CNET Tests Carrier Data Speeds In NYC, T-Mobile Kills The Competition

Well well what do we have here? Senior Editor Bonnie Cha over at decided to pit all 4 of the major carriers against one another, solely comparing data speeds. The tests, which took place in the most populous city in the United States, the one and only New York City, revealed some interesting results. In almost all of the tested areas in NYC, Magenta came out on top with the fastest 3G speeds. These tests were conducted using a T-Mobile Nexus One which is only capable of HSPA 7.2Mbps. Just imagine what the results would’ve be on an HSPA+ handset which would fully take advantage of T-Mobile’s newly launched HSPA+ network. We’ve queued up the CNET Carrier Data Speeds comparison video for you below!


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  • pimpstrong

    just watched the 20 minute review of the Vibrant…Amazing phone.

  • currator

    dfpo3p. im gonna feed this troll once hey id10t go somewhere metro pcs has no 3g anywhere and they just now rolling out lte in vegas. and if you wish to not believe me. my bro is a are supervisor over like 20 or more metro stores he works for metro there is no 3g for metro as what he told me so were ever you got that is prob the same place told you sprint 4g hits 10mbps on there phone too

  • K. Ray

    I’m testing out my Clear mobile mobile datat 3g/4g and so far it rocks. I had Time Warner be4. this is much better. If Clear gets their phones in Nov. of this year or sooner. I may have to give them a go….

  • tl

    throw double the subscribers on that tmo network…performance will degrade to at or below the verizon and at&t range. Also, notice that tmo was only running edge indoors, terrible building penetration.

    • J

      Give T-Mobile double the customers, and they would have more sites and more bandwidth. Its not the amount of customers Verizon has that makes them slower than T-Mobile, its the technology they use. You could have 1 person on Verizon’s network and 1 person on T-Mobile’s 3G and the T-Mobile customer will be faster. AT&T would match up in some areas, but not where T-Mobile has HSPA+. For speed, true 3G (which AT&T and T-Mobile have) will beat Sprint and Verizons version of 3G. For coverage, Sprint and Verizon’s version will beat true 3G.

  • Nattiel

    wow be totally just beast over the other carriers(: makes me happy. ahha


    I have the Vibrant.
    Best phone out.

  • Austin

    did anybody catch the comment on the first test when she said “interestingly verizon and t-mobile were about the same with t-mobile #2 and verizon #3”, then she said “and t-mobile was on edge”

  • Gascon

    The video looks interesting. Unfortunately I can’t watch it because where I live my tmobile 3g speed is 64kbps. Thanks tmobile…