T-Mobile HTC HD3/HD7/Mozart Gets A Release Date

We’ve seen in the wild pics, we’ve seen it on video, and we’ve even seen it with a different name, but now its time for a release date which I’m sure some of you WP7 fans are dying for. But first let’s start off with some specs. Recently, there have been rumors that HTC’s Press Event next Wednesday, September 15th in London is regarding its first Windows Phone 7 handset, the HD3. The HD3 which will be a successor to the HTC HD2 is reported to sport a 4.5″ AMOLED touchscreen, dual core 1.5GHz processor, 1GB RAM, 32GB storage, an 8 megapixel camera with HD video recording capabilities, all powered by a 1800mah battery. Keep in mind none of these specs have been confirmed as of yet. As far as a release date goes for the T-Mobile USA version, we’ve been hearing November 17th, but as always that’s subject to change. Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • Mohammad

    Wow. that’ll be a monster phone. isn’t the hd2 only 4.3 inch? and 1800mhz battery? that’ll last 2 days!

    • Kickstar13

      Yup. Just when I thought 4.3 inches was too big haha.

      • Patrick

        to be completely honest…..4.3″ was pushing the border line. Carrying around a mini LED TV isn’t what I have in mind when I think “cell phone”. 4.5″(though is only .2 inches bigger), is a SIGNIFICANT size difference in screen size. Go look at a Vibrant vs an HD2/EVO and you’ll see what I mean. when something is only 4″(vibrant), .5″ is a 10.25% screen size increase. That’s like going from a 46″ to a 52″ television. or a 19″ to a 22″ screen. You can DEFINITELY notice a difference.

        That being said………..4.5″ AMOLED screen……I might buy it if nothing else for the media aspect of it lol!

      • Patrick

        in addition….the ONE thing I’m scared of…..is that with this being a 1st gen phone….the OS won’t be “up to par”. Granted…..it’s TECHNICALLY not a 1st gen for the OS….BUT…….Vista TECHNICALLY wasn’t a 1st gen for Windows OS…but look how sucky it was. It wasn’t until Windows 7 that they got it right.

        I’m wondering if WP7 is going to end up in the same boat. Look at the iPhone(granted it was a 1st gen phone operating system period), look at the g1(again, 1st gen phone OS completely), look at WebOS on the pre….it was a pretty good OS, but DEFINITELY a 1st gen makeover from PalmOS. I just don’t want to get it and go from having EVERYTHING in my Android Phone to missing components in my WP7 phone. The G1 nor iPhone even had video recording on their 1st gen devices. the iphone didn’t have mms, the g1 didn’t have a camera app(i know…it did…but really…can u REALLY call the g1 camera app a camera app? lol)

        I LOVED my g1…and I’ve always RESPECTED the iPhone….I just hope Microsoft takes a pointer or two and makes their Windows PHONE 7 as good as Windows 7 lol

      • jdog

        Well it still looks like the leaked T-mo roadmap os right on track. As for the 4 Android phones for November here is what I think HTC Emerald=Mytouch HD, Motorola Jordan=New Cliq XT, Motorola Begonia=New Cliq, and LG=I still have no idea.

        Note: LG did say yesterday they would release a 2ghz phone by the end of the year and Google did say that Android 3.0 was releasing before it got cold maybe this is the real T-mo super phone that we have been waiting for.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        .3 inches is significantly bigger. When I went to demo the Vibrant, I did the screen size test between the HD2 and Vibrant and the HD2 screen makes the Vibrant screen look miniature. While it doesn’t look as small as a 3.7 compared to it, it is more significant than I was expecting it to be. I tested the HD2’s screen against the Vibrant and then the Vibrant against the TP2. The Vibrant’s screen looked the best but the HD2 screen was bigger by a good bit as was the Vibrant’s screen when compared to the TP2 because both the HD2 and the Vibrant are .3 inches larger than the ones compared against it.

        On Topic:
        4.3 is the perfect size screen for me. After coming from a .8 inch Nokia 3220 to a 4.3, anything below it just seems small to me. I was Spoiled by the HD2 screen, mind you I’ve had to have my HD2 replaced 3 times for software and hardware issues and I’m on my 4th HD2. I am not looking forward to any more Windows Phones. Next phone I get will either be Symbian^4, Meego or Android.

        I tried booting Android from the sd card and everything worked fine except the phone calls sounded like robots. A friend told me I’d basically have to change the Radio on the phone to get the voices to sound correct. I like Android on the HD2 but I need to know if there’s a way to change the Radio without basically flashing the rom and keeping Dual Boot so I can alternate between WinMo and Android?

    • El Guapo

      Actually, a 1800mah battery is NOT enough for a phone with those crazy specs (dual core 1.5ghz?) The battery wont even last a few hours.

      • Hecg55

        Actually I think it will because the vibrant has a 1500 mah battery and its got a screen the sucks the energy like crazy! I’m thinking that the super amoled and a bigger regular amoled use about the same?.. And wasn’t the vibrant clocked higher than 1ghz?.. I’m not positive but that is my unprofessional opinion

      • Air One

        Heellllooo HD3. even though the specs are off the charts im sure this phone is still coming with a 4-4.5″ screen. Processor is a bit much but we’ll see. I once read that the dual core actually can save some battery life. One core will stay dormant and actually save the battery depending on what you do. but like i said, it still seems to good to be true. But at this point im tired of my My touch, i need bigger and faster. so i think ill just buy the hd3 and mytouch hd just to have them both… yeah, i guess im spending $$$$$ on these two phones. im sure ill keep both since im a fan of android and of course im a seattle native so i gotta support Our WinMo7 especially with that kind of phone and specs.


        We will have to see how WP7 handles battery life then.

    • JM77

      Sadly but expectedly, engadget reports qualomm stating that dual 1.5ghz devices won’t ship until late next year. The dual 1.2ghz will come starting in late Q1. This is what I’ve been guessing all along because it takes time to get these chips in devices, optimize them, and test them.

  • lisette

    Even though it’s not the phone for me, if the rumored specs are valid, I’m happy for those that have been waiting w/ bated breath WP7! #reallyreadyformyG2

  • Ja’Lyn/Gem

    MY GOODNESS, THIS IS PURE SEXINESS. Oh, is that Windows 7 I see? I THINK SO! I have the HTC HD2 right now, and I almost wish I had waited-out to see some of these future phones T-Mobile is NOW getting (all of a friggin’ sudden).

    WAIT! UHM .. so, this is for sure coming to T-Mobile USA?

  • http://www.Twitter.com/QDOG8 QDOG8

    woww. I guess size does matter, because 4.5 is HUUUUGE!!!!

    • Anthony

      That’s NOT what she said…..

  • Woffle

    4.5″? Time to get a satchel for this phone!

    • Eddie Android

      Indiana Jones wears one.

      • TimmyT

        It’s a purse!

      • Andy G

        Sp does Joy Behar! lol…


      By the way, if you removed the logos on the hd2 and stretched the screen to those places you would have a 4.5″ screen.

  • http://youtube.com/thisguyjohn ThisGuyJohn

    That’s some amazing specs and I believe WP7 would be a pretty nice OS, just gonna hope for it’s buyers that it isn’t crash central. (My cousin got so tired of it that he actually went back to his dumbphone, sad lol)

  • http://www.bydavidrosen.com David Rosen

    wow… this is everything i could ever want in a phone except no QWERTY but maybe at 4.5″ a touch screen keyboard will be usable for me… now just gotta wait for reviews on winphone7 as an OS…. if it’s good this could be what i’ve been waiting for…


      Check out youtube.com. Just type in windows phone 7 in the search bar. I find that some of the best things are by pocketnow.com

  • Terry

    Time For bigger Pockets lol!

    • 2fr35h

      Nice double entendre


      Or you could by a belt case, like me!

  • Vibrant Guy

    I like the HD2, but I’m still sold on Android. Sorry WP7, I just can’t see myself leaving my Vibrant for ya. :( Who knows, maybe after I play with it…I could possibly, just maybe…go back to windows. (nah) But hey, to me…4.5 is a little too big for a phone.

    • Denis

      theres an android build for the hd2, they work pretty good i have my hd2 with android, and its sweet. dont u think xda developers will make the same with hd3? :D impossible is nothing :)


        One problem with android on the hd2, besides the battery life. It will get stuck on a screen for up to 25 seconds at a time. It usually doesn’t happen often, but it makes it sub-par to the REAL android. I have an hd2 and like android for my games, but normally use WinMo (custom ROM of course).

  • Evan

    So, what exactly is that at the top of this article, a render?

  • Denis

    okay too much for a phone, i dont know you guys are with me but it is too much, i wish that was the phone! but i just cant believe this until i see the htc event, i hope theres is an hd3 it kick ass i hope there is a front facing camera! but time will tell.

    • Vibrant Guy

      (Denis, my comments are not directed to you. But I addressing the FCC thing.)

      I keep hearing people say they want a FCC, but when will you use it? I can’t use it while driving, I can’t use it at work, I can’t use it in front of the wife, I would only use it with others who can do video calling…but I just can’t find a time to use it. Other than playing around with from time to time. I think some people just want to say they have it. Oh wait, I can take a pic with it. Big deal. IMO, it does not matter if a phone has a FCC, because it won’t get used like people say they would use it. Several people at work have Iphone 4’s, and they don’t even use the FCC.

      Oh well, if it does…or does not, I won’t be getting it. 4.5 again..is just too big for a phone IMO.

      • dr.badnasty

        As much as I agree with you NOW, that’s a short-sighted view. The sooner video calling becomes a standard, the better. Some people live hundreds to thousands of miles from their kids and grandkids. There are few things worse than seeing those kids once a year and not recognizing them. Video calling will help those people feel like part of their own families. Technology exists to solve problems like this, and that’s only one of the practical applications. It may never replace an old-fashioned phone call, but it needs to be there;it’s the next step in the evolution in wireless communication.


        You have a good point, but some of my friends have an iphone4 and like to use the app (i forgot what it’s called) to “bring” someone where they are. Using both cameras, I have seen it have some use. Mainly at birthday parties or important gatherings. Plus like dr.badnasty said, in the future, most will have use for them.

  • mtnman

    Look in the upper right hand corner, that’s a FFC. The upper left is the Proximity and light sensor. Well now for all those that say if it don’t have a FFC it’s a dealbreaker, there ya go.

    • David, Managing Editor

      I don’t think its an FFC, it would be on the body of the phone, not the border?!

    • Vibrant Guy

      FFC is not a big deal…let it go. Most of you won’t even use it after day one.

      • Denis

        yes yes i get you, but the ffc will be nice (this is personal) i could make video calls with my brother and see my niece that will be nice, since theres no tmobile phone with ffc, i know i will not use it like everyday but once in a while i could u know just a personal preference. :)

  • SnakeEyez

    Wow…1.5 ghz dual core really? Maybe This is the supposed project emerald with the dual core haha. Man, those specs are insane in true, quick somebody put Android on it, Stat!

    • mtnman

      Wonder how fast XDA Developers can put Android 2.2 on it?


        To get a stable version? The hd2 came out in march, and decently stable android for it came out in July/August. I’m guessing at LEAST that time frame. Especially because they will be dealing with different kinds of hardware.

    • ren

      Yup! Put Android in that puppy. That will be sweet………………

  • mtnman

    How big can a phone screen get. Well on CNET today I seen that Samsung is coming out with tablet to compete with the iPad. I will run Android 2.2 and will have 7 inch screen. And yes it will make calls and be offered on the cell carriers. So there you have it my friends, the world’s largest phone. And you though a 4.3 inch screen was big. lol

  • coolMANDINGO

    booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! i wish they wouldve never came out with the hd2 now there are going to be more wm devices. i dont like wm because of the lack of openess and them high priced apps that are free on android. FAIL

    • TL

      You dont have to buy it… Stick with your robot phone… As for me, I cant wait.. This phome will be the best ever…( until somebody tops it, lol )

      • coolMANDINGO

        thank you sir i will!! and you pay an extra $5 per month for xbox live and $20 navigation when its standard with the robot. ! i migt be going to verizon because tmobile doesnt get it . my opinion and money!

    • Deke218

      WM is the most open OS there is. NOTHING has been modified more than Windows Mobile. It has 100 times more rom updates than Android and if you really wanted to never spend a dime on apps, you could. Gotta just know where to look.

      • coolMANDINGO

        thanks for that info i didnt know. im an equal oppurtunity hater!! lol but i hate cant hate on good and great info.

    • MrMocoCoco

      Any app you get on Android will have a comparable app on Windows Mobile… For me I have to have a phone that I can pull out of the box and connect to Microsoft Exchange, open a public folder in Outlook then open a Microsoft Word or Excel document. I also need to VPN in to my office LAN and use RDP to my workstation or Servers without having to carry my laptop everywhere I go. I really love the ability to remote in to a server and fix a minor problem without having to run home or the office when I am out with my wife and kids.

      Life is GOOD with Windows Mobile!

  • mtnman

    So now when your GF ask you, “Is that a Galaxy S Pad in you pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” lol

    • KautiousNupe


  • Ansel

    This looks AMAZING but I’m still purely Android. If Windows Market gets better apps to compete with The App Store and Android Market MAYBE it can appeal to me but I still love Android way too much so looks like we’ll just have to wait and see…

    • vibrant guy

      Agreed. Android all day.

      • Patrick

        I’m sure the DEV community will figure out how to get Android on this bad boy too just like they did for the HD2

  • mtnman

    Well does anyone remember when the Galaxy S phone specs released, and we thought about all the good things it had? Then it came to the U.S. market and was striped down.

    Wonder if the specs on this are Europian version, or if it will be spriped down as well?

  • Callawaybomber

    If not, that would be a huge disappointment for a high end device?

    • mtnman

      I’m sure that Tmo will have this as an HSPA+ device. I don’t think that they’ll have any phone relese now (except for the low end phone) that’s not HSPA+.

  • mtnman

    Hey Kickstar13 question? What do you think that is on the upper right? If the Proximity/light sensor is on the left what would that be on the right hand side of it? I can’t think of what it would be?

    • Kickstar13

      That’s most likely the European version, so either way we might not even see one on T-Mobile with an FFC. Hopefully, more details are revealed after HTC’s Press Event next Wednesday.

      • Kickstar13

        Also, I must also add that the image pictured above is just a concept.

  • TangoPapa

    I didn’t buy the HD2 for 2 reasons….. the screen was way too big to be practical and windows OS. So they made it bigger and stuffed an even newer Windows OS into it. Damnit if it were 4.0 and had Android on it I’d be all over this phone. Don’t care about FFC and really like the 1800mah and memory. I can’t even imagine how fast a 1.5 dual core would be, I’d be excited to try out the phone, anybody know what type of processor it is?

    • JTforU

      This is silly, THERE ARE 4.0″ ANDROID EVERY WHERE:) They call them Samsung Galaxy and it is a pretty good phone. Try it on any of bog 4:)

  • somebody


    now i dont have to get the stupid g2 Yessssss!!!!!!!!!!

  • phonephixer

    I’ll be in for this one as soon as the devs have ported Android to it. I have an hd2 running winmo/Android and I wouldn’t trade it for any Android phone on the market. Can’t wait for the release of this.

  • jazzmanmonty

    ok like the initial specs for the g2 aren’t concrete and have been a bit different from initial specs, i’m hoping these will remain as they are being stated. now, coming from a wing with winmo 6 and that being my first smartphone, then taking a chance with android, and now needing to upgrade from g1, i really wanted another android phone. with all the rumors about an android phone with these type of specs to be released, and the reality that its not coming anytime soon in neither the g2 or mthd, i’m contemplating going back to winmo if this phone has the specs it says it does. i’ve been saying before the big thing isn’t OS anymore..its the hardware that is most important that won’t be obsolete in 2 months as we keep seeing. i’m disappointed in, though as advanced as they make the g1s and mthds proccessor sound, the new android phones because they are nothing exciting hardware wise. This is the hardware we all want and wish it was on an android phone. But since we can’t have it, lets ask why we cant just yet.

    MS is trying to be revolutionary right now and compete with apple and android. though the look of their new OS is about as attractive as a mole on a witches ass, they probably demanded the best of best hardware for their initial release of windows mobile 7. willy gates wouldn’t have it any different. so i give them that. they said htc give us a phone with power nobody has seen and will want. the first dual core ever. they got it. now if the g2 had these specs i’d be walking around with a boner til i got my hands on the damn device. but since its not android i’m kinda pissed cuz tmo coulda said “htc we need a revolutionary phone for g2. give us the best of the best.” but something in the end excites me alot! what makes me excited after all the little disappointments with android phones not getting the hardware i want, and the phone that comes with all the awesome hardware running windows 7 is xda-developers. if they have android running on the hd2, i’m sure they’ll have it running on this thing too!!!!

    so the conclusion of all my drunken blabbing is this: screw the g2 and mthd for now. i want this! i want this, and then install android on it! because once that happens, itll be the most amazing phone any of us will see in the next 6 months! release this phone now so i can get it, find a way to get android on it, and finally replace my g1! k i gotta pee..sorry too many vodka cokes tonite. but i think you guys get the point and are now hopefully as excited to get this device as me (if we can get android running on it)

  • B

    haha all I can do is laugh at those specs.


    I always keep two phones one windows and one Android. this will be the icing on the cake for me, I’ll have the hdx and mthd at my disposal. once the next new phone comes out 2011 there will be someone on Craigslist who will want the second to newest handset therefore keeping me an early adopter.

  • big Jake


  • going_home

    The specs make one drool.
    Too bad it doesnt have Gingerbread.
    I dont do Windows phones any more.


  • AgDon

    Beautiful phone with great spec’s, I’m in the camp I wish this was android, but happy for wm people. I may have to get one.

  • MakrV10

    4.5 inch screen and 1800 mAh battery. Forget pockets and purses, this will need one of those roll around computer/suitcases. This is almost enough to make me wait some more before upgrading but it is Vibrant BOGO day, isn’t it?

    • Kickstar13

      Yup, starting today you can get the Vibrant BOGO.

    • MrMocoCoco

      I use an HD2 now! Sleek and smooth, fits perfectly in any pocket. Best phone I’ve ever even touched! The specs of this HD3 rumor show a larger screen but smaller phone so that would be a big win…

    • Deke218

      Not sure why people think the HD2 is a big phone. Mine fits in the same case I had my TP2 in. I can never go back to a smaller screen.

      • MrMocoCoco

        me too I did the same… I was a little wary of the on-screen keyboard at first but it is great!

  • NiiDiddy

    Dayyyyuuum!!! 1800 mAh??? 4.5 inch screen? 1.5 Ghz processor?? Dayyyyuuuum!!! When these specs make it out of the rumor mill into reality, I’m getting this phone! Not a big fan of Windows mobile phone, but I PREFER them for business…so here I come T-Mobile Business, if this thing is in fact the monster it might shape up to be.

  • 2fr35h

    Sounds like the vibrant is perfect for you

  • mikeeeee


  • Barry

    Wow can’t wait to see it. Hope they do it right this time and get the android version also if there’s one released.

  • ob18

    i was hoping this was andriod not wp7.

    • coolMANDINGO

      same here! tmobile just doesnt get it . frankly i quit. im taking my money elsewhere!

  • efjay

    People are going to be disappointed when this event turns out to be nothing to do with WP7. Plus this device has been rumoured for months and is based on a fictional concept device dreamed up by an Xda user, but keep dreaming.

    And as for the usual “i wish it had android” comments, keep dreaming as well. No matter how good or dominant android MAY become you will NEVER be the only operating system in existence and there will always be hot devices that will not be running android. Chew on that, fanbots!! :)

    • Scott

      The problem is not devices running other operating systems. A little competition is a good thing.

      The problem is T-Mo putting Anroid on the mediocre Vibrant and G2 (yes, they’re mediocre compared to the equivalents on other carriers), then finally releasing their groundbreaking competitive handset with only win phone. Apparently T-Mobile thinks Anroid is only meant for Sims-playing teenagers. :(

      • coolMANDINGO

        tmobile is sooooooo stupid. does anyone still play sims? they need to do market research with people on this site and engadget to see what people want . tmobile were tired of the second tier devices. step it up. the vibrant is cool. i dont want it even with a free upgrade. step up tmobile. ou guys need a cheat sheet to see why sprint is back up and going and tmobile stauling and is always in rumors for merging. why is that?

      • alex

        Lol I’m 15, and love the sims but android’s version sucks balls compared to apple’s version

  • chotpy


    Spell check, my dear author.

    Very awesome if T-mo gets it. They need as many high-end phones as they can get.

    • Barry


  • http://mobilephonestoday.com Isaac

    I loved the HD2 and the rumored specs on the HD3 sounds very good. But aesthetics is important to me also and I would never buy a phone as ugly as the one pictured above.

    The Hd2 was a big hit when I worked for TMO. You couldnt keep them in stock. Then it died off quick.

  • karlc

    the phone looks really cool. i just dont know about the look of the home screen. it make the phone appear off-balance. looks wierd to me. i wonder if its changable? im just used to big wallpaper back ground with widgets and such…..blue squares..of centered…. i’m struggling with it!!
    its like those new dodge chargers..in purple! cool car but the color……whoa

    • MrMocoCoco

      of course it’s Windows mobile… you could make it look like a iPhone if you really wanted to.

  • weirdguyontv

    I dunno. The UI looks like it was designed by mentally challenged monkeys in an insolated lab somewhere. It looks like something a child would use…..reluctantly. But who knows, maybe wp7 will prove everyone wrong. Much like Windows 7. Im not big on the Windows Mobile OS. not one bit.

  • weirdguyontv

    hey efjay. By bashing android fanboys, u are proving u are also a fanboy. of a lesser, much more inferior OS but u are a fanboy nonetheless. Face facts flamer, android dominates

    • efjay

      Was that really bashing? I was merely stating what should be common sense, android wont be the only smartphone OS, no matter how good or dominant it may become. android dominates NOW, how about a few years time? And its only your opinion that WP7 is an inferior OS, what exactly makes android so superior?

  • vHatch

    wth, it’s obvious from the video that the shubert does not have a 4.5 inch screen, so is not the HD3. You are also reporting the stats from the obviously made up dream-phone page.

  • btookz

    i thought that the mozart and hd7 were two different phones.

  • coolMANDINGO

    damn tmobile. im taking my money elsewhere.ive went from a samsung camera phone in 2003 to the sony-erriccson in 2005 to the mda to the g1 and now….. it seems like i have to buy another phone from an outside source because tmobile isnt smart enough to get and SELL a TMOBILE only high end smart phone with ANDROID with a snapdragon.The nexus one doesnt count because it wasnt SOLD by tmobile. them $50 apps on wm are not worth it.i bought the hd2 and took it back the next day simply because it froze and the google maps ap wasnt the same. they wanted people to spend i think $10 a month for navi on top of the monthly data plan. i know i can find apps for free but got damn !!! im getting rid of my x360 for the same reason. im dont feel like paying $10 a month or $25 or $60 a month for xboxlive. if yall ddnt know xbox prices will go up. id rather get a ps3 and pay nothing. ps3=android and xbox360 obviously with wm. i gotta go. enjoy the device but i will gracefully bow out. wm is not for me. im not hating im just not going for the $30 apps. the google maps isnt isnt even turn by turn! smh

  • alex

    I have a ps3 :D

  • Carlos

    isn’t this just a fake mock up dreamed up?

  • Carlos

    I completely agree with you! 100% everything you said

  • Carlos

    bye, don’t talk it, be about it

  • JM77

    Dual vaporware unfortunately. We haven’t had a 1.5ghz phone yet. Things move progressively. Why would companies skip a generation of chips? 2nd gen chips in phones are just now dropping (G2).

    I buy the specs minus the dual core 1.5.
    Still, single core 1.5ghz with 1gb ram should FLY! … but enough with every phone rumored to be dual core.

  • DHer

    qualcomm just announced the 1.5 dual cores wont be out until late 2011
    1.2hgz will be out Q1 2001.
    go check engadget.com
    this phone wont have anything better than the normal 1ghz snapdragon