their subscriber base dwindling the way they were quarterly?

    The main hurdle is the FCC, but as someone pointed out in the boards, they allowed the NBC/Comcast merger to happen, so no doubt this will be a long battle, but one I think will eventually pass. I also don’t see a majority of Tmo subscribers jumping. Just a majority of the ones who hang out here and are well informed. Most folks aren’t informed and won’t realize they just got merged into AT&T. And I’m sure most will stick around and probably upgrade to the awesome line-up of phones and variety AT&T has.

    Do I wish Tmo was around? Heck ya. I miss Tmo. I missed their CS. My old plan. And if Tmo ever got the iPhone, I would have canceled my AT&T contract in a heartbeat and switched back! But being with AT&T is not so bad.

    • NotSOfast

      Confused. “Not as expensive” but your bill went up and your services went down. You love TMO and would go back in a heartbeat. “But being with ATT is not so bad.”

      It sounds like your were one of those that left only for the Iphone, no matter what the service is like or the cost.

      Well I would like to drive a Jaguar but since they are in the shop more than on the road and the maintenance is outragious, I will never own one. But boy i would look good driving one, just like you look good holding your I-Phone.

      Deal is not good in long run for cellular consumers. If Verizon moves on Sprint that could only boast the hopes that the DOJ and FCC cancel the deal. Could you imagine only two wireless carriers, I remember when it was only Bell Mobile Systems and Cellular One, not too much fun and no innovation in technologies or handsets.

      • LBdaMercenary

        I agree with u notsofast. Lol this person has been brain wash by att and the iphone, because you can use the iphone on tmo and get the same 3g service.

    • LBdaMercenary

      You have a better phone? What 3g and u just said att isnt that expensive but in the same breath said you pay more for att than tmo.

    • Aerofanbig

      wow the real life version of Evo vs iPhone video on youtube lol “I don’t care….I don’t care…..I don’t care….I must have iPhone…..I don’t care”

  • Chivyballz

    Them germans at DOUCHE telekom dont care about their US market, I probably wouldn’t either if I was rich at another country.


      chivy, t-mo europe will be their roaming partner there and att will be their roaming partner here.

      DT bought voicestream for 35 billion in ’03 and would have taken 15 or 20 last year if sprint would have anted up.

      att desperately needs urban bandwidth, they sold too many iphones and ipads and kindles and all other sorts of smart devices.

      this is damage control for them and it’s costing them a lot of money.

      t-mo has 35 million subscribers and they’re paying 39 billion, do the math, they’re paying over 1000 bucks apiece for each one of us.


      chivy, t-mo europe will be their roaming partner there and att will be their roaming partner here.

      DT bought voicestream for 35 billion in ’03 and would have taken 15 or 20 last year if sprint would have anted up.

      att desperately needs urban bandwidth, they sold too many iphones and ipads and kindles and all other sorts of smart devices.

      this is damage control for them and it’s costing them a lot of money.

      t-mo has 35 million subscribers and they’re paying 39 billion, do the math, they’re paying over 1000 bucks apiece for each one of us.


    as a customer with no financial interest in the deal.

    i could care less.

    all t-mo contracts are going to be grandfathered. i got 3 devices that are less than 6 months old.

    so i aint going nowhere.

    the only screwing i’m taking is i bought a 100 shares of sprint last year and dread looking at their price this morning.

    • Dbell9

      Yeah, you will break the grandfathered contract the minute you change anything on your existing contract.

      • Mike

        That’s why I think going to Verizon LTE plans now is the best option. You can get unlimited LTE data for $30 and be locked in for a while. I was going to switch to T MO when they got the Pyramid, but now I’m strongly considering Verizon.

  • LBdaMercenary

    Watch all the etf deals that come from verizon and sprint just because sprint wanted tmobile they’re going to offer to pay your etf fee and verizon just want to stay #1 they will buy your contract as well. So I hope it happen so sprint offer to buy my contract and im gone.

  • Chivyballz

    I’m going to big red as soon as they get a better phone than the thunderbolt.

  • Anonymous

    As AT&T itself said, it simply wants T-Mobile’s infrastructure which is fully compatible with AT&T’s existing infrastructure. And as AT&T itself said, it would take them about half a decade to build the equivalent infrastructure to what they get overnight by buying T-Mobile. AT&T claims its own infrastructure is saturated with more traffic than it can really handle, particularly in cities. What this means is that for existing AT&T customers, once approved, AT&T can start dumping traffic into the T-Mobile infrastructures the next day, resulting in them seeing a huge instant improvement in service performance. But for existing T-Mobile customers, there is no upside. None. Existing T-Mobile customers can only see a service degradation in all of this as the existing T-Mobile infrastructure is asked to take on more traffic, and the already saturated AT&T infrastructure contributes nothing to existing T-Mobile customers. For existing T-Mobile customers, this is as bad a scenario as is possible to construct.

    • Anonymous

      Since neither company’s 3G or “4G” phones can just flip a switch and start operating on the others network, I can’t see the AWS bands being bogged down for months to a year after the transaction.

      I guess the best scenario for ATT would be to use our network to sell all of their 4G phones which would require special new radios to operate on both networks. 3G only phones would just use their regular 3G waves and radios.

      • sris

        @QuickAndroids AT&T says customers on T-mobile AWS band handsets will have to change to AT&T 800/1900 band handsets as it will use AWS for building LTE. – this was mentioned by AT&T in the call about the deal today. AT&T will be using the AWS band for building LTE network.

        • Anonymous

          Question is WHEN will we have to change?

  • Freezer

    Ok I had AT&T once, I short paid my bill $.52 (yeah thats 52 CENTS) and they closed my account and charged me the $200 contract fee. Is this new company going to be the same? I hope not.

  • Freezer

    Ok I had AT&T once, I short paid my bill $.52 (yeah thats 52 CENTS) and they closed my account and charged me the $200 contract fee. Is this new company going to be the same? I hope not.

    • Crapface

      Stop with the BS AT&T did not close your account because of a 52 cent balance. They probably closed it because you defaulted and kept the device.

  • p as in pumpkin

    AT&T-mobile. Boom.

  • p as in pumpkin

    AT&T-mobile. Boom.

    • Brian

      AT&T-Mobility spells monopoly. If this goes through, T-Mobile will eventually become a memory, just like so many others… R.I.P. Powertel / VoiceStream

  • Theman2face

    Att service stinks. 13% of iPhone users left to Verizon in the first month alone. This number will grow monthly as 2 year agreements expire and in the case of iPhone 5 having lte on Verizon, which att can not compete with. Att needs Tmobiles hspa + service to actually compete in next Gen service, but at what cost to Tmobile customers. We are accustomed to high speed download and upload as well as free tethering and a barely modified android experience. Att destroyed iPhone and the android experience. Verizon undoubtedly has the best high end feature phones and with the iPhone have everything for everyone and might be my choice if this merger gets approved. Until att drags itself to the #3 spot again which it was all along had it not been for the exclusive iphone

  • Grshaner

    AT&T had 5 priorities, and customer service is #5. They spend so much time on the first two, they never get around to customer service. Since SBC started buying competitors, AT&T hasn’t been in Telecom – it is in mergers and acquisitions. Telecom is the area in which they play – and it shows!

  • TMoFan

    I have no doubt that this will go through, perhaps with some concessions. When was the last time the government stopped something like this? Comcast went through, so I’m sure this will as well.

    I’ve been with T-Mobile for 10+ years. I was thinking last night of the longest commitment I’ve made with a company, and that’s T-Mobile. They never gave me a reason to switch, ever, and now that they’re being gobbled up I know T-Mobile’s reputation for outstanding CS and their competitively priced plans will be nothing but a mere memory. I have dealt with at&t’s horrendous CS firsthand and if their CS is anything like the ones they use for their wireless brace yourself. I had a billing issue that took me over a month to resolve, after dealing with 20+ people and BS.

    My current plan is a few years old and T-Mobile has allowed me to grandfather it in when I upgraded. I’m sure this will change when everything is said and done, and for the first time in 10 years I’ll be shopping around for wireless providers.

    Sprint is kind of screwed now. They will either die or get gobbled up by Verizon.

    • yyevo

      I’ve only had 2 wireless providers. I was with the original AT&T for a year, then switched to Voicestream. The change to TMo was absoluely painless and nothing changed. Customer service was great and plans were great.

      I’ve been with TMo (counting Voicestream) for 11 years now, longer than with my wife. This is the longest relationship in my life and now TMo is breaking up with me. :_(

  • Anonymous

    You can’t save a company that doesn’t want to be saved. DT wanted out, not to be saved. They were looking for a way out of their floundering US market and at&t gave it to them. Honestly, your anger should be directed at t mobile, not at&t. T mobile has been looking for a buyer, you cant get pissed at at&t for jumping.

  • Anonymous


  • Miro

    If we hate the thought of att growing it’s monopoly and killing a value leader like T mobile, instead of whining on here we should get involved in stopping the merger.

    T mobile getting the $3b and the spectrum + roaming if the deal isn’t approved should help

    We shouldn’t be complacent if we don’t want to lose T-Mobile!

  • Mike
  • Rob

    My family left AT&T after dropping a record 20+ calls in a matter of 3 or 4 days. After less than a week with T-Mobile (which has been FABULOUS, by the way), this news comes out. It is almost unsettling enough to cancel my contract with T-Mobile on the (significant) chance that my family will again be forced back to AT&T and the inevitable call quality issues that will follow.

    I turned off my iPhone to leave AT&T. Hopefully the government will reject the merger.

  • http://twitter.com/PaliHustlaOD Odai Jaber
    • http://twitter.com/LTEstyles LTEstyles


      • RobX3

        odai, you write like 5th grader.

  • Na na na na heyy heyy heyy

    So many of you hoped and prayed….Said all T-mobile needed was the I-phone to become a unstoppable force, welp! Your getting the I-phone alright, just in a different way. D*** you all! Lol Im going to miss TMo….

  • Xxx

    outraged is an understatment

  • Rasp57

    AT&T states there will be five GSM option in major cities. The reality is there will be MVNOs buying from AT&T. Sounds like a monopoly to me. The unfortunate part is we will lose the great customer service and lower prices. Talking to AT&T aways made my blood pressure rise.

  • Anonymous

    While I don’t like this merger any more than the next person, TMO will be worse off if the deal falls through.

    Over the next year, TMO will lose millions of customers fleeing to Sprint/Verizon, there will be no new advances in Towers/Backhaul, 4G expansion, or phones (the Pyramid may be the last good phone on TMO). TMO will be stagnant for the next year – all R&D and investments will stop. If the deal collapses, then TMO will be so far behind that they will be at risk to be acquired by a smaller regional company like Boost or Cricket.

    Let the deal happen and hope or the best (nothing is going to change for a year or so). It’s a business deal. ATT bought TMO for the technology and customer base. Hopefully since TMO has a bigger/better Android division, ATT will use it. But everything else is off the table. if you don’t like it after the merger, move to Verizon/Sprint.

    • Kate

      Boost is a division of Sprint. And actually if the deal doesn’t work AT&T has to give Tmobile: their access LTE test bandwidth, roaming contracts for AT&T to tmobile and pay a fine.

      I’d say tmobile comes out better if the deal fails. A merger with sprint would be better because they at least have decent voice plans. also allows three phone copies. This really creates just AT&T and Verizon. Sprint will be nothing after the merger. No competition. And AT&T gouges people.

      • Anonymous

        big deal if TMO gets $3 Billion dollars and some bandwidth. if TMO doesn’t have any customers left and no improvements over the last year, the money doesn’t help. TMO will be so far behind (technologically), no one will want to stay anyway. Probably then Sprint would buy TMO since they will be so beaten down, it will be a cheep deal and TMO will be desperate.

        • Anonymous

          heres what I can tell you . T-mobile has been searching for a way to get more spectrum and money to leap forward. if this falls thru t-mobile gets both. I will be the first to say that once at&t purchases t-mobile the t-mobile service reps will stay good right until the union takes over.. I work for tmo customer service and I enjoy the freedom tmo gives me to take care of my customers. I do it for the love of customers and knowing i was able to give great service

    • Sdfnr90

      I agree with you 100%. I think there will be a mass exodus of TMO customers to Verizon/Sprint. Verizon taking the lion’s share. I will be one of them, especially if my rates go up. I have stayed away from ATT for a reason.

  • http://twitter.com/raitchison Robert Aitchison

    I hope this gets rejected (don’t expect it though as our anti-trust regulation is a joke nowadays) but it would probably benefit me in the short term at least as long as they let me keep my grandfathered plan.

    TMO service is terrible in many of the places I go, I’ve actually been considering carrying around my company issued AT&T MiFi to connect my G2 to the Internet when I’m in a TMO dead zone (I know AT&T has coverage in these places because my company issued AT&T Blackberry has good signal in every case), if TMO customers could get access to AT&T’s cell towers, even if it’s just at EDGE speeds it would make a huge difference.

  • Garciagil31

    Yesssssss AT&T buy T-Mobile

  • Garciagil31

    More bar in more places yess AT&T buy T-Mobile pleaseeee more 3G/4G

    • marciebb

      Are you a tmobile customer? If you are, get ready to PAY more…alot more. AT&T only needs more bandwidth for the Iphone. If you are an AT&T customer, this is good for them.

  • Anonymous

    A small part of me likes the thought of the LTE network that could come out of this deal, but then I remember how expensive it will be since AT&T will be calling the shots, and it’s a little disconcerting. I would like to see a Sprint and T-Mobile merger, but I think that is out of the question at this point.


  • dirtyD

    personally i think it will be a good move. Although i hear a lot of complaints about at&t’s network if magenta and at&t are working together and will eventually share the network wouldn’t that strenghten both parties?
    Not to mention if at&t become a monopoly in the telecommunications industy wouldnt that make magenta a part of the monopoly? where they would be backed by even more money then they currently have now to improve their network, and devices?
    Just a thought i’m probably wrong.

  • http://twitter.com/HotTipsCentral HotTips!

    This is what this will mean for consumers… depending on what happens with this deal, it may not be that good for T-Mobile customers.

  • Smart

    I’ve had att before, and will never go back. They are anti-consumer and their customer service sucks! Verizon here I come!

  • Brians Android

    I canceled my AT&T account two years ago and paid a huge cancellation fee just to rid myself of there poor sorry excuse of what they call customer service. I shopped around and found T-Mobile to have the best customer service experience. I have been with T-Mobile since and I love T-Mobile customer service but miss AT&T coverage. If AT&T acquires T-Mobile and uses T-Mobile customer service department in place of AT&T’s that would be epic. Then of the extra cell tower coverage would be untouchable. The down side is AT&T has a huge ego and there service plans show it as do most of there employees do at the local brick and mortar stores.
    In a nut shell this could be very epic or a huge nightmare. Only time will tell… Lets try and stay positive folks :)

  • http://twitter.com/perkywallflower perkywallflower

    I am going to hope that this deal falls through. I’m not familiar with AT&T in the phone side but with the horrible customer service I’ve had to deal with and all the run arounds that I’ve gone through as a U-verse customer, I refuse to suffer what may come if Tmobile is bought out. Tmobile may have been behind in some of the phone choices until recently but I love the customer service and the prices has always been reasonable. If this deal goes through i would rather live with no cell phone or switch to another smaller company like Virgin than deal with AT&T, especially once they take over the #1 spot they have even less incentive to listen to customer needs.

  • Anonymous

    As long as they keep the pre-paid $50 unlimited voice/text and 100mb data I’m OK. but I don’t see this happening, the plans will increase for sure.

    • http://www.facebook.com/joseph.singer Joseph Singer

      And why do you think they would keep that?

    • Guest

      um they have just about said they will do away with pre-paid…..

  • elarella

    I left AT&T 7 years ago for T-Mobile and never looked back. The customer service for AT&T was so horrid, I am still flabbergasted how they are still in business. I suppose a company as big as AT&T, a few million unhappy customers will not shake them at all. The merger can be a good thing for coverage, especially in rural areas, but I am still pondering the idea of increased prices and more limitations on data caps due to the increased subscribers. Whether the deal falls through or not, T-Mobile can end up as the big winner out of all this.

    • Jim

      The Iphone did alot for this company. Apple fanatics will go through just about anything to keep their phones.

    • Jrude

      I have a feeling that TMO doesn’t think this buy out would go through, or else they wouldn’t have asked for so much if it didn’t . I mean really, look at it from a TMO perspective if it doesn’t go through, $3B in cash, more AWS spectrum and a cheap roaming agreements. I think TMO is rolling the dice here because they really don’t think the FCC will approve it and either do I. With all of that cash, and spectrum TMO would leapfrog Sprint and easily catch up to ATT. VERY SMART TMO, VERY SMART.

  • Batman_lopez32

    i hope this deal doesn’t happen…i hate at&t..i’ve worked in the wireless industry for about 4 or 5 years and all with t mobile…i cant even begin to tell you how many times i’ve heard at&t customers complain about how high there bill is or that there coverage sucks all ways having dropped calls and the big one…the customer service…there is a reason why t mobile hold the number one spot in jd power and associates award for outstanding customer service…i never had a problem with my bill being to high or having dropped calls…this sucks so much…

  • Batman_lopez32

    if the deal happens im going to boost mobile

  • Punisher2all

    AT&T buying out Tmo??? WTF, this makes the Tmo-Sprint merger sound like a dream! C’mon Tmo, how could you let this happen? Screw you ATT!

  • no

    This is terrible news – this means we will pay more and get less. Here comes pay-per-megabyte, surprise! in your monthly bill

  • 88jrfan

    Here is the good news TMOBILE people! The Feds give you an out since TMOBILE has your contract & you did not sign up a contract with AT&T you are no longer under contract as of the merger! YEAH FREE @ LAST

    • http://twitter.com/ingram1225 William Ingram

      not if Tmo stays as an independent company ran by at$t like tmo’s press release says it will. if that’s the case, no FREE mass exudes.

      • Anonymous

        the press release says that they are still their own company now, there is no speak of the future.

        indeed the way that everything is worded, it looks like if the merger is approved the tmobile name will die and we will all be paying at&t for service.

    • mack

      Sorry to bust your bubble, but it doesn’t work that way.

  • Anonymous

    Why did Tmobile’s HQ feel that they needed to sell out anyway? This sucks even if they were aquired by Sprint it still sucks. The phone market is better with more major carriers. More competition means the consumer wins now we all loose because of some reason the 30 million subscribers Tmobile had wasn’t enough.

    • SpicoliJoe

      Good question. I believe the reason why T Mobile USA wants to sell is because they have only recovered about 11 billion of there 53 billion dollar investment in the last 10 -11 years. Does anyone know if his is true? Thanks

    • http://twitter.com/ingram1225 William Ingram

      $$$$$s that’s why

    • Anonymous

      For 2010 DT posted a net loss. As I said before, Obermann’s head was on the guillotine, the DT Board commanding “get things profitable, or you’re out.”

      My opinion only: this sale was partially motivated by DT’s top management desire to save their jobs. For sure, $39 billion would put DT in the black for a few years and give DT funds to get Europe in shape. Commanding $39 billion for a dog with upcoming fleas, so to speak, would be a huge feather in Obermann’s and management’s caps.

      I also suspect DT management grew weary of competing in the highly competitive dog-eat-dog U.S. market.

      Lastly, I suspect DT management saw the writing on the wall: things for T-Mobile U.S. were only going to get worse, further hurting its bottom line. DT saw this as an opportunity to get out while the getting was good.

    • Frank344

      First, Tmobile is losing money. Second, I live in a ‘suburb’ of a top ten city but my suburb doesn’t like the cell towers. They won’t allow Tmobile to build any new towers around us. The city counsel says that we have three other phone companies to choose from. EVEN other phone companies were required to build their towers to look like large fur trees– REALLY cool actually. They do look like real trees! BUT This can’t be isolated. Cities don’t like towers and adding a 4th set of towers everywhere gets ugly.

      I hate the merger because I think it’s just to supports the Iphone and Ipad that are sucking up ATT bandwidth (they can use Tmo bandwidth to support the apple freaks).

      Tmobile gets nothing out of the deal;(

  • http://twitter.com/ingram1225 William Ingram

    verizon… that’s what i think.

    • mack

      That’s it. Go from one monopoly to another. What a plan!


    if this happens im going to metro pcs lulz

  • hillsong

    Firstly, I want to make it very clear that I am a T-Mobile USA user and have been for most of my mobile-phone life. (Remember Voicestream? Yeah, I was there.)

    The most scarce mobile phone resource is spectrum. No pun intended but it’s not something you can pull out of thin air. With at&t acquiring T-Mobile USA the former acquires the latter’s spectrum. IMO, consolidating the spectrum is a good thing. I think the FCC will see this as a windfall because they won’t have to step in to make sure spectrum usage is fair. I would rather see market forces work this out than get the government involved to divvy up the limited resource.

    The biggest complaint I see here from T-Mo USA users is a lack of distributed coverage. When you leave a major city area you go from H (or 3G) to E(DGE) or even G(PRS). The biggest complaints I hear from at&t customers are connectivity and customer service. I think that at&t and T-Mo USA complement each other here. (Although there is a chance that this complement is not fully taken advantage of after the merger.) The DoJ should and will scrutinize the merger. They’ve proven a savvy bunch; just look at the Comcast/NBC-Universal merger. IANAL but I don’t think they’ll consider the ONLY-GSM provider in the USA as a monopoly.

    The three biggest guys (vzw, at&t, and Sprint) do not work well together; they compete. They also have plenty of competition from regional and local carriers (check out the graphic here: http://www.engadget.com/2011/03/20/sprint-critiques-proposed-atandt-t-mobile-deal-says-buyout-woul/), whom they will not be “crushing mercilessly.” (They haven’t yet, and most likely won’t, because it’s not worth their time and money).

    From the hardware vendor p.o.v. this can only be a good thing. Now they only have to make 3 major types for the USA market, and one type is mostly compatible with the European market. This should drive down manufacturing costs and hopefully pass on device price savings to the consumer. (IMO, mobile providers should be giving phones away but that’s another discussion for another time.)

    at&t has long-term plans for LTE deployment that are unrealistic in such a fast-paced market. T-Mobile has adopted a plan that progresses them along realistically, staying competitive in the speed race where it matters most. If at&t acquires T-Mo USA then they will have the missing piece that leads to their future plans, combined with the spectrum piece that makes their future plans more realistic.

    As for T-Mobile users, if the deal goes through expect the following:
    * Upgrade your phone is less than a year – Get a 2-year agreement now and be forced to upgrade in less than 1 year. Win.
    * iPhone 2012 – If the deal goes through you will have your chance at that shiny, new iPhone for 2012. Win.
    * Largest m2m network – T-Mobile USA does not allow unlimited calls except within their domain (or with certain unlimited plans). If the acquisition goes through this will create the largest m2m network in the USA. Win.
    * Rollover minutes – ‘Nuff said. Win.
    * Spectrum release – Expect a sale of unused spectrum back to a pool or a regional or other player. While this doesn’t directly benefit a user it allows some revenue and ways to recuperate costs incurred from a rapid deployment without directly billing your customers for it. IMO, this is really why at&t is so expensive.

    • Marc

      Quite a few people have unlimited mobile to mobile at T-mobile now. Tmobile has reasonable unlimited plans. Tmo to Tmo calling is free if not on an unlimited plans. T-mobile has wifi calling or Voice or IP; AT&T does not.
      Tmobile users get little out of the deal unless they were dreaming of an Iphone. BUT IF THEY WERE DREAMING OF AN IPHONE, they would have left already. It’s the price and Unlimited Data transfer plans that keep Tmo people at T-mobile.

      AT&T will be about 30% more expensive and give people less service than they had before. Honest, I live in a top ten city and my coverage is pretty much the same as my brothers on AT&T BUT he pays more (or his company does).

      AT&T WINS in this buyout. AT&T voice lines on old ATT phones will work the next day of purchase on the 1900 band of the Tmobile network. It gives them all T-mobile towers (and Florida, New York, California all have somewhat better Tmobile coverage than ATT).

      T-mobile customers get a shot at an Iphone, far more expensive plans, limited voice mail, no WiFi Calling, no unlocked phones (T-mobiled alway unlocked your phone without issue for travel outside USA), only 9-6 customer service, and they will pay far more to be part of the big ATT family.

  • Dj_mad_matt

    AT&T supports Anti Gun organizations so, therefore I will not support AT&T. Simple as that.